The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bunny and the Big Board


Bunny scanned the customers of the Pink Curtain strip club for likely targets. She’d been appearing regularly here and at a number of other local skin joints for three weeks now, chauffeured in unremarkable SUVs by silent drivers, wearing whatever the Big Board had told her to, dancing for tips (not dancing, ‘stripping’—the Board had clearly said ‘stripping’). She’d learned the technique of it by watching the stripper videos that had played on her television occasionally, when it wasn’t showing hardcore porn; after only a few sessions on stage, she was a natural. She had something going for her that other dancers generally did not: stripping got her off, big time. It felt so good that it didn’t even occur to her that here, out in public, she could make some sort of attempt at freedom...ask for help, walk out the front door and find a cab, make a phone call, anything. The idea of escape was the farthest thing from her mind now.

Now she was sliding her sweat-slick back up and down a brass pole, spreading her legs wide and fingering herself seductively, selecting each movement to emphasize her body-glitter-festooned breasts. From the stage, she spied a young, skinny guy—not particularly attractive, per se, with a bit of an overbite and what appeared to be fresh zits on his face, but well above her standards these days. It looked like he’d been dragged here by a cooler, more confident friend, who was currently enjoying a lap dance, leaving Skinny all by his lonesome. Bunny licked her lips.

As soon as the song was over, Bunny pulled her skin-tight white tank top back over her huge tits and slipped into her bright blue thong panties—her red five-inch pumps and sheer stockings had never come off—and bounced over to the awkward kid. Skipping the usual conventions that she’d learned over the last weeks (ask him to buy you an over-priced watered-down drink, chat him up, offer a lap dance), she took him by the hand and told him there was something she wanted to show him in one of the private rooms. He tried to protest, but she coaxed him along—“Come on, no charge...”

In the small private room—one of several at the Curtain, almost as small as a walk-in closet and reserved for the big spenders—Bunny put on a real show for her audience of one. Writhing to the beat of the music, she pulled her tank top back over her glistening breasts, slid out of her panties, and then turned around and rubbed her bare ass against the shy boy’s crotch. She took his hands in hers and guided them to her boobs, letting him squeeze and rub them while she moaned softly. When the song ended, she turned around, bent over, and whispered in his ear: “I’ll suck your cock for twenty dollars.”

Skinny hesitated. “How much for a fuck?”

Bunny felt her pussy go beyond moist. Her eyes fluttered a bit with arousal, but she regained control of herself quickly. “Fifty.” She hesitated for a second. “But you have to cum on my face, okay?”

Skinny had no problem with that, and he paid her up front. She slipped the money into the band of one stocking, stood Skinny up against a wall, and undid his pants. His dick—average in size, maybe even small compared to what she’d sampled in the past months, but veiny and pulsing and right there in front of her face and perfect in every way—was already hard from the lap dance, so Bunny wasted no time. She looked up at the boy to make sure he was watching, and locked eyes with him while she made a big show of running her tongue from the base of his cock to its head. Then she slipped his dick into her mouth and enjoyed the feel of it against her tongue and throat. Stroking him slowly with her right hand, she moaned into his crotch while her left hand mauled her own huge breast. Whoring herself felt just as amazing as she knew it would.

With some difficulty after five or so minutes of mind-numbing bliss, Bunny pulled her head off of the stranger’s cock. She turned around and supported herself against the opposite wall with her hands, and spread her legs invitingly. Looking over her shoulder, blonde hair cascading down her back, balanced on her pumps, she purred, “Are you ready to fuck me, baby? Put that big cock in Bunny’s warm cunt.”

Skinny was clearly ready. “Wow, you’re one hot slut.”

“Yessssss...” Bunny was in ecstasy again as the cock slid rapidly in and out of her. She’d had bigger, of course, but this was marvelous. “Bunny loves to get fucked...yes...fuck Bunny’s pussy with that hard cock...Bunny is a hot slut...” The whole time she was being penetrated, Bunny was softly saying the nastiest things she could think of about herself. Skinny had never seen anything like it, and wasn’t able to hold off as long as either of them would have liked.

Sensing the change in tempo, Bunny pulled the cock out of her twat, spun around, and got back on her knees. She finished the boy off by jerking him off with both hands, one on his scrotum and one on the base of his cock, which she pointed directly at her own face. “You promised you’d come on Bunny’s face,” she reminded him, her wet red lips pouting sweetly. Within seconds, he shot his wad all over her, as promised. Clearly it had been a while, because his output was copious. It splattered first her slightly-parted mouth, then her nose and cheeks and above her eyes, before the last few weaker spurts dripped onto her massive chest.

Bunny, exhausted from her own arousal, leaned back and sat against the wall, enjoying the sensation of fresh jizz rolling down her forehead, getting caught in her long fake lashes, and then dripping thickly onto her cheekbone. Skinny, awkward as ever, didn’t know what to do, so he pulled his pants back on and quickly excused himself from the room. Bunny scooped up a glob of cum from between her tits, brought it to her mouth, and closed her lips around her fingers. She closed her eyes and shuddered through a very pleasant, very real orgasm...the kind of orgasm she used to only get by pressing a vibrator set to “high” against her clit.

The Big Board hadn’t said much that day—just a dollar sign and the word “blowjob.” Bunny knew all she’d had to do was get paid to suck a guy’s cock. Everything else had been her own choice—everything, from the heavy makeup she started with to the sticky facial she was enjoying now. Even little elements she barely thought of anymore, they were so regular—like calling herself Bunny, for example. Like calling herself ‘slut’.

That night, she serviced five more men with her mouth, pussy, and asshole, wallowing in the impossible sensation she got from blowing them with her whore mouth, but enjoying the whole ride, starting with the transaction of cash and ending, usually, with fresh cum in her mouth. When her last customer—an older, graying gentleman—offered to pay extra if he could fuck her big titties, Bunny squealed with delight. She orgasmed once with his surprisingly spry cock between her melons, and then again when he sprayed her chest with his hot seed. Afterwards, she gave him a wet kiss goodbye and stood alone in the private room, her tits glistening with the sheen of what little cum she hadn’t already licked off of herself.

Now she was going to go back to her waiting ride, walk back into her now-consentual prison, deposit all of her cash earnings in the designated receptacle, and wait eagerly for tomorrow. The Board had a “95” in the lower-left corner, and that meant she’d be sucking 89 more cocks for cash. She could hardly wait.