The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Binding Rings

Chapter 39

Author — Sidia

The flash from the ring he wore momentarily blinded Jason and he blinked fuzzily—his vision a sea of dull lights and coloured spots. His limbs felt dull and heavy—far more than the usual languid feeling he experienced after cumming. Emma was still writhing and twitching beneath him in the aftermath of the Binding and her climax, and she looked oblivious to anything else that was going on. Jason tried to say her name but couldn’t manage to get the words to form—he felt himself slip towards unconsciousness with his girlfriend’s name half-formed on his lips.

When Jason became aware once more of his surroundings he was laying on his back in the centre of his bed. The room was still dark, but there seemed to be a touch of early dawn light coming from the window.

“Em?” Jason called softly. He rubbed at his eyes—he really felt wiped and he didn’t know why. All of a sudden, the memory of the strange flash of light returned and he sat bolt upright in a panic—looking blearily around his bedroom and calling out his girlfriend’s name more forcibly. “Emma?!”

There was no answer but Jason gave a start when he recognised her silhouette kneeling at the foot of his bed. She didn’t appear to take any notice of him calling her name—a fact that sent a shiver of fear running through him. She wouldn’t ignore him under normal circumstances—she certainly wouldn’t after being Bound to him by a Silver Ring.

Jason rolled over and switched on the lamp at the side of his bed—the light sending a stabbing flash of pain through his eyeballs as they adjusted. Through teary eyes, Jason squinted at Emma still motionless at the foot of his bed—a leadened feeling of worry sitting heavily in his gut the longer he looked at her.

Emma—her slender body naked and lovely—was kneeling patiently on top of the mattress looking at him. Except that wasn’t exactly right. Her hands were resting loosely on her thighs and was relaxed—too relaxed. Now that Jason had turned the light on he could see there was something very wrong with her eyes; they were blank, unseeing, and possessed an emptiness that frightened him.

Jason stared in horror at her—what was wrong with her. What had he done?!

He looked down at the ring on his finger in a panic—had he somehow screwed up the binding by doing it so quickly after she had been given a ring? His pounding heart steadied somewhat when he saw that gems representing Emma were as he expected; they were the same as the solid colour that the others had become once he had claimed them—although the colours were far more muted than his other three woman because of how little he had influenced her. If nothing had gone wrong with the Rings then why was Emma acting so strangely? The last thing he remembered was the flash of light and Emma beneath him on the bed—so obviously something had happened in between that he wasn’t aware of.

“Emma …” Jason said in a faint voice. He took a deep breath and spoke more forcibly. “What’s the matter—are you alrig—”

Jason stopped speaking in mid sentence as had Emma turned her face sightlessly towards his. There was still no expression on her face and her eyes were unfocused which made her blind regard very unsettling. Still, the fact that she had heard him was reassuring. He was about to question her further when she slowly and gracefully lifted the hand that wore the Silver Ring and held it up between them.

Jason stared aghast as Emma used her other hand to slip the Ring off of her finger.

As Emma placed the ring on the palm of her hand and held it up to him, Jason felt like he was hyperventilating. He no longer had any idea of what was going on. He looked down at his Ring again—all of the gems were still the same colour that they had been before. Even the ring that Emma was holding between them still had the coloured gems.

“Emma?” Jason asked tentatively. She didn’t move and gave no indication that she heard him.

Jason reached out and very carefully cupped Emma’s hand with his own. Her skin felt feverishly warm. Not knowing what else to do, he picked up the Silver Ring up between his thumb and forefinger and lifted it off Emma’s palm.

Almost immediately life sprang back into Emma’s face. She blinked a few times and then gave Jason a wide and genuine smile.

“Morning, Jason.” Emma murmured softly. She seemed entirely unconcerned with the fact that she was kneeling naked on his bed.

Jason didn’t reply—he was staring down at what he held in his hand. Almost the very moment he had taken it from her, the gems on Emma’s Silver Ring had drained of all their colour—returning to be simple clear stones once more. He frantically looked at the Ring he wore and, sure enough, Emma’s gems were clear there as well.

“Hello? Earth to Jason?” Emma said, playfully waving her hand in front of his face. Even though he was clearly holding the Ring within her line of sight she didn’t seem to pay it any heed at all. She pouted at him prettily. “If you keep ignoring me I’m going to get offended.”

“Uh—morning.” Jason croaked. He looked from Emma’s face to the Rings and then back again. Had he somehow unbound her? But if that was the case why was she ignoring the Ring? “Are you—are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Emma said, pursing her lips in confusion. She leant forward—heedless of her nudity—and cupped his face gently. Her hands were small and soft. “What’s the matter?”

Jason shivered beneath her touch—despite the fact that her skin still felt a little too warm. He put his hand over hers to hold her in place—staring searchingly into her eyes. She had removed the Ring and given it back to him—from what he understood that should only have happened if he allowed the Bindings to lapse and wane. He had to find out what was going on—and to find out if she remembered anything that had happened during the night.

“I guess I’m just tired.” Jason said, attempting a weak smile. “Our sleep got a little interrupted when my mom came home—remember?”

“Oh yes!” Emma giggled. “And you promised me we’d have the house to ourselves—and in the end everyone came back!”

“Yes …” Jason said slowly. Everyone. That meant that she remembered his aunt—and even his teacher arriving. That wasn’t an event that she would normally overlook. “… you don’t mind that Sarah and Karla came back as well?”

“Well I would have preferred to have you to myself a little longer.” Emma winked. She leant forward suddenly and pressed her soft lips to his in a gentle kiss. “But I certainly don’t mind that they came home as well.”

Jason had stayed immobile and hadn’t responded at all to his girlfriend’s kiss. She didn’t seem to mind his behaviour being odd though, and was looking at him with a tender expression on her face.

“I wanted to have you to myself as well.” Jason managed. He had to test things further. “Even though I’m sure the others would have liked to join us …?”

“Naughty.” Emma teased. She gripped his chin with one hand and wagged his head from side to side. “Am I not enough for you?”

“No, I didn’t mean —”

“But if you wanted to have them join us you should have said something, baby.”

“ …really?” Jason asked off-balance. She’d just said … and his mother and aunt were included in that! Still, he felt like he had to ask again to make sure. “You wouldn’t mind my mother to join us during … sex?”

“If you want her to.” Emma said, although she blushed a pretty shade of pink. She then gave him slightly wicked smirk. “It could be fun after all.”

“I suppose it could be.” Jason said weakly. He didn’t know what to think—clearly Emma was still affected by the Ring even though she no longer wore it. On top of that, since the gems were colourless again did that mean the Ring could be used again? Should he try and give it to Emma once more to be safe?

Jason held up the Silver band before Emma’s face—close enough that there was no way she could miss it. Instead of it captivating her attention entirely like it had before, she barely gave it any notice; her eyes flicked to it for a moment and then she dismissed it. She turned her gaze back to Jason with a warm smile. Clearly it worked on some level; she wasn’t questioning why he was holding a Silver Ring up to her face—but she wasn’t interested in it either.

“I’m sure we would have fun either way.” Emma purred softly. She put a small hand on his bare chest and trailed it down his torso lingeringly—stopping just below his belly. “Although I do enjoy getting to have you all to myself …”

Her hand dipped boldly lower and she curled her finger’s lightly around Jason’s shaft. He hadn’t been hard before, but as soon as he had felt her touch his cock leapt immediately to attention—hardening in her grip. He looked into Emma’s eyes—shining brightly so close to his own—and saw the familiar haze of lust there. Whatever had happened when she had taken off her Ring, it appeared as though the Binding of Lust was still at work there. He just didn’t understand why she had been able to remove the Ring in the first place!

Jason’s internal musings were cut off immediately though as Emma gave his cock a playful squeeze. He had so many questions and so many things to worry about … but right at that moment all he could think of was relieving the tension he was feeling in his hard dick. He let out a strangled groan and shivered under her touch.

“Just like this …” Emma murmured softly. She was sporting a satisfied expression. “I’ll do what you want, Jason—but sometimes I want to be selfish and have it just be the two of us.”

“… you’ll do what I want?” Jason said breathlessly. She was so damn sexy—he loved this aggressive side of her and it was comforting to know she had been like this before she had been bound.

“Anything, Jason.” Emma said throatily. She jacked his cock lightly a few times—licking her lips when he let out another sound of pleasure.

Jason was now sitting half-propped up in bed and was rock hard. He ran his eyes over Emma’s slender body hungrily. Had it really only been yesterday that he’d first had sex with her? Jason had been about to pull her down and roll himself on top of her when his gaze became caught by the sight of her licking her lips. Her pink tongue darting out to moisten them was very eye-catching. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t abuse the Bindings with Emma—he had claimed her permanently as quickly as he had because he hadn’t wanted to alter her with the bound attributes. But this was different—this wasn’t going to affect her … it was just him taking advantage of her wanting to please him.

“If it’s anything …” Jason said, his voice going a little rough. He reached out and cupped one of Emma’s cheeks; sliding his hand back under her cascading red hair until he was lightly gripping her around the nape of her neck. He pulled her forward until she was teetering on her knees on the verge of falling onto him. “I’d love it if you would suck my dick, Em.”

Emma licked her lips again—her face growing flushed. She squeezed his cock again and jerkily nodded her head.

“My pleasure, Jason.” She whispered.

Jason sat up further and parted his legs wide—Emma moving over so that she was kneeling between his thighs. She carefully pulled the covers away from his crotch to reveal his throbbing cock. She gripped it with both of her small hands and then lowered her head down to it.

Jason shivered in pleasure when he felt the first puffs of air from her shallow breathing caress the head of his dick. Her thick red tresses had fallen around in a curtain over her head and he couldn’t see what she was doing. He let out a soft moan when Emma extended her tongue and delicately licked the sensitive crown of his cock. Jason moaned again when he felt her soft lips envelope the tip of his dick as she started to take him into her mouth.

Jason rested his hands on the back of his girlfriend’s head—twining his fingers into her soft hair as she methodically and lovingly sucked his dick. It wasn’t like he would always treat her like this—he didn’t think he would ever get tired of making Emma orgasm—but it sure did make him feel special and powerful to be able to request—and then receive—head from his pretty girlfriend. He stared down at the back of her head as it started to bob up and down with her motions—right at that moment he was supremely unconcerned with anything other than the sensation of Emma’s mouth sliding along his shaft.

Emma wasn’t taking him all the way inside her mouth—taking only about half of his dick. She still had one one gripping the base of his cock and was gently stroking him in time with the motions of her mouth. It felt incredible but Jason wanted more. He felt like a bit of jerk, but he couldn’t stop himself from apply gentle but insistent pressure downwards on her head. Her mouth full of his dick, Emma murmured something unintelligible but readily accepted his desire. Jason groaned again when he felt her take his length to the point where he was nudging against the back of her throat. The thought that he could make her take all of him sent a shiver of arousal through his body … but he held off—content with this much for now.

Jason leant back and half-closed his eyes as Emma enthusiastically sucked his cock—making the occasional gagging sound when she took him too far into her throat. It was equal parts tender and dirty—the perfect example of what love and lust should be—and Jason settled back to enjoy the blowjob.

“That was amazing, Em.” Jason said as he pulled on his pants. It wasn’t the first time he had said it but it didn’t make it any less true. When he had breathlessly warned Emma that he was about to cum it had only made her go faster—and she hadn’t stopped until he had filled her mouth with his semen. It had taken him a few minutes to gather himself, but once he had recovered from being side-tracked Jason decided it was time to find out what else was going on in his house. It was still only just past dawn, so there was still some time until everyone had to go and start the day.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Emma said demurely. She was standing by the bed waiting for him and she was till nude—she hadn’t bothered to put on clothes, and Jason wasn’t exactly eager to encourage her to cover up. “I liked it too.”

“Next time I’ll make sure you get more out of it.” Jason promised, playfully swatting her on her tight rear.

“I’ll like that even more.” Emma grinned. “I’m ready anytime you are.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Jason grinned back. “I’m not sure we have enough time to fool around. Besides—you’ve worn me out over the last day. It’s going to take me a while to recover.”

“How unfortunate.” Emma sighed. She cocked her hip jauntily and arched her back—prominently pushing her pert breasts toward Jason. “Are you sure I can’t change your mind?”

“Later.” Jason growled playfully. “But I need to go see if the others are alright. I just left them downstairs with my mom.”

“Why would that matter?” Emma asked curiously.

“Well …” Jason trailed off. He had no idea how he would begun to explain the social dynamic between his mother and the other two women. Or if he even had to! For that matter, he was equal parts concerned and curious as to how his girlfriend would take the news that he had knocked up his aunt. “It’s just complicated—that’s all.”

“Oh, okay.” Emma said, her tone curious. “Do you want some privacy?”


“Sure.” Emma shrugged. She gave him a wry smile. “I wouldn’t mind jumping in the shower if I’m honest.”

“Thanks, Em.” Jason said, pulling her into him and giving her a swift kiss. He made a show of marvelling at her nude body. “And look at that—you’re already dressed for the shower!”

“I know.” Emma giggled. “See—there was a reason why I didn’t put on any clothes.”

“I thought you just wanted to tempt me?”

“That too.” Emma smiled. She put a hand on his chest and gently extricated herself from his grip. “I’m going to go take that shower and you go sort out … whatever you need to. If you don’t take too long … maybe you could come and join me?”

“Sounds good to me.” Jason said fervently.

They exited his bedroom together and Jason paused so he could watch his slender girlfriend sashay her way down to the hall to the bathroom. He was sure she was making a point of rolling her hips more than usual. Smiling to himself, he walked after her towards his mother’s bedroom.

Jason expected to find all three women there and was surprised that it turned out to be empty. His mother had the biggest bed so it made sense for everyone to spend the night in the room. He next checked his aunt’s bedroom but not even Sarah was there. It was early enough that it would be strange for everyone to be up already, but he supposed it wasn’t unheard of. Maybe they had got up to make breakfast?

Jason made his way back along the hallway to the top of the stairs—frowning when he reached them. He could already tell that the lights weren’t on downstairs, and with the curtains were pulled over the windows it meant that it was very dim down there. It seemed unlikely that everyone was sitting in the dark—could they have gone back to Karla’s apartment?

Jason carefully made his way down the poorly lit staircase—squinting when he reached the bottom. His eyes hadn’t adjusted yet and so he almost tripped over his aunt before he saw her. He stumbled in an attempt to regain his balance and let out a startled exclamation—staring in shock as he gradually made out what waited for him at the foot of the stairs.

Sarah was kneeling down on the floor in much the same position that Emma had been when he’d come to. Next to her in a line knelt his mother and then Karla. They were all dressed how he’d last seen them, and even in the poor light he could tell that all three women had the same blank and vacant stare that Emma’d had. At the sound of his shocked cry, Sarah, Helen, and Karla all slowly turned their expressionless faces towards Jason—staring sightlessly up at him as they all as one removed the Silver Rings from their fingers.