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Blizzard — Chapter 8 by Redsliver

* * *

There was a pop as Max pulled her last finger out from between Alex’s lips. Alex swallowed and took my hand.

I wanted a moment of clarity. I wanted to realize in my madness that the man I had been had succumbed to the blight. I had broken the world and become the dragon. The wind rocked my building. Snow darkened the windows to blackness. I reflected affection on my three women.

“Look at this weather! I think we might have to stay in bed all day tomorrow!” Sam cheered. Alex led me to the edge of the bed. Sam chased behind me. Her long legs straddled my butt and her hands reached under my arms and onto my stomach and chest. She folded forward against me, her large breasts pressed onto my back. I grinned like an idiot.

“I’ll be back to keep playing,” Max hurriedly pecked me on the cheek. “Let me go to the washroom and get cleaned up for bed.”

“We’re going to get the bed really dirty,” Sam teased.

Max smirked at Sam. The redhead made no hurry towards the washroom. She watched as Alex inched me forward so I sat on the edge of the mattress. She pushed on my knee and knelt before me. She looked up with her puppy-love-filled eyes. “Like this?”

“Just like that. Get real dirty,” Max said, running fingers through Alex’s hair. I leaned over the kneeling blonde and pecked the worried redhead. She had moved to leave as I moved to kiss. She had stood up, and so I laid the kiss on her tit. She laughed and tried to not reflexively cover herself. She stuck out her tongue and headed to the washroom.

I looked down at Alex. “You look beautiful, what do you want to do down there?”

Sam tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to look at her; she made a fist and mimed the cock going into her mouth.

“I want to be in love,” Alex grinned, “so I think I might be good. But how do I show that to you?”

She tapped her lower lip and hummed conspiratorially. Sam’s mime got louder. I eased my head back and butted her ear. She scratched her nails all around my chest. There were occasional lines of reddened skin following her fingers but mostly she was pushing only enough to tease me.

Alex looked up. She wanted me to guide her. I was afraid to fail her but I was ready to try for her. I felt the change right down to my bones. I had compromised my inhibitions but not my morals. I stroked my fingers into her hair.

“My hair will be in the way!” Alex squealed when she felt me touch her scalp. She rushed to tie up her hair. I nodded.

“Sam, there’s an elastic in my—Oh! I love you, sweetie!” Alex accepted the hair tie that Sam had retrieved from her own bag. “Thank you, Sam.”

“You’re welcome,” Sam said, and blushed through her tan.

“What about a boobjob?” Max had a small towel and was drying off her hands in the bathroom doorway.

“I don’t think surgery to catch up to you is going to help, sweetie,” Alex said over her shoulder. She looked back to me with a gleeful lick of her lips.

“I like her idea,” I grinned. Behind me, Sam tensed. Alex blanched, and looked down at her tits with dismay. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back up. “Closer.”

She knee-walked in and I laid my cock on her chest. She looked down again. Her face cleared, and she exhaled in relief. “I thought you meant—”, and she gestured her tits expanding enormously. Sam’s chin dug into my shoulder and she nodded the same.

“Let’s say ‘titfuck’,” I suggested. I didn’t want to screw with their self-images. I had no interest in seeing any of them fuck up their bodies. They were so amazing, so gorgeous, so committed.

“OK, so I...” She grabbed the head of my cock with her left hand and brought her breast in, in the grip of her right hand. I reached down and squeezed her other breast around me. I loved the feel of her skin and the curiosity in her eyes. “This is... this is something I should be doing.” She took her hand off the top of my cock and took her breast from my hand. “If you need to fondle someone, we’ll call Max back over.”

“Max!” Sam shouted next to my ear.

“I could hear you if you whispered,” Max said around her toothbrush. She must’ve stashed it there without my knowing. “I’m almost done here, or I could—”

But by this point I was having trouble listening to her, because Alex had put her back into her work. She chuckled and grinned. Her cheeks were afire but she was proud of herself. Yet, she frowned moment to moment and I realized the problem. “There’s some lube in my—”

“I know where it is!” Max stuck her head out from the washroom to shout. She dashed back in and spat into the sink. She came back out of the bathroom smiling and waving the tube in her hand. Her breasts shook invitingly. She was still wearing her jeans. Sam wiggled in against me. Alex kept going. I stroked her hair.

“Give Max a moment. We’ll make this even better,” I assured her. Max ran over, jiggling hypnotically over her final four short paces. She showed me the label; I nodded. The cap snapped as she opened it and squeezed a large dollop onto the head of my cock. I flinched: it was chilly.

“I’m so sorry!” she yelped and pulled her hands away. A few more smaller drops spattered on Alex, and on my floor. Max winced. “My fault, my fault, I’ll clean it up.”

“Leave the lube,” Sam said, and picked the tube from Max’s fingers. Max ran for a towel. I reached down and pulled Alex’s breasts apart so we could grease her up.

“Her skin’s gone so red,” Sam observed in wonder.

“If things seem rough or bad,” I said, “we should speak up. My hang-up was that you girls should be learning from people your own age. Well, the most important sex lesson is to speak up.”

“Right: speak up, speak loudly, say ‘yes!’” Alex threw a crisp salute, then giggled as I coated her tits. Max hurried back over and rubbed away the excess that had fallen on Alex’s upper arm, then knelt down on the floor.

I loved the friction and warmth of Alex’s breasts. The slippery lubricant made things easier, which required things to be faster to be as stimulating. Alex was beaming now. She thrust her shoulders up and down with glee.

“If you could bottle her joy, you’d make a fortune,” Sam commented as she watched Alex’s eyes with me. Sam’s hands molested me. I loved the warmth from all sides.

“Nah, I’m greedy. This is only for me.” I smiled for Alex.

Alex giggled at that. Max knelt down and whispered to Alex. She had been right: the apartment was so small that everything said, was heard.

“Can you suck him when he pushes out the top?” Max suggested.

“That’s my girl!” Sam said with a wavering smile. “Oh, wait, that’s Gene’s girl!”

“I like that.” Max looked up at me over Alex’s shoulder. Alex massaged me with her breasts between my knees. Sam entangled me from behind. I was overwhelmed with congested affection. I was smiling so big it hurt.

“Team Girlfriend,” I reiterated as I looked over the two girls in front of me. Where was the fight? I had not known women to share anything well, let alone be so accommodating and supportive of each other over sex. I supposed my knowledge of the female heart was anything but encyclopedic. I made sure not to fall back on my worries. It was easy to stay in the moment. Alex’s enacted courage was something to behold.

She cocked her neck forward in a painful-looking way. I felt the circle of her lips and we all heard the sloppy slurp of her attempt. She coughed. I stroked her hair.

“It’s not a taste I was expecting,” she said. I could see she had almost apologized. I’m glad she hadn’t.

“Is it a bad taste?” Max asked. Sam’s arms tightened around my trunk.

“Your face can fit and you can try it yourself.” Alex sank further down; for the first time in our titfuck I was poking out of the top of her cleavage all the way to the ridge of the head. Max gulped. She shook her head with a gaping mouth. I smiled for her; Max curled her lip between her teeth, then nodded.

Alex bounced up and down, running me between her tits.

“You’re not—You wouldn’t be mad?” Max said uncertainly. Sam’s fingernails poked into my chest.

“Do it!” Alex laughed.

Max grabbed Alex’s shoulder and pushed her friend down into an ass-on-ankles kneel. Max’s mouth latched onto the head of my cock. She was wet and hot; her tongue circled me in a full measure stroke. There was none of the slurp and chaos of Alex. Max pulled back, wearing a huge grin.

“You going to thank Alex for letting you do that?” I asked. I was just teasing. Max tightened a hug from behind and under Alex’s breasts. I could feel Max’s wrists on my balls as Alex and Max rose and fell with the rhythm.

“Thank you. You’re the best,” Max said, and kissed Alex’s cheek.

“You’re welcome,” Alex giggled. The tremors shook out from her lungs. I gasped. I was under pressure. Sam’s sharp nails kept me from relaxing, falling backward, and staring up at the ceiling.

“It’s good. Alex has done a wonderful job,” Sam whispered. “She’s working so hard.” Sam’s breath hitched. “Reward her.” She panted. “Cum for her.” She whimpered. “Make her drippy and beautiful.” She sighed.

“I felt beautiful just by holding his penis,” Max said. She frowned. “His... cock.” She frowned deeper. “His... dick.” She smiled in comfort. “It’s a lovely dick.”

I tried not to laugh at her forays into language. I was snorting and shoving the laugh down and the only way to do that was to bury the breath in my lungs. Alex saw me flush red and suffocate purple. She moved faster. The lubricant was spattering away. That friction from her silk-like skin was enough to finish me.

“Aleh—” I never muttered the X sound as I clenched my jaw and spattered cum onto Alex’s chin. She dove down, mouthing my cock. Max’s hands were in her way and she could barely drive down far enough to take the whole opening of my cock between her lips. She snorted as my first rope leapt into her mouth. I must’ve hit her windpipe. I huffed a big breath. I scraped for another one.

Sam kissed my ear. “Wow!” she said. “I think you can ease off now, Aleh.”

“ ‘Alex’,” Alex rebutted. She had to wiggle elbows into Max to inch back from me. Her fingers scooped up the mixture of spunk and lube and she put it into her mouth. She fingered my last beading droplet with her middle finger. Max stared at it wide-eyed. Alex greedily popped it into her mouth.

“I know, he just kinda said ‘Aleh’ when his brain fried.” Sam rubbed the back of my neck. I took a long heavy breath. I was certain I was out and gone.

Alex undid the elastic and shook out her hair. I smiled at her. She grinned. “‘Alex’,” she told me. “Or ‘Alexa’.

“Anything but ‘Lex’,” Max added. Alex glared at her friend, but then they both laughed. “My Dad calls her that sometimes.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “He called me ‘Lex Luthor’. And it was only once.”

“You love bad guys! You were talking about conquering the world!”

“I was doing a bit!”

“I think I like ‘Alex’.” I grinned, and let the post-coital sleep hormones pickle my brain. I felt amazing. I reached up and stroked Sam’s cheek. She stretched over me so we could kiss but she struggled to rise up, and punted my butt off the bed. I hit the floor with a thud and a laugh.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” Sam panicked. Max laughed along with me. I rolled my head back and looked up through overhanging cleavage into Sam’s eyes.

“It’s just my tailbone. Tails grow back. I’ve seen geckos do it.”

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Sam huffed. I laughed at her. I mean, in her direction. I wanted her to ease up. “You’re not mad?”

“I’m in the best mood I’ve ever been,” I assured her. “I can’t believe I gave in, though.”

“Team Girlfriend wins!” Alex cheered; Max eagerly high-fived her. Sam tickled my neck until I looked back up to her.

“If you’re not mad, I was thinking, for my turn, I’d rather you join me in bed. I don’t want to kneel on the cold floor like Alex was doing.” She smiled. She was determined to be brave, and momentarily she was successful. I cocked my lips in a wry grin. I felt too good to feel bad about what I was about to admit.

“That’s sweet, Sam, but I’m not nineteen like you girls. I don’t have the pharmaceuticals to give myself that kind of energy.” I reached down to my expended self. I smiled for her. “How about we call it a night on all of this? We could play some games, I’m sure Alex is itching to wreck me in something. We’ll keep it friendly for the rest of the night. I’m not Superman.”

“No, Superman sucks,” Sam declared. “You’re more of a Captain America.”

I’m pretty sure the only thing I shared with Chris Evans was the height. “OK, good.”

“Should we talk about things, then?” Max hoped. “I mean, this is all quite new to us and we want to be better for next time.”

“Let’s keep it friendly tonight,” I suggested, “I’d love to have a big talk in the morning. About everything. I think we’ll all be better if we sleep on it and—”

The wind rocked the building. The snow flurried in a tornado. Alex giggled and dived forward so I could hold her. She squeezed me constrictor tight.

“It’s alright,” I assured her, “It’s just bad weather.”

“I’m not scared of the weather,” she promised. “I just like the rewards when a great man thinks I am.”

“I’m not going to have to worry about this great man, am I?” I asked. She feigned shock I would even ask that but, after a moment, she was laughing. She rose off of me before my mind caught up to my reactions.

“Oh my God, Sam! I’m so jealous!”

“But you got a turn and—” Sam shut up when she saw Alex’s smile. Alex flicked her eyes down to my crotch a few times too many to be subtle. “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

Gleeful and honest, Sam grabbed my shoulders and dragged me bodily to the edge of my bed.

“Up! Up! Up!” she ordered me.

“You better do it, she’s getting the crazy eyes,” Max said from behind a big smile.

“The rule is not to stick your dick in crazy,” I rebuffed Max as I climbed to my feet. I turned around and slapped my hands down on the bed on either side of Sam’s knees. She lunged for a kiss before I could think about giving her one.

“Then you don’t wanna fuck her in the eyes,” Max said as she scrambled onto bed and behind Sam. Max fell on her back and wiggled out of her jeans. She kicked those off the foot of the bed. She inched to the wall, laying on her side, wearing only her green cotton panties.

Sam broke our kiss with a loud smack of her lips, and grabbed my cock. I grabbed her hands.

“Don’t be scared and gentle but don’t go that hard.” I wheezed that first syllable. Alex’s hands pushed my hips. I climbed onto the bed as Sam rolled back. Alex clambered up and soon we had Max and Alex for rails.

The apartment was rattling like the wind was as excited as I was. I felt the fog of desire bullying out even simple thoughts from my mind. I kissed Sam. I rubbed her side down along her thigh. She clawed the hair over my ear. She snapped her teeth if our kiss ended for half a heartbeat.

“That’s not what we did with our turns,” Max poked Sam. “He was already good to you. What about Gene?”

“Gene’s ready, Sam, are you?” Alex teased. Sam inched her lips back from mine.

“I was ready.” She stared me in the eyes. “I was gonna wiggle down and try a blowjob. You’ll tell me what to do, won’t you? I don’t want to not do it good enough. Well enough. Properly.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” I promised her. I brought my hand up and rubbed her shoulder.

“I know you’re a good guy. But I’ve never wanted to give one before. I’m not even confident I can get you in my mouth,” she whispered low. I thumbed her cheeks, pushing her smile to Joker size. She snorted laughing and pushed away my hands to hold them, then kissed my fingers. I grinned. I grabbed her shoulder again.

“Those are lessons for another time.” I nodded. I reached back and tickled Alex’s hip. She snuggled against my back. “There’s condoms by the table.”

“Oh my God! Sam!” Alex whooped as she dashed back off the bed and started rummaging around my desk for the box of Trojans.

Shit, that’s right, I remembered: Condoms expire. I’d have to pull out. I frowned. It seemed crazy to be thinking about sell-by dates with three eager bodies throwing themselves at me. Three women in my bed was anything but my day-to-day. I grinned and stroked Sam’s brown hair.

“Wow, um, wow.” She smiled. She reached back, flailing. Max took her hand. “I, um, always knew there’d be candles.”

I smiled brightly at that. I stroked her bangs back over her ear. I could hear Alex tearing the foil behind me. She reached around my hip.

“I never did it from this angle. And you’re not a test tube to try it on.” She cocked her chin and narrowed her eyes. “Are you sure?”

I am,” I said with certainty that only revealed itself to me as I spoke. I swept Sam’s bangs out of her eyes. “But I’m not the only one who needs to be.”

“I’m for it!” Max volunteered. “I—I think I’ll be better prepared if I don’t go first.”

“I’m envious as hell, but I think one of us tonight will be for the best,” Alex said, and started fitting me with my rubber sheath.

You’re who I meant.” I thumbed Sam’s nose.

“Can we go back in time four years? That’s when I was first ready for… Um...” She had the bravest face for almost an entire heartbeat. Her eyes flitted about the room, from me to Max to Alex to Max to me. I smiled.

“If we went back in time four hours, I’d be as far away from ready as I had ever been.”

“Oh,” she laughed. “I’m sorry about the boots.”

“Well, I’ll just have to take it out of your ass!” I said, with a growl that shut the three girls up. Max was the first to burst out, through a snort, into laughter—laughter which quickly spread to Sam. Alex rubbed my neck and smiled.

“OK. OK.” Sam breathed out. Her knees shook as they spread open. I climbed over her. She had darker hair around her pussy, though not much of it. Alex was pulling Sam’s brown hair up and tying it out of her eyes. Max rubbed my shoulders. I kissed Sam on the belly button.

She snapped like a rattrap. Her knees kicked up off the bed and her hands slapped the comforter. I watched her eyes, her pale cheeks suffused with redness. I kissed a little lower. She breathed methodically. I kissed above her hair. She shut her eyes and covered her face with her hands.

“I don’t think you have to do that,” Max told me.

“There’s no ‘have to’, in my bed. There’s only ‘want to’,” I promised. I kissed the side of Sam’s thigh. Her heels skated down the bed. I had to spread her legs further apart. Max held one leg against her with both hands. Alex slowly rubbed the other.

“Christ!” Sam yelped as I kissed near her pussy. I could get high on the smell of desire seeping out of her. I ran a finger over her. She was flooded. I kissed her clit. She hissed through clenched teeth. I kissed her above the hair. She opened her mouth and moaned again.

“You’re not too sensitive?” I worried. She seemed to be reacting like my lips were a live wire. I didn’t want her flinching in an overstimulated agony. Looking at Max and Alex, they seemed energized for more.

“I’m a little excited,” Sam hushed me. I kissed between her breasts. I raised forward so that my face was over hers. She looked away twice, then met my gaze. “A lot excited.”

“I was gonna say,” Max trailed off in a smile.

“Pfft, ‘little,’” Alex scoffed.

I focused on Sam, brushing her hair down towards her ponytail. She ran her teeth over her lower lip. She nodded. She said, “Please.”

I wasn’t going to let down a girl so polite! I smiled to myself. I felt the lubricant of the condom, it was cold and impersonal compared to the swamp of Sam’s sex. I had my pinky out, to aim, running down the lips of her sex to find my point of entry. I pressed against her. I had never had a virgin before. I honestly expected to run into a skin wall and have to bulldoze through it.

There wasn’t a break, and if there was a tear it was only audible in Sam’s frenetic inhalations. Max stroked her thigh. Alex brushed her hair. I went stupid with the feel of her sex.

“I am a woman,” she said as her eyes flickered open.

“I wouldn’t have done this if you weren’t,” I told her, deliberately ignoring the secondary message to her statement. She nodded. “Do you want me to start this?”

“I—,” and she took a long and big breath, “I do. What do I do?”

I didn’t say anything as I eased back and eased in. We started slow, matching my strokes to her long measured breaths. I imagined my cock pressing up on her diaphragm to squeeze the air from her lungs. I smiled, but not for my wild imaginings.

“You should move with him,” Max suggested. “Do you need me to put your foot down?”

“Send your hips to meet him. He’s not just fucking a hole, he’s making love to you.” Alex sounded too sweet to say “Fucking a hole.”

“Yeah, foot down, please,” Sam murmured. I was hunched, making sure to keep eye contact as she acclimated. She bit her lip and nodded. Her heels dug in on either side of my calves. Max had to retreat hard against the wall. Sam started rocking back with me.

“No, no,” I smiled, “we pull back together, we push in together.”

“Oh my god!” She covered her face but slowly she reversed her ministrations to match mine.

“How do you feel? Am I doing OK?” I asked. More experience didn’t mean blind confidence.

“You’re excellent,” she murmured. She put her hands down, with her hands and her feet she moved a bit harder. I raised the tempo to match. She changed, nervousness and chaos becoming competition and determination. She had her eyes opened wide and her nostrils flared large as she went faster.

“Are you getting another orgas—another cum?” Max asked, nodding to herself as she changed up her language.

“I think I am. I just... I’ve only done this once before.” Sam squirmed. Her eyes were darting now. She looked to and from our bed mates. Alex stroked Sam’s cheek.

“I thought you were a virgin?” Max said, then realized what else Sam’s statement could mean. “You only had your first orgasm tonight? Wow… I wish mine had been with Gene.”

I was grinning, but I was focused on never letting Sam lead the pace. If she sped up, I’d get more frantic. I wasn’t trying to get her off. I would’ve focused more on her clit. It was harder to do that in missionary. It was really fun to do in doggy style. This was more about sex and connection than the cum. I was deeply connected to Sam. She was heaving with brutal breaths.

I was holding her ponytail. I was trying not to yank it and turn her hair to the side. I was grinding my teeth. I was focusing on the point I was at and how much further I could go. Sam wheezed and then she shrieked. The wind echoed her. I was a heartbeat behind.

“What’re you—” Max gasped as I extracted myself from Sam. Sam shivered and rocked as I popped free. I yanked away the condom. I was sure, one, maybe two, good pumps and I’d be done. I found Max’s hand on my cock by the time I reached for it. I snaked my arm over her shoulder as she aided me in spotting a mess onto Sam’s throbbing abdomen.

“I did it!” Sam panted with a goofy smile. She stroked Alex’s face. I pulled Max into a hug as I finished dribbling my mess down to Sam’s thigh.

“That was—” The wind rocking the house was like my mother’s hand on my cradle. I felt my eyes growing heavy as Alex slurped up my cum from across Sam’s skin. I tucked Max in like a teddy bear in my arms. She soothed me and rubbed my hair. I was asleep as soon as my emptied-out husk laid down on the covers.