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Business and Pleasure

Part 10

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Simon was sliding in and out of her and it felt so damn good. Anne was perched on the edge of his desk, her buttocks heating up as they rubbed back and forth over its surface. Nothing like the heat coursing through her at what they were doing.

Sex. We’re having sex.

Anne couldn’t believe that she had ever tried to deny what they were doing. When a man’s cock was deep inside her pussy it was obvious that she was having sex with him. It was certainly helping her stress levels, and she hoped it was helping Simon’s as well, but they were definitely having sex. Her legs were wrapped around Simon’s hips, and her arms were around his neck, as his thrusts back and forth caused yet more delicious friction, this time on the inside of her thighs.

“Oh, oh, oh god, more, please,” Anne begged, her breath coming in short, hard won, gasps. Her eyes were wide as she gazed over Simon’s shoulder out his window. Sunlight fell on her, yet more warmth. She felt that she was going to melt. She could feel her orgasm rising, her second, no, third, since she’d entered his office.

Of course, if anyone saw them, they would think it was some sort of sordid office affair. Anne wasn’t like that. She kept her professional and private life separate. Well, she tried to, she thought, then admitted to herself that lately she hadn’t been as good about it as she could be. But she and Simon weren’t having an affair, they were just two colleagues helping each other deal with the stresses of work. And no one-one was going to see them, because the door was locked.

Hearing might be a different matter.

“Yes, oh, yes,” she cried.

If anyone was going to hear them it was Chloe, Simon’s executive assistant, the woman almost certainly seated at her desk outside. Anne wasn’t sure whether Chloe could overhear them or not. If she did, Chloe never said anything. Chloe was a friend. Not something Anne had expected, but there it was.

Anne hadn’t always been so noisy with Simon, but he had encouraged it lately, telling her it would help even more with her stress. She had to admit he’d been right. She glanced down, between her bouncing B-cup tits, at his cock as it slid in and out of her, the sight driving the feelings pulsing through her to fever pitch. Being able to watch that cock as it thrust in, pulled out and drove back into her was one advantage over having it in her mouth. Though Anne thought she probably did prefer a cock in her mouth to having it in her pussy. The feel as the silky hardness slid over her lips, the electric sensations that made her tongue feel like a giant clit, then coming as she sucked away as it spurted down her throat was something she couldn’t get enough of, enough by itself to make her come. That had been her first orgasm. But in her pussy was good too. Especially this cock. Because she knew where else this cock had been.

Inside Charlotte.

She may not be having an affair with Simon, but what she had with Charlotte was a completely different matter. Yes, she loved her boyfriend, Liam. Sex with Liam was wonderful, their emotional bond laced with the physical passion, the little pills Simon had given her helping Liam keep up with her demands. Which were sometimes bordering on the insatiable. Anne didn’t want to think about how much time she was spending having sex these days.

It was just as well she didn’t actually have that much else to do right now.

She wondered if Charlotte had any free time this afternoon. Anne was sure that she could convince the raven-haired beauty to take a little time away from her work. Because if there was one thing better than using her tongue on a cock that was pushing down her throat it was burying her tongue as deep inside Charlotte as she could reach.

Watching Simon’s cock, knowing it had been inside Charlotte, was almost as good as having sex with her gorgeous lover. Not quite as good of course. Nothing was quite as good.

Not even sex with Liam. Her eyes shot wide and her breath caught at thought. Desperately Anne pushed that idea away, too afraid to face what it might mean. Images of her raven-haired lover took its place.

She wondered if there were any traces of Charlotte left on Simon’s cock. Anne imagined Simon’s thrusts ramming some little piece of the beautiful woman deep inside her. It wasn’t likely, Simon being too fastidious for it to actually happen. But it was a delightful fantasy. More than enough to tip Anne over the edge, her screams ringing around the room as Simon came, Anne feeling the spurts of his cum deep inside.

Not, Anne reflected as she lazed on Simon’s desk in the afterglow, that it was all that hard to get some piece of Charlotte inside her, remembering what her lover’s fingers had done to her that morning, the two seeking each other out as soon as they could make excuses to get away from the demands of work.

Better get up, Anne told herself, I shouldn’t keep taking up his time.

Anne wasn’t exactly heavily occupied right now. The stress she was feeling wasn’t coming from too much work, but from uncertainty. Revesby had signed with her company and they’d delivered that news to their rival. Now they were waiting to see would happen. Would the other company fold or keep fighting? In the meantime there wasn’t much for Anne to do. She was finding the waiting hard to deal with. While it would be good to win, if the other company gave up she’d have to move back to her office with the rest of the legal team and she wouldn’t be seeing Charlotte and Simon anywhere near as much. At least the case wouldn’t take up any more of Simon’s time then.

It really was good of him to help her deal with the stress.

“I’d better get out of your way,” Anne said, reaching for her bra where it lay draped over the back of his chair.

Simon reached out and took her wrist, gently. “What’s the rush?” he asked.

“I’m sure you have things you need to be doing,” the blonde lawyer replied, sitting on the edge of his desk as Simon began dressing himself. “This case has taken so much of your time, you must be behind on everything.”

“Nonsense,” Simon smiled. Then he put his head on one side, frowning. “You really are concerned, aren’t you?”

Anne just nodded.

“Have a seat,” Simon said, waving at one of the comfortable chairs that lounged in the late afternoon sunlight on the other side of his desk.

Anne lazed in the chair, stretching like a cat as the sun kissed her body. Idly she glanced over at Simon were he fussed over his café machine.

Always with the tea, she thought, he’s obsessed with that machine. She wondered if she should be jealous. The feeling had no time to form, Simon soon returning to her side with a steaming cup. He leant against the side of his desk as he gazed down at her naked body. Anne preened, and shifted to give him a better view.

“Don’t worry yourself about me,” he said between sips.

“But I know how much time it’s taken!” Anne protested. “All the meetings we’ve had, going through the documents, all the time you’ve spent reading them, all the other meetings with Owen and the others.” She paused for a moment, “And, umm, all the times you’ve, umm, helped me deal with the stress of it all.”

Simon smiled and shook his head. “Well, it hasn’t just been you that’s benefited you know.” He tried to look innocent, but a knowing wink gave him away. Anne felt herself blushing. A vague thought wandered through her mind that she should start getting some clothes on, but lying there naked in the sun just felt too good.

“But, what about…” she tried before Simon cut her off.

“No, really, it had to be done and it’s not your fault. And anyway I’ve kept up with everything. Even found time for some extra experiments as well.”

“Really?” Anne couldn’t keep the scepticism out of her voice. With all the time Simon had given the case she couldn’t believe that he’d found the time for additional work, let alone everything else he had to do.

“Really,” Simon insisted. “In fact, I’d like to tell you about it.” He settled back comfortably against the desk, ankles crossed as he leant there. He took a sip from his drink and Anne thought she’d better follow suit. Not that she ever needed any encouragement to drink whatever Simon gave her.

“I wanted,” Simon began, “to test some theories I had, so I started working on some samples. Three of them in the end. Although I only started with one.” He paused for a moment, smiling somewhat wistfully at Anne. “Then I added another and a third. That last one wasn’t behaving properly. I hadn’t intended including it but it was interfering with the other two samples, so something had to be done. I completely switched around a few of its properties. It’s now much more co-operative. And I think rather more settled in itself. Quite a success.”

Anne thought that was an odd way to talk about a chemical sample. Why would a sample be interfering with another if it wasn’t part of the experiment? she wondered. The blonde lawyer assumed Simon was simplifying things a little. Maybe over-simplifying. She was no biochemist, but she’d picked up a few things during her time working on the case.

“What did you do it?” Anne asked. “I assume it was something organic?”

Simon nodded, tapping his temple. “I’m sorry, you are intelligent. I shouldn’t underestimate you.” Anne opened her mouth to protest, he didn’t have to apologise to her.

“No, really,” he stated, holding up his hand to stop her, “I do apologise.”

“Anyway,” Simon continued, “to answer your question, yes, all three samples are organic. Quite complex and individual as well. Let me fill in a few more details.” Simon began describing reactions, formula and processes that Anne couldn’t really understand, although she listened attentively. She was sure that Charlotte would understand it, but it was beyond her. She did know enough to recognise that Simon was describing something highly complex.

“So they were living samples?” she asked at length, that much at least being apparent to her.

“Of course,” Simon replied, obviously pleased she’d worked that out by herself, “my work is with, or at least aimed at, treatments and enhancements for people. This experiment was a little different, something to stretch me. But quite rewarding, in its own way.” He gave a knowing smile at Anne. She wasn’t quite sure what he meant, perhaps he was simply referring to the feeling of a job well done.

“What about the other two samples?” she asked. Anne suspected that Simon had tried something different with them.

“Ah yes,” Simon mused, “they were also a success. I shifted their properties as well, but I was trying for more of a balance with them. Leaving some of their original inclinations intact while adding others. In fact, I was hoping to get them to react with each other as well as observe their more individual changes.”

“Did it work?” Anne asked.

“Oh yes,” Simon replied, “extremely well. The only surprise was how well. I was hoping for a reaction between them, but the scale of it has been rather unexpected. It’s the strongest of any the reactions I’ve observed as part of the experiment. I almost have trouble keeping them apart. Not that I mind, it’s quite charming really.”

Anne thought that was an odd way to describe experimental samples, but Simon did have his eccentricities.

“Are you sure that they wouldn’t have reacted anyway?” she asked, hoping it was an intelligent question.

“Oh, quite sure,” Simon said confidently. “I was quite thorough. There was a certain low-level reaction, but nothing more than you’d expect from any two such samples. The final reaction is of a completely different nature, much less common and nothing they had slightest inclination towards before I started. No, the result was quite unexpected, but rather pleasing. But having reached that point I may push them a little further just to see what happens.”

“Anything marketable out of it?” Anne knew that was what the company would be interested in.

Simon hesitated before answering. “Not sure yet, this was on my own time. It’s part of my contract that I can indulge myself occasionally without having to produce some new product. They get enough of those out of me as it is.”

The conversation drifted on to other things, typical complaints about the demands of work. Before she knew it Anne was staring at an empty cup. She thought they’d mentioned Chloe and Charlotte as well, but the memories were vague.

“I’d better let you get on with things,” Anne observed, finally putting her clothes back on.

“Oh it’s no problem,” Simon breezed, “how much longer do you think you have with us?”

Anne’s shoulders slumped. She wasn’t sure how she’d cope when the case was over. She’d have to go back to the legal department. And that meant she’d hardly ever see Simon and Charlotte at work. “I’m not sure,” she said at last, “it will depend on how the other side reacts to the contract we’ve signed with Revesby. Really, it cuts the ground right out from under them, but they might keep fighting just out of spite.”

“When will we know?”

“Could be tomorrow, could be a month.” Anne sighed. “All depends on how much they argue amongst themselves before deciding.”

“Well, while I hope we have the pleasure of your company for some time yet I think we need to prepare for the inevitable,” Simon said firmly.

Anne felt her stomach drop. “W-what do you mean?” she asked, her voice quavering. Anne had a good idea what Simon was talking about but she didn’t want to think about leaving, however unavoidable it was.

“We’ll need to make sure you can cope when you go back to your own department. You won’t be seeing me or Charlotte so often. We won’t have our little stress relief sessions. I imagine you’ll still see want to see Charlotte though won’t you?

“Oh yes,” Anne hurried to reply, then quickly covered her mouth. The strength of her reaction had surprised her, and she didn’t think it was fair to Simon to seem that eager to spend time with his girlfriend.

Is that the right term? she wondered idly. It seemed odd to think of Simon having a girlfriend. He seemed someone you’d use something more formal with, but Anne didn’t know what else to use.

“Hmm,” she heard Simon utter, a contemplative look on his face. “I shouldn’t be surprised, should I? I wonder why…, oh well never mind. Anyway, you’ll see her. But I think you’ve become used to having someone to share a little stress relief with, haven’t you Anne?”

“Yes, I,” Anne hesitated. She didn’t want to worry Simon. But the truth was that she had come to rely on their sessions. She though t it best to be open with him. “Yes I have.”

“You’ve found these sessions so useful haven’t you?” Simon signalled her to keep drinking. “It would be hard to do without them.”

Mouth occupied with her tea Anne could only nod.

“They involve sex, sex as stress relief is what you need.”

Anne had to admit that was true.

“But the only men you’ll have sex with is Liam and me.” Anne thought Simon sounded so patient. She knew he was trying to tell her something. She knew it so was so obvious that she should realise it already but it was almost as if she didn’t want to acknowledge it. That made no sense to her. If it was something Simon wanted her to know then it had to be right.

“You need the stress relief, you’ll want to continue sessions like these when you go back. But if it can’t be with a man, what does that leave, Anne?”

The blonde lawyer almost choked on her tea.

Women, he means women, that…”

“I, no,” Anne was sure there was something wrong.

“Anne,” Simon cut her off, his voice holding a note of disappointment, “we know you’re attracted to women. Women turn you on. In fact, if there’s only two men you’re prepared to have sex with but you don’t limit yourself with women, then you must be more attracted to women than to men.”

Anne’s had whirled. Is that right? Am I more attracted to women than men?

“You can say it Anne, you’re more into women than men.”

“I,” Anne swallowed, then saw the look on Simon’s face. She couldn’t disappoint him. And if Simon said it, then it had to be true “I’m more into women than men.”

“You love women, they turn you on.”

“I love women, they turn me on,” Anne repeated. Then shook her head. It felt as if the conversation had happened over and over again. But that couldn’t be right.

“So,” Simon said, a smile on his face as straightened from where he’d been leaning towards her. “It looks like you’ll need a woman to share some stress relief with. Any ideas?”

Anne thought for a moment about the women she worked with in the legal department. It was as if she was looking at them in a whole new way. While she had a new appreciation for them if she was being honest a lot of them weren’t especially attractive. In fact, only two were. There was Hannah, a few years older than her and always so assured. The brunette always looked a picture in the fashionable clothes she adored. Then there was Alice, only a few months out of university. Cute as a button Alice with her long light brown hair and friendly smile. Although Anne didn’t like Alice all that much, the blonde lawyer thinking the younger woman’s pleasant front concealed an opinion of herself that was much higher than anything justified. None of it seemed to help with her problem though, neither woman having ever given Anne any impression that they were anything other than straight. Even if it was only for stress relief she didn’t think either of them would be interested. And neither of them ever seemed that stressed.

“They could be hiding any problems they have,” Anne heard Simon muse. “I’ll have to think.”

With a start Anne realised that she’d been thinking aloud.

“Oh, umm, sorry,” the blonde lawyer stumbled.

“Don’t worry,” Simon reassured her, “forget it. In fact, do that. Forget that we spoke about how you’ll get your stress relief once you leave here. Just remember that you’ll be alright once you go back.”

Anne hoped she would be alright. She had the strange idea Simon had told her a few times that she would be and something about forgetting. Maybe it was forgetting to be worried because everything would work out. But she wasn’t counting on it, even with Simon’s reassurance. She dimly remembered talk about something else, but then dismissed the idea. If they had, she’d remember it. So obviously they hadn’t.

After lunch Anne went looking for Charlotte. She’d have liked to share her meal with her lover, but Charlotte had said that she and Simon were eating together. Much as Anne wanted Charlotte’s company, she wasn’t going to intrude on her lover’s relationship with Simon.

Sneaking into Charlotte’s lab, Anne just watched the raven-haired woman for a while. Charlotte didn’t notice her, the biochemist intent on her work. Anne couldn’t help but admire how careful Charlotte was, how sure and precise with her measurements. But even in such a clinical setting she still looked beautiful.

Really, Anne thought, I could watch her cleaning the sink and she’d still be hot.

Or maybe watching Charlotte reading a book, one of those old romances she and Simon liked. Her lover absorbed in her reading, not realising Anne was creeping up on her, hardly realising that Anne’s hand was stroking her leg, hand drifting up her thigh. Then Anne would jump on her, they’d rip each other’s clothes off and ….

It was a pleasant fantasy. Anne wasn’t sure when she’d get to act it out. But that didn’t mean other things weren’t possible. She waited until Charlotte was making some notes, then crept up behind her. Slipping her arms around the other woman’s waist she nuzzled into Charlotte’s neck.

Charlotte gave a little jump, the movement sending a delightful frisson through Anne. Charlotte turned, not breaking Anne’s hold.

“Oh? Anne. Oh.” Soon Charlotte’s hands were holding Anne’s head as they shared a deep kiss.

Cherries and roses, Anne thought, as she lost herself in her lover’s presence

“So,” Charlotte smiled at her, “this morning not enough for you?”

“Should it be?” Anne teased.

“Well, when you put it like that,” Charlotte replied, her tone low and seductive, a hand running up Anne’s side to come to rest on one of her breasts, lightly stroking Anne through the material of her blouse and bra.

“I need you,” Anne breathed.

“Your office?” Charlotte asked, between fevered kisses.

“Too far,” Anne protested.

Charlotte took her hand. They ended up in storage room, a folding chair wedged against the door to keep it shut. Their clothes were flung around the shelves and floor. It wasn’t the most romantic setting, but Anne didn’t mind. She was with Charlotte, and that was all that mattered.

Later, back at her desk, Anne knew she had to start restraining herself. While she didn’t have much to do, as she’d told Simon, waiting for the other side’s reply, Simon and Charlotte still had their work. Anne tried to keep herself occupied, continuing to go through the files, just in case it was needed. It was just so hard to keep herself focussed, her thoughts often drifting to daydreams of Charlotte.

It pricked her conscience so much that, the next day, she made Charlotte stop as her lover knelt before her, eating Anne out as the blonde sat in her chair.

“I’m not taking up too much of your time am I?” Anne asked nervously.

Charlotte frowned as she straightened up. “What do you mean?”

She looks so cute when she’s worried. Anne couldn’t help reaching for Charlotte’s naked breasts, stroking them, almost crying tears of joy at the sight of her juices on her lover’s lips.

“Your work. I don’t want to get you in trouble or anything.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Charlotte insisted. “You should see how much time is in my schedule for ‘consultations’ with you.” Charlotte barely suppressed a giggle than smirked. “Simon fixed everything.”

“You’re sure?” Anne asked, not willing to believe their good fortune.

“Yes,” Charlotte replied, before laying a finger on Anne’s lips. “Now shush. Or at least, if you are going to say anything, make sure it’s because of this.” Charlotte’s head had slowly sunk as she was speaking, back towards Anne’s pussy. After her last word Charlotte’s tongue traced the length of Anne’s opening.

Anne couldn’t manage a word, but she hoped her inarticulate moans would suffice.

Later, after Anne had returned the favour, Charlotte was doing her again. By now Anne was perched on the edge of her desk, her hands in Charlotte’s hair as her lover drove her tongue deep into the blonde’s pussy.

“Oh, Charlotte, oh god, yes, Charlotte, oh, Chloe!!?” Anne shrieked.

The raven haired woman looked up at her lover in surprise then followed the line of Anne’s eyes as they stared fixedly in the direction of the door.

“Oh, oh dear,” Chloe dithered, “I’m sorry, I uh, I thought Miss Mathews had, uh, left?”

Anne and Charlotte looked at each other and sighed. “Better get dressed,” Anne mouthed at her lover.

“I did knock,” Chloe stumbled on, “but I didn’t get any answer, and it was unlocked and I…”

“It’s alright Chloe,” Anne reassured the older woman while she slipped on her bra. Despite Chloe’s hesitations she had seen the desire in Simon’s EA as Chloe’s eyes had roved over her and Charlotte’s naked bodies.

“Was there something you wanted Chloe?” Anne asked, then kicked herself for the unintended double meaning in what she’d said. Her excuse was that she was having a hard time concentrating. Out of the corner of Anne eye she could see Charlotte slipping her skirt back on, her lover twisting her hips provocatively.

“Don’t tease her,” Anne whispered.

“Who says it’s her I’m teasing,” Charlotte mouthed back, winking at the blonde. Anne almost melted.

“Well, um, yes, there was, actually,” Chloe stumbled, ignoring or not hearing the exchange between the lovers.

“Yes, Chloe,” Anne prodded. She couldn’t escape the feeling of a teacher coaching a reluctant student.

“Well, I was wondering, if, umm,” Chloe stopped, swallowing nervously.

Charlotte had put her blouse back on and was tucking it into her skirt. “It’s fine Chloe,” she said, “just ask.”

Anne was running a hand up and down Charlotte’s back, fingers tracing the ridges of the other woman’s spine. She wondered if it would be fair to Chloe if she let her hand drift below the top edge of Charlotte’s skirt. The line of her rump was just so tempting…

“Well, umm, I’m going to the club again on Friday night and I was wondering if you, well, if both you would, umm, like to.”

Anne’s hand had found its way to Charlotte’s hip. It stayed there as she regarded the older woman, “You want us to come with you, ah, again?”

The blonde’s heart fluttered. Last time they’d just been pretending. Now they could be together, in public, really together. But that was a lot to ask of Charlotte, now that she and Simon were together.

Charlotte turned her head to look at Anne, the need obvious in her eyes. Anne bit her lip and nodded.

Charlotte smiled, and the rest of the world disappeared.

“Of course we’ll come,” The raven-haired scientist said, not taking her eyes off Anne. Who was sure that a little smile had accompanied the last word.

“Thank you,” Chloe clapped, “I’ll, uh, I’ll just be going now.”

“Thank you, Chloe,” Charlotte said. Using her body to shield her action from the older woman Charlotte raised one hand to Anne’s left breast and started slowly circling Anne’s nipple with an elegant finger.

“Do you think I should go to?’ she teased after Chloe had closed the door.

“Don’t you dare!” Anne cried, laying a rain of kisses on her lover’s neck and cheeks. The need, which Chloe’s surprise appearance had chased away, had roared back. She needed Charlotte to finish what she’d started.

“Oh well,” Charlotte sighed, too demonstrative for it to be real, “at least we get to take our clothes off again.”

Sometime later, after they both reluctantly agreed that this time they did have to stop, Anne’s thoughts turned to her boyfriend.

“What do I tell Liam? He was away last time.”

Charlotte shrugged, “Tell him it’s a girls’ night out.”

The outing to the club was a dream come true for Anne. She and Charlotte were there, just for each other. Anne could hardly keep her hands off her lover, whether it was making out as they sat in one of the booths or rubbing their bodies against each other as they danced under the flickering lights. And it wasn’t just her. Every touch, every caress, she gave Charlotte was returned, her lover’s hands tracing a symphony over her skin. Anne could see the need she felt mirrored in the raven-haired beauty’s eyes.

They danced and kissed and held each other and afterwards went back to Charlotte’s. Where there was Charlotte’s bed, which was so much better than a desk or the floor of a storage room. Although anywhere with Charlotte was paradise as far as Anne was concerned. The only problem was that she couldn’t stay, couldn’t wake up next to Charlotte. There were tears in her eyes as she left.

Though nothing like the flood that started when she awoke the next morning. Liam was still asleep. Anne had pounced on him the moment she walked in the door. Although she wasn’t sure whether it was from desire or guilt. She loved Liam, but she loved Charlotte as well. Maybe more, although maybe that was because she could only go to Charlotte in stolen moments. She didn’t like hiding their relationship, but Anne knew that Liam would never understand. All she could try to do was keep both her loves happy. Which had its own rewards, but Anne wasn’t sure how long she could keep it up. All weekend she had to struggle to keep a smile on her face, the secrets she was keeping from Liam tearing at her.

On Monday she held on to Charlotte, like a drowning woman might grasp a life raft, and couldn’t stop more tears from coming.

“Anne, what’s the matter?” Charlotte asked, concern clear in her voice.

Anne swallowed, she wanted to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. Charlotte held her, one arm around her waist, and with the other gently brushed Anne’s tears away.

“It’s Liam,” Anne managed eventually, Charlotte’s patience tearing at her heart.

The raven-haired beauty’s brow creased in a frown. “Liam? Did he do something?” Charlotte snapped

The frown had deepened and Anne could see storms of anger gathering in her lover’s eyes. “No, no,” the blonde said hurriedly, “It’s me. I’m just… I hate keeping secrets from him.”

Charlotte nodded. Anne knew she didn’t have to explain what she meant. For a moment she felt a stab of jealousy. Charlotte didn’t have to keep what they had a secret. Simon knew all about them.

Charlotte held her for a while before speaking. “Look, you may not want to hear this, but let’s go talk to Simon. I’m sure he can help.”

“I, I don’t know,” Anne sobbed, her hands making fists in Charlotte’s blouse as she laid her head on her lover’s breasts.

“Come on,” Charlotte said, rising to her feet and gently bringing Anne with her.

“What? No!” Anne protested. It didn’t seem fair. None of it was fair. That she was dumping this on Charlotte, that she was lying to Liam, that she was going to putting more stress on Simon. And the little voice which was jealous of Charlotte, how her lover didn’t have to keep secrets, gnawed at Anne. She hated herself for feeling anything like that about Charlotte. Depression welled up in Anne, black and cold and empty.

Charlotte’s hands were cupping her face, not letting her look away. “Do you trust me?” Charlotte asked.

Anne’s heart was in her mouth as she gazed into Charlotte’s eyes, saw the concern and care there. Of course she trusted Charlotte. It was the easiest question in the world. “Yes,” she nodded. She loved saying yes to Charlotte.

“Well, come on then,” Charlotte replied, gently leading Anne to Simon’s office.

“No, I,” Anne protested feebly. She may have trusted Charlotte, but that didn’t mean she wanted to drop her troubles on Simon. Charlotte ignored her protests.

“He with anyone?” Charlotte asked, indicating Simon’s door, when they reached Chloe’s desk.

“Uh, no Miss Mathews,” Chloe replied, before her eyes went wide, “Oh, Miss Robson, are you alright?”

Great, now I’m dumping it on Chloe as well. Anne didn’t think she could feel any smaller.

“Charlotte?” Simon looked up in surprise as the two women entered his office, “And Anne. Is everything alright?”

“Not really,” Charlotte began, before explaining Anne’s dilemma.

“Ah, I see,” Simon observed thoughtfully. “I think we all need something to drink, don’t you?”

“So Anne,” Simon asked as he handed her a cup, “do you want to talk about it?”

At first Anne didn’t want to say anything, as she sat there, holding more tears at bay. The warm cup in front of her was so inviting, and sipping at it gave her something else to do with her mouth other than speak. But after a few mouthfuls the words started tumbling out of her.

“It’s, it’s Liam. I hate having to keep secrets from him. And I feel so bad about it. But he’d never understand.” Anne paused, trying to blink away the tears.

“I had thought we’d addressed your issues with Liam,” Simon frowned.

Anne wanted to roll herself into a little ball and hide at that look. The guilt rebounded within her, what she was doing to Liam, upsetting Simon, the concern she saw in Charlotte’s eyes when she glanced in her lover’s direction. It was all too much. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she cried, feeling tears starting to fall down her face. That the next thing she felt was Charlotte’s arms around her only amplified her guilt. She didn’t deserve Charlotte’s sympathy or Simon’s time.

Over the whispered reassurances of her lover she could hear Simon muttering, “Only to be expected I suppose. Some things just take time.”

Anne blinked, and frowned in her turn, uncertain of what Simon meant.

Simon looked at her, sympathy now in his eyes in place of impatience. “So what’s the problem? Is it everything? Me? Charlotte?”

Anne looked at him. For a moment she searched her feelings, isolating the cause of her concern. “Uh, no, it’s Charlotte.” She shot a glance at her lover, her breath hitching as she saw the concern and worry etched on Charlotte’s face. Anne hated making Charlotte feel that way. She had to look away. “You, that’s alright, we’re just helping each other with stress and that. But Charlotte, I.” There were words she wanted to say, but she couldn’t bring herself to speak them.

“I understand,” Simon nodded, “You care about Charlotte. And because you care about Liam it’s hard to manage both.”

“But you’re a friend too,” Anne protested. Then choked, as Charlotte took her hand. She gazed at her friend and lover. “I’m sorry, it’s not your fault. I shouldn’t be going on like this. I’m sor…”

Charlotte silenced her with a kiss.

“It’s alright,” Simon said reassuringly, “We might be friends, but I think you and Charlotte are a little more than that. Sometimes you have to be true to yourself and accept that the world isn’t quite the way you want it to be. Drink up.”

Anne did as she was told, after their kiss ended, one hand holding the cup, the other still being held by Charlotte. She thought that Charlotte was drinking as well, but she wasn’t sure. She drifted, content in the concern the pair were showing her. She knew Simon would take care of her, that Charlotte was there for her.

Anne shook her head. If Simon had been so generous to give his time to help her when she needed it so badly the least she could do was pay attention to him properly.

“So, no more guilt then Anne?”

It sound like Simon was summing something up, a lawyer completing their case, but Anne couldn’t remember the words. They’d been talking about… guilt? Her worries and concerns? She searched her feelings, surprised to find the guilt was gone. She knew that she shouldn’t keep secrets from Liam, but some things couldn’t be helped. In a perfect world he’d understand, like Simon did. But it wasn’t a perfect world, so she just had to do the best she could. She wasn’t happy about it, but it wasn’t her fault.

“No,” she agreed.

“Feeling better?” Simon asked.

“A little,” Anne forced a smile. She didn’t like keeping secrets from Liam, but she could cope.

“Hmm,” Simon murmured, a finger tapping his cheek. “I think you still need some cheering up.”

He bent over and whispered in Charlotte’s ear. Anne watched a mischievous grin creep over her lover’s face.

Charlotte rose from her a chair, a graceful, elegant, motion, and gently pulled Anne from hers. The raven-haired woman started kissing Anne. The blonde lawyer could feel Charlotte pulling at her clothes. She went to return the favour, but Charlotte gave her hand a delicate tap.

“No,” Charlotte whispered in her ear, “let me.”

One by one Charlotte removed the clothes from Anne’s body, kisses lathering each piece of skin as it was revealed, until Anne stood in the middle of Simon’s office, naked except for her heels. A few pieces of Charlotte’s clothing had joined Anne’s, though the raven-haired woman still had her skirt on as she sank to her knees in front of Anne. Anne’s heart was pounding as she felt Charlotte’s lips on her clit, sucking mixed with gentle nips. For a brief moment she wondered what Simon thought, what he was doing, as his girlfriend pleasured another woman in front of him.

Her thoughts fractured as Charlotte’s tongue penetrated her pussy.

She felt, rather than saw, Simon beside them. Was sure that he was saying something, but she couldn’t make out it as she crested, her hips bucking, forcing her pussy into Charlotte’s face, her lover not easing up on the pace.

Anne’s arousal was rising again, another wave of glorious blinding ecstasy threatening to overwhelm her, when she jumped. Charlotte’s fingers were probing her rear opening. Anne had never let anyone back there. Liam had hinted, once or twice, but she’d turned him down. She couldn’t refuse Charlotte anything. Charlotte’s fingers teased at her puckered opening, then gently began to probe.

Electricity shot through Anne, her head thrown back in ecstasy as the feelings shot from arse to clit and back again. Her hips were bucking, the movement helping Charlotte finger find its way a little deeper each time. Charlotte’s tongue was in Anne’s pussy and her finger was in Anne’s arse and it was so right that Charlotte was the first person to ever take her that way. Anne was crying Charlotte’s name over and over and she didn’t care who heard and didn’t care who saw. She just wanted Charlotte to keep doing what she was doing and she knew that sometime she’d have to return the favour because this felt so good and she wanted Charlotte to feel the same way.

Anne floated down after uncounted orgasms, her knees trembling as Charlotte’s finger withdrew. Her rear felt a little cold and slippery, but it wasn’t any surprise that Charlotte would have used some help in opening her up.

She gasped as she felt Simon behind her, his rigid member stiff against her buttocks. Charlotte’s hands were on her hips, the raven haired woman keeping up a relentless assault on Anne’s pussy, the fire in the blonde’s belly growing again. Simon moved, and the tip of his cock was resting against the opening Charlotte had so recently vacated.

“So you want this?” he asked.

Something in Anne wanted to say no, told her that she shouldn’t do this. But she heard, or perhaps remembered, another voice, her own, agreeing to it. As if Simon had already asked and she’d already answered and this was just some strange echo.

“Yes,” Anne breathed and her vision dissolved in to points of light as Simon slid into her rectum. Anne was caught between Charlotte and Simon. She wanted to push back, drive Simon deeper into her bowels. She wanted to push forward, Charlotte’s tongue sending shivers of delight up her spine. She couldn’t move, held between the couple. She jerked with each of Simon’s thrusts, the feel of her hairless crotch as it ground into Charlotte’s face taking her breath away.

Anne had never felt so full. She came and came.

When it was over Charlotte and Simon lowered her back into one of the chairs, because there was no way that she could stand on her own.

“I think you both need something to drink after that,” Simon observed as he handed a cup to Anne. She could barely haul herself up enough to drink it.

“Feeling better now?” he asked.

Anne nodded, shakily.

“Good,” Simon smiled, “so no more worries about Liam? Hmm. I think you’ll be fine. In fact…”

Simon’s words drifted over Anne. She thought that she should perhaps be paying more attention, but somehow she knew it was alright.

That evening, at home, she looked at herself in the mirror, admiring what the open toed 5 inch heels she’d bought on the way home from work did to her legs. They were outrageous, not something she’d ever where out. She wasn’t even sure how far she could actually walk in them. She had on a little black dress, sleeveless and so tight it was clear she wasn’t wearing any underwear. And so short that if she bent over she quickly proved the point. She’d gone for more elegant make-up tonight, thinking that if anyone saw her it would just take the edge of the effect of her outfit.

Not that anyone was going to see her except Liam. Simon might have been the first man to get his cock in her arse. But that didn’t matter when by the end of the night Liam was going to be the second.

And the third.

And the fourth.

(To be continued)