The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Body Stocking, Chapter 2;

Clair worked hard through the morning, resisting the urge to pleasure herself. By lunch time however something felt wrong. Remembering how she had felt earlier when she woke Clair started getting a bit nervous. Running her hosed hands across her body trying to grab a hold of the body stocking Clair found it still impossible for the slippery fabric to grab itself. Feeling the body stocking tighten against her skin, Clair gasped as it felt as though the air was being forced out of her lungs. Rushing to the bathroom Clair pulled her summer dress off and in a state of panic tried clawing at the nylon prison encasing her. After a minute her hands stopped trying to claw and started working their way to her sex where her legs went wobbly and she fell to the toilet as she climaxed. After several more fits of pleasure Clair’s thoughts started returning to her and she began to feel better. Standing back up Clair tested movements and found that the silky prison had pretty much returned to normal. Confused, and a bit scared Clair put her dress back on, and within a few more minutes she felt right as rain and eagerly returned to work.

After a few more hours Clair had all but forgotten the incident and forged forward with endless energy. Then as quitting time arrived Jessica made sure to be with Clair so she wouldn’t be forgotten. Smiling at Jessica, Clair asked if she was ready to change her life. Nervously Jessica shook her head, and they left the building. As usual Clair enjoyed the sun shining down on her and relished in the wonderous shine of her legs and arms as their heels clicked across the sidewalk. Looking at Jessica’s legs Clair winced remembering what it was like wearing regular pantyhose. The snags, the sliding, and all the other displeasures that went with it. Arriving at the corner where she bought her body stocking Clair approached the man without haste. Smiling she asked where he was that morning. Returning her smile with his own he responded with “This morning as I got ready to come here I found one of the packages was open, when I pushed the body stocking back into its package I realized how good they really felt, and it was at that moment I to realized I wanted to change my life forever.” Clair introduced Jessica and as they shook hands Clair saw his hand covered in glossy hose just as her own was. A shiver ran down her spine, and tingles started in her sex. Trying to maintane her composure Clair tried to rush them along. So after a minute of conversation Jessica purchased her own body stocking and they turned away from the stand.

Shaking nervously Jessica held the small box in her hands. Getting ready to go home Jessica gazed back towards her car, and Clair almost laughed knowing she didn’t want to wait to put it on. Offering to let her put the body stocking on at her house Clair watched as Jessica tried to decide. Feeling the ache in her own sex continuing to grow Clair gently rubbed Jessica’s arm and she almost melted in shivers. Ok Jessica mumbled under her breath as she started walking with Clair towards her apartment. Eager to get home herself, Clair picked up the pace and Jessica did as well.

Walking through the door Clair threw down her purse, told Jessica where to find the bathroom, and rushed to her own room. Pulling her dress up and over her head as she went, Clair had her fingers inside herself before she even closed the door. Struggling to get to her bed Clair’s legs buckled and she hit the floor wimpering as she worked herself to climax. When it hit Clair arched her back and moaned, trying to keep quiet. Over and over again she peaked losing herself to the body stocking not caring either way. All the mattered was it was on her skin, and those wonderous feelings that coursed through her very being. Finally satisfied, Clair calmed her breathing and composed herself. Getting back up off the floor Clair felt energized again, and without even bothering to put her dress back on went to check on Jessica.

Entering the living room Clair heard Jessica moaning from the couch. Looking over at her Clair felt her sex starting to tingle again, and she had all she could do to control herself watching Jessica thrash around trying to climax. Already the body stocking had started bonding to her skin, and the seam around her neck was gone. Without realizing it Clair’s hand had worked itself to her sex, and she was once again pleasuring herself as she watched the process continue with Jessica.

After what seemed like an eternity Clair pulled herself back together. Jessica still lay on her couch moaning with her fingers slowly working in and out of her sex. Sitting down in a chair as she watched Jessica, Clair’s own fingers still slowly worked her own sex. Finally Jessica opened her eye’s and looked embarrassed as she saw Clair watching her. “I am sooo sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Clair just smiled and told her it was ok, she understood how overwhelming it was when you put it on, but it you get used to it quite quickly. Sitting up Jessica rubbed her body with her hosed hands “Honestly I don’t think I can get used to all this. It’s like the caress of a million fingers over my entire body. This is going to take some time to get used to.” Jessica went to reach for the neckline of the body stocking, and Clair prepared herself for what was coming. A look of confusion crossed Jessica’s face as she realized there was nothing to grab on to. In a panic Jessica tore at herself trying to pull the body stocking loose from her skin. Waiting silently in the chair Clair continued to gently guide her fingers in and out of her sex while Jessica fought desperately to get free from the silky prison that held her so tightly now.

When Jessica started to calm down, she began working her own sex again. Clair started talking to her to help her understand what had happened. Getting up from the chair Clair walked towards Jessica and gently touched her arm. Almost instantly both Jessica and Clair moaned and Clair dropped to her knees from the intense sensation that passed fron the two body stockings touching each other. Reaching out Jessica grabbed Clair and they both fell to the floor rubbing as much of their bodies together as possible wimpering as their bodies went into sensory overload. Faster and faster they grappled each others bodies trying to bring each other to new levels of extacy they never knew existed. On and on, over and over, they continued, each touch bringing new levels arrousal and climax.

Throughout the night they continued, unable to stop. Something in their prison had opened a door to something they never knew, but now needed more than anything else in this world. As morning sun invaded Clair’s apartment they peeled themselves apart, with a deep seated yearning to intertwine themselves back together. Almost wimpering Jessica sat back on the couch, while Clair moved back to her chair. For the next hour they talked, Clair explaining how the body stocking was now a part of her, a prison of sorts. But the benefits of wearing it were so amazing as Jessica now knew. Knodding her head as she listened, Jessica said she understood, and she was not mad at Clair because she knew that she was the one that pushed Clair to help her get one. Knowing there wasn’t time to go home and get ready for work Jessica decided to shower and borrow some of Clair’s clothes for work. After all they both thought to themselves, this would be a good reason for us to get together again when Jessica returned them.

Clair took a quick shower and threw on a light summer dress, and Jessica followed suit. Then together they left Clair’s apartment towards work, both relishing the sight and feel of the nylon as it held them tight. Arriving at work Clair and Jessica were the talk of the office as they scurried around working diligently. Several times through the morning Jessica visited the restroom and clair smiled each time knowing why. Lunch time Clair joined Jessica and once the body stockings touched they fell into the familiar groove they found the night before. Composing themselves they returned to work only a few minutes late, but the smiles gave away their naughty behavior causing even more whispering and gossip. By the end of the day all the women in the office wanted to know where they could get a body stocking, so both Clair and Jessica were eager to share where they could find them. Leaving the building it was quite a scene as Clair and Jessica led the way with several women following.

As the women from work lined up to buy their body stockings, Clair couldn’t help but notice how strangely the guy that sold them was acting. Nervous and figity he moved, approaching him Clair asked him if he was ok. Shaking his head, he said “No, something is wrong. It feels as though it is getting tighter, I can barely breath, and it is beginning to hurt”. Clair shook her head and asked when the last time was he gave himself any pleasure. Puzzled he looked at her and shyly he explained not since the morning. Telling him to go around the building to take care of business Clair took over the stand for him. Still looking puzzled he left, and as Clair continued to sell the body stockings she could hear him moaning quietly in the alleyway. Giggling Clair worked at getting all the women from work taken care of, and when he returned she asked if he felt better. Smiling he told her yes, so she let him take back over as Clair and Jessica continued on to Clair’s apartment.

Before the door closed both Clair and Jessica were stripping out of their clothes. Body stocking on body stocking they worked each other with reckless abandon. As their bodies became one they screamed out in pleasure, nothing else mattered anymore, only the pleasure the body stocking gave them. As the evening went on, Clair and Jessica finally peeled themselves apart. Into the kitchen they went for a bite to eat, but the distraction was always there, and the tingle in their sex reminded them of the pleasure that they could be experiencing. Sitting at the table with a plate of leftovers Clair gazed at Jessica and noticed she was staring back. Slowly Clair’s eyes difted to the other side of the table to the other two packages that she a bought. A shiver ran down her spine, but she wasn’t sure if it was her naughty thoughts or Jessica’s foot as it slowly rubbed down Clair’s leg. Putting her fork down Clair reached across the table and a wicked smile formed on her face as she picked up one of the packages. Looking at Jessica, Clair asked Jessica if she wanted to try something new and take the experience to the next level. Longing appeared on Jessica’s face as she vigorously shook her head yes. Grabbing the other box, Clair got up from the table and told Jessica to follow her. Once in the living room Clair opened both boxes and pulled out the body stockings. Picking up a pair of scissors Clair explained her plan.

Four hours ago Clair had cut a slit in the front of both body stockings. Once that was completed both Clair and Jessica had slid one leg and one arm into each stocking, then they faced each other and each of them stepped into the leg of the other body stocking and slid their arms in as well. Once finished the body stockings held them together and it looked like one big stocking made for two people. As the nylon slid across itself the sensations became almost electric, and it was more than either one of the could take. Falling into a pile on the floor both Clair and Jessica passed out from sensory overload.

Waking up Clair realized she was staring directly at Jessica. Forgetting what had taken place only hours before Clair went to move, but found she couldn’t. Looking down reality set in and Clair remembered what they had done. Lifting her arm she gently shook Jessica sending sensations to her very core. Moaning both women started rubbing their bodies together and the sensations became stronger and stronger. Like animals they went at it, stretching the glorious fabric to its fullest extent, and screaming out in pleasure as the electric sensations coursed through them. Time faded away, there was nothing else but each other and the body stocking. Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into a day, and a day turned into two before Clair and Jessica started to come back to reality. Slowly they got to their feet, still experiencing that wonderful electric sensation and went to remove the two stockings holding them together. All the walls of reality crashed in around them when they realized that the two stockings had become one. Their bodies held close together there was no cuts or breaks in the nylon fabric that held them. Now in a panic the two women worked their way to the scissors that Clair had used to cut the body stockings, but no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t find an area with enough space to slide the scissors in. The two women had become one, and the bond appeared to be permanent. Scared both women looked at each other with a hand planted firmly in each others sex not sure what to do.