The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

‘Blake’s Magic Ring’


WARNING: This work of fiction may contain elements including but not limited to the weird, cruel and unethical. Reader discretion is mandatory.

SUMMARY: Blake Hamilton inherits a ring that allows him to command the minds of certain people.

Chapter Two — Julie

Blake Hamilton is on the way home. Getting around Fylth City without using public transportation is such a mess, so he sticks mainly to the suspended monorail that carries him over the traffic, and gives him a nice view over the city.

The cabin is worn and dirty, with most people dull and boring, either on their way to or on their way back from work.

Blake spends the ride reading in his grandfather’s diary, learning about his inheritance.

With this ring, he’ll never have to work another day in his life. The diary explains in great detail many, many methods to obtain large amounts of money without getting in trouble. How to completely cover your tracks. How to make people just give you money.

Landon set up several ties with big business executives who’d deposit ten percent of their income straight to him. With about fifty of them in such a pattern, Landon received more money than he could comfortably spend, so he set up various charities and goodwill projects, which gave him plenty of access to all kinds of people, which in turn became his servants whether they did much or little.

It seems to him he would be best served acting as a ‘consultant’, who can set his own prices, and have little to no paper trail.

Foremost, Blake is eager to expand his harem. And the ring, right now, is drawn to a beautiful voluptuous girl, a slightly chubby little raven-haired wallflower, staring out the window. Her stomach is a little plush, but with that hourglass figure between her titanic tits and wide hips, she looks perfect.

So beautiful and shapely, just Blake’s type. For years, he’s never been able to string along a conversation with someone this attractive to him, but now that he’s got that magic ring on his finger he’s got the confidence to approach her.

He moves to take the seat behind her, and holds up his hand. She’s looking the other way, but the magic works.

Blake makes her turn around and start the conversation, even without having to say one word to her.

“I’m Julie.” she says with a big smile. “Oh. Um, sorry. I don’t usually make conversation with strangers but I suddenly really wanted to...”

“That’s okay.” Blake smiles. “I’m Blake.”

“Nice to meet you, master.”

“It’s Blake.” he corrects.

“That’s what I said.” she blinks. “... Didn’t I?”

“You did.” he smiles. “Say, Julie, can I ask you a personal question?” he asks, leaning in and whispering.

“Um, okay?” she replies hesitantly, leaning in and whispering along.

“How large are your breasts?”

She blushes. “Oh... Um. They’re... um... an H cup.” She seems quite nervous.

“They’re lovely. Are they real?”

“Yes, master.” she blinks. If she thinks something’s wrong, she’s not letting on.

“You wouldn’t happen to mind if I’d touch them, would you?”

“Um... I’d rather you didn’t...” she says quietly. He can feel his influence over her fading, as if her aura’s pulling away from him.

He raises his hand to her and tries again. “I just want to hold them a little bit.”

“Oh, well... if that’d make you happy...” she says, looking nervous, but now equally excited. “Of course, master.”

He gets up to switch seats, sitting down next to her.

“Turn your back to me.” he instructs casually, and she turns to face out the window.

His hands place onto her soft sides, sliding up onto those heavy breasts, feeling them through the thin shirt with the bra in the way. It’s a sturdy, large set of cups, but her breasts are soft and warm.

She sits there, letting him paw her in public, just looking at all the tall buildings zip by as the monorail proceeds to the next station. In her mind, nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

“Julie... you don’t mind if I remove that troublesome bra of yours, do you? It’s in the way.”

“Oh, not at all, master. Go ahead.” she says, blushing. “I’m very sorry about that...”

“It’s no trouble. And for the time being, you can call me ‘sir’ in public.” He slides his hands up her back under the shirt, looking for the hook, but it’s not there.

“It’s on the bridge, sir. In the front.” she says, squirming a little bit. “Between the cups.”

“Oh, thanks.” he replies, his hands sliding across her soft, warm body, lifting those large breasts with his wrists as his fingers claw at the hook. As he unbuckles it, those massive cups separate, and then he peels the straps down her arms one sleeve at a time.

Finally, he takes the bra down and smiles. Her humongous breasts settle plump and happily in place, full of life and bounce.

He holds up her bra. “You don’t mind if I keep this, do you?”

“Oh, no. Go right ahead, sir.” she offers. “I insist. Consider it a gift.”

“Thank you, Julie, that’s very sweet of you.” he smiles. “Good girl.”

“It’s my pleasure.” she giggles, blushing. “I hope you enjoy it!”

He slides his hands back up her body, under her shirt, now enjoying her massive, natural breasts. Seven’s fat tits are nothing against these colossal pillows. Soft and warm. His fingertips tease her nipples, making her bite her lip and squirm.

She moans quietly, trying desperately not to draw too much attention. “Ah... Ah... my... my stop... is coming up...”

“Oh. Perhaps I can come with you? Keep you company, wherever you’re going?”

“I’m... going to my student flat.” she says, as his hands vanish from her body. “I just got off my shift at the grocery store where I work part time.”

“Do you have a boyfriend? Or roommates?”

“N-no... I live alone, and I’ve never... had a boyfriend...” she pants, biting her lip. “Perhaps you could... touch me more? At my place?” It’s clear her heart is racing.

His magical influence has awakened her primal urges, and broken her out of her wallflower self.

“Well... I don’t know...” he teases. “I’m supposed to go home right away...”

“Oh, please...” she blushes, looking over her shoulder at him. Her eyes pleading with him. “Please, master?”

He looks her over, and waits until the car arrives at the station and the doors open to answer. “Alright. Lead the way.”

With a big smile on her face, Julie squeaks and leads Blake by the hand towards her place. He finds it adorable, walking side by side with this full figured beauty, as he uses his will to instill her mind with the desire to fuck him... to serve him... to worship him...

She’s even more attractive standing up. He can’t believe she’s never had a boyfriend before. There must have been plenty of guys who’ve tried to climb Mount Julie.

She’s not that chubby, just plush and filled out. A warm pillow of beauty. She’ll make a fine addition to the harem. And a fine breeder, too!

He hugs her from behind, his arms wrapped around her waist as they stop for a red crossing light.

The bulge of his erection rubs against her plump, round butt, and she rubs her hips back against it.

“Oh, Gosh...” she starts, fanning herself with a hand and biting her lip, her face in a blush. “Master... I’m so darn... excited!” she says, fighting the urge to admit she’s aroused.

Just plain horny.

One hand slides down onto her plush rump, groping the fingertips into the buttock, making it bulge in his grip.

Passers by only take notice when the other hand slides up to firmly grip one of those large, fat tits, the fingers sinking into her soft bosom.

“Get a room, you deadbeat kids.” one old man huffs. He’s just jealous he’s not getting any of this action.

The light changes, and she hurriedly leads him with a spring in her step to her front door, where she fumbles the keys, dropping them and as quickly picking them up again. “S-Sorry. I’m all nervous... and excited...” she explains, trembling on wobbly knees.

“So desperate for my cock?” he asks with a grin and a chuckle.

“Yes! I can’t wait, master!” she squeaks, pushing the key into the lock and turning, before leaping inside.

They head up some stairs to Julie’s apartment. She runs, he walks.

She’s waiting for him in the doorway to her place, excited like a puppy.

A happy squeak escapes this no-longer-shy girl as he enters, and closes the door behind him.

He raises his hand at her and her expression changes, as she’s exposed to new thoughts and reaffirmed control. She realizes that free will is an illusion that causes nothing but suffering, and now that she is free from free will can she begin to be truly happy.

Julie moves to stand in the middle of her small, cozy living room, as Blake comes up to her and pulls her pants down just enough to expose her round, soft butt. First he grabs one of those large buns with his whole hand, gripping it firmly and squeezing it, feeling it in his paw, before letting off to smack it, just to watch it bounce.

“Good girl.” he praises, making her coo.

He removes her pants, along with her socks and shoes, leaving her in just her shirt and her panties. Comfortable, black panties, making her soft skin bulge out the edges. Her nipples are hard and poke out the front of her thin, tight shirt. Drops of drool trickling down her wide cleavage, making her soft skin glisten.

Her mouth is open, her plush lips warm from her excited shallow breathing.

Those soft, blue eyes fluttering as she’s lost in a daydream of her master’s making.

His hand travel down her sides to between her legs. She’s sopping wet. What a good girl.

“I’m going to fuck you.” he says, whispering into her ear as he embraces her from behind. “It might hurt. If it does, I want you to tell me.”

“Yes, master.” she moans, as he peels down her panties just enough to expose her big butt whole.

She stays in place as he unbuckles his belt and whips out his erection, stuffing the tip gracelessly between the buns, poking her back door.

A thrill jolts through Blake’s cock at the prospect of getting to explore a woman’s body in all the ways his adolescent imagination had conceived of before but had almost zero chance of ever getting to try.

A girl this beautiful, willing (albeit magically so) to let him act out his number one fantasy? Not even in his wildest dreams...

He grabs two literal handfuls of breast, pulling them forward and down gently to make her bend over.

“Arch your back, girl.” he instructs, and she performs without hesitation.

His hands slide down to her hips, which he pulls back against him as he pushes forward, penetrating her tight hole with his impressive rod.

“M-Master... It hurts...” she winces immediately, trembling yet staying in place. “You’re t-too big. M-much too b-big!”

He nods nervously, and slowly pushes in deeper. “I know, girl. Perhaps next time you can have some lube.” He can’t stop now. Is he ever going to get this chance again?

What if the ring is nothing but a figment of his imagination, and he’ll wake up only to realize the whole day was no more but a dream?

A girl this beautiful. No friends or family to disturb. No boyfriend to break up with. He aches to be inside her.

Oh, she’s so soft and warm. It’s impossible for Blake to resist her, just as it’s impossible for her to resist him.

For now, he must obey his lustful urges... he’ll make it up to her later.

“Th-Thank you, mas—... Master...” she groans, clenching her teeth and firmly closing her eyes. Tears form and trickle down her adorable, pained face.

“Good girl.” he says, as he starts to hump, picking up a rhythm as she stands there, bent over, her massive breasts bouncing to his beat.

She’s so tight. So damn tight. Tighter still the deeper he plunges.

It hurts so bad, but she’s more happy than anything. So lucky to be master’s pet.

What little fluids he expels lubricate proceedings and it goes just a slight bit more comfortably, while his hands slide up and peel away her shirt. Up, up over those large tits, which he then grabs and squeezes tightly, making her groan out in further discomfort.

Her legs wobble, and he feels her start to lose balance, so he guides her down to her knees, and on all fours, without removing himself from her body.

He steadies himself onto her shoulders and forcibly lunges inwards, trying to fit all of his proud length inside. She groans and cries at every thrust, holding bravely in place.

With a bit of effort and unrelenting thrusting, he fits deep into her, making her kick her bare feet into the carpet and cry out in serious discomfort. She’s drooling and crying onto the floor as his balls rub against her dripping wet pussy.

“How does it feel?”

“It hurts, master.” she admits. “It hurts so bad!”

“Should I stop?”

“No! D-Don’t stop!” she whines. For all the pain and discomfort, she’s actually enjoying it, though she’s enjoying her emotional state more than her physical state. “Please, don’t stop... I need... more... Please!”

He groans, his cock throbbing in her ring. “But, it hurts you...”

“Please, master.. don’t stop until you cum inside me... I need you to cum inside me, master, please, I’ll do anything...” she begs, wiggling her hips against his lap.

Hearing Julie’s insistence not to stop, Blake’s hesitance fall away.

He reaches down to gently grip her massive breasts, weighing down, and plays with them. Tickling the nipples with his fingertips, digging his fingers into the soft mounds, lifting them up into his palms.

She enjoys the sensation of his heartbeat throbbing through his erection into her guts, and being pawed like the living toy she is. He enjoys her soft body, her sweet scent, her eager obedience.

His hands slide back to her hips and he starts to hump again, his balls slapping loudly against her moist folds with each thrust, as she lowers herself onto her elbows and claws weakly at the carpet.

Then with two loud, hard inserts, he pumps his love and affection into her soft, sore guts, making her orgasm if only from the intoxicating bliss the magic ring has over her rather than his cock shoved so far into her previously virgin ass.

She collapses ass-up in his grip. “Thank you, master.” she moans, her face resting sideways against the carpet, trying to catch her breath as her massive tits press flat against the floor.

He slowly, gently pulls out of her, making her groan as he removes himself from her aching colon. “We have to do this again some time.”

“Yes...” she replies softly but happily. She’s already looking forward to it. “Very soon...”

She lies there, ass up, her soaked panties around her thighs, her shirt barely covering anything, and he snaps a few pictures of her with his phone.

He then drops himself onto the couch and spreads his legs. “Come here and suck off master.”

She weakly crawls over and rests her hefty, exposed breasts up onto his lap, around his cock as she sucks on the tip, moaning in pleasure. It makes her so happy to serve him.

“Now, Julie, mind telling me your phone number?” he asks, smiling, holding up his phone.

“It’s not actually Julie. It’s Julianna. But I don’t like being called that.” the busty beauty admits in a moment of clarity. She types in her number and gives the phone back.

“Well, maybe you need a new name, then.” he smiles, petting her head as her dainty little hands play with his fat cock and his large yet empty sack.

“I...” she starts, but she can’t string a sentence together. She’s distracted by getting to play with master’s rod.

“What name should I put you under? Just ‘Julie’ would be a bit bland.” he mentions with a mischievous grin. “How about... ‘cow’?”

She blushes. “If that’d please you, master.”

“Will you be a good cow, Julie?”

“The best!” she smiles cheerfully, squirming excitedly in place, making her hefty udders jiggle.

Blake saves Julie’s number as ‘cow’, and sends her a text. “Now you have my number, too.”

He raises his hand and at his unspoken command she removes her shirt and panties, leaving her fully nude as she rises up to straddle his waist, and lets his still-erect cock slip into her soaked pussy.

“That’s a very good girl.” he praises. “Good cow.”

She smiles happily. “Thank you, master.” she offers, kissing him on the lips as his hands grip her soft buns.

After pulling himself from her lips his mouth travels south to her heaving bosom, sucking on one of the nipples as he rubs the other tit against his cheek. Such tender forms. Such warmth, so soft...

He looks up at her, those massive udders rubbing his face.

“I love you, master.” she moans, her hips gyrating on his lap, his cock throbbing inside her wet folds.

If he could, he’d fill her pussy full of seed, too. But her ass has emptied his sack completely, so for now he just hugs her waist and pulls her against him.

“Good cow.” he says, his words vanishing into her cleavage as her large breasts wrap around his mouth.

She’s so very happy to be his, wrapped up in a blissful daydream. One that won’t end until he lets go of her... which he probably never will.

“Why don’t you get dressed, sweetie? I’ll send you a line later to let you know when you can come over to my place.”

He tries to get up, but can’t. She stays in place, straddling his lap, hugging him tightly against her naked body. “Could you... stay a little longer, master? Please?”

Blake didn’t see this coming.

“Oh. Uh, sure?” he agrees, gently holding her, and caressing his back. “Everything okay?”

“Yes, master. I’m just... happy.” she smiles, covering his face in little kisses. “I don’t want the moment to end just yet.”

It’s more than enough to make him blush, and let on a beaming smile. “I’m happy too. You’re a wonderful prize, Julie.” he admits, petting her head. “I enjoy owning you.”

Just like that, she starts to squirm and tremble, squirting hot wet love onto his lap as his affection makes her climax yet again. Moaning, gyrating, holding master close against her full, naked body. “I... love you, master.” she pants weakly into his ear.

And Blake, in turn, is crazy about this girl, too. Even though there’s this nasty thought nagging at the back of his mind. He didn’t earn this girl, he just took her with magic.

But another part of him is saying that she’s now changed. The old girl is gone, and this new girl loves him. Who’s to say her feelings are any less valid because they come from a magic ring? They’re real to her.

If he could do that to his stepmother... maybe he wouldn’t need to hate her another day. It wouldn’t be her anymore, after all, it’d be a new person in her old body. And the new person could give back the inheritance from his father that she claimed as her own with a forged will. He’s never been able to prove it, but with the magic ring, he doesn’t need proof.

After about fifteen minutes of close, soft, warm cuddles, Blake gets out from under Julie’s loving embrace, and kisses her on the lips.

“Master’s gotta go. But I’ll be seeing you again very soon, sweetheart.” he says, petting her head. “Now, get dressed, and go on with your day. Be a very good cow for master.”

“Yes, master.” she smiles happily. “I’ll be happy to do that for you. I’ll be happy to do, well, anything for you...”

He leans in and kisses her on the nose, making her coo softly and pucker up for a second kiss on the lips, sweet and gentle.

Blake guides her off his lap and pulls his fat cock out of her wet pussy, stuffing it back into his boxer briefs and buttoning up his pants.

Then, with a big grin on his face, and his balls empty and satisfied, he makes his way home.

He’s got a shrew to tame.