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The attached story (“Candace’s Education”), or fragment thereof, is entirely fictional. The characters, places and events depicted in this story are not intended to represent or resemble any real persons, places, or events. Any such resemblance is purely coincidental.

This story is a work of fantasy. The depiction of any act in this story, including, but not limited to, non-consensual sexual activity, use of drugs and other mind-altering substances on an unknowing human being, and degradation, humiliation or enslavement of a human being should not be construed to imply that the author condones the performance of said act, either on the author’s part or on the part of anyone else.

Furthermore, it is the author’s opinion that the methods and techniques that the narrator of this story is depicted to be using would not, in reality, be effective in achieving the goals toward which he is depicted to be using them.



This story deals with a man who illicitly comes into possession of a drug that puts its subjects into a deeply suggestible state. He decides to use the drug on his girlfriend, an exceedingly independent woman, and... well, you’ll have to read the story. This story contains consensual sex, non-consensual sex, the use of drugs to alter a human personality, degradation, humiliation, and enslavement. However, not every one of the above-listed nasty things appears in each chapter.

As promised at the end of the third part of the story, I am posting multiple endings to this story, in the hopes of being all things to all people

I’d like to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who has written to me to comment on the story, and issue an impassioned plea: To an author, getting feedback from readers is important. Even a simple “I like your story” can be incredibly motivating, because it lets the author know he/she isn’t working in a vacuum. It may sound corny, but your feedback could make the difference between that author writing another story or hanging up his hat. So next time you read a good story, please, please, let the author know you liked it. You’ll be doing both him and the entire newsgroup a favor.

This is the third of four endings to this story. This is the adolescent-male fantasy total-debauchery ending. Various themes here have been suggested by several readers.

Candace’s Education


“Take off your clothes, bitch.”

Candace complied meekly, pulling the pink top off over her head and dropping it to the floor before reaching down to open up the skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt and stood, looking at Rick, an expression of longing on her face.

Rick leered at her body, examining it appraisingly. The realization of just how much power he had struck him for the first time. He owned this sexy creature. She wasn’t a slave; she was a possession.

He reached out a hand to stroke her left tit. Her eyes closed as he rubbed his thumb across the erect nipple. He heard her breathe in and out raggedly, clearly excited by his touch. He found her tits dissatisfying. They were firm, but not as large as he would’ve liked.

Well, there’d be plenty of time to work on that. And other things. Right now he had something to take care of. Something final.

Candace fought to keep her balance on the heels as Rick’s fingers gently caressed her breast. Not breast, she scolded herself, tit! She had to think like a slut if she was ever going to get fucked.

Rick’s voice came through the haze of pleasure. “You’re mine, bitch,” he growled.

Yes, she thought, I’m yours. Do what you want. Just fuck me!

“You belong to me. I can use you however I want.”

“You... can... use... me...” she breathed, barely able to gasp out the words.

“You’re my whore.”

“Your... whore...”

“You’re my slut.”


“You belong to me.”

“I... belong... to... you...” she murmured as the caressing of her nipple continued. She wanted it... wanted him to use her.

“You will be used by anyone I choose in any way I choose.”

“Anyone... you... choose...”

The hand on her tit withdrew, leaving an empty feeling behind. Candace opened her eyes. Her master stood in front of her, a big grin on his face. Maybe he was going to fuck her! She looked down at his cock. It was fully erect, and larger than she had ever seen it before. Her gaze was transfixed by it. The big, round purple head, the fine network of red and blue veins latticed across its surface. She had never seen anything so beautiful.

“Get on the bed, bitch. Hands and knees.”

Candace squealed in pleasure as she rushed to comply. He was going to do it. Really, this time! She got down on all fours, making sure her legs were spread well apart to display her cunt for him. She could feel its wetness. She felt her master climb up onto the bed behind her. His hands wrapped themselves around the fronts of her thighs, and she felt something come to rest against the outermost folds of her cunt.

“Say it, bitch. Repeat everything I just told you.”

Candace groaned. “Fu... fuck me... please fuck me...”

“Say it, bitch,” her master growled menacingly.

“I... I’m your... your whore. Your slut. I belong to you...” She trailed off, unable to remember the rest. Her pussy tingled with lust. She tried to push her hips backwards onto his cock, but to no avail.

“You will be used,” he prompted.

“I will be used by anyone you choose in any way you choose,” Candace said hurriedly. “Use me... use me, master... use my cunt...” she begged.

“Here it comes, bitch!” he growled. Candace felt herself pulled backwards by his hands as he shoved forward. The cock split her pussy wide open, penetrating deep into her. Candace shrieked in pleasure at the sensation. Her awareness of herself contracted and focused on the eight inches of hard meat buried in her pussy. Nothing else mattered but the cock in her cunt.

She felt it withdraw slowly, leaving a feeling of emptiness behind it. “No... noooooo...” she groaned. “Put it innnnn... Fuck meeeee....”

“Time for a lesson, bitch. A woman can use the word ‘me’. You’re not a woman. You’re a bitch. You’re my bitch. You have to refer to yourself as such. Now beg me to fuck my bitch.”

Candace swallowed. The last vestiges of her feminist pride screamed in protest. But his cock felt so good. “Fu... fuck your... b-bitch.”

“Very good, bitch.” The cock re-entered her forcefully, causing her pussy to tingle with delight. Candace groaned as she felt herself filled up by his manhood. She squeezed her pussy tightly around his shaft, hoping to hold it inside her. But once again, it withdrew slowly, taking with it the pleasure it had brought. “Noooo... fuck...” She paused on the verge of saying “me” before remembering the correct form. “Fuck... your bitch.”

“Good. My bitch is learning. But there are other names for a bitch. Let’s see if she can find another one.”

Candace needed no time. “Fuck your slut, master!” she cried.

“What a good little slut,” her master said in a soothing tone, much as one would use when praising a pet. His prick rammed into her snatch once again, bringing the welcome wave of pleasure. Candace moaned in delight. Again, she tried to hold his cock inside her cunt, but it slipped out.

“Let’s see if the clever slut can come up with a new name for herself.”

“Fuck your whore, master!” Candace yelled. She was rewarded immediately by a sharp thrust of her master’s cock. But it was only seconds later that it withdrew. Candace searched her brain for another degrading name to use. “Fuck your tramp, master!” Another thrust and withdrawal. “Fuck your sex slave, master!” Again her master’s cock parted her. She thought furiously, desperate to keep the pleasure-filled fucking continuing. “Fuck your sex doll!” She was dimly aware of a chuckle in the background, but it was lost against her grunt of pleasure as she was impaled again on his shaft. “Fuck your... your bitch!” she screamed as he withdrew again, realizing her mistake too late.

“I’m afraid you’ve already used that one, slut. Why don’t you try using your name?”

“Fuck Candace!” she screamed eagerly, craving another thrust. But it didn’t come.

“Ooooh, no, that won’t do,” he said in a regretful tone. “Candace is pretty name, but it’s a woman’s name. If you go around calling yourself Candace, people will think you’re a woman, and expect you to do all sorts of things, like thinking, and making your own decisions, and talking about important things. What you need is a name that lets everyone know that you’re just a slut and a whore, so that people will only expect you to get fucked. So you shouldn’t be named Candace. But maybe something like Candace...”

“Candi!” she squealed, “Candi! Fuck Candi, master!”

Her cleverness was rewarded by another thrust, penetrating her so deeply that she felt the head of his cock touch her cervix. Then, as before, her master withdrew, but this time he re-entered her forcefully. Stroke followed stroke, each more powerful and more satisfying than the last. Candi grunted in time with her master’s penetrations, thrusting her hips back at him to draw him in as deeply as possible, trying to squeeze her cunt tight around him. She felt an orgasm building within her.

Just then her master paused with the head of his cock just barely inside her pussy lips. “What is your name, bitch?”

“C-Candi, master.”

“And what are you?”

“I’m your bitch, I’m your whore, I’m your slut, master.”

Candi screamed in pleasure as he re-entered her, his cock rapidly pistoning in and out of her juicy wet snatch. Her master’s hands roughly grabbed her tits, pulling her even harder onto his prick. The pain only registered dimly; her consciousness was focused on the thick slab of meat in her pussy. “Fuck... Fuck...” she murmured, “Fuck Candi...”

She climaxed violently, her pussy spasming around her master’s cock. In that moment, she wanted nothing in life but to be fucked over and over again, by this cock or by any other. Where before she would have recoiled at the thought of being a slut, now she gloried in it. A bitch. She just wanted to be a good, obedient little bitch.

Rick felt his cum boiling within his cock as his newly rechristened bitch thrashed through an orgasm. His jism squirted into the slut’s pussy as he tightly gripped her tits. Bigger tits, he reminded himself. She needed bigger tits. Soon enough.

His semen continued to squirt, and he was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Candi belonged to him, body and soul. The orgasm she was now experiencing had sealed her fate. She would do whatever she was told, never voicing an independent thought, living only for the feeling of a cock in her cunt.

He knew he could never go back to Jennifer. A woman could never satisfy him. In fact, he wouldn’t even find a woman interesting anymore. Not when he could have a hot bitch like Candi for his very own.

Rick’s cock squirted a few final strands of come into Candi’s snatch and fell still. Rick withdrew it with an audible pop, watching a few strands of ropy cum stringing between it and Candi’s cunt. “Clean off my cock, slave,” he commanded. Candi turned around and took Rick’s cock into her mouth, slurping hungrily at it.

Rick smiled. This bitch was going to be easy to train, if the lesson he’d just given her was any indication. He’d reinforce the training with the hypnosis drug, just to be safe, but it seemed redundant.

And Candi wouldn’t be his only bitch. That was for certain. He’d need to somehow maintain his supply of the drug, but aside from that there were no limits to what he could do. In short order, he could have a whole bevy of foxy sluts doing whatever he wanted. There were no women in the world, only potential bitches. Rick grinned at the thought.

He was startled to discover that Candi wasn’t just cleaning his cock off. Her tongue was swirling back and forth around his cock, tickling his glans. She began to pump her head up and down on his cock. Rick groaned in pleasure as he felt his third orgasm of the night begin to build. “Does my bitch want to get fucked again?” he asked.

She withdrew her head long enough to plead. “Oh, please, master, fuck Candi’s cunt with your long, hard cock.”

Rick put his plans on hold for the rest of the night. Right now there was a bitch to be used.

Five Years Later

Rick leaned back in the plush chair, enjoying the sensation of his bitch sucking at his cock. In the five years he’d owned her, she’d developed quite a proficiency for cocksucking. He reached out and rested one hand gently on the slut’s head, feeling it slide up and down on his cock. She looked up at him, eyes peering out from under slutty arched black eyebrows. Her lips shone with glossy lipstick, meticulously applied. Rick made it clear to his bitches that appearance was important.

Rick looked up and gazed out of the window of his private enclosed box onto the floor of the most exclusive gentleman’s club in the world. A number of very rich men sat at tables chatting, drinking, and watching. All around them were some of the most beautiful, the sexiest, and the best-trained women in the world. The girls served drinks to the men. The girls were more than happy to sit and talk to the men, and were always very attentive listeners. The girls sat on the men’s laps and allowed their bodies to be fondled. The girls squeezed the men’s crotches playfully. And when the time was right, the girls followed the men into one of the private rooms in the back of the club and kneeled to suck a cock or lay down and spread their legs to get fucked. This, Rick thought to himself for the umpteenth time, was the way the world should be. Hot bitches waiting on the pleasure of men.

Rick reached down and pushed the bitch off his cock. “Sit on my lap, slut,” Rick commanded.

“Yes, master,” she responded in the sexy cooing voice she’d learned. She rose and lay her sleek, tanned legs across his, setting her pert ass down on his crotch. She reached down and began to play with his cock. Rick idly fondled her left tit with one hand while taking a sip from his drink with the other. The whore groaned in pleasure at his touch. Her sessions under the drug were responsible for that. She had become sensitized to any attention paid to her tits.

The announcer on the club floor began to speak, his voice penetrating Rick’s private booth. “And now, gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to one of our veterans, the ever-popular Candi!” Applause rose from the tables. The clientele just loved Candi.

Candi strode proudly out onto the stage, a fur coat wrapped tightly around her, concealing her entire body, save for the legs that occasionally poked out as she walked, and her gorgeous face. The applause crescendoed as the music began, a heavy-metal tune with a strong beat, and she flung open the coat to reveal a tight-fitting pink bikini.

Rick continued to fondle the bitch on his lap while watching Candi begin her dance routine. He loved doing this, sometimes even more than the sex itself. The feeling of ownership drove him wild. His gaze swept the floor again, taking in the panorama of female flesh. All of it belonged to him.

Some of the bitches down below (to the customers, they were referred to as “girls”) were actively engaged with customers, chatting with them, allowing their bodies to be groped, squeezing the customers’ cocks through their pants. Some merely walked the floor, serving drinks. All, however, were fully made-up, hair immaculately styled, feet encased in spiked heels, available to be fucked on a moment’s notice. A slut’s first duty, he told his bitches, is to look fuckable.

He watched as one of his girls, a small Japanese bitch he’d named Mimi, wiggled her tits in the face of the customers on whose lap she’d been sitting for the past half-hour. Apparently this was the breaking point for the customers, who rose hurriedly from his chair, picking Mimi up and carrying her through the door into the back of the club where the private rooms were located.

On the other side, Ashley, a gorgeous blonde he’d recently acquired, served martinis to a pair of silver-haired executives. Ashley, he recalled, had been a lawyer when he’d first noticed her. Now, six months later, she was just a bitch. Rick hadn’t quite finished her training yet; she would be moving from the waitressing position into an “entertainer” position in a few months.

One of the executives reached out to caress Ashley’s crotch through the see-through panties she wore. Ashley responded as she’d been trained; she smiled, set her tray down, and began to rub his shoulders. If he stopped, she would pick up the tray and move on. If he continued, she would move her attention down to his crotch and unbutton her top to allow him access to her tits. Even though she was technically a waitress, she was still available. If the executive wanted to fuck her, he’d take her into one of the private rooms and another waitress would be right along to get the tray and finish serving. That was the first rule of Rick’s club—any customer could fuck any of the girls—even a waitress.

The executive’s interest increased, and Ashley was soon sitting on his lap, allowing him to play with her, smiling and laughing. Rick could tell he was going to take her into a private room and fuck her. That would be her second today. Maybe Rick would have to accelerate her training; she was quite a popular bitch.

A customer came out of the back area. The middle-aged executive returned to a table with his buddies, where he entered an animated discussion filled with much pantomiming of sexual activity. A few minutes later, a sexy brunette, Ginger, emerged from the back. Rick had been watching closely; each of the men sitting at that table had fucked Ginger that evening. No doubt they were all comparing notes on her performance.

Ginger, for her part, must have been exhausted, but she certainly didn’t show it. Her hair and makeup were immaculate, and she walked energetically across the floor on her red heels, her silicone tits thrust proudly in front of her, waiting for another customer to express interest in her. As a slut, her first duty was too look fuckable, and that didn’t change just because she had been fucked by six men in a row.

She hadn’t orgasmed, of course; Rick’s bitches never orgasmed with customers. After all, they couldn’t be expected to keep their minds on their jobs if they orgasmed right in the middle of getting fucked. Their job was to make sure that the customer got the best fuck possible. They faked orgasms, of course—that was an important part of satisfying the customer. And satisfy they did. And they certainly enjoyed their work—Rick made sure they liked nothing better than a hard cock. But they never really orgasmed. That they did only with Rick.

Rick only had a certain amount of time, and could only bring three or four bitches to orgasm a day. Since he owned about fifty, each of them only got to come once every two weeks or so. Most of them had to be satisfied by being fingered, since Rick obviously couldn’t fuck four women in one day on a continuous basis. Getting fucked to orgasm by her owner was a special distinction for a slut; only those that performed exceptionally well were allowed to experience it. Rick made a mental note to fuck Ginger soon. She had pulled a train of six horny businessmen, and kept her appearance flawless afterward. A slut like that deserved a reward.

The executive who’d been groping Ashley carried her into the back. She grinned happily; for a waitress to get fucked as much as she did was quite a privilege. Rick made a note to review the tape of the session she had with this guy; if she was performing up to snuff, maybe he could promote her immediately.

The guys who had just finished chain-fucking Ginger were watching raptly as Candi danced. She was out of her top now, but still wearing the fur. By now, most of those men would have their cocks up again, and Rick knew what they were going to do. This crew had a habit of getting drunk and accosting one of the girls all together.

Sure enough, Lisa walked by, her blond hair flowing behind her as her unencumbered tits bounced on her chest. She smiled at the group and began talking to them. Less than a minute later, the six guys escorted Lisa into the back, excited about the upcoming gang-bang. Lisa probably wasn’t so excited, but she knew that she had to do her job if she wanted to orgasm this week.

Lisa had been Rick’s third acquisition. It had been Candi’s suggestion, oddly enough. Although he’d made Candi into a brainless bimbo, she had still been able to remember an annoying student intern at the magazine. She’d told Rick that Lisa would make an excellent bitch. And damn if she hadn’t been right about that. Rick watched as Lisa went with the men into the back.

Rick always worried a little about gangbangs. They tended to be a little dangerous, and bitches were hard to replace. It was easy to locate a suitable bitch, and easy to train her, but hard to take possession. Still, he knew he could extract financial compensation from the men if Lisa was permanently hurt.

All of Rick’s clients were carefully screened in a personal interview. Drinks were served, and if a potential customer refused the drink, Rick faked an interview and then rejected his application. Those that did drink were grilled under hypnosis about their financial situation, sexual tastes, and any friends or relatives they had in law enforcement. Once Rick was satisfied on all counts, the customer had merely to pay the $100,000 in annual dues, and he was entitled to come whenever he wanted and fuck any of the available girls. Rick had personal chats periodically with all his customer, where he made sure they only spoke of the club to potential new customer.

From time to time, a customer took a particular liking to one of the girls. The girls were allowed to date customers; the gentleman merely had to pay the club a $5,000 fee per date. The girls always said yes. Quite often, a customer wanted to marry a girl. This was also allowed; after Rick suitably reprogrammed the bitch, the husband paid a half-million dollar finder’s fee, and she left her job for a life of married bliss, now able to orgasm on her husband’s cock.

A girl from Rick’s club made an excellent wife; she was always obedient and accommodating toward her husband, wishing only to satisfy him sexually. She always did her best to look sexy and fuckable, bolstering her husband’s reputation for sexual prowess. Her programming left her unable to orgasm without her husband’s permission, so her faithfulness was assured. She knew that, aside from her role as a trophy, she was merely a sexual plaything for her husband, no more than a living fuck-doll, and as such she never objected to her husband fucking other women or sluts. Most importantly, she had no objections whatsoever to her husband’s continued membership in the club, or to her husband fucking other club girls, even on dates outside the club. Many of the nation’s wealthiest men now had trophy wives trained by Rick. His best customer had been through no less than three wives from his club.

Not only did marriage provide Rick with extra income, it resulted in employee turnover, giving him space to recruit new bitches. Rick’s annual income was well into eight figures. But it wasn’t the money he loved; it was the ownership, the possession of property.

He watched Candi dancing on the stage below, wrapping her oiled tits around the pole, sliding up and down on it like it was a big cock she was fucking. Candi’s tits were large and round, like a pair of melons, designed to feel heavenly when wrapped around a cock.

Rick liked to keep a wide variety of bitches in his stable. Some he gave a “natural” look, to appeal to those customer who liked a high-class fuck. This didn’t mean that these girls didn’t get any modification; all of Rick’s bitches were artificial to some degree, it was just that the “natural” girls had plastic surgery done on them in less obvious ways. Alterations of minor imperfections, such as reducing a large nose, often cost more than a simple pair of large fake tits. The classy girls were modified to meet an exacting standard of feminine beauty; any of them could easily have graced the pages of Playboy. Rick received plastic surgery services at a discount; several highly skilled surgeons were members of the club. Nonetheless, it often cost tens of thousands of dollars to prepare a single bitch for work.

Candi was not one of the classy girls; she was at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. Her collagen-injected pouting lips and massive surgical tits appealed to those who wanted to fuck an obvious whore. Rick had taken quite a delight in turning the once-militant feminist into an extreme slut. When Candi walked the floor, she didn’t wear the high-heeled pumps of a classy slut, she wore a pair of leather knee-high “fuck-me” boots, or a pair of six-inch spiked heels. And when customers started talking to Candi, they quickly discovered that she didn’t just look like a brainless bimbo. Rick had hypnotically rendered her incapable of using words of more than two syllables, and made it impossible for her to speak more than three sentences without referring to sex.

The look and personality had proved popular with the customer; Already several had moved over to sit next to the stage, waiting for her to finish so they could have a chance to stuff their stiff cocks up her snatch. Rick had taken several other girls to the extreme like this—he looked across the club to where Crystal sat straddling a customer’s lap, arching her back while he lapped eagerly at her wrecking-ball sized tits. The others had proven popular, but Candi’s fan base remained undiminished.

He’d already turned down several requests from customers wanting to see her outside of the club. He knew he could charge whatever he wanted for Candi, but... she had a certain sentimental value. She’d been his first bitch, after all.

While he’d been observing and reminiscing, his second bitch had succeeded in bringing his cock to a full erection. Rick looked at her face. “Does my bitch want to get fucked?”

Her face lit up with simple joy. “Oh, yes, master, your slut wants you to fuck her creamy cunt with your hard cock. Please, master, fuck Jenny!”

Rick looked into the eyes that pleaded eagerly with him. Those eyes had once shone with pure love, but now all that could be seen in them was cocklust. “Sit on my cock, whore,” Rick commanded. Jenny obliged eagerly, lifting herself up, straddling Rick, and impaling her snatch on his shaft. Rick groaned.

Jennifer had been surprisingly easy to train. She had been madly in love with him, and it had been almost too easy to bend that love to his own ends. In a mere week, she had been eagerly taking his orders, completely submissive. Then he’d brought Jenny and Candy together, using them together. He remembered his first time fucking the two of them at once. What a night that had been!

Now, after some surgery, Jenny was just like any other slut—built to be fucked. Big, round tits thrust forth proudly, perfectly filling Rick’s hands. Rick squeezed them, enjoying their firmness. He’d come to love fake tits. He’d gotten her the fake ones four years ago, after getting fed up with her natural boobs. Only afterwards had he realized how much he loved fake tits. So artificial. So much the sign of a slut.

Rick breathed in the smell of her hair as Jenny humped up and down on his cock. Her hair was thick and lustrous, falling in small curls across her shoulder and down her back. It had been dyed from its natural deep brown to a jet black. Rick liked the addition that made to the sluttiness of her appearance.

He groaned again as she flexed the muscles of her cunt around his cock. Rick moved his lips onto hers and began to suck. She kissed back eagerly. Five years ago, Jennifer Cipriani had kissed with a tender warmth that had set Rick’s heart on fire. Now Jenny Fucktoy kissed with a lustful craving designed to set a man’s cock on fire. (Rick had taken the last name from a dirty story he’d read on the Internet.) The lips that had once been soft and tender were now larger, collagen injections having given them a permanent pout. Even when they weren’t wrapped around a cock they looked like they wanted to be. Rick doubted that Jennifer’s own mother would recognize the cock-craving hussy that now sat on his shaft.

“Oh, master, fuck Jenny hard. Shove your hard cock up your bitch’s soft, wet cunt! Jenny wants to be fucked!”

Rick’s cock felt wonderful as always. He closed his eyes. Jenny wasn’t a club employee. She was Rick’s personal, private bitch. The one he fucked every single day. “Tell me what you are, bitch,” he growled. He enjoyed this little game.

Jenny groaned again. “Oh, master, Jenny is a dirty little slut. All Jenny wants to do is get used by her master. Jenny remembers how she used to be a woman, how she used to be her master’s girlfriend.” Rick stopped, his eyes snapping open. This had never happened before.

Jenny took no notice, but continued humping up and down on his cock. “Except he wasn’t her master then. He was Rick.” Rick’s bitches were trained never to use his name. What the hell was going on?

“And... and Rick used to treat Jenny... treat Jennifer like a woman.” The pace of her humping slowed, and her smile began to fade. “Rick... Rick loved Jennifer. And Jennifer... loved Rick.” She stopped, her eyes still closed, but her body motionless, sitting still on Rick’s cock.

They sat still, scarcely breathing. Rick’s mind raced with things he hadn’t thought of in years. Jennifer’s sweet face—not the made-up, collagen-enhanced face of the whore on his lap right now, but the sweet, innocent face of the only woman he had ever truly loved. Why?

Why had he turned her into... this?

They sat still for several long moments. Rick realized how much he missed Jennifer. How much he wanted to see her again, hold her, talk to her, kiss her.

Make love to her. Rick cleared his throat, preparing to speak.

“But Jenny doesn’t understand,” she squealed just as Rick opened his mouth. “Why did Jennifer love Rick? Jenny doesn’t want to be loved! Jenny just wants a hard cock in her cunt!” With that, she began to slide up and down on his cock again with furious speed. “No, no...” she moaned. “Jenny doesn’t want to be loved; Jenny just wants to be used! Please, master, use Jenny like the slut she is. Fuck Jenny hard, master. Jenny is a hot, slutty bitch!” FUCK JENNY!”

Rick’s thoughts of a moment before were lost as the bitch slid up and down on his cock at breakneck speed, faster than she’d ever done before. Rick grunted and stood, cradling her in his arms, and laid her on the table in front of him. Jenny squealed in delight as Rick lifted one sleek, tan leg onto each of his shoulders and began to furiously piston his cock in and out of the sopping wet cunt before him.

Rick remembered now. He remembered why he had done it. Why he’d turned Jennifer into a slut. “You cheap slut,” he grunted as he shoved his cock deep inside her cunt. He’d done it because nothing could compare to this moment. The feeling he got from fucking a bitch was better than anything else in the world. The feeling of total control. The rush of power that came from knowing that he had turned a woman, a creature with hopes, dreams, thoughts, and feelings, into a living, breathing sex doll whose only interest in life was pleasing men, to whom the only thing of consequence in the whole world was a cock. Once he’d done it to Candace, it had been inevitable that he’d do it to Jennifer.

Jenny writhed in ecstasy as his cock exploded, shooting jism deep into her hot cunt. Her own orgasm crested at the sensation, as it always did, and her back arched as she screamed in pleasure. Rick watched as his come began to drip out of her cunt. Even after four years of fucking dozens of well-trained sluts, Rick still thought Jenny was the best fuck he’d ever had.

For the first time, though, it occurred to him that it was a shame to keep such a hot bitch to himself. It was time Jenny experienced another man’s cock. Not in the club, of course. Something a little more interesting.

Candi looked around as she followed Jenny into the bar. It was a nice place. Most of the men were dressed nicely. They were younger than most of the men who fucked her at the club. Her master had said that they would have money. They were supposed to get money from the men when they got fucked. But she never got money for getting fucked at the club. Why? She knew she wasn’t very bright. Trying to think about things like this made her head hurt. That was probably why her master had told her to just follow Jenny and only do what Jenny told her to. Jenny was so smart.

Jenny led her over to the bar. Candi noticed a lot of the men in the bar were looking at them. Her cunt grew warm at the thought. She knew they wanted to fuck her. And she wanted to let them. But her master had made it very clear that this bar wasn’t like the club, and that she wasn’t supposed to get fucked here. It was all so confusing. Just let Jenny make all the decisions, she reminded herself.

Jenny ordered them drinks. Candi sipped hers, glancing around the bar. Her master had told her not to make eye contact for more than a second with any man, unless Jenny told her to. It was Jenny decision who the got fucked by. So Candy looked around nervously.

She realized that a lot of the bitches in the bar were looking at her, too. They didn’t look friendly. Candi was confused by their appearance. Most of them were dressed strangely, in clothes that covered their most of their bodies. They weren’t wearing nearly enough makeup, and most of them had small tits. Even stranger, though, they didn’t seem to be behaving properly. They were just sitting at tables or standing at the bar, talking to men or to each other.

It seemed like they weren’t trying to get fucked at all. Didn’t they realize that a slut’s duty was look fuckable? Hadn’t their masters taught them that? And here they were glaring at Candi as though she was doing something wrong, when she was only dressed the way any slut should be. If they couldn’t be bothered to put on decent makeup, do their hair properly, and get some decent tits, it was hardly her problem.

Jenny leaned over and was whispering in her ear. “There are two men at a table behind you and to your left looking at us. Look back at them and smile.”

Candi turned around, making sure her round tits were visible, and looked in the direction Jenny had instructed. Sure enough, a pair of young, well-dressed men were look at them. Candi smiled her sexiest smile, the one she used in the club. The men goggled at her.

“Follow me,” Jenny instructed. Candi nodded and followed Jenny as she walked across the room to the table. Still everyone in the club stared at them. Jenny stopped at the table. “I don’t suppose you gentlemen would care to buy a couple of lonely girls a drink?”

The men were silent for a second, gaping in astonishment. Then one of them broke free of the spell. “Sure thing. Have a seat, ladies.” The man snagged a passing waitress and they ordered drinks.

The men introduced themselves as Eric and Greg, explaining that they worked together at a large law firm downtown. Jenny responded by introducing herself and Candi as roommates. Candi smiled but remained silent. Greg launched into a monologue about a major case he’d just worked on, talking about how much money he’d pulled in. Jenny listened to him, nodding eagerly and making approving sounds. “Ohh, that’s a lot of money.” “Wow, you must be rich.” Greg swelled with pride.

Candi tried to follow the conversation, but it was too difficult for her. Customers at the club tried to do this. They always talked a lot about how much money they made, as though that was supposed to impress her. Candi hated it when they did that. All she wanted was for them to fuck her. Of course, at the club, she could always solve the problem by talking about how much she liked to get fucked, or by gently rubbing the customer’s cock. But here she couldn’t do that. Her master had told her not to.

Eric turned to speak to her. “So, uh... Candi, what do you do for a living?”

“Oh... uh... I do... stuff,” she responded. The master had told her not to talk about getting fucked. What was she supposed to do?

“Oh. Uh... You have really pretty eyes,” Eric said.

“Thank you.” This she was able to handle. She got this all the time at the club. Men always pretended to be interested in her eyes. She knew what they were really interested in. It was best just to bring it up herself. “Do you like my tits?”

Eric was stunned for a second. Was that the right thing to have said? “Uh... yeah, they’re really nice.” He stared at them.

Candi was wearing a sheer black dress that hugged her body tightly and had a zipper down the front. She reached up and began to unzip the zipper, to let Eric see her tits.


Candi paused and looked over to where Jenny was frowning at her. Jenny turned to the men. “Excuse us for a second, gentlemen. Come on, Candi.”

Candi smiled apologetically at Eric, and followed Jenny to the restroom, which was empty. Jenny turned to face her.

“Candi, this is not the club. You can’t take off your clothes until we get to the apartment. Understand?” Candi nodded. “And don’t talk about fucking until we leave here.”

“But... But, Jenny, what can I talk about?”

“Just listen to what he says. Tell him you like him. Tell him he’s handsome. Tell him you like money.”


“All right, let’s fix ourselves up and get back out there.”

Rick leaned back in his chair, listening to the hushed words between the men at the table next to him.

“Shit, Eric, those babes are hot! We are definitely getting lucky tonight.”

“I don’t know, man. Do you think they’re coming back?”

“Yeah, they’ll be back. Shit, did you see how Candi almost showed you her tits?”

“Yeah. Man, a chick wears a dress like that with a zipper down the front, you know she’s looking for a fuck!”

“I’ll say. And that Jenny chick, she was all over me. Man, did you see what she was wearing?”

Rick congratulated himself on his choice of outfits. Candi was wearing a sheer black body-hugging dress that barely covered her ass. Jenny was dressed in a leopard-print outfit that tightly covered her arms, neck, and torso, and ended right below her ass. There was a large cutout on her chest, prominently displaying the round globes of her tits.

“You bet I saw it. We are getting lucky tonight!”

He eavesdropped on the conversation that resulted when his bitches returned to the men. Jenny talked animatedly with Greg, while Candi remained more or less quiet, listening to Eric talk about his career. Good girl, Rick congratulated her mentally.

Rick looked around the bar, examining the patrons. He’d picked the place because it was a yuppie joint, and he wanted to find men who were both young and wealthy. It seemed to have worked.

He spotted a young woman sitting alone. It was clear why. Her blond hair was tied back in a bun, and her makeup was inexpertly applied. She was wearing a yellow blouse that didn’t look good at all against her fair complexion. Underneath it all, though, was a pretty face, and, if Rick judged correctly, a good figure.

Just what he was always looking for. The women who understood how to make themselves pretty were harder to pick up, because they had more suitors. A naturally attractive woman with a poor fashion sense made just as good a bitch, once she was trained, and was much easier to acquire.

Rick looked at the table where Candi and Jenny were still chatting with the men and decided everything was under control. He rose and walked across the room to sit next to the woman. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Her face lit up. “Sure.”

Rick turned on the charm and they began to chat. Her name was Cheryl, and she was a computer programmer just out of college. That explained the poor fashion sense, Rick supposed. She was unemployed and had been unable to find work for several months. She wanted to start her own software company, but she hadn’t built up the courage yet.

When she asked about him, Rick responded that he was a financial consultant. He responded politely to her questions, but always deflected the conversation back to her. He enjoyed learning about her; her family, her friends, her dreams, her aspirations, her thoughts. It made it all the more pleasurable when he took possession of her.

After awhile, Rick bought her another drink and surreptitiously snuck some of the hypnotic drug into it. Over the next half-hour, Cheryl’s sentences became shorter and shorter, and she stopped taking the initiative in the conversation. It was time.

“Why don’t you let me drive you home?”


Candi pretended to pay attention as Eric talked about his job. She found that she just had to nod occasionally and say something like “Wow, you must make a lot of money,” and Eric would keep on talking. She wanted so badly to take off her clothes and let him fuck her, get him so hot that he would shoot wads of sticky come into her hot pussy, but she knew she couldn’t. Not yet. Not until Jenny said so. And Jenny was busy talking to Greg.

There came a pause in the conversation. Greg spoke up. “So, what are you ladies up to tonight?” Candi was disappointed to hear the word “ladies.” It was always best when a man called her a bitch or a slut or a whore. Those were the ones who wasted no time, who took her into the back of the club and fucked her hard, or made her blow their cocks, without wasting a lot of time talking beforehand. The next best were the ones who called her a girl. Those at least usually didn’t try to pretend they weren’t going to fuck her, and didn’t spend too much time talking. But the men who called her a lady were the ones who wanted her to sit there for minutes on end talking to them. Worst of all, some of them didn’t even fuck her, but sent her away and started talking to another slut. She hated having her time wasted like that.

Candi let Jenny answer. “Well, we had some... plans for tonight,” she said coyly, smiling sexily. Candi smiled too, because it seemed like she was supposed to. Just do what Jenny does, she reminded herself.

Jenny went on. “We were planning to find a couple of hot studs to help us with a little fantasy we have.” She rested a hand on Greg’s leg for emphasis. Candi turned to Eric and licked her lips.

Greg gulped. “What might... might that be?” he stammered. Candi knew he was nervous. Just like the men at the club always were their first time. Candi liked first-timers; they were nervous at first, but once they got going, they could really pound her cunt hard. Maybe tonight was going to be fun after all.

“Well,...” Jenny began. “No, it’s... it’s... you’d think we were...” She trailed off, feigning embarrassment.

“Jenny, I promise you we would never think anything bad about you,” Eric said sincerely. “You can tell us.” Candi knew that he already thought they were sluts. She could see it in his eyes, the way he kept looking at her tits. She loved it.

“Okay,” Jenny said. “Candi and I were in bed together one night,” she began. Candi saw both of the men’s eyebrows raise at this. She couldn’t understand why. She and Jenny always slept together. Sometimes with the master, sometimes not. Why would that be strange?

Jenny continued, “and we were talking about fantasies. We discovered that we both had the same fantasy.” The men were on the edges of their seats. “We wondered what it would be like to be... hookers.” The men’s eyebrows raised. “You know,” Jenny went on, “getting paid to have sex. So we thought we’d find out. We went out and bought these outfits, and... Well, here we are.”

The men were silent for a second. “So you want us to pretend we’re paying you to have sex?” Eric asked.

“Um... well... no, you’d have to actually pay us. That’s part of the fantasy. You pay us as we go along.”

“Okay, but then you’d give us the money back afterward, right?” Greg asked.

“Well, no,” Jenny responded. “If we knew we were just going to give it all back at the end, it wouldn’t have the same, you know... it wouldn’t be much of a turn-on.” There was another moment of silence. “You know, we’ll do anything,” Jenny said with a smile. “Like a lot of things nice girls like us wouldn’t normally do. We really get into our fantasies.” Her voice lowered to a throaty whisper, as she leaned close to Greg. “If I weren’t pretending to be a hooker tonight, I would never ask you to fuck my brains out.” Jenny put her hands on Greg’s shoulders, kissing him hard.

Candi leaned over to kiss Eric, too. Her hand snaked out and found his crotch. She could feel the hard bulge of his cock through his pants. Her pussy moistened at the thought of getting fucked by it.

Candi pulled away when she heard Jenny talking again. “So what’ll it be, studs? Want to play john to a pair of hot whores like Candi and me?”

Greg regained his breath first. “O-okay.”

Rick led Cheryl into the smaller of the apartment’s two bedrooms. “Sit down,” he commanded. She complied, sitting down on the edge of the bed, her eyes locked on Rick. Rick knew she was desperate for his cock.

Rick told her to wait there and went to fix her a glass of water. She’d been under the influence of the drug on the way home, but it was already starting to wear off, and Rick wanted to begin the bitch’s training after he got done fucking her tonight. Giving her a dose now would put her under its effect at exactly the right time.

Rick brought out the glass and told her to drink it, explaining that he’d read that women enjoy sex more if they have a little extra water in them. The explanation was superfluous, of course—she was so horny by now she’d do anything he told her to—but Rick didn’t want her to realize his power just yet.

“Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed,” he commanded. Cheryl seemed a little miffed by his attitude, but she complied. She’d learn respect for her master soon enough.

Rick climbed up next to her and began toying with her, teasing her nipples and clit while critically examining his latest acquisition. She was a keeper. She didn’t have the right look to be a good “classy” girl, but she’d make an excellent artificial slut like Candi. A couple of fake tits, some collagen in the lips, an exercise regimen to tone up those flabby thighs, some bleach in the hair, and she would be one hot bitch.

Already Rick’s ministrations had gotten her quite excited; she was panting with lust. Rick had long since perfected his training technique. It had taken him months to turn Candace into a slut, but only a couple of weeks to do the same to Jennifer. His latest acquisition, Ashley, had required a mere three days. It was all a matter of knowing exactly what to say, exactly how to exploit the psychology of the bitches. He knew he could create a bitch in less than a day if he kept her under the drug the entire time, but it was more fun to let her down occasionally and use her in an undrugged state. Humiliate her.

“Oh, please, Rick, I need you. I’ve never felt like this before...” she moaned, her hands clutching hungrily at him.

Rick smiled. It was time to begin. “Need me? What do you need me to do?” he asked, still stroking her body.

“I... I need you inside me...”

“What do you need inside you?”

“I need your... your... penis... inside me...” She was getting frustrated.

“Well, I don’t know,” Rick replied casually, “I don’t really know if I want to...”

Her eyes opened, and she looked at him, frightened. “Don’t... want to? What?”

“Maybe if you made it sound a little more exciting.”

She gasped several times under Rick’s skilled hands before speaking again. “Unhh... Oh... Fu... Fuck me... Fuck me...”

“Hmmm... That’s a little better, but I think you can be a little more creative.”

“Oh, god... Why are you doing this? Oh... Fuck me... Fuck me with your... cock... I need your cock inside me... Fuck me...”

Rick paused only long enough to unzip his pants, freeing his erect cock. He placed the swollen purple head on the outer folds of her moist pussy. Cheryl’s breathing quickened. “Well, miss programmer,” Rick sneered, “you’re quite the little slut, aren’t you?”

“You bastard!” she spat. “How dare you?”

“What would your poor mother think if she knew that her daughter, so prim and proper, turns into a wanton hussy whenever she so much as kisses a man?”

“No... noooooo...”

Rick loved this part. “And what about little Sally, who always looks up to you, and wants so badly to go to college just like her big sister? If she were here, would she want to spread her legs and beg me to fuck her? Would she want to be a cock-hungry bitch just like you?”

“You bastard...” She was crying, but she was powerless to break the spell of Rick’s hand on her clitoris. “Just... just fuck me...”

“Tell me what you are.”

“Please... fuck me...”

“Tell me,” Rick growled.

“I’m... I’m a slut. I’m a whore. I just need your cock. Fuck me!”

“And I’m your master.”

“Fuck meeeeee...”

“Say it!”

“You’re... you’re my ma... master. Fuck me, master! Shove your cock in my cunt, master!”

Rick gave in to his own desire and slammed his swollen cock into the newborn bitch. She screamed at his entry, her pussy clenching tightly around his thick shaft. Rick loved this moment. The first entry was always the best part. The bitches always craved his cock, and went absolutely crazy when they finally got it.

Her pussy was nice and tight, and squeezed Rick’s shaft hard. Rick fucked her hard and fast, shooting his spunk into her just as she came. Her technique was inexpert, but she would learn. Cheryl screamed through her orgasm and fell still on the bed, exhausted, breathing heavily.

Rick pulled out and watched as his come dripped from the bitch’s pussy. She was still breathing heavily; she had fatigued quite a bit from just one fucking. That would need some work; if a slut couldn’t fuck five men in a couple hours without getting tired, she wasn’t much good. Well, she would have to lose a little weight anyway. He’d get her used to walking in five-inch heels right away; in two months her body would be trim and fit. Some collagen in her lips, some silicone in her tits, and she’d be ready to fuck.

She’d never go back to her apartment. She had no roommate, and had told no one where she was going for the evening. She was unemployed, so no one would miss her at work. No one would come looking for her for some time. By the time anyone came looking, she wouldn’t even exist anymore. And Rick would have another bleach-blonde, silicone-chested slut.

Rick glanced at the clock. The girls should be coming home about now. It was time for the evening’s entertainment.

Jenny and Candi led the two men into the apartment, their heels clacking on the tile in the foyer. Candi knew that the men were looking at their asses as they walked. She felt her cunt grow wet at the thought. God, she wanted to get fucked so badly.

“Wow, nice place,” Greg said, looking around. Candi knew it was an expensive apartment. The master was a rich man.

“Come on, stud,” Jenny breathed, wrapping her arms around Greg. “Whores don’t stand around talking. Whores just fuck.” With that, she mashed her lips against Greg’s. He responded quickly, putting one hand on her ass and pulling her to him, while the other hand cupped her tit through the fabric of the dress.

Candi followed suit, grabbing Eric and kissing him, reaching one hand down to squeeze his cock through his pants. Eric pulled down the zipped of her her dress, letting her tits spring free. She felt Eric’s hands on them. Men just loved her tits. Candi really pitied the bitches that her master hadn’t given big tits to. They never got to experience the sensation of feeling a man’s hands wrapped around their boobs, holding onto them for leverage as he fucked their cunt from behind. They didn’t seem to mind too much; they even said that some men liked smaller tits, but Candi didn’t understand.

Now this was more like it! Candi was glad to be away from the bar, where she had had to hold in her impulses. Now she was rubbing a man’s crotch while his hands squeezed her tits. This was where she felt comfortable.

“Mmmm...” she heard Jenny moan, “I feel so dirty. I feel like such a slut, don’t you, Candi?”

Candi was confused again. Of course she felt like a slut; she was. And a damn good one, too. So was Jenny. So why was she talking like this, like it was unusual to feel like a slut? But Candi remembered that her master had told her to go along with whatever Jenny said. And Jenny was much smarter than she was, anyway. “Oh, yes, I feel like such a slut...” Candi groaned.

“You ladies sure know how to make a pair of guys feel at home, Greg commented.

Candi heard Jenny respond sternly. “We’re not ladies. Not tonight. Tonight we’re just a pair of whores. Just a couple of bitches who get paid to fuck. Treat us like the bitches we are, stud.”

“Sure thing, honey. I... I mean, sure thing, bitch!” Greg answered.

“Oh...” Jenny groaned. “Greg... Grrreg... mmmm... Give me a hun... hundred dollars and I’ll suck your brains out through your cock.”

Candi heard Greg muttering and saw him fumble with his wallet. Then she noticed that Eric had pulled out a wad of bills and was stuffing them in between her tits. New customers did that sometimes at the club. Jenny had told her it was because at other clubs men gave the bitches money so they would sit with them. That confused Candi; she had wanted to know why the bitches needed to get paid to be fucked; why didn’t they just do it for free? The answer had been even more confusing; Jenny had told her that those bitches didn’t get fucked. Candi had decided she just wasn’t smart enough to understand.

“Blow me, whore,” Eric commanded.

Candi did understand some things. She sank to her knees and quickly unfastened Eric’s belt. She grabbed the tab of his zipper in her teeth and unzipped his fly with her mouth. That always drove a man crazy, and Eric was no exception. His cock sprang free of his pants. It was a large one. Not quite as large as the master’s but close. Candi eagerly wrapped her lips around the head and began to suck.

Eric was close to coming already. Candi carefully massaged his cock with her tongue, bringing him up toward orgasm, and then slowing down and letting him cool off for awhile. After five years of sucking cock on a daily basis, Candi knew she was a pro.

“Holy shit!” she heard Eric yell, “This is fucking incredible. This slut really knows how to give head!”

“God, what luck we ran into these bitches,” Greg responded. “Oh, God, I’m going to come, slut, and you’re going to swallow it, aren’t you, bitch?”

Candi heard no answer from Jenny, so she assumed Jenny was taking it down her throat. Moments later, Eric pushed her off of his cock. “Take it on your face, whore,” he commanded. Candi grabbed his cock in her hands and held its end over her face, stroking it swiftly.

She heard Eric groan again as his cock throbbed in her hands. Suddenly, he was coming; thick ropy strands of come sprang from his cock and splashed across her face. She felt the warm liquid oozing across her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. She smiled happily as Eric’s come dripped onto her tits.

When Eric was done, she stood, smiling sexily at him. She squeezed his cock playfully. “Hope you saved some for later, stud,” she whispered. It was one of her standard lines after taking a facial. She accentuated it by wiping some of his come onto a finger and licking her finger hungrily.

Candi turned to look at Jenny, who was also just standing up. She had taken Greg’s spunk down her throat, so her face was clean, except for a small dribble of come dripping from one corner of her mouth. That was intentional; Candi knew Jenny could swallow as much come as she got, but the master had trained them to always let a little bit fall out. It made the men feel like real studs.

Jenny walked over and embraced Candi. This was another part of the act, designed to get the men excited again. They kissed and Jenny began to lick the extra come off of Candi’s face. Candi liked this; Jenny was so tender and the feeling of her tongue was so delightful.

Rick watched the monitor interestedly as Jenny and Candi finished cleaning each other’s faces. Jenny led the foursome back to the other bedroom. Rick pressed a button on the remote control and the shot changed to show a view from behind. Candi and Jenny’s asses swayed rhythmically as they walked.

“See that?” Rick asked the bitch lying next to him. “Notice how even though they’ve just sucked these guys off, they still make sure to sway gently as they walk?”

“Yes, master,” Cherry replied. He hadn’t told her that was her new name yet, but she would learn soon enough.

“Now why are they doing that?” Rick asked.

Cherry thought for a moment. “Because a slut’s first duty is to look fuckable,” she replied confidently.

“Good girl,” Rick praised her. “Now why don’t we see if you can apply some of what you’ve learned? Suck my cock, bitch.”

“Yes, master,” Cherry replied. She rolled over to straddle his legs. After a second’s hesitation, she slowly moved her lips onto Rick’s hard cock. Her technique was sorely lacking, but she was enthusiastic. Already she longed to serve her master. Rick smiled.

His attention returned to the monitor as Cherry’s head bobbed up and down. Jenny had led them into the other bedroom. This one was quite a bit larger than the one Rick was in, and sported a massive circular bed with enough room for eight people to lie on it comfortably. Jenny then excused herself and Candi, explaining that they had to go freshen up. “After all, we have to look our best for our customers.”

Rick followed on the cameras he had installed in the apartment as Jenny and Candi went into the bathroom to fix their hair and reapply their makeup. He reached out to stop Cherry, who was still sucking on his cock. “Look, bitch. Notice how these two sluts are carefully reapplying their makeup and fixing their hair. When they get done, they’re going to look just as sexy and fuckable as they did when they first got dressed. Just watch them.”

“Yes, master,” Cherry replied. She sat silently, watching as Candi and Jenny repainted themselves. When they finished, they left the bathroom and came in to the bedroom where Rick was training Cherry. The two bitches strode in smartly, coming to stand at attention in front of their master. Their hair once again looked fresh, their faces were clean of come, and their lips shone with freshly applied lipstick.

“You’re doing well, sluts,” Rick commended them. “If you can earn a total of one thousand dollars tonight, your master will fuck you both.” This was nothing special for Jenny, really. Rick fucked her every night. But Candi only got fucked by her master once a week or so, and she’d just been fucked last night, so this would be a treat for her. Candi’s eyes shone with delight.

“Before you go back to your customers, sluts, I want this new bitch, Cherry, to learn a little about how a slut is supposed to perform her duty. Take her into the bathroom and make her look as slutty as you can. But don’t keep your customers waiting. Keep it under ten minutes.

“Yes, master,” Jenny and Candi replied in unison. “Come on, bitch,” Jenny said to Cherry, “let’s go paint you like a slut.” Cherry looked at Rick for confirmation. Before Rick could do anything, Jenny spoke again, a note of anger in her voice. “You heard your master, slut. Now come on!”

Cherry scampered off the bed and followed Jenny out of the room, with Candi bringing up the rear. Rick watched them leave, thinking about Jenny’s behavior. She certainly had done a good job handling Candi tonight. And she seemed to naturally jump into a commanding role with Cherry. Maybe he could make use of her domineering streak. She could be a sort of second-in-command. A head bitch.

Rick mused on these thoughts until the bitches returned. Jenny and Candi had done a good job on Cherry, though Rick imagined it was mostly Jenny’s work. Her blond hair had been released from the bun and brushed out down to her shoulders. Her face had been rather well-painted—bright lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow. The simple diamond stud earrings she’d been wearing had been replaced by a pair of white danglies belonging to Candi and complemented by a faux-pearl necklace. She didn’t look perfect, but she looked a damn sight more fuckable than she had in the bar. Rick had no doubt that once he’d modified her body and acquired some clothing and makeup specifically for her, the bitch would make a fine addition to his stable.

“Good job, sluts,” he commended Jenny and Candi. “Now go take care of your customers.” Jenny led Candi out of the room. “Now, bitch,” he commanded Cherry, “come suck your master’s cock.”

Cherry followed orders, climbing up onto the bed and taking Rick’s manhood between her shiny lips. Rick once again turned his attention back to the monitor. He turned up the volume so that he could hear the conversation.

Jenny seemed to be taking charge of the evening’s activities. She and Candi made another $200 each by letting the guys fuck them. Greg took Jenny from behind while Candi rode Eric’s cock in a sitting position, Eric licking and sucking at her tits all the while.

Rick came in Cherry’s mouth while watching this. She seemed surprised, but Rick’s hand on her head made sure that she swallowed as much as she could. She didn’t do too bad. Nevertheless, some of Rick’s come seeped out of her lips.

After that, the sluts left again to freshen up. When they returned, the men were worn out. But Candi and Jenny wanted the last $400. They crawled onto the bed together, sixty-nining each other. “If we aren’t going to get a hard cock in our pussies, we’ll have to make do with our tongues,” Jenny said. After two minutes of watching the bitches lick each other, moaning and panting in lust, the men were ready to go. Jenny talked the men out of $200 more each on the spot, with Candi slurping away at her pussy, before letting them shove their cocks into the soft, wet pussies on display in front of them. Each of the men got a royal treatment—a silky-smooth cunt to fuck while a skilled tongue lapped at his dick. They both came explosively, spraying jism all over the sixty-nining sluts.

Later that evening, as he drifted off to sleep, Rick pondered the evening’s events. The men had begged for the girls’ phone number, but Jenny had refused, explaining that it was all part of the fantasy for them. “After all, whores don’t go out on dates or anything.” She’d finally quieted them with a promise that she and Candi would be going back to the bar where they’d met on a regular basis.

After they’d left, Candi and Jenny had gone back to the bathroom to fix themselves up for their master. Rick hadn’t been planning on fucking Cherry again, but he got horny waiting for Candi and Jenny to finish getting ready, so he’d used his newest bitch once more, teaching her how to accommodate a man fucking her doggie-style.

After putting Cherry to bed, Rick had joined Jenny and Candi in the master bedroom to make good on his promise of a fucking for each of them. Jenny had gone first, bucking and moaning in ecstasy as she fucked herself to a climax on Rick’s cock. Rick had done very little but lie there. Finally, Candi had had the time of her life with her master’s fifth erection of the night shoved deep into her cunt. Rick had fucked her doggy-style, with Jenny lying underneath Candi, playing with her tits and licking her clit and Rick’s cock as he fucked her. Candi had come to three explosive orgasms, moaning like a bitch in heat, before Rick had finally shot his wad into her cunt.

Now Rick thought about the evening’s events. He was convinced that Jenny could serve a useful role as a sort of head bitch, managing some of the affairs of the club and leaving Rick more free time. He’d also have to let her loose a little more. She’d really enjoyed getting fucked by those guys, even though she hadn’t orgasmed. (And of course, she never would for anyone but Rick.) He still didn’t want her working in the club, but maybe tomorrow he could...

Ah, but tomorrow was another day. Rick fell off to sleep, his raven-haired slut lying on one side of him, and his bleach-blonde bimbo on the other side. He was content.