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Classifications: m/m m/f male dominant, f/m female dominant, mc, humiliation


An American college student of Greek descent is hurt by his Nordic American friend’s racist comments and so decides to exact his revenge by putting the students whom he admired the most, the tall proud Blond Norwegian exchange students, under mind control and auctions them off into slavery, but only to certain group of people in college, in fact to the most despised students in campus: the Gothic outcasts and makes sure that the humiliation is done publicly for all to know, including his Nordic American friend


By Sonya Esperanto


Robert was crouched down playing Soul Calibur 4 (a beat-em up game like Street Fighter IV) on his PS3 with his so-called friend Tony. Both were college boys and studying in some college in Colorado.

Tony was winning most of the matches.

“Man I am just so good in this game,” Tony complimented.

“Man I wished I was in Europe,” Robert was staring at the tv screen, blankly and not too keen on losing on this electronic game.

“You mean like Greece and Italy??” Tony asked.

“No Tony. Not Italy. Not Greece. I am talking about real European countries,” Robert commented.

“Yeah but they are European countries,” Tony started to protest.

“Well they don’t look European to me. And besides those people are already mixed with Arabs, look like Arabs and those countries are hot,” Robert commented.

“Oh come on. You’re being racist,” Tony was surprised at the words coming out his friend’s mouth.

“Ok I am being racist. So what,” Robert continued playing and talking at the same time.

Robert was 24; Blond, Nordic-looking, tall, skinny, and proud of his Norwegian heritage. He was also tired of political correctness in America and how people of North European descent get blamed for all the miseries in the world and also that he is tired of having to learn from schools and documentaries as to how his ancestors were barbarians and how they got civilized by people from the Mediterranean. He was also tired of all “dumb Blond statements” he regularly hears and that even the greatest achievements coming from Northern Europe are from Brunets.

“You can’t talk like that. You do know that I have Greek ancestry don’t you,” Tony was shocked.

“Well you blab all the time about the ancient Greeks and Romans so yeah I would know. And you told me so too,” Robert looked at Tony with not care in his eye.

Tony was 26; Brunet, Med-looking, short, fat, and just as proud of his Greek heritage and was glad that Barak Obama won the US 2008 Election.

“Man I envy those Norwegian foreign exchange students. They get to go back to Norway while I am stuck here in multi-racial multi-cultural America. This country is full of crimes because of all the immigrants and this country was built up by people of North European descent, but mostly by the Anglo Saxons,” Robert talking in a wishful thinking mood.

“Well there is crime everywhere and not just in this country,” Tony starting to protest now.

“Yeah but who is responsible for it. Blacks. Asians. Latinos who refuse to speak our language. In white dominated areas crime rates are less. In Norway and Iceland they have the least crime rates of all the European countries and the highest are in places like Italy and Greece and Spain and Romania and they all have dark hair anyways. Those are facts,” Robert being too straightforward and not caring anymore about his friend’s feelings.

I got to go,” Tony dropped the joystick, got up and headed out of Robert’s student accommodation bedroom door, going all the way down the steps and left the house.

“That was quick,” Robert confused why his “friend” left.


Tony was sat down in one of the college’s pubs. It was in the middle of the afternoon and he sat down by himself.

Not far from Tony were sat down a table full of students. Specifically, the Norwegian exchange students. They always kept to themselves and did not really like associating with the American students, sometimes making comments as how America was a cold capitalistic selfish country and not have a social welfare program like Norway.

Tony could make them out. They were really tall, even taller than the tallest American students (except for the African-American basketball players). Both the girls and the boys were Blond haired and blue eyed and looked like heavenly angels from old Italian Renaissance drawings.

They were even well built and not fat and sloppy like many of the American students.

They basically made Tony look and feel short and even inferior. And he hated that feeling and he was sure that many other American students did too (especially the Brunet students who resented being made to feel second class to Blonds, thanks to America’s stereotypical assertion of Blonds being superior even to other Europeans).

Tony knew that they would never notice someone like him. And he could make them out talking. But not in English. In Norwegian.

He studied them very accurately.

Six boys. Seven girls. All around their 20s.

Tony realised that he had seen them come to this pub very often and more than once.

Tony left the pub and headed for one of his college’s internet rooms. Once inside he saw a couple of Gothic students, comprising of both male and female students.

Tony recognised some of them from his business class. He knew that many of the other students did not like them and were seen as outcasts who kept to themselves, saying how they indulged in witchcraft and all kinds of sexual perversions.

In contrast to the Norwegian students the Gothic students were all dressed in black and had dark hair and were seen as the devils. All were taller than Tony (but noena s tall as the Norwegians) and some of them really pale.

Tony occupied a seat and logged online to his Internet account and started checking his e-mail. Tony was hearing the Goths fight it out.

“You know it is so funny that those guys from Norway are so stuck up. People here call us devils and blood drinkers and we get discriminated and those Blondies seem to get complimented. I mean if Norway was so fucking great then why did they come here then. Did they come here to poke fun at us,” complained 1 Goth whom Tony does not see talking.

“I mean of all the nerve. I hate their women. Their women get called beauties and angels. Sarah and I are called witches,” a Gothic girl complained.

“Yeah. Why should I be called names. I mean I have never done anything wrong. Maybe it is because I am Brunette and not Blonde,” the one called Sarah complained.

This was getting interesting, Tony overhearing their conversations.

Tony looked at all of them. He saw them talk. Strangely it was seven boys and six girls. It was also giving Tony ideas too.

“Hey what are you looking at?” one of the Gothic boys shouted towards Tony.

Tony felt flabbergasted.

“Erm. Nothing,” Tony just smiling.

“You think we are a buncha weirdoes don’t you. You think we drink blood and are black magic perverts don’t you,” shouted that same Gothic boy.

Tony closed his internet account and left.

“Yeah you go run away before we turn to bats and hunt you down,” screamed a Gothic girl whom Tony does not see and turn around to even check which one was it.


Tony was inside his bedroom.

“Tony when you going to bed,” shouted his mom from downstairs.

“Another thirty minutes ma,” Tony screamed back.

Tony still lived with his parents.

He was sat in front of his PC, doing online research. On Mind Control. On “art of fooling people” too. He had a master plan. 2 weeks ago Robert hurt his feelings and that was making him motivated to do something like this.



The 13 Norwegian students were sat down and drinking. Tony approached them.

“Hi. You are the guys from Norway aren’t you,” Tony smiling.

“Yes we are. So what?” one Norwegian girl shot Tony a cold look.

“Hey I am just trying to be friendly,” Tony smiling.

“Probably trying to hit on one of our girls too. Are you Italian?” one guy shot Tony a cold look.

“My grandparents were from Greece actually. Listen I just wanted to have a friendly conversation,” Tony said.

“So what do you want then?” one Blonde who looked like the singer Pink asked Tony in a cold way.

“You guys have been here for like two months and I realise that you guys don’t hang out much with other students over here,” Tony making a statement.

“Oh we do hang out. But we do it with people we feel comfortable with, like Norwegian-Americans. But they are mostly living in Minnesota,” commented 1 Blond Norwegian guy.

“Hey listen. I was thinking of inviting you all to watch a film. It’s not a movie. In fact it’s a documentary about Norwegian achievements in history. In both Europe and in the United States. I am sure that this was something you would enjoy while you are here,” Tony talking.

“You mean that this country does recognise Norwegian contributions?” asked 1 Blond guy.

“And superiority,” a Blonde girl shot Tony a fierce look.

“Yeah. I am also going to cook us all lunch too,” Tony trying to be convincing.

“Well we don’t really like Greek food,” commented 1 guy.

“No. I am going to cook Norwegian style food. Like fishes and stuff like that,” Tony being more convincing.

They were discussing amongst themselves.

“Ok. When are we going to your place???” asked a Blonde girl.

Tony smiled.


All the Norwegian students came over to Tony’s place. Tony had a big house and a big lounge. There were many sofas and he invited all 11 of them to sit down. He also pulled back the curtains and the nearest house was not so near, although he lived on a street.

Tony turned on the Blue Ray Disc player and he placed the Disc inside the machine.

Tony’s parents were outstation and won’t be back until Monday afternoon.

“Ok. I’ll turn on the documentary. I was thinking of having this exhibited in school but thought that cos you are all from Norway maybe I wanted to impress you guys first and see if you liked this documentary and if you like it, the school will like it,” Tony turned on the documentary and then went to the kitchen, closing the kitchen door behind him.

All 13 Norwegian students were sat down watching the beginning of the documentary. This one was about Vikings and Norwegian blood among the British, a BBC series titled Blood of the Vikings. Tony came out and handed each of them a cup of coffee (Norwegian-made).

The first half of the documentary had all of them glued but this was no ordinary documentary that Tony put in for them. It is a special copy, one with subliminal sounds and movements.

After the first one hour of the show passed, the screen showed them something like the top part of an open-up umbrella, turning around and around, mesmerizing all those who were watching.

A voice came out from the screen. Tony’s voice.

“You are all paying full attention and you are opening up your more obedient subconscious side. Your mind is opening up for their new programming. This is the only voice you will pay attention to. You shall all obey your host Tony and he is your superior and your master. At the count of ten, your subconscious part will introduce your new programming into your mind and that programming will mean that you shall obey Tony totally and loyally and without question and further thoughts. Ten nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

All 6 boys and 7 girls started flinching their eye lids. All they knew that they had to obey Tony.

Tony got out of the kitchen.

“Do you people know who I am?” Tony testing his mind control trap that he had set up just for them.

They all looked towards Tony and nodded in unison.

“You are our master Tony,” the Blond Norwegians responded in a mesmerised tone.

“From now on you shall only address me as Master. Got it,” Tony putting his authority to more full use.

“Yes…..Master,” all the Blond Norwegians responded in unison.

“Excellent,” Tony smiled. He had plans for all of them.


Some college students saw a sign on the billboards. It was a slave auction, advertising where it was going to be held.

It said


As the students continued watching the hall sign, they started reading it and knew when it was going to be held and where.



Tony had one wooden desk and sat on one chair. Behind him were some trees. It was a beautiful day. He had a glass with him as well as a jug of orange juice and some Burrito chip bag. Next to him on the grass floor was a box.

Behind Tony were all seven Norwegian girls and six Norwegian boys. All 11 of them were naked and standing up straight as if ready to be sold.

Not far from his desk was a large placard saying



Tony then saw some college students approaching. He recognised them.

One was a guy named Bill, a total redneck. The other was Sean, a liberal.

“Hey man what gives. You are selling out the foreign exchange student…to the Gothic students? What the hell is going on here? You know that Blond people are dying out (according to some German newspaper the last Blonde will be found in Finland and by 2202AD) and you are selling them…them…to these Goths,” Bill was unhappy as to what he was seeing.

Other students were approaching, both males and females.

“I guess this karma,” Sean smiled.

“What….what the fuck do you mean karma?” Bill was not sure but did not like all this.

“Well Blond people have been on top for far too long and the Goths have been the most discriminated since their pagan ancestors were being burned all over Europe and we in this country have been looking down on them as if they were nothing more than gypsies and also because they are Brunets. Now the tables have turned,” Sean smiled.

“What…what the fuck???” Bill hated Sean’s liberal comments.

Finally the 13 Gothic students came. The other students shied away from them as they did not like them but are even further disgusted that these Blond Norwegian “gods” were about to be sold to the people they hated the most.

“Well well well. This is for real isn’t it,” a male Gothic student.

The one called Sarah looked at Tony and said, “Hey you’re that guy from the Internet Lab.”

“Yeah. Look we are sorry that we were rude to you last week,” another Gothic girl apologized.

The Goths were approaching where the naked Norwegian foreign exchange students were stood.

One of the Gothic guys started fondling with one of the Norwegian girls’ breasts. All the Norwegian girls were taller than any of the Gothic guys.

“You like,” Tony addressing him.

“Hell yeah,” that Gothic guy smiled, as he was eyeing her large pink Norwegian nipples as he was also pulling on them.

“This is wrong man. How come they are not saying anything. You must have them drugged or something,” complained one male student from the audience.

“How come you are only selling to the Goths. This is discrimination,” complained another.

“Look people. This is all payback time for having discriminated against them. Sometimes angels become slaves to devils,” Sean commented.

“Shut the fuck up you fucking Socialist,” complained an angry female student.

The Gothic girls were examining the Blond Norwegian boys. The Gothic boys were examining the Blonde Norwegian girls.

“Ok guys listen up. Since there is like seven girl slaves for seven guy Goths and also six male slaves for six girl Goths I was thinking that a slave should only be sold to someone of the opposite sex and also a slave per customer,” Tony told them.

All 13 Goths looked at Tony and smiled. They all shared the same idea and liked it; Blond slaves and Brunet masters and mistresses.

“Don’t do it man. Don’t do it,” Bill pleaded with tears in his redneck eyes.

“Yeah man don’t do it,” came out another college student from the crowd.

Tony saw who it was. a friend he had not seen for weeks.

“Please Tony. Don’t do it,” pleaded Robert. The same Robert who had injured his feelings.

“Fuck it. This is interesting,” cheered one excited male student.

Some cheers, supporting the slave auction came about but only few minority of students were bitching about.

“These Blond people come to our college and have the nerve to tell us how terrible our country is. Well fuck ‘em. On with the auction. Aren’t the rest of you tired of how they criticize our country, put down our system and even say that Americans are short people while they are still tall,” another student brought up.

“Yeah,” some students cheered.

Tony drank his orange juice and then got up, but not without carrying his bag of chips.

“Ok I was thinking of going with ladies first,” Tony looked at the one called Sarah.

Sarah had short dark hair that was partly dyed purple and she wore an Ankh-shape earring on one ear.

“Ok Sarah which of these Norwegians would you like to buy?” Tony showing her all six Blond men. Sarah took her time and she was touching like one’s guy genitals to another guy’s six pack. She stood in front of one guy and she started moving her nail towards his nipples.

“This one is quite cute. I think I am going to have lot of fun with this one. Guess he won’t be going back to Norway anymore. I was thinking what fun I can have and BDSM always come to my mind,” Sarah said.

Sarah looked at Tony.

“How much for this one?” Sarah asked him.

“How much do you want him for?” Tony asked.

“This is wrong man,” one of the complainers cried out.

“I was thinking…hmmm….how about I give you $100 for him,” Sarah smiled at Tony.

“Sold,” Tony walked to where his box was and he took out what looked like a dog manacle. He placed it on the neck of that Norwegian guy whom Sarah chose and she paid him his $100.

“Noooooo,” Robert cried.

“Man this is exciting,” one female student cheered.

“From now you will do whatever she tells you to do and obey only her,” Tony pointing to Sarah.

“You are my mistress whom I shall always obey,” that Blond Norwegian guy with the dog manacle around his neck addressed Sarah.

“Go on your knees and crawl on all fours like a dog,” Sarah commanded him.

That tall Blond Norwegian guy dropped on his knees and then on all fours.

Tony handed the leash to Sarah who eagerly took it. She looked at her new slave.

“Now bark like a dog,” Sarah shouted at him.

That Blond Norwegian guy started barking like a dog. Sarah just laughed at this form of humiliation.

The slave auction did not last very long. Tony managed to sell all 13 Norwegians to all 13 Goths. All sold for $100 each and Tony made altogether $1000 (not bad for someone during this time of the credit crunch).

All 13 Goths made all their Norwegian slaves crawl on all fours and all of them had to bark like dogs, as their Gothic masters/mistresses were pulling them by their dog leashes.

The Goths waved their happy good byes to all the other students.

The students cheered as they saw all 11 Norwegian students being led away as if they were just slaves/dogs and the Goths intended to go shopping first, with their slaves following them.

“Man that was cool. Hey Tony since you made our day, how about you auction your chair and table as well,” Sean suggested.

“Or even this placard sign,” a female liberal student pointed out to the slave auction sign.

“Hmmm,” Tony digging in into his bag of chips.

“My my. This is my lucky day,” Tony smiled as he saw Bill and the complainers walk away…with their heads down.

“How could you man? They were human beings and they were my kinsmen,” Robert was on the verge of crying, as he approached Tony.

“Well what goes around comes around eh. I mean if they were such great people, how come they got sold into slavery. And to the most despised people in college too, who by the way actually had the money to buy them out. How ironic,” Tony looking Robert in the eye.

“I will never speak to you again,” Robert said.

But Robert was not about go away. Before he could launch a punch towards Tony, many of the other students grabbed him and overpowered him.

“You bastard. I hate you. I hate all of you. And of all the people you sold them to these devil worshipping Goths. Just imagine what they are going to do with them,” Robert started crying with genuine tears.

“Hmm let see. The girls would tie the guys up and torture them with candles and sticks. Maybe even pierce their bodies. Lick their feet. Lick their ass even. Maybe even ride on their backs as if they are just horses. Dog collar and just underwear when they bring them to college. BDSM is also highly likely. The guys would obviously have rough sex with those Blond girls. BDSM too. Maybe even tattoo their bodies. Guess these “gods” won’t look like gods anymore and we may even get to know why. show their slaves off in college too,” Sean approached them and broke out laughing.

“You bastard,” Robert shouted to Sean.

“Brunet mistresses with blond male slaves and brunet masters with blonde female slaves. Seems to sum up right,” Sean chuckled.

“Let me go so I can kick all your asses,” Robert looking at all of them.

“Guys, just take him away so I can continue the rest of the auction,” Tony dismissing Robert’s threats.

The group that held Robert led him away and told him not to come back.

The rest of the auction continued and Tony made another $1500.

“Not bad eh,” Sean patting Tony on the back.

“Yeah tell me about it,” Tony counting his money.



Robert and his new friend Bill entered the night club. This was one of those few night where there was no entrance fee. Once inside they could smell beer aroma and they finally found themselves a seat.

Robert sat down on a long seat that faced the back of a wall. Bill stood in front of him.

“What do you want? It’s on me,” Bill asked.

“I think I need a Tequila,” Robert said.

“One tequila coming right up,” Bill left him.

Robert’s heart pounded.

Across his table was a bunch of other tables. He recognised all of the people sitting down. all of them were Goths. The same 11 Goths who bought the Norwegians. And the Norwegians were with them too.

He saw 3 Gothic guys sat together on one table and their 3 Blonde female slaves dressed in black leather jackets and on their knees, sucking them off, also revealing their lacy lingeries and fishnet stockings.

He saw the other 3 Gothic guys sat on another table. One of them was forcing his lips to his female slave’s lips. Another was sucking on the nipple of his slave while pulling on her other nipple. The 6th guy was twisting and pulling at his female slave’s nipple rings.

Oh no, Robert panicked.

He saw the other Gothic guy chatting with three of the Gothic girls. All their slaves were giving them blowjobs or licking their pussies.

He saw the 4th table where the last 3 female Goths (the one called Sarah was among them) were chatting and drinking while their male slaves were licking their feet.

Bill finally came with their drinks.

“Hey man what’s wrong?” Bill was confused why his friend looked as if he saw a ghost.

Robert pointed to what was behind Bill. Bill turned around and saw all 11 Goths. And their slaves.

“Oh my God,” Bill was shocked.

All 13 Goths heard and noticed Bill and Robert.

“My my. If it isn’t the rednecks,” one Goth guy gave him a cold stare.

“Look what we have done to your idols,” Sarah staring at both of them coldly.

The Goths were starting to become intimidating to Robert.

“Not so high and mighty now are they,” one Gothic guy chuckled.

All the Goths started to chuckle…..coldly and even frighteningly.

It was already too bad that they were showing off their slaves in public and even made them leave college (to never return to their homeland). Now all their future were as slaves, nothing more.

All the Goths made their slave stand up and say to Robert and Bill in their thick Norwegian accents, “We are the slaves of our Gothic masters and mistresses and only fit to serve them in any way we are asked to. We are beneath them as they are superior and we are inferior.”

It sounded scary as they all sounded like the Blond kids from that sci fi horror film Village of the Damned.

Then the Goths made their slaves all kneel exactly right in front of them and in view of both Robert and Bill, making them lick their pussies and suck their dicks while putting their hands on their Blond/e heads, as a sign of keeping them in their place.

The Goths were really shoving their Blond/e slaves head down their crotches, both smiling wickedly and intimidating towards both college students. Their eyes proud and cold, just like the gypsies in that Stephen Kings’ film Thinner, when they surrounded that anti-gypsy lawyer in their own camp, showing him their true supernatural powers.

Words like “suck harder” or “lick harder” were being echoed by their Gothic owners towards them made the Blonds lick harder and suck harder while their hair were being pulled, and at the same time giving the 2 Rednecks real cold cruel evil stares.

“We better get out of here,” Bill taking Robert by the arm and leading them both off.


“Man I really hate them. They humiliate those Norwegian gods and goddesses like that,” Bill shaking his head as he sipped his beer and sat on Robert’s bed. For Bill it was just as painful as he too had North European ancestry and believed in North European superiority.

“I know,” Robert was sat down and crouched by his PC, being online.

“Hey what are you doing man?” Bill asked as he was curious why Robert was online.

“Tell you the truth I can’t take this anymore. Thought Tony was my friend and he did this. To me. To you. To us. He had them under some kind of Mind control and then had them sold off. Auctioned off like cattle. Just learning more about mind control and how he did it,” Robert commenting.

“You mean you are going to teach him a lesson. Use his own game against him,” Bill starting to get excited by what Robert was up to.

Robert saw an online picture from a friend of his from another college. His friend was a jock. He was sat down while his Greek female slave was on her knees sucking him off.

Robert smiled.

Two can play at this humiliation game. Robert liking what he saw. His friend told him that his other friend’s Filipina cheerleader girlfriend helped tricked this female student and put her under mind control.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold,” Robert said and then looked at Bill.

(The End???)