The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Illiteracy Subdued

The book was in the box stored down the basement.

Bob dug it up again from amongst the books stored by the furnace. The basement was only visited occasionally, and none of the boxes had been disturbed since he last took it out.

His increase in sensitivity caused an interesting problem.

He was reclining, enjoying a few moments of quiet when he realized he could sense another presence. No, it wasn’t Betty, who was displaying her assets for him, and Randi was out shopping.

The probe he searched the house and neighborhood with turned up nothing. There was still a nagging sense, a feeling, some little tickle at the back of his mind.

A roiling feeling stuck with him. After walking from the top of the house to the bottom, he was drawn, almost pulled to the book. There was a throbbing mental attraction he could not seem to ignore.

The book was its’ same small size. The pages, cover to cover, filled with the symbology Bob now understood almost perfectly, possibly better than the original author. It remained as he remembered it.

Climbing the stairs, Bob fingered the book’s folded clothe cover. A brief few steps had him back in the living room. There, book in hand, he dropped into his chair and turned on a reading light.

Running his fingers along the pages as if it were braille. He was able to spot some slight errors in the delicately written script. And still no sign of why he had to collect it from concealment.

Holding each individual page to the light, he looked for watermarks. Some hint of the origin, any clue to the cause of his odd discomfort would help. None of the pages yielded any new information.

Flipping through the pages proved nothing, but then... His fingernail, even cut short as it was, traced the seams of the clothe and paper binding on the rear cover. A crackle of ancient dried glue popped the edges, much to his surprise. The binding held tight for the other seams.

He peeled back the loose seam, separating the paper as best he could. A cardboard stiffener slid free with difficulty. Along with it dropped a sheet of paper, and a thin red coin.

The coin, made of some bizarre plastic or gem stone, bore a face on one side with a triangle superimposed, while on the back was a sharp bolt of lightning. It was wafer thin, and still thick enough for the relief work on either side. He slid the coin into his pocket.

The paper contained more symbols. New ones, he couldn’t immediately place. He finally set the sheet aside, resolving that like the other symbols, these too would become clear to him with time.

The coin continued to draw his attention. Once again, he pulled it out and stared at it. For a time he seemed to duel pulling urges from the coin, and realized he was watching symbols within the coin itself.

The idea the coin produced symbols like a person stunned him. Slowly he built a shield over the coin, like the one he used to hide his own mind. He was able to draw power from the device itself to run the shield. The draw he’d felt was gone.

He wrapped the coin in paper, placed it within an envelope and locked it away in the documents fire safe he owned. The mysteries of the book and mind control drew his curiosity, but he wanted to control the time he devoted to each element of this art.

Peace at last settled over Bob. He devoted some time to Betty.

* * *

None of Bob’s women were around. He had carefully avoided interfering with the professional lives of his bevy of women. Their income was adding to the household wealth, and allowed him to send them out to buy new sexy outfits from time to time.

Besides, transferring their property to his name might attract the wrong kind of attention. They both had separate meetings tonight, hobby interests or such keeping them away. He had intended to have some quiet time for reading, just to practice some other entertainment, but changed his mind.

He’d called Kim, er Bambi, and expected her at any moment. He hadn’t seen her for two weeks. That was the day she’d introduced herself and explained her experience with the Institute.

He hadn’t tracked down the other telepath, the one he’d save from the telepath radar team the Institute operated. Sooner or later he’d find the woman behind the mind trace. Meanwhile he intended to explore the threat a little more.

Lightning flashed, and after silently counting to five, he heard the collision of thunder. A deep crash, bringing about a strong feeling of peace in Bob. He allowed the drumming sound of the pummelling rain to drone through his ears, a lure to sleep if he’d ever heard one.

The doorbell rang over the symphony of the storm. He stood to answer it. His habit had become to sense the visitor on the other side, and there was one person, Kim.

He could tell it was her, her poorly shielded mind leaked light streams of thought, probing her surroundings.

Opening the door, he was immediately rewarded with a view of the tall, slender, overly busty woman. She was dressed more stylishly this time, not in the business outfit she had on last time. Her skirt was a side button down affair, and ended at her knees. Her boots rose up her calf half way to her knees. The red rain jacket she wore concealed a lot, but failed to disguise the size of her wondrous chest. And her hair had grown back in a little more, seeming somewhat like a thick monk’s cut, than any particular salon style. Her head was framed nicely before a large umbrella she carried.

Bob motioned her in.

As she passed him, she slipped her expression into a lecherous grin.

“Sluts out for the night?” she said peering around.

She seemed to know he was a little embarrassed to have someone know about the use he put his toys to. It seemed a little odd, considering she used men the way he was using the telepathically mute women. Of course, her case might be a direct result of programming she’d received at the hands of her original telepathic master. Yet, he still turned somewhat pink at her implied disapproval.

“They have duties.”

She sat in one of the lounge chairs he had in the living room. He went to the kitchen, filled a couple mugs with caf, and returned. She was courteous as she accepted it, her ‘thank you’ polite after her catty remark at the door.

He took a chair opposite her, admiring the round curves she couldn’t help display, having removed the concealing coat. The blouse she wore only strained the view, no buttons visible at its limits, allowing the tiny hint of flesh. He could however, make out the barest outline of bra.

“You know, the strain of hiding wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t emit so much noise.”

She retrieved calm, after a brief look of fear. “So you’ve gotten much more control than I have.”

“Why did you seek me out in the first place,” he inquired.

“So you could help me hide better.”

“I don’t believe you. You thought I was inexperienced. Unable to protect myself. Surprise, you were wrong, fess up.”

“I figured to get control of you, and use you as a shield if they found me again.”

“And when that didn’t work?”

“I figured something would break for me.” She lashed out a testing probe again, trying to grip on something in his mind. It resembled a boa constrictor trying to get a good grip on a basketball. His phony personality, displayed above shielding he’d developed to protect him from the onslaught of normals, completely mystified her. “How the fuck do you do that?” she asked.

“It seemed likely to me the Institute guys wouldn’t be looking for a normal set of thought processes, so I simulate them.”

“I tried copying your pretend self, I haven’t managed.”

“How do you keep out the voices, all the other minds?” he asked.

She just stared at him, as though he were nuts.

“What other minds?”

“All the noise the people not like us make.”

“I don’t hear any such noise.”


Disturbed, and curious, he wondered if she was naturally immune to the problem. He stared at the wall for a time. She was reluctant to break into his musing. She broke the silence first though.

“Listen, I need a good fuck,” she said. “I tried to capture one of the night watchmen the other night, but there’s no safe hideaway in the store I hide in.”

Stunned at the straight forward request, he found himself grinning.

* * *

They adjourned to the bedroom. Shedding only their shoes, they lay across the bed together. He felt kind of like a teenager. He hadn’t done pretty much straight sexual exploration since the night with Mary. And that was a power trip for him. He liked having the control over her a little bit of bribery had gained.

This was completely out of his control. He almost couldn’t remember what it was like to bed someone without using his talent at least a little.

He started by trying to caress her hair. It was still too short for him to actually grasp a handful. He rubbed her bumpy scalp, feeling for the base of the hair follicals. The silky touch of her hair was sweet. She left her eyes wide open, watching his face to gauge his behavior. She couldn’t read his mind, as she could most men.

Being in bed with her was a sensual experience at arms length. He began forefinger touches in completely different places. He touched her elbow, he touched her shoulder, he gently reached out at her belly button, but just hovered the finger above her taut tummy.

She joined in. Her palms traced the air, about a quarter inch from his skin or clothes. She kissed into space, no more than a breath away from his lips. He watched her pink tongue lick above his arm, the humidity of her breath raising goose pimples along his skin.

The magic of shadow dancing was upon them. For almost an hour they flowed around each other’s body parts. He could see the nipples of her breasts pop to erection as his hand passed above without making physical contact. She could see his cock straining for freedom, each time she waved her hand close to his crotch.

Eventually, as it always does with the shadow dance, the stress of keeping the gap between one body and another leads to loss of control. The invisible barrier gave way to feather light touches.

His hand accidentally brushed the underside of her chin. She moaned lightly, excited contact had occurred. Her finger slipped and traced a short 3-4 inch line along his shoulder blade. His tongue licked the backside of her earlobe.

Finally, they had pulled together, enraptured by the undaunted effort to build up to their lust. Her mouth no longer avoiding the touch of his lips, they dueled with their tongues. He could feel the smooth lushness of her hard white teeth. She could suck in the flesh of his upper lip.

His hands wandered to the expansive chest she virtually thrust at him. They were very soft, not as firm as he had grown accustomed to. He felt the nipples hardening again as he touched them this time. Those nipples were large enough to require his palm to cover them completely. Her moaning to his touch was low and guttural.

Her hand, by now, was rubbing his cock through the fabric of his jeans. Every now and then she would strive to squeeze the tip. His lust rose with each grasping hold she gained. The heat in the room was beginning to drive them from their clothes.

Bob realized the blouse she wore unbuttoned in the back. He began to take the buttons apart from the respective button holes. Imagination took over, he found it odd that in order to thread her, he had to unthread her clothing.

She wriggled in his arms as he worked the blouse off her. The brassiere she wore barely covered her tits, so it took very little effort to get them free of their bindings. Once free, they were like a sea of warm soft flesh. He sank between them, sliding from one to the other nipple, trying to suck them sharply to erection.

She let out a few light moans, nothing dramatic. Her nipples responded somewhat to his lighter suction, so he began to attack them vigorously, with more force, more violence. She began moaning more sincerely.

Her short hair had no bounce to it as her head bobbed from side to side. Her ears showed, flushed red from exertion.

He eased back and sat up. She paused in her reactions, sweat had built a thin glossy cover over her skin. She began yanking the buttons through his shirt holes. Her hands would clench and grip at either side of the button slit and pull. Most of the buttons remained on the shirt when she finished, oddly enough.

Raking short, but sharp nails across his chest, she gave him goose bumps. She begin sucking and nibbling at his nipples. They hardened mildly as the pink red tongue made rough work of them.

She traced spirals on his chest and stomach with her tongue, and as she did, her enormous mammaries rolled against him. The pillow softness undulated with motion every time she shifted. The palm sized nipples fading in and out of erection as he tried to snatch at them, causing momentary surges of stimulation.

He slipped his hands around the large boobs, trying to actually grasp without snatching love handle fistfulls of flesh. But she responded more to the clenched pinches than the teasing caresses.

Finally he traced down her side, feeling the ribs bumping against his fingers. His hand reached the buttons on the side of her skirt, and slipped them from their moorings. It came loose, to be pushed aside by her feet after, leaving a fine display; her girlish little bottom.

He immediately peeled away her panties, leaving her naked at his side.

A black curly covering of fine hair was framed between her legs. It seemed damp, but he could be mistaken. Handling her crack proved he was right. She jumped a bit, being touched, but settled in promptly to having the little knob of flesh at the top of her slit rubbed.

By now she was prying him free from his pants. As the pants and underwear pulled away, his dick popped to attention, and then they both were naked. He embraced her full length, intertwining his legs and hers. The pillowy ‘bazooms’, as Harry had described them, rolling with waves every time either Bob or Kim moved.

They returned to necking, his cock sliding between her legs, but not in her cunt. His hands forcefully rubbed her back, exploring the cheeks of her ass at times. Her hands combing through his hair, pulling his neck closer, reaching down to cup his balls at times.

Sounds came from the door, he quickly sensed it was Randi. He knew she’d heard the sounds, but simply watched excitedly from the door.

He rolled Kim to her back, lifting her legs at the knees up. Spreading them apart, he began to enter her certainly wet opening. She was loose, he felt. There was plenty of room in her cunt for his cock and more. But it squeezed down on him, just the same.

Kim began to shudder. An orgasm came to her in clenching little fits. She moaned a bit and he pumped at her cunt in a workman like way. He was enjoying the sensualistic activities, but no real deep heat had come yet.

Suddenly she lurched out a mind probe at him. Shot like a blast, she was trying to seize control of his body! Her control commands demanded more brutal and mindless treatment. She wanted him to hit her breasts. She was building a lust filled control directed at him, and he wasn’t sure he really could stop it.

The shadow mind he created to hide behind was torn to shreds. Then she invaded through his mind shield in several places.

His struggle against her control built to a lurch, reacting to a punch of mind power. He pressed back at her but only held her at bay. Then he slowly began to work his own controls around the edges of her battering thought tendrils. He slipped into her mind, hooking little control centers here, then there. Soon he was able to turn off her attack on him and control her mind completely.

Pissed, he began to look about inside her. She couldn’t pull that crap on Bob. Now he would use her as she meant to use him.

From inside her head he could feel the welling flesh of her breasts. They demanded sensation. The sensation they wanted, well, there was a brutal demand for hard forceful pain, as a pleasure sense within her.

He used his newly learned personal controls. Sending electric jolts of sensual sex arousal along those channels of her nervous system, a real heat began to build within the bitch. He could now control her in deep detail, and he would. He was angry, she tried to make him a toy of hers!

He realized the entire struggle occurred in the space of one thrust into her wet chamber. He now found himself taking her in more heated plunges. The power he used enflaming his desire.

She received a series of commanding lust sensations. He added to the physical sensations she received by violently clamping his teeth into one of her nipples. He could tell it would leave a mark. Her moan was deep and equally brutal in its intensity.

Her crotch received waves of signals from him to bring white heat through her lower abdomen. He paid special attention to controlling the charge coming up from the clitoris. This swollen red nerve bundle was giving off a range of hot flashing charges, she was ready to scream.

He could sense her muscles twittering within her cunt. He commanded them to clamp down on his cock. Suddenly he felt his cock gripped by her velvet glove. It tightened enough to almost prevent him from making the in/out strokes. Her entire body moved along with him as he pulled and pushed his groin.

The panting and moaning sounds she was making were enough to make the bed vibrate. His own animalistic grunting grew until he surged with the lava hot semen which pumped out his prick. A second and third surge of the liquid pumped into her fist tight cunt.

She had been screaming! He didn’t really notice while he was getting off. His ears rang with a primal scream she hadn’t stopped since he had taken her body from her. He kept her in the orgasm, hard and furious, as long as he could maintain the output of energy.

He had no idea how long. When he let her stop, she immediately dropped into unconsciousness.

He pulled out and sat up at the edge of the bed. Randi was sitting propped against the wall. Her pants off, she was drenched in sweat too. She seemed to have recovered already from her orgasm. She was fingering herself lightly, trying to arouse herself again.

“God, that was remarkable.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I think she went into a screaming orgasm for almost twenty minutes.”

“It can’t have been that long.”

“I know, but I came early when she started. I’ve already got my wind back.”

“Okay. Maybe it was long, but no twenty minutes.”

“Who is she? She’s got the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. They look real too.”

“Real? Of course they’re real.”

“No. I mean, she hasn’t had, like you know, silicone implants or something.”

“Oh. Well, I guess not. This,” and he slapped Kim’s thighs like she was a hunting prize, “is Bambi. Anyway, that will be her name around here. I guess she’ll have to move in now. I can’t just let her wander around loose.”

“Master, may I?” Randi asked with anticipation. Her desire was growing for the new conquest he’d brought home.

“Right now?, no. But since she’s conked out, you might as well cop a feel.”

Randi walked over and began to feel Kim, now Bambi again, at her breasts, and at her now soaked snatch. Randi let out slight guttural groans at the contact with the formerly free telepath. Her hands ran over the breasts she’d been admiring.

After watching Randi’s face glow from the desire she obviously couldn’t conceal, he stood and dressed. Taking the awake woman by the hand he led her from the room.

* * *

He sat in the living room. The duel for control, brief though it was, had left him with some new fears.

She had been less than candid about her escape from the Institute. Well, she thought she’d told the truth, but now he new different.

He had replaced controls someone else had planted. Not the clumsy heavy handed touch of Harry, but some unknown master. Someone who had concealed her memory of being released, but couldn’t erase it.

And there was no way of knowing how much she’d reported about him...

He sat and contemplated his options while Randi knelt before him, the head of his prick popping back and forth through her lips. He would use her for a while, then try to work more from Bambi’s mind.

* * *

Bambi remembered nothing of their struggle when she awoke. Bob had seen to that. But he had her settled in by night and the other two women didn’t really mind.

Randi was biding her time to get at Bambi, Betty devoted herself to reorganizing the household to accommodate the new comer. Betty was rapidly becoming the household administrator.

* * *

Bob’s growing harem bothered him a little. He started to think about whether he should cut the numbers back, to avoid problems.

Janet had been dropping in from time to time too.

Although he hadn’t let her join in the other games, he’d had her every way he could imagine otherwise. They were all entertaining.

The day after Bambi’s conversion, he’d gone to visit Mary. Patty had become a delightful playmate, providing the milk supplement to coffee during his visit. She seemed to like her new role as lover.

He believed his talent unraveled some of the fantasies the women he collected had. His control and ownership fulfilled his fantasies, but the more recent women were adjusted to permit their own secret desires to be fulfilled.

It had astounded him to discover Bambi deeply wanted the physical abuse, even before Harry had ‘changed’ her. He was able to trace the clumsy efforts of the, possibly dead, prior master easily. The newer controls from the mystery master were far more delicate, he still hadn’t the patience to sift through the seamless construction of control he’d uncovered. He had however superseded it with his own.

Fear of this other unknown master ran high, since he really couldn’t find a real memory of how she had escaped the Institute. His nightmares were pretty severe lately.

He also realized the risk of being caught by the Institute called for extreme caution on his part.

* * *

Tuesday afternoon he went out to find someone new, a different pretty face. He had decided to throw caution to the wind for the day. The fear and tension were beginning to wear him down, and he needed some kind of fun.

Everything was under control, so to speak, for now. Now he was walking through the crowded mall, eavesdropping on the thoughts of total strangers.

Some were concentrating on finding bargains for the items they needed. The teenage boys were fun, they were deep in fantasies about the women in skimpy clothing or the teenage girls wandering the mall. It boosted his horniness, and he intended to satisfy this desire soon.

He wanted to play first. He looked about for an interesting woman to use. Particularly one who was strong enough to enjoy the experience he would give her. He was seeking a girl with a suppressed desire to be owned, to experience embarrassing sexual adventure.

He had liked controlling the women that were deeply suppressing their need for domination. It became extremely fun to watch as they resisted destiny, a destiny they longed for underneath.

He walked the length of the mall twice, without finding a suitable toy to use. He was disappointed and about to leave when his luck changed.

An attractive college student was walking into the bookstore. She was dressed in a mini-skirt, a white summer blouse, and black high heals. Her blond hair was in a braid to her waist, a thin flat waist. Her face had sharp but attractive features. Almost as if the sculptor had failed to smooth out all the edges. Her lips were thin and expressive, colored red but not heavily. Her figure was a shapely 36-24?26?—34, not large busted, but well curved. He guessed from the smoothness of her face and absence of wrinkles at her eyes that she could not be any older than 20. Okay, maybe about 21.

He followed her into the book store. She was the one for today, certainly fitting the profile. He sensed a deep rooted desire within her meeting his desires today.

Finding her in amongst the books on gardening, he made an initial move.

“Hello, I’m Bob.”

She looked him over as though he was a mugger. He smiled in a friendly manner. She appraised him and dismissed him in her mind as small fish in the pond.

“What do you want?”

“Well, your name for starters.”

“Tough shit spud, beat it before I call the manager.” she snapped.

“Now is that any way to talk to me?” He twisted her thoughts a little and inserted an instruction to fulfill one of his voyueristic plans. “Why don’t you, just because of that little snippet of hostility, how about you take off your bra, right now?”

“What kind of little pervert are you?” she replied, forgetting the threat to call the manager. Her tone took on a strong level of hostility. She began to rattle of a series of personal insults.

But while she spoke she put down her purse and began to remove her blouse. Her pale white skin was relatively unblemished, and he admired the small but lush tits as she exposed them to him while removing the bra. Her large round nipples swelled immediately in the cool air, coming to sharp little points with pencil width tips.

She put the blouse back on, speaking all the while about his lack of tact, politeness and anything else she could throw in. He smiled, his own protrusion raising the clothe of his pants. “So you might as well drop dead,” she ended.

Finally, she draped the bra over her arm and went back to looking at the books on the shelf.

“Thank you, that was very erotic,” he said. She turned to stare at him as though he hadn’t heard a word of her diatribe. He pointed to the bra on her arm.

She leapt in surprise. Turning pink with deep embarrassment, she clenched her shoulders in, and her hand flew up between her breasts to check that this was, in fact, her bra. She gasped.

“When did I do that?” mystified at her own loss of the memory.

“While you were running down my family history. Very educational explanation of my origins by the way. Imagine my surprise, hearing all the family ties to snakes. Shall we go have lunch?”

“No way little man.” She turned to stomp away, only to find herself standing before him again. “How do you do this crap?!?”

“You will finish up here. We will then walk down to the steak place at the end of the mall, arm in arm.” She shook her head, and turned to the cash register with her selections. Bob merely stepped into the hallway to wait.

A moment later she slipped her arm in his and they began to walk down the hall. Her bra still hanging across her arm, it was obvious to everyone her breasts were not encumbered by the additional undergarment. She pinked up in embarrassment as teenaged boys turned to stare at her protruding nipples shape, outlined in the fabric of her blouse. Yet she did nothing to put the bra in a less obvious location.

“You can’t make me do this! You can’t!” as they wandered past gaggles of even younger girls staring at them. “I don’t seem able to stop myself, but that’s impossible!”

Bob knew her predicament was startling her. She could no more stop him now than walk on the moon. He just walked into the restaurant with her on his arm, still bemoaning her lack of control.

“Table for two, back in the corner,” he directed the hostess. She sat them in a booth, concealed somewhat, but not completely from the rest of the restaurant.

“Now then,” he said, “Let’s try introductions again. I’m Bob. And you are?”

“Emily, Emily Sandhill” his victim replied.

“That’s better, see how easy it is when you cooperate?” she nodded fearfully. She didn’t speak another word, however.

“So we’re going to have lunch, well maybe a bit more than lunch” He looked the menu over.

“Why don’t you just let me go?, I won’t tell anybody, I promise. Just leave me alone.” she suddenly began pleading.

“Oh you won’t tell anyone. You’ll find that you can’t. Tell you what, you try telling the waiter what you think I’m doing.”

She began to think. What would she tell anyone. He hadn’t touched her. She had taken her bra off, apparently at his request in the book store. She accompanied him to the restaurant, arm in arm, at his request, no physical force at all. She was sitting with him, not screaming for help. Who would believe her? She tried to get up, but found instead she picked up her menu.

The waiter came to take their order. He was a college age young fellow with heavy eyebrows and a pleasant demeanor. When he left, Bob had placed steak orders for both of them.

“I don’t eat meat!”

“You will today,” he answered, “why don’t you go to the ladies room and take your panties off for me?”

“Or what, you’ll make me?”

“You want to find out?”

“No! I’ll do it.” She got up and wandered to the restroom.

When she came back to the table, she held her panties tucked in her arms, trying to conceal them. She went to put them in her shopping bags, but Bob reached out a hand. Reluctantly she dropped them into his hand. He placed them conspicuously on the table where the waiter wouldn’t miss seeing them. She blanched.

“What are you doing?”

“Believe it or not, you like being treated like this.”

“I don’t need your bloody abuse! Why don’t you just go away, and leave me alone.”

“Maybe you’d feel better with your blouse open...”

“No! This is all embarrassing as all hell now! I don’t want to be annoyed by you or any other twerp.” She looked down, noticing her exposed breasts, blouse pulled to either side. This aroused some twinge of unharnessed desire within her, she began to twitch in her seat.

The waiter came back, bearing a bread basket and their drinks.

Emily flinched, flushed totally red throughout her face. The waiter appeared not to notice her predicament. To her surprise, her nipples became sharply erect and her vagina was getting wet. She was starting to wet her skirt.

Bob shot her a pleased look, while she looked down at her lap. He knew he hadn’t done anything directly to stimulate her arousal.

“So, you seem to like this kind of game.”

“I cannot believe you are getting such a thrill from this, may I please button up again?”

“Yes, but don’t get too used to the idea. Why don’t you pull your skirt up, and finger yourself.”

“In public?! Here?!”

“Do you want to do it, or shall I help you again?”

She sighed. She reached her hand under the skirt, slipping her fingers over the exposed labia. Feeling certain Bob could somehow make her do this anyway, she began to caress the folds of her bushy groin. She kept her eyes wide open, watching Bob sit calmly over the table. Her breath began to become short as her clitoris rose from its recess.

She gently rubbed the little knob, gasping. A small drop of sweat rolled down her forehead, and dribbled down her nose. “oh god.” she whispered. “oooooooohhhh, aahhh.” Her head wrenched to the side, but she forced it back to watch Bob who was, in turn, watching her closely.

Her moans forced her tongue to show between her tasty lips, gracing the corners of her mouth with licks from the tip as her body developed its desire into motion. Her hips ground the wooden booth seat.

She grunted, humped, and moaned. At least she suppressed the more violent sounds she tended to make during orgasm. She panted for a few moments afterwards, trying not to slide down in the seat.

“There, feel better now?”

Amazingly, one of her better orgasms. She couldn’t do much but relax at this point. She felt obliged to admit it to Bob, although she couldn’t say why.

“God yes.” she whispered so quietly he had to strain to hear her.

“Good. We’ll see what else we can do for you later.”

The waiter had returned, was standing there while she had finished up her orgasm. He was holding their meals on a tray, and started to lay the plates before them.

“If I may be bold,” the waiter said, “your performance was superb.”

She sat stunned by the man’s pronouncement, as he walked away as though nothing really unique had happened.

When she turned back towards Bob, he was eating his steak. She looked with dismay at her own. She’d been a practicing vegetarian for some time. She secretly had been yearning for meat lately, but her will power insisted she must stick with the regime.

“Eat it,” said Bob, “I know you’ve been avoiding meat for a while, but you like steak, and you may find a certain sensuous pleasure in it.”

“I can’t.”

“You can, but I won’t force you.”

She picked up her knife and fork, cutting off a small piece of the still red meat. She placed it on her tongue, sucking the blood, the red juices from the morsel she had selected.

He was right! The taste was fantastic. Her tongue and teeth explored the exquisite tender bitefull, eventually allowing the battered scrap of food to wander deliciously down her throat. The next small cut of the beef, she treated to loving licks with her lips and tongue before sucking it into her mouth, wondrously discovering the flavor as though for the first time.

By the time she finished the meat on her plate, she was once again horny, and even Bob seemed, well, almost acceptable to her lusts.

The waiter came back to the table to clean up, asking if there was any more they desired from the menu before they left. Bob paid by credit card, although she believed he would not have to, if he didn’t want to.

“Excuse me, why me!?”

“Because you wanted to be used, and I wanted someone to use. I can see these things in people.”

“I don’t think I’m into being humiliated this way.”

“You are. I just let you find out.”

“I’m confused, but I’m also ridiculously horny. Did you do that to me?”

“Noooo, but I could feel it rising while you ate your steak. I haven’t done anything to you since making you open your blouse. Lovely tits by the way.” They stepped out into the mall again.

“What are you going to do about my horniness?” she inquired softly. He looked at her with astonishment. She was leaning onto his shoulder with a look of snuggled warmth spreading through her face.

“I honestly hadn’t given it much thought.” He led her away from the restaurant. The rubbing motion of her legs against each other was bringing up the heat in her groin.

They ended up in the hall with the security office. No one in there noticed as they walked in.

She followed him into the captain’s office, a man in a black and blue uniform looked up at them. He stood and walked out. Bob swept the papers and other items from the desk to the floor with a crash.

“This will do just fine.” he said, “no one will interrupt us.”

“There are open windows to the outer office.” she complained. Bob looked out, a secretary and a rent-a-cop were chattering with each other.

“You’ll appreciate that better once you get your clothing off.” he replied.

She nervously began undressing. By the time she got the blouse, skirt and shoes laid aside, she was trembling from an excitement rising from humiliation. She knew now, what Bob had said was true. She wanted to be treated this way.

Bob dropped his trousers. His six to seven inch pecker was already at attention.

“Lay down on the desk.”

She sat, then lay across the desk so she wouldn’t be forced to watch the outer office staff looking at her. Bob refused to let her get away with it and positioned her so she had to watch the outer office much of the time.

By now the secretary was standing at the window, pointing at her and the rent-a-cop was apparently making some joke at her expense. She speculated what it was, something about doorknobs? everyone gets a turn? How would she face herself in the mirror tonight? She trembled with excitement as Bob began to suck her pussy.

He licked the lips of her slit first. “ooohh” came free from her throat. As he worked up the opening to the top, she felt his hot moist breath against the wetness she’d developed. Then he began to lick and nibble at her clit.

“Oh yesss, please do that more!” she exclaimed. Now completely unable to take her eyes off the two people in the outer office.

Bob was holding them there. He knew how brutally embarrassing this was to Emily. He could feel the heat of her lust moving down from her head, rather than up from her groin. She was now bucking against his face. She couldn’t stop herself. All while being watched by strangers.

Her head rolled side to side. Her braid whipped about over the end of the desk. She panted with the excitement of the sex she was enjoying, in a frighteningly public way. She began to pinch her own nipples, and tried to pull one up to her lips to suck it. She couldn’t quite, but she tried anyway.

Then Bob entered her. She pulsed with an orgasm. She was so far gone from him eating her out, she couldn’t hold back when he entered.

“GGGGGGGGGGGGOD!!” this time she couldn’t keep the noise level down, this time she knew the woman in the outer office couldn’t help but hear. And she was watching too, so had seen the entire thing. Bob using her, almost beyond her imagination.

Bob fucked her and made her hips pump for him. He reached out and fondled the pale breasts waving before him. She was reasonably tight to his prick and he liked the sensation her twat clutching was making him feel. The pressure built and eventually he released his sperm, a flood of semen into her cunt.

“oh yeah.” he muttered. After standing with his cock in her cunt afterwards for some time, he pulled out and began to dress.

“Should I dress too?”

“You want to walk out of here like that?”

“Uh, no, no, not really.” she was amazed how much it thrilled her to be watched while fucking. “um, what about them?” she pointed to the outer office.

“Come on.” he simply said.

As they walked out, the secretary offered a comment.

“You filthy slut. Can’t you find some place else to peddle your ass? How much did you charge him, eh?”

Emily’s ears burned red, embarrassed and humiliated even more by this catty remark. Her groin twitched again.

“Don’t worry,” Bob said, “They’ll forget about this before we’ve gotten down the hall.”

At the crowed mall hallway, Bob turned to leave, but Emily grabbed his shoulder.

“Was I really like this all along? or did you do something to me like you made those people forget they saw us?”

“You already had the desire, just hidden deeply away.”

“Will I see you again?,” she pouted, mixed in her emotions.

“Maybe, just maybe.” he stole her address from her mind.

Bob let himself be swallowed by the crowd. He had enjoyed the little interlude.

* * *

He drove past a car with no one in it.

No, that wasn’t right. He looked in his rear view mirror. A man was steering the car just as normal as day. Bob probed the car with the talent.

No one was there, well maybe there was a void like blob he couldn’t read. Like the men at the Institute radar site.

Oh my, he thought, this guy is one of them. Is he after me? What do I do?

Then the other car turned away, down a different street.

Bob sighed relief. Some day soon he’d have to do something about those creeps.

They scared him more each time he came across their presence.

* * *

He’d had more trouble with Betty and Randi fighting, well, not fighting. Perhaps it was just, well, struggling.

Yesterday Betty complained about Randi trying to run the house. She knew she was allowed to boss Randi around a bit. But she and Randi were often at odds.

Bob didn’t really know what kept the two of them at each other’s throat, but he guessed Betty really wanted to be acknowledged as the queen of his women.

She was paranoid. She thought the others were going to hurt her some night. She had no idea this was ridiculous since he controlled them all. And she kept trying to push everyone else around unless Bob stepped in with his command over her hidden persona.

Yesterday he got pissed about Betty’s paranoia around Randi. He adjusted her a touch, to actually like Randi. He added a little more to put Randi in charge when he wasn’t around. That ought to straighten her out.

He had been working in the study. At the back of his mind he picked up Betty and Randi talking in the bedroom. He got up and walked towards the bedroom. He slipped to the door to watch.

“You were seeing him for almost 6 months before you let him make love to you?” Randi’s voice came.

“Yeah, he was, just fine, but I didn’t want to have sex until I got married.” Randi was helping Betty brush her hair. From time to time she stroked Betty’s back too. “But he convinced me I was wrong. I was also wrong to want him to myself. That was selfish, I think, I’m not sure really.”

“Maybe you just needed better encouragement.” This odd sensation was what he’d picked up, Randi was radiating desire. Betty, without the unreasoned fear she’d had up until yesterday, was responding a little to the sensual contact by Randi.

The two girls were both wearing short skirts, revealing blouses only just showing their nipples through since neither had bras on. Stockings were part of the uniform of the house, along with high heels which he knew could not only get uncomfortable, but made some chores a bit difficult.

But they liked wearing them around him, he’d made certain of that. He liked to see the curves their legs had with the high heels on.

“What do you mean?”

“A man like Bob is unique. He’s skilled in bed like I’ve never felt with a man. He sometimes turns me on frantically, just by looking in my direction. I’ve no idea how it happens to me. Before him, the only satisfaction I ever got was from other girls.”

Bob knew this, but didn’t really want her to lose that innate quality. He enjoyed being her only ‘man’. Again he felt personal power no other man could really have.

“Really?” By now the hair brush was laid aside. Randi worked her hands in circles on Betty’s shoulders. “I don’t like the idea of women with women. It’s wrong.”

“Oh?” Randi was now smiling, since she could sense the woman under her hands was responding to the gentle passes she made along her torso.

“Yep. My mother told me,” and Betty looked a little odd for a moment, “I’m having trouble remembering some of the things mother said lately.”

Randi, worked her arms around to Betty’s stomach. Her red fingernail tipped fingers rubbing the muscles of the other girl’s abdomen.

“Well, his technique is unusual, I’m certain he’s responsible for whatever when he gives me Fran from time to time. I get such incredible satisfaction from it. I’m not fond of men. But he’s not the same, different somehow. Its good with him.”

“I see,” said Betty, her voice beginning to waver. Randi had worked up to cupping her breasts, and although she believed this should not be good, she felt light tingles of excitement circle the firm flesh.

Bob could feel Betty’s anxiousness, and mild curiosity. Her head tilted forward, the eyes fluttering from the mildly arousing massage.

Randi took the bold step of cupping up until her fingers could clasp the nipples of Betty’s breast and roll them.

“No, no Randi, don’t do this. I don’t want to sleep with you.” she mumbled. Her body betrayed her though, rolling along with the motion from Randi’s gentle administrations. “Oh god, that feels good.”

Randi began to kiss her on the neck. Betty leaned her head to the side, allowing Randi’s lips easier access. Goose bumps showed her excited flesh enjoyed the contact.

“No. I, I can’t, I won’t.”

Randi’s fingernails dug into her nipples, lightly, giving her a sharp jolt of pleasant pain. “Ohhhhh,” moaned her voice.

Greedily, enjoying the conquest of the often argumentative woman, Randi pulled at her breasts, pinching nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, intermixed with grasping handfuls of the flesh.

Bob reached out to feel what Betty was experiencing. He could feel the tongue snake into her ear. The heat flowing down towards his groin from her breasts was prickling his own desires. Her eyes wouldn’t stay open, so he got kaleidoscopic blur of images in the room. His breathing accelerated to match her pumping lungs.

Randi, holding Betty’s left tit’s nipple with one hand, reached down and pulled up Betty’s skirt with the other. Here she benefited from Bob’s decision the women were to be available to receive his attentions at any time.

So Betty was completely available to Randi as well.

Randi slid one of those carefully manicured fingers down the folds of Betty’s cunt. Her middle finger, chosen for the intrusion, found a moist entryway waiting. Her finger probed within, and Bob felt the invasion as certainly as Betty.

“God, no, don’t do this,” she moaned, helpless before the grasp Randi had on her, “let me go, you, you, bitch!”

Randi was unrelenting, her fingers began working the nub of Betty’s clitoris. Betty was bucking, humping at the finger within her.

“You like this, slut. I may be Bob’s whore, but you’re just a teasing little slut and you need to be used.”

Bob reached out into Randi’s mind, becoming a parasitic observer within her body. The emotions were intense. He could sense her glee at conquering the cunt under her fingers. Her own sense of power over Betty fed his lust of power over both women. He could feel her body writhing with pleasure although Betty hadn’t touched her.

“Oh god, this is wrong! unnng,” Betty’s lips formed the words, contradicting her body. “What will Bob think of me? I, I, please stop!”

“You silly little slut,” answered the dominant woman, “He’ll think no more of you than he does now. You are a slut for his personal use, a cunt, whose purpose is to relieve his sexual pleasure. What did you think he kept you around for?”

Betty was lurching with Randi’s finger. Randi forced Betty to turn her head towards her face with her left hand. Betty was gone into the stage of not caring how she’d been aroused. Randi planted a wet kiss on the other woman’s mouth.

Bob could feel victory in Randi’s taking of Betty, a strong flush sensation, broadly giving Randi at least temporary ownership of Betty’s body. He could feel how tasty and sweet Betty’s lips were through his vicarious tactile touch.

Betty couldn’t stop the plunging tongue violating her mouth. She didn’t really want to. The dyke Bob kept around was forcing her into a lusty orgasm and she couldn’t stop her. Any moment now Bob would catch them and punish her for letting the bitch take her. What could she do?

She entered into the kiss with Passion, with a capital P. The softness of Randi’s mouth was a change from what she’d felt with Bob. The woman’s lips were velvet to her touch, and her own tongue found the taste simply exciting.

Randi pushed Betty to the bed and lifting the skirt, buried her face in the lush red tunnel before her. Her tongue entered the dripping cunt, pushing as far in as possible.

“MMMMYYY GOD!,” cried Betty. “oohh don’t do that!, no, no, no!”

Betty’s pelvis had assumed sine wave properties as she thrust and ground her cunt into Randi’s mouth. She denied the desire for the attention with every word, but her body was hot, aflame with excitement, reaching for ecstasy.

Randi slid two fingers into the gyrating woman before her. Her fingers moved in so easily she pulled them back out and added a third. When this proved easy as well, she drew her hand out again. Then she pointed all the fingers together and tried to insert her entire hand.

“NO NO, That will hurt me,” squealed the sweaty woman in Randi’s eager grasp. “OHHHH!”

But the all the fingers pushed in to the widest part, the area of Randi’s hand from the last knuckle of her thumb to the heal of her palm. Betty tried to spread her thighs open even wider than they already were, whimpering with a combination of joy and pain. With a sudden bump, the wrist Randi pressed behind her hand slipped into the red/pink gap.

“AAAAAHHHHHH! YEESSS!” screeched Betty, tears pouring from her eyes.

It was impossible to gauge whether from pain or pleasure from looking at her. But Bob entered her mind and as Betty, felt wondrously full, stretched wide, and unbelievably hot. There was also a stretching pain, and a few poking pains where the invading protrusion was hitting tender points. But even those pains were stimulating the sex within.

Randi clenched her hand into a fist inside Betty and started to punch in, out, in, out. Each in motion was answered by a grunt of surprise/lust from Betty. Each out motion with a gasp, struggling to gulp down air. Tears continued to stream down the side of her face, but along with the tears began to come a gasping, begging sound.

“moore, I gotta have mooorre, deeper!”

“Oh love, you look so beautiful with my arm in you.”

“oh Randi!, you’re giving, !!!aaaah!!!, me the best... oh yes!”

“You’re so pretty when stroked.”

“Oh, I coming! MORE >ung< MORE!”

Bob could feel the fullness along the open lips of Betty’s hot love canal. She was swinging her arms and head wildly in response to the brutal invasion.

She screamed out. Coming wrenched her around bodily on the bed.

Randi eased her hand out of Betty carefully. She was surprised as all hell the girl had taken it, first time, with so little trouble. All her other experiences required enormous amounts of lubrication and slow careful entry.

Betty was curled up in a ball on the bed, recovering from her intense and unexpected experience.

Randi saw Bob at the door.

He grinned, nodded in approval, and left.

* * *

Distantly, at the Institute, two men stood before a large oak desk. The entrance to the room, a large double door, was shut, the curtains drawn.

They stood apart, not associating with each other in any way but their presence. One, a burly man, wore a turtle-neck sweater, and casual slacks. The other wore a business suit.

“You lost her.” came a voice from a chair behind the desk. It was deep, undoubtably male. The room was dark, and the face concealed by the deeper shadows.

“I implanted programming to make her contact us every other week. She only missed one so far...” answered the man in the business suit.

“I don’t care! Anything we can program in, can be programmed out. You blew it. You lost her. She is gone. An observer should have watched her all the time.”

“It would’ve made other sparks suspicious,” a pause, “Sir.”

“Find her!” a fist accented by striking the desk.

“Yes Sir!” turn and depart started.

“Oh, and Tyler,” the departing man looked back, “If you don’t find her...”

A moment passed. Heavy in the air were other frightening options.

“I understand sir.” the man named Tyler left.



“He’ll fail. I know a failure when I see one. Make all the preliminary arrangements with Jezabel. Then get another team on it. I want to know when to pull him.”

“Yes sir.” and the second man left.

A pair of feet, clad in expensive Italian leather, took up residence on the edge of the desk. They twitched with impatience.