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Business and Pleasure

Part 3

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you’re not that old, Boo! Go away now. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

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Anne’s first meeting with Charlotte was the next day. The other woman was about the same age as Anne and, Anne admitted, probably as attractive. Although Charlotte’s long hair was brunette, almost black, in contrast to Anne’s blonde locks.

Anne tried reading Charlotte’s body language as the brunette took a seat in Anne’s office. Anne thought that, much as Charlotte was trying to hide it, the other woman was defensive, almost suspicious. Best to be direct, she thought.

“Look,” Anne said, “I know you’re probably wondering why you were picked for this.”

“Well, yes,” the brunette replied, “there are others here who know more about this stuff.”

“Maybe, but I thought someone who hadn’t been here as long would get less defensive about the work. I need a clear perspective. And, to be honest, I thought us girls should stick together.” Anne smiled, trying to be reassuring.

Charlotte didn’t seem entirely convinced. “Hmm, alright, you’re sure Dr. Harrington is ok with this?”

“He wouldn’t have arranged it with your boss if he wasn’t, would he?”

“I suppose so,” Charlotte conceded, still sounding doubtful

Anne knew she’d have to work had to break through Charlotte’s resolve. By the end of the meeting she was grateful that she’d had all those other meetings with Simon. Charlotte wasn’t as patient and it was only what she’d picked up from Simon that let her keep up with the other woman’s explanations. Still, she had managed to follow what Charlotte had said. Work needs satisfied, Anne wondered how to bring up the topic of Chloe.

“Thanks,” she said in the end, “that should be enough for me to go on with. But this case is going to take weeks more, if not months. And we’ll need to meet pretty often. Should we meet at a regular time? I could get Chloe to set something up.”

Anne looked directly at Charlotte, hoping to see some reaction to the mention of Chloe’s name. Charlotte didn’t seem to be trying to hide her feelings. The grimace in her features was obvious.

“Or,” Anne added, “we can just fix it ourselves.” Charlotte visibly relaxed. Anne didn’t want to push it any further today, but she was sure that she had a potential ally in Charlotte.

Later that day Anne knelt in front of Simon. This time she’d had him stay in his chair. Much easier, she’d said, then getting him to stand up. As she bobbed back and forth on his cock she could feel him gently stroking her hair. She sucked eagerly at Simon’s member as it thrust in and out of her mouth. As she did she marvelled at the strong feelings of calm it sent through her. It wasn’t sexual, as it had been with Liam the night before. A warm and comfortable feeling wrapped around her. Her world focussed in on the sensations coming from her mouth. She felt as if she could go on sucking forever. She wanted Simon’s cock as deep into her throat as she could manage. Every thrust brought with it a sense of reassurance, of comfort. There was some primal need in her, beyond sex, that was being satisfied. Anne didn’t know what it was and she didn’t care. All she knew was that sucking Simon’s cock was something she treasured, something she was coming to depend on to get her through the day.

Soon, all too soon as far as Anne was concerned, she could feel Simon tense. As his cum flowed into her mouth she sucked and swallowed at it greedily. Whatever she could take now would have to last until their next meeting. She hoped it would be enough to keep her stress under control. As she licked her lips, swallowing the last of Simon’s cum, she realised how greedy she was being. This was supposed to help Simon as well. He’d have to last until their next meeting as well.

She looked up, meeting his eyes. “Was that good for you?”

Simon smiled down at her “Of course it was.”

Anne returned his smile as she rose. “Good. I know the stress you’re under. I hope it’s helping.”

As Anne started to redo her buttons Simon replied “Yes, I don’t know how I’d get through all this without it. I hope you’re getting as much out of it as I am.”

“Hmm?” Anne was struggling to get her hair back in order. At least this time she’d brought a mirror and brush. Critically, she examined the reflection of her mouth. Just as well she’d brought her lipstick. And that she’d already finished her coffee. If she drank anything now she’d probably end up with lipstick stains on the cup. “Yes, best relaxation exercises ever,” she said brightly. She was already looking forward to their next meeting.

Not that she had to wait that long to exercise her new found oral interests. As she and Liam prepared their evening meal she couldn’t help her eyes slipping to his crotch. Without a word she walked over to him, knelt down and pulled down the shorts he had changed into after coming home from work.

“Anne?” he asked, confused.

“Shush,” she replied, forcefully.

“Are you sure?” His voice was halting; she was already stroking and licking his cock, its rapid rise rewarding her attentions.

She stopped and looked up at him “Oh yes.”

It was definitely different with Liam, Anne remarked to herself, as she struggled to keep her thoughts coherent. This time there was no doubt, each stroke of his cock in and out of her mouth as she bobbed back and forth was sending a pulse of ecstasy from her mouth to her clit. She could feel her own orgasm rising as Liam joined in, actively thrusting himself in and out of her face. She wrapped her arms around his legs, taking him as far down her throat as she could. A passing thought wondered what had happened to her gag reflex, but it wasn’t something she cared about. All that mattered was the raw feelings radiating from her mouth. Each thrust washed over her with sexual heat. Liam’s cock jerked and started spewing his load down her throat. Her own orgasm rose to meet it and her world dissolved.

“Whoa, where’d that come?” wonderment clear in Liam’s voice.

“Oh, just something I thought you’d like.” Anne struggled to keep her voice even.

“Hey, well, anytime.” He said, till breathing heavily.

“I’ll think about it.” Anne smiled wickedly over her shoulder at him as she went back to preparing their evening meal. She knew that he wouldn’t have to wait too long. It had felt too good.

Unfortunately for Anne her next meeting with Simon wasn’t just the two of them. Owen had asked for a meeting with them back at the legal department. The message had said that she was to come over early.

“I just wanted to congratulate you on the quality of your work so far on this case,” he said, after they had exchanged pleasantries in his office.

Anne felt uncomfortable, the credit wasn’t all hers, “Well, um, thank you, but I couldn’t have done it without Simon.”

“Don’t be too modest,” Owen gently chided, “Simon didn’t write that last affidavit. And it was more your work than anyone else’s here. Take credit when you get it.”

“Oh, umm, well, thanks.”

“So”, Owen continued, “everything still going well over there? You said someone else was helping you out as well?”

“Yes, Charlotte Matthews. It means I don’t have to be running to Simon all the time. I don’t want to wear out my welcome with him. I know how central he is to our case.

“Well, I’m not sure I’d say central.” Owen sounded dubious. “He’s a good source of information. And having him in-house is convenient. But we could get by without him if we had to, there’s always outside experts. And when it comes to court they’ll be believed more than he is.”

“But he knows the research program inside out,” Anne protested.

“I know,” said Owen firmly, “but no-one’s indispensable.” He looked closely at Anne. “Don’t lose your objectivity. We need this case watertight.”

Anne bit off her reply. She knew that Owen was right. She had to stay professional. It was her job to liaise with Simon. That didn’t mean that success or failure hung on what he could contribute. She had to get as much out of him as possible, and that meant making sure he didn’t fold under the stress. A stray thought reminded her that this case wouldn’t last forever, and that when it was over she’d be moving back to the legal department. She worried how she would manage without the relaxation sessions she shared with Simon. Grimly she decided that she would cross that bridge when she came to it and then pushed the thought out of her mind.

Anne’s mood wasn’t improved by the meeting. Owen may have been pleased by her work on the affidavit, but a report from an expert witness employed by their rivals was proving difficult to refute. Simon was openly dismissive of the arguments presented, but that didn’t satisfy Owen.

Joshua hunched over his laptop and Hannah smiled thinly as Owen’s voice rose. “Look we all know their patents are rubbish. I’m sure they know they’re rubbish. But we have to convince the court that they’re rubbish. And that isn’t the same thing.”

“Crap is crap, it’s that simple,” said Simon firmly.

Owen glared at the researcher. Anne saw Owen take a deep breath, his attempts to stay calm obvious. “Not when it comes to court. Remember, the judge isn’t a scientist. It has to be explained in terms he’ll understand.

“Oh, you want it that simple?” Scorn dripped from Simon’s voice. Anne saw his lips set, grimly. She could feel her right hand wanting to reach for the buttons of her blouse. Had they been alone, she would have let it go, but as there were others here she couldn’t, no matter how much she wanted to. She put her left hand on top of her right just to be safe.

“Yes.” Owen shot back. Then he sighed. “Look, Simon, I know this is difficult. Anne said someone else from your department was helping Anne as well. Charlotte wasn’t it?” He waited for Anne’s nod before proceeding. “If it’s a problem couldn’t you just give her an outline and let her fill Anne in with the rest?”

“I suppose so. Yes, I could talk to Charlotte.” Simon paused, a thoughtful look on his face. Then he shook his head. “All right, what’s next?”

The rest of the meeting was little better. Joshua and Hannah got into an argument over tactics. While Anne could understand the issues, she could tell that Simon was lost in the legal technicalities, a feeling he obviously didn’t enjoy. Her colleagues were starting to yell at each other before Owen told them to calm down. There were clashes over the use of the outside experts, with Simon questioning the qualifications of some. New people were going to be joining the team soon to help with the load, but they’d have to be briefed, and everybody wanted someone else to do it. In the end Owen called for a break.

“Look,” he said, trying and failing to keep exasperation out of his voice, “let’s get some lunch. Maybe we’ll all feel better then.” For the first time that day, no-one disagreed.

As they left the meeting room Simon pulled Anne aside. “You have an office here, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Anne wondered why he wanted to know.

“Why, don’t you show it to me,” Simon replied smiling. Oh, thought Anne, oh!

She lead him down the halls, hoping no-one would see them. Anne looked both ways when they reached her office, making sure no-one was about. As they slipped inside Anne closed and locked the door.

“I think you know what we need.” Simon said.

Anne nodded and swallowed nervously. She could feel the tension from the meeting ringing through her. She’d been thinking about how to give Simon even better results. After their last meeting she’d lain awake that night, wondering what to do. After the arguments they’d just been through now seemed the right time to try putting her ideas into practice. She took off the jacket of her business suit, and carefully hung it up on the coatrack beside her door. Eagerly her fingers sought the buttons on her blouse. This time she undid them all. Then, with a quick shake of her shoulders, she slid the garment down her arms. It joined her coat on the rack. She turned back to face Simon and paused for a moment.

“I” she said, and then stopped as her voice trailed away.

“It’s all right Anne,” Simon said gently, “you know how much I appreciate your efforts. You just do what seems right to you.”

Anne was amazed at how understanding Simon was. She knew the stress he must be feeling after that meeting. Ashamed that she’d hesitated when he needed her support so much she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. Unlike her other two garments she simply dropped it on the floor beside her. She waited while Simon looked at her. Please, she wanted to say, please touch me, but the words wouldn’t come.

“What do you want Anne?” Simon asked.

“I, I want you to…”


Anne almost whispered “to touch, to touch my breasts.” Then she added urgently “please.”

“How could I refuse?” answered Simon, as he walked the few steps that separated them.

Anne’s knees almost buckled as Simon’s hands touched her naked flesh. She arched her back, pushing her breasts into his palms. Her hands grasped and clenched futilely at the open air. The tension of the meeting was forgotten, washed away, as he ran his hands over her breasts, kneading and stroking.

“There” Simon said, as he flicked her nipples with his thumbs, “isn’t that better?”

“Y-yes,” her voice stumbled as Simon tightly squeezed both nipples between thumb and forefinger.

“Now,” he said as he removed his hands. Anne could feel herself almost pout. “We don’t have much time, so if you’d be so kind.” He was already undoing his belt.

Eagerly Anne dropped to her knees. Simon’s forceful use of her breasts was wonderful, but nothing compared to the sensations of sucking his cock. She latched on as soon as it emerged from his underwear. Her world shrank to the sensations centred on her mouth. Nothing else mattered. It was as if every bit of warmth and security she ever needed she could have as long as she kept sucking. Simon’s hands were probably on her head. Anne wasn’t sure. She didn’t care. He could do anything as long as she could keep sucking. She could feel his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Each movement brought another wave of reassurance.

Too soon, always too soon she thought, Simon came. Swallowing his load was the highpoint of their sessions for her, those few moments amplifying the feelings of security. But it also meant that this time was at an end. As always Anne licked and sucked at Simon’s deflating member, draining the last few strands of comfort along with the last few drops of his cum.

After lunch the meeting was much more successful. Everyone seemed in a better mood. Anne idly wondered what had cheered the others up. She knew what had done it for her and Simon.

Her blouse and bra were now discarded at the start of every private meeting she had with Simon. Her blouse, at least, carefully removed and put aside. She certainly didn’t want any suspicious creases appearing. Anne was glad of that most of their meetings were in the afternoon, when the sunlight flooded into Simon’s office. Otherwise she might have been a bit cold, being topless. She realised how difficult it would be to explain to anyone who saw her sitting there, naked from the waist up with Simon apparently fondling her breasts. The two of them knew that it was just a relaxation exercise, but others would be quick to get the wrong idea. Not to mention when she gave him relief from the other sort of tension their activities produced.

Life at home was good as well. She would often give Liam what she thought of as “surprise blow jobs.” They might be watching a movie, or cleaning up or half-way through a meal, when, without warning, she would pull his trousers down and suck him off. She didn’t do it all the time. She wanted to keep the “surprise” in “surprise blow-job.” But she did it as often as she thought she could get away with. There was no denying it. Every movement of Liam’s cock in her mouth was almost as good as when he was in her pussy. If she was pushed she might not have been able to say which she preferred. Maybe having Liam in her pussy felt a little better, but having him in her mouth resulted in better orgasms. Her clit was on fire from the moment he entered her mouth, a line passing up through her, between her breasts, finishing at her mouth and measured in sexual heat. As he came in her mouth, without fail, an orgasm that blanked out her senses would consume her.

The one dark spot in Anne’s life was Chloe. Simon’s assistant seemed determine to find ways to make trouble for her. It might be parcels of documents mysteriously, if only temporarily misplaced, or “accidental” miscommunications about Simon’s schedule. Always something that could be passed off as coincidence, one of those things that happened, never Chloe’s fault. But there were too many of them. Anne knew that they were deliberate. Admittedly it had given her something to talk about with Charlotte, which had helped break through the brunette’s reserve. Charlotte suffered as much from Chloe’s maliciousness, if not more.

“I’ve asked other people, not directly of course. I didn’t want it getting back to Chloe,” Charlotte told her one day, “and it was just me. I think you’re right. I think she is jealous.” Charlotte hadn’t wanted to believe Anne’s theory, that Chloe singled them out because of their youth and looks. But she was a scientist, and no other theory fitted the facts. Charlotte rested her chin on one hand, the other hand rising in a gesture of defeat. “But even if you’re right, what can we do? She’s always careful to make it look like an accident.”

“We could tell Simon,” said Anne.

“What good would that do?” asked Chloe dismissively, “she’s his assistant, he’d never believe us.”

“It’s got to be worth a try. I’m sure he’ll believe me, and anyway it’s two against one.”

Charlotte frowned. “Alright, I’m tired of her games. Worst comes to worst I get fired and have to get a job somewhere else. Either way I’ll be rid of her.”

Anne watched Charlotte pace nervously as they waited for Simon. Chloe had been reluctant to schedule a meeting with a Simon as soon as Anne wanted. In the end she’d had to appeal directly to Simon. Her excuse about wanting a meeting with all three of them to sort out how Charlotte and Simon would split up helping her had sounded lame, even to her ears, but Simon had agreed. Simon had said he was planning to meet with Charlotte anyway and it was only natural for Anne to be there. She hadn’t told him the other reason for the meeting. Anne was confident he’d believe her. They had such a good, professional, relationship. But Charlotte was worried. She’d refused to sit down. For the last five minutes she’d been trying to distract herself, examining the contents of Simon’s shelves.

“Do you know if he actually reads these?” she asked Anne, indicating the period novels on the shelves.

“Umm, sorry, no idea,” Anne replied, “not my style. Do you like them?”

“Err, well, yes to be honest, I’ve always liked Jane Austen.”

“Really?” asked Simon. Both women gave a start. They hadn’t heard him enter the room. “Which do you like best?”

“Oh, umm, I don’t know if I have a favourite,” replied Charlotte nervously. Simon didn’t reply. His back was to Anne, but she could tell from his pose that he was giving Charlotte a questioning look. Anne had seen it before and it demanded an answer.

“Umm, but I suppose I’ve read Pride and Prejudice and Emma more times than the others.”

“I like those too. I don’t suppose you like detective novels?”

“Umm, yes, yes I do,” replied Charlotte, surprise evident in her voice.

“Oh well then.” Simon indicated another shelf, “Have a look at those, feel free to borrow any you like.”

A more relaxed, but surprised Charlotte, took a seat next to Anne. Both their seats were on the side of Simon’s desk near the door. That felt a little strange to Anne, she’d become used to sitting on his side of the desk. That she had all her clothes on also felt a little odd. She shrugged; maybe she could stay after Charlotte left. Anne took a moment to check her feelings. It was obvious Charlotte had more in common with Simon than she did. She had an image of Simon and Charlotte as a couple. The picture evoked no jealousy. She smiled. Her reaction proved that there was nothing emotional between her and Simon. If there was then she’d have felt jealousy or something. But she didn’t. She’d known it all along, what they had was a good professional understanding, nothing more. Was either of the others thinking the way she was? Maybe. Or maybe not. Maybe she could play matchmaker for them.

Anne didn’t have much to do for the first part of the meeting. It was mostly Simon and Charlotte discussing how to divide up giving Anne the advice she needed. All Anne had to do was say yes at the right time. It all sounded reasonable to her. She took the opportunity to see how the other two were reacting to each other. She wasn’t sure, but she thought there was enough in their body language to say that her plans had a chance. Charlotte wasn’t her usual defensive self. And Anne was sure that she saw signs of interest in Simon.

“Well, that’s settled then,” said Simon after they had agreed on the division of the work. “Is there anything else we need?”

The two women looked at each other nervously. Anne felt her throat go dry. She thought it best that she bring it up rather than Charlotte.

“Well, um, yes there is,” she said hesitantly.

“Hmm?” asked Simon.

“It’s about Chloe.”

Simon’s brown furrowed, “Chloe?”

“Yes, well.” Anne took a deep breath. “Well, I know she’s your assistant, but, to be honest, she hasn’t been making my life easy. She keeps making problems.”

“What sort of problems?” Simon was obviously sceptical.

“Things going missing, messages not passed on. Little things, but it’s all the time. She’s done it to Charlotte too.”

Simon turned to the brunette. “Is that right?”

Charlotte looked embarrassed, and simply nodded.

Simon turned back to Anne “Why would she do that?”

“Well, umm, I think, I think she’s jealous of us.” Anne wanted to look anywhere but directly at Simon, but she forced her gaze to remain steady.

Simon got to his feet. “Hmm. Do you have any proof? You’re making a serious allegation.”

Anne saw Charlotte sink into her seat. “I know, but it’s really affecting how much work I can do.”

Simon went over to his café machine. “Hmm, why don’t you tell me some more about what she’s done? I’ll have to think about this. We’ll have a cup and then we’ll see.”

Listing all the problems Chloe had caused her took longer than Anne thought it would. She wasn’t even half way through when she found a cup of coffee in her hands. Somewhere between then and emptying it she finished and Simon asked Charlotte what Chloe had done to her. Anne had heard Charlotte’s tale before. She looked out Simon’s window. Charlotte’s voice seemed to fade into the distance.

“Well,” she heard Simon say. She found herself looking at an empty cup. “I can’t say I’m happy. I wouldn’t have expected anything like this from Chloe, but I find it hard to believe that the two of you are making it up. And I agree that it’s too much for it to just be coincidence. Don’t do anything for now. I’ll need to talk to Chloe.” He quickly went on, seeing the worried looks on the faces of the two women. “I won’t let her take it out on you. I’ll get the truth from of her.” His tone was offhand, but Anne could see from the look in his eyes that Simon was angry. More angry, perhaps, then she’d ever seen him.

“Charlotte, if you don’t mind, Anne and I can start on the third patent. I’ll do that one with her, so we won’t keep you now.” He smiled at the brunette, “Don’t worry about Chloe. I’ll sort it out.”

Anne saw Charlotte look at her. It’s fine Anne mouthed, I’ll talk to you later. Seemingly reassured, Charlotte left, closing the door behind her. Anne rose and quietly hurried over to the door. Locking it, she quickly removed her blouse and bra. She took her time walking back to Simon, tension flowing out of her as she felt his eyes on her naked breasts.

“I believe you about Chloe,” he said as his hands grasped her breasts. Pain flared from her nipples as Simon twisted and pulled at them. Anne didn’t mind. Each burst of pain was cathartic, chasing away the stress and worry she felt. She cooed as he raked his fingernails over her breasts. She trusted Simon; she knew whatever marks he left would have faded by the time she got home. Just as well, she thought, that she kept her blouse buttoned above her cleavage. Otherwise the marks might show in the office.

“I’m disappointed in her,” he went on as Anne helped him out of his trousers, “but these things happen. I’ll sort her out.” As Anne’s lips closed on his rapidly inflating cock she was rewarded by the familiar feelings of warmth and security. Her sense of time vanished, her world shrunk down to the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I could do this all day, she thought, but that wouldn’t be very professional. What she and Simon were doing was an aid to getting work done, not an excuse to avoid work. She had to remember that. It was difficult to remember anything when she sucked Simon’s cock. It wasn’t a choice. Her brain seemed to shut down, her concentration focused on the moment. All that there was, all that mattered, was the cock thrusting between her lips and the total feeling of comfort it gave her. As he came she pushed her head forward, taking him as far down his throat as she could manage.

Anne rose and started to repair her hair and makeup. Her clothes could wait until she was ready to leave.

“I think,” said Simon, “that I’m being a little selfish.”

Anne paused in her struggle with her brush and turned to look at him. “Don’t be silly. It’s relaxation for us both.”

“Not as much for you as it is for me I fear.” Anne frowned. “Don’t look at me like. Take off your skirt and come over here.”

Take off her skirt? What did Simon have in mind now? Anne shrugged. Simon knew what he was doing. Carefully she slipped out of her skirt. It was long, knee-length, but tight. It clung to her hips. She carefully eased it down and placed it with her blouse. It occurred to Anne that she was standing in front of Simon wearing only her pantyhose, panties and heels. It didn’t matter though. They were two professionals. She knew Simon wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

Simon had put his clothes back on. As she reached him Simon beckoned to her to sit on his lap. Curious as to what he had in mind Anne sat down, putting an arm around Simon for balance. He put one arm around her waist. His free hand started gently sliding up her leg. As he reached the edge of her panties he traced their line. Ann felt a quick brush of his touch across her crotch. A few more caresses and it was soon followed by the pressure of his fingers on her pussy. Even through the panties and pantyhose his touch sent jolts of electricity through her. Both of her arms were around his neck now. Her face burrowed into his shoulder. Anne could feel Simon’s fingers pushing through the material of her panties and pantyhose, finding her clit, working it. His other hand rose up her torso, finding her breast. He worked her nipple and clit in tandem. Teasing, playing. Sometimes his fingers would slide down the line of her slit.

Now she understood. Just as Simon’s body had misunderstood their relaxation as something sexual, so had hers. Intellectually she knew that there was nothing like that to what they were doing. But that didn’t mean her body would understand. Just as she had helped him work off his incidental tension, now he was returning the favour.

After some time he said “We’d better get to work, hadn’t we?”

“Yes, yes we had,” Anne agreed. She started to rise, but Simon’s arms held her in place.

“I’m sure we can manage like this,” he said.

“Oh, ok.” If that’s what Simon wanted, Anne was willing to try.

Anne had to admit that it was a little awkward, trying to work perched on Simon’s lap. But it certainly had its advantages. His hands roamed over her body. Sometimes stroking her thighs, sometimes surprising her with a quick tweak of her nipples, sometimes pressing her panties deep into her cunt. Every touch of his hands seemed to leave her body more and more relaxed. Anne couldn’t believe how stress-free she felt. She was amazed at how well she could focus on the work. At least when Simon didn’t accidentally break her concentration. Anne was sure he didn’t mean to, but sometimes she couldn’t help but be distracted by the sensations his attentions caused, almost losing the thread of the conversation. She knew that he didn’t mean it, and that it would be unprofessional to make him repeat himself. So she struggled to pay attention as best she could.

“I could do with another cup, couldn’t you?” Simon asked towards the end of the meeting.

Anne wasn’t particularly thirsty, but thought it impolite to say no.

“Hop up and I’ll get us one.” Anne got off Simon’s lap, her back to him. Anne was glad Simon wouldn’t be able to see her pout. She would have much preferred that he kept helping her relax.

“Have a seat while I fix it up,” he said. Anne took a seat in one of the chairs on the other side of the desk. She lazed in the chair, feeling the rays of the afternoon sun on her skin. It wasn’t as good as Simon’s hands, but it wasn’t bad either.

She jumped as those hands reached over her shoulders and cupped her breasts before tweaking her nipples.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist.” Anne could hear the smile in his voice. She swatted at him vaguely over her shoulder but he’d already withdrawn. Quickly he returned with her cup.

Anne wasn’t really listening as Simon started talking. She thought he was saying something about Chloe and how sorry he was at the trouble she’d caused. Between the sun and the coffee, somewhere she completely lost track of the conversation.

“Well that’s probably enough for today,” she heard Simon say clearly. Anne roused herself. She must have made the right responses as he didn’t seem to have noticed her inattentiveness.

Anne slipped past Chloe after dressing and leaving Simon’s office. She wondered what Simon had in mind for his assistant. His last words to her had been about Chloe. Anne had seen the dark look in his eyes. She was glad it wasn’t her on the receiving end of that. Instead of heading for her office Anne went in search of Charlotte.

“Do you think he believed us?” Charlotte asked. “I know he said he did,” she added before Anne could reply, “but did he really? Oh shit, I’m sounding like a school girl.”

“Don’t worry,” Anne reassured her, “I know Simon well enough to know he was telling the truth. I don’t think we’ll have anything more to worry about from Chloe.”

As Anne returned to her office she saw that Chloe wasn’t at her desk. Maybe Simon hasn’t wasted any time, she thought. She didn’t see Chloe again that day.

Anne had trouble getting to sleep that night. Even giving Liam a surprise blow job as soon as she walked in the door, followed by an energetic bout of sex later that night hadn’t helped. She was disappointed. A girl should be able to get to sleep after four orgasms, she told herself. But thoughts of what Simon had said kept her awake. It was so kind of him to make sure she was getting as much relaxation as he was. But there was something wrong. She snuggled against Liam’s back. Simon was trying to return the favour, but somehow it wasn’t quite working. What he’d done this afternoon wasn’t, in some way she couldn’t quite fathom, right. Anne chewed irritably at her lower lip. There was something at the edge of her mind that she needed to do. She was helping him work off his inadvertent sexual tension. Now he was doing the same for her. Then it struck her. He’d cum, she hadn’t. She knew how to fix that. Well, at least to make it more likely. Satisfied she snuggled more tightly against Liam and went to sleep.

To Be Continued