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Business and Pleasure

Part 11

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Two weeks later there still hadn’t been any word from their opponents. Anne didn’t mind. As far as she was concerned life could go on like this forever. She knew it was an impossible dream. The case would end one way or another, the opportunity to relieve stress with Simon would be gone, Charlotte would have to go back to her actual work, the need for their ‘consultations’ over and she’d be back with the legal department.

Not that everything would come to an end. She’d still have Liam, who seemed to appreciate having an attentive girlfriend. Especially one happy to be as accommodating as Anne now was. It didn’t matter how insatiable Anne was, the little pills Simon had given her meant that Liam was as able to keep up with her as she could expect a man to be. And even if she wouldn’t be able to see Charlotte every day there was still the prospect of their “girls’ nights out.” Liam didn’t seem to mind her weekly excursions with Charlotte. He almost seemed grateful for the rest.

Might be different if he knew where we go, Anne thought, a slight tremor of guilt making her frown.

The notion didn’t trouble her long, Charlotte’s kisses demanding her attention. Her lover’s hands were up inside her blouse, caressing her breasts as Charlotte’s lips followed the line of the pulse in Anne’s neck. The pulse that was thundering with arousal. Jolts ran through her as Charlotte’s thumbs played over her nipples. Her own hands were on Charlotte’s arse, hiking up her lover’s skirt. Anne’s hands roamed over the delicate, smooth, skin, her breath hitching as she toyed with the lacy edge of Charlotte’s panties.

With a sigh she pulled her hands away and smoothed Charlotte’s pleated skirt down before placing her hands firmly around her lover’s waist.

“No.” Anne said firmly.

“Aww, really?” Charlotte complained as she moved her kisses to Anne’s cheeks before ending on her lips.

Anne let herself drown in the kiss, the taste of cherries and roses tingling her tongue. Her nipples were tight against her bra as Charlotte played with them, while their tongues hungrily probed each other’s mouth. One hand ran through Charlotte’s glorious hair as she held her lover’s head close to hers.

Eventually they came up for hair, Anne gazing into Charlotte’s eyes. “Really,” Anne said forcefully. This was, after all, the second time this morning they had tried to get back into their clothes and keep their hands off each other. The first time they’d only managed to put on their underwear. Well, Charlotte did have one arm in her blouse, Anne smiled to herself remembering. “You have work to do.”

“You’re such a grown-up,” Charlotte teased.

“Hey,” Anne protested, “it was you who said we should stop the first time.”

“I didn’t argue too hard did I?” Charlotte punctuated each word with a kiss.

“No,” Anne allowed, “but…” It really was time for them to stop, the blonde lawyer thought, however painful that felt.

Charlotte’s smile dropped, “I suppose you’re right.”

Reluctantly the two women pulled away from each other before rearranging their clothes, trying to hide the evidence of their activities as well as they could manage.

Anne reached for Charlotte, wanting one more kiss goodbye, but then watched in confusion as Charlotte held up one finger, a conspiratorial gesture. The raven-haired woman headed over to the door of Anne’s office before opening it. Then Charlotte sauntered back over to Anne, hips swinging.

“If we leave the door open we won’t get too tempted.” Charlotte whispered, her arms loose around Anne’s neck.

Anne couldn’t resist a quick kiss, but then she frowned. “Probably, but it’s hardly fair.”

“On us?”

“On her,” Anne sighed. They’d learnt their lesson a couple of weeks before, when Chloe had stumbled in on them. Anne still wasn’t sure how much of an accident that had been. They were very sure now to keep the door locked. Although it was difficult sometimes, fumbling with the latch as they tore at each other’s clothes. While it meant they’d had no more interruptions, Anne had still seen the looks Chloe had given them whenever they’d emerged from Anne’s office, cheeks flushed and clothes not quite as perfect as when they’d entered. It wasn’t the disapproval it might once have been. If anything it reminded Anne of a child pressing her face against a shop window, gazing at Christmas presents she knew she’d never get.

“Oh. Yes,” Charlotte acknowledged, her brows creased in thought. Then she brightened. “I know, come on, we can say goodbye when we’re away from her, we’ll find somewhere on the way to the lab.”

“Alright,” Anne agreed, smiling, “but just goodbye. Not the photocopier room.” Much as she wanted Charlotte every chance she could get she cared enough about her lover to not want to be the cause of any trouble for her. She needed to let Charlotte get back to her work.

Charlotte gave her a look as if to say “Oh, please,” as she pulled Anne out of the door.

“Or the supply room,” Anne added as they sailed past Chloe’s desk, Anne dragged along in Charlotte’s wake. “Or any of the meeting rooms,” she added in a whisper. She could see the look Chloe was giving them, half trembling vulnerability, half naked desire.

Poor Chloe, Anne thought, maybe I should talk to Simon about her. As far as Anne knew Chloe was stilling seeing Kay, the woman she’d met the first night at the club. But it couldn’t be easy for Chloe, knowing, as she did, what was going on around her.

The next time she saw Simon Anne almost forgot to mention Chloe. It was easy enough to get distracted. She’d seen that Simon had been in a bad mood the moment she walked in the door.

“What’s the matter?” Anne asked, hoping it wasn’t anything that she’d done.

Simon shook his head and pinched the bridge of nose before replying. “What? Sorry. It’s that stupid damn space audit. They want to take away one of our labs.”

“What?” Anne cried. She knew she was no expert but whenever she was down there it didn’t look like there was a large amount of unused space.

“Yes,” Simon frowned, “it doesn’t matter how many times I tell them that a lab isn’t like a meeting room, they never get it through their thick heads that laboratories need maintenance and refurbishing. And it’s not just the actual experiment time. There’s set-up, cleaning. Gah.” He threw up his hands in frustration.

“What are you going to do?” Anne asked, hurriedly undoing the buttons on her blouse, hoping her revealed chest might help his mood.

“Oh, I’ll give them the figures and arguments I gave them last time. Which they should still have a copy of.” Anne could hear the anger in Simon’s voice.

“Anything I can do to help?” Anne offered.

She felt Simon’s eyes rover over her body. Her blouse and skirt had been discarded by now. Anne was happy to let him take whatever he wanted. She could see that he needed it.

“Certainly,” Simon smiled, “I think I am a bit stressed today. More than usual. A drink first though.”

He was right about being stressed, Anne reflected, as she lay in the chair and stretched. Simon had taken her in her mouth, pussy and arse before he’d been satisfied. I wonder if he’s using those pills? The thought had occurred to her as Simon had thrust into her rear, her tits mashed against his office’s great glass window. The notion hadn’t stuck around, her thoughts exploding as an orgasm crashed through her. That had caught Anne by surprise. Every other time she’d come with a cock in her arse it had needed a little extra help to get her off. Charlotte’s tongue the first time, her own fingers playing over her labia and clit after that. But not this time. She vaguely thought she remembered Simon saying something about it after he handed her the tea. But then she thought that couldn’t be right, Simon wouldn’t be that vulgar. It didn’t matter, Anne was confident now that her arse would serve just as well as her pussy to get her off.

The pleasant afterglow, even amongst the little aches and pains she felt from such a thorough fucking, which it was, really, was almost enough to make her forget her concerns about Chloe. Almost but not quite.

“There’s something I need to talk to you about,” she told Simon.

“Hmm?” the scientist replied as he redid his tie.

“It’s about Chloe,” Anne began, then paused, not wanting to add to Simon’s problems.

“Really?” Simon frowned, “she’s not still giving you problems is she? I thought we sorted that.”

“No,” Anne replied, hurriedly, “well, not like that anyway, not anymore.” She didn’t quite know how to say what she wanted to say.

“Hmm, well, I can see that something’s bothering you. Is she alright?”

“Well, yes, and no, and…” Anne grimaced, frustrated with her inability to articulate what she wanted to say. I’m a lawyer damn it. I’m supposed to good with words. But it was always easier when it was just about work. Writing a brief never got mixed up with her personal worries and cares and emotions. This is stupid, just say something.

“I don’t think, we’re being fair to her.”

Simon eyebrows raised, scepticism clear in his look. “Really? Why do you say that?”

“Well,” Anne could feel herself blushing, “You and me and Charlotte. And you and Charlotte and me and Charlotte, and, well… I think she knows.” Anne was sure that Chloe knew. After coming in on her and Charlotte twice there was no way Simon’s EA couldn’t know. But there were some things you just couldn’t come out and say.

“Ah,” Simon smiled, “I see. I can’t say I’m inclined to include her in our stress relief exercises just because. But I am her boss. So I should do something. Let’s have a drink and talk about it.

Back in her office Anne was sure that she and Simon had discussed what to do about Chloe. And something about how she’d cope once she returned to the legal department. But for the life of her she couldn’t remember what they’d said. But that didn’t matter. She had something to talk to Charlotte about. Although she had to wait a little while. Simon had said he needed to talk to Charlotte first.

* * *

Anne covered her mouth with her hand, trying to suppress a giggle. She wasn’t all that successful.

“Stop that,” Charlotte hissed. Anne could tell that her lover wasn’t really angry, the playful swat Charlotte aimed in her direction being too much of a giveaway. But Anne knew that she had to get herself under control. For a little while at least. With an effort she fought down her mirth.

Anne smiled as she met Charlotte’s eyes, her raven-haired lover looking at her questioningly.

“I’m fine,” Anne mouthed.

Giving her a doubtful look, Charlotte pushed the button on the intercom for the apartment building they stood in front of.

A few moments later a familiar voice answered. “Yes?”

“Hi Chloe,” Charlotte replied. “Can you let me in?”

“Miss Mathews?” Chloe’s voice was distorted by the intercom, but the surprise in it was clear. “I thought Simon was dropping off whatever it is.”

“He sent me,” Charlotte announced, “and call me Charlotte. It is Saturday. Actually, just call me Charlotte all the time.”

“Oh, alright,” Simon’s EA sounded uncertain, Anne not convinced Chloe would follow the instruction. A sharp buzz announced the unlocking of the door.

As Anne followed Charlotte into the block the blonde lawyer noted that nothing about her presence had been mentioned. She smiled at the thought that everything was going to plan.

They barely had to wait after Charlotte knocked on the door before Chloe was letting them in to her flat.

“Oh, um, Miss Robson?” the older woman asked in confusion.

“Thought I’d just tag along,” the blonde offered in the way of explanation. “And please Chloe, it’s just Anne.”

“Uh, sit down, please,” Chloe vaguely waved a hand in the direction of a lounger suite. Can I get you something? Tea? Coffee?”

Drinks. I wonder if she’s as obsessed as Simon? Anne mused vaguely as she took in Chloe’s flat. For the most part it was clean and Spartan, light brown lounge, almost bare walls. But there were a couple of touches, a painting on the wall in dramatic blues and oranges, a cheerful yellow vase with some flowers, that added some personality. They looked a little out of place to Anne, as if they’d only recently been added to an almost blank canvas. Chloe herself was almost as much as a study in contrast, dark slacks under a pretty floral blouse. Not that Anne needed to see what Chloe’s legs looked like, remembering well enough how good they’d looked last night at the club, in the sheer stockings and short dress the older woman had worn.

“Umm, so what is it Simon wanted to give me?” Chloe asked as she busied herself in her small kitchen. Charlotte had accepted the offer of tea, and Anne had thought she better as well. “He said it couldn’t wait until Monday.”

“Oh, I’ll tell you in a minute,” Charlotte replied breezily. “Are we interfering with any plans for this afternoon?”

“No,” Chloe replied, then continued, sounding a little embarrassed. “I’m, well, I’m having dinner with Kay but I’m free until then.”

So she is still with Kay, Anne noted happily.

“Good,” Charlotte returned, shooting Anne a satisfied grin. “Did you have a good time last night?” the raven-haired beauty called. There was a short exclamation from the kitchen as Chloe seemed to drop something. “At the club I mean?” Charlotte added innocently.

“Oh, umm, yes,” Chloe replied obviously flustered.

“You’re evil,” Anne whispered to her lover. Charlotte simply smirked at her.

The three exchanged gossip from their outing the night before, who looked hot, who was with who, Anne reflecting how natural it was. By now she and Charlotte weren’t just spending time at the club on Friday nights. They were becoming part of it, she realised, making friends, fitting in.

“Here you are,” Chloe said, handing them their cups before taking a seat herself on one of her lounge chairs. “So, what have you got for me?” Anne could tell Chloe was confused as she looked from one of her guests to the other. Neither of them were carrying anything that looked like a file or a package. She saw Charlotte put down her cup before replying and mimicked the gesture.

“Well,” the raven-haired biochemist smiled, “what Simon sent you was … Us!” With the last word the two young women launched themselves at their host, Chloe’s shriek of surprise lost as Charlotte planted her lips across the auburn-haired woman’s. Anne was kissing Chloe’s neck, planning on leaving an enormous love-bite, while one hand trailed up their host’s leg. Charlotte was climbing into the older woman’s lap, Chloe squirming and struggling under the attention.

“Shh,” Anne whispered, her attention moving to Chloe’s ear, “just enjoy yourself.” There was a moment as confusion shimmered in Chloe’s eye (the other obscured as Charlotte hungrily devoured Chloe’s mouth) but then the look was replaced by one of dawning realisation. There was a joy there that made Anne’s heart bounce.

After a few minutes the two lovers exchanged positions, Charlotte kneeling next to Chloe’s chair, one handing running along Chloe’s thigh while she nibbled at the older woman’s earlobe, Anne writhing in the EA’s lap, her tongue exploring Chloe’s mouth. Chloe was responding now, her hands entwined in Anne’s long blonde hair.

At a signal from Charlotte Anne rose, joining her lover in the middle of the floor. As Chloe started to rise from her chair to join them Charlotte teased her playfully “No, no, no. You just sit there for a moment. We’ll let you know when you can join in.” With a smile and a wink she turned to Anne.

The blonde lawyer still couldn’t believe that Simon had agreed to this, let alone suggested it. But, she admitted, she had taken the problem of Chloe to him, so she should just accept whatever he came up with. Not that she minded and, really, Simon’s ideas always did seem to be the best.

Together she and Charlotte started to dance in the middle of Chloe’s flat. Innocently at first, well, relatively so, just the occasional contact. But soon harder and faster, thighs rubbing against each other, hands exploring, legs entwining as they ground into each other.

It wasn’t the first time they’d danced like this. Last night at the club they’d commandeered the centre of the dance floor, their heartbeats pulsing in time with the music, arousal crashing through Anne as she saw the same feeling mirrored in her lover’s eyes. They’d twisted and writhed and tried to climb into each other’s skins. She remembered reaching around from behind Charlotte, cupping her lover’s breasts as the raven-haired beauty ground her arse into Anne’s crotch, the beat of the song thundering through them, bodies vibrating against each other. Stars had appeared in Anne’s eyes as she breathed in the perfume of Charlotte’s hair. Their short dresses had ridden up their hips, Anne sure that they were flashing the entire club. She hadn’t cared, she only had eyes for Charlotte. She could remember Charlotte shaking her hair out, hands running through those gorgeous locks, naked, hungry, desire clear in the raven-haired woman’s eyes. Anne wanting to lose herself there, dive in and never surface, the look promising an eternity of passion.

Anne had felt her lover’s quivering arousal, dripping against her as Charlotte slid her crotch against Anne’s thigh, her movements eagerly matching the beat, before Anne had taken her turn. In the end it taken only a light touch on each other’s clits to bring them to their peaks, they only thing preventing them screaming each other’s names was their tongues down each other’s throats.

Afterwards the bartender had shaken her head, as Anne and Charlotte had sat giggling at the bar, the woman saying that she didn’t know whether she should hire them or throw them out. They’d ended the night with invitations to at least three parties. Charlotte insisted they should go, but Anne wasn’t sure what she’d tell Liam.

None of that mattered right now, as they danced again. But they allowed themselves more. Hands grasping sweatshirts and pulling them off. Fingers finding buttons on shirts and jeans. Bare flesh touching. Anne heard a gasp from Chloe as Charlotte pulled the shirt from the blonde woman’s shoulders. In contrast to the casual clothing the two lovers had worn, underneath was a dream of a boudoir, Anne running her hands over the bustier that held Charlotte’s waist and cupped her divine tits, the garment a confection of black satin and lace. Her panties were a wispy thong, barely enough protection for her womanhood, the garment held in place by black ribbons. Anne wore a matching set, but in white.

“Not yet,” Charlotte smiled in Chloe’s direction. Anne could see the auburn-haired woman gripping the arms of the lounge. Chloe’s fingers were talons, the tension so tight Anne was sure her fingernails must be ripping into the upholstery. The blonde lawyer could see a dark patch spreading over the crotch of Chloe’s slacks. She didn’t blame the EA at all. Her own pussy was on fire. She was sure she was leaking down her thighs. Although that could have been from when Charlotte had made love to her legs as they danced, her lover thrusting against her, then crouching down to lick from knee to hip, Anne only too happy to return the favour, the taste just as good as it had been the night before.

With one leg between those of their lover’s, knees bent as they thrust back and forth, the two women ground their pussies into each other. Out of the corner of her eye Anne could see that Chloe had a hand inside her slacks, the auburn-haired woman’s hips pumping up and down as she sat there, her eyes glued to the spectacle unfolding before her. Anne could sympathise, with what little coherent thought she had. Her mind was lost in a delicious fog of arousal and passion, her skin burning with every contact. Anne’s climax crashed over her, lips mashing into Charlotte’s. She wanted to swallow her lover, or be swallowed by her, to join with her and never part. The waves of her orgasm smashed through Anne, over and over. She never wanted it to stop.

She knew it would, but there was always next time. That promise was in the love she saw in Charlotte’s eyes.

“Oh. God,” Anne heard Chloe whisper, the words barely a breath. Looking into each other’s eyes she saw Charlotte grin before her lover pulled away.

“Now,” Charlotte smiled at Chloe, the raven-hired beauty’s voice husky with passion, “you, sweetness. Show us your bedroom.”

Anne trembled at thought of what was going to come next. Her and Charlotte and Chloe. She’d never really thought about threesomes, that time with Charlotte and Simon not really counting, certainly not with two other women. Yet here she was.

Vocie crept into her head. Almost, but not quite, memories.

Beautiful women turn you on, don’t they Anne?

She wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from. Or whose voice it was. Those questions didn’t matter.

Yes, yes ,oh.

Remember, you’re more into women than men, aren’t you Anne?

Oh, yes.

Just think of them, Anne those gorgeous, beautiful bodies, feel your pulse race, feel how hot they make you.


Imagine their breasts, their arses, their pussies. You’re on fire.

Y-yes, uh. Oh!

You want beautiful women, they turn you on, they’re so sexy.

I want beautiful women, they turn me on, they’re so sexy. Oh, Charlotte.


Oh yes, Charlotte. I love her, I love her so much.

I see. What does Charlotte mean to you?

She’s everything. She’s gorgeous and funny and sexy and I love her hair and her smile and…

Ah, there it is again. Curious. More intense than I planned but nevermind. So beautiful women turn you on, they’re sexy, you want them.

I want them.

Imagine having two at once.

I… no…

You and two other women. Together. All making love. You’d be so hot for that.

I’d be hot for that.

What about Chloe?

I don’t know.

She’s attractive isn’t she Anne?


You and Charlotte and Chloe, that’d be so hot. All three of you together.

Me and Charlotte and Chloe.

You want that.

I want it. I want Charlotte.

Hmm. You want Charlotte more than anyone?


But you can have other women too.

I can?

Yes. You want other women. You want Chloe.

I want other women. I want Chloe.

All three of you together, think about it, think how hot it makes you. How much it turns you on.

God, yes.

All beautiful women turn you on.

Yes, yes. Charlotte!

You want Charlotte more than anyone else, don’t you?

Oh god, oh yes, Charlotte, Charlotte, ahhhh.


Chloe’s mouth simply gaped in surprise as the two women pulled her out of her chair. The lovers embraced her, the older woman making small noises of protest that were rapidly silenced. They half-dragged, half-carried the EA towards her bed, Charlotte taking most of the weight while Anne started undressing their prey. Each undone button a chance for fingers to explore, each piece of flesh revealed as Chloe’s garments were pulled away a magnet for eager lips.

Anne could feel Chloe’s hands, eagerly groping for her tits, the woman’s movements uncoordinated as her body shook in obvious arousal. The auburn haired woman’s breath came in gasps and pants as they laid her on the bed and finished stripping her. The two lovers knelt on either side, tongues and lips meeting, hands in each other’s hair as Chloe lay between them, her own hands reaching up to explore.

They pulled apart, for a moment’s breath, before Anne gave Charlotte a wicked smile and dived for Chloe’s crotch, the woman’s panties ripped away. Her tongue shot forth, tasting Chloe’s spice, one hand pushing her own panties aside, her centre aching to be filled. She could just sense Charlotte latching on to one of Chloe’s breasts, the smaller woman’s back arching as she gave out a series of inarticulate cries.

Eating Chloe out wasn’t as marvellous as Charlotte. But it was good, so good, and Anne lost herself in the sensations. The woman’s musk filled her nostrils, Chloe’s taste was in her mouth. She could feel the brush of Chloe’s pubic hairs across her face, sparks running across her skin. Charlotte was there, her leg or something rubbing against Anne’s shoulder and she was cumming, tongue vibrating in time with her clit and Chloe’s cries sounded as if they’d bring the roof down.

Anne’s world became a kaleidoscope of tongues and breasts and clits and nipples. Everything was alive and she was sharing this with Charlotte. She kissed her lover over and over again, everywhere and Chloe didn’t seem to mind, because she wasn’t missing out and sometimes Anne didn’t know who or where she was kissing or what was filling her, teasing her clit and bringing her to heaven over and over again.

But even though she knew this was for Chloe what really mattered to the blonde lawyer was that she was doing this with Charlotte. Every time she heard her lover cry out Anne’s heart melted a little more. She’d give Charlotte anything. She’d give her everything. She wanted to wrap herself around the raven-haired beauty and never let go.

They ended in a tangle of limbs, worn out, lathered in each other’s juices. Anne gazed at the ceiling, a happy smile on her face as a finger traced around one of her nipples. She couldn’t see whose hand it was, but she could tell it was Charlotte’s. She simply knew.

Chloe was curled up against her side, at least half-asleep, happy murmuring noises coming from the other woman. Anne was in bed with two other women and she didn’t mind. She thought that maybe she should. But then the thought drifted away and she forget that she’s ever had it.

A few hours later they left Chloe’s apartment. Chloe needed time to pull herself back together before seeing Kay. Anne worried for a moment that what they’d done might interfere with Chloe’s relationship. The older woman muttered something about Simon saying it wouldn’t. That sounded right to Anne, almost like a memory. She didn’t worry about it anymore.

A few hours after she left Charlotte’s. Liam didn’t ask where she’d been.

Anne was saved from a painful explanation to Chloe about the weekend by Simon. He assured the blonde lawyer that his EA wouldn’t expect anything from her or Charlotte. Anne thought that was for the best. She didn’t want to spoil what Chloe had with Kay. Or, more importantly, what she herself had with Charlotte. Anne knew that was being selfish, but Charlotte was the most important thing in the world to her.

What? Anne’s eyes flew wide as she sat at her desk, gibberish appearing on her screen as fingers jammed into keys. She hadn’t expected to feel like that, hadn’t thought she would. She hadn’t wanted to make a choice. Even now she tried to recoil from it. She had responsibilities to Liam. She still loved her boyfriend. But Anne realised something. When she was with Charlotte she didn’t think of anyone else. The raven-haired beauty filled her mind, captivated her senses. It wasn’t the same with Liam anymore. Even as he rammed home into her, her thoughts spiralling away into delight, images of Charlotte would intrude. Her daydreams were of Charlotte, her fantasies filled with her raven-haired lover.

And of course with Simon it was just stress relief, so that didn’t count.

Anne could feel a pit where her stomach should be. She wasn’t about to give up what she had with Liam. Somehow she knew that wouldn’t be right. She couldn’t ask Charlotte to give up what she had with Simon. Anne was sure Charlotte loved her, she could see it in her lover’s eyes every time Charlotte looked at her. But she doubted Charlotte felt the same way about her as she did about Charlotte.

She’s everything. Anne sighed. Shit, no. Anne knew she couldn’t have all that she wanted with Charlotte. But she knew she had a lot and she’d have to be satisfied with that.

Anne tried to distract herself from her thoughts. Which wasn’t easy. There wasn’t much work for her to do, and convincing herself of the need of it was hard. It was make-work while they waited for the other company’s reply. Every now and then she’d indulge herself with Chloe. It wasn’t the same as with Charlotte and she didn’t too it often. Not more than once every couple of days. It wouldn’t do to give Chloe the wrong idea. Anne knew that she had to keep their relationship professional. The occasional bout of wild sex in her office wasn’t going to change that. Not even with the aching gratitude she saw in the auburn-haired woman’s eyes every time.

“You don’t mind do you?” she asked later, as Charlotte held her in her arms. To Anne it was the safest place in the world. Her hands were high on Charlotte’s chest, finger brushing her lover’s collar bones, as the blonde lawyer leant her head against her lover’s breasts. They were both naked, bodies flush against each other.

“About Chloe?” she heard Charlotte ask. “Of course not. She’s fun. Reminds me of a puppy sometimes. All big eyes and ‘pet me’, ‘pet me’. I know how much fun she can be but I trust you.” Anne felt Charlotte’s lips kiss the top of her head.

Anne lifted her head and looked into Charlotte’s eyes. She could see the truth lurking in those blue depths. How much she meant to Charlotte.

“I love you,” the blonde lawyer whispered. They didn’t keep secrets from each other. Well, apart from the big one about how much Anne loved the woman in whose arms she nestled. How much she needed Charlotte. How much she hated the idea of the case being over, because then she wouldn’t get to see Charlotte every day.

“I love you too.” Anne wasn’t sure if there were tears in Charlotte’s eyes, because hers were misting too much.

“Hey, none of that,” Charlotte scolded.

“No, I’m, I’m happy, just happy,” Anne replied, wiping the tears away. “I just wish I didn’t have to go.” The thought of not seeing Charlotte every day made her feel ill.

“I know,” her raven-haired lover replied, “but it’s not yet. We’re here now.” Anne let all her worries drift away as Charlotte gently rocked her.

“Chloe has changed,” Anne ventured a few minutes later.

“Yeah,” Charlotte agreed thoughtfully. “Not sure what’s got into her.”

“Well, apart from the obvious,” Anne punctuating her observation with a kiss that led to her tongue dancing over Charlotte’s.

Anne could see Charlotte frowning at her when they finally broke apart, but she knew the biochemist didn’t really mean it.

“No, really,” Anne protested. “She’s so different to when I came here.”

“People change,” Charlotte shrugged. “Sometimes they just need the right reason. Are you the same person you were when you came here? I’m not. Don’t complain. She could be the same old bitchy Chloe. I like the new one better.”

Anne had to agree with that. She decided not worry about it anymore. Something told her it wasn’t important and she shouldn’t think too much about it. The thought of going back to her old job was enough to worry about, no matter reassuring about the prospect Simon was.

Without his help I’d be a wreck Anne admitted to herself.

When Owen called a meeting of the entire team, including Simon and Charlotte, Anne had a good idea of what was coming. She wanted to run and hide. Didn’t want to think about it. A wild part of her thought that if she didn’t go to the meeting it wouldn’t be real and she could stay in her office next to Simon forever. She knew that was folly. Simon had told her it would be alright, so she had to believe that.

Anne still felt like crying as Charlotte held her before they left for the meeting. Her lover didn’t tell her she was being stupid, although Anne knew that she was. It wouldn’t be the end of the world. But it would make things harder and losing any part of what she had with Charlotte was a little bit like dying.

“Thanks for coming everyone,” Owen began. “First, I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work, especially Anne.”

Anne hoped her smile looked genuine enough. She wanted to crawl under the table. If Charlotte wasn’t sitting next to her she wasn’t sure how she’d cope. It was hard enough not reaching out and taking her lover’s hand.

“I’m not going to waste everyone’s time. We received the official letter today. The suit is being withdrawn. We’ve won.”

Cheers and congratulations rang around the table. She could see Hannah and Joshua smiling at each other. Across from her Alice was smiling as well, though the younger woman’s had a more self-satisfied edge to it.

What she got to be so smug about? Anne thought. It wasn’t as if the junior lawyer had been part of the team from the beginning. Owen had mentioned how Alice had been brought in to help with all the documents that needed drafting when Revesby agreed to sign.

The blonde lawyer could hear Owen still talking. The words washed over her, Anne barely able to make sense of them. There were still a few loose ends to tie up, but that would only take a week or two and most people would start new assignments next week. She hoped that didn’t include her.

Joshua asked about the precise terms, his inquisitiveness no surprise to Anne. She tuned out completely as Owen started to go into the details, all she was aware of was Charlotte’s body next to her.

Anne jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She realised everyone was rising to leave.

“Great work, Anne,” she heard Owen saying from behind her.

“Oh, uh, thanks,” she managed.

“I know you probably want to get back over here,” Owen continued, “but there’s a couple of last things we need from Simon, so you’ll probably need to stay over there another week or so. Is that all right?”

“Oh, umm sure,” Anne replied, trying to stop herself from slumping on the table in relief. It was only a short reprieve but it was better than nothing.

She could hear the satisfaction in Owen’s voice. “Thanks, and there’ll be a surprise for you when you get back, but don’t tell anyone.” Anne briefly wondered what he meant, but more importantly she had a least a little more time with Charlotte and Simon.

“Simon, can I have a word?” Owen asked before the two men disappeared to Owen’s office, Anne wondering what they had to talk about.

“Any ideas what they’re up to?” she asked Charlotte.

Her lover simply shrugged then smiled at her. “Hmm, I think they might be a while. Want to show me your office?” The look on Charlotte’s face was perfectly innocent. Except for the spark dancing in her eyes.

On the way they passed Alice, the other lawyer asking to be introduced to Charlotte.

“You’ll be coming back soon?” Alice asked, carefully brushing a strand of light-brown hair away from her face. Everything about the shorter woman was delicately feminine, from her attractive clothes to only just noticeable pout of her lips. She was beautiful, but Anne didn’t trust her, something too self-centred and self-satisfied about the younger woman for Anne to be comfortable about her. She always felt like Alice was plotting something.

“Yes, I think so,” Anne replied, careful to keep her tone casual.

“Oh, good, that’ll be great,” Alice smiled, Anne trying to tell herself that the expression was genuine and failing miserably. She couldn’t understand why the younger woman seemed so pleased.

She didn’t worry about it long, Charlotte seeing to that as soon as the door to Anne’s old office was closed.

Quite some time afterwards they met up with Simon, Anne surprised that he had waited for him. And more than a bit guilty about taking up his time.

“Oh, no problem,” Simon breezily assured her when the blonde lawyer tried to apologise. “Owen introduced me to the rest of your team. And then Alice showed me around. It kept me occupied.”

Anne frowned, wondering what the other lawyer was up to.

“Oh don’t worry,” Simon continued obviously catching the meaning behind her look. “I see what you mean about her. She was even asking if I’d need a lawyer in my section after you left. I told her no. There’s no way anyone could replace you.”

Anne started to make self-deprecating noises before Simon cut her off.

“Enough of that,” he said. “Don’t undersell yourself. Now, Owen told me we’ll only have you for another week or so.” Anne couldn’t help a quiver at the double meaning as the scientist continued. “All good things come to an end I suppose. Let me know what Owen says he needs, and we’ll see how many meetings we can fit in. I’ll talk to Chloe. There’s some readings I need to take.”

Anne could only assume that Simon meant he’d have to fit the meetings in around some experiments he was doing. The thought disappeared as she felt Charlotte squeeze her hand. Then the three of them returned to Simon’s office, Simon telling Chloe to hold all his calls for a couple of hours.

She told Liam that night her secondment would soon be over, her boyfriend insisting they go out to dinner to celebrate the successful end to the case. It was a pleasant evening, although Anne couldn’t help thoughts of Charlotte intruding. She’d last seen her lover that afternoon in Simon’s office, Charlotte leaving when Simon had said he’d needed to talk to Anne. The blonde lawyer couldn’t quite remember what they’d spoken about. Something about how she’d cope once she was back in the legal department, Simon musing about how he’d need to see her a few more times about that in the week she had left. Anne thought she remembered something about Chloe. And even Alice being mentioned, but that didn’t make much sense to her, unless it was about not letting the other lawyer’s self-centredness get to her. She couldn’t remember, shaking her head at the fog enveloping her thoughts.

“You okay?” Liam asked.

Anne made herself focus on her boyfriend for the rest of the night. It wasn’t that hard, not really.

The week flew by, Anne trying to hold on to every day. Chloe was especially attentive, even more so than usual, asking Anne what she wanted, making it clear Anne could take anything. The blonde lawyer had even returned to her office once to find Chloe kneeling in front of her desk. Anne had been with Charlotte, trying to spend as much time as she could with her lover, so she had no idea how long Chloe had waited there. Chloe’s head was down and her hands were clasped behind her. She didn’t say a word, but the message was clear.

Anne bit her lip. She wasn’t used to being that much in control. But something urged her on. Something between a dream and a memory. With a confidence she couldn’t understand Anne strode over to the kneeling woman.

“You know what to do.” Anne didn’t know where the words had come from. The words seemed right, but she didn’t know what they meant. She hoped Chloe did.

Without releasing the grip her hands had on each other, Chloe lent forward and laid her lips on Anne’s high-heeled shoe. Then she slowly started kissing her way up the blonde lawyer’s legs.

Anne tingled from the feeling, not just the physical sensation but the control. She made Chloe strip for her, slowly, but then she couldn’t contain herself any longer, ripping off her own clothes and taking what the older woman offered, the pair ending tangled on her floor.

She giggled as she related the story to Charlotte that afternoon.

“She’s never been like that with me,” the raven-haired biochemist frowned, looking slightly miffed.

“Oh, so you want to play the dom do you?” Anne teased, sinking to her knees before running her tongue up Charlotte’s leg.

“Stop that!” Charlotte cried. “Oh, ah, actually, uh, no don’t stop, ah, that. But, uh, it’s, oh, oh, not my sort of thinggggg.

“Me neither really. She probably just wanted to be nice because I’m leaving,” Anne offered, frowning.

“Hey, don’t worry,” Charlotte said, a hand running gently through Anne’s hair. Then her lover gave Anne no chance to think about it. Because with what Charlotte was doing she couldn’t think at all.

The afternoon of her last day found Anne relaxing on one of Simon’s lounges. There was a slight ache from her arm. Something familiar and yet strange. She could see Simon slipping what looked like a little red vial into a case. With the snap of the lid the thought, even the memory, went away. She knew it was nothing for her to worry about.

She squeezed Charlotte’s hand, the two of them lying naked side by side on the lounge chairs.

“Hmm,” Anne heard Simon say as headed over to his café machine, “I doubt that will tell me anything new, but you never know. You two amuse yourselves while I get you something to drink.”

She and Charlotte didn’t need to be asked twice.

Sometime later, as she held the steaming cup in her hands, Anne noticed that Simon had put his clothes back on at some point. He leant against the corner of his desk at looked thoughtfully in her direction. Anne realised she could have got dressed as well, but then she wouldn’t have been able to stretch and preen for him in quite the same way, so she let the thought drop. She could half-hear, half-sense, Charlotte stretching on the chair next to hers.

“So, Anne, you ready for next week?”

Anne swallowed, nervously, knowing what that meant. Next week she’d be back at her normal job. It would be alright. Simon had said so. She dimly remembered talking to Simon about that in most of their meetings this week. She was as ready as she could be. As she felt Charlotte squeeze her hand in reassurance she could help but smile. At least she and Charlotte were going out tomorrow night, as they did every Friday.

“Drink up and look at Charlotte,” Simon ordered.

Anne was happy to comply. Simon’s drinks always made her feel wonderful and being told to look at her raven-haired lover, especially naked as Charlotte was, was hardly a chore.

“You’ll be fine,” Charlotte smiled at her, “I’ll miss you too but we won’t be that far away.”

Anne reached out her hand to Charlotte. She could feel tears running down her cheeks. She knew that she’d been being selfish. Charlotte was going to miss her as much as she’d miss Charlotte. Well, she wasn’t sure it would be quite as much. Charlotte would still be here with Simon and she knew it wasn’t possible that Charlotte loved her as much as she loved Charlotte. She couldn’t be that lucky.

But Charlotte would miss her, she could see it in the other woman’s eyes. Even if they’d see each other every few days it wouldn’t be the same.

“I’m sorry,” Anne said, her voice quavering. “Will you be alright?”

“Of course I will, I just have to think of you,” Charlotte smiled, kissing Anne’s hand.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, Anne thought, not sure whether she was telling herself or Charlotte.

“And you’ll be right, I know you will.”

Anne simply nodded, taking strength from Charlotte’s confidence in her. She didn’t know how to put what she felt into words. Her heart wanted to leap the short distance between her and the other woman. If Charlotte asked her for anything Anne would do it.

“That simple,” Simon commented, a note of irritation in his voice as he shook his head. “Could you give us a few moments my dear, there’s a couple of things I need to say to Anne privately.”

Anne watched as Charlotte redressed herself. It was almost as good as watching her lover strip. Almost.

When Charlotte was gone she turned her attention to Simon. She was on her third cup. At least.

“You’re a fascinating young woman,” Simon observed.

“Oh, thanks,” Anne smiled, pleased by the praise. “do you want to have sex again?”

“Perhaps. Are you going to be able to manage now?”

Anne thought about that. She didn’t think he meant having sex, no matter how much she’d already had that day. Simon was talking about the future. Anne thought she would be able to cope, now. She could do it for Charlotte.

“Yes, I’ll be fine,” Anne replied with a smile.

“Good. It will only be a few days each time until you see her. Waiting can make it so much better. You’ll love the anticipation. You’ll love letting it build up. Feeling the need grow. Counting the minutes. Until you’re ready to burst. Just one touch will set you off.”

She didn’t need Simon to tell her. She already knew. It might hurt to wait but she’d see Charlotte again.

“Quite amazing, really,” Anne heard Simon mutter to himself as she basked in daydreams of her lover. “I wish I know where it came from.”

Then Anne realised Simon was speaking to her and she needed to pay attention.

“It’s part of being a scientist you know,” he said. “Can’t help but poke at a problem.”

Anne wasn’t sure what he was talking about but she watched him attentively anyway.

“Even when I’d probably be better off leaving it alone. Ah well, you’re both still quite accommodating aren’t you? And I really wish I knew what had caused this.”

“Sorry?” Anne asked.

“Ah, thinking out loud. Shouldn’t have done. You can forget the last couple of minutes, can’t you Anne? I know you can.”

If that was what Simon wanted, of course she could.

“You have my sincere thanks,” Simon said, Anne feeling as if she was waking up from drifting off, I’ve learnt a lot in our time together.”

Anne wasn’t sure why he should be grateful to her. She didn’t think there had been anything in the case that Simon didn’t know already. He’d made it clear many times how trivial he thought the science was.

Maybe he just means seeing the legal side of things. Anne was sure that was what Simon meant.

“I even thought at one time that maybe you would make a good partner.”

Anne wasn’t sure what to make of that. She’d had no idea that Simon had seen anything more in their shared relaxation than two colleagues helping each other out. The thought made her vaguely uncomfortable. She had a boyfriend. Not to mention Charlotte. She thought their relationship was purely professional. There were some lines she didn’t want to cross.

“I think you’re and Charlotte are better suited,” she managed, trying to avoid the idea of what Simon had been thinking.

“Oh I agree,” Simon replied before continuing. “Hmm I’m still feeling a bit stressed. Could you use your pretty mouth?”

“Oh yes,” Anne replied, happy to agree. She jumped off her lounge and scampered in his direction before falling to her knees, her fingers eagerly working the zipper of his pants. Her lips were soon wrapped around Simon’s rapidly inflating cock. Her mouth where she preferred it anyway.

“In the end, I have to admit, you weren’t really my type,” Simon mused, as he thrust himself into her face. “Oh, you’re certainly intelligent and beautiful but our interests just didn’t match enough.”

“Ank oo,” Anne managed, her reply muffled as she licked and kissed his shaft.

Simon was talking about other things but Anne was happy to luxuriate in the sensations coming from her mouth, only half-listening. Someone she knew that was what Simon wanted.

Images flicked through her mind, reassurance for the future and, other things. They didn’t really register in her consciousness, slipping on to someplace else. That seemed right too.

When she came back to herself Anne was lying naked in one of Simon’s chair’s, the sun warming her body from the outside as the still echoing feelings of her last orgasm, and the full feeling in her belly, warmed her from within.

Simon, fully dressed, looked down on her.

“Time to go, I’m afraid,” he said, an expression of regret on his face.

“Yes, um, ok,” Anne replied, as she struggled to wake up. As she found her clothes a wicked smile stole over her face. Once, she decided, just once, she’d let the professional facade slip. She put her blouse and skirt back on. She didn’t bother doing many of the buttons on the blouse back up. Her breasts, she knew, were clearly visible, her still erect nipples poking into the fabric. She picked up her bra, her suspender belt, her stockings carefully draping them over her left arm. Her shoes, discarded at some point, she picked up by hooking two fingers of her left hand into their heels. She thought she could feel a trickle of Simon’s cum on her leg. No surprise, given the number of times he’d come inside her. She didn’t bother doing anything about it, or her hair or makeup.

“Thanks,” she said as she opened his door, “for everything.”

“No,” Simon smiled, “thank you”.

Anne knew he meant it, when she found Charlotte waiting for her in her office.

(To be continued)