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But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter: 11

Nicole phoned Will to tell him the news.

‘I am so proud of you’, he told her.

‘I’m proud of myself too’, she laughed back.

‘Where will we celebrate? Tonight. On me, somewhere fancy, anywhere you want’.

‘We definitely do need to celebrate this, but tonight I would just like to be at home with you’.

‘Are you sure? You don’t get promoted everyday’, he asked.

‘I know, but I am sure. I was so ill on Saturday, that I just want another few days alcohol free’.

‘Hmm, ok, if you are sure. But then we can eat whatever you want to eat at home. You don’t have to do any work’.

‘Mmmm, ok let me think about that, I’ll text you later with what I want’.

* * *

‘So you get your own office?’, asked Will later at home, after all the dishes had been put in the sink.

‘I will have to share it with my new assistant’, she replied smugly, emphasizing the additional perk. ‘We will post the job offer when I go on holiday, after I come back one of my first tasks will be responding to and interviewing the applicants’.

‘Have you ever been involved with a hiring process before?’

‘No, but other people have, I will have help and I will learn. I could get someone with experience who would command a higher wage, but I could also choose to hire someone without the experience and a lower wage, if I believed that they really wanted to learn. I like the idea of being a mentor to another woman who is new to this business’.

‘OK, yeah, you would be good at that, you would love to be able to mentor someone. Wait a second, I left something in the kitchen’.

He came back holding a bottle of champagne.

‘We have to celebrate a bit’, he said defensively, but he could see by the look in her eye that she was not upset at all, delighted in fact.

* * *

‘Tell me what you are thinking’, he said. Later, cuddled up, naked, warm under the blankets. He hadn’t meant it as an order, but that’s what it was.

‘I want you to lust after me’, she said.

‘You told me those things on Friday’.

‘Yes, but I don’t think you liked it’, she answered. ‘I think I turned you off’.

‘No, a bit, but... it was weird. I wasn’t at all expecting you to say things like that. I wasn’t ready. I could have those kinds of conversations with you, and maybe they would be fun for both of us, but it was such a change of tone from you, and you were much drunker than me, that I didn’t want to participate. I was curious to hear you though.’

‘You don’t think I’m crazy?’

‘No, it was just very different from you, and I wasn’t ready’.

She smiled. ‘I’m looking forward to you treating my new breasts the way you treat my bigger ass. I hope everything goes well. I think if you lust after me more, then you will have better sex and I want that for you as well as for me. And if you want me more, then we will have more sex, and more sex is also better. Since my ass got bigger you pay more attention to me, and I am looking forward to even more attention when I have recovered. That will feel so good, I can’t wait for your reaction’.

The champagne bottle was finished now. They were both drunk, but only mildly so. There would be no hangovers tomorrow.

‘You said you wanted to be my sex doll’, Will said.

Nicole buried her face in his chest under the blanket and let out a deeply embarrased groan. Will patted her head, stroked her hair. ‘Don’t worry, you already are my sex doll’, he said, patting her ass. ‘So, you want me to lust after you more?’

‘Yes’, muffled, her head still under the blanket.

‘All the time?’


‘As much as it is possible for me?’


‘I already do lust after you, all the time’.

‘I bet you could lust after me more’, she eventually replied, sheepishly. She remembered how she had imagined the future her walking down the street with Will. She came out from under the blanket and leaned off the bed, reaching for her bag. She rummaged around in it and withdrew the boobs and lips images that she had shown to the doctor. ‘Look at these’, she said, giving them to him, then she went back under the blanket. She lay down on her side with her head near his penis, everything below her waist sticking out from under the blankets, visible to Will. Will admired and stroked the huge curve from her hip down to her waist.

‘Imagine it is next Spring’, she said. ‘Very warm, but not too hot’. We are walking down the street together. Your arm is resting on the top of my ass. By then my ass will be a bit bigger. How big will it be? Only you know. Whatever size you want. If you tell me to do the exercises I will do them. Very nice!’, she exclaimed using her joke-sultry voice, as she noticed the stirrings in his cock. ‘Such a good boy!’, she kissed his head, just a peck, he yelped in response. ‘Mmmm, more kisses if you keep being good’. God Will loved that voice she was using. It probably wasn’t something that most women could have pulled off, but with her French accent, she aced it.

‘You ask me what I would like to drink tonight; wine or beer. Wine or beer I say, and as I think, I purse my lips together as I decide, innocently not realising your reaction. Look at those pursed lips, look at them, so big and moist’. Will looked at the lips photos. They weren’t pursed in the photos, but he could imagine it, they looked good, and they were so close. ‘Look at those big lips, wouldn’t they look better wrapped around your penis, wouldn’t you like that?’ She took his head in her mouth, and withdrew it it slowly, both lips remaining tight against the sensitive skin as she did so. Will couldn’t help himself from groaning, fuck she’s good. ‘Wouldn’t you like these lips around your cock, wouldn’t they look so good and soft and big and moist and sexy?’

‘Wine I decide, and we go to a new place, sitting outside in the spring sunshine. We perch ourselves on two raised stools, on opposite sides of a high table’. She licked his shaft. ‘Our wine arrives, and when the waiter is gone, you tell me that you have gotten me a present; a week in Hawaii, you tell me that you want to treat me’.

That’s probably fair, thought Will.

‘I am so happy and surprised and I can barely contain my excitement. Look at me, perched on that high stool in front of you. Look at my breasts. I am wearing that red blouse, but now I have cleavage and am showing it off, I have one less button done up than usual. Why not? It is such a nice day, and it is nice to feel the sun and breeze together on my skin. But now I cannot contain my excitement. My arms are straight and my thighs are squeezed tightly around my hands. And my upper arms are squeezing my breasts together, up and out. Even more cleavage. I don’t even realise I’m doing it, or that you are looking at it. Look at my big, big boobs. Look at how nice and big they look, see how they look soft and firm, all at the same time. Mmmm, very nice’, she added watching Will’s straining erection. She played around with it with her mouth for a minute. gently, just enough to keep him on edge.

‘Look at my face, I cannot stop smiling, I am so giddy with excitement. Look at those big lips, my smile is so wide that they seem to take up so much of my face!’

‘We’re leaving, you say, standing up, I’m going to fuck your brains out, you add. I walk in front of you as we leave. Look at that ass. So big. Wouldn’t you like to spank it right there in front of everyone, to see how it wobbles?’. Will spanked as much as he could reach from where he was sitting. ‘Mmmmm, such a good boy, very nice’. She pecked his shaft. ‘What’s that on my feet? I’m wearing those huge pink platform stilletos that you gave me as a joke at Christmas. I have to walk very slowly in them to keep my balance, I have to sway my hips so much with each step. Look at that huge ass. My skirt is so short. The swell of my ass is barely hidden. I’m just trying to walk out to the street, I don’t even realise that you are focused on my ass. Look at it sway. Doesn’t it look so good?’

‘Yes’, whimpered Will.

‘You want this, don’t you?’

‘Yes’, he almost squeaked that time, he hadn’t known that she had been capable of this kind of fantasy story telling.

‘You want to lust after me, don’t you, as much as possible, all the time’.


‘My body should scream sex at you all the time, you can’t ignore it. You want this, don’t you?’

‘Please, yes’. So close. Where did she learn this?

She touched the most sensitive area with her moist tongue. ‘Big’. Lick. ‘Round’. Lick. ‘Ass’. Lick.

‘Big’. Lick. ‘Pouty’. A kiss this time. ‘Dick-sucking lips’, emphasis on the ‘sucking’. Kiss, Will groaned, desperate, it was close.

‘And’. Kiss. ‘Huge’. Lick. ‘Fake’. Her tongue made the penultimate caress. ‘Tits’.