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Business and Pleasure

Part 4

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you’re not that old, Boo! Go away now. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

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When Anne arrived at work the next morning she saw that Chloe was already seated at her desk outside Simon’s door. Anne wasn’t surprised, Chloe always liked to be in before anybody else. But as Anne drew closer there wasn’t the disapproving gaze that she’d come to know so well. Not even a sideways glance. Chloe didn’t meet her eyes, instead hurriedly looking away, as Anne walked past her. Simon’s assistant didn’t utter a word. Anne was surprised, she was expecting at least a good “Good morning” from the older woman. Chloe liked to keep up the pretence of civility.

Even when Anne headed for Simon’s office that afternoon Chloe kept her silence. There were none of her usual protests that Simon was busy, or subtle jibes about Anne’s understanding of the department. Nothing. Anne glanced at Chloe as she passed the assistant’s desk. Chloe’s eyes were firmly fixed on her monitor. She seemed to edge away as Anne passed. Perhaps Simon has said something to her, the blonde lawyer thought.

After she locked Simon’s door Anne began the familiar ritual of stripping off her clothing. She hoped Simon liked the changes she’d made. In place of pantyhose today she wore stockings and a suspender belt. She’d dispensed with panties altogether.

“I thought,” Anne said as she walked over to where Simon sat behind his desk, “that this might make things a little easier.”

“Oh,” replied Simon smiling, “I’m sure it will.”

Anne lowered herself onto Simon’s lap, supporting herself by hanging her arms loosely around his neck. Simon needed no further invitation. His hands began to explore her offered body. One hand caressed its way up her right thigh. The other cupped and fondled her left breast. In a detached sort of way she could feel her body responding. It was an odd feeling. She knew her body was ignorantly responding to Simon’s touch in a sexual way, at the same time as it was releasing the stress it felt. Her mind, aware that there was nothing sexual about this at all, simply let go of the tension of the working day. She moaned softly as Simon’s hand reached the top of her leg, sighed as his fingers played over her pussy. She could feel her body react, feel a wetness rising between her thighs. Simon probed her cunt with one finger. Anne relaxed, her body going limp as she snuggled into Simon. A second finger joined the first, probing deeper. Anne could feel her hips responding, starting to grind against Simon’s hand. She could feel his cock starting to rise underneath her, pushing at her through his clothes. His hand cupped her pussy. She could feel it so keenly against her naked flesh, her carefully maintained landing strip gone, shaved off this morning. She pushed her hairless pussy into his hand. Now one of his fingers, or was it Simon’s thumb?, was teasing at her clit. The sense of relaxation was so wonderful that she almost lost consciousness, her awareness narrowed down to where Simon’s right hand played her clit, her pussy, where his left hand gripped and squeezed her breast. The motions of her hips became more insistent, her thrusting into Simon’s hand more forceful, as her orgasm started to rise. She was sure that at any moment she would simply pass out from the feelings. Her head lay on one of Simon’s shoulders as she moaned gently. Her body tensed, then let go the stress as her orgasm washed over her.

Anne snuggled deeper into Simon’s shoulder, basking in the warm afterglow. She knew she had to wake up, but she didn’t want to.

“I’m guessing,” he said, “that worked better than yesterday.”

“Mm hmmm,” she murmured.

“I don’t want to seem rude,” Simon said politely, “But I would like my turn. And we do have work to do.”

Anne forced her eyes to open properly. She chided herself for being so selfish. That had been, well, nice, but Simon deserved his relaxation. She slipped off his lap and settled on her knees while he rid himself of his trousers.

The sight of his almost erect cock chased away all her thoughts. She dove in, sealing her lips around his member. Sucking became her world. The sensations radiating from her mouth, mixed with the afterglow of her orgasm, made her feel like she was floating in warm light. She knew that if anyone came into Simon’s office she wouldn’t notice them. A small part of her worried about that. The rest, by far the larger part of her mind, concentrated on sucking, the back and forth motion of her head sending waves of contentment through her. She sucked greedily at Simon’s cock as he came, swallowing the fluids eagerly.

After she finished helping Simon clean up Anne hopped back onto his lap and they got to work. She sometimes found it difficult to concentrate, with one of Simon’s hands almost permanently exploring her pussy. His fingers insistently stroked its inner walls. Still, she could tell how much Simon had enjoyed their relaxation session. Just as well, she told herself, that no-one could see them. She knew it was all perfectly innocent, simply a relaxation exercise. She knew that Simon was in agreement. But she was no fool. She knew that how she looked, naked except for stockings and heels, perched on Simon’s lap with his fingers buried deep in her twat, might be something some people could misinterpret. Some people always tried to take things in the worst possible way. It didn’t matter how innocent the situation truly was, some people would try to make it out to be something it wasn’t. People like Chloe. Anne could feel her pussy clench around Simon’s fingers at the thought of his assistant.

“Well, I think that’s enough for today,” Simon said as they finished off the pile of documents. “Hop up and I’ll get us something to drink.” He gently patted Anne’s rump as she got to her feet.

“I’ve had a talk to Chloe,” he said as he handed her a cup, indicating she should take a seat in one of the other chairs in the office. “She admitted what she’d done.”

Anne didn’t say anything. For a moment, she couldn’t. She made no effort to hide the look of surprise on her face.

“I said I’d get the truth out of her.” Simon looked at her with a faint hint of accusation, responding to her doubt, “I don’t think you’ll have any more trouble out of her. I’d like to get her to apologise to you, but that might take a little longer.”

“Oh, umm, there’s no need for that.” Anne was happy enough at the news Chloe would stop harassing her. She didn’t want to force it any further. She could see Chloe making that a new source of resentment.

“Nonsense,” cut in Simon, “you deserve an apology. So does Charlotte.” He smiled. “You’re probably worried that she’ll hold it against you if I make her apologise. Don’t worry, she won’t.”

Anne felt her eyebrows rise in surprise. But she trusted Simon. If he said Chloe would behave, then she believed him.

The warmth of the coffee ran through her as the afternoon sun played over her naked body. She stretched and lazed, almost dozing in the chair. She was sure Simon was saying something. It didn’t matter. Anne knew that she’d catch the gist of it, even half-awake. Something about how she should be prepared for Chloe to apologise.

Their meeting completed Anne dressed quickly and fixed her makeup. As she was almost out his door, Simon asked Anne to send Charlotte to talk to him. Chloe didn’t look up as Anne passed. If anything Anne thought that the other woman hunched down as she walked passed her desk. Anne was she sure that she had seen a small shiver run through Chloe. Almost as if she’s afraid, thought Anne. She wasn’t surprised, remembering how angry Simon had been.

Relief flooded Charlotte’s face as Anne relayed what Simon had said about Chloe.

“Well, at least I don’t have to look for another job,” Charlotte sighed. “But why did he send you to tell me? He could have just rung or sent me an email.”

“I don’t know,” shrugged Anne, “maybe he thought you’d be nervous talking to him. If he sent an email saying to come see him you’d wonder whether he was on our side or hers.”

“He could have said in the email he believed us.”

“True.” Anne paused, her legal training kicking in. “I wonder if he’s trying to keep this off the record? An email would be kept in the system. Even a phone call would be logged. We haven’t made an official complaint yet, so maybe he’s keeping it quiet. You don’t want to make it official do you?”

Charlotte shook her head, “No, not really. As long as she leaves me alone I’ll be happy.”

“Simon said he was going to get her to apologise.”

Charlotte laughed abruptly. “I’ll believe that when it happens.”

Anne added her laughter to Charlotte’s. She had to admit that the idea that Chloe would climb down enough to actually apologise was hard to believe. But if Simon said he could manage it, then he probably could.

“Well,” Anne said finally as her giggles subsided, “either way she’s off our backs. Why don’t you come see me after you’re finished with Simon and we’ll get a coffee or something to celebrate?”

“Ok,” said Charlotte.

It was some time later that Charlotte entered her office.

“That took a while,” said Anne, “I thought you’d changed your mind.”

“No, umm, we had some other things to discuss and it, er, just took a while and,” Charlotte’s voice trailed off and she shook her head. “Anyway,” she said at length, “I’m here now.”

“So still, want that coffee?”

“I might pass on the coffee, maybe juice or something. I had two cups just then with Simon. He loves that machine of his doesn’t he?”

“He does,” agreed Anne, smiling.

If Anne thought Chloe had been nervous before the older woman was positively cowering as she and Charlotte passed her desk on the way out. Chloe’s phone rang as they were about to leave.

“Yes, Dr. Harrington, I’ll be right in.” Chloe almost ran from her desk to the door of Simon’s office.

“Wow,” Anne whispered to Charlotte, “I’d have loved to be there when Simon talked to her. He must have torn strips off her.”

Charlotte’s eyes were wide with surprise. “Yes,” she nodded in agreement.

Anne had to admit that, much as she tried to avoid social entanglements at work, she was coming to like Charlotte. They had a similar way of looking at the world. Charlotte may have been more forthright in her cynicism, but Anne shared her refusal to take things altogether seriously. Maybe she’d stay in touch with the brunette when this case was over. Working in different departments in such a large company, it wouldn’t really count as a work relationship anyway. There was a film Anne was dying to see. She knew could persuade Liam to go. But it would be under sufferance. Too much of a chick flick for his tastes. Charlotte almost jumped at the chance when Anne suggested they go see it on the weekend. Anne wondered if the other woman had much of a social life. She wasn’t sure, but something in the Charlotte’s look hinted that she didn’t.

Anne had worried a little about how Liam would react to her newly shaved pussy. That night he showed her that her fears had been for nothing.

“What made you do it?” he asked, as he ran his fingers over the hairless skin, again.

“Oh I just thought you might like it.” Anne realised that was a lie. At least sort of. Part of her had thought about Liam, as she sat in their bathroom that morning, watching the razor take away her pubic hair. Another part had done it to allow Simon better access for their relaxation exercises. But she had thought about Liam, so it was close enough to the truth. “Do you?”

“Uh huh,” replied Liam, rubbing his palm into her crotch. “You going to keep it like that?”

“If you’d like” answered Anne, coyly.

“Oh yeah.”

If anything, Liam liked her new condition a little too much. Really, Anne thought, having his cock in her mouth was much better than having it in her pussy. When he was in her mouth the sensations ran between her mouth and her clit, lighting up her whole body, so much stronger than when he filled her pussy. She found she had more control when she took him in her mouth, running her tongue around his cock where and how she liked. And when he came she could actively swallow his cum, something her pussy just couldn’t manage. When she sucked him off the orgasms ran through her like a hurricane. The ones when he was in her pussy weren’t bad, but it was like comparing a strong wind to a gale. If sucking him off was all they did, Anne wouldn’t have minded. Not that having him stuffing her pussy was bad, it did feel good. But having him in her mouth felt so much better. Unfortunately for Anne, Liam seemed drawn to her hairless pussy. And if that’s what he wanted, well, she wasn’t going to say no. As long as she got what she wanted. Relationships, Anne reminded herself, are built on give and take. And with her surprise blow jobs she could get what she wanted any time.

Sometimes in the mornings Anne would wake Liam up by sucking him off. She found that it helped her get through the day. Especially the days she didn’t get to see Simon. When work started to get to her she’d sit back and remember the sensation of having Liam in her mouth. She’d roll her tongue around, imagining the feeling of Liam’s cock on it. Her lips would form an ‘o’ and she could almost feel the sensations of his cock sliding in and out. Sometimes she’d grind her hand into her pussy, reaching up underneath her skirt. A few minutes like that, culminating in an orgasm if she was lucky, and she’d be back at work, refreshed and focussed. It didn’t rid her of tension as well as her exercises with Simon could, but it helped.

Slowly she learnt how to work, perched on Simon’s lap. At first his hands exploring her body made it hard to keep her mind on the task before them. Concentrating on a particularly obscurely worded section of a patent was tricky when his fingers were stroking the walls of her pussy or forcefully tweaking one of her nipples. And if he gave too much attention to her clit then her world dissolved into sparkles of light. Whenever her concentration drifted she would firmly tell herself that it would be unprofessional to let herself get distracted. Sometimes she couldn’t hide it well enough and Simon would notice. Anne was grateful at how understanding he was. Some people, she knew, would be annoyed if the person they were working with kept letting their attention wander. Simon wasn’t like that. If their relaxation exercises became too much he’d call a halt and give her a couple of minutes to recover. Often he’d give her something to drink as well. That seemed to help.

Over time Anne found it easier to maintain her concentration. She could still feel her body reacting to his touch, feel the stress drifting away, but it was a distant feeling, like a gentle breeze. Sometimes she’d feel her hips buck as his palm ground into her clit and his fingers probed her pussy, but she was proud of how she could keep on working through. Of course, nothing could keep her thinking about work when she took him in her mouth. Anne was still amazed at how different it was to when she did it with Liam. She was pleased, the difference proved to her how good she was at keeping work and her private life separate.

Even the situation with Chloe seemed to have resolved itself. Simon had said he would persuade his assistant to apologise. She’d talked about it again with Charlotte, when they went out to see the film. Charlotte had still been sceptical that Simon could manage it but Anne had faith in him.

“I think” he’d said to her a couple of days later, “that Chloe’s ready to apologise.”

“Oh,” Anne said in surprise. She trusted Simon but she hadn’t expected that he’d be able to manage it so soon.

“Yes,” he said, “why don’t I get us a cup and tell you all about it?”

Much as Anne wanted to hear about what he’d said to Chloe, she found her attention drifting. Looking back, she was sure he told her more than she could remember. It didn’t matter. Chloe was going to apologise. Simon had said so.

Anne didn’t have to wait long. The next day Chloe knocked on the door to her office. That in itself was something. Chloe had never set foot in Anne’s office. It wasn’t the only surprise. Chloe was wearing a knee-length coat, buttoned up. Anne couldn’t work out why Chloe would be wearing it indoors. After Anne told her to come in Chloe shuffled timidly through the door and closed it. She hovered on the far side of the room from Anne, apparently unsure of what to do next.

“M-Miss Robson?” Chloe’s voice trembled, the condescension gone from her use of Anne’s name. To Anne nervousness seemed to roll off the other woman. Chloe looked at her feet. She didn’t sound like a disapproving teacher now. She sounded like a guilty school girl, caught out in some misdemeanour.

“Yes, Chloe.” Anne felt as if she was the teacher now, and Chloe the student. It was a welcome change, after the number of times Chloe had made her feel in the inferior position.

“Dr. Harrington ah...asked me to s...see you. I... I’ve um,” Chloe swallowed, as if unsure of what to say.

“What do you need to do Chloe?” Anne could see the tip of one of Chloe’s shoes fidgeting in the carpet. The image of a naughty school girl became more fixed in her mind. Anne could almost persuade herself that Chloe’s black shoes were something a schoolgirl might wear. Well, one from a few decades back anyway.

“Dr Harrington said I…I had to let y…you s...see me …”

Anne cut in as Chloe’s voice trailed off. “Like what Chloe?”

“Like this.” Chloe’s voice was a whisper. Her hands were edging towards the buttons of her coat. Anne could see how much those hands were shaking, as if Chloe was fighting some internal battle.

Slowly Chloe undid her coat buttons. Anne almost laughed as Chloe revealed what was underneath. She hadn’t realised how right her imagination had been. Chloe was dressed in a school girl’s uniform. Well, maybe not one that any decent headmaster would have approved of, but close enough. It was too small and tight for a start. The plaid skirt was almost obscenely short. If Chloe bent over she’d have flashed anyone looking. The blouse must have been at least a size too small, if not two. It stretched tautly over her chest, the buttons obviously pulling at their holes. Chloe’s legs were clad in stockings and Anne was sure she could glimpse the top of them peeking out from under that short skirt as Chloe nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot. A tie, loosely done up, and a school blazer, completed the ensemble. Anne noted with surprise how good Chloe’s figure was, she’d never taken it in before. She was, Anne reminded herself, only in her early 40’s, but today she could have passed for someone ten years younger. And with the harshness gone from her expression Anne thought that Chloe even looked quite pretty. With how she was dressed the whole effect was quite sexy.

“I see Chloe,” said Anne, trying to stop herself smirking. It may have been funny but, she reminded herself, this was what Chloe’s boss had wanted her to do. That meant it wasn’t a laughing matter. Anne wanted to keep this professional. “Now, do you have something to say to me?”

“Yes, Miss Robson,” replied Chloe meekly. She took a deep breath “I’m. I’m very s…sorry for misbehaving. I...I should have sh…shown you more r…respect. I’ll do better, I promise.” It sounded rehearsed, but Anne didn’t mind. She suspected that Simon had composed the words. Rehearsed or not, Anne was sure that Chloe meant what she said.

As the schoolgirl-uniformed woman finished her apology something clicked in Anne’s head. There was more that needed to be done. “Thank you Chloe. I accept your apology. But we both know that a naughty girl like you needs to be punished, as well as apologise. Isn’t that right?”

Chloe nodded. Anne wanted more. “Isn’t that right, Chloe?” she said more forcefully, her emphasis on Chloe’s name making the other woman jump.

“Y...Yes, Miss Robson.”

“Then come over here”. Chloe started to head in her direction, small, reluctant steps.

“Oh hurry up girl, I don’t have all day.” The snap in Anne’s voice caused Chloe to look up. Anne could see tears starting to form in her eyes. Chloe practically ran the remaining distance separating them.

Anne pushed her chair away from her desk. As Chloe approached her Anne indicated her lap. The other woman hesitated.

“Chloe,” Anne chided, “you know what you have to do.”

Anne could hear Chloe swallow. She could see the fear in Chloe’s eyes. Chloe wasn’t looking at Anne’s face. Her eyes were fixed on Anne’s lap. Her fingers twitched. Anne could see that Chloe was trembling as she lowered herself across Anne’s lap. Just as well, Anne thought, that she’s on the thin side. Perched as she was, Chloe’s short skirt rode ever higher up her thighs. The tops of her stockings were clearly visible and Anne could just glimpse a pair of lacy black panties.

“Now Chloe, six of the best I think.”

“Yes, Miss Robson.”

“On each side.”

“I...” began Chloe, her head rising, half-looking at Anne.

“No,” interrupted Anne, “you’ll take your punishment like a good girl. Now, count them out.”

Chloe’s head sunk back. Swat, went Anne’s hand on Chloe’s barely protected flank

“Oww,” Chloe cried.

“Just counting Chloe, or I’ll have to increase your punishment. Now, how many was that?”

“One, M...Miss Robson,” said Chloe, meekly.


“T..Two, Miss Robson.” Chloe was crying now. Anne was tempted to tell her to stop, but realised it would probably be pointless.

Swat. Anne hit Chloe hard. She could hear Chloe’s sobs as she counted out the punishment. Chloe’s skirt was now bunched about her waist. Around of the edges of the lace panties Anne could see the red marks her hand was leaving on Chloe’s rear.

Swat. Anne could feel her hand reaching higher with every slap, coming down harder and harder on Chloe’s unprotected flesh. Tension sparked and released from Anne’s hand with every contact with Chloe’s rear. To her surprise this was almost as relaxing as a session with Simon. A naughty part of her admitted it was more than relaxing, it was a little, well, exciting. Anne could feel her body starting to respond.

Swat. “Ten” sobbed Chloe. The number penetrated Anne’s consciousness. Just as well, thought Anne, that she’s keeping count, or I might overdo this.

“Hold still” said Anne sharply as she felt Chloe squirming.

“S…sorry Miss Robson.” Anne could hear Chloe breathing deeply as she forced out the words.

Swat. With a sharp intake of breath Chloe squirmed, almost spasmed on Anne’s lap. “Eleven” came out as a strangled cry. Anne struggled to keep her own arousal under control. She knew it would be terribly unprofessional to orgasm while disciplining someone. At the very least, if her body insisted on being so uncooperative then she would make sure there was no visible sign.

Anne wondered if Chloe was squirming from pain or from a very different feeling. She brought her hand up for the last slap. As it swept down her orgasm started to rise. She couldn’t stop it or her hand. She didn’t want to stop either. She forced her body to be still, clenched her jaw to stop herself crying out. The only visible sign she allowed herself was a slight tip of her head, backwards, her vision unfocussed.

“Twe..helve,” cried Chloe, “ah, ah, Ah, Ahhhhhhhhh.” The older woman convulsed on Anne’s laps, her hips bucking unmistakably. After a time she lay still, her head hanging down, her pose one of defeat.

“Time to get up Chloe.” Anne could hear Chloe sniffling as she rose. She stood next to Anne, unsure of what to do next.

Anne could see the lines made by the tears Chloe had cried. She radiated shame and embarrassment.

“Stop that snivelling. Now I hope you’ve learnt your lesson Chloe. We don’t want to go through that again, do we?” Anne sounded as sincere as she could. She’d do it again if she had to, sometimes it was necessary, but disciplining a colleague wasn’t something to look forward to. Even if a little part of her wouldn’t have minded at all.

“No, no, Miss Robson.” Chloe couldn’t have sounded any more sincere.

After the door closed behind Chloe Anne shook her head. A part of her mind was shocked at what had just happened. Disciplining a colleague by laying them across your lap and smacking them? That was, was, well it wasn’t normal. Was it? Dimly Anne remembered discussing it with Simon. He had thought it would be the best way for Chloe to apologise and be punished, given the attitude she had taken to Anne. Anne could remember herself agreeing, murmuring her agreement, as she lay in one of Simon’s chairs, the sun playing over her naked flesh. Well, she thought, Simon is Chloe’s boss and if that’s how he wanted it done, who was she to argue? She couldn’t argue with its effect, Chloe’s apology had seemed to be sincere.

She wondered at her reaction to the scene that had just transpired. Then corrected herself. It wasn’t her reaction. It was her body’s reaction. And she already knew that her body could misinterpret things. Anne shrugged. She hadn’t let it interfere with what she had to do. She’d stayed totally professional. Carefully she went over her actions. She’d given Chloe the disciplining Simon had asked for. Whatever her feelings, she’d done a professional job. Satisfied with her behaviour she let her concern pass. She couldn’t deny what she’d felt though. Maybe smacking was a bit of a turn on for her. She wondered what it would feel like to be on the receiving end. Idly the thought occurred to her that she still had a school uniform tucked away in her cupboard. Last time she’d worn it was a fancy dress party a few years back, when she was still at university. Anne wondered if she could still fit into it. If she did, maybe she could play the naughty school girl with Liam some time. Smiling, she returned to her work.

Much as Anne tried to rationalise them away, some doubts about what had happened stayed with her. It certainly seemed to have put Chloe in her place. The other woman would no longer meet her gaze, instead shifting nervously and keeping her eyes downcast whenever Anne was near her. Any time Anne asked her to do something, Chloe would rush to meet her requests. But still, Anne couldn’t suppress the feeling that it had been a little too unusual.

Later, as she stripped herself of her clothes in Simon’s office, she resolved to talk to him about it. She was about to say something when the sight of his cock drove the thoughts from her head, at least temporarily. She found herself almost running across the room to wrap her lips around his shaft. She thought that she could have moved faster if she didn’t still have her heels on, but, really, she shouldn’t be totally naked in front of a colleague. Letting a colleague see you naked wasn’t very professional at all. And with her heels, stockings and suspender belt she wasn’t totally naked. So that was all right.

Anne’s doubts returned as she settled herself into Simon’s lap. It was one thing to help each other relax as they did. She couldn’t deny the comfort she found in sucking Simon’s cock. Or they sense of relief that pervaded her as Simon stroked her pussy, inside and out, as he was doing right now. That was just two colleagues helping each other through the stresses of the working day. But Chloe hadn’t asked to be disciplined. And certainly not in the way that Anne had delivered it. And then her own orgasm, well, wasn’t that taking unfair advantage if the situation?

“Simon?” Anne made herself say.


“Umm,” Anne hesitated. She wasn’t sure what to say next. “Chloe apologised, but I’m not sure I, um, handled it all that well.”

“I’m sure,” Simon said as his fingers probed deeply into Anne’s cunt,” that whatever you did was the right thing. If you’re worried about it,” Anne jumped as he tweaked a nipple, “why don’t you tell me about it.”

Anne described what had happened, hesitantly at first. It wasn’t easy, and it was especially embarrassing telling him how she’d orgasmed. Simon had to coax that out of her. But in the end she told him everything.

“I don’t see the problem,” Simon said, as she finished her description.

“Well, I mean,” stumbled Anne, “Um, that happening, when I, um, was doing that to her, was, well.” Her voice trailed off.

“Nonsense,” retorted Simon, “We both know how easily bodies can misinterpret things.” His fingers slid slowly but firmly in and out of her pussy. “Don’t we?”

“Y…yes” gulped Anne.

“You have to work with your body, not against it. But you kept your composure, didn’t you?” Anne nodded in response. Simon’s manipulations of her body were more forceful today than usual. She didn’t trust her voice at that moment.

“Well then. You did what you had to do. The rest is irrelevant, correct?”

Anne swallowed and found her voice. ”Yes,” she agreed softly.

“Then stop worrying about it. We should get to work.”

Towards the end of their meeting Simon made Anne a cup of coffee. He looked at her seriously as he handed her the cup. “I meant what I said about Chloe. It was the best way to deal with the problem and I think, from what you said, that you handled yourself very well.”

“Umm, well, if you think so,” said Anne, embarrassed at the praise.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it.”

“Oh?” said, Anne, looking up from sipping at her coffee.

“Yes, I think you may have found another way to get some stress relief. In fact I’ve been thinking about that and had one or two ideas.”

Simon’s voice drifted away from Anne. Or perhaps she was drifting away from it. She knew that Simon was saying something very important. She tried to listen, to focus on what he was saying, but the words slipped through her consciousness. She was sure, though, that they were registering somewhere. In the end she gave up trying to make sense of what he said and snuggled into her chair.

That night Anne was home before Liam. On a whim she started searching through her clothes for her old school uniform. She stopped and thought. If she hadn’t worn it in years, then it was probably at the back of the wardrobe. She smiled, as her guess proved accurate.

Anne held up the ensemble, regarding it critically. Would she still fit into it? She knew she was thin. But a 27 year old body isn’t the same as an 18 year old one. Or even a 23 year old one, which was when she had last worn it. There was only one way to find out. Quickly she discarded her work clothes.

The skirt fitted better than she had expected. The blouse was a little snug, especially across her chest, but, she admitted as she admired herself in the mirror, that only added to the effect. The tight, short uniform, together with the stockings and heels, were straight out of a male fantasy. Something wasn’t quite right though. If she was going to play the naughty, slutty, school girl with Liam then her face wasn’t matching the part. It looked too mature, and well, conservative. Hurriedly Anne sat down and started rectifying that, replacing the modest makeup she wore to work.

The woman, or perhaps more accurately girl, that looked at Anne out of the mirror now reeked of sex. The thick glossy lipstick and overdone eyeshadow were only the highlights of the slutty look she’d aimed for. She’d messed her hair a bit. Anne pouted and posed. The school tie was knotted below the line of her breasts and she’d left enough of the blouse undone that some of her bra was visible. She preened, satisfied, as she heard the front door opening.

“Hello?” she heard Liam calling.

Her boyfriend’s eyes went wide as he took in the image Anne presented him with. One of her hands reached up the wall next to her as the other ran provocatively up her thigh, lifting the hem of the short skirt even higher.

“Anne? Wh.. what?” Liam’s voice sounded as if he was being strangled.

“Shush,” she replied as she advanced on him. Anne kissed him forcefully on the lips as her hands went to his belt. As she undid it and felt his trousers loosen she sank to her knees. She heard Liam reach out and close the door. Her lips closed eagerly around his inflating cock. Pleasure shot through Anne’s body as she sucked, jolts running between her lips and her clit as he slid in and out.

“I hope,” she said as she came down from the orgasmic high after swallowing his cum, “that you’ve got more for later.” Really, she thought to herself, why had she ever been so reluctant about oral sex? Blow jobs were the absolute best.

“Um, yeah,” replied Liam unsteadily.

“But that was a bit naughty of me, wasn’t it, jumping on you like that as you walked in?’”

“Err, if you say so.” Anne could see Liam blinking, his eyes unfocussed.

“Oh, I do. And if I’ve been naughty I need to be punished don’t I?” Anne looked up her boyfriend lasciviously.

“Umm, punished?” asked Liam, uncertainly.

Anne had to stop herself rolling her eyes. She’d thought that the message would be pretty clear. Still, if Liam needed a bit more direction then she was happy to give it. She stood up and led him by his tie to one of the chairs in their living room. Unceremoniously she pushed him into it. She looked down at him, hands on hips. “Ready to punish me?”

“How am I supposed to do that when I’m sitting here and you’re standing up?” Liam’s objection betrayed his confusion.

“Good point,” replied Anne, as she lowered herself across his lap. “How about now?” She wiggled her behind, hoping he’d get the idea.

“Are you serious?”

“Oh, yeah.”


“Really. Come on,” Anne insisted, giving her rump an even bigger wiggle.

“Um, ok” Liam’s hand hit her rear, but it was more of a tap than a smack.

“You can do better than that.”

Smack. “Harder.” Smack. “Harder!”

Smack. Pain flared through Anne. Now Liam was getting the idea. Flashes of pleasure rose to meet the pain, riding over it. “Oh, that’s it.” Smack. “Oh.” Smack. “Oh.” Anne could feel her clit pulsing in time with the slaps of Liam’s hand on her behind. She thought her skirt had ridden up, but she wasn’t sure. She didn’t care. Smack. “Oh.” Her body was starting to squirm, her hips rising up to meet his blows. She was close. Smack. She was crying out, the volume of her voice rising with her passion. One final blow from her boyfriend and her world dissolved into points of light as the orgasm swept over her.

“Did, did you just do what I think you did?” she heard Liam asking.

Instead of answering him Anne swivelled herself on Liam’s lap. Legs either side of him she grabbed the lapels of his jacket and mashed her lips into his, tongue forcing itself into his mouth. Coming up for air she started tearing at his clothes. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this horny. She wanted him inside of her. Mouth. Cunt. She didn’t care. But it had to be now.

Liam tried to push her away. “Hey, umm, I don’t want to tear my suit.” Reluctantly she let go. She rose and started stripping out of her clothes. When they’d shed enough Anne pulled Liam into their bedroom.

Later that night Anne dozed fitfully. She still wore her stockings and suspender belt. She hadn’t looked, but she was sure that the stockings must have laddered badly. She couldn’t believe that they would have survived the evening intact. She hadn’t bothered putting any other clothes on, even when they stopped for food. Eventually Liam had collapsed into sleep, exhausted. But proper sleep eluded her.

It had been a totally mad day. Disciplining Chloe and then this evening with Liam. Not that Anne regretted one second of it. Simon was right, she decided, there was more than one way to get rid of the day’s stress. As he’d said, she needed to work with her body. And if it got confused, she’d do what was needed to get it back under control. Satisfied, she finally felt sleep creeping up on her.

To Be Continued