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But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter: 8

Will and Nicole were out in a restaurant, having a light dinner before heading to a club. A few days before, Will had given Nicole $100 dollars. He told her to buy the dress that was the tightest she could find around her waist, hips and butt. Short enough that her underwear would be visible if her legs weren’t crossed while sitting. Matching shoes. At least four inches. She was free to go higher. Would she?, Will wondered, or would she just do the minimum? She had difficulty walking with ease in heels that were higher, so he wouldn’t blame her if she stuck to the letter of the law. Will wasn’t sure if he had given her enough money, probably not, but Nicole had her own money and could make up the difference.

The weather was fine so they sat outside on the terrace, both facing the same direction watching the people on the street. Some professionals were walking by, some people in casual clothes, and some people heading out for the night. Will realised he had been staring at a girl with large breasts. When he caught himself, he hoped that Nicole hadn’t noticed. He looked over at her and realised she was looking at the same girl. He looked at Nicole a couple of seconds longer before leaning over and whispering in her ear, ‘You want those breasts?’.

Nicole was mortified. ‘Yes’, she admitted sheepishly, embarrassed. ‘They look so sexy on her’, she continued. ‘Perfect. Do you like them?’

‘I .. ugh’, Will was flummoxed. He did like them, but despite all that had happened, it felt wrong talking about liking another girl. ‘If they were on you’, he finished lamely.

‘You are an awful liar’, she said, looking back at the girl.

‘You said you have boob envy now when you see girls with large breasts. Is this what you do now? Just stare at girls with big boobs?’

‘Well, kind of’, she said. ‘I mean, if I have nothing more important to do it is fun to look at them. I’m not doing it because I’m attracted to the girl. I’m doing it because I’m getting new breasts, and I’m thinking about what other people might see when they see me.’

‘For the rest of this evening, when you see a girl with breasts which you think are sexy, you have to tell me’.

‘Oh no! We’re just going to spend the evening perving on girls. I mean, if I do that and no one knows, I don’t feel bad, I know I’m just boob-shopping, but if we are doing it together, ugh’. Will had given her an order, so she was going to do it, but she was allowed to give her opinion.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone and it is just for tonight. And you’re right, it is boob-shopping, I get to see what you are thinking about it. Think of it as being in a store and showing me clothes that you might buy’.

Later that night, as she was propped on the kitchen stool, she groaned in his ear, ‘mmmhh ..yes.. fuck your big-titted whore..’

Will had never heard her speak like that before.

* * *

Will scrolled down Nicole’s private Pinterest board, enjoying what he saw. This was fun. Nicole was under the desk tasting him. She wasn’t going to town on him exactly, Will just wanted light stimulation. There were a lot of pictures. He wanted to concentrate on them. It was supposed to have been a handjob, but as he had started scrolling through the images he realised that Nicole was looking for his reaction to each picture, and that was a distraction. Now she was under the desk where he couldn’t see her. That was better. Use your hands and your mouth. No talking. Slow, very slow. I’ll tell you when you I have the pictures I like. You can start finishing me off then.

Originally they had planned that Nicole would show her the pictures every few days, but Will realised he didn’t want to give Nicole an idea of what he was thinking. He didn’t want to inform any future selections she might make. So now, three weeks later he was examining about 100 images. Originally he had told her to just pick pictures of breasts she liked, but after the discussion in the restaurant, he gave her an additional instruction. Pick breasts that you think are sexy. What was the difference between breasts that she liked and those she thought were sexy? Was there a difference? He must remember to ask her. Not yet. Once the decision had been made and acted out.

He created a new private Pinterest board in Nicole’s account, giving it the name ‘My New Big Boobs’ and added the images he liked from the first board. It took a while, but eventually he had selected about 15 images. He looked at them on the new board. 15 was too much to show the doctor. 3 at most. He patted Nicole on the head. ‘Start masturbating’, he told her. A minute later occasional moans started coming from under the desk. ‘I’m nearly done picking your new tits’. A deeper moan.

He identified the characteristics which were common to the remaining images and then selected the three images which he felt best represented these. Larger, about a D, he supposed, but he certainly didn’t consider himself an expert on breast measurements. Round, but not obviously-fake-spherical-round. No sag. There was no fold of the lower breast resting against the chest.

Two consultations were booked for the same day next week. With the lips guy and the boobs guy as they had started calling them. The lips guy was first, at 2pm and the boobs guy later at 4pm. The two doctor’s surgeries were within one block of each other, so there should be enough time. Will had also made another special appointment for Nicole in the morning, but he would tell her about that later.

‘OK’. He reached under the table and fondled her left breast. ‘Finish me off now. I’m looking at your new tits’.

She moaned again, longer, and longingly.

‘Keep masturbating, but don’t cum, I’ll finish you off later’.

Before he was about to cum, he held her head back from his cock. ‘Use your hands. Try to catch it in your mouth’. He couldn’t see her under the desk so he didn’t know how much she managed to catch. As he recovered, he could feel her starting to clean herself and himself with her mouth and one free hand, the other hand still being at work between her legs.

‘No’, he commanded. ‘I will clean us off when I am ready’. He stroked her hair, not 100% gently as usual, under the desk. Her head moving around following the movement of his sweaty hand through her hair. He could feel some wetness in her hair already. Not a lot, but a bit, which added to the sweat in his hand.

He was recovered now. He grabbed a large amount of her hair with his left hand and rubbed his cock, crotch and legs dry with it. Again, with just a hint of roughness. Nicole moaned again under the table. What was he doing to her? Why does it feel so good? Once he was dry, he pulled his chair out a bit and helped her out from under the desk, not standing up himself. He sat her down on top of him, straddling his lap. Once she was in position, she started masturbating again. He looked at her face. There were bits of cum on her cheek, nose, forehead and lips. She hadn’t even licked her lips after he had commanded her not to clean herself up. he smiled. ‘Good girl’, he said.

Nicole groaned again. How demeaning! Will grabbed a good handful of her long thick hair, this time with his right hand. He dragged it over her face, to clean up the drying cum. When he was finished there was still some cum on her face, streaks that couldn’t be removed with her hair alone. Her hair on both sides of her face was matted in clumps where dry cum was sticking it together.

‘You fucking stink of sex’, he said. She moaned again. But this time differently. A lightly higher pitch, not her usual dusky, throaty moan.

He stood her up and lay her down on the desk, moving his chair around to the side. He pulled her hips to the edge and went to work.

‘Tell me when you are ready’, he said.

‘Ohh, now, now please’.

Usually he might deny such a request, to draw it out a bit longer for her. He enjoyed seeing her in such a state. So horny that she couldn’t think straight, her mind only wanting one thing. But this time he obeyed. He enjoyed the sight, but he didn’t necessarily enjoy torturing her. He brought her hand away from her slick folds and placed it on her breast. She immediately took the hand away from her breast—she usually enjoyed playing with them—and brought her arm up to join her other arm stretched out behind her head.

She came very soon afterwards.

* * *

Will woke Nicole up at 8 in the morning. Today was the today. He would be going to work, but he had arranged to go in an hour later than usual, so he would have some time now. He told Nicole to shower, to get ready and to dress comfortably. Then meet him in the kitchen.

‘But the first appointment isn’t until 2, I have loads of time’, she protested.

Will said nothing and left her to obey his commands. She met him in the kitchen when he was ready. He had a coffee ready for her and she sipped eagerly at it, delighted for the caffeine. Then she kissed him deeply. Will enjoyed the mix of the toothpaste and coffee tastes from her. ‘What’s going on, why so early?’

‘That’s enough coffee for you’. he responded, smiling. ‘Blowjob’.

She got down on her knees in front of him. She fished his cock out of his work slacks and began. Will looked down at her.

‘Look up at me’, he commanded. ‘Just work the head. I want to be able to see both your lips’. He took an envelope from the counter and removed two pictures from it. They were facing the wrong way for her to be able to see them, but she could see the hint of an image from the back due to the light landing on their surface. Don’t look at them, look at me. He held each image face up in one hand, either side of her head. Just high enough that she could not look at them if he allowed her to.

Nicole was impressed by how hard he was. Are these my new lips?, she wondered.

‘OK, I’m ready, swallow everything, you don’t want to have to clean yourself up again’.

When she was finished and had cleaned him up, Will helped her to her feet.

‘Let me see’, she said.

‘Nope. You can tell the doctor that you have some images of what you are looking for and then give him the envelope. No doubt you will see them after he has them. When you do, you are not allowed to act like you have never seen them before, or surprised in anyway. Act like your are looking forward to having them.’

‘OK, next’, he continued. ‘I have scheduled an appointment for you in a salon nearby. Tell them you are going to a 30th birthday party for a good friend. Tell her you are all planning on going wild for the evening. They are expecting you and will perform a few other treatments. Everything is paid in advance.’

‘Other treatments?’, she asked, ‘like what?’.

‘Oh, a manicure, pedicure, that kind of stuff. It will take a good few hours all in all, and you will need to be back here before your first doctor’s appointment. I will have some clothes laid on the bed. You are to wear them to the doctor. Send me some selfies of yourself once you are dressed. I want to see.’

‘But I need to pick how I want my hair done, what my nails should look like!’

‘Already taken care of. When I arranged the appointment for you I send them some images of what you wanted. I also sent them a picture of you so that they would know what they have to work with. I pretended to be you in the emails. You gave them the impression that you knew exactly what you want, and that is what they will do for you.’

‘But I can’t get my hair done by anyone else except May!’, her usual stylist, ‘she will be insulted if I go elsewhere’.

‘Send her a message apologising. Tell her your boyfriend booked and paid for the appointment as a surprise. Just blame me. Afterwards you can tell her that the new place was terrible. You wanted something much simpler. OK, you gotta go now, there’s a taxi arriving in two minutes to take you to the salon. It’s all paid for. Salon, taxi, everything..’

He kissed her, grabbed her bag and the envelope, and led her to the door. He opened it, gave her the bag and the envelope, kissed her again, turned her around using his hands which were on her hips, and slapped her ass.

‘Love you’, he said, and closed the door.