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Brittney Blowing

Part 2

by thestepfordgirl (commissioned by fillerbunee2)

Brittney sucked 6 loads out of me yesterday. She couldn’t get enough and it was like my balls just kept refilling whenever she was around. Oh, and that was just the sucking. I also came in her pussy a good 4 times as well. We decided going out to get condoms wasn’t worth it since the sex was so much better. That might be a bad idea but every time I do, her eyes roll back and it’s the sexiest thing ever. So maybe after the weekend.

It’s actually Sunday morning as I type this, so I plan on spending the rest of today fucking her as well.

So I ended up not going into work. I didn’t just skip it the last few days, I just called Monday morning and said there was an unexpected family thing and I needed the week off.

The family was Brittney. And the thing was she needs her brains fucked out.

After going 3 days straight of almost non-stop fucking, things have accelerated a bit. For me, I feel like I could run a marathon with all this energy if it weren’t for my now 12″ dick and huge balls. But Brittney loves it. And I mean really, loves it. She practically worships my cock nowadays. I don’t think she’s getting dumber, cause I’ll still occasionally hear some snarky quip or something or a reference to some old movie, but she seems a lot less aware. Like she’s just in this perpetual fuck haze that makes it so she can’t think too hard.

It’s been starting to concern me more than a little bit, but every time I start showing a worried look on my face, she mashes her tits in my faces and slides down onto my cock.

Oh yeah, that’s accelerated too. Her boobs are now the size of her head and her hips have grown out of every pair of pants she owns. Her ass is this big bubble that she likes to plop down on top of me while she strokes my dick. I also think her feet have gotten smaller? Like, that sounds weirder typing than the other stuff, but it seems like her feet have gotten smaller. Dainty-er, I guess.

So after a week of fucking at least 10 times a day, my wife is basically just Jessica Rabbit. Probably a little thicker in the middle(because if we haven’t been fucking, we’ve been eating). She’s been giggling a lot lately. I ask her what’s funny and she stops for a split second before diving for my face into full making out into fucking again, usually.

I don’t really know why I was so concerned before. Honestly, it sounds kinda wimpy now, not wanting to have a total babe of a wife consume cum like it’s her fucking job. And it’s just my cum too, which is even better. She hasn’t wanted to leave the house for anything, don’t need to take her out, she doesn’t beg to go hiking or the zoo or anything. Just walk in the door with the groceries, set them on the counter and then bend her over next to them.

Something kinda weird. Last night I was watching tv while Brittney sucked me off. Oh yeah, she’s gotten better about that, she doesn’t really need me to fuck her anymore unless I feel like it, my cock is pretty much ready to go no matter what I’m doing and she says it helps her masturbate to have me cum in her mouth, so any time I’m sitting down or reading or something, she just lies next to me and sucks me dry while she fingers herself silly.

But yeah, the thing. So someone knocked on the door last night, I stuff my cock back into my boxers and wrapped a blanket around Brittney. When I opened the door, this hot chick walks straight in like she owns the place. Kinda confused, I just close the door behind her. She looks a little familiar for some reason, but I don’t recall knowing anyone with tits like watermelons and a lower half thicker than an Olympian volleyball player. And my memory has been a little foggy lately with all the crazy fucking, but I think I would have remembered meeting someone with red skin and horns.

She looks back and forth between Brittney and I. And she’s like, “having a nympho wife isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, huh?” And I’m like, wtf? It so is, and then my dick started to reinflate after going down a minute earlier. Then this chick looks down at my boxers and sees the outline of my huge rod. She gets this bugged out look in her eyes and goes quiet. At this point, I’m gettin kinda mad. So I go, “listen up, Darth Titties, or whatever cosplay you’re doing. I’m about to fuck my wife until she screams, and then probably keep fucking her, to be honest. And I’m like, not into voyeurism or anything, so unless you plan on also getting fucked until you scream, I suggest you leave.”

After I stare at her for a minute with my arms folded, she’s still staring at my dick. Which I guess had fallen out of my boxers, Brittney goes, “come on babe, just fuck her, you already told her to leave. I guess she wants to fuck.” Sounded good enough to me. I grabbed this chick by her fat red ass and bend her over the couch, ripping the little lingerie thing she has off and just plowing straight into her. She’s moaning all this, “Nooo, you were supposed to hate this,” and I just could not care less because her pussy was amazing. I fucked her and came in her a few times in between fucking Brittney and we just kinda kept her in bed with us for the night.

I actually don’t know what day it is, or how long it’s been since I last updated. This will probably be the last one for the foreseeable future. So it turns out that chick was a succubus I had made a deal with. She was gonna turn Brittney into a bimbo and make me a little dumber every time I fucked her. It was supposed to be bad, but it super wasn’t and I guess she didn’t plan on us that. Her name is some eldritch shit I can’t pronounce, so we’ve just been calling her Cali. She turned herself into a human form, figure still in line with Brittney’s size(which was still absurd compared to normal women) but all pale goth chick instead of demon. And since I “dominated a succubus” or whatever I get to control her. Which I’m not really into, but I guess it’s payback for trying to trick me. She’s basically just a live-in genie. I don’t have to work anymore because she hypnotized some rich guy we bumped into who now just gives us 6 figures a month. Brittney’s brain has cleared up so we can talk normally again. I made sure Cali didn’t get rid of the physical changes or the nymphomania, just made Britt forget that those things were weird.

Though Cali did help me with Brittney, now, any time I want, I can say “Britt Britt” and she turns back into a giggling, cum-vacuuming slut. And while she’s in this ‘mode’, her body will keep growing as I fuck her like what happened before. Though I also made Cali do the same thing to herself and then commanded her to forget doing it. I just whisper “Cali Girl” into her ear and turns back into her demon form, huge tits, fatter ass, horns, red skin, but I also added that she turns into a giggling, dumb bimbo too.

And let me be clear, this seems like a bedroom kink thing, but to tell the truth, I’ve had them both in bimbo mode for like 2 weeks and it’s been amazing. I take them out of it to go out, but it’s right back to bimbo when we get home. And I sit here typing this from the mansion we just bought. Cali is currently recovering from the huge load I just pumped into her fat red pussy and Brittney just climbed on and is letting my 14″ of dick slowly slide into her.

Later, nerds.