The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Camping Bug”

by ThatSquickGuy ()

Part 2

Olivia was bored. Ever since she’d gotten off the phone with Kayla, she’d been lazing around the house putting off doing her school work. Saturdays were so great. Then, around noon, the power had flickered for just a second. Olivia sighed, ever since that earthquake two weeks ago nothing had seemed to be right.

“Oh no.” She moaned when the video on her phone stopped loading. The Wi-Fi must be out again. Olivia turned off her Wi-Fi and reminded herself that at least she still had data. Even then her internet didn’t come back. At least the TV still worked. None of the local stations seemed to be working, however. Not that there was ever anything on the local news. After a while of lounging around flicking between channels, the power flickered again and when the TV started back up nothing was working. “Great! Now the cable’s out! I guess the universe wants me to study.” She groaned out loud.

She dove into her books and hoped Kayla was having a good time. Even if everything wasn’t going her way today at least she still had her air-conditioning, Olivia smiled. After a couple of hours of studying, Olivia made herself a quick snack for lunch and wondered how long the internet was going to be out. Maybe she’d head over to Britney’s if she still had internet. Since her phone didn’t have any signal strangely, she gave her a call with the house phone. Olivia was surprised when it didn’t connect. “Somebody must have hit a pole or something, I guess. Oh, well.” Olivia mumbled to herself placing the handset back.

She went back to her studies and several hours later heard the familiar sound of her mom’s car pulling up outside. She was really late, Olivia noticed glancing at the clock. It was already getting late into the afternoon. She was expecting her mom to come in all flustered after not being able to get a hold of Kayla all day. Instead, she heard her mom calling calmly from the kitchen.

“Olivia, Sweetie, are you here?”

“I’m my room.” She called back.

“Come here. I’ve got something to show you.”

“Alright. Be right there.” Olivia yelled back. She hoped it wasn’t another new antique she’d picked up from the flea market. Olivia was surprised that she hadn’t asked about her phone, so she grabbed it out of her mom’s bedroom before heading for the kitchen. She heard a loud hiss from the kitchen followed by Salem dashing past her into her room. “What are you doing, silly boy?” Olivia smiled at his crazy behavior. “Okay, Mom what is it y..”

Olivia was cut off as she entered the kitchen by her mom kissing her! She could feel her mother’s tongue pressing against her lips. Olivia’s eyes shot wide open in shock. In her surprise, she dropped the phone she’d been carrying. Her mom was hugging her very tightly, painfully pinning her arms to her sides. Finally managing to turn her head away, Olivia shouted “Mom, stop, you’re hurting me. What are you doing?” Her mother made no reply instead continuing to kiss her cheek and neck.

Then Olivia saw what had scared her cat: a giant, green bug that was crawling on the floor right behind her mom! It was nearly the size of Salem and looked like some kind of huge praying mantis. Olivia screamed and tried to wriggle away from her mom’s vice-like grip. “Mom, what is that?!”

“Don’t worry, Sweetie. They’re very friendly.” Tammy’s eyes shone like blue stars behind her long blond locks. She spun the two of them around so Olivia was right next to the horrible animal. “You’ll be a good nest like Mommy.”

What was she talking about?! “What do you mean?! Get it away!” Olivia managed a good kick that sent the bug bouncing into the wall.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Her mom reprimanded her. “You need to be a nest.”

“A nest?! Mom, let me go! What’s going on?” Olivia faced her mom for a second again. Her mother seized the opportunity and kissed her again. Without really thinking about it, Olivia kneed her mom in the stomach. Tammy doubled over in shock and Olivia was finally able to get away.

Behind her, the bug had already righted itself and was heading for her with its two large scythe-like arms out. Trapped between her mom and the bug, Olivia ran towards the bug and threw open the cabinet door underneath her sink hitting the creature and knocking it away again. She franticly dug around under the sink until she found what she was looking for: a can of bug spray. Narrowly dodging her mother’s attempt to grab her again, Olivia let loose as much of the spray as she could directly onto the bug, soaking it

The bug continued towards her seemingly unabated, but after a few more steps it wobbled over onto its side. Letting out a series of loud chirps and squeals, the bug twitched and finally stopped moving. At the same time, Tammy had tried to get to Olivia again only to be met with a face full of the same spray. She screamed in pain as her eyes watered. “Give me that!”

“Stay back!” Olivia screamed and then tried to plead with her mother. “Mom, what’s happening?!”

Tammy lunged for her daughter yet again and was sprayed again. This time she did manage to grab Olivia and held her as tight as she could.

“Mom, stop!” Olivia managed to wrench her right arm away and smacked her mom across the head with the metal spray can. Her mother staggered from the blow and as she fell to the floor, she hit her head on the side of the granite countertop with a wet thump. Olivia, panting in fear, stood over her mother. Her mom didn’t move a muscle. “Mom?” Olivia asked, suddenly concerned. She may have been acting crazy, but she was still her mom. A trickle of blood was starting to issue from under her head. “Mom!”

Olivia bent down to check on her. She pulled her hair back to check on her and screamed when she saw some kind of green tendril attached to her mom’s head just behind her ear. Just then the back of her shirt moved. One of the bugs’ scythe-like arms shot out from under her mother’s shirt and swung at her. With a wet squish, the tendril pulled out of her mom’s head and the bug ripped its way out of its hiding place. Olivia screamed and sprayed the bug with what was left in the can, but it didn’t seem to be enough. Though it slowed down and two of its legs looked like they had stopped working, the bug kept coming for her.

Tossing the empty can at the bug, Olivia ran to the stove and grabbed the cast-iron skillet that they always left there. The bug was still following her chirping and squealing loudly. With a scream, Olivia brought the heavy skillet down on the bug and crushed it. Green goo shot out from the dead animal covering her feet and spattering onto her face. Olivia retched at the sight, but quickly ran over to check on her mom.

Now the full scope of what the bug had done was evident. Not only was she bleeding from behind the ears, but also there were many scratches all over her back where the bug must have been clawing her. Olivia also noticed some kind of wet spot on top of her mom’s head. “What were these things doing to you?” Olivia mumbled. Could they really be controlling her? Were they making her say those things about being a nest? How was any of this possible?!

Then she heard something that made her blood run cold. The same chirping sounds were coming from somewhere very close outside. “Mom wake up!” Olivia lightly shook her mom trying to get any reaction. “Come on mom.” She whispered with tears in her eyes. Bending close, Olivia could barely make out the light sound of her mom breathing. At least she was alive!

Then Olivia heard the well-known sound of the cat door opening closing and the loud chirping moved inside. “Mom! We have to go! Wake up!” She looked over and three more of the bugs had made their way into the kitchen. Olivia tried to quickly drag her mom along, but couldn’t get a good enough grip on her. She had to get help!

Olivia ran for the front door, but two bugs had come around the kitchen and were now in the living room cutting off her escape. Behind her, there was a wet squish and loud chirping coming from where her mom was. She ran back down the hall to her room and slammed the door and locked it behind her. Panting and crying she ran over to her desk and grabbed her phone. Salem was sitting there meowing.

Her phone still didn’t have any signal! “911 has to work!” Olivia mumbled to herself. Dialing it with shaking fingers, Olivia was horrified when it didn’t go through. Salem hissed as she heard a thump on her door. The bugs were trying to get her! She looked out her window trying to see if she could get anyone’s attention. She didn’t see anyone, but she didn’t see any bugs either. She threw her shoes on knowing that she’d have to crawl out the window, she couldn’t go back into the hall. Then she heard something that made the hair on the back of neck stand on end.

“O-liv-i-a.” Came her mother’s sing-song voice. The door handle rattled as her mom tried to get in. “Open the door, Sweetie.” Her voice was sweet as sugar. “They just want another nest.”

Olivia ran over and shoved her heavy dresser a little in front of the door. “Go away!” She screamed.

“We’ll all be nests soon. Stop fighting it. It doesn’t hurt, in fact it feels very… good…” Tammy moaned the last words out as if she was having an orgasm.

“No… Leave mom alone.” Olivia sobbed.

The door shook as her mom started pounding on it. “Olivia Ann Smith open this door! Let us in!”

Olivia stumbled back from the door as the pounding and clawing intensified. “I should have listened to you.” She mumbled to Salem. “Come on.” Olivia opened her window and pushed out the screen. She let Salem out first and scrambled after him. He ran off before she could catch him and she tried to figure out what she was going to do. The sky was getting darker as Olivia ran to her neighbors to get help. Nobody seemed to be home next door so Olivia ran across the street to her friend Molly’s house. She’d seen her pull up a little earlier, but would she believe her crazy story about the giant mind-controlling bugs?

She ran over and pounded on the door. “Molly! Molly are you there? Molly, please!” She hollered, constantly looking behind her to make sure that her mom and the bugs hadn’t followed her.

Molly opened the door a little and stood there regarding her classmate with a look of surprise. “Olivia, what are you doing? What’s going on?”

“Come on, we have to go!” She hastily pushed her way inside. “Something crazy is going on! There’s these giant bugs. They attacked mom and me and..” Olivia cut herself off with an ear-piercing scream. Facedown on the floor in front of her was Molly’s older sister Samantha. She was completely naked and had one of the bugs nestled in her long, red hair on her back with its two tendrils going into her head just behind her ears.

A horrible stabbing pain in Olivia’s back focused her thoughts. Momentarily frozen with pain, Olivia felt a huge gush of something into her back. She spun around to see Molly with her back to her. A bug’s large, green thorax lifting the back of her t-shirt and revealing a long, black stinger hiding between strands of Molly’s very long, auburn hair.

“It’s okay. The bugs make it feel so good.” Said Molly, turning around to face her friend.

Olivia was already starting to feel woozy. How had these things already gotten to Molly? “Stay away! I don’t want one of those things on me.” Her voice was starting to slow down. Whatever the bug had injected her with was incredibly potent.

Molly grabbed ahold of her stumbling friend. “Everyone will have one on them. Don’t resist.” She said with a huge smile on her elfin face. Olivia was putting up a trifling struggle, but already she could barely move.

“No…” Olivia whined as Molly gently laid her on the floor next to Sam. She could do little more than twitch at this point.

“I fought at first too, but soon I realized this was for the best.” Molly said, kneeling in front of Olivia. “It feels so good to be a nest I had to make Sam one as well.” Olivia moaned at the casual way Molly mentioned turning her sister over to the bugs. “That’s going to wear off soon. My bug will help you understand why you need to be a nest.” Then there was a squishing sound and Molly fell silent. Olivia heard the bugs chirping again and darted her eyes around trying to see what was happening. All she could see was Molly’s spread apart knees.

And pussy.

There was a tear in her shorts and her engorged, soaking wet pussylips were sticking out through the fabric. She was turned on by helping these things! That scared Olivia even more. Then with a soft thump she saw a bug land on the carpet behind Molly. The bug quickly disappeared from sight and Olivia heard Sam moan next to her. Just a second later she felt the weight of a bug on her head! She twitched as much as she could, but the bug held fast. Olivia wanted to scream as a terrible pain shot through her skull. With a wet crack, the bug had stabbed into her head and now a soft gurgling was coming from the bug as it pumped some liquid into her brain.

Olivia had wanted to run away as fast as possible, but now she was slowly realizing that she didn’t really want to move. Above her, Molly was moaning. Olivia could see her try to lift off the floor, but almost instantly fall back to her knees. Her arms hanging by her sides would tic, but nothing more. As Olivia’s eyes started to roll back into her head, she thought that she could make out some of whatever Molly was trying to moan out. “I am a nest. I obey.” She was repeating it over and over again very softly.

Her head jerked backwards with a wet slurp as the bug withdrew its stinger. Olivia heard Sam start mimicking her sister’s mantra as the bug plastered her hair with some kind of liquid, covering up the wound it had made. “I am a nest. I obey. I will always be a nest.” Sam and Molly moaned together. Olivia knew she had to get away but felt no real compulsion to move as the bug maneuvered onto her back. Then her sight was momentarily taken from her. Her eyes rolling back again as the bug pierced into her brain with its tendrils.

What were these things? How were they doing this? They had made nests out of her mom and friends and now they were going to make her a nest too. No. She wouldn’t let herself become like them. Then she heard Sam’s voice again, but now it was less dazed and more commanding.

“Hello Olivia. You’re going to be a nest too.” Then she felt Sam starting to undo her jeans. What was she going to do to her?! “I see Molly’s already helped you get started.” Sam said as she yanked Olivia’s pants and underwear down to her ankles. “Molly was such a good nest to bring the bugs here.” Olivia watched with frozen eyes as Sam started to finger her younger sister and while she couldn’t see it, she could imagine from the sounds Sam kissing her as well. There was a sting in her neck as the bug bit into her releasing some kind of fluid into her. “Soon you’ll grow a food sac and be a complete nest.” Came Sam’s voice from above her.

Very soon, Olivia felt herself getting up to her knees mimicking Molly’s stance. The bug was controlling her! She was just a puppet for it now. That was so hot.

What?! No! It was making her think that. This was a horrible, terrifying bug. She couldn’t let it just drive her around. Try as she might to move, the bug had complete dominion over her body and Olivia was compelled to watch as Sam made out with her sister. Molly stared ahead just as vacantly as she must be right now, Olivia thought. Despite her sister’s ministrations, Molly continued to mindlessly repeat what the bugs had so firmly entrenched in her mind: “I am a nest. I must obey.”

Why did she all of a sudden want to join in?

“The bugs make you feel so good.” Sam mumbled out between kisses. “It helps you become a good, obedient nest. They’ve learned how to make this so easy for us.”

Molly moaned every now and then as Sam massaged her breasts and pussy. It was getting hard for Olivia not to moan herself as the erotic sight in front of her. But why? She had never been into girls before. Was the bug causing this? In any case, she didn’t dwell on it too long as every now and then Sam would brush her wet hand against Olivia’s exposed pussy before plunging her fingers back into Molly’s sopping pussy. She was slowly starting to lose her concentration between the lovely feelings and the monotonous drone from Molly.

After a particularly wet kiss, Sam turned around with a smile on her face, snapping the trail of drool that joined her mouth with Molly’s. “Now you’re ready for an egg.” Sam said softly running her wet hands over Olivia’s face. “It feels so good to be impregnated.” She moaned out rubbing her slightly bloated stomach. “To be a nest.” All of a sudden with a wet squish, the energy went out of her face. Like unplugging a toy, her arms fell limply to her side. She joined her sister in a mindless stare as the bug withdrew its tendrils from her brain.

Olivia snapped back to her senses and was terrified as the bug mounted her. All she could do was stare at the mindless girls in front of her as she pictured the bug on her belly readying its ovipositor. The sisters continued to very softly drone out their mantra “I am a nest.” She felt something slide across her exposed nethers and devoutly wanted it to spear deeply into her.

No. That wasn’t right. She wanted it to stay aw.. Her thoughts were cut off as the bug plunged deep into her. Stretching her as never before. The pain subsided almost instantly, leaving only a feeling of immense satisfaction. It was sooo good! Sam was right! The bug was going to impregnate her. She was going to help them spread.


The thought came into her head. That’s what a nest does, it helps the bugs swarm. She was a nest.

No… That was wrong. She wasn’t a nest. She had to fight it. But it felt amazing. Olivia moaned in time with the powerful thrusts from the bug. She could still hear her friends repeating “I am a nest.”

Olivia lost all track of time as the bug continued to mate with her for what felt like hours. All the while, listening to the soft drone from her friends and the same mantra from inside her head. Soon a third voice joined them in their song of obedience to the bugs. It was hers! She was confirming her allegiance to the bugs! But that couldn’t be right, Olivia thought as the voices continued. She wanted to help the bugs swarm.

Wait… She wanted to help the bugs. Of course! That was right. She was a nest after all. Why else would she be saying it if it wasn’t true? Olivia moaned in orgasm as the bug’s egg finally pushed its way into her womb. Now she could be a good nest and incubate the bug’s egg. She sighed as the bug eventually pulled out of her and dropped to the floor.

She would be a good nest.

As she repeated the familiar phrase “I am a nest,” Olivia heard the comforting squish of a bug taking over a nest. Sam stopped her recitation and leaned over to kiss Olivia.

“Isn’t that much better?”

“Yes.” Olivia moaned, rubbing her now swollen stomach.

“Now, we must swarm.”

“Yes. My mother has many bugs waiting. I will bring one for Molly.” Sam and Olivia stood, Sam helping the bug hide underneath Olivia’s shirt. It hurt a little as the bug’s legs dug into her back, but this was her purpose as a nest: to provide security, food, and help the bugs to grow and swarm.

After pulling her pants back up, Olivia walked back to her house. No longer afraid of what was waiting for her. It was pouring rain as she marched across the empty road. When she got inside, her mother was kneeling naked on the floor letting one of the bugs impregnate her again.

Her mother knew immediately that she had surrendered to the bugs. “You’re such a beautiful nest, Sweetie. The bugs are wonderful, aren’t they?” She moaned as the bug pushed its eggs deeper into her. Having already been a mother, she was able to take more eggs inside her.

“Yes mom. They’re amazing. I’m so sorry I fought them and hurt you.” Olivia said kneeling next to her mom and kissing the wound on her head.

“That’s okay. You didn’t know.” She grunted again in pleasure. Olivia realized for the first time just how sexy her mom was. The swell of her pregnancy enhanced breasts and her toned arms and legs made her so desirable. But what really made her look incredible was her swollen belly and the cute bug perched on her back. She was such a perfect nest.

“Molly needs a bug now.” Olivia said as the bug on her back chirped. Two more bugs came from the kitchen and crawled onto Olivia’s belly. No longer repulsed by the sight of the large, green insects; Olivia held them tightly to her.

“Yes…” Tammy whispered out as her eyes rolled back into her head. Olivia couldn’t tell if she was talking to her or not, but it didn’t really matter they shared the same goal: swarm.

Olivia carried the bugs back to Molly’s house, making sure to shield them as best she could from the rain. They didn’t seem to mind, but she felt better protecting them anyways.

As she came in, Sam was busy licking her sister’s wet pussy, having taken her pants off in the interval. It was so sexy. Sam laying there naked. The bug on her back making her eat out her sister. The bugs were so good to their nests to let them feel like this.

Way deep down some part of Olivia was still screaming how wrong all this was, but, happily, that part of her was getting quieter and quieter. She was a good nest now. That’s all that mattered.

She let the bugs down onto the floor and one of them quickly ran over and plugged its tendrils into Molly’s head. Immediately, her soft moaning became pants of joy as the bug took over. Reaching down and holding Sam’s face against her dripping pussy, she smiled at the expert ministrations.

Olivia loved watching the change in Molly when she had a bug on her. She knew, or her bug told her, that once the girls’ brains had fully adapted to the bugs’ juices that they would no longer need to have the bugs on them to move. They would serve the bugs on their own. Olivia felt a little sad; she loved the feeling of being owned by the bug on her back. However, she looked forward to doing whatever she had to in order to help the bugs swarm.

Taking off her wet clothes, Olivia joined the sisters in exploring their new, extra-sensitive bodies. It felt amazing to kiss and lick nearly every square inch of them, but what made it even hotter was the knowledge that she would never have ever considered doing anything like this just earlier today. Olivia enjoyed the taste of the bugs’ juices in her friends’ wet pussies. Knowing that soon more of these incredible bugs were going to hatch out of them only turned her on more.

Soon enough however, the bugs began to chirp signaling the end of their fun. They had to swarm. Molly and Olivia looked at each other as the same thought came to their minds. They were going to give Britney her bug. Sam was going to go pick up more bugs from the ranch outside of town where the bugs had started their incursion. They got dressed again and Olivia was so happy to be chosen to carry the bug that soon was going to be Britney’s. She lifted her shirt and it crawled onto her belly. By now, Olivia enjoyed the feeling of the bug’s smaller legs latching onto her.

Molly and Olivia drove through the pouring rain to Britney’s house on the other side of town. Olivia was idly surprised at how quiet the town was with barely any cars on the road. But then she pictured everyone in their homes with a bug mounted on them and she smiled. This is how it should be. It was so good to be a nest.

They reached Britney’s home and quickly ran up to the front door. After a couple of pushes on the doorbell Britney came to the door.

“What’re you doing here?” Britney asked with a smile. “Come on in.”

“Well, with the Internet out and the phones down we thought that maybe we could just hang out.” Olivia said as they went inside and kicked off their shoes.

“I know. It’s weird huh?” Britney said. “I would’ve thought they’d have fixed it by now. I haven’t heard from anyone all day.”

“Is your mom here?” Molly asked, covertly looking over at Olivia.

“No.” Britney said, realizing for the first time just how late it was. “I would’ve thought she’d be home by now though.” Olivia and Molly shared a quick smile. “Come on, we can go to my room I’ve got...” As Britney turned to go, Molly grabbed her and held both her arms behind her. “Ow! Molly, what are you doing?” She cried as Molly turned her back around.

Britney screamed as Olivia lifted her shirt revealing the large bug snuggled on top of her bloated belly. “Shhh…” Olivia cooed. “You’ll feel so good soon.” She advanced towards the struggling pair and helped hold Britney while the bug subdued her. Britney shrieked as the bug stung her for the first time. After a minute of holding the begging and sobbing girl, Molly and Olivia lowered her limp form to the floor so the bug could complete its purpose. The two stripped her naked and then themselves.

The girls kissed as the bug prepared Britney with its juices. They felt almost like mothers watching a new nest be born right in front of them. Olivia and Molly began to rub their wet pussies together as the bug started to dig its tendrils into Britney’s mind. It felt so right making another girl into a nest. Now, Olivia knew why Molly had been so eager to make Sam into a nest. Olivia almost orgasmed just watching Britney slowly succumb to the bug. Between their joyous pants, they made sure to encourage Britney to be an obedient nest like they were.

The girls came just as Britney started to get up off the floor. The two of them spasming in joy together until Molly just stopped and almost froze in place. Olivia watched the bug drop off Molly’s back and head over to where Britney was kneeling. She wished that the bug would impregnate her again. Spread her open just like it was Britney. But she knew that soon something would stretch her delightfully. Olivia rubbed against Molly’s soft breasts and came again thinking about the young bugs she would soon bear.

She loved being a nest!

* * *

Kayla leaned over and kissed her sister’s head while Olivia sucked on her newly enlarged breast. Olivia was giving birth to her first bug and Kayla just had to be there. “That’s right. Keep pushing.” She said, encouragingly. Kayla remembered how good she felt when she gave birth to her first. The joy of giving birth to a creature she once so feared was still fresh in her memory. The bugs were so amazing!

Kayla enjoyed the feeling of her sister nursing. The bugs made them so complete. Not only were they perfectly suited to serve the bugs, but also nourish the other nests.

Olivia was such a good nest. Kayla wished that she could have been there when Olivia became a nest, but she was happy that Molly had given Olivia her bug. It was sweet to see how close those two had grown with Molly wanting to be here to help Olivia as well. All of them were naked, it only felt right to let the bugs have easier access to their bodies. Molly was kneeling on the other side of her softly massaging Olivia’s large belly and every now and then kissing her cheek.

“It’s coming!” Molly said excitedly. “You’re so lucky. I wish mine would hatch.” She said rubbing her own massive belly. “It must feel so good.”

“It does…” Olivia moaned out between pants. She leaned her head over and kissed Molly.

Kayla had seen this many times as she went around helping to make sure the bugs had gotten everyone in town, but she never got tired of seeing a new bug born. Her sister looked so beautiful as the bug’s long antennae started to come out of her pink pussy. Kayla knew the bugs took away all the pain, but Molly was doing her best to make Olivia feel even better by lightly sucking on her engorged nipple.

Olivia came as the bug finished squeezing out of her. Molly gently picked up the chirping newborn and placed it lovingly on Olivia’s back. Olivia moaned as it dug its proboscis into the food sac at the base of her neck. It felt so right! She leaned on Molly for support wrapping her arms around her and the two girls slowly started to rub their sensitive breasts together as they kissed again.

Kayla was happy that her sister was so useful to the bugs. She stood up slowly, watching the girls enjoy each other. Another bug crawled over to check on their progress. Kayla knew that soon her sister’s belly would be bloated with a second bug just like the one she was incubating.

It felt so good to be home. Kayla passed several other naked women in the process of giving birth as she walked into the converted living room, now a hivecenter. Her mother had taken to the bugs extremely well. She was sitting on a spongy growth the bugs had made in the center of the now very organic looking room. Their friend Britney was nursing at her mom’s beautiful, massive breast. In addition to the bug controlling her, Tammy also had three others on her back and shoulders softly sucking out the nutritious food she was producing for them.

“Come here, honey.” Tammy called to her daughter. Kayla knelt down in front of her mom and took her other breast into her mouth. Instantly, she was rewarded with a gush of delicious milk. Kayla softly rubbed her mother’s huge belly and pussy. It was good to make another nest happy.

“Yesss.” Her mother softly sighed. She held the two girls closer as they quietly suckled. “They are almost ready to move their main Nest to Grand Junction.” She said, petting her daughter’s head. “Several neighborhoods there have already become nests and the bugs are going to expand quickly.”

Kayla was so happy with how well the bugs were swarming. They already controlled a large territory and now they were prepared to get more.

She couldn’t wait to make more nests.