The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Chapter & Worse

The airport was crowded. He’d chosen to fly at rush hour, with all the business travelers.

This trip was the first he’d made in some time. His investments were beginning to pay off well. The money wasn’t exactly piling up, but he was doing well enough.

This trip would take him to New York. He planned to find some one to handle his investments closer to the markets. No big deal, and he’d be back tomorrow.

He walked through the security scanner on the way to the gate and almost froze in his tracks. By sheer force of will he kept moving.

A probe had slid over his camouflage persona, the construct he displayed above his thought shield. The Institute? Maybe. If he stalled now, they’d figure it out for sure.

He walked on to his plane, taking his seat, in coach, along with all the other passengers.

* * *

The ‘hunters’ sniffed a scent on the wind.

“William” said the man with the carrot red hair.

“What is it?”

“Lookee here. The system made a little hiccup. If the guy going by was one of the sensitives it should wail, instead I got this funny flutter.”

William looked at readings charted on the sheet of paper. Nothing was out of the ordinary except a sudden twitch on an emissions gauge. He looked at the power monitor, lifted the automatic logging sheet.

“Here’s the problem, Red, power hit must’ve gotten by the filters.”

“Hmmm, probably right.”

“Happens, ya know.”

They went back to reading newspapers.

Bob’s picture remained imposed in black and white on the roll of paper with all the scan data. As the paper rolled along for other scan jobs, it folded neatly into a box by the machinery.

* * *

Bob’s relief was immense as the aircraft settled into the clouds. Certainly they wouldn’t let the plane leave if they knew he was one of their ‘sparks’.

He did a quick snoop on the other passengers.

The cabin was filled with tired, somewhat restless travelers. They either wanted to get home, or to their hotels at their destinations. None of them seemed too anxious about the flight.

Bob settled in himself. Napping cut the trip time for him.

* * *

Arrival. Next time he’d spring for a limo.

He shared a cramped cab from Laguardia with 3 other people. Not fun, he decided. Well, not entirely fun. There was a very attractive, lithe little blonde going to mid-town with him.

The blonde was willing to talk to him. Her name was Andy, she told him. They arranged to meet at a restaurant she called ‘Possible 20’ somewhere in the area of his hotel for a late dinner. He used skill of conversation in the cab, not the talent for control.

He checked into the hotel, depositing his clothing in the room by hanging the garment bag in the closet. He planned to meet Andy at 8:00 but it was almost that now.

Fortunately, the taxi driver knew exactly where the restaurant was. He walked in only ten minutes late.

He didn’t see her in the front room, but in the rear section of the place she waved and smiled from a table under a picture of Groucho Marx. The decor’s theme was theater and movies. There were men and women in suits as well as jeans, an interesting mix.

He smiled and walked over to join her, sitting under Groucho’s cigar.

“Hello again.”

“You may as well sit. I ordered coffee for both of us.”

As he sat, he opened the menu before him. The fare was as mixed as the fashion sense of the customers. He was pleased at the choices.

“Sorry I’m late, concierge slowed me down in the lobby of the hotel. I’ve only been to New York once before, had a little trouble getting everything straightened away.”

“Its okay. The restaurant would be empty anyway. Curtain time has the crowds under control at the moment. No one will be here until after the last act.”


“Theater district is just a little downtown. The theater crowds will be busy at the moment. This place draws some of the theater goers.”

“Oh. I see. The theaters have that much effect on the crowds?”

“In the evening, yes. Going to be in the City long?”

“Just tonight and tomorrow this trip.”

“Oh dear. Well we wouldn’t want you to leave thinking badly of The City.” The way she said ‘The City’, he knew she meant it to be all caps. He’d met hard core New Yorkers before, but she was a living example of New York City as center of universe thinking.

He ordered skins, potato skins, the meal on the plane had somehow irritated his stomach. She had some kind of sandwich, he didn’t pay attention to what.

She’d changed from the outfit she wore in the cab. She now wore a dark sports jacket with elbow patches over a fluffy white blouse, slim jeans, and flats. Her hair was a bouncy shoulder length, almost golden blonde. Her face had high cheeks, a perpetual smile and almost laughing eyes. He admired her thin tender looking ears as well.

They lost themselves in discussions of international politics for a time. Was the economic future of the country dependent on finding an accommodation with Japan, were the Germans really getting their house in order, more trivia of interest. She proved better read on many topics than he, often bringing in some little piece of information or another he’d overlooked lately.

“What do you do?” she finally asked.

“I manage my investments.”

“Oh? you a broker?”

“No, just found a way to stop working for other people and manage a portfolio instead. Got lucky I guess. What about you?”

“Oh, I do a little of this, a little of that. I’ve been working through temp agencies for some time. Right now I’m running a real small business’s accounting department.”

“Good deal, I guess, if you can find something like that. How come you were at the airport then?”

“Went to visit my sister in KayCee.”

It took a minute, but he realized she meant Kansas City.

He paid for dinner. Anyone working through temp agencies, he figured, wouldn’t mind dinner on him. He was right, she seemed grateful he had picked up the tab.

They walked down Broadway. She led him through Times Square, past the hordes of beggars, street vendors, and musicians with hats or tins out. At one point, the break dancers had taken over the entire sidewalk.

They walked around through street traffic. There seemed to be a flow of people through the busy, yet sporadic flow of cars and busses.

They strolled south for some time. Andy called the direction downtown. She pointed out some of the better known buildings. They slipped over to the library, she tried but failed to remember the names of the Lions.

He laughed at this and told her their names. He stole into her thoughts to pull the information out. For all he knew, she wasn’t right either, but she thought he was.

She pointed out a building south of the Library. It had a gold colored top. The lights shone brightly, accenting the gold top. She informed him solemnly this was the American Standards building. She laughed because he remained mystified.

“It’s the company that make toilets, silly. Think of all the crappers it took to build the thing.” She continued to laugh. He smiled.

“Sir Thomas would be proud.”

“Sir who?” she said.

“Sir Thomas, Sir Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the flush toilet as we know it. Was knighted for his effort.”



Her laughter was contagious.

* * *

They had gotten back to his hotel. It was about 11:30. He was amazed a city could be so busy, even late at night.

Andy was going to say good-bye at the door to the hotel, but he talked her into seeing him to his room. Sensing what he could say helped. She had been holding his hand now for some time, quite content with his company.

At the door, he kissed her. She seemed to like it. A second, somewhat sloppier kiss followed. Her tongue joined in the act.

“Isn’t this just a little fast?” she ducked her head down so he couldn’t continue. He felt uncertainty within her, an interest in going on, but reluctantly.


“On what?”

“Whether we both want to or not.” With his left hand he lifted her chin, with his right he opened the door. She followed his kiss into the hotel room.

“I, uh, don’t think this is such a good idea.”

Bob pulled her to him, and plunged his tongue into her mouth. She tasted delicious. Her eyes closed in rapture each time his lips locked against hers. She relished each kiss as though it was the first she’d ever had.

His hands held her arms at the shoulders, holding her tightly to him. He used the grip to turn her enough to allow him to suck gently at her neck.

He could sense a decision inside her being reached, whether to stay; spending the night, or go; in hopes he’d come see her again. He let her work on the thought while he worked on the soft skin of her neck.

“I’ll stay,” she whispered, “but I don’t know if I’ll regret this in the morning.”

“I hadn’t asked you.”

“You would have,” she started to nibble at his neck and chin.

He kicked off his shoes. She dropped the sports jacket and stepped out of her flats. Taking her hand he led her to the bed. She looked at it briefly, shuddered a moment. Determined, she sat at the edge and raised her arms to entice him to her.

He entered her arms, and pulled her to him as he rolled to a prone position. She grinned above him, diving the six inches to his face to kiss him then pulling back. She teased him this way for a few minutes.

He reached a hand behind her neck and held her to a passionate kiss, tongues in collision. Her eyes remained enticingly closed during every meeting of their lips. Her hand drifted to his hardening prick.

“Oh my, did I do that?”

“As if you didn’t already know.”

“Can I have it for my very own?”

“We can let you test drive it...”

She began unwrapping the prize she sought. First his belt, then the button on his trousers, and the zipper made a resounding ‘ZZZippp!’ as she pulled it down. They both giggled.

As she pulled the elastic of his underwear over the stiff member, it popped to immediate attention. With a victorious smile, she performed a mock salute to the little soldier.

“Remain at attention!” she said.

He laughed at her playful attack. She plunged her mouth over the tip, soaking him between her warm wet lips. Her hair shook lightly at the motions she made.

He watched the twinkle in her eyes grow as she licked and nibbled the length of his cock, between her attempts to bring the head into her throat. The tingle he was beginning to feel improved as she grasped the base of his prick with one of her soft warm hands. She squeezed it and pumped whenever her head wasn’t seeking to engulf its length.

He couldn’t help thrusting into her face, every time she sucked him in. The pink tongue sometimes showed around the edges of his cock as she sucked. He struggled to avoid pulling her head to force himself deeper into the orifice he was fucking.

She watched his face as she sucked. Her activity became more enthusiastic as she saw him more frenzied. The pressure rose in his groin. He felt fluids starting to travel.

“I’m coming Andy. I’m coming.”

“MMPPPH!” She plunged his cock deeply into her mouth, driving him past her rear teeth, and at last, into her throat. He felt her rear teeth rubbing sharply against the body of his penis.

She kept this deep throat action going while his groin muscles mechanically pumped a volume of come into her. She held him in her throat as long as she could hold her breath, lips and tongue rubbing against the root and balls. She enjoyed his facial expression during release.

Then she sat back. He rolled on his side in contentment.

“Good.” she said.

“Good what?”

“Now when I get you hard again, you’ll last longer.”

He laughed again. She’d entered into the fun, having made her decision.

“You needn’t have worried. That’s the one muscle I have with endurance to spare.”

It was her turn to laugh. She peeled away her blouse, leaving her breasts bound in their double barrel slingshot. Then she dropped her jeans, revealing a lacy pair of panties. She left these on and began unbuttoning Bob’s shirt. After pulling his pants off, she made him shed the remains of his shirt.

“I’m gonna leave these on just to give you some continued interest,” she waved at the underwear she wore. Her tits seemed to fill the bra quite nicely, and a hint of the dark patch of pubic hair was visible around the edges of her panties.

Her body slipped up against Bob’s naked skin. She felt smooth and silky as she rubbed her legs against his. He began to caress her arms and shoulders as they once again began to neck. He carefully traced lines across her back, following paths her nervous system reacted to well.

She let out a sigh, enjoying the way he anticipated points on her back she wanted touched. Enjoying her response, he began to tease along her pleasantly round hips the same way.

“oooo, that’s nice!” He liked the way her lips shaped the sounds.

He sensed itching and tingling under the bra straps she wore. So he reached around and hooked the eyelets free. The back now loose, her flesh in the front still cupped in the bra, he moved the straps to the sides. Then he scratched her back along the places they had been binding her.

She tucked her head down against his chest and purred. She was making a low rumbling and rolling ‘rrr’ noise until she slipped her lips forward and began to suck at his nipple. Then the sound came from her throat.

Not allowing her to resume control, he reached his hand down between her panties and bottom. It was soft to the touch, and he kneaded the cheeks gently. This also brought a sigh of joy from Andy. She was writhing slowly against his leg, and he pushed her ass to force her groin to grind harder. He could feel the beginnings of rolling in her abdomen muscles from excitement.

Her breath stepped up in speed. No, not yet gasping, but more rhythmic, more lusty, more heat. She wasn’t showing signs of real exertion yet, no sweat, no hurrying.

He pushed her back and pulled the bra away from her chest. He admired the flesh exposed by her further nudity. The breasts themselves were much paler than the rest of her, almost an alabaster white. At the apex were tiny red/brown nipples, but oddly inverted. There were little puckers where the knobby tips should be. He’d never seen nipples inverted before!

He sucked at one, the nipple popped out, remaining out while erect. They both became hard quickly, slowly softening when he paid more attention to the other. She didn’t enjoy more brutal treatment of her nipples, he could tell before she said so, but her response to really hard sucking was enormous. So he sucked her into his mouth and tickled the stiff ends with his tongue tip.

She rewarded him by groaning and moaning, her hands and arms wrapping themselves around his head as he suckled her tits. She clutched him to her tightly as he attacked them, her head craning backwards as she moaned out her happiness. His nose and eyes pushed into the pale skin.

Eventually she pushed him back.

“Please, I want you now. I want to feel you inside me.”

He helped her remove the panties, tossing them to the side. She lifted her legs, but he pulled her up to a sitting position.

“Get on top.”

She squatted on her heels above his cock, guiding it into her. He could feel her moisture as her cunt slid down over his pole. Impaled, she knelt open mouthed above him. Her nipples remained pointed out, sharp and beautiful.

He began to sit up.

“What the...?”

“Bring your legs around behind me, sit on my lap.”

She struggled to unbend her kneeling knees, letting him sit at the edge of the bed, her body wrapped around his, with his cock violating her deepest recesses.

“OOOOooooohhh,” a moan escaped, not released, but forcefully freed.

He lifted, then dropped her in his lap. She held onto him, weaving her fingers together behind his neck. He had a good view of his own manhood thrusting into her as she gasped and moaned with pleasure.

His hands were locked under her buttocks, helping keep entry and withdrawal motions going. She was moving well on her own now, so he disengaged his hands. His right hand sought out the meeting of their flesh at her hot wet cunt lips from the back.

He felt his prick sliding in and out as she moved above. Her head was starting to whip back and forth, gaining intensity with every plunging entry his cock made.

Tracing back up with his fingers, he felt her asshole. It was making puckering and unpuckering motions along with the rest of her.

She was working up to another plateau of pleasure. He could sense a thrill within her as he tickled the ring of her anus.

Suddenly he invaded her anal orifice with his finger, driving it in to the second knuckle.

“YESSSS!” she screamed out immediately. “YESS! YESS! YES!”

She was bucking madly, thrusting back, not only at his prick, but against the intruding finger up her ass as well. She was sweating now profusely. An orgasm which clutched at his prick surged from her. He fucked her ass thoroughly with his finger as she came.

“FUCK, FUCK ME!” came the cry as the tension in her muscles tightened with cramp proportions. Then she came down a little. He kept at her, tilting his head down at an angle to suck a nipple, he continued to fuck her cunt, and her ass.

“NOT AGAIN! YES!” came a gleeful, and perhaps triumphant howl.

She swung her head wildly and let go another screaming orgasm. He felt a surge of liquid fire rise within, so he let loose his second orgasm for the night. The come flooded out the tip of his cock, he could almost see the seed enter her. Some dripped around the opening of the girl at the point their bodies were joined.

She slowly went limp in his arms. Obviously glowing with a joy of someone just fucked, she smiled radiantly at him.

They sat for a while, with him inside her. She was overwhelmed with afterglow, for now.

* * *

“I’ve never seen inverted nipples before,” he was playing with the tips of her breasts. They looked like tiny belly buttons, only a red brown color. She smiled at him as he got one to pop up erect.

“They’ve been there all my life.”

“It must be unusual.”

“I suppose, but not to me.”


“You hit a real hot spot fingering my, um, bottom.”

He looked at her, surprised.

“You’ve never had anyone, er, fondle your ass before?”

“My ass, yes, my asshole, no.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“I think you may be right, although.”


“If you’d suggested it before our little dalliance, I would never’ve gone to bed with you.”

“Well, if I can get it up again,” looking down at the semi-stiff prick, “we can try a little back door delight. You want to try?”

“Oh, but it might hurt.”

“Nonsense, I brought some baby oil. We’ll just get your tail oiled up and you’ll find it less difficult than you think.”

“Um,” she tossled his hair, and nibbled at his ear. She spent a few minutes thinking it over, “okay, you can take my ass. I’m game.”

“Ha! not yet I don’t, recuperation takes more than ten minutes.”

“You want my virginity, you better rise to the occasion!”

“Oh, give me a break. I already came twice!”

She giggled, and sat up. A moment latter her lips were actively attempting to resuscitate his flagging pecker. At his present level of arousal, she easily fit his entire cock and balls in her mouth. She worked her lips over the glans, around the edges, tongued the under seam. He became stiff, one more time.

“Now don’t do too much, you don’t want me to come before I enter you.”

She giggled and tried to smile at him while sucking with her mouth and pumping with her hand. A few minutes later his rod had achieved suitable stiffness.

“Get your shoulders on the mattress, and stick your butt in the air.”

She started to do so in the middle of the bed. He got the baby oil. Opening it, he rubbed some on his prick.

“No, no. Get down here, the edge, yeah that’s it, knees on the edge of the bed.” She moved again.

He took a handful of oil and rubbed it over her ass.

“Oh! That’s cold!”

“Sorry, it’ll warm up.”

His hands on either cheek, he pried open her anus with his thumbs one at a time, working the oil into her nether hole. Then he moved his cock’s head against the opening.


In it went, about an inch and a half. He paused, letting her adjust to the plundering penis in her. Her eyes showed wide open shock at the entry.

“I feel like I gotta go.”

“It’ll pass as I get in deeper.”

“God, I feel so fucking full already.” Her face was turned back towards him over her left shoulder, pressed into the mattress. Tears were forming in her eyes.

“Okay, I’ll go in a little farther.” so saying pushed another inch in.

“Ow! Oh! OH!”

“Want me to stop?”

“No! I mean, I think I’m gonna like this.” She reached back to pull her chalky white cheeks farther apart for him.

He pressed forward a little more, her sphincter looser now as she relaxed and tried feeling the pleasant sensations. He resolved to let her work it out, rather than adjust her senses to accept it.

“Ahhh!” and she dropped into a continuous low moan.

Now he pressed all the way, so his balls teased her cunt and his tummy rested against her spread cheeks. He waited a moment for the muscles of her ass to adjust to his presence.

He began the motion to plunder this treasure. Out slowly, in slowly, then faster, building a rhythm.

“Oh god, yes, that’s so fucking good.” her eyes shuttered from arousal. A pink tongue slipped out of her mouth to apply pressure to her lips.

He reached around and began to play with her clit. The oiled fingers made the contact smoother and seemed to allow movement with less irritation to her skin.

“YESS!” she hissed. Her own rhythm began to meld with his. If anything, she was trying to slam her ass against him now. He felt the grip of her ass muscles as she began to pulse with the heat.

The hand that wasn’t busy, his left, he reached for her left tit. Finding the nipple he began rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. In moments he had the tip out from it’s hiding place. She moaned, raising her shoulders and tucking her head down underneath.

He felt her reach orgasm. His own release came soon afterwards, pouring semen into the darkness of her ass. She was screaming, he was lunging, they both collapse, with his cock still up her ass.

“God, that was...” she trailed


“Different,” she looked at him lustily, perhaps divining emotions to go along with her physical pleasure. “yes, it was different. I’d never have done that without, well, I guess you turn me on a lot.”

“Well, I need a shower, wanna play?” He pulled out, with an audible pop.

She pouted.

“I liked that in there.”

“You can have it again, if you behave nicely.” he whacked her bottom playfully and headed to the bathroom, “but I need some sleep tonight.”

They showered together. She had fun soaping his crotch, he had fun soaping hers. Her nipples popped up again under the spraying water.

They slept.

* * *

In the morning, he took her again. He took her ass, if for no other reason, she like it. He asked why. She said part of it was the helplessness she felt with him pinning her on her face.

He laughed at this explanation, but he entered her rear plumbing again, to her delight. If he could get it up again, he was certain she’d demand another opportunity to enjoy the new experience.

When she left, she insisted on getting a phone number from him. Instead he got hers, and told her he would pay the fare for her to visit him soon. Within a few weeks.

Then he left to pursue business opportunities.

And done with business, he picked up a package at a little store in mid-town.

* * *

The plane was airborne. His trip successful at the 5th broker he’d visited. He was pleased.

He called Andy to say good-bye, he’d promised to, after all. But she was out, and her answering machine picked up. He left a cute, but romantic enough message, saying he wanted her again, er, to see her again.

Then he’d flagged down a hack. The cab ride was bumpy and brutal. But he made it in time for his flight.

There was another probing of his mind at Laguardia, but he was prepared. He obviously didn’t trigger any alarms, but was very nervous when his keys set off the metal detector.

The flight was nearly empty. Four other passengers, and as many stewardesses. The airline couldn’t be happy about it.

His frolic with Andy left him horny.

Part of the problem he had was related to his talent. He’d only needed to use it to read her mind. She had reacted well, mostly because he knew exactly what she’d wanted. But he found arousal in using the talent as well.

The captain turned off the seat belt sign.

After glancing briefly at a magazine from the pocket before him, he got up to wander to the head. When he came out, a stewardess was working in the storage pantry at the back of the plane.

Taking a quick look up the aisle, he saw they were pretty well isolated.

She looked up at him and smiled. It was a typical “You’re the customer” smile, intended to be professional but not terribly friendly.

She was well built. Her legs showed attractively below a short skirt, part of the uniform. Her vest covered only part of a starched white button down blouse, and a badge pinned to the vest proclaimed her to be Robin. Robin had blue eyes, in contrast to her brunette hair, held back on the sides with a barrette. Her shape suggested some sweet curves, and her backside was tight, at least as far as he could tell.

“Hello Robin.”

“Can I help you sir?”

“As a matter of fact, yesss...” He slipped a feather light tendril into her mind. She would now believe she was home with her boyfriend. Bob, of course, would fill that roll.

“Hello darling.” she reached her arms around his neck and planting a loving kiss. He moved his hand up to her breast and began feeling through the material.

“Oh sweetheart, not now. I just finished work.”

Well. She had interesting evasions for her boyfriend when she got home. He did what he’d avoided with Andy. He used the talent to created arousal signals in her groin and tits.

“Well, maybe we could,” she continued while caressing his crotch, “I’ll get the chains out. Do you want to be chained to the bed or the floor?”

Whoops! This wasn’t going to work for Bob! He did a search through her mind, finding an old friendship she concealed from her ‘pet’ boyfriend.

Now she saw him as some guy named George. George was the man she’d grovel before, if he wanted. Apparently it never actually came to that. But thinking she was with George got her juices really running.

She immediately changed her own persona, draping herself against him, reaching her hands up to run them through his hair. Her voice dropped half an octave, and she spoke.

“Hi lover. Missed you. Where have you been?” Bob had to look again to be certain the voice came from the same woman. He pulled her face to his, driving his tongue between her lips. He’d swear she had almost done a traditional swoon, dropping her own muscle control to let him hold her up.

He led her aside to the little pantry nook and began necking with her. While his lips pulled at her cherry tongue, he reached out his probes to ensure none of the other passengers or attendants would bother them.

She licked and chewed at his neck. He lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to her knees. His hand felt the wetness she’d developed after seeing George standing beside her. He almost felt sorry for George, missing this fine moment with her.

“Okay lover, turn around and bend down.”

“Anything you say George.”

She turned and jutted her tush up. Bob reached around her, separated her blouse in the front, and was rewarded to find a quick release front snap for her bra. Her ample bosom was released and he felt the large hanging boobs, seeking the nipples with his thumb and forefingers. She let loose a low grunting moan.

After a few moments he undid his pants, allowing them to drop to his knees. His stiff wang wagged between them and he guided it, from behind, into the soaking wet tunnel she’d proffered.

He began to ram in and out of her and she made appropriate gasping sounds, pleasing him. After a few minutes though he pulled out again.

“Don’t stop now, lover,” she said. He grinned thinking of his early morning exercise with Andy. He enjoyed her enthusiastic sexual antics a lot. He spread Robin’s cheeks and pressed the tip of his prick against the rosette.

“NO!, oh please lover, anything, anything at all but that!” she squealed in her original voice.

“Just hold still, you’ll like it,” to ensure this, Bob eased her muscles with mild controls, and increased the pleasure symbols her nervous system was carrying already. He pressed in an inch. She was so tight, he feared he might not make it in.

“OH! OH! NO! MY GOD! DON’T!” she continued, but her butt wiggled a little from stimulation, rather than pain. “YOU CAN’T FIT THERE!”

He pressed in farther. He also raised the still mild stimulus to hot lust in her rectum. She pressed back against him hard. With a quick thrust she was completely impaled. Her head shook, tears running down her face. She also moaned excitedly.

He thought of Andy, while pumping into Robin. He reached around and began to pinch her nipples. She snapped her head up, letting out a sharp squeal of joy. Her head shook wildly in abandon.

She shoved down harder against his cock, but he started to come. The burst of semen planted by his prick into her ass dribbled out a little. He pulled out, while her asshole almost seemed to suck the last drops from him. His cock was starting to go limp all ready.

Using towels near at hand, he cleaned up some. She continued to squirm, just shy of having come.

“Follow me.” he said, pulling his pants up.

She followed him to his seat, empty seats to either side. He moved over by the window and instructed her to sit beside. Opening his pants again, he had her start to blow him.

He had another stewardess bring him something to drink. This one, named Janet apparently, looked nothing like the Janet he knew.

Her hair was long and black, her lips full and deep red. She wore the same uniform Robin had on, showing slightly bow legs, but attractively curved anyway. She stopped and stared at Robin sucking his cock.

She had much smaller knockers. He had her show them to him. The knobby little nipples were already excited. At his command she began to pinch and play with them.

He knew he could make her forget all this. Instead, he had her masturbate for him in the aisle. While she did this, he came all over Robin’s face.

He gave his little cocksucker a remote control orgasm, forcing her to come immediately. He watched as she flopped to and fro in her release. She smiled gleefully afterwards, obviously thinking of George.

Then he released Robin to her job errands, causing her to remember meeting with George, but forgetting just when.

Janet replaced Robin at his crotch.

For fun at the end of the flight he made all of the stewardesses come, one by one, as he touched their lips with his forefinger. They all lined up for him as he left. It was a rousing display, not one of them able to remain standing. He had all the other passengers applaud.

It had been a very pleasant flight.

Not surprisingly, he was the only passenger who remembered the flight. The crew only remembered what he wanted them to, a normal boring flight.

The little demonstration of deep control titilated and aroused him. He realized he’d become addicted to the sexual utility of the skill he’d suddenly developed.

He realized further how childish and reckless the little act on the plane was. He started to worry if he was losing control of himself.

A possibility which frightened him.

* * *

Bambi nee Kim sat on a bus. There were always interesting people to read on a bus.

She had been fascinated by the other women in Bob’s house, amazed she was one of them and didn’t resent it. She was uncertain how she’d come around to view him as the center of her universe, but well, there you are.

She retained most of her memories, but Harry had faded away into oblivion. She hardly thought of him any more. When she did it was a little like trying to remember a nightmare from last week. If it wasn’t recurring, it lost its potentcy.

She’d lost a lot of strong opinions too, along with the memory of Harry. She no longer believed she had to be dressed in tight concealing clothing in public. Harry seemed to like the embarrassment it caused to make her wear sexy things outside the house. Overcoming her fear of publicly wearing less conservative clothing had been hard when she went to visit Bob.

She probed women far more often now. She’d learned a lot of new things about dressing and make up. More importantly, she’d learned, maybe relearned, she could earn a living herself. She’d gotten a boost out of going back to work.

It hadn’t lasted long, because Bob showed her she didn’t need to work. She had a talent now allowing her to make money in supposedly speculative markets. A little research here, a little there, and in almost no time, she had real estate she could resell at a substantial profit!

Now and then she had an urge to take some guy. Just take him, make him, and afterwards let him go with improvements.

Occasionally a sense of desire for punishment would seep up. But then a little inner voice would calm her, telling her Harry was dead, and not all men should be like Harry was.

She didn’t really understand where this voice inside came from, but she felt better afterwards. She knew Bob would take care of her needs.

Today she’d read the thoughts of two old ladies. They’d just played Bridge and were thinking about making a ‘Grand Slam’. Later she’d snooped on a teenage boy who was watching her. She was tempted to fulfill his fantasy, but she really wanted Bob, not some kid.

She planted a memory in the boy of having screwed her, with details he’d never forget. He’d be happy when he got home. Probably try to relive the experience with some other older woman.

Now she snaked out thin tendrils to the people on the bus with her. And stifled a gasp. A man behind her wasn’t there! Well, maybe he was, but there was no mind to examine.

The Institute was the only source of those mind shields! She had to flee before he figured out she was one of their ‘sparks’. She didn’t want to return to their labs.

At the next stop she got off. So did he. She tried wandering into a few stores, but he was always outside when she stepped back out to the street.

He knew. He didn’t realize she knew about him. The thought made her giddy.

So she slipped out the back of the next one.

She ran down the alley she found herself in. Finding a man driving by in a sporty red convertible, she stopped him using the talent and got in. She had him drive away quickly.

Within a few minutes she probed around her and no longer sensed the deadness of mind shields. She sighed relief.

The man drove her home, her new home, and forgot all about it.

* * *

Bob came home without fanfare. Well, mostly anyway.

“Hello, missed ya,” Betty stood up against his chest, demanding a kiss. Like a little puppy who’d missed the family. He gave her a small peck on her nose.

“Hi. Any calls?”

“Janet called, she says she’s horny again and Ben isn’t cutting the mustard. Wants some ‘special’ treatment.”

“Hmm, any others?”

“Yes, Fran checked in on schedule. I told her you wouldn’t need her this weekend. Is that all right?”

“Sure. You can fill in for her.” Betty turned red, then looked down at her toes tracing circles on the rug. She decided it was a good idea anyway. Randi was starting to be fun to be with.

“As you wish. And some woman named Mary called. Said you knew her number.”

“Very good.” he rewarded her with a deep, loving kiss. Then he carried the garment bag to his room.

* * *

“Hello Janet.”

“Bob! I’ve missed you.”

Well that would soon change, he thought. Ben didn’t deserve the problems with Janet coming over to Bob’s so often. A friend was important enough to help out. He carefully planted a little program of symbols to arouse her intensely when with Ben.

If all worked out, her interest in him would begin to wane. Problems with Ben were one thing he could avoid easily.

They had a quick, and somewhat disappointing fuck. Oh, she enjoyed it, so did he, but he knew she’d begin to see him as a great short term lover, not the one she really wanted. Oh, they’d do it again. But he’d made certain she’d yearn for more sensual activity afterwards, for Ben.

Bob hit the road.

* * *

Bob reached out to Randi and summoned her. He summoned Bambi too.

They arrived a few minutes apart, both certain he’d be there, but trying to bring him some little problem to discuss.

Settling Bambi into his chair, he stood with Randi and began kissing her. Randi responded immediately, without hesitation. She’d devoted herself to him, believing, trusting completely he would take care of all her needs. He could sense total trust welling within her.

He petted her gently. Excited, as she always was with him now, her breath became shorter. She even got this way when he simply used her without giving her release. Often it led to a greater release later, but always she got excited by his touch. Unlike any other man she had ever met.

Bambi watched with mild interest as Bob pulled up the house skirt Randi wore and tested her wetness with his fingers. >ungg< came from the brunette. Moans developed from her as he twisted her nipples gently through the blouse.

Bambi sat still as possible in his chair, trying to remain comfortable while Bob made use of the other woman. She hadn’t been made to watch before, but if he wanted it, she would perform this duty.

Then Bob sat Randi down on the couch. He spread her legs and pulled her skirt away from her crotch. Establishing Bambi’s view was excellent, he licked and nibbled at the inner thighs Randi offered him.

Bambi watched his behavior with interest.

His tongue traced the muscles and folds in her crotch. Randi sighed and let her moans slowly fill the room. She moved with rhythmic pulses of her torso.

Then Bob stopped.

Randi whimpered with desire, a need, a strong need to be satisfied.

Bob grinned and went to the package he’d returned from New York with. From the bag he withdrew a twenty-four inch double headed dildo. Randi gasped at the sight. Bambi drew in a deep breath, a little nervous, thinking she knew what Bob had in mind.

He oiled the artificial cock and pushed one end into Randi’s cunt. It was thicker than Bob’s prick, but Randi took it as he slipped it in.

“Bambi, take off your blouse and skirt.”

She complied. Naked except for a garter belt, stockings, and high heels she stood with her magnificent boobs hanging before her. Oh, not hanging real bad, but consider her incredible assets.

“This end is for you,” Bob waved the other end of the phony prick at her.

“What!?” she stared at the woman on the couch. And at the head of the prick she now had to accept from that same woman. She wasn’t sure of this idea. She was unsure she could do this.

Bob led her over, and had her kneel over Randi on the couch. Randi was salivating openly at the idea of finally being given Bambi. “Oh god, yes!” slipped out between her puffed up red lips. Bob had come through for Randi again.

Randi licked the air before Bambi’s cunt lips while they wagged before her face. Soon, however, Bob had settled her back, getting Bambi to squat over the prick Randi imagined was hers.

Randi took to sucking the big boobs hanging before her now. Bambi, aroused by physical stimulus, more than the situation perhaps, began to feel shivers of excitement run down her spine.

Bob forced her onto the synthetic pecker. It was huge. She thought it was splitting her open, although she knew she’d had bigger. She felt as though the other woman was forcing a cock into her. Inching it in, Bob finally had both women attached at the crotch the way he’d wanted.

Randi began to hump mildly. The motion of the gigantic false prick caused Bambi to gasp with surprise and sharp pleasure. The depth of the intrusion was incredible and she felt it wanted to creep up and out her throat.

Bob formed the mental image of a phallic shaped mind probe and violated Bambi’s mind at the same time. She felt his entry almost as if he were entering her pussy. His probe slithered into her and now, she could sense, he was her. He was fucking Randi using her body. He’d taken complete physical control and was letting her watch and feel from the recesses of her own mind.

Bob could feel Bambi’s tits. And Randi was pinching at one viciously as she bit, really bit, at the other. He could feel the incredible monster cock inside her, and by clenching the muscles of Bambi’s cunt, he pushed it into Randi. She was trading the favor for Bambi.

He plunged Bambi’s tongue into Randi. Bambi felt it and savored the total loss of control. Her pleasures were complete in this activity, her own personal desires subborned into his. Bob owned her and she now liked being his chattel more than anything else.

Bob though hadn’t pulled out all the stops yet. Although he was operating Bambi a little like a puppet, he still was aroused in his own body. Stripping, he pressed Bambi forward. The rubber cock was bent over, and Bambi was on top of Randi. Now her rectum was exposed. He could feel the tickle in her ass as he rubbed his cock against the little flower of her anus.

The girls paused for him while he made his entry to Bambi’s second hole. He worked it in, inch at a time. Slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed his cock in to the hilt. He was thrilled, he really was fucking both women at the same time.

Bambi felt full. The rubber cock bent between her and Randi. She was surprised, but Bob’s presence had left, where did he go? Then she saw Randi’s eyes pop open.

Yes, she thought. Bob is fucking both of us in every possible way. He can violate our most inner sanctum, in every way, we are both totally property, as totally as he can make us.

Bob looked up at his own face over Bambi’s back. He pulled her lips down to Randi’s and engaged in a lip and tongue duel. Bambi tasted very yummy to Randi.

The double headed dildo was doing its job. Both women were heavily aroused from the friction of the false phallus. Bob added to their fire by fanning the erotic sensations they felt. He reached for Bambi’s tits with Randi’s hands. He reached for Randi’s tits with Bambi’s hands. He pumped his cock up Bambi’s tight, tight ass, reaming her out.

Bambi came first. Her mind, realizing just how brutally she was being used, not only front and back, but her entire body and mind, was aroused far beyond her norm. She was engaged in kissing Randi when she began to scream. Bob thought it appropriate she had ‘come’ in Randi’s mouth.

Randi wasn’t far behind. Her body, crushed with the weight of the two bodies above her was feeling flashes of radiant heat pull her into the abyss of orgasm.

Bob, last of all, poured his jism into Bambi’s ass. The tight ring of muscle squeezed at him, ejecting him as he became limp.

The girls remained connected.

Bob moved back to his chair. He watched the female forms on his couch come down now. Bambi was somewhat uncomfortable with Randi’s proximity. He’d decided everyone would eventually get it on in his house, and she’d best get used to it.

“Don’t let it out of your cunts.”

The sex toys on the couch tried to find a way to get comfortable while attached at the hips. They worked their way around and finally each had a head on an arm of the couch. Their crotches remained together, actually a few inches apart, and their legs were intertwined.

Bob thought for a time. The women became slightly restless but obedient to his instructions. A contest of sexual frenzy, Bob thought.

“Okay, Let’s see which of you can make the other come first.”

Both women looked over at him. Randi was thanking him with her eyes. Bambi was confused, not having expected this situation to arise. She was enjoying herself, but felt a nagging censor at the back of her head. Bob remembered full well she’d believed girl/girl sex was a bad thing, but he also knew it for a ‘Harry’ planted idea, not really her own view.

Randi immediately began to hump her groin against Bambi’s, pressing their mutual cocks deeper. This was poor strategy, since she also was stimulating her own genitalia.

Bambi fondled Randi’s nipples, bringing about a gasp from her, um, competition. She pulled and pinched, using her own talent to find the other woman’s weaknesses.

To Bob’s surprise, Bambi swept out a control probe to Randi, which he swept aside in a hurry. She’d realized she could use her talent to win this contest. Bob smiled to himself, tempted to let her do so. It would serve the little cunt to get used by another woman, instead of the other way around.

“No Bambi. I don’t want you to play that way today,” he said. “Maybe later.”

Randi worked her thumb against Bambi’s clit. Bambi couldn’t stop from letting out a moan. Randi tried to pull one of Bambi’s large boobs within sucking reach. She couldn’t quite from the position they were in, but a violent yank on the nipple reached one of Bambi’s weaknesses.

She thrilled in the pain shooting through her tit. She was now bucking far more violently against the rubber dick between them. Bambi’s breath was almost a visible moist movement. Her cunt was twitching, and Bob watched the heat rising in her.

Randi too was excited. Her lust at having Bambi had her nerve endings enflamed. It also helped to have Bambi’s hands all over her. She panted rapidly, while seeking a further way to force Bambi to come first.

“I, I, I can’t, uh, can’t...” Bambi was rubbing Randi’s bump of clitoral flesh with a thumb now, but muttering about difficulty of contact. Randi almost going over herself, began to crush Bambi’s little clitoris bundle.

“AAAAIIIIEEEEE!” screamed Bambi, threshing against the bruising treatment she was receiving. The lightning flash of orgasmic energy jolted her about.

“GODDDDAMNIT YES!” followed the screech from Randi just moments later. The two women bucked against each other’s crotch while keeping their hands in place, manipulating the sex they each held.

They eased back in slow motion, resting their sweat covered heads. Their hair pointed in places from the dripping sweat. Flushed pink from the exertion, neither had their eyes open.

Bob got a blanket and covered them. They remained nestled together, still inside each other by virtue of an artificial organ. Every now and then one of them would kiss the other’s leg or foot.

Bob just went back to reading.

* * *

Betty was at the grocery store with Bambi.

Bob had told her to pick out a woman for him to screw tonight. Bambi would make sure the choice came along. She was to give the choice to him as a ‘gift’ to show her obedience.

Betty felt completely humiliated. The embarrassment had kept her panties dripping since they left the house.

The worst part was knowing he’d take the woman she chose, making Betty watch. Thinking that, she had to struggle not to finger herself. She had been directed not to orgasm until Bob said so.

She spotted a nice looking woman, about 32 by the fruit. Betty had already discarded four other possible choices when she saw this one.

The woman was about 5′8″ and was shapely. Her eyebrows were little arches over deep brown eyes. Her nose was long, leading down to a soft red pair of lips. Her hair was in a short pony tail, a dark blonde.

Betty realized she didn’t want this woman to make love with Bob. He would enjoy such a choice. She suppressed her own will for his.

She pointed the woman out to Bambi.

The three of them left together.

* * *

The man looked at the note he’d just received.


He scrawled “OK’ and his initials. After a moment he added the word “Maximum” after the OK. He set it aside for operations.

He picked up another report on his desk. Tyler was programmed and ready to be turned over to Jezabel. Tyler would know he was being punished, but he could no longer do anything about it.

Among other reports on political supporters, financial problems, manpower requirements, and security background checks, there was data from the airport. Some problem with a scanner, a freakish misreading or such. He set it aside, unwilling for now to decide, how to investigate the report.

He brushed his sleeve, straightening the creases.