The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter Two

Author — Sidia

Jason examined the card curiously. It was certainly strange that the compartment had seemingly opened of its own accord.

The card had a series of stylised pictures on it, coupled with detailed descriptions. He read through them with a growing sense of incredulity. If this was a joke item it wasn’t very funny—and to be honest the further he read on the more perverted and twisted it seemed.

The card stated that it was a binding contract, used to alter a woman of the bearers choosing in ways that were more desirable to the wearer of the control ring. The chosen subject, once presented with a silver band, could not help but put it on, an act that would happen subconsciously. It could be utilised in any combination of two out of four driving forces. The four choices, once activated, were shown as a coloured gem on both the silver band as well as the control ring.

Jason looked down at the pewter band on his finger wryly, grinning at how stupid it sounded. He guessed that was supposed to be the control ring.

The choices could be activated and reinforced through both words and actions, Jason continued reading. Once chosen they were locked in and could not be changed. If so desired, it was possible to cease reinforcing the chosen attributes. In this case, the coloured gems would fade and eventually return to a clear state. Once that had occurred, the subject would unknowingly remove the ring and return it to the wearer of the control ring. The four forces, and the colour of their gems were:

There was a picture and title for each of the six possible combinations that could be chosen. Jason looked down at the ring on his finger with a small smirk. Supposedly he had ‘activated’ the Lust and Fear gems so far. They didn’t have much colour; they were both very faint and dim. He glanced at the picture for that combination. It showed a scantily clad woman on her knees, beseeching some unseen figure. Her body language was cowering, and her face was twisted in desire. It was titled ’The Broken’.

Jason shook his head in disbelief; this was completely ridiculous. There was no way that it could even be close to being true. He couldn’t imagine why anyone would go to the trouble of creating something like this. But then again, how did the colours appear on his ring? He examined the band on his finger closely. Perhaps it was heat sensitive? But then again why would it have only changed now and not when he first put it on? And there were three other sets of gems that were still clear. His aunt certainly had acted strangely as well. Admittedly he had lost his temper and had stood up to her for the first time—but surely he hadn’t been that frightening. And the compartment on the box had clicked open right afterwards.

The thing was, he could possibly explain everything away, but everything happening right after another was stretching credulity quite a bit. Jason believed in coincidences, but he thought it was unlikely that so many could happen all at once.

He decided he would have to see what Sarah was doing, just to confirm it all to his satisfaction. He felt very silly, but he left his room and crept to the top of the stairs so that he could see what she was doing. To his surprise she actually was cleaning the house. Well, tidying it up at any rate.

That was so out of character that it sent his mind racing. Yet another unlikely event to add to the list. Sarah was being more forceful than necessary, throwing things into place instead of placing them down. Jason got the impression she was resenting what she was doing, but not enough to stop. At the same time she seemed to be worried about something, casting furtive looks around as she went.

Jason was puzzled; he couldn’t figure out what she was looking for. He shifted where he crouched, making the floor creak slightly. At that slight noise Sarah startled, an alarmed look taking hold of her face. That was the moment Jason realised she actually was nervous; maybe even afraid!

An excited feeling was welling up in the pit of his stomach. He looked down at the ring on his finger in wonder, beginning to dare to believe. Could it all possibly be true?

What should he do?

Jason got up quietly and moved back to his room. He closed the door and sat back down on his bed, shaking his head subconsciously. He must be crazy to be even considering this. There was no way this could be true—it was a ring! There was no such thing as magic, no such thing as the supernatural. It was completely insane.

The faint noise of someone padding barefoot up the stairs shook him out of his reverie. Sarah must have finished downstairs. Jason heard her move past his bedroom door; it was probably his imagination but he could have sworn she paused momentarily outside his room. His aunt continued down the hall and into the bathroom. Soon enough, he heard the shower turn on.

Jason picked up the card again and studied it. The Broken…the name made him feel a little sick. But he had to admit the engraving of the woman cowering, a depraved look stamped on her face—excited him a little as well. He sighed to himself; why did his aunt have to be the one to take a ring? If any of this was true that was. It would probably be best to ignore all this and let it blow over: in the morning he could laugh at himself for even entertaining the notion that it could be real.

He ran his finger over the top of the ring he wore, rubbing the stones. Two of them still showed the faint colours of black and green. He eyed the box, where three silver bands still rested.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was true…

Jason heard the shower turn off, and then the sounds of his aunt drying herself, daydreams running through his head all the while. The bathroom door opened, and he heard her walking down the hall. As she drew near to passing by his room, Jason stood up abruptly and headed towards his door. He wasn’t thinking, wasn’t planning. He just had to know for sure. And then he could forget all about this nonsense.

He opened his door swiftly just as Sarah was passing by. She made a squeak of surprise, jumping back a step in shock. She turned her body so that her shoulder was facing him; a defensive movement that he noted carefully. Surprise and worry was written all over her face, along with some mixed emotions he couldn’t quite decipher. Almost immediately though, Sarah stopped and straightened—looking angry. Although he would have sworn that she wasn’t angry at him, more at herself for how she reacted.

Her hair was piled messily on top of her head, and was still moist from her shower; small beads of water still clung to the nape of her neck. She was wearing the same robe she had on earlier—but now it clung to her damp skin, highlighting her figure.

“What!?” Sarah demanded of him, trying to cover up the moment. She glared up at him, but as soon as she looked at Jason’s face a slow blush blossomed. She looked down, discomfited. “I mean, yes?”

Jason didn’t know exactly what to do. It was a whim that had made him confront her again. Normally he avoided his aunt as much as he could. Her strange behaviour was continuing, so he just felt like he had to continue. The ring had supposedly activated Fear and Lust—so he would have to try and see if he could get a reaction along the same lines. Perhaps not with Lust though he thought, slightly uncomfortable with he notion.

“Did you clean downstairs?” Jason said. He tried to use an authoritative tone, demanding an answer. He felt like a bit of an idiot—how were you supposed to make someone afraid?

Sarah looked taken aback, surprised and confused.

“Yes. I tidied it up a bit.” She said quietly. And then, her voice getting stronger and more confident. “You better not get in the habit of talking to me like that! You’re just a kid—you’ll show me some respect!”

It was Jason’s turn to be confused. He was assailed with doubt, panicking that he had just caused a lot of trouble for himself. It must have just been a strange coincidence. Hell, maybe Sarah had been high or something earlier. He wouldn’t put that past her, especially considering the appearance of the guy she had over.

He looked down at the ring again. The colours seemed to have grown dimmer. It hit him suddenly—giving her orders or being strict wouldn’t work. Why would it? Sarah had only done what he had said earlier because he had been so angry he had been threatening. Even though it wasn’t something that he had intended, that was how she took it. It wasn’t that she had been obedient—she had been scared enough to do what he had said. Which explained her behaviour when he had spied on her from the top of the stairs.

Jason took a deep breath. If this didn’t work he would be in so much shit.

Jason reached out swiftly and grabbed his aunts arm, his fingers gripping around her wrist tightly. He was surprised at how small her arm felt; she had always been larger than life to him, someone to be feared and wary of ever since he was a small child. Sarah was looking up at him, her eyes round and shocked. He squeezed, not too hard, but enough to be forceful.

“You think you deserve respect?” He said softly. Jason didn’t think he could pull off threatening. He was no longer angry—he hoped it was hiding it well enough, but to tell the truth he was so nervous it was all he could do to stop himself from calling it all off. He would have to settle for being sinister, even though he felt foolish. He shook her by the arm slightly.

Sarah gasped, and began to tremble gently. She didn’t say anything, seeming to be completely overcome by confusion, shock, and fear. Jason felt a thrill run through him—but it still could be the situation. He was acting completely out of character himself, he had never stood up to her before, let alone get physical! Now he was in front of his aunt, holding her, he realised how much bigger than he was than her.

He looked down at his hand gripping her arm and swallowed back a sound of elation—the gem signifying fear was definitely darker!

This couldn’t be real.

It was.

Jason pulled Sarah’s arm up in front of her, so that her hand was before his face. He looked at the ring she was wearing for the first time, hardy daring to breathe. Yes! The two gems on her band had changed colour as well! They were exactly the same shade and colour as the ones on his ring.

He let go of his aunt, taking a step back in awe.

This was… impossible. It had to be.

Jason looked back at his aunt, the person that had been the bane of his life for as long as he could remember. She stood before him, trembling. Her eyes were watery with unshed tears.

He didn’t know what to do. It seemed like the rings worked, insane though that seemed. But now what should he do? If this was all real, he knew he should just back away, leave. Let the rings effects fade and lessen, and then cease. If the instructions were to be believed, she would take it off herself and not even realise it—the reverse of when she first put it on. But there was no mention of whether she would remember what he had done while she was wearing it.

The thought of what she would do to him if she was back to normal made him feel sick. There was no way he would get off lightly. He’d almost prefer to keep the ring on her, even if it meant she was scared of him from now on. It couldn’t be that bad could it?

In the midst of his musings, Jason noticed Sarah was making small furtive movements. He was shocked when he realised she was surreptitiously trying to work the robe she was still wearing open a bit. She had opened it enough he could see the swell of her breasts. Why was she doing that, he wondered. He hadn’t done anything that would make her -

Jason looked down at his ring, realisation dawning. It was still there, although faint and dim. But the colour for lust was still there.

Sarah was acting around him in regards to the emotions he had unlocked. The card had said it was a binding ring, but that the attributes could be trained in the wearer through further interactions. Interactions, not only words. Jason had set out to see if she truly was fearful of him, even if only slightly. And that was all he had tried to induce in her. But the situation…

Sarah was fresh out of the shower, wearing a robe that barely covered her. Certainly not something she would normally wear around him! They were standing close together, having an intense interaction… Jason would normally never have admitted it to himself, but he was painfully aware of Sarah’s body. Her smooth tanned legs, completely bare below the robe that only came to her mid thigh, seemed to go on forever. Her robe, cinched around her waist, highlighted the curve of her hips, and it clung to her torso in a manner that made it very hard for him to not stare.

Jason realised that this was perhaps the first time he had been close to his aunt without her being so horrible to him that he wanted to just get away from her. And here she was, trying to be seductive, as if to distract him. Lust and Fear. Fear and Lust. Intertwined. She was using one to negate the other.

Feeling guilty, like he was doing something shameful, Jason decided to see where she would take this. He didn’t even know if she knew she was doing it.

“You think I’m going to forget what you did just because you show me your tits?” Jason said, his nerves making his voice harsh. It was beginning to be easier to talk to her like this. He felt like he was just playing a character. “You think acting like a whore will distract me?”

“No, I … I didn’t. I just…” She stuttered. Sarah looked wildly around the hall. But she didn’t make any motion to close her robe again.

Jason looked at his ring once more. Yes, the colours were darker. He should stop this he knew. Think about it. Decide what to do once he had a clear head. Don’t act in the moment.

With a swooping hollow feeling in the pit of stomach, mixed with thrill and excitement, Jason dared to reach out and poke her in her sternum with his index finger, in the exposed area between the swell of her breasts. Sarah rocked backwards on her heels, drawing in a ragged, moist breath.

“What are you trying to do?” He poked his aunt again, this time forcing her backwards a step. “Huh? Tell me what your doing.”

“I—. I—. I—.” Her eyes were wildly darting everywhere.

Jason poked her once more, pushing her back another step.

“Well?” He demanded.

“I—I’m sorry!” She almost wailed.

Her back hit the wall and she gasped quietly. Her legs wobbled she was shaking so much. She looked at him and he saw the fear in her eyes. And also the slow burn of excitement. That look made him feel uncomfortable and uncertain, the thrill leaving him almost immediately. He felt ashamed of himself and a bit dirty. He despised her, no matter how attractive she was. She had made his life miserable for years. How could he be doing this with her? How could he be this excited interacting with her like this?

He was about to withdraw, leave and see if he could sort all this out in his head. That was when she moved.

Sarah grasped the hand that had poked her with both of hers, holding onto it tightly. He looked at her, surprised and confused. Had he pushed her too far? Was he wrong about all of this?

Jason opened his mouth to say something, trying to pull away at the same time. But she held him in place.

“I’m sorry.” Sarah said again, a catch in her voice. She pulled his hand closer to her. “Please. Please don’t be angry at me.”

Jason watched in a disbelieving daze, as his aunt Sarah draw his hand to chest, and then slid it under her robe, placing it firmly against her bare left breast.

Jason felt like his entire body had gone numb. At the same time he was hyper aware of his hand. He was holding a breast. He was feeling someone up! It was so soft. The nipple felt like a diamond against his palm. He was… holy crap he was feeling up his aunt.

He looked at her, his face was blank with complete shock.

Sarah’s face was flushed. The fear was still in her eyes, but it was lessened and overshadowed with something else. Anticipation?

Jason couldn’t help himself. He squeezed her breast and Sarah gave the quietest of moans, so faint he almost couldn’t hear it. He felt like he as having an out of body experience, standing outside his bedroom, groping his aunt. It was as though he was seeing her truly for the first time; seeing just how beautiful she was. He always knew she was hot, but it had always been through the lens of his intense dislike of her. Now though… well he still didn’t like her, but it seemed unimportant. Far away.

He groped and squeezed her breast, exploring and greedily taking in the sensation for the first time. All the while she let him, watching his face, her eyes mysterious and masked. She seemed to be content now that he wasn’t scaring her anymore.

Jason looked at the ring on the hand that was feeling her up, drinking in the sight of his fingers kneading the soft flesh of her breast. He saw that the lust colour was beginning to get quite a bit brighter, going a deeper shade of green. The darker gem next to it was fading somewhat.

It was at that moment that the sound of the front door opening broke the spell—his mother was home!

Jason took his hand away from his aunts chest like it had burned him, leaving her rounded breast exposed to the air. The spell had broken and he couldn’t believe that all that had just happened. He couldn’t seem to drag his eyes from her breast as it sat firm and proud, tipped with a hardened pink nipple.

He heard his mother calling for him, asking if he was home, and Jason panicked. He wasn’t proud of it, but he simply turned hurried back to his room, his mind completely awash with confused emotions.