The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Camping Bug”

by ThatSquickGuy ()

Part 3

Charlotte walked down the hall of her dorm. Soon to be the first hivecenter on the East Coast. The young nest had been converted two weeks ago when she was visiting her grandparents in Colorado.

That’s all she thought of herself anymore: just a nest. A perfect, obedient nest.

She passed several upper classmen who had always completely ignored a plain girl like her. Soon, they would know her very well. Soon, they too would be nests. It was the beginning of a new school year and the beginning of the bugs’ reign over this part of the country as well.

By now, she had absorbed enough of the bugs’ juices that she didn’t need one riding on her to direct her actions. She was perfectly capable of carrying out the bugs’ will on her own. But she wished that she could have her bug on her back again. It felt so right to bonded so completely with one of the insects. When everyone was a nest then she could have her wish. But for now, she had a job to do: Swarm.

Charlotte was wearing the baggiest shirt she could find to cover her swollen belly. In another day, she would give birth to her fourth bug. It was so wonderful being a nest.

She had only been back to school for a few days, but she knew that she needed to move quickly. Two of her bugs were already working to convert her roommates into nests. But she had several more that needed to find nests of their own.

Charlotte smiled as she found her friend Lacy coming out her room. “Lacy! It’s so good to see you!” She said throwing her arms around her.

“Hi, Char!” Lacy said a little winded as Charlotte squished her. “It’s good to see you too. I was wondering where your room was this semester.” Lacy looked down at Charlotte’s large stomach, but being as nice as she was, she didn’t say anything.

“Oh, it’s a couple of floors up this time.” Charlotte said, releasing her and absentmindedly twirling her long brown hair. “You should see what I brought from home! It’s the most amazing thing!”

“Oooh! Can you give me a hint?” Lacy was never one to resist a mystery.

“Well, it’s probably not supposed to be here…” Charlotte smiled and pretended to look secretive, darting her eyes back and forth.

“Okay. I’ll come over tonight. I’m heading for a get together for my first team project in Sociology right now.”

“Okay! I think you’ll really like it.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later.” Lacy headed off down the hall.

“See ya!”

Luckily, Lacy got far enough away that she couldn’t hear the soft moans coming from Charlotte behind her. Charlotte’s eyes rolled up as she had a minor orgasm from being such a good nest. Her knees knocked and she wobbled back and forth a little before she came back down to earth.

She had to get ready.

Heading back to her dorm room, Charlotte glanced down to make sure that she hadn’t gotten a wet spot in her jeans from her mental reward. Luckily, she hadn’t gushed down her leg like did when she first accepted becoming a nest.

Getting back to the room, instead of knocking Charlotte chirped softly several times before entering the dorm. Her throat had now mutated so that she could communicate directly with the bugs.

Inside, everything in the common room looked perfectly normal. Just an average dorm for three girls. But down the narrow hallway that led to the bathroom and bedrooms, something was decidedly not normal. Out of the back bedroom came a noisy collection of chirps and clicks. Knowing it was safe, the bugs were calling to her. Locking the front door, Charlotte practically ran to the bedroom, stripping as she went.

Inside, Anne and Jessica were naked sitting spread-legged on the floor as two bugs had their tendrils plugged into their heads just behind their ears. The two were moaning softly as two more of the mantis-like bugs were mounted on their firm bellies pumping their ovipositors into the girls’ young pussies. They were so receptive! It had only been a few hours since Charlotte had pulled the bugs out of a box and introduced the girls to their new owners.

They were going to be such wonderful nests!

The bug on Anne pulled its ovipositor out with a wet slurp and scuttled over to where its mother was now kneeling on the floor. Charlotte lifted her long hair and bowed her head slightly, exposing the food sac on her neck and making it easier for her bug to mount her.

“Yes, I’m here.” She softly moaned as felt the bug begin to climb up to its home on her back. Charlotte felt so guilty for leaving them here alone, but it couldn’t be helped. However, she knew that she shouldn’t worry. The bugs were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves even when they were newborns. She thought as she looked at her large belly. She wished that it would hatch soon.

The bug wrapped its legs around her and chirped gratefully as it dug its proboscis into the food sac. She shivered as she felt the light touch of the bug’s tendrils on her neck. Gently pushing aside the new membranes that had developed over the slits behind her ears, the bug made its connection to her brain.

Everything felt right with the world again. She loved being a nest! It was the way everyone should be.

* * *

Later that evening, Charlotte was pulling Lacy inside her room. Anne and Jessica were seated watching TV and said ‘Hi’ as Lacy was led back to Charlotte’s bedroom.

“It’s right in here!” Charlotte said excitedly throwing open the door to her bedroom.

Nothing in the room stood out as particularly interesting to Lacy as she stepped into the room. “Where?”

“Over there.” Charlotte said, pointing under the bed and discretely closing the door.

Lacy walked over and looked under the bed. “Where is it?” Just then she felt something land on her back! Lacy jumped to her feet and threw off the large bug, it’s scythe-like arms cutting into her shirt. “Ahhhhhh!” She screamed, swatting around where it had been. “What was that?!” Lacy turned around to see Charlotte’s throat vibrating as she made a horrifying clicking and chirping sound.

The dislodged bug ran again at her leg and Lacy was too distracted to notice it. Charlotte grabbed ahold of Lacy and she saw for the first time the tendrils going behind Charlotte’s ears. The bug jumped and, briefly getting a hold of Lacy’s leg, stung her in the calf.

Lacy screamed again. Pushing with all her might, she shoved Charlotte back and managed to shake the bug off her already numb leg. Running out the door, she was greeted by Anne and Jessica. “Help me! Something’s..”

With a quick glance between them, Anne and Jessica pushed her, screaming, back into the bedroom as behind them the bug climbed off Charlotte’s back into her waiting hands.

“You need to be a nest.” Anne droned.

“It feels so good to be a nest.” Jessica intoned.

“What?!” Lacy cried as Charlotte grasped her shirt from behind. At this point, both of her legs were giving out and her arms were starting to go numb.

“You’ll be a perfect nest.” Charlotte said, pulling Lacy’s shirt up and transferring the bug to her back.

“No! No! No! Nooooo…” Lacy screamed before her cries were cut off as the bug stung her again. She moaned pitifully as she went limp in her former friend’s arms.

The three girls set her on the floor as the first bug dashed over to her defenseless head. After a moment, it had injected it venom in the correct location as just below it; its sibling was quickly inserting its tendrils into Lacy’s head.

All three girls came at once. A reward for bringing a new nest to the bugs. They loved being nests!

A few minutes later, Lacy was naked and already being impregnated. Every now and then she softly moaned out another affirmation of submission to the bugs. Soon she would rise again and be a complete nest.

The three nests were sitting on the floor around her masturbating as they were rewarded for their service. They would swarm and take this place for the bugs. They were such good, obedient nests!

A knock at the door interrupted the dormmates’ reverie.

“Hello? This is Jackie Gilmore, the RA. We got a report of screaming? Is everything okay?” Came a voice from the hallway.

“We’re fine!” Charlotte called back throwing on a long T-shirt. “Just watching a movie!”

“Can I talk to you? I just need to make sure.”

“Sure! Just a second!”

Unlocking the door, Charlotte beckoned her inside.

* * *

Back west in Craig, Colorado things had drastically changed in the last three months since the emergence of the bugs. Most of the humans from rural Western Colorado to Eastern Utah and southern Wyoming now had bugs mounted on their backs. They were making inroads into Denver and Salt Lake City, but their numbers were still too few to swarm effectively.

Kayla and her mom had left their home town to lead the main hivecenter in Grand Junction, Colorado. Now the main processing area for new nests. Olivia stayed behind to help keep up appearances in town to any stray people that might wander through the area. The town, situated on one of the thoroughfares through the Rockies, made a great stopover location for any tourists. And, a great spot for Olivia and the remaining population to make more nests. The swarming must continue.

Here, deep in the bug-controlled areas, the insects felt safe enough to begin the next phase of their development. Olivia, being one the first converted by the bugs, was one the few to be chosen for this evolution. Soon more of the nests would be improved like her.

Olivia’s new antennae twitched at the sound of a car rolling up outside the small clothing store where she was now working. Looking out the tinted window and glancing at their license plate, Olivia realized that they were from out of town!

As she chirped quickly at Alice in the back, Olivia’s antennae folded themselves down into her thick, long blonde hair. She straightened her skirt and adjusted her light, oversized T-shirt. Looking all the world for a normal, slightly pudgy shop girl, Olivia put on her best smile and welcomed the newcomers. “Hello! Welcome to Western Wear.”

“Hello.” Said the older of the two women. “We’re just passing through and thought you might have some little magnets or something for the area.”

“We tried a couple of the other stores, but they’re closed.” Added the younger girl before turning back to her cell phone.

“We do have some weird hours here in town.” Olivia giggled. “I’m not sure about magnets, but Alice might be able to show you some of our little souvenirs we have in back.”

Alice walked in. “Yes, I think we might have a few things you might like over here.” She said, beckoning them further into the store.

“Oh, thank you!” Said the older lady. “I always try to shop local you know. Those big box stores never have anything unique.” She said, tottering her way towards Alice. “Are you coming Maggie?”

“I’ll wait here.” Maggie replied, not looking up from her phone.

“Is that your mom?” Olivia asked coming around the counter as Alice and the other woman disappeared into the back.

“Yep.” Answered the disinterested teenager.

“She seems very nice.” Olivia said, sidling up to the girl.

“Uh huh.” Maggie said for the first time noticing how close Olivia was and backing up just a little.

“You should look at these cute shirts over here. I think you’d like them.” Olivia closed in again.

“I’m not..” She was cut off by a loud scream from the back of the store. “Mom?!” Maggie took off to help just as Olivia grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards her. “Ow! What’re you..” Her own question was cut off with a scream as Olivia’s stinger jabbed into her belly.

The bugs’ venom had gotten even more potent and in just a few seconds, Olivia was laying the slightly twitching girl onto the floor. Olivia smiled as she slowly pulled the stinger out. “Don’t worry. You’ll love being a nest.”

Some of the bugs were now integrating themselves completely with their nests, becoming one, improved organism. The head and main body of the bug sinking below the skin until only their tendrils emerged to run up their nest’s neck and permanently embed themselves in their brain. The antennae coming from the top of Olivia’s head were an extension of those tendrils now thoroughly spread through her mind, relaying information to both the bug and its host. The food sac had also become an internal organ and was now continually nourishing the bug.

The only part of the bug still outside the host was its thorax. The bugs had shed their frontal scythe-like arms as unnecessary as they now had much better protection in the form of very willing nests. Even the bug’s legs had dug their way under her skin leaving slightly raised ridges around her body to terminate just below her breasts.

However, the bugs still retained their best defensive and offensive weapon: their stinger. Now much improved. Their thorax had thinned down and lengthened so that it came to the small of the hosts’ backs. Once they got close enough to a potential victim, they were able to quickly subdue them, speeding up the pace at which they could be made into nests. The venom now contained both the sedative and will suppressing components at the same time. Making it much faster acting and able to be injected anywhere.

Olivia’s stinger slid back under her shirt as she petted Maggie’s head. “This won’t hurt for much longer.” Picking up the now motionless girl, she carried her behind the desk and set her on her stomach.

The evolved nests could make new nests on their own now. Olivia’s antennae raised back into view as she knelt over the girl. Positioning her head just over Maggie’s neck, Olivia felt her own tendrils start to once again emerge from the end of her antennae. It felt so good every time she did this. She loved being a good, obedient nest.

Olivia’s tendrils slid along Maggie’s head while Olivia lightly kissed her neck. Olivia gasped in pleasure as the tendrils found their mark and softly crunched their way into the new nest’s skull. She began to see Maggie’s more recent memories; the cross-country trip with her mom Susan, her home in back in Miami, her dad’s apartment where he stayed while working in Vancouver. She knew that Maggie would be an excellent nest.

Slowly she started changing the girl’s memories: a bug safely mounted on her while swimming in the Colorado River; her mom, her bug’s tendrils clearly visible, telling her how proud she was of her little nest; her friends, all with bugs on them. “You love being a nest.” Olivia cooed in her ear. “The bugs make you so happy. You love the bugs. You love being a nest.”

“Noo… I..” Maggie mumbled from under her.

“You have always loved being a nest.”


“You’re so happy to be a nest.” Olivia stimulated her pleasure centers and elicited a long, low moan from the girl. “You want everyone to be a nest.”

“What?” Maggie managed to get out. “No.. I.. don’t..”

“Everyone should be a nest like you. The bugs make you so happy. Everyone should feel like that.” Olivia continued as she slid her hands under Maggie and began to massage her breasts.

“no…” She whined. Her voice was getting less convincing.

“You always want to be a nest.” Olivia was getting better and better at influencing people’s minds. Now, in her mind, Maggie was standing naked in front of a mirror admiring how beautiful she looked with a bug mounted on her back.


“You love being a nest.”

“I love..” Maggie’s voice was slowly coming back.

“You love being a nest.”

“I love… being.. a nest.” Her will collapsed as she gave herself over the bugs.

“That’s right!” Olivia kissed her neck again. “You love obeying the bugs.”

“I love obeying the bugs.” Her voice returned with more conviction.

“Yes!” Olivia gave her a short orgasm. “The bugs make you feel so good.”

“The bugs make me feel so good.” She panted out after brief scream of pleasure.

“You are an obedient nest.”

“I am an obedient nest.”

“You are an obedient nest.” Olivia gave her another, stronger orgasm.

“I am an obedient nest!”

Maggie jerked back and forth under her as waves of pleasure rolled over her. “Good girl.” Olivia kissed the back of her head. “Now, get up and come with me. We’ll get you a bug of your own.”

Olivia slowly raised herself up and Maggie followed jerkily. A puppet under the control of the strings that entered behind her ears. A vacant smile was plastered on the girl’s face. Getting behind her and gently leading her new nest to the back room, Olivia passed Alice still working at imprinting the bugs’ commands into the mind of Susan. She would soon become as adept as Olivia at making new nests.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be complete soon.” Olivia pulled the tendrils out of her head with a squelch and gently lowered the new nest to a kneeling position the floor of the now almost completely organic storeroom. Rising out of the floor were several mounds that looked vaguely like large African termite dens. She pulled Maggie’s shirt off and unclipped the girl’s lacy, white bra. Olivia chirped loudly and out from one of the structures came a bug.

Olivia watched with pride as the bug approached the girl who was still softly repeating “I am a nest.” The bug headed to its new Nest and assumed its rightful position on her back. Maggie gasped and her eyes rolled back as the bug’s tendrils squished their way into her brain. She was almost ready.

Olivia left the bug to get acquainted with its nest and headed back to the other room to check on Alice. While she had been away, Alice had finished her work and rolled Susan onto her back. Now naked from the waist down, Susan was grunting and moaning as she accepted every inch of Alice’s ovipositor.

Some of the fully fused nests like Alice had been transformed so that they could implant eggs just like their beloved bugs. Their bellies were slightly bloated from the size of their enlarged and altered ovaries and from the fertilized eggs they carried in their wombs ready to be implanted. Their new ovipositor was created from a substantial mutation in their ectocervix. When they were ready impregnate another nest, it would expand out through their vagina and deep into the new host before contractions would pull an egg though the length with peristaltic motions.

She always loved seeing nests being impregnated, Olivia rubbed her own enlarged belly and moaned softly. However, she was different still. She, like some other fused nests, were the real future of the species.

After she had helped secure her hometown by birthing several bugs, she was chosen to help lead the bug’s kind into the final step. A true fusion of the species. Rather than having a bug merge with a nest and graft on these enhancements, the next generation would be born with them.

Her reproductive system had been changed to create half-bug, half human hybrids. All the males who had become nests were also mutated to only produce hybrid offspring. Her former neighbor Jeremy was the one who gave her the child she was now carrying. It had only been two months, but she already looked like she was five months along. Olivia smiled, thinking how soon everyone would be one with the bugs.

Below her, Alice was finishing and moaning loudly as the last contraction pushed the egg deep into Susan’s womb. It made her feel so good! Alice sighed and leaned back as her ovipositor slid out with a wet slurp and began to slowly retract back into her. Olivia turned to go get another bug to finish Susan’s journey to becoming a nest, but she was greeted at the door by Maggie with a bug in her hands.

“I heard she was almost ready, so I bought one for my mom.” Maggie said, offering it to Olivia.

You should give it to her.” Olivia said, beaming.

“Really?! I know she’ll always love being a good, obedient nest like me.” Maggie smiled as she knelt down next to her mom. Alice was still recovering from her delightful orgasm, so Olivia helped get Susan to a sitting position as Maggie rolled up her shirt and gently placed the bug on her back. A quick chirp and squish later and Susan was now a perfect nest.

Maggie pulled down her shorts and panties and leaned back against the wall spreading her legs wide. “Please let me have an egg. I need to help swarm.” Olivia looked over at Alice who smiled as the slime covered ovipositor slid back into view.

Thirty minutes later and Susan and Maggie were leaving town. Their former goals and ideals now gone. The only thing on their minds was how they could best help the bugs swarm.

The door bell chimed as another young woman walked into the store.

Olivia smiled. This was going to be such a productive day!