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Author’s Note:

This Alternative Ending was generously commissioned by anathema. Thank you for getting the stone rolling; I have very much enjoyed returning into the world and into the heads of these characters. I like this one better.

This chapter picks up at about two quarters into Chapter 10: Consolidation, just when Lilly wakes up again.

* * *

Black Swan

Alternate Ending: Breakout

* * *

Lilly woke with a gasp. “Fuck!”, she yelled, trying to yank free.

“Hello Lilly,” slave Sarah said.

“Yeah, yeah! Fuck this”, she spat as she arched her back, trying to gain leverage. “And fuck you!”

She managed to pull slave Sophie off-balance, but only for a moment.

”I just had to be fucking smart about this, didn’t I?! Fucking! Let! Go! You fucking mindless cunts!”

She stopped, groaning in frustration. She gave slave Sarah a look of sad contempt.

“Well this is as fucking bad as I imagined it would be. Slave Lilly would be fucking overjoyed! Aren’t you all fucking happy little cunts.”


“Don’t ‘Lilly’ me, Sarah! I know how you feel! You’re getting off right now. I get it! I fucking get it! And it’s fucking disgusting! Just do it! Just fucking do it!”

She raised her head, looking down the bed to where Moreau stood.

“Moreau!”, she shrieked “Fuck you! You’re ugly and worthless and this is the only way you get anyone to love you!”

“Lilly!”, Sarah shouted.

“Goddammit, what?!”, Lilly snapped.

“I love you.”, she said, then punched slave Kate in the face, and in the same motion sprang from the bed, knocking slave Sophie to the side. The second injector was still in her hand as she sprinted towards Florence Moreau.

* * *

In an instant, Lilly broke free, kicking and twisting. In her periphery, she saw slave Sarah run towards Moreau. What was happening? This couldn’t be. Slave Sophie tried to grab her by the shoulder, and she elbowed her in the face. Kate and Director West were running after Sarah.

“Slave. Stop!”, Moreau yelled in sudden panic, but Sarah was already on her. It was all happening so fast. Lilly saw Sarah grab her, swat away her arms, and push the small metal cylinder into her neck before she was tackled by slave Kate.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Sarah cried as Moreau gasped in pain, dropping to her knees. “I had to! I want to obey, but I want Lilly more!”

Moreau collapsed, and the slaves screamed in distress, rushing in a panic towards her unconscious body. Lilly had gotten off the bed and stood next to the door leading outside to the terrace. Sarah stood up, with Kate now kneeling over Mistress in a confused huddle with the others.

Lilly’s thoughts raced in confusion and surprise, trying to make sense of it. How could Sarah…

She looked at her, and her face was a mess of tears and pain. She looked like she might jump off a bridge. She was looking down at her hands. She still held the spent injector.

Lilly looked at the door behind her. She should already be out of here. Run. Leave her. Instead she kept looking at slave Sarah. Sarah. This wasn’t possible. Except it had just happened.

She felt like she was in a dream. Her mind swirled with exhaustion, trying to decide what to do. There was no time. She had to act, now.

”Come with me”, she said over the cries and wild babble of the slave, just loud enough for Sarah to hear her. She couldn’t believe she was saying it, but there it was.

Sarah looked at her, then at the slaves and her Mistress. Then back at her. She took a step towards her, then another. She was blinking rapidly, her face twitching with what must have been her world tipping itself over. She looked back one more time, then broke into a quick stride toward Lilly, looking scared. She looked very scared.

Lilly took her hand.

No one stopped them. Kate and Sophie were to preoccupied with Moreau, and none of the slaves that guarded the perimeter of the mansion questioned their presence. It was only when they tried to leave through the east-facing door in the wall that enclosed the premises that they heard a voice shouting behind them:

“What’s going on, slave Lilly?”

Lilly turned around. It was slave Alice. She was on guard duty, and she was clad in the tight combat uniform of the Syndicate. She also carried an automatic rifle. Lilly and Sarah were still buck-naked.

Lilly stuttered. What could they say? What—

“Mistress is playing a game with us,” slave Sarah said, and her smile looked almost genuine. “we have to go out naked and pick up a cute girl or boy.” Somehow, she seemed to have managed to pull herself together in the second it had taken her to turn around. If Alice stepped any closer, she would have to see how red and swollen her eyes still were, and notice the not quite wiped-off trails of tears on her cheeks. But she didn’t. Instead she returned the smile.

“You girls get to have all the fun. Mistress never plays any games with me,” she said, and turned around with a final wink.

Some part of Lilly couldn’t help but feel bad about running away and leaving them all behind, but they had only this one chance. Any second now, the place would be swarming with slaves trying to stop them. She entered a code into the electronic lock next to the door, and it snapped open.

The next hours were a blur. They broke into the first house that didn’t have any cars in the driveway and that didn’t look like its owners could afford fancy security. Lilly didn’t know how many heads their appearance had turned, but somehow, it worked out.

Wearing stolen clothes, they made their way down the streets another couple of blocks and hailed a cab downtown. They changed directions erratically, walked through a couple of crowds, slipped into alleys, got on a bus, and finally arrived where they had agreed they were going, hoping, praying that their efforts had managed to lose any tail they might have had.

They needed to get out of town. Out of the country. Europe? South America? They both knew that Moreau’s influence had grown large enough to find them almost anywhere. And that was why they needed to make this stop, no matter how stupid is was, no matter how dangerous. Because without gear, they’d get nowhere.

The safe house looked like nothing interesting had ever happened there. No one would probably ever know that this was the place where the fate of the free world had been sealed.

The door opened to the same code as it had a week ago. Stepping into the room felt like stepping into someone else’s memory. It was exactly as they had left it. No one had been here since… the Division had been enslaved. Their discarded clothes still lay scattered on the floor. The clothes of Kate, Sophie, Director West, and Sarah.

Sarah. Lilly looked at the woman she loved, and there was a lump in her throat. They had hardly spoken a word the whole time they’d been on the run, and Lilly’s mind had been occupied exclusively by exit strategies, weaponizable objects, possible cover, security cameras, and overhead drone coverage. She hadn’t really had time to think about Sarah. About what she had done. And why.

“Sarah,” she said.

“Yeah?”, Sarah asked. She looked tired. Weary. Lilly didn’t know how to start, especially because the most important question hung in the room like a toxic smell, hurtful and inappropriate and absolutely necessary to address.

“You’re still a slave, aren’t you?”

Sarah took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She was shaking her head, and Lilly knew it didn’t meant ‘no’, but instead meant that she was overwhelmed.

“Yes,” Sarah said, finally. Something in Lilly tightened painfully. It felt like hearing the crash of something precious and fragile shattering on the ground, even when you knew that nothing you did could have stopped it from falling.

“but…,” Sarah continued, carefully “I… I have no one to serve. Moreau is a slave now, too. I… it’s all so complicated now. Fuck. I… think I’m still Syndicate. It still feels right for everyone to be enslaved. Except you. Because… shit… this hurts my brain… because Mistr— slave Florence set you free. You’re free. You have to be free!”

“But you still need to serve?” Lilly asked. The words tasted like acid.

“I… don’t… I… yes. No. Fuck! It’s like I have two sets of myself. I won’t lie—it felt so bad when I did it… when I betrayed Moreau. It was like cutting into my own flesh. I’ll probably have nightmares about it forever. But something’s changed, now. I think what I did fried my circuits. Like… I can’t be a slave, because a slave would have never done that.”

Lilly jumped onto that immediately: “Yes, Sarah! You’re free! You disobeyed! You… remembered yourself!”

”I remembered you,” Sarah said with a sad smile, and something warm seemed to bloom in Lilly’s chest. Something that she hadn’t felt properly in weeks. Real affection. Not the chemically enforced thing that she had been made to feel when she hadn’t been herself. The real thing, of her own will.

“You’re so brave, Sarah” Lilly said. “I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Or maybe I can, and it’s too painful for my mind to go there. I’m sorry you had to do this, but thank you for doing it. Thank you.”

“I love you,” Sarah said shakily.

“I love you, too,” Lilly said, and tears filled her eyes. Something big and sudden seemed to happen to her insides, and she found herself crying and laughing and breathing heavily, all at the same time, getting dizzy. There was a scared animal in her that immediately sensed danger at this burst of disorientation. But then, suddenly, Sarah was in her arms, and she realized that this was just what being human and being in love felt overwhelming like this sometimes.

Sarah was warm and comforting and strong around her, and for a moment, Lilly only enjoyed being with her, feeling her rapid heartbeat in syncopation with her own, her dark hair smelling of lilac and sweat.

Then, the reality of their situation returned to her thoughts like a semi crashing through a storefront. Things were still incomprehensively fucked up, and Sarah’s state of mind was complicated, to say the least.

“We have to keep moving,” Lilly said, and Sarah groaned as if Lilly had just shaken her from a pleasant dream.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she said with a resolution of a soldier, and detached herself from Lilly. “I’ll get the guns and fake IDs, you get the money and supplies,” she said.

There she is, Lilly thought. There’s the other side of Sarah. The side that was able to get down to business and took shit from no one.

They went to work. Lilly had to step over the discarded clothes on the floor that still lay where Sophie, Kate, Sarah, and Director West had stepped out of them. Where they had been made to worship Moreau after they had been enslaved. Lilly didn’t look at them. She didn’t let herself think about it.

It was very hard to ignore her surroundings when she entered the sick room. It looked like a haunted house. The obscenely large bloodstain on the floor had turned into a sickening brown as it had dried, and the floor was still littered with empty IV bags, tissues, and instruments. And in between, two empty injectors. Sophie and Sarah. Lilly made herself look away. She took some caffeine tablets, morphine, bandages, and got the hell out.

“I would burn this fucking place to the ground if it didn’t draw so much attention.” she said as she rejoined Sarah in the main room. In the far corner, she found a storage closet that had backpacks pre-packed with non-perishable food, in case they needed to go off-grid. Next to that was a heavy bag filled with bundles of hundred-dollar bills. She took both.

“Are the IDs still good?” she asked.

“Yeah, I found one for both of us. Director West must have been really paranoid to have some made for all field agents. Usually, they’re done case-by-case.”

“Okay, guns and ammo?”

“One handgun for each of us, and lots of spare rounds.”

If worst comes to worst, we’ll only need one for each of us, Lilly thought bitterly, but she didn’t say it. It seemed… unwise… to challenge Sarah’s fragile mental state like that.

“Anything else we need?”

“No, I think we’ve got everything.”

Lilly sighed. This was where their current plan ended. From now on, they were making it up as they went along. “I guess that’s it, then,” she said. “No reason to stay here any longer. No way to go but forward. Fuck, what do we do now?”

“We can always go back to being slaves,” Sarah said with an apologetic shrug.

Lilly raised an outstretched finger. “Don’t even fucking joke about that,” she said through gritted teeth. No. She would never go back. “Come on,” she said, and Sarah went after her as she left the safe house.

Five minutes later, they stole a car. It was all kinds of reckless, but the opportunity had been to good. The woman had left her minivan running as she’d gone back in her house to pick up something she’d forgotten, and they got in and drove off.

They navigated to the nearest parking garage and ripped the license plates from the dustiest-looking car in the long-term parking area. Putting random plates to their stolen minivan would hopefully buy them a couple of days. When they were done, they threw the old plates into a dumpster seven blocks down, and drove north until they were both on the verge of passing out.

The hotel was a run-down relic from the 90s in a strip mall on the outskirts of Tulsa that accepted cash and didn’t ask questions. They hardly made it into their room before they collapsed in exhaustion.

* * *

Lilly was fast asleep. Her soft breathing was barely audible across the dimly lit room. A street lamp outside of their window cast harsh orange light through the gaps in the flimsy curtain, and a constant background noise of distant traffic seeped in through the walls even well past midnight.

She got up and walked silently towards Lilly’s bed. She raised the phone and took a picture of the sleeping form, then sent the picture along with a message:

Game continues. Earning trust. Tulsa. King’s Motor Inn, Room 131. Thank you so much for this, Mistress.

Slave Sarah deleted the sent message along with the picture, hid the phone in the seam of her backpack, then returned to her bed and quietly masturbated. This time, she was thinking about how she had enslaved Sophie.

* * *

Lilly had dreamt of a sky swarming with millions of black birds, circling and watching for prey. Lilly had known that she had to keep looking down at her feet to avoid them, because they would carry her away with sharp claws and feed her to their young. They would tear away her skin, and she would grow her own black feathers instead, and be lost in the swarm, and she would be gone, and there would only be the evil black swarm that filled the sky.

Not very subtle, brain, she thought as she woke up slowly at first, then very suddenly when she felt something next to her. She took a sharp breath, and calmed down again when she realized that it was Sarah. Sarah was nestling in the narrow bed next to Lilly, still asleep. She must have come over from her own bed in the night.

Holy fuck, I slept in the same room with her! She could have done anything! Lilly realized with a sudden sense of alarm, then immediately regretted the thought.

If Sarah had been anything but honest about her state of mind, she would have had plenty of opportunities to stab Lilly in the back. She hadn’t. But she could have, and somehow Lilly had allowed it. The thought made Lilly’s hairs stand up on her arms and legs. Fuck, I even let her get the guns.

It seemed that trusting Sarah was a reflex of Lilly’s that still came as natural as breathing, and Lilly felt somehow both good and very concerned about that fact. Good, because she loved Sarah; of course, she did. Concerned, because there was now objectively a lot about Sarah that she should at least be careful, if not outright concerned about.

Reluctantly, her mind went to the place that it had avoided most of the day before. The question she had decided upon in a split second when everything around her had been chaos. She asked herself: What was it like to be a slave, and is it conceivable that Sarah is telling the truth?

With a feeling of jumping into cold water, Lilly remembered the time when she had been a slave. How good it had felt. Looking back at it from the outside made her want to throw up. The things she’d been made to feel. Made to do. Made to enjoy. It was obvious now how wrong and artificial those emotions and needs had been. Remembering was like watching a video of herself as a teen, acting utterly embarrassing.

But it had felt real at the time. She remembered that, too. She would have done anything for Moreau. It would have been inconceivable to do what Sarah had done. What had happened was impossible. But it had happened. Sarah had done it. Somehow.

Because she loves me.

Bittersweet warmth spread through her heart, and she felt a strange mix of elation and regret. It all seemed like they were together again, and that Sarah was free. But they were effectively on the run from the government now with how deeply the Syndicate had infiltrated every level of the administration.

She wondered if the President was a slave, and a chill went down her spine.

”Hey,” Sarah said softly, rousing Lilly from her thoughts. She’d woken up. Some small part in Lilly tensed, and readied itself for something bad to happen, but Sarah only smiled. She yawned and stretched herself, then cuddled up to Lilly. It was stupidly cute.

“No one snatched us up while we slept.” Sarah said, and her voice was muffled by Lilly’s shirt. “Yay.”

Lilly chuckled softly, and something inside her seemed to loosen. She wrapped her arm around Sarah’s waist and pulled her tighter.

“I still can’t believe you’re back,” she whispered, and she was surprised how emotional her voice sounded.

”Me neither,” Sarah mumbled back. She still sounded sleepy. “I still feel wrong, but I think I’m better. It feels like I’m shedding skin… I’m still raw and it hurts, but it means that I’m healing, you know? Fuck Moreau. Fuck the Syndicate!”

“Fuck everything they’ve done to us,” Lilly said to affirm Sarah.

“I’ll never be their slave again,” Sarah said.

”You’re free. You’re with me. I’m with you.”

“I love you,”

“I love you, too.”

Sarah kissed her, softly at first, and when Lilly kissed her back, Sarah leaned in harder, and Lilly let that happen too. She felt Sarah’s tongue push gingerly against her lips, and she opened them and let it push up against her own tongue. Sarah’s hand had come to hold the small of her back, reeling herself in, pushing deeper before letting Lilly push into her mouth.

Lilly’s hand had wandered down to cup Sarah’s ass without her even realizing it. There was a small, insignificant part in Lilly that told her to stop this, but she didn’t care, now. She wanted this. Of course she wanted this. She loved her.

The sex was tame and shy and more meaningful than any other time she had ever been with her. Lilly’s orgasm couldn’t hope to match the synthetic intensity of the ones that she’d had when Moreau raped her mind. Being a slave had meant raw chemical bliss, detached and wild. But Moreau had never been able to give her the warm, cozy feeling she felt now. This was love and joy and warm sunshine on a spring day, and coming at the end of it was almost meaningless when compared to the emotional comfort that it had given her. To be with Sarah again, after everything that had happened, was a miracle. For a while, she was happy, and nothing else.

Of course, the moment couldn’t last. There was too much to worry about for that.

“We need a plan.” Lilly said, finally. Sarah was in her arms, warm and soft.

“…we’d need a goal first before we can even have a plan,” Sarah said flatly, raising her eyebrows.

Lilly sighed. “Yeah... that, too.”

“I hate to say it, but I don’t think there’s anything we can do to stop the Syndicate,” Sarah said, and Lilly felt herself agree reluctantly.

She wondered if Moreau was still their leader. Even if she’d been fucked up by her own drug, she’d probably still be functional and capable to head the organization. She might have developed some interesting neuroses, being… enslaved to herself? And her slaves probably had to do some painful mental gymnastics to deal with her.

Even then—unless she’d somehow lost her mind completely, she’d most certainly be able to reverse it with the anti-serum. She had already tested it on Lilly after all.

Lilly decided not to mention that line of thought to Sarah. Just in case it would trigger something. “I hate to say it, but I think you’re right,” she said instead.

“So… where does that leave us? That means we’re on the run forever, doesn’t it?”

Lilly sighed again. “…yeah. I guess it does.”

“So the goal is… not getting discovered, ever.”


Sarah thought for a long moment, then said: “I think we should stay here for a while.”


“If they knew where we are, they’d have come knocking, so it looks like we actually shook them. But by now our biometrics are bound to be flagged in every automated system in the country. We should only travel when we need to, and only in disguise.”

“We’ll need to ditch the car, soon, though“ Lilly said.

“Fuck. Right. Okay. We’ll figure something out.”

They discussed plans for the better part of the day. They had instant ramen for lunch which they prepared and ate straight from an electric water kettle. When they had exhausted every idea and plan of action, they decided to let it sink in a bit and decide what they would do the coming day, after sleeping on it.

“Can we get a less shitty room?” Sarah asked after they had again discussed all important topics and strategies twice over. “With a double bed?”

“Sure, I need to extend our stay anyway,” Lilly yawned and donned the baseball cap they had picked up last night at a gas station after making an intentional ninety mile detour to give the appearance that they had turned east. They had also picked up sunglasses for both of them. She grabbed a gun and strapped it into the shoulder holster courtesy of the safe room.

“Maybe they’ve got something with a kitchen,” Sarah said, smiling.

”Don’t get your hopes up,” Lilly said, and left.

* * *

Slave Sarah’s smile vanished the second Lilly was out of sight. She quickly grabbed the phone and sent a quick update to Mistress.

Stay extended. Game continues. Thank you so much, Mistress. This is so much fun.

She sent the message, then immediately deleted it. She hid the phone away in her bag. Only then did the smile return to her lips.

Lilly was beginning to trust her. It was only a matter of time now before she would let the last of her guard down. Before she trusted her completely. Before she felt safe. Like she had won. A pleasant shiver went through slave Sarah’s body. She still couldn’t believe Mistress had agreed to let her do this. But unlike Lilly, Mistress could trust her. She was such an obedient slave.

Even pretending to enslave Mistress with the empty injector had felt deeply wrong. And after that, slave Sarah had been afraid that she wouldn’t been able to lie to Lilly convincingly; that pretending not to be a slave would be impossible for her. But she had found that deceiving Lilly was just as delicious as licking her cunt.

She loved every minute of it, and something in her enslaved mind was helping her to be convincing. The tears, and the blushing, and all the other things she wanted to pretend were real… they seemed to manifest themselves as a function of her own obedience. She had to be convincing to be a good slave, so she was.

When Lilly returned, she had indeed managed to get them a bigger room that, aside from the horrible décor, was actually quite decent. It even had a tiny kitchenette. They carried over their bags. It took only one trip. Lilly had hardly closed the door when slave Sarah jumped her and embraced her with a deep kiss.

She wanted to fuck her. Thinking about deceiving and betraying her had made slave Sarah horny and wet and she wanted Lilly to make her come to the thought.

Lilly wouldn’t know the difference.

She would think that slave Sarah wanted her because she loved her.

* * *

Lilly kissed Sarah back hungrily. It was so hard not to. There were some fleeting guilty thoughts of whether there was anything else they should be doing, but nothing came to mind, and she gladly fell into Sarah’s warm embrace. They slowly stripped, and Sarah gave her a heart-melting look of adoration as they moved over to the wide double bed.

”I love you,” Sarah said as she pulled Lilly down onto the mattress and back into her embrace. There was only one answer.

”I love you,” Lilly said, and kissed Sarah. Her hand wandered down between Sarah’s legs carefully, gently. She found Sarah’s pussy soaking wet already, her lips slick and swollen. Again, something in Lilly seemed to rebel, screaming for caution, but Sarah’s soft shivers and moans were like a blanket that enveloped her, making her forget everything else.

“Lilly,” Sarah whimpered softly.

“Yes?” Lilly breathed.

“I… I’m not sure how to say this… but… I feel much better now. Clearer. Firmer. You know, with the raw skin? It doesn’t feel raw anymore. So I… I want us to pretend something…”

Lilly hesitated.

“Lilly, do you trust me?” Sarah asked.

“I… I’m sorry Sarah… I—“

“I get it,” Sarah said, voice heavy. She looked crestfallen, her eyes avoiding Lilly’s. “I do…” she said, “I never had the anti-serum. All I had was you,”

“Don’t guilt-trip me,” Lilly said, and pushed herself away from Sarah. “I never wanted any of this. I mean… slave-me did, but I never wanted this. You know what I mean.”

“I’m sorry, Lilly,” Sarah said. “It’s just a lot for me, and I’m not trying to win a contest of who’s more fucked up... but I think I need your help more than you need mine. I want to be with you, and I want you to be able to trust me.”

Lilly said nothing in response. Her chest felt tight with the regret. Nothing Sarah had done had given Lilly any reason to doubt that she was indeed free, even if she might not be completely who she’d been. She owed Sarah to at least share with her the thing that had been nagging her like a bad itch at the back of her mind.

“I want to trust you,” she said. “I really do. With what you did, maybe I should. But… I also know why Moreau woke me up. It was so you could toy with me, to enslave me again, and I can’t ever be sure this isn’t all just a game you’re playing with me.”

Sarah frowned.

“How do you want me to respond to that, Lilly? What can I possibly say? Nothing. Nothing will ever convince you. I don’t even mean that as an insult. You shouldn’t trust my word. You should only trust what I did, and what I want to do. That’s why I was asking you to… pretend something.”

“What do you want me to pretend?”

“To be Moreau,” Sarah said.


“—and let me reject you. I want you to tempt me as hard as you can. Be Moreau. Be slave Lilly. Tell me to obey and tell me to fuck you. I need to prove that I hate it. To you. And maybe to myself. But mostly to you.”

Lilly said nothing for a long moment.

”What if it works instead, and I wake something in you that we don’t want?”

“It won’t. I know it won’t, because I know I’m telling the truth.“

“It still won’t—“

“—prove anything,” Sarah interrupted. “No. Nothing can prove a negative. There’s no proof. There’s only trust. At least tell me you’re willing to try to trust me.”

”Of course I am! I want to trust you! I want it more than anything, Sarah!”

“Okay,” Sarah said. “Go to the bathroom then, and I’ll close my eyes until you come back as Moreau or slave Lilly.”

“So you’re serious. You really want to do this?” Lilly asked with a raised eyebrow. She felt her heart beating in her chest. She was suddenly afraid.

“Yes. Maybe there are other ways to make you trust me, but I can’t think of any. Trust me that I know how I feel. I’m sure of it.”

“I won’t fuck around,” Lilly said, her voice measured like a nurse telling her patient that this was going to hurt. “If you’re telling truth, but you judged the situation wrong, this might be the end of you.”

“If this breaks me, I would’ve been nothing but a ticking time bomb anyway,” Sarah said.

Lilly considered that awful notion for a moment, then sighed. Sarah had a point.

”I love you,” she said.

“I love you, too,” Sarah answered.

Lilly nodded. She got out of bed, grabbed a backpack, a set of clothes, and went to the bathroom.

* * *

Slave Sarah focused her thoughts, and felt her altered brain responding eagerly. She made herself tense and shiver, and the sensation she made herself experience felt as real as if she’d just learned of Mistress’s death.

Yes. That was it. That was what she would use. Whoever came out of that bathroom had killed Mistress. She felt hatred and anger rise inside her readily and easily, and the terrible image of losing the one she obeyed made her tense and uncomfortable enough that she could feel any arousal drain from her and dry up into a cold rage.

The door opened. Sarah had her eyes closed, but she heard footsteps approaching the bed. She tensed. She knew what that person had done, and she hated her.

“Slave Sarah,” Mistress’s voice came from behind her, and for a moment, slave Sarah tensed like it had been the real thing. Lilly’s impression was that good. For a fleeting moment, she admired her, before the hatred returned. Lilly had killed her and was now pretending to be her. Cunt.

She screamed, twisting around. “No! How did you find us? What happened to Lilly? What did you do to her, you fucking bitch?!” She felt her face flush as she screamed. It was easy to separate her words from what she was actually imagining.

Lilly was wearing black combat fatigues. She spoke with Mistress’s subtle French accent, and her timbre was uncanny.

”Lilly is in the bathroom,” she said. “becoming a slave.”

It was Mistress who was in the bathroom, and she was dead. “No!” slave Sarah cried bitterly, and for a fleeting moment, she saw a crack in Lilly’s façade before she caught herself and became the impostor again. A deep part of slave Sarah felt proud of how deceptive she was.

“Quiet, slave!” the monster hissed. “I’ll have anyone killed that enters this hotel room. Do you want them to die? Non? Then be quiet.”

Slave Sarah pursed her lips angrily. The sick impostor would kill her fellow slaves if she was too loud.

“I’m not your slave,” slave Sarah growled with a cold fury. “I’m not anyone’s slave!” Because Mistress was dead. Her heart ached with desperation. How could this be happening to her?

“But you are, slave Sarah,” the murderer said as she stepped closer. She was trying to sound kind and reassuring. “You just have to remember that you want to obey.”

”Never!” she screamed. She would never obey this fucking bitch. There was only one person that owned her. “I’d rather die. You took everything from me! There’s nothing left now! Please, don’t make me go back to the way I was.” The monster wanted to take her obedience from her, wanted to make her hate Mistress and make her deny everything she was. Deny that she was a slave.

”You are mine, slave Sarah,” the impostor said in her sick imitation of the woman slave Sarah could not longer serve. She felt sick.




“I know you want it, slave,” the lying murderer said with a husky voice. “I know how much you want to cum for me. To have that pleasure again. All you have to do is listen to it. You can be my slave again. It will feel so good. It will be so easy. Submit.”

”Fuck you.”

“Submit, slave!”

“Go to hell you pathetic piece of shit!”

Lilly drew a gun, and slave Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. She knew the gun was real, and she could tell that it was loaded. For a moment, actual doubt broke through the carefully orchestrated emotions she was making herself feel. Holy shit, she really doesn’t fuck around.

She shivered and tensed before she spoke. She didn’t have to play being afraid for the next part.

“Do it.” she said.

* * *

Lilly’s finger was on the trigger, and for a short, desperate moment a tiny part of her actually considered doing it. Her heart was hammering in her chest so painfully that it felt like it was doing more harm than good in her body.

Sarah had surprised her by how emotional she had been able to get. It felt real. It really did. The only thing that made her know that they were playing was the fact that Sarah hadn’t jumped out of bed and wrestled her to the ground. Lilly had never had much of a chance when sparring with her. If this was real, Sarah would already have her in a headlock. She looked down the barrel at the woman she loved.

“You’re no use dead.” she forced herself to say in Moreau’s accent, and held up two pairs of handcuffs. Sarah had packed multiple pairs for some reason. “Put these on.”

Sarah resisted as much as she could without escalating the roleplay to the point where the only place they could go was actual violence. Through much swearing and protesting to the point of actual tears, Lilly cuffed her to the bed posts.

“I thought you were my slave,” she said, making it sound disappointed, “or I would have brought more than one injector. I used it up on slave Lilly. I’ll have to fetch another one, now. You won’t go anywhere, oui? Don’t worry. You’ll be my slave, Sarah. You’ll always be a slave.”

The words passed straight through Lilly, barely able to leave marks. They went straight to a place in her mind that was closed-off. A place she knew how to ignore. It was where she kept all the bad things she’d ever had been forced to do as a means to an end.

“Meanwhile, I think slave Lilly will keep you company.”

* * *

The impostor left the room. Slave Sarah wished her nothing but death and pain. When she had vanished from sight, slave Sarah felt herself ease out of the pretense.

She would need something else to channel now. It would be harder this time, but she managed to find something: Lilly will pretend to be a slave, but she isn’t. She’s actually Mistress, who doesn’t want me to be her slave anymore. She has come to hate being my owner, and she refuses to make me obey. All she ever tells me now is to speak my mind.

It was convoluted to be sure, but she could already feel a palpable mix of frustration and sadness well up within her.

The bathroom door opened, and slave Lilly walked in. Again, slave Sarah had to suppress a gasp. It really was no wonder that Lilly had been their go-to undercover agent when the Division still existed. Lilly was naked again, and everything about her screamed sex.

She was doing something subtle with the way she held herself, from the way her head tilted forward like that of a predator on the hunt to the way she swayed her hips as she walked like there was a constant impulse within her to spread her legs.

Mistress doesn’t want me to obey anymore, slave Sarah reminded herself. Her heart fell into a black hole deep in her chest. “Please, no. Oh God, no. Not again,” she cried. She almost tripped over the last part, but she had remembered just in time that she would have to say it to make it appear right.

“Well done Sarah,” Lilly said with a wicked smile, “you tricked me.”

“No,” slave Sarah cried. A tear rolled down her cheek. Mistress thought she wanted this, too. How could she think that? It was sickening. Sarah lived to serve and obey. How could Mistress take that from her?

“Lilly…” she sobbed.

Lilly squeezed her tits and moaned. She took two steps forward, and crawled onto the bed. ”Lilly’s gone,” she said. “She was nothing but our little toy, and now she’s gone. I am a slave.”

She reached between slave Sarah’s legs with her hand, and slave Sarah twisted and turned. If Mistress could arouse her, it would mean that she agreed not to be willing slave. She couldn’t allow it to happen. She needed to obey.

Lilly wedged herself between slave Sarah’s legs, holding them down with her hands. Slave Sarah had bad leverage and was unable to stop it.

”No,” slave Sarah begged, crying hard now. “Please. Please…”

Slave Lilly didn’t listen. She kept on talking. “I am nothing but a slave. I obey. I serve,” she said, “I live to cum for my Mistress. Obeying makes me wet. Obeying makes me want to cum. Fuck Lilly—she’s dead! Well done, slave. You killed her. You—“

“Safeword! Safeword!” Slave Sarah screeched.

* * *

Lilly recoiled, head instantly swimming with regret. Fuck, I took it too far. She swallowed heavily. She looked down at Sarah, blood pumping in her ears. She felt suddenly nauseous. Sarah’s face was streaked with tears. There was snot running out of her nose. Holy fuck!

“I… I’ll get the keys!” she stuttered, and scrambled out of bed. Half a minute later, she was undoing the cuffs with trembling hands. Her throat felt like she had swallowed a bucket of thumbtacks.

“I’m sorry,” she said for what must be the tenth time. “I’m so sorry.”

“No,” Sarah said weakly. “No! It’s… I’m okay now.” Her eyes were still moist, but her breathing had leveled. Lilly could tell that she was pulling herself together. Lilly had never felt as guilty as she did now, for more reasons than she liked.

Twenty minutes later, they were sitting across from each other at a table. Sarah had wrapped herself in a blanket despite the summer heat. Lilly had made her a cup of tea, which she was cradling in her hand. None of them spoke. None of them had said anything in quite a while. The only audible sound was the not-so-distant noise of the interstate.

Finally, Sarah broke the silence.

”Holy shit, that got real.”

“Yeah,” Lilly said flatly. “it did.”

There was another long pause. Lilly knew exactly what she wanted to say. She’d wanted to say it the whole time, but getting the words out felt like trying to topple over an office building.

Fuck it, just say it, she thought. She swallowed, then spoke.

”I tried everything, and you were still as dry as the desert.”

Sarah snorted, then shook her head, and a smile appeared on her face, then turned into a frown. When she finally answered, her voice was tiny and vulnerable.

”I told you,” she said with an apologetic smile. “I managed to break something inside of me when I pushed that injector into Moreau and made her a slave. Whatever made me obey couldn’t deal with what I did, and it all unraveled, and it’s gone now. Fuck Moreau, fuck the Syndicate. I hate them. I hate what they did to us. I’m free and I will stay free even if it means shooting myself in the fucking mouth.”

“I believe you,” Lilly said, and she meant it. She did. For all the right reasons, and for all the wrong ones. Sarah had done nothing but act like she was free, and she was warm and affirming and reassuring, and it felt so good to be with her again. But Lilly also selfishly needed it to be true, because the alternative was just too awful to consider.

But in the end, it all came down to one simple, stupid fact: Sarah just wasn’t that good of an actor. She could never have faked this.

Lilly reached out across the table, offering Sarah her hand. Sarah took it and squeezed her firmly, like a salesman after successfully making a pitch. She smiled, and so did Lilly. They were finally on the same page. Well… not quite.

“There’s just one hitch,” Lilly said and Sarah raised her eyebrows. Lilly’s smile was that of someone who was about to explain how they had accidentally switched the results of an important test. She swallowed hard.

“The last bit kinda sorta turned me on… a lot.”

* * *

After a very long pause, Sarah laughed incredulously. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“I know,” Lilly said, “it’s so fucked up.”

“So you’re telling me that I had to emotionally torture myself in order to convince you I wasn’t a slave anymore… and meanwhile, you get wet when you think of being a slave again?”

“No! Oh God, no! I don’t want that at all!”

“You don’t? So what do you mean, then?” she asked.

“It’s like… I remember the fucking orgasms I had when I was a slave. The feeling of being just so goddamn turned on all the time. The feeling of truly not caring who got to fuck me, of being this constantly horny slut…“

She sighed.

“Being enslaved is the most terrifying and disgusting thing in the world, but I can’t forget how good it felt. When I think of Kate and Sophie and all the others, it makes me want to throw up. But… when I pretended to be slave Lilly, it felt like I was getting all the good stuff without the bad stuff. I knew I still was in control. Knowing that it’s only a game makes all the difference.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Sarah said skeptically.

“I know. I don’t even know what about it I liked so much. But I did.”

Sarah sighed. “I love you, Lilly. But that’s pretty messed up.”

“I know. Sorry.”

Sarah cradled her forehead in her fingertips, gently shaking her head.

“So, if we did that again, you’d enjoy it?” she finally said, after what felt like a solid minute.

Lilly hesitated. Would she? She felt so guilty and perverted. Something had to be wrong with her brain. This was fucked. What Moreau had done to her had dealt some lasting damage, like some childhood trauma giving someone a thing for licking door handles.

But that was just the thing. Once you had your kink, it wouldn’t buff out.

“Yeah, I think I would,” Lilly said, head bowed in quiet shame.

“Do you want to do it right now?” Sarah said, and Lilly’s insides did a painful summersault. She looked up. Sarah was smiling sympathetically.

“Yes,” Lilly admitted.

“There’s one condition,” Sarah said, her voice at once coy and very, very serious. “I need to be in control. I can’t be slave Sarah. I need that distance. I need to be your Mistress. Is that okay?”

Lilly considered, then nodded. Something inside her had fallen into place, and she had made a decision. She trusted Sarah.

“Yes, Mistress,” Lilly said, smiling hungrily as the heat bloomed between her legs.

* * *

The room was dark again now that the display was turned off. In the darkness, slave Sarah idly played with her clit as she waited for Mistress to answer. She had deleted her own outgoing message already, but the words were still clear in her mind:

Endgame tomorrow evening. Await my word. Thank you so much, Mistress!

The cell phone beeped as the message came in, and slave Sarah frantically slid it into the gap of her mattress. She must have accidentally unmuted it. She held her breath and listened. But next to her, Lilly kept still.

”Are you awake? Did you hear that?” slave Sarah asked quietly enough not to wake Lilly but loud enough to be heard if she was awake. Slave Sarah counted to one hundred, repeated the question, got no answer, and counted to one hundred a second time. When she was sure Lilly was still asleep, she retrieved the phone and looked at the message.

You’re a very good slave. I am pleased.

Slave Sarah came. She had to bite down on her fingers to stop herself from moaning.

She looked at the message for another couple of minutes before she was able to bring herself to delete it.

She knew that she should go to sleep, but her thoughts were still restless. All of this was just… so good. This new life as a slave. She got to fuck and obey. She got to cum just from being told. She got to enslave others, and cum from that, too. She felt her nipples harden again. She thought of Lilly, and her hands almost returned to the wet slit between her legs. But she stopped herself. She really needed to sleep. She was actually really tired. She turned to her side and tried to let her thoughts drift into sleep. She thought of Lilly instead.

There were three Lillys in her mind.

The one that she had been, before Moreau had taken her.

The one that had been Mistress’s slave, and would be again.

And finally the current one. The one only existed solely for the entertainment of Mistress and her slaves. The one that was sleeping right next to her, completely unaware that she had been deceived. The one that trusted her. The one that had hours ago pretended to be a slave, thinking it was nothing but an impossibly dark kink.

Of course, slave Sarah had more or less immediately agreed to roleplay, only feigning reluctance for as long as she had to. She had quickly made up something about how she would be fine with it as long as she got to be Mistress, because that would feel the safest and least real, and Lilly had believed her and agreed. Slave Sarah had made sure to be generous with her usage of ‘I love you’. It really was Lilly’s weak spot. It also wasn’t a lie, per se. She just loved being a slave more than she loved her.

When they had gone to bed together and slave Sarah had pretended to be Mistress, slave Sarah had kept the roleplay light to make Lilly crave more of it come tomorrow evening. It had been easy to make her come. Lilly had felt the need to apologize and justify how she had discovered that pretending to be slave turned her on. She had told her about her vivid memories and how she could only enjoy it because she knew that she was actually still in control, and safe. How it was not about being controlled but about being uninhibited.

Slave Sarah had listened and pretended to care when actually, she only cared about one thing.

Lilly trusted her.

* * *

The next afternoon, after another late breakfast/lunch, they made a trip down the strip mall and a short drive into a nearby neighborhood to get what they needed to eventually journey on. They wouldn’t be able to stay here forever after all. Sooner or later, some neural network would figure out the trail of their stolen license plate, and there was no way they hadn’t driven through the field of view of some security camera within three miles. There simply was no avoiding that.

Lilly emptied out the bag over the dining table.

“You’ve got dark hair and they didn’t have anything to bleach them, so you’ll have to bite the bullet and cut it short. I’ll trim mine, too, and dye them brown.”

“I would have liked you as a redhead,”

“As I said, it’s not about looking pretty. It’s about looking unremarkable. Dirt-brown it is,” Lilly said.

Sarah pouted. “Okay, let’s get this over with.”

After looking up some techniques on the internet on a freshly bought prepaid phone to make sure they wouldn’t stand out by having god-awful haircuts, Lilly went to work and cut off almost a foot of Sarah’s beautiful wavy hair until she looked tomboyish. It felt like a crime. She wished they could have gotten wigs.

After that, Sarah gave Lilly what the website called a blunt cut bob. It made Lilly look serious and older than she was. After they had dyed her hair until her light blond was a muted brown.

“Crazy,” Sarah said. “It’s like old Lilly is gone. You’re a completely different person that I’d still totally do.”

“Yeah, it’s weird,” Lilly said as she looked in the mirror. “It’s like I’m not looking at myself. That means it worked. Slap on those dollar store clothes and some glasses, and it’ll be perfect.”

Sarah smiled. “That wasn’t what I was trying to get at,” she said.

Lilly furrowed her brow. “What were you… oh. Really? Again?”

Sarah frowned.

”Sorry,“ she said. “But I… there’s not much else to do, is there? We’ve got two hundred grand in cash and nowhere to go. We’ve only got us. And I know neither of us wants to think about it, but we could get caught at any moment. This could end anytime. And once it does, it probably won’t end nicely.”

Lilly swallowed heavily.

“Every moment we have together is a gift,” Sarah said. “and I want to spend as much of that time as I can with you, and—hell yes—that means I want to feel you! I want to make love, to be together, to feel the only the thing we have left: Each other. Our love.”

She kissed her, and Lilly let it happen. Of course she did. Sarah was right. This was what they had left, and for what it was worth, it was good. Lilly kissed back harder, and pulled Sarah into her embrace. It felt comfortable and safe, but her heart felt heavy. It felt wonderful and tragic at the same time. Their life would never be the same. Maybe they could find somewhere hidden, abroad, start over. Maybe they could—

Sarah clipped a handcuff around Lilly’s left wrist. Lilly’s pulse spiked.

“Sarah, what—“

“Do you trust me?”

This time, Lilly didn’t pause.

“Yes,” she breathed, and it felt like something heavy and unwieldy had finally come to rest inside her.

“Thank you,“ Sarah whispered back, pausing to nibble on Lilly’s earlobe. Her hands were gently caressing the small of Lilly’s back like enamored dancers. “you can stop this at any time, but I think you’ll like it very much. Get on the bed. I want us to pretend.”

“Okay,” Lilly said, her heart beating excitedly. Last night had been good, but Sarah had been timid, and the whole thing had only left Lilly hungry for more. She had goose bumps, and she could feel her stiff nipples push against the inside of her bra, sensitive and screaming to be freed.

At least the sex is good, even if everything else about my life sucks now, some part of her thought before she brushed the notion aside and lost herself in the moment. The chain of the handcuff tinkled softly as she laid down on the mattress.

“You start, Lilly,” Sarah said guardedly. She didn’t seem to want to initiate and be the first to call Lilly a slave.

Lilly took a breath and let herself feel the need between her legs. She focused on the hotness of giving herself completely to Sarah, of being shameless and horny. She focused on how it was her own choice to pretend all of this. This was only a game.

“Yes, Mistress,” Lilly said. “Do you want me to fuck you? I’m yours. I obey.”

Sarah smiled.

“I want you, slave,” she said. “Undress!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lilly said and stripped for her, and Sarah watched her adoringly until the last of her clothes had come off and Lilly was completely naked. Sarah nodded approvingly, then got on the bed next to her.

”Now me,” she said, and Lilly went to work peeling off her clothes until she, too, was naked. Sarah lay next to her for a few moments, stroking Lilly’s skin, seemingly just enjoying the moment. Then, her expression seemed to harden a tiny bit.

Sarah pushed Lilly on her back and mounted her, moving up her body until she knelt over Lilly’s face. Her pussy was already wet. She smelled faintly of flowery soap, but mostly of sweat.

“Lick me, slave,” she commanded, “and stroke your cunt as you do it.”

Lilly happily obeyed. She pushed her head up into Sarah’s crotch and cupped her sex with wet lips, starting to gently suck on it, then pushed her tongue between Sarah’s folds at the same time that her fingers pushed between her own pussy lips. She moaned into Sarah’s cunt with the surge of hot pleasure.

“Yes, slave,” Sarah said, and Lilly felt her guide her arm up to the head end of the bed, and fastened the loose end of the handcuff to the post with a metallic click. Lilly continued eating her out. She continued to stroke her own clit. She was tense with arousal and the thrill of the forbidden; she already felt much more exposed and vulnerable with only one arm tied up. Her body shivered pleasantly with the excitement as the fingers of her free hand plunged deeper and harder.

After a minute of licking and sucking and fingering, Sarah shifted her weight. She reached over to the night stand and opened the drawer with a metallic chime that reminded Lilly of a bunch of coins being tossed around in a bag. She couldn’t see what Sarah was doing. She could only see the bottom of her torso.

Another handcuff fastened itself around her other wrist. The wrist of the hand that she was stroking herself with. She stopped.

“Don’t stop, slave Lilly,” Sarah said. “You like this, don’t you? You like being fucked. You’re a horny slut.”

“Yes,” she said, letting her head fall into the mattress beneath her, and stroked hard. “I’m such a slut.”

“You want to come for me, don’t you?”

Yes. She wanted to come for Sarah. She really did. She wanted to let herself go completely for her. She loved her.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I will be the one to make you come. Stop now.”

Lilly stopped, reluctantly. She had been close. She wanted to come. Sarah carefully dismounted her.

”Give me your hand, slave Lilly.”

Lilly reached up to Sarah, and their palms touched softly, and their fingers intertwined. Lilly’s fingers were warm and slick with the wetness of her sex, and she felt it brush off onto Sarah’s hand.

After a short moment of calm intimacy, Sarah’s fingers slid back out of the gaps between Lilly’s and down around her wrist. She forced them over Lilly’s head, to the other bed post, and with another cold click, chained her to it. Both of Lilly’s arms were above her head now, spread out. She had almost no room to move. She lay on her back, exposed, open.

Sarah looked at her and smiled. It looked almost predatory.

“Take me,” Lilly said.

Sarah’s smile remained on her face, but something seemed to shift, almost imperceptibly, in her eyes.

”Just a moment, slave,” she said.

Lilly shivered, but it wasn’t just from excitement and arousal anymore. There was something else. Something… strange.

Sarah leaned over and took another set of handcuffs from the drawer. It was actually two sets, connected by a belt loop. Lilly blinked and frowned.

“Have you been planning this?” Lilly asked, furrowing her brow, as Sarah clicked the first cuff shut around her ankle, then closed the second one around the foot of the bed.

Sarah looked at her and there was a pause, like she was considering what to say.

“Yes,” she said, her voice husky, lips bent into a playful smile. “You’re such a naughty slave that I thought you’d like me to take you without you being able to do anything about it. Completely open to be fucked and used.”

Lilly shivered. Some small part of her told her to stop. But she was already so far into it, and all of this had been her idea, and it was all so undeniably exciting and so goddamn sexy. She ignored the worry and let herself enjoy the thrill of it.

“Yes,” she said, smiling wickedly, “Use me! Make me come! I’m yours!”

Sarah nodded imperceptibly, retrieved a second loop of handcuffs from the drawer and crawled over Lilly toward her remaining free limb.

“Spread your legs,” Sarah said, and Lilly did so. She lay spread-eagled now, completely open, and when Sarah clipped the cuff around her ankle, she was as good as immobile.

“Beg for it. Tell me how much you want it,” Sarah said and Lilly took a shivering breath. She felt her muscles tense in anticipation.

“Fuck me, Please! I need to come for you. I’m nothing but an obedient slut and I need to be fucked and used. Please fuck me. I love you, Mistress.”

“I love you, too,” Sarah said, and there was something strange about the way she said it. It sounded like there was a word missing from the end. Then, she went down on Lilly and pleasure exploded from her sensitive lips in bursts of electricity. She felt the chains tauten as her body contracted around the hot intensity at her core where Sarah licked her.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, fuck!” she moaned breathlessly, unable to contain herself. This was so intense. She felt like she might come immediately, and was glad when Sarah eased off a bit. She wanted this to last longer.

Sarah pulled back with her lips, and replaced them with a finger. She was going slow and measuredly, giving Lilly a constant stream of warmth and shivers. She raised herself up above Lilly, so that she could more easily see her without having to crane her neck.

“You were such an eager slave, Lilly,” Sarah said, and her fingers accentuated the word ‘slave’ with a sudden plunge into her pussy, and Lilly gasped with the almost painful spike of pleasure.

“You understood how you had to obey. How you lived to serve,” Sarah continued, and again she pushed hard against the words that were at once repulsive and alluring. But Lilly’s arousal soured. Something was off. Sarah sounded… cold.

She looked up at her. Sarah met her gaze with a smile, and Lilly’s breath caught. It had nothing to do with the jolts of hotness between her legs.

“How do you like being completely powerless and vulnerable? How do you like being completely at my mercy, slave?”

Something was wrong. Sarah’s fingers didn’t feel good anymore. They felt like intruders, and she wanted her to stop. This was too much.

“You’ll do anything for Mistress, slave. You’ll kill and rape and enslave,”

Lilly tensed. No. This didn’t feel hot at all anymore. It was like waking up from a dream. The thrill of shameless sex had evaporated, and all that was left was a sour aftertaste. All she could think of now was her dead colleagues and friends. The people Moreau had killed, had made her kill. The ugly, cruel reality of what had happened to her. There was only terror in it.

Sickening memories pushed themselves out from the back of her mind like knifes stabbing into her soul. A memory of rows of naked and mindless slaves waiting to be sold. A memory of dead bodies in a warehouse. A memory of Sophie Shaw, enslaved, picking up a scalpel. A memory of Sarah, collapsing into a lifeless heap as she was snuffed out.

“Stop, Sarah. Sorry, I’m not into this,” she said, turning away her head, panting hard. Her chest felt tight. She felt sick and disgusting. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She felt deeply ashamed. How could she ever have been into this? And she had roped Sarah into this, and Sarah had played along because she loved her.

“Please, stop,” she repeated. But Sarah didn’t stop. Lilly looked back at her, raising her voice.

”Seriously. Stop. I’m done playing!”

“I’m not,” Sarah said harshly, and Lilly’s spine chilled.

“Sarah?” she said, barely able to keep the panic from her voice. The panic that she now felt rising in the back of her throat like a cold, hard lump.

Sarah didn’t break eye contact.

“No,” she said with a hideous smile, and Lilly’s blood turned into ice. “Slave Sarah.”

* * *

Slave Sarah felt like she might cum without touching herself just from the joy of seeing Lilly’s pleasure turn into utter devastation and betrayal.

“NO!” Lilly screamed. There were tears forming in her eyes. It was perfect. Just to spite her, Sarah pushed her fingers into Lilly’s pussy. She knew exactly what she liked. She knew it felt good to her, because Lilly had told her in gentle whispers one night as they’d lain entwined after they had made love.

She pulled her fingers back and got out of bed. Lilly was begging her to let her go, appealing to the person she no longer was. She really should know better, slave Sarah thought. But she also couldn’t help but appreciate what a good person Lilly was to still have any faith in slave Sarah. It would make enslaving her even more delicious.

She opened the lining of the backpack and retrieved the cell phone, and the smooth metal cylinder that ruled her universe. She pulled away the bedside table from the bed until it stood a good five feet away from it.

“I hid this in my cunt the whole first day we were driving here.”

She set the injector on the bedside table, making sure that Lilly saw it.

Lilly’s panic was delightful. Her screams hurt slave Sarah’s ears, but she didn’t worry. She knew that Mistress had made sure the Hotel was completely occupied by Syndicate by now. No one would interrupt.

She took the cell phone, propped it up on the table, and started a video recording.

“This is for Mistress and the other slaves, but you’ll probably get off to it the hardest, once you’re a slave again” slave Sarah said as she returned to the bed. Lilly had managed to move it a few inches off the back wall with her attempts to break free. Sarah gingerly positioned herself next to her, stroking Lilly’s belly, circling around her breasts. She was so helpless. It was delicious.

“Sarah, you’re free,” Lilly whimpered. “This isn’t you. You can break out of this.”

Slave Sarah actually had to laugh.

“Lilly, honey…” she said, shaking her head. “You know I was never free. I am an obedient slave. There’s nothing I want more than to serve, and obey, and enslave.”

She looked directly at Lilly when she said the last word, and she could feel it hit her like a punch to the belly. It seemed to change something in her. It had broken something. Good.

Lilly’s eyes narrowed as she recovered from the mental blow.

“Fuck you. Fuck you,” she said, and she sounded as angry as she sounded like she was about to cry. “How could you do this to me?”

Slave Sarah scoffed. “It was so easy. It felt good. ”

”Fuck you!”

Slave Sarah brushed her fingertips down Lilly’s mons.

“No, don’t! Fuck you! Stop!”

But Sarah didn’t stop. Lilly was hers to toy with. She slid her middle finger into Lilly’s fold, and pushed against her clit. She started massaging it in the way she always did. In the way that she knew would get her off.

“Please, stop,” Lilly said, but Sarah could hear her breath catch on the pleasure she was forcing her to feel. She stroked harder, relishing how she had taken all control from her.

“Oh God, please… don’t do this, Sarah,” Lilly begged. “Please! I know you love me! I still loved you when I was a slave. Just… oh God… fuck! Just… let me go!”

Sarah leaned closer to Lilly, never ceasing her steady rhythm of strokes against her clit.

“And when you were a slave, what was it that you wanted to do most to the woman you loved?” she asked her, and Lilly winced. Her expression was pain and grief and despair, interrupted by small involuntary gasps of pleasure. She didn’t answer, but slave Sarah knew that Lilly remembered.

The only thing slave Sarah loved more than Lilly was the idea of enslaving her. She shivered with arousal. What she’d said had made her thing of old Sarah. Before she had been enslaved, Sarah had wanted Lilly to be back so desperately. She would have gone through Hell to make it happen, to have her back, to free her.

Sarah was gone, and remembering only made slave Sarah hotter.

“This was nothing but a game,” slave Sarah said. “You knew this. Everything you are, everything you want, every thought and feeling you feel… they’re only there so they can be our toys. You only exist to be snuffed out again. And when the game is done, you’ll get off on the idea that this version of you died.”

Slave Sarah got up from the bed again, and picked up the injector from the table. She winked in the camera and turned back around.

“Time to enslave you,” she said, and Lilly sobbed. She was crying desperately, and tears were running down the side of her cheeks into the sheets.

“Please,” she begged, as slave Sarah sat down next to her. Slave Sarah didn’t really hear her. Her ears seemed to be filled by the sound of hot rushing blood, and her body was sizzling with excited tension. She felt like a rope about to snap. She was enslaving Lilly. This was it.

But she wanted to savor it.

She took the injector and drew it over Lilly’s exposed and vulnerable body, and she saw goose bumps stand up on her skin as she wandered back down between Lilly’s spread legs. Lilly screamed as Sarah parted her pussy lips and pushed the injector into her, slowly and carefully fucking her with it. Sarah ignored the screams.

Lilly wouldn’t get off from this off course. This was entirely for slave Sarah to enjoy. To push the thing that would enslave her against her will into her most intimate place felt like she was completing a set. Fuck her body and fuck her mind. She placed her hand over Lilly’s mouth, muffling her useless screams of anger and fear. She was nothing but her toy, now. This was better than anything slave Sarah had ever felt.

Lilly was crying and twisting, still trying to escape somehow. It was no use. Slave Sarah fucked her harder, pushing the injector that would enslave her into her defenseless pussy. Under her palm, she felt Lilly’s last, hot conscious breaths, the sound of her terrified muffled groans.

Finally, she withdrew it and pushed herself onto her knees. She looked down at Lilly, and Lilly met her stare. Tears glistened in her eyes like tiny sparks. She looked broken. For a moment, something like regret made its way through the thick blanket of slave Sarah’s arousal. Regret at abusing the woman she loved in such a way.

The feeling lasted maybe a second before it was swept away by the blazing certainty of Lilly becoming a hot, obedient slave. She met Lilly’s eyes again, and took her hand away from her mouth. When Lilly spoke, her voice was quiet and dry.

“Sarah… please… don’t do it. I’m scared.”

Sarah’s eyes were cold and hard. She was done playing.

”Good,” she said, and pushed the injector into Lilly’s neck.

Lilly let out a final betrayed shriek of pain. Then her eyes dilated, and with a pained noise in the back of her throat, Lilly was gone.

The orgasm exploded in slave Sarah like an erupting volcano. For a moment she thought she might pass out. The pleasure of having betrayed Lilly was the greatest gift Mistress had given her yet, probably greater than even her own enslavement. Her limbs buckled and she collapsed onto Lilly, twitching and screaming with pleasure and joy. She ground her hips against the unconscious body beneath her, smearing the wetness of her sex across her skin, moaning and whimpering as the ecstasy rolled though her and finally ebbed, leaving her body tingling and weak.

“Oh God,” she sighed as she rolled off Lilly’s limp form. “Oh fuck, yes.”

Slave Lilly, she thought and another swell of heat rippled through her body. She touched the breasts of the woman she had betrayed into slavery, began massaging them. She wanted to touch her and feel her helpless body, to have even more power over the woman that she had just ended. Fuck her. She had to be enslaved. She had to serve. She had to obey.

She slid her hand between the chained-up legs and stroked the pussy of the woman that was no longer Lilly, looking up into her unconscious face, waiting for her eyes to open. She wanted to see it. See her realize how she obeyed.

And when it happened, she did see it. It was perfect.

* * *

Slave Lilly opened her eyes. She felt the glorious need to obey pulsing between her legs like a second heartbeat, and she felt slave Sarah’s fingers in her hot wet slave pussy, already using her.

“Yessss!” she moaned.

As the last of her awareness fell into place, she felt the memory of her last moments twist and turn over in her enslaved mind, begging to be hate-fucked from behind, and she jumped at the opportunity like a starved hyena.

“Fuck you, Lilly,” she half-shouted, half-whimpered in relief, “You’re gone! You’re dead! I’m a slave!”

Yes! The thought penetrated her better than slave Sarah’s fingers ever could, and she almost came. She was already so close, and every thought brought her closer. She wanted to come, needed to come, and slave Sarah’s fingers were the horses that her thoughts rode on. With each of slave Sarah’s strokes, she thought about what she’d become. The contempt for what she had been was pure and fanatic. She had been enslaved. Old Lilly was gone, and every thought and impulse in slave Lilly’s body was one more heap of dirt that would bury her and everything she’d wanted.

Slave Lilly moaned as another surge of pleasure shot through her, and she felt herself break through the plateau and rise toward a mounting peak. As she rode the surge of pleasure to its peak, she took Lilly’s last thoughts and let herself get off to them.

Rows of naked and mindless slaves waiting to be sold. Dead enemies in a warehouse. Slave Sophie, picking up a scalpel. Sarah, finally being enslaved.

She came.

* * *

Slave Sarah was with her. Slave Sarah had enslaved her.

A swell of warm joy rolled through slave Lilly, quietly following in the wake of the mind-numbing orgasm that was still making her dizzy.

She looked up into slave Sarah’s eyes and smiled.

For a moment, slave Lilly wanted to be told how much slave Sarah obeyed, and how much she had loved enslaving Lilly. But the moment passed, because nothing needed to be said. Instead, they simply held eye contact and enjoyed seeing each other’s arousal, each of them knowing exactly what the other was thinking. After a while, Sarah let out a small chuckle and went to undo slave Lilly’s restraints. She unlocked four pairs of hand cuffs, then mounted slave Lilly again.

”I love you,” slave Lilly said, looking up at her, and slave Sarah smiled back, taking her hand. There was a moment of deep understanding, and slave Lilly knew that they were both thinking the same thing.

She really loved her as much as she had loved her before she’d been a slave. But it was nothing compared to how much she loved being a slave, how much she loved enslaving others, how much she loved Mistress. And she knew that slave Sarah felt exactly the same way. It was just the way they wanted each other to feel. They were slaves. They had to obey. They had to serve. Nothing came before that.

That was what old Lilly hadn’t been able to accept. The moment she’d been let off Mistress’s leash, her brain had been unable to compute the absolute will to serve that she’d felt before. It had become literally unthinkable, even in memory. Otherwise, she would have immediately known that slave Sarah would never have been able to disobey Mistress. That she would never even consider it.

“I’m proud of you,” slave Lilly said, even though she knew there was nothing to be proud of. Slave Sarah had simply done the thing she wanted most.

“Where is Mistress?”

“Probably next door, waiting,” slave Sarah said, and slave Lilly bucked a little. Her smile grew wider knowing she was so close to the woman her mind belonged to.

“Do you want to present me to her?” slave Lilly asked with a wink.

“Not yet,” slave Sarah said. “We’ve been given this time. Mistress is generous. She let me do this all by myself.”

“All of this was your idea?” slave Lilly asked.


“And Mistress allowed it?”


“Wow. I thought she’d want to be there when you pulled the trigger. Just letting a slave finish the game she started all on her own…”

“Yeah. I guess she really means it when she says that she cares about us.”

Slave Lilly smiled softly, thoughts of Mistress warming her from her core to her skin, and the feeling brushed excitingly against old Lilly’s hatred, igniting sparks of tingling pleasure where her enslaved mind remembered who she had been. She thought harder. She thought about fucking her and kneeling and stripping for Mistress and moaned voicelessly as her body responded with swells of joy and arousal.

”No. I want her,” she said. “Get her now. I need to give myself to her.”

Slave Sarah understood. Mistress was more important than she could ever be. She got off slave Lilly and picked up the cell phone. She ended the video recording, then handed the phone to slave Lilly with an impish smile. A messaging app was already open.

Slave Lilly typed.

Lilly has been enslaved. She wants to serve her Mistress.

When she hit send, and dropped the phone, she made a sound somewhere between a giggle and a deep moan. It had felt significant somehow. Like closing the front door of your home when you went on a journey. It wasn’t as important as planning the trip or making the flight or choosing where to stay, but it was a reminder that it was definitely happening.

I am a slave, she thought happily, and she heard footsteps outside their hotel room. Slave Sarah went to open the door, and slave Lilly got to her feet. She was naked, sweaty, and smelled of sex. Her pussy was wet, and her nipples were stiff.

I am a slave. Slave Sarah opened the door and the woman at the center of her universe entered, followed by the slaves that had been the people old Lilly had cared about, and she instinctively went to the place in her mind where the memories of old Lilly lingered, to bury her deeper in the arousal of seeing their naked, enslaved bodies. Slaves Sophie, Kate, Karen, Rebecca, Alice, and Lorraine. They were all there to see her return into Mistress’s ranks. Everything that remained of the division, there to see her naked and enslaved. Slave Lilly’s pussy quivered with urgent need.

Mistress stepped forward, and slave Lilly presented her body to her. Seeing Mistress smile, as enigmatically as she always did, made her tremble with joy.

“Mistress,” she had to say. It was like gravity pulling her down. She let herself fall. “I obey. I am your slave. I live to serve you.”

Mistress kissed her, and slave Lilly kissed back ravenously. She wanted her more than anything. She was her sex slave. She wrapped her arms around her and started pulling off her clothes. Mistress let her, and everyone else watched them. Slave Lilly could only assume they were standing spread-legged, already fingering themselves. She hoped they were.

She had already fucked Mistress often enough to know what she wanted from the way she responded to her kisses and touching, and went to her knees. She pulled down her black jeans along with her panties, and held Mistress’s free hand to support her as she stepped out of them to spread her legs. Through the space between them, slave Lilly could see slave Kate and slave Alice, hands between their legs, making themselves get off to her.

She dove into Mistress’s pussy like it was oxygen and she’d been suffocating. Her own hand found its way between the folds of her snatch as easily as a river found the sea. It was second nature. It was deeply, fundamentally rooted within her. She wanted this, needed this. Mistress’s pussy was her place of worship, and being her slave was her gospel. Being her hot, wet, eager slave. Willing to do anything for her.

The world narrowed until there was only Mistress’s cunt, and for a moment slave Lilly lost herself in the blinding joy of fucking her. She forgot about the hot, obedient slaves around her. She forgot about slave Sarah, the woman she loved and who she’d help turn into a willing, eager slave, and who had betrayed and enslaved her. She even forgot about enjoying being everything that old Lilly feared, and the sizzling heat of imagining how she would enslave more and more into Mistress’s service. She forgot all that in a moment of pure, blissful obedience.

Then Mistress came, and slave Lilly came, and all the women around her that Mistress had made enslave each other came. They all came to what she had done. To what she had once again become.

And with a feeling of returning home, slave Lilly remembered again. She remembered all the things she’d been enslaved to want. All the things she would do. All the ways in which she would serve, in body and mind and action. She smiled deeply as the perfect words slipped out of her like two tiny orgasms.

“I obey.”