The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Blizzard — Chapter 18 by Redsliver

* * *

I’m ashamed to admit this... The hell I am! I was flying high in my wildest dream. Think about it: I had three lingerie-clad college girls who were eager to share me with each other in any sexual way I devised. All that power, all that energy, all that desire. There’s no surprise I started our night together with a swashbuckling dildo swordfight.

‘Sword’ might be an overstatement. The bright green foot-and-a quarter double dong in Alex’s hands was a little too floppy compared to the pair of silicone vibrators I wielded in the icepick grip.

“Avast, scoundrel!” Alex shed all of her giggles and played her character straight. She raised her weapon into a guard possession. Her face turned positively villainous. I salvaged all of those giggles and ramped them up into manly guffaws until I was laughing in her face. She didn’t make it any easier. “Your booty will be mine, scurvy dog.”

“Oh no!” Sam was no actress. She slipped up behind me and her hands ran over my shoulder and side. “Save us, Dildo-Ninja! You’re our only hope.”

“Um? Can I surrender to Alex?” Max asked from my other side.

I had survived innumerable swordfights with my brother. Broom handles, sticks in the woods... Mom couldn’t wrap Christmas presents without adding to our cardboard tube arsenal. Turns out, with all that experience, I knew nothing. Alex stepped forward, sliding between a playful two-bladed crosscut, and uppercutted me. If she had a real blade, I’d have had my sternum split in half. She hadn’t expected the give of her weapon. The dildo snaked up my chest and whipped me in the chin.

“Gene!” Alex broke character in worry. I swayed back; she stepped in, unguarded. I spun around her and grabbed her by the waist. My sex-daggers pointed between her breasts and towards her thighs.

“You got her!” Sam cheered.

“Oh no!” Alex turned her head up to me. “Am I to walk the plank?” She wiggled her butt. “’Cause that’s a big plank.”

So, the laughing didn’t help. I really wanted to go all in on the game. The invitation shone in her eyes, overloading my lizard brain until I pulled her tighter against me. However, I was still trying to stab her with dildos. I had finally made my parents proud.

“Captain! Now!” Max surprised us all. She spun along our left side and ran the side of the suction-cup-bottomed dildo across my ribs. I let go of Alex and feigned the wound.

“Wait? I thought we were trying to all get captured and ravished by Gene?” Sam asked. “What’re you doing, Max?”

“The fight’s not over yet!” Alex recovered her footing and her ‘sword’ floated dangerously in front of her. Max is not a sneak. She was up on her tiptoes and had her weapon overhead. I tapped Max in the hollow of the throat and dropped that dildo to the floor. I grinned. I snagged the redhead and made for the captain. I had grabbed Max’s nightie above her breasts and pulled her to me.

“I’ve got your little spy, uh, Blondebeard?” We hadn’t really dug into the characters before we started the scene. Oh God! What was my motivation! Max found the name Blondebeard to be ecstatically funny. Do you know how hard it is to maintain a human shield who is five hundred percent giggles?

“I was thinking ‘Captain Hooker’.” Sam shoveled coal into Max’s giggle engine.

“Your plan has failed, landlubber!” Alex flourished her sword. “Now I’ll—”

Alex was ticklish. Sam got her right below the ribs and in her elbow. The theatre major collapsed, laughing, kicking, and flinching from Sam’s fast fingers. I squatted down and stroked red hair. Max had collapsed onto her butt on my feet.

“Disarm Blondebeard and tickle her down! Join the winning side,” I told her.

“Is it the dark side? It’s more fun to play the bad guy and, uh, pirates are badder than ninjas. I think.”

“Go.” I pushed her and she scrambled up. Max knew exactly where to strike, inside Alex’s thighs and behind the blonde’s knees. I swaggered over, kicked aside the dildo, and looked down on the three of them.

“You’re all mine now,” I told Alex.

“What—Oh my God! Girls—” Cackling flinching laughter. She found her voice a moment later, but she was still under assault and breathless. “What’s going to happen to me?”

“Rum, sodomy, and the lash,” Sam declared. I snorted at her affected threatening tone.

“There’s not enough rum for everyone,” I tutted, shaking my head.

“Sure, stop! Uncle! I surrender!” Alex started tapping the floor, the coffee table, Max’s shoulder, and Sam’s knee. “Oh my god!”

Her face reddened, her hair whipped, her body spasmed; she was lovely. I smirked.

“You do have rum! There’s two bottles. One in the fridge and the other in the cupboard.” Alex pointed. That opened her armpit. Max attacked.

“All three, then?” I made sure to bare all of my teeth. I wasn’t unable to smile in the moment. “You’re in for a hell of a night.”

“Oh.” Max stopped tickling. The meaning of Sam’s words percolated through to her brain. Alex’s eyes went wide as her lips flattened in surprise. “Oh. Wow.”

“Hey?” Max asked. “Do you want me to start pouring drinks?”

“Are you in help-everybody-out mode or—”

“I’m fully charged from the magic boots.” She disabused me of my worries. “Oh, and um. Can you help me put this on?”

She slid across the table and lifted a strapon harness with her index finger.

“Whoa?” Sam’s eyes had gone wide and her hands were waving to slow us all down for a moment. “I thought that was in the joke pile.”

“There’s a joke pile?” Alex and Max could’ve jinxed each other in that moment.

“There’s not?” Sam seemed shocked. She picked up a glass shape with a bulb on one end and a ring on the other. “I mean, this is supposed to be for butts.”

Max looked at Alex. Alex shrugged. Max seemed shocked. I almost spoke. I was going to say something not unlike, “Of course, Sam, we’re not going to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“Girls have butt sex. I’ve known sluts who bragged about it. You’re not going to try that kinda thing? With Gene?” Alex dared Sam. “Would a drink help?”

“I think so.” Sam frowned. “Would it?”

She was asking me. I almost got to say my piece about not pushing her again. I wanted to say: “It might make it easier to get out of your head, is that what you mean by ‘help’?” I didn’t get a chance before Max fielded this one.

“Please, the only thing we’ve ever done when we drink is complain, leave early, and go to sleep.” Max shrugged.

“I can remember at least one time it was different. The night we met Gene,” Sam said.

“Didn’t we just go to bed?” Max asked. “I distinctly remember not being able to get him out of his chair.”

“No, Sam’s right,” Alex smiled. “I went to bed with two hotties that night.”

The apartment rocked with a burst of wind. I frowned.

Sam looked at the windows. “I’m not going home in that.” She turned to me. “Uh, one drink? Or... remember when we had rum in those milkshakes? Could we put some in hot chocolate? Is that a drink?”

“I don’t think we’re on butt stuff yet,” I told them. “We don’t have to go fast.”

“Oh, can we though?” Max asked. Alex and Sam looked at her. I didn’t even try to talk that time, figuring one of the other two would dive in with an answer. I was wrong.

“What’s fast, girls?” I asked. I hoped they’d signpost the ways that would hurt them so I could navigate and keep them happy.

“I wanna learn,” Max said.

“I wanna feel,” Alex added.

“I wanna fuck,” Sam competed.

“Yeah!” Unable to one-up each other further, they all nodded in unison.

“Sweet, let’s go,” I said with bravado. I was wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants, and threw those down my legs to get my cock waving in front of them. They all lit up. Alex was in awe of me throwing it out like a starting pistol. Max bit her lower lip and inched her jaw to the left. Sam watched the other two and then lunged over to me before they could.

I figured she was going for a kiss. I raised my hands to take her face but she went low. She was on her knees in front of me in a second. I felt the warmth of her hand and the softness of her cheek surround me. I ran my fingers into her silky hair.

“Alex,” I said looking into Sam’s eyes. “This is a job for two.”

“What? How?” Alex seemed startled.

“Go or I will,” Max declared. The redhead sent her best friend clambering forward. Alex was still mostly on the floor. She slid herself right against Sam’s back and leaned her face over Sam’s shoulder. Sam did her best to face Alex. It wasn’t an easy angle to take.

“Maybe side by side?” Sam suggested.

“Oh! Oo-oh!” Alex eurekaed. That’s a verb now. She crab-walked on her knees over Sam’s calves and I had two beautiful faces looking up at me with my cock hovering between their noses.

“Max, bring over the harness. I’ve got my hands free.” I was stroking thick brown bangs out of Sam’s face.

“Grab me an elastic first!” Sam asked over her shoulder. “And one for Alex. I don’t want to be chewing on blonde hair while I do this.”

“Rule one.” I turned Sam’s face to mine. “No chewing.”

“Rule two.” Max poked Sam in the shoulder. “Please and thank yous.”

“Really?” I smirked at Max.

“May I please have an elastic, oh beautiful redheaded siren?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, please?” Sam added. Max grinned and happily left to get the hairbands. I let rule two stand.

I ran my fingers over the shells of ears, booped noses with the pad of my thumb, ran my dick across lips. Alex and Sam didn’t get started, though, until Max and I had combed back the blonde and brunette’s hair and they were tied off in ponytails. Sam was outfitted first. She attacked me.

“Shit! Uh, thank you.” I spoke for the eager brunette as Sam got going. Max nodded. Sam’s tongue lapped the full length of me. She would run the edge of her teeth across my skin. That sent shocks and shivers up my spine. I almost let go of Alex’s hair before Max could get her ready.

Alex said ‘thank you’ with her mouth full. I wanted to laugh. It only came out as a heavy pant. Max scampered around me and looked down from the side of my shoulder.

“Oh my god! That’s really sexy!” she told me with wide-eyed surprise.

“That’s how it always is with the right women.” I grabbed Max’s head and kissed her hard. “Now, you wanted a hand? So you could look down and see the same thing—holy fuck! Uh… see the same thing in a few minutes.”

“I’m not going to feel it like that, so I’ll doubt I’ll get to see Sam look that smug.” Max kissed me again.

Alex was polite and helpful. Sam was greedy and took everything Alex offered. I was dumbstruck. I let the long moaning breaths I was making speak for themselves. Max was wiggling her hips as she pulled up the harness over her thighs. She caught it with her knees and hiked her nightgown up above her hips.

“Hey,” I said, stroking the redhead’s jawline.

“What?” She stopped. I reached down, under the lace and ran my finger up the front of her panties. She was hot. I could feel the wetness. I grinned.

“You’re gonna wanna get rid of these,” I said, or at least something similar as I interrupted myself with an echoey donkey braying because Alex’s lower teeth were zigzagging under the head of my cock.

“Oh crap! Was that OK?” Alex leapt back and tried to look at her handiwork. Sam pressed her advantage and engulfed the length of my cock. I shuddered again. I hope the look on my face was pure unadulterated pleasure. I’m sure it could’ve been mistaken for a stroke.

“Maybe you should push Sam’s head if she’s doing it wrong.” Max stroked Alex’s ponytail as she spoke. The strapon harness was slung around Max’s left ankle as she wiggled, wobbled, and fell into my chest. She managed to get her panties down.

“Um…” Alex asked as she gathered up Sam’s ponytail in her left hand and braced against Max’s thigh with her right. “Don’t look at me like that, Sam.”

Whatever training a girl needed to welcome a cock deep into her mouth, Sam didn’t have. I grinned as her eyes clamped shut and a gargled torrent of saliva spattered my thighs. Alex squealed and slipped back. Except she didn’t let go of the ponytail and she ripped Sam backwards. There was more flinging spit when Sam’s lips came off of my cock.

“The way’s open. Go! Go! Go! Alex!” I cheered. Sam looked shocked. She had to rearrange her legs under her. Alex blinked but took my cock in her hand and kissed the tip. Sam’s hands were deep in blond hair. Alex didn’t have me in her mouth when Sam pushed. My cock tangled in Alex’s hair and tickled her ear. Her nose bumped my hipbone.

“OK, no more of that. Play nice,” I told them. I stroked the blonde hair off of my cock. It stuck pretty firmly to all of the saliva. Sam came forward. They both looked at me. Max tapped my shoulder. I looked down at my blonde and brunette. “Kiss and make up, you two.”

“Really?” Alex asked. Sam grinned, and snaked in for a kiss. They kissed sweetly, and strangely innocently, for several seconds, before Alex grabbed Sam and yanked her in tightly. Sam’s eyes opened wide. Alex’s eyelids drifted closed. The blonde’s jaw dropped and her tongue sloppily climbed over Sam’s lower lip and into the brunette’s mouth.

“Whoa!” Sam said, and retreated red-faced and panting.

“Damned right, ‘Whoa!’,” Alex said with pride.

“You’re gonna need something to put in there first.” I smiled when I turned to Max. She wanted me to pull tight the straps that framed her butt. There was no payload in the ring in the front.

“Huh? Oh, you’re right!” She laughed. She looked down at me and measured me with fingers up my dick.

“Hey! We’re using that!” Alex huffed in mock indignation. Sam darted forward and started kissing around Max’s fingers. The redhead stepped back, flicking her now wet fingers as she laughed.

“You gotta start going for it like Sam,” Max said, tapping Alex’s head forward as she weaved around us. I was running fingers through Sam and Alex’s hair again. I was enjoying the power play between them. This time Alex wasn’t making room for Sam. They bumped noses and occasionally I felt one of their tongues brush aside the other. Sam’s hair was pulled back neatly out of her face. Alex’s was getting messier and messier.

“OK, hold me up.” Max waddled back over and wiggled the harness down as she loaded it. I held her waist from behind. “Oh! That’s how the batteries get in there!” She spun and kissed me again. “One more minute.”

The circus of the room and the hopscotch of my attention from woman to woman was part of my means of staying power. Alex pushed harder now. Sam almost couldn’t keep up when Alex was competing. I picked apart Alex’s fingers and entwined Sam’s through them. They held my cock and stroked and pulled in unison. Their mouths rushed around the head. I was a hunchback, balanced with each hand on a different girl’s shoulder.

“I think he’s going to cum.” Alex had to bring her face back to educate Sam. Sam snapped up my cockhead in her mouth. “Sa-am!”

“Hey.” Max brushed my hair over my ear. “I’m going to go down there with them.”

She kissed the rim of my ear but she was kneeling when I turned to her. She edged herself in behind the other girls. Max and Alex eased Sam’s head back. Alex reached in and dug the tip of her tongue in and around my foreskin. I caught Max’s blue eyes. I may have snorted. She reached around both girls and honked a breast. Alex chuckled and turned her head. Sam wasted no time and ran her lips in a tight circle on the side of my cock. I erupted.

Spits and ropes of white were aimed right for Max’s forehead. Her untied hair collected most of my ejaculate. I made a bunch of happy walrus noises. Sam licked her lips and smouldered her eyes. Alex looked on Max’s face with amazement. Alex’s hand stopped pumping but Sam still had her fingers trapped under Alex’s. Max kept her eyes shut as I ran down her nose.

“That is a weird kinda pretty.” Alex tilted her head at Max, then let go of me to gesture with her hand. She turned and beamed up at me. “Don’t you think so?”

“I think Max’s just beautiful,” I panted. Sam’s fingers slipped down. She ran the pad of her thumb around the tip of my cock. She looked at the last of me gathered on her thumb and shoved it between Max’s lips.

“Alex and I were the fellatrices. You didn’t even help,” Sam laughed. “And you got it all!”

Fellatrices sounded like specialized sexbots. I tried not to correct her.

“No she didn’t.” Alex reached over and took some of me off of Sam’s ear. Alex sniffed it and then shoved it into Max’s lips. “Now she has. Oh, and ‘fellatrices’?”

“The plural of fellatrix,” Sam explained. “It means ‘woman who sucks a penis’. Woman who performs fellatio.”

“Ew.” Alex looked at me as she wiped her fingers off on Max’s tongue, “Gene? Call me a cocksucker, please?”

“Of course, cocksucker,” I said. “Since you asked so nicely!”

“Hey,” Max garbled around the fingers in her mouth. “There’s some on my eyelids. Can you get that, please?”

I ran my hands over Alex and Sam’s hair as they fingered the mess of me off of Max’s face and into her mouth. Max swallowed and swallowed. Alex looked up at me and then smiled. She tilted Max towards her. Alex kissed Max. Sam bit her lip and quivered.

I sank down to watch. Sam had to be coaxed to snuggle up on my side. We watched as the old friends, with closed eyes, teased and slowly explored their kiss. Lesbian made for a great porn genre. In real life, I was looking at another cute couple. Less explicit, more lovey. I had known my share of college girls and bar chicks who had publicly made out with a friend for attention. Alex and Max weren’t in this for my attention after the first smacks. What had once been theater for me, was now pleasure for each other.

They had kissed me hard. I expected that hardness out of them, but they kissed each other with sweetness. Max’s fingers ran up in Alex’s hair. Alex was an inch away from second base. She would’ve moved on if we nudged her. I held Sam back. Alex finally got her tongue into Max’s mouth. Max’s eyes shut tighter and she counterattongued as vibrantly as anyone ever has.

“That’s how you kiss us,” Sam said, gesturing to the pull forward Max was performing on Alex’s head. I watched Sam now—she was hawk-eyed and tense. I ran a soothing hand over her shoulderblade.

My eyes turned back to the kissers. The tension in Max’s arms had gone limp. I think she was ready to end it. Alex kept driving forward; slowly the redhead inched back.

“Mwah!” Alex brought their kiss to climax. She opened her starry eyes and slipped back from Max. They breathed out in awe. Max opened her eyes. Alex dove for a quick peck over Max’s lip. There had been a small amount of me left on the redhead’s face.

“Oh… We, uh, we just did that, Alex,” Max said with a happy but incomplete smile.

“Yeah? Was I any good?” Alex hoped. She raised her shoulders and brightened her smile with confidence. She looked over at Sam and me for applause.

“It was a great kiss.” Max nodded. “I, uh...” She leaned her head to look at Sam and me. “I thought we were going to start with Sam.”

Sam sat up straight.

“I thought that was what this was for.” Alex grinned and slapped the dildo sticking out from Max’s thighs. “Or maybe scissoring? Is that really a thing?”

“Yeah,” Sam scoffed. “Of course it is. Haven’t you ever rubbed yourself on a pillow or stuffed bear?”

“No,” Alex said hastily.

“She has a big stuffed octopus,” Max said innocently.

“Tickly’s a squid,” Alex asserted.

“I just used my pillows,” Sam said, steering the conversation in a less Alex-upsetting direction. “Though I do have a big stuffed orca with the fin in the right spot.”

“Do you have an awesome stuffed sea creature, Max?” I asked with a bright smile.

“No,” she frowned. “Should I get one?”

“What you’re saying is, that if we can do it to a pillow we can do it between each other’s legs?” Alex nodded. “OK, it’s a real thing.”

All the girls turned to me.

“Would you like to see that?” they asked in a variety of wordings and speeds. They were all excited, but Sam was a blinding light compared to Alex’s bubbles of curiosity and anticipation.

“Of course I would.” I grinned. My brain was still flush with after-ejaculate happy chemicals.

“Awesome!” Max said. She looked down. “What about this?”

She was holding her fake cock upwards.

“Yeah, I’d love to see that,” I nodded.

“You need a pick-me-up,” Sam said after studying my eyes. She clambered over me. Sam and Alex still had on their nightgowns and bottoms. Max had exchanged her bottom for a fake dick. I finally caught the question she hadn’t articulated from her eyes and jiggling wrist.

“Let’s use the cocks, real and fake, on the girls,” I said.

“Oh,” Max let out a long and relieved sigh. “I don’t think I was confident enough for… Well, y’know.”

“I don’t,” Alex said, confused. “Like, what else could you do? Put it up Gene’s butt or—Oh! Oh, you were literally talking about that!”

Her brain revved up behind her eyes. That gave me pause. I heard the click of the kettle.

“OK. Dildos, strapons, scissoring, and rum and hot chocolate.” Sam counted. “Anything else we want to do tonight?”

“Oh! Yeah!” Alex rocketed up to my board game shelf.

“Ne-erd!” Max taunted her old friend through her hand megaphone. The apartment rocked in the wind.

“Oh...” Alex leaned to the side and pushed the curtain. The wind was blowing hard. “Looks like the snow’s done for the night. We’re not going to get stranded tomorrow morning.”

“If the only reason you’d stay is because you have to stay…” I tried to sound pathetic. Alex whirled and beamed.

“Games tomorrow!” she cheered. “Tonight is for super sexy fun times!”

“I better go to class tomorrow,” Max worried. Then she perked up. “But then it’s Friday!”

“Super sexy fun weekend!” Sam said bringing over steaming mugs. “But for tonight, Max has her toy she wants to try out.”

“Oh! Oh!” Alex hurried back and picked a small egg device. “This is controlled with a cell phone or…” She scrambled for its box. “It can be hooked up to respond to donations?”

“It’s for camgirls,” I said. “She puts it in and then the men they’re talking to can see an immediate effect any time they tip her.”

Alex’s face scrunched up. Her gaze moved to my computer monitor, then to the window outside. “Cool,” she said dismissively, and tossed the box to the far side of the pile. “I’ll pick something else.”

“She’ll pick everything eventually,” Sam said. She picked up the sword Max had slashed my ribs with, and cleared a third of the table by pushing the pile to the middle. She slapped it down; it waggled on its suction cup base. “Look, you can ride it like that.”

“You mean you can,” I said. I yanked it off the table and repositioned it closer to the edge. “You can ride it, and I can backseat drive.” I grabbed her ass. Her face contorted in immediate realization and lit up in subsequent excitement. Yeah, we had plans for tonight.