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Building a Better Becky

(Ff, hypnosis and a bit of magic)

A current ethnic slur for a cute and perky young white woman is a “Becky.” What would happen if a lesbian-leaning Becky appealed to women of color for help remodeling her life, and they decided to answer her plea while taking advantage of her in fun ways?

The seeded information about Wicca, Dianic or other, is based partly on S. M. Stirling’s novels of the Change, but mostly on stark ignorance.

Chapter One: An Inquirer Asks for Help

A tall Asian woman in a green gown had just given an introductory talk in the meeting room of a women’s bookstore, about Wicca in general, and her own Dianic version in particular. She patiently dealt with questions, noticing that a pretty young blonde was hanging back, looking very anxious. “Your issue looks like it might need some time to present,” she said. “Come join me in the coffee shop up front, and I’ll help you if I can.”

“Thank you, Lady!” the girl said. The witch surmised that part of the problem might be lack of money, so she ordered beverages for both of them while her inquirer picked a quiet table.

“If it’s complicated, just let it flow out piece by piece,” she advised. “Solving any part of the problem will make the rest look different. I’m Pauline, by the way. What’s going on with you?”

“I’m Alice, and that’s the smallest and silliest bit of my problem. I hate my name! That’s not very important, compared to how screwed up my life is. I have all the usual teenage turbulent emotions, too, but the basic fact is that I live in foster care. I turn eighteen in a couple of months, and it’s been made clear that I have to move out as soon as possible. I have nowhere to go, very few useful skills, and no money. I’m through with high school. I’ve found a vocational education track for medical technicians at the community college that I would like to take if I could, but even with maxed student loans, I need some kind of home base and support system to get through that. Of course, I’m asking for advice, not a financial rescue!”

“It’s good that you understand that,” Pauline chuckled. “What else is an awkward fit in your life?”

“My foster parents are militant Christians,” Alice went on. “That adds friction in two areas. Paganism speaks to my soul, and what I’ve read and what you just told us about Goddess-centered Wicca has me going ‘Oh yes, bingo! That’s the path for me!’ It doesn’t help that I am strongly attracted to other girls, although so far due to lack of privacy all I’ve done with my friends is hugging and kissing. Apparently there is a cultural stereotype of the Baby Lesbian, who expects an older gay woman to take care of her as if she were as much Mommy as girlfriend. I would rather be much more useful and interdependent than that, although joining a lesbian group household would make lots of sense if I could contribute to it.”

“How are you on housekeeping skills, like cleaning and cooking, and are you willing to do that sort of thing? I am familiar with several gay female households. Some are very well kept, as the inmates behave like Wife and Wife and Wife, but others are the classic Sixties commune where nobody does the dishes. I’m afraid my own house is like that.”

“Trying to be fair, my foster family have done me some good, and a big part of that was making sure I am able to clean a house, cook, babysit, and do yard work. I’d really appreciate introductions to any household where I could pay my own way by working part time, like twenty hours a week.”

“Do you want to keep things professional, or are you also open to framing your housekeeping in the context of a kinky power exchange relationship?”

“That sounds intriguing! how would it work?”

“I’m just throwing out a wild idea here. I would have to talk it over with my housemates, and you would have to decide if this sort of thing is for you. What is setting me off is a Current Year cultural meme. Some mean people dismiss the contributions of a white woman to public discourse, especially if she is a cute perky young blonde like you, by calling her a Becky. The implication is that what she said is of no value because she has so much privilege in her life, even if nobody can see it. I’m having a fantasy about taking that lemon and making lemonade, using that theme in ways that are constructive and fun. We could change your name to Becky, and help you grow your adult personality under that identity. With me and both my housemates working with you, combining the Craft with hypnosis, you could surprise yourself with the tranquil power flowing through you, making you a good student and a valued worker. The kinky part is that all three of us are women of color, one Asian, one Hispanic, and one Black. In case you were wondering, we are all queer chicks, in a loving open relationship with each other, and getting close to thirty years old. That may look very grown up from where you stand, but the Goddess seems to think that we also still have a great deal of growing up to do! We would convince our Becky that we are all your racial superiors, and that you are our shared personal slave. That would make the housekeeping more fun, and get you a lot of lesbian experience! If you think that is totally crazy, I understand, and I will still network to see if we can find you a more conventional housekeeper slot. What do you think?”

“That actually makes sense to me, so if you are crazy, I will fit right in! I will add up the costs of college training and the available financing to make sure the numbers work, and check my information about local entry-level jobs for graduates of the program. Your housemates will have to vote on the idea, and I’d like to meet them soon if they agree this is a possibility.”

“I’ll bring this idea up at our Saturday house meeting. Let’s exchange contact information, and see where this goes!”

Chapter Two: Becky Building Begins

Pauline’s housemates were willing to consider the idea. Janice, the Black witch, a former History major, was always interested in the philosophical basis of social arrangements. “You’re our Priestess, Pauline, and the most in touch with the deep things. Do you really think our society will end up with slavery for Whites?”

“I don’t see that happening on a large scale, no. More likely is both increased segregation and more intercommunal violence. I will say that every rare instance of voluntary slavery, like this proposal, may heal enough old sores to save ten armed conflicts. I would also remark that Becky is really interested in our religious path, and she wants to join our coven as soon as she is qualified, and I would support that. She would be our spiritual equal even as our slave. After all, the Whites only started really throwing their weight around five hundred years ago, so on the rule that What Goes Around Comes Around, five hundred years from now this round of troubles should be over. And you know, in the sight of the Goddess, that’s not really a long time!”

Leticia, the Hispanic witch, was an accountant, and curious about the terms of the slavery. “How long will we own Becky? And when she’s out of school and working, what happens to her earnings?”

“I figure we should own her long enough to get her through school and working, and settled into solidly adult habit patterns. In many traditional cultures, Slave was for seven years, and that seems long enough to me. We should control her earnings, except a tenth or so for pocket money, but most of them should go for Becky’s benefit, paying off her student loans and building up savings. The coven should be reimbursed for any cash advances, but it looks like there won’t be much of that. Becky lacks confidence and a margin of safety, but with her room and board covered, the available student grants and loans are just about enough. Speaking of cash outlays, I figure we will each have to contribute an extra hundred dollars a month to pay for Becky’s food and utilities. I’m hoping you agree that having a housekeeper will be worth it.”

“We could really use one!” Janice agreed. “Not to mention how personally gratifying it will be to have a white girl who does anything I say...”

“Umm, yes, I wasn’t going to mention that, but who am I fooling?” laughed Leticia.

‘I’ll tell Becky this arrangement is actually possible, then, and see if she can come over tomorrow to meet you both. Let me know your thoughts on the shape of the ritual to bind Becky to us as our slave; probably the most important part is increasing her feeling of security and comfort. We aren’t just taking advantage of her insecurities, we will also be her kinky surrogate family!”

Becky got along with all three of her future owners. She was pleased with the small spare bedroom she would be sleeping in, and the kitchen and laundry arrangements. She readily consented to the terms of her servitude, including its seven-year length. She moved her few possessions in during the week, and began cooking and cleaning early. On the following Saturday evening, all four women met in the ritual workroom in the basement. As was their custom for indoor work, the three witches were skyclad, and Becky willingly joined them in nudity. After chanting a series of spells, with Becky making responses binding herself to service, all three sat down around her on the floor and began to hypnotize her together.

Becky felt her old life around her like a cramped and boring pit. She knew she wanted to leave it, and that she needed help to do that. She saw her three new friends and Mistresses lowering a ladder to her, and she climbed out of the pit, joining them in a verdant wide open landscape with many possibilities. Then she knelt before each of the witches in turn, kissing her feet, and accepting a colored cord around her wrist binding her to slavery. She knew that Becky was her real name from now on, and that she wanted to live in this contented present and not think of her former life except when she needed to. She smiled as she felt her slavery comfortably settling over her like a warm quilt; obeying Pauline, Janice, and Leticia was simply who she was and what she did. Becky had blue eyes, and Becky was a slave.

Over the next several weeks, Becky listened repeatedly to hypnosis MP3s each of her owners prepared for her. As she listened, she jilled off. Her level of trance fluctuated like a swimming dolphin; sometimes she was listening consciously, with a dazed smile as she remembered that her frequent orgasms were conditioning her to sexual submission and obedience. At other times she went deep and completely blank, with the voices falling to the bottom of her unconscious mind. She already thought all three witches were very attractive, but now they became irresistibly alluring. She began spending one night a week with each of them, being gently introduced to whatever sexual practices they favored. She learned to surprise herself with an orgasm whenever she decided to obey a command, and practiced showing this as little as possible in case it happened in public places.

After a month, the witches gathered in the workroom with their slave girl. Becky knew that her performance was not perfect, and nervously waited for the Ladies to correct her behavior, but all three were well satisfied with her ongoing progress in efficient work and ready submission. She was grateful for a chance to express how delighted she was with her new role in life. “I was constantly worrying before, running around the same useless thoughts like a gerbil in a cage. I didn’t realize how noisy my mind was until it stopped. Now I think about my work, cleaning the house and getting ready for school, or studying Wicca, or I review the mantras you taught me. When I have nothing useful to think about, my mind is blank and empty. It’s so peaceful being your slave!”

“And are you satisfied with the sexual side of your service?” asked Janice.

“I was thinking I was probably gay anyway, but now I’m convinced! I’m madly infatuated with all three of you, and I haven’t just accepted the idea that you are my racial superiors, I’m finding it vastly hot in a submissive way. If there is anything more I can do for you, don’t hold back! Your Becky loves to serve.”

The laughing witches hugged their slave, then had her remove the temporary colored cords symbolizing her slavery to each of them. Pauline clipped on a metal bracelet in their place. It showed three bands of color, black, red, and gold. “We’ve left you fumbling for respectful ways to address us,” she explained. “You may use our names out in public, or our colors whenever we are home. Janice is Lady Black, Leticia is Lady Red, and I am Lady Gold. Now, as each of us holds your slave bracelet, tell her that you are her slave, and kiss her nipples!”

Leticia grasped the bracelet and looked Becky in the eye and said, “Becky, you are my slave!” Becky responded, “Lady Red, I am your slave!” and kissed her nipples. Then Janice and Pauline, who were now Lady Black and Lady Gold, received their own affirmations.

Chapter Three: Becky Moves Ahead

After a year, Pauline called Becky into her room and allowed her to sit at her feet. She asked, “How are you adjusting to the tough schedule we have you on, Becky?”

“It was hard to get used to at first, Lady Gold,” Becky admitted. “I hadn’t realized how easy I had it as a high school student with household chores and occasional minor work in the neighborhood. The school schedule you put me on will allow me to complete my three-year program in two years, but to keep up with that course load and make good grades, I need to work 48 hours a week. Add twenty hours as your house slave, and a dozen hours of religious study and practice, and I am putting in eighty hours a week. That is quite physically possible, but I had to throw myself on the mercy of the Goddess to keep going through the fatigue. Of course, that was spiritually good for me, and I am slowly getting used to it.”

“Yes, that is a hard way of learning where the power in your life comes from. We’ve all noticed how enthusiastically you learn the rituals and songs of the Cycle of the Year, and you have mastered about all the books on paganism we have in the house. How is your daily meditation going?”

“You mean after I stopped falling asleep?” Becky said wryly. “It was frustrating at first, it felt like I wasn’t really doing anything. Then the Door into the Otherworld began to become real to me, and I went through it, and the Goddess sent me a spirit guide suitable to my beginner status. She manifests as a big friendly white dog, who can talk with me without sound. She told me that, for me, her name is Payback.”

“Because Payback’s A Bitch?” Pauline had a fit of the giggles at that.

“Yes, one of the things to get used to about the Mother Of All and the lesser Powers That Be is a really weird sense of humor. Payback is showing me around our neighborhood, helping me understand more of what is there to be seen. Lots of things look almost the same as on the material plane, but sometimes there are surprises.”

“There will be more later,” Pauline assured her. “Especially after you begin getting summoned to do things, on either side of the Door. Some will be just useful small favors for people you didn’t know, others will make sense only in hindsight, and sometimes you’ll be years in the Summerlands before it comes clear to you what that one was all about.”

“I thought that was the sort of thing only full-fledged witches could do.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. The rules require study and practice at least one hour per day for a year and a day. You have done more than that, and gotten the expected benefits. As your Priestess, I discern that you are ready for full Initiation and membership in our coven. Do you agree to take on the responsibility of Being The Witch?”

“Yes, Lady Gold. It’s a bit scary, but it’s exciting, too, and I can feel that the Goddess wants this of me. Even as a fellow witch and coven sister, I’ll still be the slave of my wonderful Ladies, won’t I?”

“Count on it, sweet Becky!” Pauline assured her with a hug.

Becky accepted the ritual name of Lady White for use in the coven meetings, but was relieved that her owners in the household still called her Becky at other times. The other four members of the coven were also gay women, single or in open relationships, so Becky asked them to allow her to worship each of them sexually. Two of them were White, which felt odd to her, but Lady Gold assured her that building warm relationships in the coven was also a service to her owners.

Becky concentrated on her studies at the community college, but was aware of some odd reactions from her fellow students. A few resented her distinctively White good looks and cheerful personality, finding it frustrating that she could not be insulted by being called a Becky. Others noticed the energies of peace and balance and healing emanating from her, and admired her or treated her with awe. A young woman of mixed race asked her for advice one day; she made a coffee date after her next class, and met Lee in the Student Center.

Lee was a short chubby girl with conspicuous tattoos, of Jewish and Vietnamese parents. “So I really don’t know who I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want what you have. You have this warm glowing energy about you! It lights up the whole space you’re in; some people find it irritating and move away, but others, like me, drink it in, and their days get better. How do you do that, and is it something I could learn?”

Becky had never considered that she could lead others to her spiritual path. She sent a quick prayer for help to the Goddess; she felt enfolded in loving arms, and seemed to hear a voice within herself. “Peace, child; I am with you. As you were helped, now you must help.”

“I get all this from my spiritual path, which is controversial in some circles. I’m a witch, of the Dianic tradition within Wicca. I was just fully initiated a few months ago; what you describe is supposed to be going on with me, but if you can see it that clearly, you must have great potential for any similar path that calls out to you.”

“Really? I’ve always been skeptical of all religions, but some of the wisest people I know say that any of them can work, if you work it. If you’d be willing to guide me, I’m willing to do some serious research, and see if your path might be the right one for me. If so, then you can tell me what comes next.”

“I’d be glad to share pointers to some books and study materials. If those make sense, especially if you feel called to start doing the recommended exercises, I could invite you to a semi-public ritual or two, and we’ll see where you want to go from there. The Dianics are one of the more serious Wiccan branches; they follow the traditional study and practice requirement, of one hour per day for a year and a day before you can be initiated and say, ‘I’m a witch!’”

“Umm, that sounds depressingly realistic, but I asked for it! I think I might have heard about the Dianics; what is their special claim to fame?”

“We worship the Goddess, with the God in a subordinate role as Her consort. The majority of Dianics are women; the men who are called to join often enter female-led relationships. Actually, about half the women are bisexual or gay, like me. You don’t have to, but you may throw out the special request on your heart if you are feeling brave enough.”

Lee froze in shock for a moment, then blushed furiously. “I’ve been realizing for a year or two how queer I am. I haven’t had much of a relationship with a woman yet, but I’m open to that. In fact, I desperately want to be your girlfriend! Could that be possible, if you are my spiritual mentor at the same time?”

“That relationship requires management, but it’s quite possible. Witches are very pro-sex! In fact, that’s just how I got started.”

“Wonderful! Are there any special rules?”

“Because of my previous commitments, this would have to be an open relationship. In fact, I’ll have to start by talking this over with my Priestess, Lady Gold. Because of my low level of witchy experience, she might lay down special rules for how I work with you. She might want to meet you before approving a mentoring relationship. A sexual relationship should be easy to approve, but I haven’t had one yet outside my present household. Just so you know, I have a deep compulsion to submit erotically to women of color, including you, so if we do become lovers, you will be the boss of me. Do you think you could get used to that?”

“Becky, I’ll get into whatever you need!”

Chapter Four: Becky’s Completion

After graduation, Becky found a job with a medical center near her home; it was not the best paying opportunity, but the center had a good reputation with its employees as a decent workplace, and she could continue to commute by bicycle. As soon as possible, she moved up from her basic Radiographic Technician level to an MRI certificate with higher pay. The MRI machine was loud, and patients had to be inside it to take the images, so her ability to comfort distressed people was highly valued.

She continued to practice her skills as a witch, learning from more experienced people, and finding books and other resources as she needed them. As her seven-year indenture as a slave drew to a close, Pauline had a surprise for her.

One evening two elder witches came to visit. Lady Laurel was a rosy-cheeked and white-haired grandmother, the Priestess of a Dianic coven in the next city, while Lord Rowan, a large and fierce military veteran, was the Priest of an Alexandrian coven nearby. They quizzed her for an hour about issues of ritual and training, with many questions like “What would you do if...” At last, Lord Rowan said gruffly, “I think this young Lady knows enough to be dangerous!” Lady Laurel agreed, “Pauline my dear, I think you’ve done it again! Becky has the root of the matter in her. She’ll need to go on learning, of course, but that’s true for all of us!”

Becky turned wondering to Pauline, who smiled as she asked, “Hadn’t you guessed? Lady Laurel was the Priestess who trained me. This was your graduation interview to become a Priestess yourself. Ask the Goddess if She wants you to take on those wider responsibilities!”

Becky went inside and asked. The voice in her heart promised, “This task will bring you struggle and many trials, and also great joy. If you accept it, I will bless the work.”

“You knew I couldn’t refuse, Lady Gold!” she said.

“I hoped you would use your great gifts in Her service,” Pauline said. “Come down to the workroom for your consecration!”

The whole coven were waiting in the workroom, and the visitors joined in the ritual. Then Laurel, Rowan, and Pauline joined hands to weave together the triple cords around Becky’s waist, white, red, and black, indicating a fully trained Priestess. After exchanging kisses with all present, Becky fled to the kitchen, to calm herself with the familiar work of serving a buffet supper, even though nearly everything was ready.

Pauline found her there. “I know you are used to handling food service for us, Becky, but tonight you are the guest of honor, and you should be visible!”

Becky wiped away tears. “My years as a slave in this household have been the happiest of my life, Lady Gold,” she said. “That’s coming to an end now, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I think it must, for several reasons. For one thing, the coven I have been heading is up to fourteen members. That’s awkwardly large! It really needs to split off a daughter coven, which now has a Priestess to lead it. For another, your slavery to us was a temporary expedient. Now that you have adult skills and confidence, you don’t need our control any more. I wouldn’t say you don’t need us, as your friends and lovers, Lady White! I’m sure you will visit when you can, and you and I will not forget the taste of each others’ pussies. As a last consideration, the three of us in this house are still only in our mid-thirties, and we could do again what we did for you with another anxious and insecure white girl. Wouldn’t you want to share the fun of becoming a bespelled, brainwashed, and obedient Becky?”

“All good points, Lady Gold,” Becky admitted.

“Then come out and mingle, and start feeling out the members of your new coven! I want you to recruit at least five besides yourself.”

Becky carried out the plates of food until several others took over that task, then sat down next to Lee. Lee looked her in the eye, smiled, and said “Yes! I want to be in your coven, and whenever you set up a group household, I want to be one of your live-in lovers too!”

“Well, that was an easy sale!” Becky said bemusedly. “I wonder who else might want to join up, at either level?”

“I have been talking to people,” Lee said smugly. “You already have both of the Cousins. Janice’s cousin Jewel paid attention to their grandpappy’s lessons, so Janice admits Jewel is a much better African-American traditional root doctor. In the same way, Leticia’s cousin Araceli was a devoted apprentice to their grandmother and her comadres, who were the main curanderas of their town. That’s two quite different schools of traditional herbal medicine mixed with magic charms. Speaking of charms, Nobuko seems immune to mine, but from the way I’ve noticed her looking at you and sighing, I think she would be interested in growing closer. if I’m in your household, she might not want to be, but in your coven and in your bed frequently would be another question.”

Great lobbying!” Becky laughed. “I will speak to Nobuko, then circulate and see who else might want to join. That would make four, and Lady Gold told me to recruit five.”

“Umm, has it started to sink in that you’re not a slave anymore?”

“I’m starting to think in terms of the interests of my new coven and its members, but I haven’t had an official ritual of release, so as of today I am still a slave, owned by the three Ladies who live here. I loved being a slave, but Lady Gold is right that it’s time for me to move on. I’m starting to have fantasies of erotic submission to the members of my new household, but I won’t be your slave, just your very suggestible and infatuated girlfriend.”

Lee tweaked her nipple, then said, “Off with you, Priestess! You have recruiting to do!”

“Yes, mighty Woman Of Color!”

As Lee had surmised, Nobuko wanted to join the new coven, but preferred to live separately. Her roommate and girlfriend, Lakshmi, also turned out to be interested in the coven, and in Becky.

Becky reported to Pauline that she seemed to have the needed five candidates for her coven. Pauline said, “Good going! You’ll have to discuss who joins in your household and who lives separately. Then, when you have a head count for the household, you can start looking for a house to rent, or maybe to buy.”

“That reminds me; do I have any money? You originally told me not to wonder what was happening to the money I earned, except for the pocket money in my personal account. I haven’t even thought about it until now! This may be complex enough to discuss another time, of course.”

“Yes, in a few days I would like to go over seven years of transactions, and share our thinking if it is not obvious. As a quick executive summary, though, your government student loan was at low interest and small payments, but the return on bank CDs went even lower than that, so we paid it off. Your private student loan, at high interest, was paid off three years ago. A bit of your savings are in very low interest short-term CDs, and most are in stock market investments that make sense to Leticia but not me. Assuming those turn into cash at a value similar to what they were worth on your statement last month, your net worth is slightly over $100,000, so you do have the option of buying a house if that is a good deal.”

“Wow! my sisters did really well by me!”

“It just goes to show that a Becky is a valuable slave!”

The End