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‘Blake’s Magic Ring’


WARNING: This work of fiction may contain elements including but not limited to the weird, cruel and unethical. Reader discretion is mandatory.

SUMMARY: Blake Hamilton confronts his gold digging stepmother to get back his father’s inheritance she kept from him, and turn the tables on her.

Chapter Three — Tara

Blake Hamilton is having a good day. No, a great day! He’s only had this magic ring for about three hours and he’s already got two eternally devoted, beautiful slave girls eager to do whatever his whims and wants may be.

He’s had sex before, but never with girls that surrendered themselves so fully to him. It’s incredible. Perhaps he should visit both his exes, and try to get them back...

No, he tells himself, they’re the past. It’s time to live for the future.

Atop one of the most luxurious apartment buildings of the whole of Fylth City, overlooking Capital Park, is the penthouse Landon bought for Lance to live in, now taken over by that bitch, Tara. She’s even tried to have the name changed from the Hamilton to the Vandermeer building even before Lance passed away.

Blake’s gone from living in his own house to just living in his room, the only part of the penthouse she hasn’t ruined, only because kicking out the only child of the man who amassed her wealth would be taken in poor taste by the rest of Fylth City’s socialite society.

On the monorail ride from Julie’s place back home, Blake’s been writing up a list. His stepmother and stepsisters are right at the top, along with his rival; Riley, the son of Bank Street magnate Norman ‘the Fucker’ Peyton, so called because everyone hates him, but everyone has to do business with him.

A few more names from Fylth City’s socialite circles, each of which comes with a rich set of parents to manipulate.

And one from his gym, a woman in her early thirties who works on Bank Street... she’ll make a fine trophy for his collection, and be quite profitable at that. Through her, he can take over Dewey, Bonum & Howe, and funnel a nice bit of money into his account every month.

This city’s Blake’s playground now.

City? No. The world!

The car stops, the doors open. Blake is rock hard with excitement as he exits the monorail. He can see his penthouse from the station platform.

Tara should be home now. Everyone else is working, what else would she be doing?

The triplets are probably out teasing paparazzi and flirting with rich businessmen, as they’re used to doing on a Saturday.

It’s just past four in the afternoon, and Blake enters his building. His building. His.

He’s gonna stand up to that cow, that bitch, that... gold digging skank.

Emotions bubble and rage inside him as the elevator rides up to his floor. His heart is racing, his cock is rock hard, his breathing is heavy and loud. But, just before the cabin arrives at the penthouse, he hides his real emotions and puts on his game face. She’d always bully him if he’d show any sort of feeling, so he’s learned to wear a mask around her.

The doors open. He steps out. A big, last exhale before entering through the big doors to let the nerves out.

She’s there, on the couch, watching daytime television. A quality fake tan, extended auburn hair. The doctors that worked on her were expensive but worth every penny. For a woman pushing fifty, she doesn’t look a day over thirty.

And if her yoga trainer is to be believed, her body feels real too... even though it’s 70% plastic.

Blake will know for sure soon enough.

With her watching television, he raises his hand at her.

The ring is trembling. It’s so attracted to this bitch, it feels like it’s about to fly off his finger and smack her in the back of her stupid head.

He doesn’t expect this to take long... in a few seconds, she’ll be down on all fours, yapping like the bitch she is. On the floor, of course... dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture.

But she groans, and clutches her forehead. “F-Fuck. Gah!” she lets out, getting up to find something against the migraine that just popped up.

Is she... resistant?

He holds out his hand towards her, still unseen, and he concentrates real hard.

Obey, he thinks furiously, you stupid bitch!

He can tell by the arrhythmic ticking of those needle heels on the marble floors that he’s having some effect, but not as much as he’d hoped.

Gotta start with something small, Blake thinks, and work my way up from there.

He picks a pose she’s sure to be familiar with, on her knees with her mouth wide open, tongue out.

She takes a pill and drinks some water, and suddenly her mouth opens, and her tongue comes out if only a little. She seems confused by this, focusing on this strange urge to open her mouth rather than on her stepson who’s standing almost right beside her. She’s used to ignoring him, anyway.

Tara is struggling to close her mouth, and he lets her. He picks a new pose, with her bending over the kitchen island with her legs spread and her skirt hiked up, so he could mount her ass like the whore she is.

Her legs do spread, taking a wide stance, but she doesn’t hike up her skirt, and her fat, fine tits rest on the tabletop, though she hovers over it somewhat, looking confused.

“Just do it, Tara.” he says through a wide, split smile. “Just do what that voice in your head tells you to. Just follow the urge... to obey.”

“Blake?” she groans, turning her head to look at him. “Are you doing this? Did... Did you drug me, you asshole?”

He raises his hand at her and gives her a massive headache.

She groans out, her body dropping onto the marble top, as her knees give out. The room is spinning, and her body is weak.

“S-Stop it! You fucker. I’ll call the police!” she threatens through clenched teeth, spitting and drooling. “I’ll have you kicked out of here for good!”

He grabs her ass and hikes up her skirt, then smacks her round, tight ass. “Oh, be quiet! I’m the master, now!”

Her hands flop at him, weakly, but still quite spiritedly.

With his arm out to her, he lets her rise to her feet, her legs spread, and her hands on the back of her head, with fingers intertwined. Showing herself off. She squirms in place, as if struggling against invisible bonds, her face pursed up in defiance.

He grabs those fat tits and gives them a tight squeeze. If he didn’t know they were fake, he never would have guessed.

“On your knees, you stupid whore.” he commands happily.

“N-No!” she groans, but her body slowly, wrapped up in a powerful struggle, drops to her knees, and she looks at him nervously. She’s scared of him now. Terrified. How is he doing this?

He unbuttons his pants and whips out his hefty, drooling erection. “Open wide, whore.”

She tries desperately to keep her mouth shut, as if a toddler presented with a spoon full of broccoli. Her large bosom jiggles as her head shakes side to side.

“I said, open!” he commands, raising his voice.

Her mouth slowly starts to open. Reluctantly, with her eyes closed.

“Keep your eyes open, whore, you have to watch!”

Slowly, hesitantly, she opens her eyes, and watches that fat cock come into her mouth, sliding across her wet, unwilling tongue. She groans in refusal, but can’t do anything about it.

“Now say you’re a stupid, ugly whore!”

“I... I am...” she starts, her mouth full of cock distorting her words, “I am a...” she says, then groans, trying to shake her head again.

“Say it!” he commands, his hand on her head, the ring touching her forehead.

She screams out from a powerful migraine, ravaging her mind. She’s much too willful and proud to let anything, even magic, get the better of her.

But it’s no use.

“I am... a stupid... ugly... whore...” she says, quite clearly even with her mouth full of cock.

“Now thank your master, your owner, for letting you suck his cock... and then get to work!”

“Th—... Thank... you... m-m—... m-master...” she groans, tears running down her face as she breaks out crying, and starts to suck his cock, leaking precum down her throat.

She whines incessantly, her body shaking as she sobs, though her mouth dutifully sucks back and forth along his hefty ramrod, as she’s stuck in her exposed position.

“That’s where you belong, slave!” he smiles, petting her head. “At my feet, doing as I command!”

Her tears make way for a defiant look. She’d bite off his cock if she could close her jaw. And he can tell, she’s definitely trying to.

So he pulls out of her mouth only to wipe his wet cock across her face, ruining her make up with his precum and her saliva, and then stuffs his back down her throat, plugging up her gullet and making her gag loudly and painfully, wincing and choking.

“Oh, what’s that? Does it hurt?” he grins, grabbing her long hair into a ponytail and fucking her face, slapping his hard abs into her head quite a few times.

A small part of him feels bad for her. Even after all the abuse she’s put him through. Turning his own father against him. Lusting after Landon’s fortune.

Even her daughters, the triplets, treated him like a stranger in his own home.

Now he’s calling the shots, as he should be.

He’s taking his home back from the invader.

He pulls her head off his cock and she gasps for air, squeaking and panting, her breathing labored and painful. She looks up at him helplessly, terrified. She can see her promising future crumble into dust. How can she stop him?

Blake snaps his fingers, and slowly she rises to her feet.

Thoughts swirl through her mind in a rampant chaos, and she tries as hard as she can to keep these thoughts at bay. Thought of admiration and respect for him. How he’s standing up for himself. How he’s grown up into such a fine young man. How he’s got such a big cock...

No, she insists to herself, I’ve been drugged... or something!

Awkwardly, her mind struggling against her own body, she starts to disrobe. She starts with her needle heels, and puts them up on the counter top. Then, her dress. It slides off her beautiful form, exposing those fat, lusty tits and her hourglass figure, and then that round rump in just a lace thong.

The dress is black satin from overseas. Quite expensive. She drops it on the marble top like a dishrag.

Her arms struggle as her fingers try to unclasp the bra. Slowly, awkwardly, the body obeys as the mind attempts furiously to resist his will, and the bra slides down her arms outstretched towards her crumpled up dress, and joins the pile.

“Please don’t make me do this...” she whines. “We can work something out.” She’s crying, and for once the tears are real. “I’ll leave. You’ll never see me again. I swear.”

She bends over to slowly slide her panties down her slender legs, and drops them onto the pile, leaving herself fully nude, aside from various jewelry he lets her keep on.

He snaps his fingers, and she feels the urge to say something overwhelm her.

She resists, of course, but it is inevitable. “I... am... a fat,,, stupid... ugly... whore, ... master...” she says, sobbing quietly.

He takes a moment to take in her naked, beautiful body. No tattoos, no piercings, no hair to get in the way. Just a nice view all around.

Blake snaps his fingers, and she suddenly starts to shuffle her feet out of the kitchen, her body following gracelessly, with her hands on the back of her head, her fingers intertwined.

He picks up her outfit and shoes, taking them along with him.

He walks ahead of her, snapping some pictures of her on his phone. “Might just send these to everyone you know... just for fun.”

“Please... we can talk this out...” she begs. She’s lying, of course, but right now she’ll say anything to be in control of herself again.

“Turns out, there’s this thing I really enjoy doing with girls. Well, it’d be more accurate to say I do it to them rather than with them.” he starts, grinning maliciously. “I’m going to do it to you.” he explains, grabbing her ass and pushing his finger up against her tight hole.

It makes her jump in place, and squirm.

New ideas enter her mind like an erupting geyser, trying to wash away her old thoughts and replacing them with new ones. Thoughts of excitement for receiving his huge cock in her tight body.

No, she refuses again to herself, trying desperately to focus. She’s the stepmom, she should be in control.

But she’s not. And she doesn’t know what to do.

“N-No. Please... No. Anything... but not that.” she begs, unable to stop walking to the master bedroom no matter how hard she tries. She walks slowly, but she cannot resist putting one foot awkwardly in front of the other, marching towards her own sodomy.

Lance tried putting his thumb in there once, and she walked funny for a weekend.

“One girl I did it to... I felt bad for her, because it hurt her so much. You...” Blake starts, licking his lips. “I’m gonna enjoy hurting you all day!”

“I got money... I got a lot of money.” she cries. “I’ll give you every cent. Please, stop doing whatever it is you’re doing...”

“Oh, I don’t need money.” he grins. “I’ve got power now. Who needs money when you’ve got power?” He smacks her ass sharply, making her wince.

She gets onto the bed, down on all fours.

“Any last words before I destroy your ass?” he chuckles, as he wipes off his cock with her own dress, before throwing her outfit in the corner on the floor.

With his cock now wiped down, there’s not even any saliva on there to help stuff his hefty erection into her tight hole. He shows her his massive, throbbing cock, bone dry.

“This is getting crammed inside you, balls deep.” he chuckles, petting her head as his cock throbs proudly just in front of her nose.

A jolt of excitement leaps through her body. A tiny part of her is looking forward to it, but again she tries to banish these thoughts from her mind. She realizes she’s being manipulated, and she fights these thoughts with every last ounce of strength she has.

Part of her hopes her tears can end up on it, so it’ll be just a little bit slick. But it’s a silly thought, and she just stays there like an obedient girl... even though inside her mind she’s screaming out for help.

He takes off his clothes and then gets behind her, rubbing his body up against hers. His hands slide over her soft albeit aged body, and grope those plush tits.

Tara’s pussy is dry. She’s not enjoying any part of this.


His tip pushes against her tight ass. This part of her body still resists him, clenching shut firmly.

He grabs hold of her hips and painfully lunges inwards slowly, forcing his cock into her ass. Tears stream down her face as she’s impaled on his rod, her guts feeling like they’re being torn, like they’re on fire.

Like he’s reached inside her and ripped out a part of her soul.

“Was it worth treating me like shit for all these years?” he asks, leaning down to whisper into her ear. “After I’m done with you, I’m going to enslave and ass-fuck each of your daughters, and if I feel like it, I’ll make you watch!”

She wants to yell out at him. Fight back. Claw, bite, kick... but she just stays in place, taking that huge dick being stuffed forcibly inside her.

He groans like a beast as he starts to thrust into her, picking up a rhythm as his balls slap against her dry pussy. Her body quivers, trembling from pain and fear.

He pulls her hair and makes her looks up, forward. She’s forced to stare at herself in the mirror on the wall getting her ass split open by the stepson she’s treated as garbage in his own home. Years of torment have piled up to this moment, where she’s being repaid for all the bullying, all the disrespect, all the harassment and cruel ‘rules’ that kept him from hanging out with friends, doing things he liked, having much of a social life.

In fact, the only friend he could spend as much time as he wanted with was his grandfather, if only because she wanted to get her hands on that fortune and she’d stop at nothing to make any opportunity work.

Tara’s fat tits bounce back and forth as he fucks her like the toy she is. Her eyes roll not in pleasure, but in pain.

His hands on her waist feel her abs twitch. Her insides ache, and to her it feels like he’s driven a spear right through her.

“I’m not even all the way in yet.” he chuckles, pulling her hips back as he thrusts in, making her yelp out in pain.

He grins, humping away. Her body feels great on his cock, and he loves feeling her up. Another great toy to add to the collection.

“When I’m done with you, you’ll cook and clean and do all the things you yell at the maids to do. It’ll never be good enough, and I’ll work you to the bone!” he chuckles, as he approaches his orgasm.

His balls rumble with delight. Finally he’s free of this tyrannical bitch! What a relief!

A few powerful, deep thrusts, as his cock shoves itself painfully balls deep into her tight guts, and then unleashes his hot, thick load inside, claiming her as his.

She lets out a long, pained groan, almost a scream, as her eyes flutter in agony. Then, her eyes let up, and she starts to appear more and more relaxed. Just a little bit more every passing second.

Slowly, she turns to look at him over her shoulder.

She sees him, and can’t help but feel respect and admiration for him. The struggle inside her finally dies down.

“I... I...” she starts, her mind wrapped in a powerful haze. “I surrender... m-master...”

Her face is stained with tears and tied up in pain, but it’s making way for a more relaxed, obedient girl inside her mind.

He can tell from her expression, her fight has ended. He can feel the pull of his ring loosen, as she’s under his complete control.

The old Tara has lost, and she’s gone now. Forever.

Good riddance.