The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Butler Did It

By Mesmer Eyes

Lady Alexandra Flanders sat staring into her vanity mirror, the quick rise and fall of her ample bosom was the only outward sign of her extreme agitation. She was much more than agitated she was extremely angry and only a long standing dinner engagement had persuaded her to delay admonishing her butler Ingrams until the following morning. Now to add to her discomfort Betsy her maid who should even now be preparing her hair had not arrived. Alex took a deep breath and pulled the cord that would sound a bell in the servants hall that should remind Betsy of her lateness.

Alex once again began to go over the events of the past few months hoping to clarify them in her own mind before she dealt with Ingams once and for all. It had all started six months ago with the death of her father in a riding accident. She suspected that a few too many glasses of port before riding to hounds had made the wall seem a lot lower, however unfortunately for her father the horse had not been drinking and had made a much better informed choice. the horse stayed where he was allowing his rider a brief moment of flight before rocky ground had robbed him of life and robbed Alex of a father. Travis who had been fathers Butler for many years took the death very badly and before long his health had made it impossible for him to continue his duties. Travis had however found a replacement, he was a much younger man who came with impeccable references and Travis after a short period had recommended that she should offer him permanent employment. Having great respect for Travis she had taken his advice and offered the man, Ingrams the position. Travis was allowed to remain with the household for as long as he wished to do so. For a while at least everything was fine, Ingrams although harsh with the staff was extremely efficient and attentive to the needs of the household. Then quite suddenly Travis died. Travis had been the last real link with her father and his death as much as her fathers had driven her inwards and for a few months had heavily mourned her loss. It had been during this time that Ingram had begun to take over the household.

In her highly emotional state Alex had allowed him to go unchecked and in a short time the existing staff had either left or been replaced until the only familiar faces had been that of her maid Betsy and Spencer her fathers old valet. Then earlier today she had found to her dismay that Spencer had been dismissed for petty theft. She had at once sent for Ingrams who had politely explained that Spencer had been found leaving the house with several small pieces of silver secreted about his person. The Police had been called and when pressed Spencer had admitted that he had been stealing for some time. Ingrams had said that in the light of the evidence he had had no choice but to dismiss him and have him charged. Alex although angry had had no choice but to agree with the logic of Ingrams decision. But since their discussion Alex’s anger had grown considerably and she had decided that tomorrow she would dispense with Ingrams services and employ someone of her own choosing, someone who would be able to clear out the dark atmosphere that was now pervading the house. She was the Mistress of this house and she would decide the fate of her household not some upstart Butler.

For some reason that she could not fathom Alex shivered.

A knock at the door broke he train of thought, she turned to see Betsy entering the room

“Sorry I’m late mum”

“I will deal with you in the morning Betsy, now I am going to be late unless you hurry up”

“Yes mum, right away”

Betsy began brushing her hair. having her hair brushed always relaxed her. Betsy had been her maid for nearly two years now she was attentive, quiet and quick to learn. At least she had been, for the last few months she had become withdrawn and distant. Even now she seemed to be somewhere else, she had a faraway look in her eyes as if her mind was on other things. Alex looked at her closely Betsy was a very pretty girl, she always had been but now her face was showing a hint of sadness that Alex would be unable to share. Betsy stopped brushing and seemed to hesitate for an instant as if fighting some sort of internal battle, then the battle over she reached into her piney and pulled out a large napkin. Before Alex was aware of what was happening Betsy had with both hands clamped the napkin over her nose and mouth. Alex’s eyes widened she grabbed Betsy by the hands and tried to pull them away, but Betsy was in a strong position, she was stood up and pushing Alex down. Alex tried to stand, to shake her head, but whatever she did it was hopeless. Alex could smell a sweet sickly smell that she did not recognize. She tried to scream. Alex could feel her body stop responding, it was getting harder and harder to move, her eyes looked up pleadingly but all she could see was the top of Betsy’s head. Slowly but certainly her eyes began to close, her consciousness ebbing away, her last recollection was of a sobbing Betsy saying how sorry she was. Then darkness.

Betsy was still holding the napkin in place, sobbing heavily when Ingrams walked in. Betsy Looked at him in fear as he walked towards her.

“You have done well Betsy”

“Please Sir don’t hurt her”

“Come here Betsy”

Betsy walked towards him and stopped . Ingrams reached out his hands placed them on either side of her head and looked directly into her eyes.

“Repeat after me Betsy. the mistress is unwell”

“The Mistress is unwell”

“She needs to sleep”

“She needs to sleep”

“She must not be disturbed”

“She must not be disturbed”

“Good. Now listen to me Betsy. You will remember nothing more of this evening. You will take a message to the house where she was to dine and then return here. Do you understand”


“Yes master. Betsy you must always remember that I am your Master”

“Yes Master”

Betsy left the room leaving Ingrams alone with her helpless Mistress

“I have been planning this for a long time Milady. Unfortunately your badly disguised anger today lead me to understand that my days within this household were numbered so I had to change my timetable a little. But no matter. Your young maid was very loyal to you, I had to spend a lot of time and effort into taking control of her, though it does seem to have been worth it. She still has a little way to go, but she can wait for a while now that you and I are going to be spending a little time together.”

Ingrams turned down the lamp and left the room leaving Alex to sleep in her drug induced slumber. Betsy returned from her errand, Ingram was waiting for her in the drawing room his back to the roaring fire. Betsy approached him cautiously and curtsied.

“Milady’s apologies have been delivered?”


“How many times must we do this Betsy, before you call me Master?”

Betsy looked at the floor avoiding Ingrams eyes. Ingrams smiled, reached out his hand and raised her hear head until their eyes met. Ingrams gazed intently into her eyes. He saw the fear deep within them and knew at once that tonight she would finally submit totally to his will. Ingrams walked behind her and began massaging her forehead, Betsy shuddered involuntarily as a coldness seemed to invade her body.

“Look into the fire Betsy, embrace it’s warmth. Watch as the flames dance higher and lower. Look deeply Betsy, the warmth is within you know, slowly invading your senses. The warmth is making you feel safe, relaxed and safe. Do you feel safe my dear?”


“Do you really want me to stop Betsy?. The cold will return and with it your fear. You were afraid Betsy, very afraid. Do you want to be afraid Betsy ?”


“Good, then continue to watch the flames and listen to my voice, listen and obey”

Betsy continued to stare at the flames as Ingrams began to wash away the final remaining areas of resistance, gradually igniting in her a desire that only he would be able to satisfy and he knew that tonight when he broke through her maidenhead here in this room Betsy would be his. As the flames died in the fireplace Betsy Ingrams roughly disrobed her ripping away the layers of clothing to leave her young naked body illuminated by only a single lamp and the final embers of the fire. Ingrams walked around her appraising her body as he himself undressed. Soon Ingrams was naked, his erect member signaling his intentions only too well. He whispered gently into the naked girls ear.

“Betsy what is it that you desire?”

“You Master”

“Then prepare yourself my dear to accept that which you desire”

“I am ready Master”

Ingrams pushed her towards the table pushed her backwards and hurriedly pushed her legs apart, already her juices were leaking onto the polished table. Ingrams positioned his cock and thrust it unerringly towards his target, as his cock pushed against her hymen Betsy screamed, Ingrams slapped her harshly and made a second attack. For a second Betsy’s virginity remained intact, but this time Ingrams would not be denied his cock lancing through the barrier to bury itself deep within her. Betsy’s initial discomfort rapidly turned to pleasure and she began moving her body against him. Ingrams however ignored her obvious pleasure and without regard to finesse or passion simply thrust himself in and out until he came within her. Before Betsy was aware he had gone he was dressing himself. Betsy pushed herself up and looked longingly at him, her young body had not even begun to be sated by Ingrams rough efforts.

“Master did I not please you?”

“Go to your room wench and pleasure yourself. I have bigger fish to fry this night and have no more need of you”

“As you wish Master”

Betsy gathered up her clothes and hastily left the room. Ingrams took up his jacket and followed her up stairs.

Betsy shut the door of her room and threw herself on the bed her hands instinctively moving between her legs. Masturbation was not something that Betsy neither did or understood but tonight the old Betsy had ceased to exist making way for a newer version with all the unsatisfied needs of a wanton woman. Her fingers began to probe deeper and deeper, darting in and out of hitherto unexplored regions until her breathing began to quicken and her body move faster and faster as her own hands brought her to and past the point of orgasm. She lay there panting a large wet patch spreading between her legs, the juices running over her prone hands. Betsy closed her eyes but before sleep could overtake her she felt the stirrings between her legs begin again, her hands began once again on what would become a familiar task. All the time Ingrams face was present in her mind watching over her and ensuring her total obedience but Betsy was beyond caring, he had shown her the pleasures of her own body just as a Master should.

Ingrams had returned to Lady Alex’s bedroom. Alex was still sleeping the effects of the drugged napkin would have worn off long ago, but the incense burner he had placed by the side of her bed would ensure that her sleep would last as long as he saw fit. the burner contained a powerful opium derivative that would not only make her sleep but would with prolonged use make her docile and considerably heighten her suggestibility. Ingrams guessed that within a few days she would be ready for the next step. Ingrams left her room as silently as he had come, he would return soon enough.

The next few days were a waking dream for Lady Alex, neither awake nor asleep she was aware only of a constant smell which was unfamiliar to her and the visit of her maid Betsy. Several times she tried to speak but her mouth seemed unwilling to co-operate even her eyes seemed to close of there own free will. Memories seemed to come and go, she seemed to dream a lot but was unable to remember anything of them.

Under Ingrams influence Betsy had made sure that the incense was burning constantly. All her previous loyalty had disappeared and Betsy was now just an extension of Ingrams. The other servants had been employed by Ingrams and now Alex was a prisoner in her own home. What few visitors there had been had been sent away by Ingrams with the excuse that Lady Alex had been unwell and was spending some time in the country. The visitors always satisfied by Ingrams calm and professional perpetuation of the lie went away happy.

Ingrams waited seven days after Betsy’s drugging of her Mistress to ensure that his incense had had the maximum effect. He had Betsy remove the burner and air the room, Ingrams then sat down to wait. It was nightfall before Alex began to wake properly from her drug induced slumber. She began to look around her there was a single candle burning beside her bed in it’s light sat Ingrams a smug smile adorning his face. Alex new that she should be angry with Ingrams. she new that he should not be here in her room. But somehow anger seemed to big of an emotion to manage just now, she was still so very weak after her...... After her what she couldn’t even remember why she was here, she looked to Ingrams. he would tell her what she needed to know.

“Hello Milady, are you well?”

“have.....have I been ill....”

“Yes Milady. for quite some time. the doctor was very concerned”

“you shouldn’t be here........ in my room........should you?”

“No Milady I apologize. But you did ask me to stay”

“I did”

“Yes Milady”


“Let me explain”

Ingrams picked up the candle and began moving it to and fro in front of her face.

“What... what are you doing”

“Relax Milady. The doctor said that you must not become agitated. You must relax”


“Yes Milady relax. watch the flame as I move it back and forth. concentrate on the flame. breath deeply, in...............& out . Watch the flame see how it flickers and it draws your attention. Look deep into the flame, follow it’s course. Are you feeling relaxed Milady ?”


“You must listen to me Milady, you need to rest. You need to sleep. Do you understand?”


“Listen to my voice Milady, listen carefully. The deeper you look into the flame the more relaxed you will become. Deeper & deeper. Deeper & Deeper. You will see nothing but the flame.”

“Nothing but theee flaaamme”

“Nothing else exists except the flame. Whenever you see the flame you will think of me. you will see my face in the flame, watching you, protecting to you talking to you. Looking into the flame you can hear only the sound of my voice. My voice will be an oasis in a sea of silence, you must come to the sound of my voice, listen to the sound of my voice as it nurtures you teaches you, advises you. open you mind to my voice let my voice wash over you eroding the barriers between us. you will listen to my voice.

“I will listen”

“You will obey”

“I will obey”

“You will sleep now. It will be a peaceful and restful sleep. You will awake happy an rested with the dawn. Your illness will be a memory. You will be able to receive guests and regale them with tales from your visit to the country which you will remember as you sleep. You will treat me well all your animosity to me will be forgotten. you will see me as a trusted advisor. Do you understand?”

“I understand”

“Good. sleep now Milady.”

Alex closed her eyes, her chest moving rhythmically beneath the quilt a feint smile dancing on her lips. Ingrams kissed her forehead and departed.

The next few days passed rapidly. Ingrams watched closely for any signs of struggle from Alex as she saw friends and neighbors now that she had recovered from her illness. All of them agreed that the country air had certainly agreed with her. Ingrams could barely contain his delight, everything was going according to plan and it was now high time that he continued. Later that evening Alex was reading in the drawing room when Ingrams approached her. Alex looked at him and smiled.

“I have brought you a candle Milady”

“Thank you Ingrams put it there”

“I think you should look at the candle milady.”

Alex looked up at the candle as Ingrams moved it from side to side.

“Look deeply into the flame Milady, Listen to my voice”

Alex looked into the flame a puzzled expression on her face. As she looked he expression quickly changed, her shoulders sagged and her eyes took on a glazed look as for a second time Alex was hypnotized.

“Things have gone well Milady. from this moment when we are alone I shall call you Alex and you will call me Ralph. This will cause you no discomfort, you will simply feel that it is right to do so. tomorrow you will also realize that your present financial arrangements are unsatisfactory and you will allow all of your financial holdings to be managed by a company of my choosing. this will be your idea and will require no prompting from me. Do you understand Alex?”

“Yes Ralph.”

“Good. Five minutes after I leave the room you will awake with no conscious memory of this conversation and continue to read for as long as you wish.”

Ingrams was delighted, under his influence Alex had dismissed the family solicitor and appointed another of His choosing and after being hypnotized for a third time she had willingly given him power of attorney over all of her holdings. he was a rich man even by society standards and soon he would be able to complete a plan that he had formed on the fortunate demise of Alex’s father.

Alex was in her room accompanied by Betsy who was busily brushing her mistresses hair. Ingram entered and ushered Betsy away Alex stood and faced him, smiling Ralph placed a hand on Alexis cheek and spoke a single phrase.

“Remember the candle Alex”

Alex was immediately entranced. Ralph slowly undid her dressing gown and let it drop to the floor. Alex stood there silently as he began to raise the floor length silk nightgown, first above the knee then above the waist and as he caught first glimpse of her milky white breasts with on artistic flourish he raised it clear of her head and sent it spinning to the corner of the room. Alex had not moved an inch or made a sound. Ralph as was customary walked around her carefully appraising what he saw before him. Her legs were long and elegant, pure white as he would have expected. He ran his hands up her legs and around her pert buttocks tracing the crack between her buttocks with his finger. moving his hand upwards and around her waist he met the outline of her womanhood moving upwards his hands cupped her breasts even without the benefit of dress and corset they were remarkably erect. They were large and still defied gravity. he turned her towards him and began to play with her nipples teasing them between his fingers making them erect a job he knew was better accomplished with tongue. But that could wait while his voyage of exploration continued, he caressed her neck and finally looked deep into her entranced eyes.

“You desire me above all men”

“I desire you above all men”

“You exist only to give me pleasure”

“I exist only to give you pleasure”

“You are my slave”

“I am your slave”

When our lips meet it will ignite in you a desire that only I can extinguish. you will give yourself to me without question. From that moment on awake or entranced I will be your Master.”

“I understand Master, I will obey”

Ralph kissed her deeply and as he did so Alex’s whole body ached with desire for her master, she moved her body towards him awaiting his instructions and relishing the slavery that awaited her. Ralph moved away as he slowly began removing his clothes, his eyes wandered over every inch of her body, his mind sending out unspoken commands as Alex began undulating her hips and running her hands over her own body , an erotic dance to please and arouse her half naked master. his last shred of clothing removed Ralph pulled her gently towards him hi mouth finding her kissing he deeply and passionately, Ralph had been dreaming of this moment for a long time. Alex was no itinerant servant girl she was a real Lady and deserved his best attentions. Still embraced they moved as one towards her bed, gently lifting her he placed her on the bed. ending the kiss he began to pay attention to her nipples with his tongue, Alex reacted with undisguised pleasure, Ralph’s hand began exploring between her legs probing, searching for her unbroken maidenhead. He wasn’t disappointed He was as he had known he would be the first man to taste her pleasures. Meanwhile her hands had found his already erect cock working her magic she made Ralph’s body shudder as he neared release, Ralph still trying to take things slowly was taken by surprise as hi first delivery poured over her stomach hi s cock for the moment lying dormant. Alex began to caress him once again and soon he was eager to continue. Positioning himself astride her he moved his throbbing cock into her clit, it was well lubricated and was eagerly awaiting his visit. Feeling the tip of his cock inside her Alex thrust her body upwards in the same instant that that Ralph thrust his cock down towards her secret chamber, his cock sliced through her maidenhead and buried itself deep within her. Her pain was lost in the ecstasy of penetration and his first mission accomplished he began to move within her, slowly at first, each movement being met with moans as Alex’s legs parted involuntarily. Ralph slowly increased his rhythm pinning her thrashing body beneath him faster and faster hi rhythm increasing as Alex’s legs wrapped around him vainly trying to prevent him leaving, there eyes met as he rode her, he watched her as her first orgasm took with it anything that remained of her independence. Faster and faster a wild look on his face as he tasted victory. Alex was overtaken by orgasm after orgasm and still Ralph continued to ride her, their voices mingling together in one huge release as he came within her for the first of many times that night. Finally both exhausted they slept.

Ralph Ingrams lit his cigar and looked out over the piazza and reflected over the last few months. The sale of the house had brought considerably more than he had imagined. Friends and neighbors alike had been horrified when Alex had said that she was selling the house and moving away. Italy had always been his final destination and with his new found wealth it had proved no problem. He turned and walked back into the bedroom, Alex as always was naked on the bed, He liked her that way. He imagined that eventually he would tire of her. He already had her money and her mind. He remembered the young American Girl in the park, she was here with her mother. Very pretty and they were stating in Florence for the whole Summer. He imagined the possibilities.

Alex beckoned him to the bed, he smiled loosening his cravat. Tomorrow was another day.