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Brittney Blowing

by thestepfordgirl (commissioned by fillerbunee2)

I’ve decided to keep this as a log to see if anything changes, or maybe to just document my collapse into insanity. I had a dream last night where some kind of creature came to me in my home, alone. Brittney must have been at the library or class or something, but this lady, she looked like a woman but had dark red skin and jet black hair. She was statuesque and curvy, huge breasts spilling out of a revealing top and wide hips bloomed out of her thin waist inside a stressed pencil skirt. She stripped me and teased my body. Telling me I could have whatever I wanted. But even Dream-Me can fuck up getting laid. I told her that I was married and didn’t want what she was selling. Then her seductive look turned into a hungry, fiendish grin. She said, ‘I can work with that’ and vanished in a plume of fire. I woke up at 4 this morning, sweating, Brittney was still beside me. Same brown hair. Same cute little body. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t get that weird dream out of my head.

Also, I couldn’t figure out how I had managed to get naked since I’d first come to bed.

Maybe that dream was something. Or maybe just a strange premonition. Brittney actually initiated this evening! She said she was horny, in her own timid way. It was the hottest thing I had ever heard. The sex itself wasn’t much I would have wrote home about, but she just seemed so into it. Like fucking her in the missionary position was the kinkiest thing in the world and she was getting off on the depravity. Please God let this happen again.

No sex tonight, even after I tried to get her in the mood. Maybe it was just a one off thing, something had caught her; hormones, full moon, maybe a solar flare. I did notice Britt’s hair looked strange, like it was longer, maybe darker? She may have just used a different product.

She was in the mood again. I had gotten home from work and Brittney had already made dinner. Which was strange in itself, normally we would both just make something ourselves around the same time. But she had dinner ready and seem to almost shake while we ate and I talked about my day. As soon we finished and I put the plates away, she jumped me, kissing my face all over. She practically begged for it. I don’t know if I had ever been so hard so fast. We had great sex, she even felt better to hold. Like, she seemed… fleshier? I dunno, like, there was more to hold all over. More squeezable. Which I could get used to.

I woke up to a dream come true, Brittney was blowing me. Like, honest to God, sucking my dick. I didn’t say anything, in case this might break the fantasy, I just pretended to still be asleep. Though I still groaned a bit when she made me cum. And to my surprise, out of my barely open eyes, I could see she wasn’t spitting it anywhere. I heard her swallow. Like, HEARD HER. She let out a little moan and then got up to make breakfast. I felt so great at work today that I actually decided to head down to the company gym during my lunch break. I ran almost the whole hour! When I got home, Britt acted like nothing happened. Didn’t want sex, wouldn’t take a hint that I wanted it.

Although, she was a lot more cuddly while we watched tv.

The past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve been going to gym every day at lunch but it’s been getting easier each time. And I still come home with energy to spare for my now insatiable wife. Brittney runs up and makes out with me the second I get in the door, followed by dinner, then a bit of sex. Then we watch a bit of tv(I don’t think I’ve seen her lift a book in a week, now that I think about it). Then we head to bed and we fuck. And then I wake up the next morning to another blowjob. I would say it’s becoming routine now but the thing that keeps changing is her. Her shyness resurfaced when she told me she needed new bras. And she really did, her boobs seemed really puffy lately, just like the butt that seemed to have inflated over the past few days. She wouldn’t even leave the house with me, she made me go get new ones for her. Texting me a bunch of random sizes to buy.

It’s been almost two weeks now since that dream. And things keep getting weirder. It’s definitely not puffiness, Brittney says her boobs have gone from a small B cup to a DD. And her butt looked huge. She used the scale last night and it said she had gained 20 pounds, and it looked like all of it was going right to her tits and ass. Her hair had also changed, it had stopped getting darker and bloomed into this long, wavy mane of fire-engine-red hair that got all in her face when we fucked. She’s started wearing it around her collarbone, letting her locks rest on the top of her tits.

Oh yeah, that’s the other new thing, Brittney has become quite the nudist at home. She ties everything down and wears thick sweaters if we go out to eat or something, but as soon as we get in the house, she strips down like Eve, wearing nothing but a full head of hair and begs for dick.

So this is a little strange. I mean, everything has been strange, but this was like, new strange. Last night, Brittney and I realized we were out of condoms. We had just gotten to bed and discovered an empty night stand. It had never been an issue before(sadly, I would just buy a new box of condoms whenever the last one expired with the old Brittney). So, horny as all hell, she just told me to put it in. And holy shit. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Her pussy felt warmer(almost too hot???), and it seemed to like, massage my dick as I fucked her. I came in her on accident but she didn’t say a word. I woke up this morning to Brittney sucking me off, but my dick looked bigger. Like, sizably bigger. And her lips did too, puffy, swollen, perfectly sealed around my cock as she drank my climax in. I think she may have orgasmed off of giving me a blowjob. WTF is going on.