The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

‘Blake’s Magic Ring’


WARNING: This work of fiction may contain elements including but not limited to the weird, cruel and unethical. Reader discretion is mandatory.

SUMMARY: Blake Hamilton inherits a ring that allows him to command the minds of certain people.

Chapter One — Seven

Landon Hamilton was a great man. No-one ever really knew what he did, but he was beloved by those close to him, a mysterious man with a lot going for him, making a lot of money and winning over all the girls. Now, he lays dying in a hospital bed, and he’s saying goodbye to all these friends of his, to his family... to his grandchildren.

Blake Hamilton is Landon Hamilton’s only son’s only son. Unfortunately, Lance, Blake’s father and Landon’s son, passed away almost a year ago.

It’s a gloomy Saturday afternoon in Fylth City, just after one o’clock when visitation hours begin. Like most days in the city, it always looks two minutes away from a nasty downpour. Life is busy and chaotic. The city is both old and new, and each part is as dirty as the other.

In Fylth Central Hospital, Blake Hamilton is visiting his grandfather, for what may be the last time. Until he knows for certain, he’ll visit every day.

“Blake.” Landon starts, his voice breaking. Then he coughs.

Seeing his grandfather all pale and wasting away in a bed, tubes and plugs going into and out of him from every angle, Blake finds it difficult to look at him for too long.

“Grandfather.” he says quietly. “You can’t d—... leave just yet.”

“I’ll always be a part of you.” he smiles weakly, “I know you’re worried about your stepmother.”

“She’s going to sue me to get her hands on what I inherit from you.” he sighs. “She’s such a gold digger.”

“I’m not leaving you—I’m not leaving anyone any money.” Landon chuckles with a satisfied grin. “What I didn’t party away, is being donated to animal charities with my dying breath. Nobody’s getting anything. Except you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You told me once... you wanted nothing more than to be just like me.” the old man says. Even with his body starting to give out, his spirit is very much alive.

Landon and Blake have always shared a special connection. Even Lance wanted Landon’s money, but Blake... Blake just wanted to be just like grandpa. Be that cool.

Being with grandpa was always such a great time, and people wouldn’t even care about it, because there was money to be had. Lots and lots of money.

But Landon could see through the lies. Only Blake was honest with him. It wasn’t so much that he’d take him to zoos across the country, and on trips to faraway places, it was that grandpa came along, and told jokes and read bedtime stories.

Blake never gave half a shit about the money, even though it was estimated to be a few billion.

“You have such a way with people. I wish I could... have your confidence, your charisma...”

“It’s neither confidence nor charisma that got me to where I am, Blake.” Landon takes a ring off his finger. “Put this on your right hand, the middle finger. The jewel facing inwards, on the side of your palm.”

“I... what?” Blake stops entirely. Was this another story? Another one of those fantastical tales he spun?

“This is my secret, Blake.” he smiles, “The world is full of bad people. People who would step on their own mother’s neck to get ahead in life. With my magic ring I made them do as I please, made them dance like puppets on a string. And now, I leave it to you. You can’t tell anyone about it though.”

“You’re... joking.” he says. “This is a strange, final joke?”

“Bare the gem at someone the ring is drawn to, and make them do as you wish. You’ll find they cannot resist your will.” Landon says. “When I was brought in, I passed that beautiful, bratty receptionist. My ring was drawn to her almost immediately. Why don’t you go make her... do something?”

Blake knows who he’s talking about. Over the span of three days in the hospital, he’s met her twice. A stunning beauty with a bad attitude. Blonde with a cute face, though her figure is mostly hidden in those scrubs. He could tell she’s at least got a round set of D’s on her though what else she has is anyone’s guess in such unflattering wear. If she hadn’t snapped at him when he asked her in what room his grandfather was he would have asked her out.

“I can’t just go waving my hands at people and tell them to do things.”

“That’s exactly what you gotta do.” the ailing grandfather chuckles weakly. “I leave you my ring, and my diary. It will teach you how to use the ring’s magic as I have.” the old man adds, holding up a small, worn pocketbook. “It is no more than right that you be its next wielder.”

Blake picks up the ring, and immediately feels a force emanate from it. Like magnetism, pulling in every direction.

He places it on his finger, as instructed, angling the gemstone inwards, so it is displayed to people viewing his palm.

“I feel... it’s pointing something out to me. Drawing me to... some thing... some things.”

“It’s attracted to people you can control.” Landon smiles. “Now go to that receptionist... she’s an absolute brat. She should get to work serving her betters... and a girl like that belongs on her knees.”

With the diary in his back pocket, Blake leans out the door to the corridor, looking at the beautiful, busty blonde receptionist, sitting on the desk, chewing gum, looking at her phone, playing music loudly. Over the past few days he’s seen her around, ignoring the visitors and patients, yelling at her coworkers, and being a nuisance.

He walks over, the ring guiding him towards her. “Excuse me.” he starts.

She looks at him over her shoulder. “I’m on my break. Go away.”

He raises his hand and aims the gemstone at her. “Get off the desk.”

She hops off the desk and turns to him. She asks him “Why?” in a tone of voice that sounds fully defiant, as if in her mind she didn’t do as he told her to.

He’s not convinced of the power of the ring, so he tries something small again. “Sit in the chair.”

She immediately sits down on the chair, still looking him over. “What do you want, huh?”

“Stand up.”

She stands up immediately, her eyes still locked on him. “You’re kinda weird, aren’t you?”

“Tell me how old you are.”

“19.” she says, blinking. “Is something wrong with you?”

“Are those fat tits fake?”

“100% natural.” she says annoyedly, jumping in place to make her massive breasts jiggle. “Would fake tits wobble like this, you idiot?” Then, a big, arrogant sigh and matching groan. This girl’s intolerable.

“Be quiet and wait.” he instructs.

She goes quiet and patient.

No-one is around. It’s now or never. “Remove your bra and hand it to me.”

She sighs, removes her bra out of the sleeve of her hospital uniform, and hands it over. Her massive, plump breasts weigh down, jiggling freely.

It makes him smile. “Say you’re a stupid whore.”

“I’m a stupid whore.” she says without hesitation, in the same ill-tempered tone of voice as before.

“Say it again but call me master.” he instructs. “You should address me properly as your master.”

“I’m a stupid whore, master.” she says without missing a beat, seeming unaware she’s being influenced in any way.

“Say it three times.”

“I’m a stupid whore, master. I’m a stupid whore, master. I’m a stupid whore, master.”

Amazing, he thinks, it works! His thumb rubs the warm cup of the rather large bra. If only he could get a closer look at those breasts, they must be massive!

“Follow me into the bathroom.” he instructs with a split grin.

“Yes, master.” she obeys.

Blake takes the girl into the handicapped stall and snaps his fingers. “Lose the clothes. Hand over your panties to me. Don’t speak unless spoken to.”

She immediately obeys, using her toes on the heel of the other foot to get out of her thin hospital sneakers, while raising her plain blue scrub top to reveal those bounding breasts and her hourglass figure. Hairless, flawless. Perfect. No tattoos, no piercings. Just a body of beauty as nature intended.

When the top is raised he takes immediate notice. My Gosh, Blake thinks, that body belongs in porn.

She drops the clean top on the bathroom floor. That’s probably against regulation, and definitely unsanitary, but she can’t help herself. She’s already untying the band on her scrub bottoms and pulls them down in the same motion as her panties and her socks.

Hairless below as well. Simply perfect.

Without a thought in her head she hands over her panties. He stuffs them into the same pocket he put her bra into.

She’s got such a pretty face with eyes that men can drown inside. Plush, soft lips in a nice little pout. Large, juicy tits aching to get grabbed. Big, round butt eager to get smacked. A perfectly beautiful girl. Shame she’s such a brat.

He can fix that now.

With her long hair down, wearing nothing but make-up, she looks like a real life version of those flawless blonde dolls little girls play dress-up with. But this toy is all Blake’s to use and abuse.

“Remind master what you are.”

“I’m a stupid whore, master.” she says immediately.

“You’re whose stupid whore?” he asks, grinning.

“I’m your stupid whore, master. Of course.” she replies.

“What’s your name?” he asks, petting her head, feeling her long, soft hair.

“Seven, master.” she says, standing there, fully nude, as if she’s just waiting for something. As if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

“Your name... is Seven?” he blinks. “How did that happen?”

Without missing a beat, she replies “My dad’s a big fan of Voyager.”

“So you’re... stupid, slutty Seven?” he chuckles.

“Yes, master, if you say so.” The servile way she speaks clashes with her body language, just standing there. As if she’s waiting for a bus.

With a wave of the hand, even her body language changes, and he’s getting her full attention.

She’s so pretty, and now that she’s not sighing and groaning in arrogance, she seems actually quite sweet. The kind of girl he’d take to a rock concert. She sure does look like she’d be into it.

But for now he just wants to put his dick inside her.

Power, it seems, does corrupt.

“You want nothing more than to suck my cock.” he commands, holding his hand up to her.

Suddenly she starts to moans, squirming in place, dropping to her knees and pawing at his bulge, hardening from her attention. “Please. Master. I need it so bad.” Drooling, needy. A perfect little bimbo pet. And it took him no effort at all. “Master... please...” she whines, licking at his denim bulge, shooting him adorable puppy dog eyes.

“Then take out my cock and pleasure me.” he smiles.

His words aren’t cold, his sentence isn’t finished, and she’s already got his rock hard dick out, slobbering eagerly and happily onto it. It’s all she’s ever wanted... right now.

Her head bobs up and down on his rod, throbbing in her warm, wet mouth. Her lips are soft, and her moans are cute and squeaky. Those large tits jiggle and bounce as she works his cock, her knees shuffling closer to him, taking all of him she can.

“Good girl.” he groans, his tip rubbing against the back of her throat.

This girl is eager and aching to please! He can’t believe how easily he’s making her do this. All he did was follow the ring’s pull towards her, and told her what he wanted.

He grabs a big handful of her long blonde hair and starts to fuck her throat hard and fast, making her gag and sputter loudly, even holding her down to choke her on his dick stuffed in her gullet.

She takes it without complaint or any sign of struggle. Hell, she even seems to enjoy it.

“Seven... pose against the wall. I’m going to fuck you.” he instructs, without using the ring.

She looks up at him, blinking a little bit.

He considers waving his hand at her and trying again, but she gets off his cock and turns around, spreading her legs as she leans over for him.

Blake grabs her hips and pushes his fat dick into her sopping wet pussy, pumping away happily as his hands slipped up to her large, fat tits. Groping and kneading, his fingers sinking into her soft skin. He’s never been with a girl this hot.

Even so, this girl is enjoying it more than he is.

Her hefty breasts weigh unto his palms, spilling over the sides and between his gripping fingers. Seven’s got a body you don’t really see outside of porn.

He thrusts deep into the girl, gripping her soft body tightly, nibbling on her shoulder. Her toes curl and her fingers claw at the wall, but she stays quiet as ordered, screaming out in complete silence.

He plunges deep inside her, lubricated by her own juices, and pumps her pussy full of seed. Shit... should have worn a condom.

Oh well, what are the chances? Besides, he’s got complete control over her, now...

“Good girl.” he groans, still inside her. “Remind me what you are.”

“I’m your stupid whore, master. Your stupid, slutty Seven.” she pants, her body trembling. She seems to be in a great amount of discomfort, but she has no intention or desire to complain about it, even though she’ll be walking funny for a while.

He pulls out of her, and smacks her ass. “Wait for me here, and stay quiet. Do not get dressed. Don’t even move.”

“Yes, master.” she nods, standing in place, leaning against the wall, her ass out on offer.

He zips up his pants and gropes her large tits one last time, before heading out and returning to his grandfather.

“Grandfather... it really works! This is incredible!” he says, barely able to contain himself, but limiting himself to a powerful whisper to keep things secret from the outside world.

“Use this power wisely, Blake. Don’t attract too much attention to yourself. Keep this magic a secret.” the old man grins, that same split grin he shares with his grandson.

“And, it works on anyone?”

“Some people, Blake, uh... Some people aren’t, well, I mean... I never figured out what all the rules are.” Landon admits, trying but failing to explain. “But the ring will let you feel out who you can manipulate and who you can’t.”

Blake looks over the ring and its strange runes engraved along the side. “Where did you find this ring, grandfather?”

“A long time ago, when I was your age, I heard someone calling for help. Someone was drowning in a flooding river, and had managed to cling on to a bridge support. I climbed down and saved his life. In return... he gave me that ring. I never knew where he got it, and I never saw him again. I never learned his name, and I never really got a good look at his face.”

“That doesn’t really tell me anything.”

“I’m sorry I can’t shed more light on the matter.” Landon says. “I encountered this man in a dream.”

Blake blinks. “A dream?”

“And when I woke up, I was wearing that ring. I never took it off... until today, when I gave it to you.” he goes on. “Where is the girl now?”

“I left her naked in the bathroom.”

“Return her to work, so people won’t get suspicious.” Landon starts, interrupted by a few loud, worrying coughs. “You... you don’t want people asking questions, getting you into trouble.”

“Grandpa... are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Blake.” he lies. “I just need to take a nap. And drink some of this... hospital apple juice. Hmm... yummy.”

Blake obviously doesn’t believe him, but doesn’t press on.

“How long is she under my control?” Blake asks.

“My boy, once they’re broken, they’re yours until you let them go. And the meaner and ruder they are, often the easier to break!” he says. “Just be sure you never overstep your own fortunes. You can’t undo subjugation, and you can’t turn people back into who they were before you made them yours. Those old people are gone... and in their place are puppets that live their lives to your instructions. It is an awesome responsibility.”

“That sounds incredible...” Blake gasps.

“Be careful. Sometimes you’ll encounter those that can struggle against the ring’s pull. It’s important you don’t let them get away once they’re aware of your power... they might expose you, or seek to take the ring from you...” Landon warns.

“I won’t disappoint you, grandfather.” he nods.

“Now go set that girl straight before someone walks in on her!” the old man chuckles, and Blake walks out to find his capture.

He opens the door to the handicapped stall, and she’s still there, in the same position.

“Get on your knees before me, and remind me who you are.” he instructs, grinning.

She does as instructed, and looks up at him. “I’m your stupid whore, master. Your stupid, slutty Seven.”

“Give me your number. You’ll come running whenever I call for you, and you’ll do whatever I text.” he says, holding out his phone.

“Of course, master.” Seven blinks obediently, typing her number up. If he didn’t know better, she’d just appear like a very servile, willing girl. But he knows better. She’s just his toy now.

“Before you get dressed, send me a bunch of nudes.” he chuckles, sending her a text. “There, now you have my number.”

“Yes, master. I’ll do that right away.” she says, snapping selfies fully nude, and sends them over immediately.

“Good dog.” he grins. “Now you should get dressed and do whatever it is you do. If anyone asks, everything is fine, nothing is out of the ordinary.”

“Yes, master.” she says, getting dressed quietly and returning to her station.

Blake notices she’s walking a little funny.

One of the nurses encounters her, and asks “Where were you?”

“Bathroom.” she bites right away, seemingly back to her old self. A loud, arrogant sigh as she returns to her desk.

Blake grins, and looks at the magic ring. This is going to open up a whole new world to him.

After saying goodbye to his grandfather, he returns home. He’s got a wicked stepmother and three beautiful bossy stepsisters to try and subjugate.