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The Binding Rings

Chapter 40

Author — Sidia

“Holy crap.” Jason whispered to himself as he stood on the stairs looking down at the three kneeling women waiting for him. Just as it had been with Emma, they didn’t appear to react to his presence apart from simply holding out one hand outstretched upon which rested their Silver Ring. Jason felt the weight of Emma’s band in his pocket and took a deep fortifying breath; he didn’t feel nearly ready to be dealing with something as huge as this. Only a handful of hours earlier all that had been in his head had been spending the night with his girlfriend—and now look at the situation.

Jason closed his fist around Emma’s Ring—if he could even call it that. He had thought it had been something he had done—because he had tried to rush things with claiming her as his—that had caused so great a difference in what had happened. Looking down at his mother, aunt, and teacher it was clear that that wasn’t the case.

The fact that all three women were waiting for him in the same vague and trance-like state that Emma had been in spoke to a common factor. Jason didn’t understand the mechanics or details of it, but it seemed obvious to him that it was because after Binding Emma, he had finally claimed all four women as his own. Added to that, he had to take into account that the master Ring was still on his finger—and it was as immobile as it ever was.

Whatever this change would bring he was still in control.

When he had woken up Jason had been concerned about how long Emma had been kneeling by his sleeping body—waiting for him to stir. If this had happened to them all at the same time, just how long had his mom, Sarah, and Karla been waiting at the foot of the stairs? It would have had to have been hours.

Jason eyed the three women carefully but he couldn’t see any signs of discomfort. He had been in a panic with Emma, but now that he knew what was going on—momentous thought it was—he felt like he could view it with a more rational frame of mind.

The kneeling women were blocking his way down into the living room, so Jason carefully eased his way between his mother and aunt. Neither of them moved to make his egress any easier—the only movement being that they all slowly turned their heads as much as they could to keep him in view.

It was eery and unsettling as hell.

Jason reached out and experimentally touched his mother’s shoulder but he got no response. He pushed a little harder and she rocked gently on the spot—swaying under his touch. Jason took his hand back and subconsciously rubbed it on his pants—weirded out despite himself. From Emma he had learnt there was no point attempting to get their attention or talk to them; the only thing that had broken the spell had been taking the ring from her.

He moved back in front of the women and took another deep breath. Even in the midst of all this he couldn’t help but note that he had never before had all three of them kneeling before him like this. If he discounted occasions that had immediately lead to sex it hadn’t really happened at all. Having them all lower than him on the ground, looking up at him with their blank faces … it really drove home just how much his life had changed. He looked at them in turn; taking this moment to reflect.

His mother’s voluptuous body and angelic face had been the focus of his shame fuelled lust for years—and yet he took it for granted that she was now willing and available for him whenever and however he wanted. The slow seduction that had occurred between them—how he had allowed himself to guided and encouraged by his mother—had been so incredible and meaningful; a fact that he often overlooked. When he had finally had sex with her … well, Jason had lost track of multiple days; that was how enamoured he had been with his mother’s body. On top of that she had become so in her desire to please him that she had warped herself into some kind of sexual deviant—capable of anything in her goal to make him happy.

Karla had been the fantasy of pretty much every guy at his school—a seemingly aloof beauty that Jason had stumbled into the beginnings of some kind of relationship with. In hindsight it was obvious that his newfound confidence and experience with women had caught her off guard—and had caused Karla to let things escalate far past the point that she would have otherwise have. When he had given his teacher a Silver Ring, it had been driven entirely by his sense of entitled desire; he wanted her and could take her … so he had. It had been as simple as that. That Karla had turned into such an emotional support for him—coupled by the submissive streak that he had engendered within her—had been an unlooked for and welcome gift.

Jason could never look at or think about Sarah in the same way again. The change—both in her and himself—was the most drastic out of anyone. He had despised his aunt so much that when he had first bound her to him by accident he could barely stand to look at her. Every time he had given in to his desire and used her he had felt almost soiled. For a while there he had only thought to use the lovely woman—who really wasn’t all that much older than him—as a toy. Someone to indulge darker fantasies with—to play the subservient role in whatever plot his mother had cooked up.

His feelings had changed so much that he almost couldn’t recognise himself from only a few weeks ago. Sarah had become supportive and caring—and essential part of his life—in a way similar to Karla. She filled a dynamic role—finally someone he could refer to as his aunt without being ironic as well as the occasionally starring in a more perverted role. She was also currently pregnant with his child.

The feelings of lust and desire that Jason had for the three women had sparked into something more—he cared for them all deeply. It was different from what one would normally feel for a family member though, and not just because of all the sex. It was a feeling of ownership. That he was responsible for them. This resolution was relatively new to Jason—it was the culmination of the events and realisations of the last week—but he could recognise that it had been building unseen beneath the surface of his psyche for a while now.

They were his.

Jason reached out and deftly plucked the Ring from his mother’s upturned hand. When she blinked and started to come back to herself he turned to his aunt and took her Ring as well. Pausing just long enough to see that Sarah too was coming round, he then moved down the line and took Karla’s Ring also. He slipped the three Silver Rings into his pocket to join Emma’s and waited for them all to awake.

* * *

“Do you want butter to go with your pancakes or just maple syrup?” Helen asked Jason brightly over her shoulder. She was stationed at the kitchen and was in the middle of making an impressive stack of pancakes.

“Yes.” Jason grinned from his seated position at the table.

“What do you mean, yes?” Helen teased her son. “Which one?”

“Both!” Jason winked. He was sitting at the head of the table and Karla and Sarah were seated on either side of him. Sarah had one hand resting on his knee under the table and he was holding his teachers hand—lightly dragging his fingers over hers in an intimate display of affection. Emma had already been down to greet everyone but had gone back upstairs to get herself ready for the day.

“That’s not very healthy, baby.” Helen sighed theatrically. She darted a quick glance at her son to make sure that he was looking and then cocked her hip at him. “Still, I daresay you will work off the calories somehow.”

“No doubt.” Jason agreed, eyeing his mother’s rounded backside appreciatively. Everything had become very natural and easy as soon as he had taken their Rings—they had snapped back just as Emma had. It disquieted him somewhat to note that his mother had only asked him what he wanted on his pancakes and hadn’t bothered to ask her younger sister or Karla—but she was being otherwise pleasant so he didn’t bother pushing it. Besides, he knew it would probably take a bit of time to correct her behaviour.

Helen gave him a satisfied smirk and went back to plating up the pancakes.

“Sarah, can you go and help mom?” Jason asked his aunt softly. His mother had made too much for just him to eat but she hadn’t made it clear that it was for everyone. He put his hand on top of hers and softly squeezed it. “Grab some plates for everyone will you?”

Sarah rippled her fingers on his knee and nodded to him with a small smile. She got up and opened the cupboard next to Helen and got out five plates.

“Diplomatic.” Karla whispered softly to Jason. She leant over and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek with an approving smile.

“Thanks.” Jason smiled back. He was keeping an ear open for what was going on in the kitchen; his mother was speaking to his aunt but he could only barely hear her.

“Careful.” Helen said quietly to her younger sister, giving her a look that was hard to decipher. “You don’t want to strain yourself.”

“It’s fine.” Sarah said, giving her sister an uncertain look. She made as if to glance back at Jason but Helen moved around slightly to put herself between them.

“Nonsense.” Helen said firmly. She took the stack of plates from her sister’s grip and put them on the bench while standing within Sarah’s personal space. She turned and placed her palm familiarly on Sarah’s belly. “We have to look after you now.”

Sarah shrunk back from her older sister’s touch but was caught between her and the kitchen bench.

“I’m fine.” She muttered.

“I’m just thinking about my grandchild.” Helen continued, smiling while showing a little too much of her teeth. She leant in and cupped the back of Sarah’s neck, twining her fingers into her hair, and then pulling her forward so she could tenderly kiss her forehead. “I have to be as good an aunt as you’ve been, don’t I?”

Sarah shivered.

“We all have to play nicely together after all.” Helen continued. She tightened her grip ever so slightly on Sarah’s hair. “Now—go sit down and relax, dear. I’ll bring everything to the table.”

Jason watched his aunt slink back to the table and slide into her seat. He reached out under the table and took her hand, squeezing it reassuringly. She gave him a weak smile of thanks. That had been … odd. Perhaps he had overestimated the significance of his mother’s ‘breakthrough’ the night before. Or more accurately, perhaps it only applied to himself and not to the other women.

Jason was distracted by his musings by Emma’s return. She lithely stepped up next to him and gave him a passionate if brief kiss on the lips. Jason slid his arm around her slender waist and pulled her close—looking up at her and beaming a genuine smile.

“Hey.” Jason grinned. He decided that his mother’s behaviour wasn’t anything to worry about—it didn’t necessarily change his plan of slowly reigning in her more extreme tendencies. “You look nice.”

“Thanks.” Emma grinned. Her face was freshly washed with her cheeks tinged slightly pink. Emma playfully bumped Jason with her hip. “So are you going to offer me a seat or what?”

Jason glanced around at the table and the free seats a little confused. Did she want to sit next to him? He didn’t think they would mind, but he felt it would be a bit rude to ask Karla or Sarah to move so that his girlfriend could take their place.

“Jason.” Karla said, her voice lilting in amusement. “I think she wants to sit in your lap.”

“Oh?” Jason said, surprised. He looked back up at Emma and saw that she was trying to hold back her own laughter. He scooted his chair backwards to make some room and then theatrically patted the tops of this thighs. “Climb aboard, Em.”

“Right here at the table in front of everyone?” Emma said, pretending to be shocked. She winked and slid onto his lap, blushing only slightly.

“If you want to, I’m sure no one would mind.” Jason teased her. The softness of her ass felt feverishly warm on his lap. He shifted her body a little and wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Here we go, Jason.” Helen said brightly, sliding the pile of pancakes directly in front of him and interrupting whatever Emma had been about to say to him in reply. “Don’t let them get soggy!”

She eyed the positions of everyone else for a moment—particularly Emma. She didn’t frown or show any other negative expression … she just looked for a second too long. Helen attempted to cover the moment by giving everyone a plate and cutlery, but Jason had taken note.

“Sorry, dear.” Helen said to Emma, giving her a smile that again was showing too much of her teeth. “There’s not enough room to give you a plate as well if you sit there.”

“That’s okay.” Emma murmured, looking back at Jason with a wicked glint in her eyes. She wriggled her behind playfully over his crotch. “You don’t mind if I share what’s on your plate do you?”

“No, of course not.” Jason replied, his voice a bit strangled.

“Oh. Well that’s … good then.” Helen said quietly in an even tone.

Emma cut a sliver of pancake and then picked it up—dipping it in a pool of maple syrup until it was liberally coated. She then twisted around offered it up to Jason—cupping her hand underneath it to catch all the dribbles of syrup.

“Open wide.” Emma said, her eyes dancing.

She delicately fed Jason the piece of pancake, focusing on him and paying no attention to the other women at the table. Helen walked around until she was standing behind her son—watching intently as his girlfriend hand-fed him. Jason moved his lips up over the tips of Emma’s fingers—sucking them into his mouth. He looked into her eyes as he swirled his tongue around, licking up the sweet syrup from her fingers.

“Tastes good.” Jason grinned, making Emma flush a pretty shade of pink.

“They do look good.” Karla said, hiding a grin. She copied Emma and cut her own sliver of pancake—but she didn’t offer it to Jason. “You should eat something as well though, Emma.”

She gave a crooked half-smile and proffered the pancake up to the teenage girl. Emma looked unsure—glancing up at Jason.

“Go on.” Karla urged playfully. She moved it closer and Emma opened her mouth to allow the older woman to slip it between her lips. “Good girl, that wasn’t so hard.”

Emma laughed and blushed again—her pink tongue darting out to catch the droplets of syrup that were left on her lips. Watching Karla hand-feed his girlfriend gave Jason an even greater thrill than having Emma do it to him. He felt his cock lurch under her soft buttocks.

“It wasn’t hard.” Emma giggled. “But Jason might be.”

“How surprising.” Karla drawled. She flashed Jason a quick wink.

Helen—still behind Jason—moved forward and rested her hands on top of his shoulders. She pressed her body against his causing her large breasts to rest up against the back of his head. She was studying the interaction between his son, his girlfriend, and his teacher very closely. Emma glanced up and, seeing Helen’s face so unexpectedly close, gave her a hesitant smile.

Jason craned his neck upwards and for a moment he swore he thought he saw his mother looking at his girlfriend with a look that was almost hungry … but it vanished so quickly that he thought he might have misread it. Instead, he settled back to enjoy the playful banter with the four women. Even Sarah got in on the play, although she kept a wary eye on her sister the entire time.

This was going to be his life from now on. With them.

He was going to make it work.

Once they had all eaten and before the demands of the day required them to go their own way, Jason addressed them all. He hadn’t worked out all the details as yet but he knew what he wanted—the changes he was going to make in all of their lives. He took a deep breath and his woman all turned to look at him attentively.

“Okay everyone.” Jason said, his voice growing in confidence. “I have some thoughts about what we are going to do next …”

End of The Binding Rings Book 1

The story will continue in The Binding Rings Book 2