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Blood Trails


Billy ‘the Leech’ was thirty-five. That wasn’t his real name, but the one the press had given him. Suspect in seven rapes across three states, Billy was actually responsible for many more. He’d been abusing women since he was fifteen, starting with his sisters and his mom. Then he got creative.

Billy smoked a smoke as he walked around the back of the motel. He dropped his cigarette and stomped it out, and then disappeared into the shadowy space there, beyond the motel’s lights.

He was drawn to a window. Inside an anonymous couple were fucking. Reginald, a truck driver, and Louise, a local whore. Billy masturbated.


Anna was forty-four. A mother of two, now divorced. Her kids—they were with her husband. She was married to the Bureau. The FBI had given her structure and a kind of stability that a husband and family couldn’t; a purpose she only found in hunting clues and finding bad-guys.

She had however over the past year grown increasingly bitter. Procedure for its own sake had worn her down. She had come close to capturing ‘the Leech’ twice only to be stopped by ‘the rule of law’. So now she was technically on leave. She used her badge but she knew that when she found the Leech she would use her gun, regardless of the law.

Just seventeen miles earlier she had interviewed Beth and Lorraine Smith. A mother and daughter. Beth was twenty-nine and her mom was fifty-five. They were not typical of the Leech’s targets. He preferred them young. This is why local law enforcement refused to connect them to the Leech.

Anna knew, from certain behaviours during the rape that it was her man. The Leech liked to use chloroform and a rag. Occasionally if things got out of hand he had an emergency shot of drug in a syringe. He would disable his victims and rape them right away. Then, he’d wait till they had recovered to rape them anally, so as to cause them the most pain and discomfort. Often he’d rape them a third time before knocking them out again, so as to make an escape.

He usually took something of his victims, something intimate; a trophy. Most often this was simply the panties that they had been wearing.

Anna interviewed Beth and Lorraine separately. Then, going through the notes had concluded she was still on her man’s trail. He was getting sloppy. Instead of random towns he was heading in one direction; towards the Pacific north-west.

She looked at the map. She was in Murion, next Kendle River, then Kendleville. She started her car.

Lilith and Damien:

“Get your feet off the dash!” Damien snapped. Lilith drew her feet down. She was bored. She had no idea why they were travelling across the country, and why it would have to be by car.

Lilith looked at her dad but Damien was concentrating on the road. They’d just past through some hock town; “Kendle River”. It was a town so small you could sneeze and have past straight through it.

“How long?” she whimpered.

“Not long… maybe next stop”

“I’m hungry”

“Yeah, I know… so am I”

Lilith was small in frame. She looked small and weak, but this belied her power. She often wore her hair in pigtails to underscore her look and make herself appear more innocent and vulnerable than she was. It was a trap.

Damien made no pretences. He was a large man. His pale skin and jet-black hair made him look a little like Roy Orbison, especially with his glasses on.

Lilith flashed her pale blue eyes at her dad.

“Soon!” he said.

Lilith adjusted her top. She wore a T-shirt that was smooth except for two small bumps that were her small breasts. “Bee-stings” her dad called them. They looked like they were simply the swellings from a bee-sting.

She accepted his teasing with good grace. She loved him. He loved her.

The sign read “Kendleville 2mi”

He looked at her and smiled. She sat upright. She knew they were near a place they could stop… and she was hungry.

The Kendleville Motel was brightly lit out front, in the car-park. A red classic Mercury Coupe pulled in and stopped outside the reception. A man got out, and went into he reception area. His daughter stayed in the car, but leant out the window to wait.

Soon the man returned and got in the car. They drove across the car-park to park outside #2. The man was taller than the girl.

Billy the Leech observed them from the shadows, from back across near the reception. The girl stopped at the door-way. She turned and looked right at him. He stiffened suddenly. But then he thought how could she see him all the way where he was, in the dark. And then she smiled! He was startled again. She turned and disappeared into the room.

Billy looked again, through his binoculars. He watched silhouettes. The door to #5 opened. He trained his glasses on the woman there; she was young. The whore. She waved good-bye to the trucker before scooting along the walk-way. She was counting money in her hands. He thought of masturbating again. One thing Billy had never had problems with was the ability to come. He’d wanted to appear in porn—all that pussy to bang. He had the ability but ‘lacked the talent’. His cock was only 5 inches long!

He thought of going after the whore when as luck would happen the door to #2 opened and the tall man left, locking the door. He saw the whore. She smiled at him. He bowed. Very polite for a whore. She was taken aback by that. They stopped to chat. Billy could not hear what they were saying.

She took him by the arm and lead him out of the motel and across to the bar and steak-house across the road.

Billy smiled. His cock got hard in anticipation. The girl was by herself! He hadn’t fucked someone that young for a while.

Damien walked back to the bar with Candy, a twenty-year old hooker. He sniffed as they walked. She smoked, but beyond the stench of cigarette he could smell the cum inside her. She’d just been recently fucked, and she obviously didn’t wear a condom. Candy was short, not as short as his daughter, and pale. Her discolour though was from ill-health. She was s drug-user. She didn’t care about the semen in her cunt because she already had AIDS. She’d not got that from work though, that was from her uncle! She’d had it for years and though it hadn’t developed into HIV it was a time-bomb waiting to happen

The bar was ill-lit inside. It was full of smoke from various clients, all puffing away to early graves. Damien was lead to the bar.

“What’ll you have, Sweetie?” asked the barmaid, she had the name-tag “Connie”

“Whiskey” he said,

“And for your girlfriend?” Connie asked

He looked at her for a second “Vodka and Coke” he said

“Say!” Candy laughed, “How did you know?”

“I read your mind” he said, leaning in to speak into her ear. She laughed.

Candy was there to score some money for brining a client into the bar; free drinks from the ‘mark’ were a bonus. If she could get him to take her, even more money. She was set to reap a packet off of him, and it would be enough for her to score another hit, and then some.

He looked at her arm. He took hold of it and twisted it around. There were needle marks on the inside of her elbow.

“Hey!” she protested. She went to tug her arm free when she caught his gaze. She stopped, trapped by his eyes.

“You don’t need drugs” he said

“Uh-huh” she said, as if in a daze.

“It pollutes the blood”

“Uh…?” she said.

Connie placed the drinks on the bar and then looked at the two staring at each other.

“Er… are you okay?” she asked Candy.

“Yes… I… am… okay” Candy said robotically. Damien smiled.

“You sure, honey?” she asked.

Damien turned on her “Everything is okay”

“I…,” Connie said. Then she smiled “Everything is okay”

“Go about your work”

“Yes” she said.

He turned back to Candy. She looked at him blankly.

“Normally…,” he said, smiling and parting back her head, “I’d be very interested in you… but you’re so polluted with drugs…”

“I…” she tried to speak

“Now remember…” he said, “You don’t need drugs anymore”

“I don’t need drugs anymore” she said.

“Now go” he added.

She blinked and caught herself staring at him. “Ah… I have to go” she said.

She turned and stopped, and then looked back at him

“Where am I going?”

“Go powder your nose for a few minutes”

“Yes” she said, and went to the Ladies.

Connie was talking to another young woman and then came back to where Damien was to find neither drink had been touched.

“When do you finish work?” he asked

“Now” she said, “I’ve just handed over to Bethany”

“And do you have anyone waiting for you…?”


“Good” he smiled, “You will come with me”

“I will go with you” she said. She shook her head, that was odd, she thought, she wanted to go with the stranger.

“My name is Damien” he said


“You and I will have sex”

“Yes” she said, “You and I will have sex”

“You want to fuck me”

“I want to fuck you” she said just as Bethany came over.

Connie clutched her head and then blinked and turned to her co-worker “I’m going with Damien” she said.

“O…kay” Bethany said.

Connie went back and collected her stuff, and grabbed her coat.

She came out to the bar and Damien offered her his hand. She smiled and took it, and then with her other she waved back at Bethany “Have a good night” she smiled

“See ya” Bethany said as she watched Connie head out with the stranger.

Billy had moved quickly across the car park as soon as the couple had gone over to the bar. He took out small pieces of metal and inserted these into the lock on the door of #2. He heard an audible click. He stopped for a moment, straining to detect a sign of danger. He checked in the back of his pants, tucked into his belt was a.38, loaded.

In his coat pocket was a small bottle and a rag. He dampened the rag with chloroform and then slowly opened the door. He heard the shower going. “Good!” he thought.

He snuck in and then closed the door, locking it again. He made his way to the shower. Carefully he got the door open a crack and then looked at the steamy shape of woman through the shower curtin.

It was enough for him to want to masturbate. But he was on the clock… the rag would not wait that long

Jus then Lilith turned the water off and peeled the curtain back. She grabbed a towel and dried herself.

Billy the Leech thought she looked like she was 12 or 13. He couldn’t know she was much much older.

She had black hair, done up so to fit in a shower cap. As she turned he saw her sex was clean-shaven. He noticed a men’s razor on the washbasin.

He wanted to come so badly. But he waited till she dried. Then she wrapped a dry towel around her and flung the wet one over the side of the shower.

He crept in behind her and suddenly applied the rag to her face.

She struggled, and he was surprised that she broke free of him.

“What the…” he gasped.

He thought quick. He had a syringe in his other pocket… a back-up. As he and the girl seemed to circle for position he took it out and ripped the cap off in his mouth before threatening her with it.

He had dropped the rag now and switched hands with the needle. She made a lunge at him, taking him by surprise, knocking him backwards.

As she did, he plunged the needle into her neck and depressed.

Instantly she clutched her head. He was surprised. She should have been out, now.

Lilith shook her head, blinking her eyes, because her vision was blurred. In a second she recovered.

“What the fuck?” he gasped.

She turned and smiled, and as she did she opened her mouth a little. He almost shrieked in horror as he saw her upper canines extend down into long fangs.

“Fuck!” he cried. He reached up and grabbed her by the throat.

She took hold of his arm and with ease made him break his hold on her. His other arm came up repeatedly punching her in the ribs… ineffectually.

With her free arm she grabbed his head and forced it to turn, exposing his neck

“Help me!” he cried as if there was anyone there to help

She pressed her mouth against his skin. She pushed in till her fangs cut into his flesh. Then she sucked. His arms went limp.

A strange languor took over him. It was like he could not fight her. She sucked and sucked. “Please…” he whimpered through a cracking weak voice.

She kept sucking.

His cock jerked suddenly and he emptied out into his pants. She smelled it right away, but kept sucking.

She stayed attached to him, even after he ceased to be.

The room door opened.

Damien smelled the blood and semen right away. He rushed over to the bathroom and saw his daughter mounted over a man, who’s skin was pale, and sunken. His eyes looked up at Damien, but not to seek help. Nothing would have made him want to stop that feeling at his throat.

“What the fuck?” Connie said as she caught up with Damien.

She looked at Lilith there as she finished the man.

She looked up at Damien smiling

“What…? What are you…?” she cried in terror, backing away.

“Stay” he said to her. Suddenly her feet were planted on the spot.

“What the fuck?” she gasped. She writhed on the spot—her whole body shook, trying to kick her legs into action but they would only stand there.

“Please don’t hurt me” she begged

“Shut your mouth” he said.

Suddenly her mouth closed shut. She couldn’t move it open. She groaned and tried to move, even pressing her hands against her mouth to try and prize it open. Nothing.

“This one was a bad one, Pappa” Lilith said.

“Oh, yeah?” he smiled wryly. It didn’t matter, bad or good who they fed on.

“No, really Pappa” she said, getting up. “His blood is full of evil”

She had his life history inside her, and she knew all the pain he had provided people.

She went to her dad and they kissed.

“She’s a nice one, Pappa” looking over at Connie.

“Yeah, she’s alright” he said looking her over too.

“She’s peeing” Lilith said as she smelt it, well before seeing it run onto the carpet.

“You going to leave that?”

“I’m going to leave a message” she said, cryptically.

He raised an eyebrow

He turned to Connie “You want to fuck me” he said reinforcing this. She felt attracted to him again, she didn’t know why, despite what she had just seen.

“You can move now” he said, and suddenly she fell forward.

“Clean yourself up and come back to me” he said

She nodded. He grabbed her in mid movement and held her wrist up. She stared into his eyes “You want to obey me”

“Yes” she said “I want to obey you”.

“Good” he said and released her.

She stepped over Billy the Leech who lay there breathless. Erratic breathing.

She wiped her crotch clean before excusing herself as she brushed passed them to get back into the room.

He lay in bed, naked. His cock made her shiver. It was large and thick, and a little intimidating.

“Get undressed” he said

“Yes” she nodded and began to disrobe.

“Stop” he said, when she had only her bra left. It didn’t matter to him, her breasts, he wanted her pussy, and that was free to play with.

She climbed up onto the bed, and leant over him. They kissed. She felt giddy, it was a delicious feeling of warmth.

She straddled him and slowly sunk her vaginal lips over him, stretching herself as she did

“Oh, my” she gasped as she was opened wide. Her vagina stained to accommodate him, but it burned wonderfully.

She gasped and her whole body shivers as orgasm rippled over her, and she hadn’t even finished sinking down on him.

He turned to hear Lilith shower again before his attention was brought back to the woman impaling herself on him. He tore open her bra. Her large breasts bounced freely

As she finally got him inside her he pulled her forward. His fangs cut into her above a nipple. “Oh, fucccccckkkkkk” she growled as a deeper orgasm ripped over her

Her vagina rose and sank on him as he sucked at her blood.

Lilith joined them.

Lilith bounced onto the bed, and pulled Connie up, still the woman was sitting back up. She licked at the blood on Connie’s breast and then straddled her father’s face. She bucked in joy as his tongue pierced her sex.

Connie and Lilith rode him, coming, and then coming again.

In the morning Connie lay there exhausted, dehydrated, her vagina and anus both red raw and sore. She was asleep.

Lilith and Damien had continued to fuck well beyond the capability of human endurance. And then they slept in each other’s arms.

Connie woke at 9am.

She dressed. The room was empty. She dressed automatically, obeying a command placed there in her mind.

Connie picked up the room’s phone and calmly dialled 9-11, still in a daze.

When the operator answered she, on cue screamed horror into the phone like a frightened and traumatised woman.

She left the phone off the hook and calmly left the room and went home. At home she wondered how she had got there. She could not remember. She did not know why her groin felt so sore. Her anus too. And, as she looked at herself in a mirror she felt sore on her breast .

Still, she headed for bed.

About an hour and a half she was woken by the phone.

“Did you see it?” Bethany asked breathlessly on the other end of the line

“See what?”

“In the hotel… this guy… oh, man… they caught the Leech!”

Connie had no memory of the night passed, nor of the man she had left there for the police. She only felt tired, drained.

She didn’t care. She hung up and went back to sleep.

* * *

Anna drove down the road and occasionally check the maps app. She slowed as she saw flashing lights in the carpark of a motel.

She pulled into the motel and looked at the yellow crime scene tape, the throng of people, and the police

Stepping out of her car she went up to a state trooper “Look, I’m sorry… Miss” he began till she flashed her credentials. He stopped and nodded

She made her way under the tape and through a throng of uniformed and plain-clothes to the room

Anna had to flash her wallet again and made her way in. “Excuse me” she said, squeezing past some people to the bathroom.

She stopped and looked at the mess of the room. And the Leech was still there, now dressed in a paper suit, small evidence bags over his hands. And he couldn’t shut up. He was telling the police reporter there of his evil work.

Anna was shocked. He looked up at her and continued talking… confessing.

“The Leech”, could it really be him? She wondered, and of course what could have done this to him.

She managed to squeeze her way out and into the car park. She looked around and discerned who was in charge. She went up to him, introducing herself and another flash of ‘badge’.

“Whaat do you make of all this?” she asked him, hoping against hose that this want’t a different person to the one she’d been hunting

“I don’t know” the detective said “We asked the owner who had this room and the guy says he cannot remember”

“What do you mean he can’t remember?”

“Says he can’t remember!” the detective said, scratching his balls. “Like there’s a couple of minutes missing from his life…he says” continued the detective “Say…!” he said, stepping over to a person “Do you realise who that is in there?” she asked.

“If we have who he says he is….” the cop said “We’ve got one of the biggest cases solved!”

“Yeh” she said. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“You might if you can explain this mystery… like why now? Why this confession?”

Anna shroud and went over to her car and checked her note-bool as the detective jostled with the public behind her. They found Billy had booked a room there and inside in two cases were his trophies. It all tied in.

Anna felt a sense of relief that this predator was now on his way to jail.

She stood there for a moment trying to think of anything she might need to do now—perhaps get back with her family?

The jostling behind her snapped her out of her thoughts.

“Hey get back!” the detective blurted out “Sgt. get these people back”

“But you haven’t said anything” a reporter said.

“I’ll let you know when I know…”

“That’s not good enough”

“Well it’s gonna have to do”

“Well… “the reporter said. He turned to face a camera. “This is Walter Smith at the Kendleville Motel for KKILL-28”

His cameraman looked disappointed. Walter was disappointed too. At least his broadcast also went over the radio.

* * *

Damien leaned forward and switched the car radio off. He had a huge smile on his face.

“Get your feet off the dash!” he snapped at his daughter

“Sorry, Pappa” she said, not too sorry

“I can smell your pussy” he said, “You know it’s distracting”

“Sorry, Pappa” she said, closing her legs. In more than fifty years of travelling around with her father she knew what a distraction she could be, but she liked it. And she knew he liked it too.

She slid across the car’s bench seat and leaned against her father, feeling his erection pressing against his pants.

The Mercury Coupe moved on briskly towards the Pacific

The End