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Business and Pleasure

Part 2

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Working through the new material proved as difficult as Anne had feared. Even with all the meetings she had scheduled with Simon she worried that it wouldn’t be enough. The start of every meeting would find Anne feeling the mounting pressure from Owen’s expectations. He hadn’t said anything directly, but she knew that nothing could be done until she provided the information from Simon. Sitting in her office, Anne could feel the stress growing as each day wore on. If it wasn’t for her meetings with Simon she didn’t know how she could cope. Both with providing what Owen wanted and with managing her anxiety. Each time she came out of a meeting with Simon she felt less stressed than when she went in, more confident she could meet Owen’s deadlines. Soon she found herself eagerly awaiting her meetings with Simon. As her fingers undid each button of her blouse she could feel the tension of the work day flowing out of her. Each glance Simon gave in the direction of her breasts was as good at lowering her stress as the touch of an expert masseuse. By early the next week it had become a settled pattern. But then Simon said he wouldn’t be able to meet her again until Friday at the earliest. On one level Anne could understand. He had other work to do and she had enough to complete her part of the affidavit. Owen and the rest of the team would be doing the rest. It would even be best if she spent some of the time back in her old office – which Owen had let her keep, much to her relief.

But as the days crawled by Anne found that she was missing the time with Simon, and the relaxation her little gestures to him gave her. Twice she made herself idly toy with her top button, as she sat alone in her office. It didn’t help. Without Simon to look at her it wasn’t going to help her mood, so why bother? Resigned, she kept at her work as best she could. Thankfully her mood didn’t seem to have too much of an effect on her performance. On Thursday afternoon there was an email from Owen congratulating the team on their progress and singling Anne out for special praise. Her mood lifted, but she could feel the tension in her body, making her shoulders almost rigid.

By Friday morning Anne was almost desperate to meet with Simon. She still couldn’t believe how Lelil Tech had managed to get some of their patents registered. Was it that easy to get patents passed in this area? Some of it looked little better than buzz words and diagrams that resembled simple structures made from children’s building blocks. Either she was missing something or the patent examiners had been incompetent. She needed Simon’s opinion, his expert knowledge that she lacked. And she was looking forward to the stress-relief she’d come to expect from their meetings. The legal department may have finished the affidavit in time, but it had been hard work and extra hours. She was glad she’d thought to schedule a few meeting with Simon in advance, much as Chloe had grumbled.

As Anne entered Simon’s office he was staring at his computer screen, brow furrowed as he read. Idly he waved a hand at the chair in front of his desk. “Sorry, just need to check a couple of emails, won’t be long” he said.

“That’s fine, umm do you want me to come back?” Anne felt both guilty and annoyed. Guilty that she took up too much of his time, and annoyed that he hadn’t even looked up at her, or her revealed breasts and bra.

“No, no, just one last one.” Simon replied, distracted. Anne looked out the window. The afternoon sun, even though filtered through the tinted windows, was pleasantly warm on her skin. An image came to her mind, of lying back in the chair and letting the sun’s rays play over her. It was almost a memory, of the light moving across her, of the afternoon shadows lengthening. She was sure that in her vision Simon was saying something, but she couldn’t make out what it was.

From the real world Simon’s raised voice broke her out of her daydreaming. “They have to be joking!” he exclaimed.

“Um, who, what?” Anne was still half caught in dream. Or, the vague thought skittered across her mind, was it a memory? But if so, of what?

“Oh, sorry.” Finally Simon looked up. Anne could feel the tension drain out of her as she noted his eyes taking in her chest.

“There’s going to be some idiot from accounting ‘visiting’ us next week.” Simon sighed. “Just a courtesy it says, but I can smell a space inspection when I see one.” Anne could hear the exasperation in his voice.

“Oh,” Anne felt caught. Helpful as that one glance from Simon had been, she wanted more. Though her shoulders were not the solid bars they had been when she walked in, she could still feel the tightness in them. But this ‘visit’ from accounting seemed important. Maybe she should leave him to sort it out. “I, uh, I could come back later if you want?”

Simon shook his head. “No, no, it’s fine.” Anne hesitated. “Sit down.” Simon said, noticing her reluctance. “I’d rather give that.” He indicated his computer screen. “Some time before I decide what to do.”

Anne didn’t wait to be asked twice. Hurriedly she sat down. She reached over the desk and gave him a copy of the patent that was the source of her current annoyance. She made sure that she leant forward, to give him a good view down her cleavage if he wanted it. “Could you take a look at this? It doesn’t seem to actually say anything to me, yet somehow it passed the patent process.”

“Let me see.” For now, at least, Simon was looking at Anne’s assets, not her documents. Anne held her pose, happy to stay there as long as he wanted. A few moments later, though, he started examining the patent.

Simon took Anne through it in as much detail as she could stand. It was long, and not an easy read, for all its apparent lack of value. Halfway through Simon insisted he get them both something to drink. Anne took the opportunity, as he fiddled with his café machine, to rest. Leaning back in her chair she could feel the spring sun, warm in the afternoon, against her skin. It was almost like her daydream.

Later, after they finished examining the document, Simon tossed it onto his desk with a gesture of disgust.

“I agree,” he said, “I have no idea how they got that approved. It’s not quite information-free, but what it has existed in the public domain years before it was filed. Get some third party experts to look at it, they should be able to tear it to pieces in front of a court.”

“Thanks,” she replied, “I’ll get it sent out to them.” Joshua had already been recruiting outside people. Some of them should have signed the necessary contracts by now. Reluctantly she decided she had to go, but she couldn’t leave without saying something about the email Simon had received

“It’s not fair” she said at last. “You’ve got enough to do with running this department and helping with this case. You don’t need to worry about some daft inspection. They can’t make you do everything at once.”

Simon sighed. “Yes, they can. They can do anything they want. Even stupid things. Especially stupid things. We just have to cope with it.”

“I know, but it’s, it’s just so.” Anne’s anger stopped the words from coming.

“Infuriating?” suggested Simon.

“Yes. And other things less polite.”

“I know.” Simon smiled in obvious sympathy. “And I’m sorry, but this is going to cut into the time I can give you, at least for a couple of days. I know it’s going to be a bit stressful for both of us, but after today hopefully you’ve got enough to go on with.

Anne simply nodded in reluctant agreement.

“Drink up. You’ll feel better once you’ve finished your cup.”

He was right, Anne thought. She’d been so angry she’d hardly touched her tea. A few sips was all. She picked it up and drained it. Oh, she thought, fuzziness creeping into her mind, the light is nice this time of afternoon. Then she roused herself. Simon was saying something. It was if he’d been saying something for a while, but that couldn’t be right. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

“Anne.” Simon’s voice was earnest.

“Umm?” Anne answered vaguely.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it, if that’s all right.”

“Of course.”

“I’m assuming your appearance,” his eyes flicked in the direction of her exposed bra and the breasts it contained, “has been intended to cheer me up.”

Panic gripped Anne. She knew other people might misinterpret what she’d been doing as inappropriate, but what if Simon did as well? What if he thought it unprofessional, or worse, that she was trying to come on to him in some subtle way? She froze in embarrassment, barely able to nod.

“I thought so,” Simon said reassuringly, “and I’m grateful. As I’ve said before, you’ve been very supportive.”

Anne relaxed. She could still feel the tension from the thought of all the documents she still had to get through, but at least Simon understood. Letting him see a bit more of her breasts and bra than she was used to showing was simply a gesture of support.

“But,” he continued. What? No, thought Anne, I thought everything was fine. “I think we’ll both admit that current circumstances are a bit unusual and we’re both feeling a bit more strain than we normally would.”

“Oh, well, yes, yes, I would,” replied Anne, relieved.

“Hmm, I glad you agree. I’d like to suggest something that might help us both.”

“Oh, of course.”

“Good, stand up, please?” Simon gestured her to her feet. Then he rose and joined her on the side nearest the door. Anne was still facing his desk, she found herself gazing into the distance through his windows. She wasn’t sure what Simon intended, but she trusted that he knew what he was doing.

“Could you turn this way please?” Simon’s voice was calm, in contrast to the anticipation she could feel building within her. She turned to face him.

“Now, if I might.” Without waiting for her reply he gently placed his hands on her breasts. Anne could feel his palms running across her nipples through the fabric of her bra. She could feel the tension draining from her shoulders. She didn’t speak, but a smile slowly came to her lips.

It stayed there as Simon explored her breasts. Anne could feel his hands cupping them. Her mouth formed a small ‘o’ and she raised herself on her toes as what she guessed were his thumbs and forefingers took her nipples tightly in their grasp. She didn’t look down. She didn’t really look at Simon. She looked through him, her sight skipping through the walls and rooms of the building and out into the open air. Anne could never remember how long it lasted. Sometimes his hands played across the flesh of her breasts, both the parts that were exposed and the parts covered by her bra. Sometimes he squeezed them strongly, almost painfully. But with each motion, each contact, she could feel the stress running out of her.

With a last forceful tweak of her nipples Simon took his hands away. Anne let out a breath that she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. She felt so much better than she had a few minutes before.

As the air returned to her lungs she softly said “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” Simon said as he resumed his seat, “I’m sure it did us both good.”

As she redid the buttons on her blouse Anne reflected that someone watching them earlier might have assumed that Simon had been playing with her breasts. She knew it was just two work colleagues helping each other with the stress of office life. But people do, she told herself, get funny ideas in their heads.

First thing Monday morning Anne checked her email. There weren’t as many messages in her inbox as usual. Thankfully Chloe must have finally had the IT department take her off the research mailing list. There was a message from Simon waiting for her. The work involved in dealing with the visitor from accounting would take up more time than he had feared. He apologised profusely but he wouldn’t be able to meet with her again until Thursday. If she needed anything she could send him an email but even then he couldn’t promise a prompt reply. This visit from accounting was proving more of a headache than he had anticipated.

Anne felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. How was she going to cope with the stress? She’d just have to manage somehow. But Thursday? That was three days away.

B y Wednesday morning she was sure that she was about to explode. She almost threw the folder she was holding against the wall when the photocopier wouldn’t recognise her PIN. She tried it again. The machine still sat there, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge her existence.

“You’re a photocopier. So … why … don’t … you … want … to … copy? Arrrgh.” Again the machine had refused to accept the number she entered. Anne was sure she was entering the correct code. Her frustration finally getting the better of her, she slammed the folder on a handy table.

Fighting to get her breath under control she realised she was going to have to check with Chloe. It was Chloe that had given her the PIN, so if Anne had forgotten it, that was only way she was going to find out what it was.

Reluctantly she trudged up the corridor to Chloe’s desk.


“Yes, Miss Robson?” Really, had Chloe been a school teacher? Or maybe a librarian? The way she looked over her glasses at Anne maybe the latter was more likely.

“My photocopier PIN doesn’t seem to be working.”

“You are using your new one aren’t you?” Condescension dripped from Chloe’s voice.

“New one? What new one?” Anne knew nothing about needing a new PIN.

“We change them periodically. Didn’t you get the email?”

“No, wh..?”

Ignoring Anne’s attempts to interject Chloe continued. “Of course. My apologies. The email was sent to the department mailing list. But you had me take you off that didn’t you? So you wouldn’t have got the message. I’ll forward it to you.” Anne fumed. Even when she was apologising, Chloe managed to make it clear she thought that whatever went wrong was Anne’s fault.

It was, of course, much later that afternoon that the email arrived and Anne was finally able to do the copying she needed.

Anne was still cursing Chloe under her breath as she made her way home. If there was only some way that she could get her own back. But she didn’t want to put Simon off side. And the office was Chloe’s home ground. Anne had very little control over anything. Her sense of helplessness ate at her. She even snapped at Liam, which she hardly ever did. The look of surprise on his face was enough to melt her and she apologised profusely.

“I’m sorry. It’s just Simon’s stupid assistant. She drives me up the wall. She’s just so petty.

Liam kissed her gently on the forehead. The tension slipped away.

“Well, you won’t be there forever, can’t you just put up with her?” Liam asked.

“Yes, but she’s just so, so, annoying.”

Liam looked thoughtful. “Is it just you or is she like that to others there?”

“Oh, that’s a point.” Anne paused.

“So find who else is copping it from her. Why do you think she has it in for you?”

“Well, to be honest,” Anne swallowed, she knew that she was going to say sounded arrogant, “I think she’s jealous. I’m younger than her and …,” she stopped.

“More attractive?” prompted Liam, sliding his arms around her.

“Well, I suppose.”

“So, anyone else like that there?” Liam asked, a playful light in his eye.

“You just lost your invite to the department Christmas party.” Anne poked him lightly in the chest.


“But, hmm,” What was her name? Oh, yes, Charlotte, that was it, Charlotte. “Yes, there’s someone, one of the junior researchers.”

“Have a talk to her; see if she gets the same treatment.”

The next morning, Thursday, Anne found it difficult to concentrate on work. A sense of anticipation stole over her as the time for her meeting with Simon approached. And then there was Charlotte. She couldn’t just walk up to the other woman and ask her about Chloe. They’d only met once, briefly. An idea occurred to her. A way around two problems. She was sure that Simon wasn’t the only one here who could explain some of this material to her. What if she asked Simon to get Charlotte to help? Hadn’t Owen mentioned something like that at the meeting where she first met Simon? That he delegate some of the work of briefing Anne? If she and Charlotte were working together Anne was sure she’d be able to turn the conversation to the topic of Chloe at some point. Smiling she returned to her work.

As she entered Simon’s office she noticed a change in the layout. The chair that she always sat in was now on the other side of the desk, next to Simon’s. Her brow furrowed slightly as she undid the buttons on her blouse, wondering why.

Simon, looking at her, seemed to realise the source of her confusion, “Oh, I thought it would be easier if we were on the same side of the desk, this way we can both read the documents without having to keep turning them around.”

Anne smiled. What a good idea, she thought. And, as the meeting went, she realised it was a good idea for another reason. Sitting next to each other Simon had much easier access to her breasts. Whenever he wanted to he could fondle or squeeze them. Anne didn’t know, from moment to moment whether he would touch her or not. She found the anticipation and the surprise almost as relaxing as his touch. Sometimes she found it hard to concentrate as his fingers teased one of her nipples through the fabric of her bra. But the distraction was worth the stress it relieved.

It was almost the end of the meeting before Anne remembered to ask about Charlotte. Between the welcome feelings of Simon’s hands on her breasts and the work itself she had almost forgotten.

“Could I ask you something?” Anne struggled to keep her voice even as Simon caressed her right breast. “S-Simon.” She stumbled over his name as he tweaked a nipple.

“Of course.” In contrast to her own, Simon’s voice was calm and steady.

“I know how much of your time this is all taking up. I was wondering if there was someone else in the department who I could talk to about some of it.”

Anne could hear the frown in Simon’s voice. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him, instead staring at the desk in front of them.

“I wouldn’t,” he said, “want to give up our meetings. I’ve rather come to value them.” Anne could feel the pressure as his hand gripped her breast more tightly.

“Oh, no, no, that’s not what I meant,” Anne replied hurriedly, “just little things now and then.”

“Hmm” said Simon, withdrawing his hand. “Who did you have in mind?”

“Well, maybe someone junior.” Anne gently bit her lower lip. She knew what she was about to say was a fabrication, but she thought it worth the risk. “There was someone, I think Charlotte was her name, I met when you gave me that tour. Didn’t someone say she had some expertise in this area?”

“Umm, Charlotte? I don’t remember anyone saying anything.” Simon paused. “But now you mention it. Yes, yes, Charlotte might be a good idea. Let me think for a minute.” Simon rose and headed for his café machine. “Let’s have a cup while I think about it.”

Anne could feel her concentration wandering as the warmth from the coffee stole through her. She could tell Simon was considering her request. She hoped he’d say yes. It might give her an ally against Chloe and it would decrease the amount of time she needed from Simon. Of course, she admitted ruefully, that would mean less chance for her to get some stress release. She could keenly feel the lack of Simon’s hands on her breasts.

She wasn’t sure how long Simon silently pondered. Time seemed to slip away.

“Yes,” he said firmly, finding Anne looking at a cup she didn’t remember emptying. “I think this can work. If Charlotte gives you a hand we might be able to make these meetings a bit shorter. I don’t know that we’ll need less of them, but we can probably make them a bit, ah, more focussed.” Anne thought he smiled as he emphasised the last word. “Give me a couple of days though. I’ll need to work with her section head to clear some time in her schedule.”

Despite Simon’s assurances more than a few days passed before Charlotte was mentioned again. Anne was beginning to worry that he had forgotten. She thought about asking him again, but didn’t want to pressure him over it. The meetings themselves went well, and she thought Simon appreciated having free access to her breasts. He certainly didn’t hesitate to avail himself of them. Sometimes she wore a bra with a front fastener, but he never tried to undo it. It wasn’t as if he spent the whole meeting with a hand on her. That, she noted to herself, would be unprofessional. Sometimes he needed to turn a page, or point to a particular important section. But she was pleased that, when otherwise unoccupied, he would usually have one, if not both, hands exploring her assets. Sometimes the squeezes and tweaks made it hard for her to concentrate, but she forced herself to focus. After all, she said to herself, she had to pay attention to what he was saying. If she didn’t it would be terribly unprofessional and simply unfair to Simon. He was the model of dedication, always ready to give her time and talk her through the material. Even when he was availing himself of the easy access she allowed he would still be explaining whatever document was giving her trouble. Yet she could tell he was still under strain. Especially towards the end of some of their meetings he would noticeably tense up, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“I’ve spoken to Charlotte’s section head,” Simon said as they were finishing up. “It’ll take another couple of days for her to free up some time, but after that you’ll be able to start with her. I’d rather you kept it to basic technical questions that you’re having trouble with. I think we’ll still need regular meetings.” She hoped that he was right.

Anne found herself that night, restlessly turning in the bed she shared with Liam. Sleep refused to come. She wondered if she had drunk too much coffee that afternoon. Simon would often offer her a cup, but today it had been a long meeting and she had drunk three. At least, she thought it was three. Her memory seemed a little fuzzy. She remembered the afternoon sun, on her back now that she sat on Simon’s side of the desk, making her feel sleepy. It added to her impatience at not being able to sleep now. As she threw herself from one side to the other, again, she wondered what more she could do for Simon. She thought back on their recent meetings, trying to puzzle out why he would seem to become more relaxed at first, then tense up as the meeting went on. Was it simply impatience?, she wondered. Wanting to get the meeting over and done with? She hoped not, she didn’t want to be that much of a burden to Simon. Although she couldn’t have blamed him if he felt that way. But, she told herself, she knew him well enough by now. She thought she’d have detected some signs of irritability, of impatience, if that was the problem. And she was sure she hadn’t seen any. Think, Anne told herself, think. Was he touching her breasts less as the meeting went on? Was he getting bored? No, she was sure that, if anything, he touched her more the longer the meeting went. So that wasn’t it. Just as well no one saw them, she thought. It would be very easy to misinterpret what they did. A man touching a woman’s breasts could so easily be misconstrued. An observer might think it was something sexual. After all, a man could easily get aroused touching a woman’s breasts. He wouldn’t be able to help it.

“Oh,” Anne said softly, as a thought struck her. She knew that what they were doing was simply two colleagues helping each other relax. She was sure Simon looked upon it the same way, intellectually at least. He couldn’t help it if his body had a different opinion. That wouldn’t be his fault at all. Guilt flashed through her. Had she simply replaced one form of stress with another? Was their simple relaxation technique creating a tension Simon had no way of releasing? That wouldn’t be fair. Anne decided she’d have to do something about that. She was sure she could help Simon relieve any tension he felt. Satisfied, sleep finally took her.

As their next meeting wore on Anne looked for signs that Simon’s body was betraying him. It was hard, trying to surreptitiously observe him. Her attention was supposed to be on the materials on his desk, not on him. He was certainly getting edgy, but she wasn’t sure. Anne decided she needed a better look at him.

“Simon?” she asked, breaking into his discussion of a particularly difficulty to understand relationship between one of the rival’s patents and an academic paper from a decade before.


“Any chance of a cup?”

“Of course,” Simon rose, allowing Anne to look at him without having to conceal the direction of his gaze. There! She was sure she’d seen it, just before he’d adjusted himself on the way to the café machine. She was sure she’d seen a bulge in his trousers. She was right. Now she had to summon up the courage to do something about it.

Anne fretted the whole time Simon worked at the café machine. What was the right approach? Direct? Casual? Not say anything? She knew she had to keep it professional. It was her fault that one type of tension had simply been replaced by another. So she had to make it right.

As Simon returned with their cups she rose and walked over to him.

“Put those down,” she said, simply.

Simon raised his eyebrows, but obliged.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she knelt in front him, blouse hanging open, “that our relaxation hasn’t worked as well as I’d like. But,” as she undid his belt, “I think I know a way to fix that.” Anne tried to stay calm as she lowered Simon’s trousers and underwear. She noted with satisfaction that his cock sprang free almost erect.

Anne paused and looked up at Simon, her hands resting palm down on her thighs. “I know how much stress you’re under. I hope this will help you relax.” With that she lowered her head and closed her lips around his cock. A feeling of warmth and security flowed over her. As she bobbed back and forth she could feel Simon’s hands gently come to rest on her head. Anne had never felt so calm and excited at the same time. It wasn’t a sexual feeling. She didn’t feel that way about Simon; this was simply one colleague helping another. But she did have to admit that the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her lips was wonderful. Soothing and delicious, like a cool drink on a hot afternoon. She marvelled at the texture of his skin. This wasn’t the first time she’d gone down on a man. She favoured Liam with it now and then. But without emotions intruding she was able to experience the act in a whole new way. She was able to perceive every feeling it sent through her. Each time Simon’s cock thrust between her lips the feeling went further and further into her, until it was almost as if his cock was reaching down into the core of her being. Each time it withdrew she could feel the stress of the day flowing out with it. She never let his cock slide right out of her mouth. The feeling was too wonderful to let it go. But she teased and licked as much as she could, savouring the moments. As it thrust back in she let her tongue play over the underside, trying to add as much sensation as she could, for Simon’s sake.

Soon, too soon she lamented, Anne could feel Simon start to tense. From experience she knew what that meant. She knew what she was going to do. She’d already made that decision. As Simon’s thrusting between her lips became more and more urgent, as his gentle touch on her head changed to a grip on her hair, she knew the moment was approaching. She made herself ready as best she could.

With one last thrust Simon pushed himself further into her mouth then she thought possible. Anne relaxed, trying not to gag. He grunted, surprising her. He’d been silent the whole time. His cum flooded into her mouth. Desperately she swallowed, once, twice, again. As the flow subsided she could feel Simon relax. Anne continued to suck at his deflating cock, milking it for the last drops she could extract, with each drop down her throat the feelings of comfort, of security, washed through her. She suckled for some time at his flaccid member, not wanting to let go of those feelings until she absolutely had to. After he withdrew she licked her lips and swallowed one last time.

Anne took a deep breath and then looked up at Simon. “Thank you,” she said softly. She could see him smiling. She felt so calm and relaxed she wanted to stay here, savouring the feeling. But she knew they both had work to do.

She helped him up with his underwear and trousers. As he redid his belt she redid the buttons on her blouse.

Simon was looking at her, critically. “Hmm,” he said, “I’ve made a bit of a mess of your hair. You might want to fix it up.” He went over to draw in his desk and took and out a comb, which he offered to her.

Anne squinted at her reflection in the window as she nervously brushed her hair. She didn’t want Chloe to notice anything strange. Again she had only been helping Simon relax, but she was sure that Chloe would deliberately misinterpret anything that she could seize on.

“You might want to bring a brush and a mirror next time,” said Simon.

“Yes, yes, that’s a good idea,” replied Anne as she patted the last lock of hair back into place as well as possible. Fixing her hair using only her reflection in the window had been a struggle, and a proper brush and mirror would make it easier. And some lipstick too. She could tell hers had been smudged. She had cleaned it up as best she could, hoping that Chloe wouldn’t notice before she slipped back to her office and reapplied it. Then the import of what Simon had said struck her. Next time. There would be a next time. Anne breathed deeply at thought. She could tell how much more relaxed, how much happier, they both were. The thought of doing it again made the world seem that little bit brighter.

That night curiosity got the better of her and she slipped beneath the sheets in search of Liam’s cock. Taking it in her mouth felt wonderful. More wonderful, she had to admit, than it had felt in the past. Before she had done it more or less as a favour, something that Liam liked but hadn’t really appealed to her all that much. Now though, each movement of it in and out of her ran through her body like electricity. Usually she didn’t let Liam cum in her mouth. She’d work him up then, when she was ready, climb up and lower herself onto him. But tonight was different. Tonight the strokes of his cock in and out of her mouth felt almost as good as if he was plunging into her pussy. She was sure she could feel a line of sexual excitement between her mouth and her clit. Eagerly she sucked at him harder and harder until she was rewarded by the spurts of his cum. It hadn’t felt the same as with Simon. This afternoon she’d been detached. Oh it had been relaxing, almost fun, but she loved Liam. Simon was just a colleague. It was different. The professional and the private, she reminded herself, were best kept separate. Her curiosity, but little else, satisfied, she wiggled back up the bed and snuggled next to her boyfriend. Then set about seeing how long it would take to get Liam into a state to satisfy the rest of her needs.

To Be Continued