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‘Blake’s Magic Ring’


WARNING: This work of fiction may contain elements including but not limited to the weird, cruel and unethical. Reader discretion is mandatory.

SUMMARY: Blake Hamilton sets up a meeting with his life long frenemy and decides to one-sidedly alter the terms of their relationship.

Chapter Four — Riley part I

Blake Hamilton is awakened by his slave maid Tara, bringing in a hot, full breakfast on a tray. She sets it down on his bed as she comes in at eight in the morning.

She’d been up since five, scrubbing and cleaning the penthouse thoroughly for her master.

“Good morning, master.” she smiles uneasily, doing as he instructed her the evening before.

“Did the girls return yet?” he asks, skipping over greeting her. She doesn’t deserve a good morning.

“They’re still out.” Tara replies. “The Copeland brothers wanted to take them out on their yacht. I don’t think they’ll be back before noon today, perhaps even later...”

“Make sure they don’t realize you’re now my slave, or I’ll make you lick every toilet in the building clean!” he grins.

“Yes, master, of course!” she nods with a forced smile. “I’ll do my very best.”

“I want you in a custom, slutty maid outfit. French maid style.” he commands. “You’ll arrange to have five identical uniforms made in your size, so you never run out of something to wear around here, even if you make a mess. High quality, form fitted. Make sure it shows off your rack with low, strapless cleavage, and shows off your ass with a shortened back of the skirt.” He licks his lips as he looks over her body. “I want your ass easy to get to when I wanna fuck it. It should be slutty, and humiliating.”

“Very good, master.” she says. It almost sounds like a defiant sigh. “I’ll do as you command.”

Blake hopes deep down there’s a part of her old self aware of what’s happening, but unable to speak or influence her new self in any way. Trapped in the recesses of her subconscious.

“Now beg me to let you suck my cock while I eat breakfast.”

“Please, master...” she starts, moving to sit on the side of his bed. “I’ll do anything if you let me pleasure you while you eat...” She pouts, and shoots him a lovely pair of puppy dog eyes.

“Say you’re a stupid whore.”

“I’m a stupid whore, master.” she says. If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear she said it through gritted teeth.

“Get to work.” he grins, moving the blanket away with his legs and showing off his boxer briefs with his morning wood throbbing underneath.

She pulls down his underwear and grabs his massive rod with both hands, pumping it as she sucks on the fat tip loudly, slurping and slobbering.

Then he reaches over and smacks her ass, groping the bun. She jumps in place, squeaking, as her ass is still sore, aching from the deep drilling she received the day before.

“I should make you do squats onto one of those big toys you have.” he grins. “Keep that ass aching. You can do that all day while I’m out.”

A clear look of fear on her face, even though she says “I’ll do as you command, master.” Whatever’s left of her old self is helpless to resist. She resumes sucking his cock immediately after answering him, yet he can’t help but notice her looking scared.

His phone buzzes. A message from ‘cow’.

it reads ‘I’m here, master!’

He calls down to the doorman and instructs him to let Julie up.

“You’re in luck. If my friend showed up just a few minutes later I’d be balls deep in your ass again.” he says to Tara, holding her head and shoving it down onto his cock, making her gag and choke.

She doesn’t struggle, but he is definitely hurting her.

Then he yanks her off his rod, and she wheezes, her throat sore.

“Go to your room, drop everything you’re wearing on the floor, and when Julie gets here, you better be ready to open the door fully nude! Then you’ll guide her to my room.” he instructs, tapping her on the cheek.

“Yes, master.” she says. “I live to obey your every whim and command.” The look of fear in her eyes just makes his cock harder.

She exits, and he happily starts on his breakfast. Before too long, he hears the large heavy doors open.

“You must be Julie.” Tara says. “Right this way.”

Tara leads Julie to Blake’s room, now fully nude.

“On your knees in the corner, bitch.” he grins, and points out where Tara must wait.

“Yes, master.” she says, and quietly does as she’s told.

He puts the half empty tray aside and lifts the cover for Julie. “Get out of your clothes and come cuddle me, you sweet little bunny.” he smiles.

Excitedly, Julie hurries to remove all her clothes, leaving them in a pile next to his bed, and jumps in to snuggle up close to master.

He pulls her on top of him, his erection rubbing against her ass, between her buttocks, as her fat tits press flat against his bare chest, and her pussy tickles his abdomen. Her lips press against his in delight as they kiss, and their hands feel up the other, as they so enjoy each other’s company.

“I missed you, my little cow.” he smiles.

“I missed you too, master!” she pouts. “I was so happy yesterday but then you had to leave.”

He rubs her folds, and in mere seconds of moaning and squirming, she’s wet.

“Please, master...” she begs, her voice breathy. “Please, fuck me.”

Her eyes flutter as she leans into him, reaching down to grab his fat cock, and direct it to her folds.

He lets her take his rod, as he relaxes on his bed, this beautiful girl doing all the work.

She moans, squeaking as the cock throbs inside her pussy, and she starts to buck her hips up and down.

He grabs her fat tits firmly, groping them, enjoying them, giving them kisses and slow, wet licks, before sucking on the nipples.

She places her hands on the back of her head, and continues riding his ramrod, her face wrapped up in ecstasy as she feels him throb inside her womb.

He lets her ride him for over half an hour, those huge, fat tits bouncing just in front of his face. How incredible to have someone else do all the work. Such a beauty, so eager... Blake feels like he’s in heaven.

She clings close to him.

“Master...” she moans, “I love you...”

Without replying, he groans and pumps his hot load deep inside her. And, like a proper toy, she moans, her mind making her body orgasm along, and collapse on top of him.

Immediately, he wraps his arms around her and hugs her, pulling the sheets over both of them as they embrace, trying to catch their breath. His cock still large and deep inside her.

“I’m... so happy...” Julie says in a whisper, a big silly smile on her face.

His eyes glance over to Tara. He can spot a jealous look on her face, aimed at Julie. Is she jealous of Julie for getting master’s cock, or because she’s not being treated like a bitch?

Julie rolls to her side and cuddles up with master, their naked bodies warm together.

Blake gets his phone and calls Riley, either his best friend or his most devious rival. The son of the head of Peyton Industries, a young man who got a business degree before his 18th birthday and will do anything to get ahead in life.

Just the right kind of guy Blake needs to get his empire started.

Plus, There’s something about Riley. Though he’s got long hair because like his dad he’s into that ‘life is rock and roll’ lifestyle, it just makes him look even more like a girl. He’s got wide hips, a round butt, soft, plush lip, gentle eyes, and absolutely no facial or body hair. With a nice outfit and some make-up, you would very likely mistake him for a pretty cute girl.

And that’s what Blake wants, too. He’s always thought about bending Riley over and having his way with him, if only to get back at him for always trying to get at Landon’s fortune.

“Riley? It’s Blake. I gotta see you.” he starts.

“I’m a bit busy today, man.” Riley starts, sounding bored. “How about... end of the month?”

“Grandfather’s left me a rather impressive inheritance and I need someone who knows how Bank Street works to make the most of it...”

This gets Riley’s attention. Daydreams of swimming in a pile of money immediately dart through his mind.

“Sure thing, Blake. But I heard Landon’s still hanging on...”

“He is, and let’s hope we have him with us for a good long while.” he sighs, quite worried about his grandfather. “But he’s given me my inheritance ahead of time... just in case.”

“That’s... cool. Have you told anyone else about this?”

Blake grins. Riley’s always trying to get one over on him, and pretend he’s doing him a favor. “Of course not.”

“Okay. Well, don’t talk to anyone. Let’s just keep this between us.”

“I’m gonna see him in the hospital at one... but maybe we can do brunch? How about at ten, Dempsey’s?”

“I’ll see you there.” Riley agrees. “So, uh, how much are we talking about?”

“It’s a pretty big deal.” Blake says, somewhat honest. “It’s not something I wanna talk about on the phone.”

A pause. Riley’s probably got an erection at the thought of hundreds of millions, the greedy dick.

“I can trust you, right?” Blake asks, trying not to burst out laughing.

“Of course. We’re friends, man. Don’t even worry about it.” Riley says. It almost sounds convincing. “I’ll see you at Dempsey’s, I’ll be there in an hour and wait for you. Don’t tell anyone, though. This city is crawling with parasites.”

With that said, Riley hangs up.

Blake can’t help but let out a chuckle.

Then, he sends a text to Seven, instructing her to offer his grandfather her services in whatever way he’d desire.

Not a minute later he gets the reply. ‘Gladly, master, thank you.’

Blake stretches his arms out over his head, and arches his back.

Then he turns to his MILFy maid. “Tara. Get dressed, and wait for your daughters. Make sure they stay in for today.”

“Yes, master.” she nods. “They usually party all night. I’m sure they’ll go straight to bed.”

“Notify me when they arrive.”

“Yes, master. As you wish.” Tara says, blinking a bit. She shuffles away slowly.

Blake can tell some part of Tara, deep down, is devastated she’s helping lure her own daughters into a life of abject servitude.

He pulls Julie close and kisses her on the lips. “You’re coming with me. We’re going to see grandpa.”

“Grandpa?” she blinks.

“My grandfather. I want him to meet you.” he says. “Because you’re special to me.”

That makes her blush. “Aww! Of course, master!”

After some more playful grabbing, groping and teasing in between, Blake and Julie manage to get dressed and hop on the monorail, to make their way to Dempsey’s just before ten.

They spot Riley in the back, occupying a quiet booth where no-one will disturb them.

“Blake.” Riley calls out, waving from the booth. He’s taken aback a bit by Julie. “Who’s your... friend?”

“Cousin.” Blake lies.

“Oh?” This makes Riley stand at attention. If Blake’s gotten his hands on an inheritance, perhaps this cousin -whoever it is- has some money, too? “Are you also looking for a business manager?”

“Wrong side of the family.” Blake insists. “We just get along.”

“Ah.” Riley blinks as he loses interest in her immediately, then leans in to Blake to whisper “Then why is she here?”

“I can’t leave her alone, can I?” Blake whispers back.

“Can we trust her?”

Blake smiles. “Yeah. She’s... not very clever.”

Riley smiles, trying very hard not to grin like the little imp he is. “Oh, well, nice to meet you. I’m Riley Peyton.”

“Julie Cosgrove.” she smiles, shaking his hand.

The three sit at their table of the cozy lunch bar.

Blake orders the same thing he always eats at Dempsey’s. They have the best french bread pizza in the city.

Julie orders her own lunch, by her own accord. Something different. Egg salad sandwich with bacon.

It’s a load off Blake’s mind, to know she’s still her own self... somewhat, at least. He’d rather realign someone’s hopes, dreams and wants, instead of creating a completely new person and deleting the old. It’s been nagging at the back of his mind.

But Tara visibly being her old self, trapped helplessly inside the obedient shell of her new self gives him some form of comfort, as with Julie displaying autonomy in various little ways from what positions she likes during sex and what she likes on television (a discussion had over text messages the night before), to even what she likes to eat.

He didn’t banish her old self into the void, it seems.

“Blake? You okay?” Riley asks, as Blake snaps his view from Julie. And for once, he wasn’t just staring at her large tits.

“Yeah. Just... thinking about something.” Blake admits. “Don’t worry about it.”

“So... How much are we talking about?” the business major eagerly wants to know.

“Grandfather’s set me up for life. I won’t want for much of anything.” Blake says, technically not lying.

“In the amount of...?”

“A big deal. But if you think about it, no more than fair.”

“So, like, an even share for all the heirs? There’s, what, twelve living family members? Brother’s kids and grandkids, sister’s grandkids...”

“Oh, no. I’m his sole heir.” Blake reveals plainly. “He cut everyone else out of the will.”

Riley almost creams himself. “You’re the s—... You’re the sole heir?” he asks in an excited whisper. “You mean, you get the load?”

“Yeah. Well, he’s donating an amount to animal charities, but everything else is mine.” Again, technically not a lie.

“That’s... excellent. Well, yes, some charities. Yes.” Riley says absentmindedly, other thoughts rolling around in his mind. Numbers adding up. Flashes of living the good life off other people’s investments.

“So I don’t have an actual amount to talk about now but...” Blake starts, trailing off. “And, the other family members don’t know about this yet so... keep it a secret?”

“Oh? Oh! Of course!” Riley says, snapping out of his daydream. “Yeah, if they knew they were getting screwed out of millions, they’d probably get pissed and sue. We must move fast. Once Landon passes, everyone’s going to descend like vultures.”

The food arrives, and the three start to eat.

With Riley this wrapped up in things, Blake opens his hand under the table towards his newest prey, and starts to put some thoughts into his mind.

He’s always thought Riley was cute, from the moment they met. Even though Riley was always trying to screw Blake out of some money, Blake in turn was just plain old trying to screw Riley. If only he could get him to dress up like a girl, maybe doll up for him.

With some light effort, Blake tries to ensnare Riley without flat-out subjugating him. As long as he won’t cheat or betray him, that’ll be fine. No sense risking Riley’s business instincts with mind control.

After all, he needs a shark, not a yes-man.

Blake spots Riley blinking, as if starting to get confused.

“Everything okay?”

“Uh, yeah.” Riley says. “Just started wondering about the price of make up, of all things. Lipstick and so on.”

“That’s weird.” Blake mentions, suppressing a grin.

“Yeah. Anyway, I’ll work up some plans for you. But we have to be quick about this so... I’ll see you at your place, this afternoon. Don’t tell anyone!”

They eat, and catch up. For all his greed, Riley is actually the closest friend Blake has. He wasn’t allowed to have any other friends by his stepmother, who’d always stir up trouble and keep Blake from even dating. Because if he dated, he’d want to live alone, and perhaps want a share of the family money. And his girlfriend would probably want ‘her share’ of the money, too!

Tara would never allow that, so she kept him on a leash. Ironic how she’s now the pet, made to obey.

Julie sits there, quietly listening in until on Blake’s insistence she joins in.

She talks about movies and books and television series she’s enjoyed, weaving a delicate picture of herself as someone who puts story above all else in enjoying things.

Blake can’t quite pay attention to what she’s saying because he’s so enraptured by this beautiful young woman speaking about something that she is passionate about.

Paradoxically, every word he wants to hear from her goes in one ear and out the other.

And even though she’d forgive him, he’s ashamed to ever tell her.

They sit and talk and laugh. For a while, Blake feels like he’s got friends. Close friends. After years of getting the shit end of the stick, Blake finally feels happy. It’s warm.

But then the doubt sets in. All the good feelings become tainted with bad thoughts.

Riley only wants the money, right? They’re not really friends, are they?

And Julie... Julie’s only here because she’s been brainwashed. There’s no way a girl like that would ever get with a loser like Blake...

He tries to shake the thoughts away. This is just years of living with Tara talking.

But still... He did trick Riley into meeting him. And Julie’s now his slave.

“Blake?” Riley asks, putting his hand on Blake’s shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” Blake says, pulling his eyes out of his blank stare. “Don’t worry about it.”

Riley puts away his smile and pats Blake on the back. “Landon’s gonna pull through. He’s a tough son of a bitch.”

“Yeah.” Blake says. “I hope so too.”

They drag out brunch, right up until noon. It’s a fun time out, but Blake can’t help but dwell on these thoughts. These doubts.

That nagging little voice in the back of his mind that he can’t tell is truth or paranoia.

When he gets home, he’s going to make Tara scrub all the floors in the nude, wearing a leather collar and a ball gag, he knows he’s got those in her nightstand. It’s her fault he’s so fucked up socially.

Riley picks up the check and leaves, albeit slightly confused, to work on his plans for Blake’s inheritance.

“Are you okay, master?” Julie asks, looking worried.

“I’m fine.” he lies, and pulls her against him for a hug. “Don’t worry about it.”

She returns the hug but pouts, and insists softly “You shouldn’t lie to me, master.”

“Because you would never betray me?” he asks.

She looks at him, and can see right through him. “Just because you’re making me feel these things, doesn’t mean I’m not really feeling them. My love for you is real to me.” she puffs. “Please don’t be a downer, master.”

He smiles. “That’s sweet. But it’s different from my side.”

“Suppose, master, there is a river between us. And you build a bridge to come to me, because you can’t swim.” she tries. “How foolish would it be for you to say you couldn’t come see me any time you want because you can’t swim, simply because ‘using a bridge to cross the river is cheating’? Things are different now. I love you, and I don’t like to see you sad.”

It makes him stop and think. Is this why his grandfather was so loved by those closest to him -aside from a rotten few like his own son and daughter-in-law perhaps- and, did grandfather ever use this magic on Blake?

No. Not possible. He clearly remembers the visits, and trips, and bedtime stories. Stories Lance wouldn’t read him because he was too busy with his Bank Street life.

They ride the monorail to the hospital, with Julie clinging to his arm the whole time. It makes him feel much better, but he can’t get these negative thoughts out of his mind.

They arrive twenty minutes to one, and Julie pulls Blake to the gift shop.

“We should get your grandfather something.” she says.

“Why’s that?”

“I want to make a good first impression.”

He smiles and kisses her on top of the head. “I’m sure he’s going to love you either way.”

He moves to the waiting area and takes a seat.

While he waits, Blake manages to stop a nurse and ask about Seven.

“What about her?” the tall male nurse asks.

“Has she been... acting weird lately?”

“Nah. I mean, she’s been a bitch since she started and she hasn’t let up since. Yesterday she took like, a half an hour bathroom break, left her station unattended. She’s always pulling that kind of shit. Not that she ever does any work there. I don’t know why the administrator keeps her on.” the nurse complains. “Mind you, rumor has it that he’s just keeping her around because he’s trying to fuck her. It’s gross, the man’s sixty!”

“Thank you.” Blake smiles. Tara, Julie and even Seven -at least from second hand info- seem to each be themselves... though at Blake’s command as he so chooses.

Julie returns with a little stuffed bear.

“Do you think he’ll hate it?” she asks, looking nervous.

“He’s going to love it, and he’s going to love you, too.” Blake winks.

“I have a question.” she says, sitting down but turned to him.


“Tara is your stepmother, yes?”

He nods. “That’s right.”

“What... happened to your real mother?”

“Never knew her. She died giving birth to me.” Blake says. “I... I don’t think I would have liked her, even though part of me will always want to connect with her.”

“Why’s that?”

“She was just like Tara. She probably would have treated me better but... she was a gold digger, just like Tara. The only person who ever just loved me for me was... is grandpa.”

She goes quiet. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” he smiles politely.

They sit there, looking at the big clock until it’s time to go in. Blake reads in his grandfather’s journal, going through his notes on how the ring works. He’d read through the journal once already the evening before, but it’s good to be thorough.

One o’clock. Visitation starts. He managed to get there early, and though he probably could have used the ring to get in early, he’s not that needy to use the ring to solve every problem. If anything, it could lead to more problems down the road.

“Let’s go.” he says, and gets up from his seat.

He’s brought his pet Julie to meet his grandfather not just to show off and brag, but also to give Landon the peace of mind that he’s able to master the magic of the ring and use it to build a good life for himself.

They make their way from the waiting room through the long, white corridors of the hospital, and pass Seven, sitting there. Her eyes go soft and her heart flutters and she works up a happy, intoxicated smile as she watches master pass her by.

He has no eyes for her just yet. First he wants to check on Landon.

“Thanks for the blowjob.” Landon chuckles weakly as Blake enters with Julie on his arm. There’s a few more wires, a few more machines, a few more things going into and coming out of him. And he’s so pale today.

Worry grips around Blake’s heart like a powerful claw-like grip.

“You’re looking better.” Blake lies.

“I’m sure I am.” Landon smiles. “Who’s the beauty?”

“I’m Julie, sir, Julie Cosgrove. Master’s favorite pet.” she smiles, introducing herself. “I’ve brought you a bear!”

She hands him the little plush toy and he chuckles, putting it by his side half under the covers with him.

“I’m sure he’ll keep me safe when I sleep.” he chuckles.

“Master... isn’t there something you’d like to ask your grandfather?” she asks.

Landon blinks and turns his head. “Is there?”

Blake takes a moment to decide if he’s going to bring it up at all.

But then he does. “Did you ever... use the ring on me?” Blake asks.

“No. I know it doesn’t work the same on my own bloodline.” Landon admits. “I tried using it on Lance a few times, whenever he’d need some direction in life. But it seems it only steered him the wrong way. Made him rebel more. Resist for the sake of resisting. I’m sure it’s why he grew to despise me.”

The room goes quiet again.

“What else is on your mind, Blake? Now’s the time to ask.”

“I’ve just been thinking... that it’s...” Blake starts, but can’t put it into words. “I mean, I feel bad for... I mean... How can I trust...?”

Landon weakly raises his hand, making Blake stop. “I’ve dealt with doubts and guilt myself. I’ve always tried to change bad people completely... everyone else I left as they are, merely making them loyal to me. It seems the most fair option.”

“The most fair would be to not use the ring at all.” Blake says, thinking out loud.

“Life isn’t fair. In the right hands, this ring could change the world for the better. It’s what I’ve tried. But just one man, no matter this powerful, is no match for the wicked corruption of politics. You take down two, three, five, a dozen corrupt officials, and ten leap at the chance to fill in in the places of those you remove. I came to realize all I could do was make my little corner of the world a better place.” Landon explains. “Just do your best... I know you have a good heart. And feeling this way will make sure you treat those under you well.”

“Well... not Tara.”

“I’m sure even her you’ll treat better than she deserves.” Landon grins, before breaking out coughing loud and painfully.

“Grandpa!” Blake starts, freezing. He doesn’t know what to do.

Landon uses the bed controls to seat him upright, and reaches over to a glass of water. Julie jumps in while Blake stands paralyzed at the sight of his grandfather in distress, and helps him get the glass in his hand and drink.

“I... I’m sorry.” Blake starts. He feels so bad for failing his grandfather when he needed him.

Landon waves his hands. “You’re scared. It’s okay to be scared. No-one is never afraid. Nothing you could have done, anyway.”

“I... I should have...” Blake starts, but Julie comforts him.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m feeling better. I’ll probably be out of here in no time.” Landon lies, forcing out a smile.

“Yeah.” Blake says, lying back. He doesn’t know what else to say.

“I love you, Blake.” Landon says sincerely midst wheezing.

“I love you too, grandpa.” Blake replies immediately in kind, leaning in to gently hug the old man. Is this goodbye?

Landon raises his arms weakly, holding his grandson.

The moment lasts a good while, with neither of them willing to let go.

But Landon is brave and pushes his grandson up off him, albeit weakly so. “I’ve had a good life, Blake. I want nothing more from life but to know you’ll be happy.” His words come out slow, but strong. Then he looks over at Julie. “And now I know you will be.”

Tears form in Blake’s eyes. He’s trying to be brave, too, but saying goodbye is so hard. Too hard. No money, no power, no magic ring can change that.

Throughout his life, Landon has cheated death many times. Yet in the end, we all must bow down to time.

“I love you, and I’m proud of you.” Landon says. “You were a better son to me than my own son was.”

“And you were a better father.”

Landon turns to Julie. “Take good care of my boy.”

“I will, sir.” she smiles politely and nods.