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But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter 2

Will picked Nicole up at the airport. He admired her beauty as they walked to the car park, talking and laughing about the things they did during their separation. And she was beautiful. Not just attractive, but beautiful. She could have been a model, and she had had offers, but wanted a career where she felt like she was contributing with her brains rather than her looks. High cheekbones. Full lips. The largest eyes Will had ever seen that made her face adorable no matter what she was doing or what her expression was. Full, thick, dark brown hair flowing past her shoulders. Real beauty. More than just attractive like Tina. Gorgeous. A face that deserved to be preserved in marble.

Of course Tina beat her in other areas. Her breasts obviously, even before the implants. Nicole had a B cup. Not necessarily small on a shorter girl, but certainly the appearance of small on a girl of Nicole’s stature. But she also had a narrow waist and flat stomach. Wide hips and meaty thighs. He could and did spend hours with his head rested on her lap, touching, tasting and squeezing those amazing thighs.

Though, despite the wide hips, not much of an ass. Fairly flat. Of course Tina had an ass. Of course she did. Nicole kept herself fit, like Will did, which he appreciated, although her exercise regimen did not include squats or anything which would help her in that regard, and Will had never suggested it. He had thought of it, but knew that he would be an asshole for it, or at least he would have felt like one, even if she might accept the suggestion positively. She also ate well, as Will did too. Plenty of fruit and vegetables. Didn’t eat meat everyday. A diet that would help preserve her looks and figure. Unlike Tina. Tina was still young, and she worked out, but her diet was crap. Drive-throughs, deliveries, couldn’t cook anything that couldn’t be microwaved—and no interest in learning. That shit was going to catch up on her one day.

Will asked how her family was.

‘They are great, they were asking about you, wondering when you will visit next. They really like you, of course you know that already. I really hope we can live there one day’, she added, looking longingly at him.

Not what Will wanted to hear at that time. He smiled and nodded to her in a non-committal way that indicated he had nothing to add to that conversation at the moment. Of course she wanted to live in her home city, and of course he wanted to live in his. Honestly he knew it made more sense to live in France. She had family there. He had none—anywhere. Well, none sufficiently close enough where he or they felt like getting in touch was an obligation. Great aunts and that kind of thing. But their relationship was doomed and so that was an argument they were never going to have.

* * *

As they arrived home, Will asked her what she wanted to do now.

‘Sleep’, she answered, ‘or watch TV on the couch with you and fall asleep doing that’.

Will smiled. That’s what he wanted too. ‘OK, you unpack your stuff, then have a shower, dress in your pyjamas and meet me on the couch. Bring any presents that you brought for me to the couch to’, he added with a wink.

She laughed and unwittingly obeyed all 5 direct orders that Will had—also unwittingly—given her.

Later, after he had expressed his delight in the chocolate and sweets that she had brought, they turned on the television and spooned. She was being quiet Will noticed, but assumed it was tiredness and that she would soon be asleep. She shifter her legs a few times and appeared to try a few times to move closer to him. Before Will had realised that it might not be tiredness causing her quietness, she pulled her pyjama bottoms down just enough to give him access.

‘Yes’ and ‘Fuck’ he thought at the same time. Maybe he shouldn’t have visited Tina this morning, as well as all day yesterday. Twice this morning and four times yesterday. But he still had enough in him, maybe not as much as he would like to be able to give, but enough. He moved his hand from her belly under her t-shirt and started caressing her breasts. He kissed the back of her neck and ear. He did enjoy this, but knew that nowadays it could often take a while to fully get her motor into top gear, so it wasn’t an option as it had been in the past. This meant that it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as if it was a choice. But then Nicole turned her head so that she could see him with one eye and moaned.

‘No, now, fuck me’.

Jesus, it was a while since she had said that to him. He duly obliged. Tenderly at first—slowly, not too deep—allow her to grow used to the sensations, until Nicole moaned again.

‘No. Faster, deeper. Fuck me’, she pleaded, eyes closed.

And then it occurred to him that she was a lot wetter than she had been in a while and abandoned any worry he had about hurting or stimulating any overly sensitive part of her. Nicole moved her leg slightly so that she could play with her self. Will kept his rhythm going, all the way in and all the way out until she came and then he allowed himself to come to. After he had recovered he began trying to extract himself from her and realised that she had fallen asleep with him still hard inside her. He fell out spreading their juices on the back of her legs and ass. She was still asleep. Usually getting out was an operation, slowly extracting himself to -again—avoid over stimulating her sensitive regions. But she slept through it this time. Over-tiredness he assumed. He turned off the TV and fell asleep, still spooning her.

* * *

Will never called Tina again. He didn’t need to. Things were going great with Nicole. Like in their first year together. They didn’t know it, but she kept following his orders. Will wasn’t the kind of person to give orders. But there are dozens of small things we say to each other every day which, while intended as polite requests, are delivered as orders. ‘Say that again’. ‘Turn it up’. ‘Rewind it a bit more’. ‘Put some salt in’. ‘You start making the coffee and I’ll serve the breakfast’. And that isn’t including the things which are orders, but acceptable to be delivered as orders. ‘Wake up’. ‘Slow down’. ‘Eat something’. ‘Don’t touch that’. And then there was instructions during sex. When Nicole was already turned on, she would have her arousal notched up just a tiny bit by additional orders. ‘On your hands and knees’. ‘Arch your back’. ‘Don’t move’. ‘Suck it’. ‘Swallow’. ‘Hold your ankles’. ‘Wait for me to come back. Stay in that position’. ‘Don’t touch yourself, I’ll tell you when you can’.

Of course she was allowed to object to any of these orders. Even as she started doing them, she could make counter suggestions, or protestations without yet realising that she was compelled to obey him.

Then one day 4 months later he was telling her how much he loved her accent. The hottest accent in the city he told her. She blushed, looked down, then looked up again and laughed at him.

‘I should get you a French maid’s outfit’, he said.

‘No’, she laughed, ‘I don’t have the breasts for that’, she added, still laughing at the thought.

‘Well, get them’ he retorted, genuinely meaning it as a joke, not realising that he had ordered her.

He moved in to kiss her as she began to leave the room, silently shocked at what she was leaving the room to begin doing. They kissed and she protested, ‘No, I have something to do’, too shocked to tell him the truth.

‘Whatever it is can wait until we are done here’. An order, of sorts, or a time-limit on the previous order. Who really knows the rules.

He brought her to the couch and fucked her on her hands and knees. Afterwards he curled up next to her and fell asleep, but she was still awake and got up to go on the internet.

* * *

2 hours later he woke up. He found her on her laptop in the kitchen, kissed her and went to have a shower. When he came back, dried and dressed she was crying.

‘Whoa, what’s wrong?’

‘I don’t understand it’.


‘I’m comparing plastic surgeons and investigating the cost of breast implants’, she got out between sobs.

‘What, why?’, he said, genuinely shocked.

‘I think because you told me to get breast implants earlier’.

‘What? That’s crazy. That was a joke, you know it was. Why would you have to do that?’

‘I don’t know, but I just feel like I need to, and that I can’t not do it, because you told me to do it.’

‘Just because I told you to do it?’ he double-checked.

‘I don’t understand. That’s what it feels like’. Fresh tears.

‘Sweetheart, you don’t have to get breast implants’. An order.

‘I don’t?’

‘No’, he confirmed.

‘I don’t need to get breast implants’ she confirmed to herself. ‘You’re right I don’t. But earlier I did, and it was because you told me. I need to think’. She got up to leave the room.

‘Wait, talk to me’. An order. Two orders.

‘I don’t know if I can explain it yet, I need to be alone to think. I feel like I need to do what you tell me. You told me to wait and talk to you and now I have to do it. You told me to get breast implants and I had to do it. You told me I did not have to get breast implants and now I don’t have to do it. But there is more than that.’

‘What’, he inquired. ‘Tell me’. Another order.

‘I think I enjoy it. It feels good to do the things you tell me. I think it makes me hot. Horny. Just a little bit. A tiny bit. But it is there. Maybe that is why our sex has been so good lately. Maybe I enjoy being told what to do. But I don’t know. I need to think. Let me be alone for a bit.’

‘OK, you can go’. Not an order but the termination of a previous order.

She kissed him and went to the bedroom. Later she went out for a walk. She called later on to ask if she could stay in a hotel for the night. She didn’t need to come home first, she could sleep in her underwear and get the necessary toiletries from the hotel. She still needed time to think. But she told him that she loved him and that he was the best thing that ever happened to him. She just needed to think and be alone.