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Business and Pleasure

Part 5

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Anne wasn’t sure why she felt so full of energy the next day. The events of the day before, she was certain, should have left her tired out. Yet she when she arrived at the office she could hardly contain herself. Approaching Chloe’s desk Anne thought that she could jump straight over it if she wanted to. Despite the temptation, and the look on Chloe’s face alone would have been worth it, Anne restrained herself. A good mood, her thoughts ran, was no excuse for unprofessional behaviour.

She couldn’t help but notice the contrast between herself and Chloe. What the other woman was doing could hardly be called sitting in her chair. Huddling would be closer to it, thought Anne. She didn’t look up as the young lawyer approached.

Anne leant over the desk that separated them. “Good morning Chloe.”

Chloe’s eyes were fixed firmly on her desk. Somewhere about three centimetres in from the left edge of her keyboard and a bit down Anne thought. The seated woman mumbled something which Anne thought was probably “Good morning Miss Robson.”

Exasperated, Anne felt her shoulders slump. Chloe was definitely a problem. A look of consternation crossed her face as she raised a finger to her cheek in thought. “Chloe” she said. The other woman didn’t look up.

“Chloe” Anne repeated, her tone now that she would use with a small child. Still she received no response.

Anne reached out, a finger exerting gentle pressure, lifting Chloe’s chin. The other woman’s eyes darted up, meeting her own. In them Anne could see a hint of fear, mixed with emotions that she couldn’t read.

“We’re not going to be like this are we?” Anne was leaning so far over that she had to stick one high healed foot out behind her, knee bent sharply, to keep her balance.

“N…no” Chloe blurted out, the exclamation surprising Anne with its forcefulness.

Their eyes locked, Anne looking down at seated woman. “Good, now, the past is behind us yes?” Without waiting for a reply she smiled, as winningly as she could, and went on “So let’s try again. Good morning Chloe.”

This time she was rewarded by a return smile, though one mixed with uncertainty, from Chloe. “Good morning Miss Robson.”

“Better. I think we’re going to get on much better now, aren’t we?”

Chloe didn’t speak, she simply nodded, the force Anne was still exerting through her finger making it follow the up and down motions of Chloe’s head. The movement broke their eye contact, although Anne wasn’t quite sure if that was the reason or if Chloe was sneaking a peak down her blouse. If she was, Anne thought, she was probably getting a good view, the way I’m leaning over. She stood up, quickly dismissing the thought.

“Now, is Simon still able to make our meeting?”

He was, and Anne soon found herself in a familiar position. Sitting on Simon’s lap had its advantages, beyond the ease of access it gave him. It meant they could read a document together, without anyone having to strain to see it. Or both reach the keyboard of his computer. Not that it was easy typing when Simon was stroking her pussy, but Anne managed. It was inconvenient when Simon’s phone rang, as Anne would have to give him room to hold the receiver. She’d tried to stand up the first couple of times it rang, but he’d made it clear that he wanted her to stay where she was. Sometimes he’d wrap his arm around her waist; sometimes he’d work his hand deeper into her pussy. Usually she could keep her reactions under control, slip into the relaxing sensations that flowed over her. But there were times that she had to bury her face in his shoulder, to stop her moans being audible to whoever was on the other end of the phone. This day, though, brought a surprise.

“Yes,” she heard Simon say, “she’s right here.” He passed the receiver to Anne.

Raising her eyebrows in surprise she kept her gaze fixed on Simon. Her questions were left unspoken as she tried to concentrate on the phone. “Umm, hello?”

“Anne?” it was Owen’s voice.

“Y...Yes.” Anne almost yelped as Simon tweaked her nipple.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine.” Anne struggled to control her breathing as Simon forcefully stroked her pussy with his other hand. His fingers probed deep as his palm ground into her hairless crotch.

“Sorry to interrupt your meeting, but something’s come up. Can you get over here this afternoon?”

“Uh, I, uh.” Anne swallowed, forcing her mind to ignore the sensations from her body. After a moment she could speak clearly. She could still feel Simon’s hands, feel the rhythmic rocking of her hips in response, but there was a distance between her conscious mind and her physical reactions.


“Yes, that’ll be fine. We should be finished here shortly. Will straight after lunch be good? How long will it take?” Anne struggled to stay calm. She wanted to know what Owen wanted. Simon’s attentions, however well meant, didn’t help in keeping her tone even.

“That’d be good. Shouldn’t take long.” Owen’s voice betrayed nothing. He could be firing her, he could be resigning himself and giving her his job. Not that the latter was going to happen, but Anne knew that Owen was too experienced to give anything away if he didn’t want to.

Still, Anne could help trying. “Your office?”

“Of course.”

Anne frowned at Owen’s curt replies. Prevarication abandoned she dove straight in. “Do you want to tell me what it’s about?” Anne felt a spasm run through her. Had she just orgasmed? It didn’t matter. She was keeping up a professional phone manner. That was all that was important.

“No, best I leave it till I see you.”

Anne struggled to stop her frustrated curiosity seeping into her voice. “Ok, see you then.”

She could still feel her body quivering as she put down the receiver.

“That was very good,” said Simon, “the way you kept control through that call was impressive.”

“Thank you,” replied Anne, “it wasn’t easy.” She narrowed her eyes, looking straight at Simon. Relaxation was one thing, but there were limits. If Owen had known what she and Simon were doing while she talked to him Anne knew that her boss wouldn’t have approved. He’d probably think that she and Simon were having an office affair or something stupid like that. She and Simon both knew it wasn’t anything like that, but people could easily jump to the wrong conclusion. Misinterpretation was so easy. Even Simon’s body could get the wrong idea, like hers. She could feel his cock pressing into her through his clothes. Not surprising, really, it probably thought he was feeling her up, not helping her to relax. And doing that, while she was on the phone to someone else, well, yes, his body could easily get the wrong idea.

Hmm, Anne thought, I’d better help him get rid of that stress. She rose from his lap. This time he let her go. She reached for his belt buckle. Her world dissolved as she took him in her mouth.

A frown crossed Anne’s features as she rose. Yes, she felt more relaxed after having Simon cum in her mouth. She swallowed again, savouring the last of the taste. But she couldn’t deny that she still felt tense. The after effects of the effort of keeping at least outwardly calm on the phone to Owen still lingered. Added to that her mind conjured up all sorts of images of what he wanted to talk to her about. It all left her feeling on edge. What could Owen want that he wasn’t willing to talk about over the phone she wondered? Was there some problem? Had she done something wrong? Owen kept secrets too well for her to be able to trust her guesses. She couldn’t think of anything she’d missed. She was sure her work was as good as it could be. But that didn’t mean it was perfect. She could be over-estimating herself. Maybe Owen had found some fault. Lost in her worries it took some moments for the sensation of Simon’s finger sliding gently over her pussy lips to penetrate. She moved her feet further apart to give him better access, careful not to catch her heels in the carpet.

“You look preoccupied,” he said, still keeping up the gentle back and forth motion. “What did Owen want?”

“He wants to see me.” Anne could feel her body start to react to Simon’s touch. Her hips began to move back and forth as she stood in front of him, the sensations increasing. She left her body to it, her mind needed to concentrate on the conversation.

“Did he say what about?”

Anne’s lips pursed as she tried to think what Owen might want. There were too many possibilities. “No. It must be to do with the case. But I can’t think what.”

“And he wouldn’t tell you?”

Anne shook her head. “No.” She could feel her hips urgently pushing into his hand now, Simon’s thumb grazing her clit. Her hands flexed, aimlessly. Unsure of what else to do with them she clasped them behind her head. Her gaze drifted into the distance, out through Simon’s window, across the tall buildings of the company’s precinct and off to the horizon.

“Hmm. It must be serious for him to be so secretive.”

“Well, Owen does like his...his.” Anne paused as the teasing sensations grew stronger, her hips now bucking in earnest. She could feel the raw sensations when her naked skin met Simon’s palm. Sparks flew from her clit. After a moment her control returned, as Simon worked her body worked higher. “Secrets. He likes his secrets.” She shrugged, and then shuddered as the second orgasm of the meeting ran through her.

Simon looked up at her seriously. “You’re still not relaxed though, are you?”

Anne hands dropped to her side. She shook her head, dejected. “Sorry, it helped, but, I’m worried. I keep feeling that I must have done something wrong.”

“Nonsense,” Simon shot back, “I’m sure whatever it is it’s not your fault.”

Anne gave him a wan smile. She tried to believe his reassurances, but worry gnawed at her.

“Let me get you a drink before you go. I might not be here when you get back. If you need someone to talk to, go see Charlotte. And I’ll remind Chloe to be on her best behaviour.”

“Thanks.” Anne smiled again, wider this time. The thought of a supportive Chloe was so incongruous that it almost cheered her up.

The feelings of some impending calamity only intensified as her meeting with Owen drew closer. Anne couldn’t help suspecting that it must be something she’d done wrong. Why else wouldn’t Owen tell her over the phone what the problem was? Sitting in his office, part of her wanted to slink away. Owen had been his usual self as he greeted her, but she could tell something was bothering him. And then he insisted on going over the current state of the case with her. She tried telling herself that he wouldn’t do that if she was about to get fired, but it didn’t help much. Her uncertainty fed her fears. One hand fluttered to the other sleeve of her blouse, brushing at an imaginary speck of dirt.

Owen must have recognised the nervous gesture. “You all right?” Owen’s question cut through her distraction.

“Oh, sorry.” Anne forced her concentration into the present. She realised that her fears must be obvious. It was stupid letting them show. She placed her arms on those of the chair, forced them to be still. Even if she was in trouble she might as well try to be professional.

“Anyway, it may be nothing, but it wasn’t something I wanted to talk about over the phone. I’ve heard some rumours that there might be some agreement reached over this case.”

Anne almost collapsed into her chair in relief. It hadn’t been some fault of hers after all. Mentally she chided herself for being so nervous. Then the import of his statement began to sink in.

“Are you serious?” Anne didn’t bother trying to hide her emotions now, she could feel disbelief showing on her face. “We’re going to win this case.”

“I know,” Owen sighed, “but you know how it is. The board’ll do a cost/benefit. And if they think that they’re likely to get out of it cheaper in the end by buying off the other side, well, that’s what they’ll do.”

Relief was replaced by irritation, the beginning of anger, in Anne’s over-active mind. “This isn’t fair!” she blurted.

Owen frowned. Anne could hear the effort at reassurance in his voice. “Look, don’t take it too hard. You’ve done good work on this. Whatever happens I’ll make sure that isn’t forgotten.”

She shifted impatiently in her chair. Owen’s efforts didn’t help Anne’s mood. Not only might all her work be for nothing, but if the case was over it would mean she wouldn’t be working with Simon anymore. How would she deal with her work stress then?

As if he was reading her mind, at least in part, Owen continued. “Don’t think what you’ve been doing doesn’t matter. Even if it ends up in a compromise, your work will strengthen our hand.”

“If you say so,” Anne allowed doubtfully.

“I do. So come on, you’d better get back to it. If things are moving the more we can get on the table the better.” Taking what comfort she could from that Anne left.

As she took the shuttle between the two buildings Anne didn’t bother to try stemming the resentment that she felt. It wasn’t just about her. So many other people had put so much effort into this. Simon. Charlotte. Owen. Hannah Joshua. And all the others. Now it looked like the board was just going to cave in. Typical executives. There had to be something that she could do.

Anne was still fuming as she approached her office. She could feel the tension in her shoulders. She wanted to tell Simon the news, but he was out of the office when she got back. Chloe fervently apologised, but, she said, he wouldn’t be back until later that afternoon.

“He did ask,” Chloe said nervously, “that you see Charlotte if you needed anything.” Yes, thought Anne, Charlotte should be told too. And she hadn’t managed to see Charlotte since Chloe had apologised. Had that been only yesterday? Anne wondered if Chloe had apologised to Charlotte too. And if she’d been dressed the same. As soon as the thought occurred to her she was eager to know. But how to ask? At least talking to Charlotte might cheer her up.

“He saw her after you left.” Anne raised an eyebrow. A private meeting between Charlotte and Simon? Was Simon helping Charlotte with office stress as well? She wondered, but she couldn’t ask. That wouldn’t be professional. Was she jealous? Anne sifted through her feelings. No, she was certain that she wasn’t jealous. If anything she was happy. She had Liam. Simon and Charlotte didn’t have anyone. If they went beyond a professional relationship then she’d be happy for them. And at least Simon would have someone to look after his stress when she was back in the legal department.

Anne shook her head. Chloe was saying something else. She had to struggle to hear, the other woman was almost whispering. “And he wanted me to ask if there was anything I could help you with.”

Anne looked down at Chloe. The seated woman wasn’t looking at her. If anything she was looking away, nervousness plain in her posture.

Anne wasn’t sure what to make of this new Chloe. “Umm, well, maybe later.” If Chloe was making an effort then Anne didn’t want to appear rude by turning her down.

Chloe’s head snapped around. She looked up at Anne, wide-eyed, “Really?”

“Um, yes, I need to see Charlotte now, but maybe after that.” Anne couldn’t think what else to say. She felt as if she had agreed to something that she didn’t understand. Shaking her head she went in search of her friend.

Anne found Charlotte at work in one of the laboratories. She rapped on thick glass that let her see into the protected room. Charlotte looked around, her features breaking into a smile as she saw Anne. Can we talk? the blonde lawyer mouthed. Charlotte nodded, pointed at her wrist and held up two fingers. Anne stepped back waiting for her friend. After the indicated couple of minutes Charlotte left the laboratory, dumping her lab coat on a convenient hook.

“Is there somewhere private we can talk?” Anne asked, trying to hide her nervousness.

“Umm, there’s a couple of meeting rooms. We could see if one of those is free.” Charlotte’s brows furrowed. “What’s the matter?”

Anne grimaced. “Oh good news, bad news, lots. Will anyone be able to hear us?”

Concern showed in Charlotte’s features. “No, they’re pretty sound-proof.” She took Anne by the hand, leading her away. “Come on, you look like you need to talk.”

“So,” said Charlotte after they were both seated, “What’s the matter?”

Anne had been careful to lock the door. She didn’t want anyone blundering in thinking the room was unused.

“Do you want the good news or the bad news?” Anne asked.

“Oh the bad news, please,” replied Charlotte, smiling, “then the good news can cheer me up.”

“Ok,” said Anne, drawing a deep breath, then relaying what Owen had told her. When she had finished the two women just looked at each other for a while.

“Oh, oh well, you did warn me.” said Charlotte, resignation plain. “Well, we’ll just have to keep at it I suppose. He did say it was worth it, didn’t he?”

Anne gestured helplessly “He did, so I suppose that’s ok. It’s the not knowing that gets me. We could be at this for months, or could all be over tomorrow. At least when it’s over you’ll be able to get back to your real work.” Anne sighed.

“It’s ok,” Anne could hear the forced cheerfulness in her friend’s voice. “It’s been fun. A change. And I wouldn’t have got the opportunity to work so, so closely with Simon.”

Anne nodded, noting the stumble when Charlotte spoke of Simon, but saying nothing.

“Well,” Charlotte continued, her confidence returning, “that’s the bad news. I need some good news now.”

Anne smiled, conspiratorially, “Chloe’s apologised to me, believe it or not. What about you?”

Charlotte glanced sideways. She hesitated for a moment before replying, “Umm, yes, yes she has.”

Anne pressed on, hoping for an opening, wanting to know if Chloe’s apology to Charlotte had been the same as the one to her. “I was surprised, I didn’t think she’d do it. Strange, wasn’t it?”

“Uh, yes, yes I suppose so.” Charlotte was nervous, her confident demeanour, obvious moments before, had dissolved.

Anne sensed her chance “Yes, well, I mean the way she was, well...”

“The way she was?” Charlotte’s voice was half-hopeful, half-fearful.

“Well, the way she was dressed, for a start.”

Anne could hear the relief in Charlotte’s voice, “Oh yes, when I saw her I couldn’t believe it, I mean.”

Anne smiled, probing “I wonder, well, was she dressed the same for both of us?”

“Well, um,” Charlotte stumbled as her nervousness returned, “how was she dressed for you?”

Anne paused, then took the plunge, “Well, she was wearing this school girl’s uniform.”

Charlotte suppressed a laugh, Anne could see her friend’s shoulders fall as tension let go its hold on her. “I know. I could hardly stop myself laughing. And then she just stood there, as if I was the headmistress and she was in trouble.”

“Same with me and then I just had to”

“Oh,” Charlotte’s eyes went wide, “you too?”

“Yes, I…”

“So did I.”


“Yes, so you?”

Now was her chance, Anne decided, “Gave her a good spanking, yes.”

“Me too.” The two women dissolved into giggles.

Anne could hear Charlotte gasping for breath as they recovered. “You know,” the brunette said, “I think she sort of enjoyed it at the end.”

“I think she did,” Anne agreed, “and you know what?”

Charlotte frowned, “No, what?”

Anne smiled, lowering her voice to share the secret, “I did too.”

“Oh,” said Charlotte, obviously surprised, “oh, you as well?”

“You too?”

“Yes, well, it was, was” Charlotte, gestured helplessly, lost for words.

“Fun? Relaxing?” offered Anne

“Yes, uh, yes, both I suppose.”

Something clicked in Anne’s head. She remembered the sensation. She’d felt it before, but she couldn’t remember when.

“It might be fun to do it again.”

“I suppose,” replied Charlotte, doubt echoing in her voice. “But do you think Chloe would let us?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean Chloe.” Anne let the emphasis all on their ex-tormentor’s name.

“Then who did you…,” Charlotte’s voice trailed off. Her eyes went wide. She pointed At Anne “Oh you mean you.” Then she turned her finger towards herself. “And me.” Charlotte paused, curiosity and hesitation obviously at war within her. “Oh, we couldn’t.” She shook her head and then looked at Anne, a mixture of fear and temptation in her eyes. “Could we?”

“Why not?” said Anne, brightly, “who’d know? And isn’t there a bit of you that wants to know what would happen?”

“I,” Charlotte paused and looked thoughtful, “umm, well, yes, I, I suppose I do. Ok then, umm, who, err, first? I suppose.”

“You stay there.”

“Umm, ok. Uh, Anne, what are you doing?” Anne looked at the other woman. Charlotte’s eyes were wider than before. She reminded Anne of a rabbit caught in the headlights of an approaching car. It wasn’t a great surprise. Anne was taking off her skirt.

“Well, I don’t want it to get it creased, do I?”

“Umm, well, no, I suppose not.” Charlotte looked down at her lap, where her fingers nervously twined and played.

“It’s ok,” said Anne as she reached the other woman, placing a hand underneath Charlotte’s chin and gently raising it. Unconsciously she mimicked her gesture from earlier with Chloe. But this was different. Then it had had a force behind, bringing Chloe into line. Now there was a gentleness, an intimacy to the gesture. It was ok. It wasn’t as if she was naked. She still had her blouse on. Not to mention her stockings and suspenders. “We’re just two colleagues helping each other out, helping each other relax, ok?”

Charlotte’s eyes had a distant look “Yes, yes, ok.” The brunette shook her head. She made no comment about Anne’s lack of underwear, or the hairless state of her pussy. “Well, you’d better lie down then,” she said, indicating her lap.

Anne needed no more encouragement. She lay across the brunette, thrusting her rear up in anticipation. She was immediately rewarded by a hearty slap from her friend. Soon she could feel that peculiar mixture of relaxation and excitement that she had felt with Chloe. Different, of course, mixed with the pain of the slaps as it was now that she was on the receiving end. Not the same as with Liam, that had been all sexual heat and need. She felt no urge to assault Charlotte in the way she had her boyfriend. It did feel better with Charlotte than with Chloe though. Maybe that was because Charlotte was her friend.

Her musings dissolved as Charlotte’s spanking sent waves of arousal through Anne’s body. She pushed her behind higher, aching to meet each slap as it came. She could feel the sensations beginning to crest deep within her. She was sure that she could feel Charlotte’s hips starting to move and tremble beneath her, hear the other woman’s breathing become deeper, more urgent. Soon they were crying out in unison with each slap, the pleasure driving though them. With one last forceful slap on Anne’s reddening behind the orgasms washed over the two women, leaving them panting and limp in the chair.

“Wow,” said Anne as she levered herself upright.

Charlotte was still struggling to focus. “That, was, was, umm, good.”

“So,” said Anne, slipping her skirt back on, “want to swap over?”

“Umm, yeah, why not?” The eagerness was clear in Charlotte’s voice. “Do you, uh, think I should, umm.” She waved vaguely in the direction of her skirt.

“Well, unless you want to risk getting it creased.”

“Oh, ok.” Carefully Charlotte removed her skirt. Anne noticed that like herself her friend wore stockings and a suspender belt. Charlotte had panties on, a lacy black pair. Idly Anne wondered whether her friend was as shaved beneath them as she was.

Anne sat down. “Ok, come on.”

As soon as her friend was spread across her lap Anne smacked the offered flesh. She didn’t spare anything. She could see red marks spreading out from underneath Charlotte’s panties. With each smack Anne could feel that weird combination of arousal and relaxation. From the sounds and small movements her friend made she guessed Charlotte was feeling it too. There was almost a kind of meditative contemplation to the smacks she gave. They fell with their own rhythm. Each one pushing the sensations within her to a higher and higher peak. Just as well, she thought, that this is going to make me cum. Or I could go on hitting her for hours. She could hear them both crying out. Anne was surprised how quickly her orgasm rose, given how soon it was after the last. It swept over her, better than the previous one.

Charlotte came at the same time. She lay across Anne’s lap, limp for some minutes, as both women recovered, their breathing deep. Finally Charlotte rolled off Anne’s lap, and sat on the carpeted floor.

“Feel better now?” Anne asked, trying to look innocent. After all, it had just been two friends and colleagues helping each other relax. There was nothing more to it than that.

“Yes, yes I do. Thanks.” Charlotte breathed deeply, still collecting her thoughts. “You know,” she added, “some people would pay to see us do that.”

Anne frowned, “I’m not putting on a show for anyone.”

“Not even your boyfriend?” Charlotte teased.

“Well, maybe,” Anne allowed, “but who are you bringing to that party?” Now if only Charlotte was with Simon. Could she and Charlotte repeat what they’d just done in front of their boyfriends? Well, yes, maybe they could. She could actually imagine the two of them putting on a little display. It wouldn’t be the same as what they’d just done though. This had just been helping a colleague relax at work. If they did something for their boyfriends there would be a definite sexual edge to it. She had to be careful to keep the private and the professional separate.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Charlotte looked thoughtful.

“Well, when you work it out, let me know. And speaking of work, we’ve got some to do.”

“Ok.” Charlotte got to her feet and put her skirt back on. She looked down at Anne “You’re still not happy are you.”

“It’s just not fair,” Anne blurted out, “all the work we’ve done, and the board’s thinking of throwing it away.”

“Is that all?”

“No, well, I don’t know.”

Charlotte just looked at her.

“It’s Chloe. She’s offering to be helpful now.”

“Has to be better than what she was,” Charlotte smiled, “If she wants to help I say let her.”

“I suppose so.” Anne still felt a little doubtful but her friend’s attitude was reassuring.

“Come on,” said Charlotte, “chin up.” Then she added, knowingly, “and if you get too depressed I know how to cheer you up.”

“Hmmph,” retorted Anne, half-jokingly, “that’s stress relief. Not anti-depression.”


Chloe wasn’t at her desk as Anne approached her office. Idly she wondered where the other woman was. She shrugged. There were more important things to worry about than Chloe’s wanderings.

Anne sat at her desk. Emails stood out, the bold type face of the unread ones demanding attention. Look at me, they seemed to say. I’m important. Click on me. Read me. Each one seemed to be trying to push itself to the head to the queue.

She looked away, refusing to be drawn into the flurry of office minutiae. She needed to think. She couldn’t just sit by while the board threw all their hard work away. She looked into the distance out her window, letting the warm light wash over here. Spending more time arguing over the validity of the patents wasn’t going to work. That’s what they’d been doing. Think, Anne told herself. What if, what if. Something tickled at the back of her mind. Anne’s hands slapped down on the arms of her chair. It might not work, but it was something to try. Now all she had to do was think where to start.

What she needed wasn’t in the files in her office. The amount of paperwork in the case was too big to fit. Too big for all of it even to be scanned, yet. And what she was looking for wouldn’t have been seen by her company’s legal department as a high priority for transfer from paper to electronic storage. Anne didn’t fancy sorting through the files herself. Then she smiled. Chloe had been eager to help. Let her do it.

Outside Chloe still wasn’t at her desk. Anne could feel herself grimace in frustration. Where was the woman? She knocked on Simon’s door. Surely he would know where his assistant was. If he was back from whatever had called him away.

Anne expected Simon’s voice in reply, if there was to be any answer at all. Instead the door opened immediately and she was confronted with Chloe. The women looked at each other in surprise. Anne saw that Chloe’s skirt, hidden before by her desk, was quite short. Not as short as the plaid skirt the assistant had worn yesterday, but short enough to show her legs to advantage. And Anne was sure that Chloe had never worn heels that high before yesterday. Nothing that was out of place in a professional office, but definitely a change. Still, the thought crept across her mind, they looked quite attractive. Chloe, shorter than Anne, looked down. Anne wasn’t sure if Chloe was avoiding her eyes or looking at her chest.

Before either spoke Anne heard Simon’s voice. “Anne? How was your meeting with Owen?”

Anne tore her eyes away from Chloe; her last thought was how well Chloe’s blouse suited her figure. “Umm, not too bad but I need to tell you.”

Simon cut her off. “Sorry, but it’s going to have to wait. I have an official dinner tonight and I’m going to be cutting it fine as it is. Sorry I couldn’t get to you earlier, but I needed to spend some time briefing Chloe about a few things. You can tell me about it tomorrow.” Anne heard Chloe’s feet shifting uneasily.

Anne thought quickly. She could try giving Simon a quick summary now, but he was in an obvious hurry, already up and packing his briefcase. Anne watched him sort through his papers in his usual neat, precise, manner. She didn’t want to talk about Owen’s news in front of Chloe. Instead she went to back to her original plan.

“Can I borrow Chloe for the rest of the afternoon? There’re some files I need found.”

“Hmm? Certainly.” Replied Simon, distractedly. “I’ sure she’ll be glad to help. Isn’t that right Chloe?”

Anne was standing close enough to Chloe to hear the other woman swallow nervously “Umm, yes, yes.” She could hear the edge of enthusiasm in Chloe’s voice.

“You’re sure?” Anne asked, still uncertain about this new attitude of Chloe’s.

“Oh, no, please, I want to help.” Anne had meant the question for Simon, but Chloe had leapt in.

“Well, if you ladies will excuse me?” They both had to step aside to let Simon pass. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he added.

Anne took the opportunity to take a pace or two back, putting more room between herself and Chloe. The other woman’s enthusiasm made her feel nervous. That she seemed to have Chloe’s complete attention as she described what she needed from the files only made it worse. IT was almost like a small child, eyes wide and taking in everything. There was something innocent about it. And something that decidedly wasn’t.

“Umm,” Chloe began after Anne had finished and asked if she had any questions, “are you sure that I’m the right one to look for it?” She hurried on, ”It’s not that I don’t want to help, but wouldn’t someone from the legal department be quicker to find it?”

“Maybe,” replied Anne, “but they wouldn’t be able to start today.” Or maybe even this week she thought. It was a long shot, and it wasn’t as if people over there were sitting around waiting for things to do. “And to be honest I think you’ve got as much chance of spotting what I’m looking for as anyone over there.”

Chloe took her hand. Anne froze, not knowing what to do. “Thank you” she heard Chloe saying. “I won’t let you down.”

Anne shook her head as Chloe hurried off. It was only a file, no matter how important to the case. It wasn’t life or death. Yet from Chloe’s manner it had seemed the most important thing in the world. Anne couldn’t understand this new Chloe. Resolving not to waste effort trying to she quickly made the phone call to arrange Chloe’s access to the file storage.

Chloe hadn’t returned by the time Anne left work for the day. She didn’t know if the other woman was still looking, or had gone home straight from her search. Anne had the sneaking suspicion that Chloe would stay there until she found what Anne had sent her for, no matter how long it took. Hopefully she’d have it by tomorrow. The waiting was making her nervous.

Anne was out of sorts that night. She was sure that Liam could tell. She tried her best to be cheerful for him, but she could feel the stresses of work gnawing away at her. Anne wondered how much worse she would be if it wasn’t for the time she’d spent with Simon and Charlotte that day. It was only some gentle attention from her boyfriend, which she returned in a much more energetic manner, that allowed her to get to sleep at all.

Chloe still wasn’t at her desk when Anne arrived the next morning. Guiltily she wondered how long last night Simon’s assistant had kept at the search Anne had asked her to carry out. Nothing she could do now, she told herself.

Simon’s door was open. Now was her chance to finally tell him Owen’s news. Nervously she looked around the door. Simon was working at his desk. She gently coughed, hoping to attract his attention.

Simon looked up. “Anne?” he asked, obviously confused by her hesitancy, “what are you doing?”

“It’s, umm.” Nervously Anne bit her lip. She didn’t want to tell him that their time working together could be coming to an end. One hand gripped the door frame as she tried to draw strength from it. “I need to talk to you about what Owen said.”

“Oh” he said, “of course, come in. Don’t just stand there.”

Once inside, the door shut, Anne began her habitual disrobing. She took her time over it, drawing it out. Someone watching, she realised, might have thought she was doing a strip tease, her hands lingering over each item, her body moving to a rhythm only she could hear. She’d put on panties today, for the first time in weeks. She hadn’t been sure why at the time, but she was grateful now. It drew out the time. She wasn’t doing a strip tease, she knew that. She wasn’t slowly revealing herself, in a sexual way. Yes, she might be tugging a piece of clothing down just a little before running her hands over her body. Dropping the shoulder of her blouse to reveal part of the bra-clad breasts beneath, then pulling it back up, turning and running her hands through her hair. She might be holding her bra to her breasts after she had undone its clasp. She might be slowly, slowly pulling her panties down, giving Simon a glimpse of her shaved crotch before turning away again. She might be doing those things. But it wasn’t sexual, it wasn’t as if she was putting on a show for him. It was simply that she wanted to delay talking about the news Owen had given her. There was nothing more to it than that.

Simon, sensing her discomfort, didn’t say anything until she was seated on his lap.

“So,” he said at last, as his hand began to stroke her pussy, “how did it go?”

“It, umm, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I still have a job.” Anne looked away, her arms hanging loosely around Simon’s neck. She wanted to lose herself in the sensations his hand brought to her. She could feel the dampness rising between her thighs as his fingers worked their magic.

“That doesn’t tell me what the meeting was actually about.” Simon’s tone was teasing.

“No, I’m sorry. More, please, harder.” Anne didn’t want to think about it. She didn’t want to think at all.

Simon’s hand between her thighs picked up the pace. With his other he tweaked her left nipple.

“Yes” Anne’s voice was a half whisper.

Simon twisted the nipple, harder now. “Oh yes.” Anne flung her head back. “Harder.” She was crying out now, demanding, her hips responding to Simon’s ministrations. His hand alternately gripped her breast and twisted and pulled her nipple, harder and harder each time. Soon she cried out as the orgasm swept over her.

Anne made to stand up; she could feel Simon’s cock pressing into her, erect. Guilt washed over her. She’d been so selfish. She hadn’t told him anything, and now he needed relief. But she couldn’t rise. Gently, but firmly, Simon held her in place. Realising that he wasn’t going to let her go she snuggled in against him, feeling him, his clothes, his skin against her naked flesh.

“Now,” he said, an edge of command in his voice, “you’re going to tell me what Owen said.”

Anne did. She felt that she had no choices left. She didn’t want to; as if by not talking about it she could pretend it hadn’t happened. That there wasn’t an end in sight to her time with Simon. But Simon’s command wasn’t to be denied. She told him everything, what Owen had said, how she feared that the board was going to waste all their work, how she hated the idea their time working together would come to an end. She told him about the idea she had had, and how she worried it was just a hopeless gamble.

Through it all Simon listened calmly, gently stroking her private parts. It helped to keep her calm, a little bit anyway.

“Hmm,” he said at last, when she had finished. “I can see why you were worried.”

Mute now, her story told, Anne simply nodded.

“But,” Simon smiled, “it hasn’t happened yet. Your idea is sound. And everything comes to an end eventually.”

“I don’t want to go back.” Anne knew that she sounded like a spoilt child.

“You really are upset, aren’t you?” Simon asked. Anne looked down, ashamed at her display. It was hardly professional, letting her emotions show like this. She watched his hand stroking her pussy.

“I think you need something a bit special,” he continued, “up you get.”

Anne rose, confused. She had no idea what Simon intended.

Her bewilderment only increased as Simon also stood up. Quickly he removed his clothes, stopping her when she went to kneel in front of him. Her eyes didn’t leave his erection.

Simon took her by the shoulders. “Turn around,” he said, as he gently faced her towards his desk. “Now bend over.”

Anne bent her Simon’s desk, her breasts squashing against the wood. It wasn’t as cold as she expected. She felt exposed. Her bottom rose into the air, pushed up by the heels that she still wore. The only thing she wore. “I’m not naked then,” she told herself, ”not really.” Despite the assurances she gave herself she knew that Simon must be able to see her pussy, sprawled over his desk as she was. She felt that there was something wrong about that, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. He had seen her pussy so many times, but never quite like this. She felt open, vulnerable. She realised that her feet were spread apart, could feel the air of the room playing across her pussy.

Simon was leaning across her now. Anne could feel the tip of his cock playing at her pussy lips. “I think you need this.” he said.

Did she? She knew what was about to happen. Simon’s cock was about to push into her pussy. Wouldn’t that, well, wouldn’t that be sex? Was she about to have sex with Simon? Two people in a professional relationship didn’t have sex, so that couldn’t be right.

Anne could feel his rigid cock, beginning to thrust its way inside her.

No, that’s not what professionals did. So they couldn’t be having sex. Her body might think it was sex. It was obvious that her body did think it was sex. She could feel how wet she was, how eager her cunt was to have Simon inside it. But it wasn’t really sex. No matter how fast her breathing was. No matter how she cried out. No matter how her erect nipples rubbed against his desk. It wasn’t sex. It was simply Simon’s way of helping her through a difficult time. It didn’t matter how eagerly she thrust herself back against his strokes. It wasn’t sex.

Anne felt Simon cum inside her, her own orgasm cresting as he did.

They may not be having sex, but whatever it was felt so, so, good.

To Be Continued