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The attached story (“Candace’s Education”), or fragment thereof, is entirely fictional. The characters, places and events depicted in this story are not intended to represent or resemble any real persons, places, or events. Any such resemblance is purely coincidental.

This story is a work of fantasy. The depiction of any act in this story, including, but not limited to, non-consensual sexual activity, use of drugs and other mind-altering substances on an unknowing human being, and degradation, humiliation or enslavement of a human being should not be construed to imply that the author condones the performance of said act, either on the author’s part or on the part of anyone else.

Furthermore, it is the author’s opinion that the methods and techniques that the narrator of this story is depicted to be using would not, in reality, be effective in achieving the goals toward which he is depicted to be using them.



This story deals with a man who illicitly comes into possession of a drug that puts its subjects into a deeply suggestible state. He decides to use the drug on his girlfriend, an exceedingly independent woman, and... well, you’ll have to read the story. This story contains consensual sex, non-consensual sex, the use of drugs to alter a human personality, degradation, humiliation, and enslavement. However, not every one of the above-listed nasty things appears in each chapter.

This is the last of four endings I’m posting to this story. As of this posting, the story is complete. I’ve got another story written, and I’ll start posting it when I’m convinced it’s “polished” enough, and I’ve got a few more in the oven. You’ll see those when I find time to finish them.

A big tip of the hat goes to ”Cal O’ Shaw“ for suggesting several of the scenes and plot elements that appear here. Without his suggestions, this chapter of the story would be far poorer. This ending is my favorite of the four. I like to think of it as the happy ending. Without further ado...

Candace’s Education


“Go out into the living room and lie down on the couch. Stay there until I come out for you.” He saw the disappointment on her face as she turned to obey. Her leather-covered ass swayed enticingly as she walked out of the room on the spiked heels. Rick knew she wanted to be fucked. And he wanted to fuck her. But it would be wrong. It wouldn’t be fair to Jennifer.

But if he didn’t fuck her, and soon, he’d go crazy. He had to do something. He needed to think. And he needed to have Candace out of the room while he did it.

Rick paced around for several minutes. What the hell was he going to do? He had no choice, really. He had to give Candace up. His love for Jennifer was far too strong to permit anything else. But if he gave up Candace, would he be able to restrain his urges? Or would he just use the drug on some other woman?

Rick sat down and was surprised to find himself on the verge of tears. He’d never been a man to be carried away by his emotions before, but suddenly it all overwhelmed him. He’d come so close to turning into some sort of manipulator. He shuddered as he realized how close he’d come to abandoning Jennifer. To forgetting what it meant to love.

He’d have to confide in Jennifer. He’d tell her everything that happened. She’d be shocked at first, he knew. But she loved him, and ultimately, she would help him survive and cope with the knowledge of what he’d almost done. Together they’d make it. It would be all right. Rick looked up to see Jennifer smiling at him.

He jumped nearly a foot off the bed, scared shitless, before he realized it was only a photograph sitting on Candace’s desk. But what the hell was a picture of Jennifer doing here?

Rick walked over to the desk and picked it up. It was a framed magazine cover, from Woman’s Work, the magazine Candace worked for. The cover text read “Female Dominatrixes—The Benedict Arnolds of the Feminist Revolution” And the woman on the cover was, sure enough, Jennifer Cipriani. The date on the cover was five years ago.

Curiously, the Jennifer on the cover wasn’t the overweight, out-of-shape Jennifer that Rick had first known, but a shapely, fit woman that looked remarkably like her current self. She was clad in an outfit of black leather, holding a leather riding crop in one hand. Stranger and stranger, Rick though. Had Jennifer really been into this sort of stuff? She wasn’t facing the camera, and the shot looked unposed—like it was taken from ambush, or from a hidden camera. But there was no doubt in Rick’s mind that it was Jennifer.

Rick sat down, holding the picture. What the hell did it mean? Had Jennifer once dressed like... like that? And... what had she done when she was dressed in leather? Rick stood up again, searching the desk frantically. Tucked away in the file drawer, he found a clipping from the magazine—a feature article. It featured another picture of Jennifer.



When most free-minded women think of the enemies of their gender, they think of men. And why not? Even in the “modern” world, men attempt to confine women to domestic service and deny them equal pay when they do make it into the working world.

Surprisingly, though, many women are being degraded in much more thorough ways by other women.

These women are known by many names—mistresses, dominatrixes, disciplinarians. But they all share a common thread—they get their kicks from dominating other women.

By day, Jennifer Cipriani is a sales manger at a large electronics firm in Los Angeles. She spends her work day fetching coffee, answering phones, and typing reports for her boss.

When Jennifer is done serving as an ornament of power for her boss, however, she doesn’t always head straight home. Instead, she often stops off at an exclusive club where members engage in dominance and submission “fantasies.”

Such episodes provide Jennifer with a wealth of women to order around, and she uses them to satisfy her every sexual craving. A confirmed lesbian, Jennifer experiences several orgasms a day in the course of humiliating her subjects.

These women are lured into the club by the dubious promise that they will receive some sort of emotional catharsis from the domination. Although they all claim to enjoy participating in these episodes with Jennifer and the other “mistresses”, it must be wondered whether...

Rick skimmed the rest of the article. It was page after page of drivel, making Jennifer out to be some sort of psychopath. Rick had heard of these sorts of clubs; from what he’d read in the mainstream press, though, all those who participated did so of their own free will, and the dominance was nothing more than an elaborately-staged game designed for the enjoyment of all. Candace seemed to have worked herself into a fit over it, since it apparently offended her prudish sensibilities. Odd, for an ardent feminist.

Attached to the back was another clipping, from an issue several months later. It was a short piece describing how the “psychopathic harlot” Jennifer Cipriani had been forced to quit her job after Candace’s expose had found its way into the hands of her boss, who said she had “disgraced the company.” This piece had clearly also been written by Candace, and it had a sort of gloating air about it.

Rick sat down in shock. Jennifer had never told him about any of this. She had seemed like such a sweet, innocent young woman. Who could have known she was into dominance games? This was weird. Too weird. He thought he loved her, but he hadn’t known about this...

... and she didn’t know that he had been training a woman to be his sex slave. Guilt washed over him. What sort of hypocrite would he have been to reject her? She was still a sweet, caring, beautiful woman, even if she occasionally dressed up in leather and played out fantasies with other women. Even if she was... Well, she couldn’t be a lesbian. Rick knew women could fake orgasms, but not as many as Jennifer had had with him. She could be bisexual. Fine, fine, he thought. He still loved her, even if she did enjoy sexual domination of other women.

Other women.

It couldn’t work.

Could it?

He had to try. He couldn’t give up Candace, could he? This was the only way.

Rick carried the framed cover out into the living room, where Candace was lying on the bed. He sat next to her. “Candace?”

She looked up at him. “Yes, master?” The dilation of her pupils let him know she was under the full influence of the drug.

He showed her the picture. “Do you recognize this woman?”

“Yes, master.”

“Who is she?”

“Some dominatrix bitch I exposed a few years ago.”

“I see. Why did you do that?”

“She was using other women for her own pleasure.”

“Were those other women enjoying it?”


“How do you know?”

A pause. “Well, they couldn’t have been. Just being used.”

“Do you want to be used?”

A longer pause. “Yes.”

“By who?”

“You, master. I want you to use me.”

“Well, maybe those women wanted to be used. Isn’t that possible?”

She paused, thinking. “Yes, it’s... it’s possible.”

“So maybe you ruined her life for no good reason at all.”

“Ye... yes, I sup... suppose that’s possible.”

“You really want to be used, don’t you?”

“Yes, master.”

“What if she used you? Wouldn’t you enjoy that. Maybe just as much as you would enjoy being used by me?”

“May... maybe.”

“What if she were your mistress?”

Rick watched Jennifer from across the table as she wolfed down her meal. He’d taken her out to the most elegant restuarant in town, and the meal was costing him several hundred dollars. She was loving it. She was devastatingly beautiful in a black satin dress, and her eyes danced with mischievous fire. Rick couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found such a wonderful creature.

They finished the meal and began dessert, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Rick knew that Jennifer was expecting him to propose tonight. He wasn’t going to. He had gone shopping and bought the ring, but he couldn’t give it to her yet. He had to give her something else first. He hoped she would accept it.

They finished dessert. Rick reached across the table to grasp Jennifer’s hand. “Honey, I have something very special I’d like to give you tonight. A gift. It’s back at my place.”

Jennifer smiled. “Well, let’s go, Romeo,” she whispered.

Candace’s hair, bleached to a yellowy blonde color, was done up loosely behind her head, a few curly locks falling lightly to her shoulders. Her eyebrows, highlighted with a dark pencil and plucked into thin lines, arched invitingly above her glistening eyes. Her lips shone with a glossy pink lipstick. Her breasts strained against a white mesh halter-top, while her long, smoothly-tanned legs were enveloped by a black patent-leather miniskirt and knee-high red leather “fuck-me” boots. A white faux-pearl necklace and a pair of glittering, dangling earrings completed the sex-toy look.

Candace looked at Jennifer for a second before her shining lips slowly parted. “Mistress...”

Jennifer’s face lit up with delight. An almost girlish grin of glee spread across her face as she took in the sight before her. Half a second later, though, she turned to Rick in surprise, a worried look on her pretty face. “But... Rick... what... what is she...” she sputtered in protest.

Rick silenced her with a finger on her lips. “Shhh, honey, it’s all right. She’s for you. A gift. She’ll acknowledge you as her mistress.”

Jennifer was silent for several seconds, staring at Rick, flustered. “But... but... How did you kn-know?”

“I saw the article. I know you were embarrassed about it, but... I thought you’d like this. If you don’t, I can...”

“No, Rick. I do like it.” She turned to look briefly at Candace, then turned back. “She’s beautiful. I love you, Rick.” She smiled, then walked toward Candace. “What is your name, slave?”

“Candace, mistress,” came the somewhat stiff response.

“I see, slave.” Jennifer reached out to gently rub Candace’s right nipple through the halter top. Candace’s eyes closed and her breathing became a bit more rapid. “Does it excite you when I do this, slave?” Jennifer inquired coyly.

“Y-yes, mistress,” Candace responded, her chest heaving.

“How many mistresses have you had before me?” Jennifer asked.

“N-none, mistress.”

Jennifer’s eyebrows arched in an expression of interest. “So... a first-time slave. Well, well.” Her fingers continued to fondle Candace’s nipple, gently kneading the flesh through the tight, thin fabric. Rick found it a little awkward to watch Jennifer toying with Candace so easily. What was disturbing him was how easily the sweet, demure Jennifer he knew had slipped so easily into the dominating role. Of course, to Jennifer this was really only play-acting. The “slaves” she dealt with were, in reality, freely-consenting women fulfilling their own needs and desires. It was only a matter of time until Jennifer realized just how different Candace was from the usual slave. Rick was worried about how she might react when she discovered the truth.

Rick watched as Jennifer leaned forward and planted a kiss on Candace’s lips. Candace hesitated for a second before responding, but jumped in with eagerness. The kiss lasted half a minute, with Candace awkwardly resting her hands on Jennifer’s shoulders while Jennifer cupped her slave’s breasts and fondled her nipples. Rick caught a glimpse of their tongues darting around each other as Jennifer reached downward to slip a hand under the waist of Candace’s skirt. Candace moaned at the contact, grinding her crotch against Jennifer’s hand.

Rick felt his cock straining against his jeans as he watched the two sexy women grinding their bodies against each other. Awkward or not, this was hot!

Jennifer backed up to the bed and leaned her ass against the footrest. “Come here, slave,” she commanded, gesturing at a spot on the floor in front of her.

“Yes, mistress,” Candace responded, obediently shuffling over and kneeling in front of Jennifer.

Jennifer lifted her dress, revealing the moist wet cotton of her panties. “Pull down my panties, slave.”

Candace slowly lifted her right arm, causing the three plastic bracelets encircling it to jangle noisily. Hesitantly, her long red fingernails slid over the top of Jennifer’s panties. The nails were press-ons; Candace hadn’t yet had time to grow the inch-long talons of a true slut. Candace drew in a breath as she pulled the panties down, revealing Jennifer’s soft mound.

“Have you ever licked another woman’s pussy, before, slave?” Jennifer asked.

“N-no, mistress.” Candace’s eyes were locked in wonder on the soft pink lips of Jennifer’s vulva.

“Well, now’s the time to learn, isn’t it, bitch?”

Candace looked up at Jennifer, trembling with either fear or lust. Rick couldn’t be sure which. “Y-yes, mistress.”

“Lick my pussy, slut,” Jennifer commanded her new slave.

Rick watched in fascination as Candace’s tongue slowly snaked out to make contact with Jennifer’s labia. Jennifer moaned in pleasure as Candace tickled her pussy lips, gently stroking up and down as I’d instructed her. Jennifer inched her hips forward to meet Candace’s probing tongue. Her eyes closed and her hands came to rest in Candace’s blonde hair. Jennifer’s hips began to thrust gently into Candace’s face as she grunted in pleasure.

Jennifer’s eyes opened and she turned her head to face Rick, a giddy smile on her lips. “She’s wonderful, Rick. Inexperienced, but she’s really into it. Where the hell did you find her? How much are you paying her for this?”

Rick decided to be selective about which questions he answered. “Honey, you know it’s rude to ask the price of a gift.” He feigned an air of amusement, but he was trembling. He couldn’t stall much longer. She was going to figure it out soon.

“I’m sorry, honey, I was just wondering how you got a novice submissive to agree to do this for me. I mean, she clearly hasn’t given cunnilingus before. Oh, God... but she sure is learning fast!” Jennifer closed her eyes again and squeezed Candace’s head into her crotch. Her moans grew louder and became words. “Oh, yeah... that’s it, bitch, lick your mistress’s sweet pussy... oh, yes... yessss... oh, God!”

Jennifer’s back arched as she orgasmed, her hips thrusting furiously into Candace’s face. She screamed through the orgasm as Candace continued to lick at her pussy and clitoris. After a minute, her breathing subsided and she relaxed her grip on Candace’s head. Candace looked up at her.

“Very good, slave,” Jennifer said in between pants. “So tell me, how long will you be my slave?”

Candace looked up at her uncomprehendingly. “Mistress?”

Jennifer looked at Rick. “How long, honey?”

Rick gulped. “As long as you want.”

“That’s sweet of you to say, honey, but sooner or later she’s going to want to try someone else. How long has she agreed to for now?”

“She... she hasn’t agreed to anything.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Look at her.” Jennifer looked down at Candace, who looked up from between her legs like a puppy. “Don’t you recognize her?”

Suddenly comprehension dawned on Jennifer’s face, followed quickly by anger. “You bitch!” she screamed, slapping Candace forcefully. Candace fell onto her back, reeling from the force of the blow. Jennifer walked toward her, hands balled into fists. Rick rushed forward to restrain her. “You filthy bitch!” she screamed, straining against Rick’s arms. “You ruined my career, you slut!”

“Shh... Honey, she’s not like that anymore. She’s changed.” Jennifer slowly relaxed and looked at him, still puzzled. “Don’t hurt her. She can’t fight back. She just wants to please you.”

Candace looked up from the floor, frightened. “M-mistress?”

Jennifer glared at her for a long moment, then glanced at Rick, and then turned back at Candace. “All right, come over here and stand up. I won’t hurt you.” Candace complied meekly. Jennifer contemplated her silently. Rick’s stomach did somersaults as he waited for Jennifer to speak.

“How did she get... changed? Get to be like this?”

Rick spoke carefully. “She was trained.”

“And who trained her?”

“I did.”

“For me?”

“For you.”

Jennifer remained silent, her mouth a hard line, looking up and down Candace’s body. “Do you know how to suck cock, slave?” she asked, voice flat.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Did your master teach you to suck cock?” Rick’s nerves went on edge at the question. Did she like it or not?

“Yes, mistress.”

Jennifer was silent again for a moment. “Suck your master’s cock, bitch,” she commanded.

“Yes, mistress,” Candace responded meekly. She moved in front of Rick, falling to her knees. Her hands went swiftly to Rick’s fly, releasing his rock-hard cock. Rick was still nervous about Jennifer, but the thrilling sensation of Candace’s well-practiced lips on his cockhead was overwhelming. He closed his eyes, groaning in pleasure.

Suddenly, he felt a soft pair of lips on his. Jennifer’s lips. They kissed passionately, with a heat Rick had never felt before. They parted. “I love her, Rick. She’s wonderful. And I love you.”

Rick looked down to see Jennifer’s crotch mashed against the back of Candace’s head, her thighs gripping the sides of the whore’s neck and pushing her head up and down on Rick’s cock. Jennifer kissed him again. Rick’s hands went to Jennifer’s soft breasts, and she let out a sensuous groan. “Oh, honey...” she moaned. Rick felt the slut’s mouth sliding faster up and down on his shaft. “Come on, bitch,” Jennifer said, looking down at the mass of blond hair in front of her. “Suck your master’s cock.”

Candace didn’t resist, allowing her mistress to use her as a tool to satisfy her master. She found it unpleasant to be used this way, but it was her duty. She didn’t want to displease her new mistress.

She felt her master’s cock begin to throb as he built toward orgasm. “I’m coming, honey,” she heard him groan. She tried to pull her head back so that she could take her master’s come on her face, but found that she couldn’t. Her mistress’s legs held her head firm, her mouth impaled on the long, hard, pulsing cock. She tried harder to move, but it was impossible. She panicked as she realized what was going to happen. When her master came...

A spurt of warm fluid gushed into Candace’s mouth. She choked on it, coughing, struggling to break free. Another followed it quickly. “Swallow it, bitch!” her mistress yelled. She tried to suppress her reflexes and swallow, but it was so hard. Spurt after spurt of hot, salty come flowed into her mouth. Some went down her throat, but some wouldn’t go. Sperm escaped from the corners of her mouth and dribbled onto her chin. All the while, her mistress kept her head firmly in place.

At last, her master’s orgasm ebbed, and her body relaxed. The pressure on her neck was removed as she was released from the viselike grip of her mistress’s thighs. Candace slumped to the floor, exhausted.

This was greeted with a forceful kick from her mistress, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to let her know she’d done something wrong. “Clean off your master’s cock, bitch!” Candace quickly rose to a kneeling position and hurriedly began licking her master’s cock. Mustn’t disappoint the mistress...

“Was it good, honey?” Jennifer asked demurely. “Did you like it that I used her to fuck you?”

“Well, it wasn’t as good as what you use to fuck me, but it was good...”

“Liar,” Jennifer said, smiling. “I think our little Candace here has never taken it down her throat before. Did you ever teach her that?”

“No. Must’ve slipped my mind.”

“Well, that’s something to work on. She seems to be doing a decent job cleaning you off.” Indeed, Rick’s cock shone with Candace’s saliva. The come had been removed. “That’s good enough, slut. Come here.” Candace stood up and turned to face Jennifer, her eyes staring meekly at the floor. “Candace?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, mistress?”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Y-yes. You’re my m-mistress.” Rick knew that Candace did recognize Jennifer, but she was trying to avoid the subject.

“But you and I met before I became your mistress, didn’t we, bitch?”

“Y-yes, mistress. I wr-wrote a story about you...”

“Yes, you did. It was a bad story, Candace,” Jennifer said scoldingly.

“Yes, mistress.”

“A lot of bad things happened to me after you wrote that story.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“It ruined my life, bitch. I lost my job, and I became very unhappy. Very unhappy. If I hadn’t met your master I’d still be very unhappy.” Jennifer paused to look at Rick. He could see tears brimming in the corners of her eyes. She fought to control them. Rick knew she didn’t want Candace to see her cry.

“Yes, mistress.”

“You did a very bad thing.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And you’re going to have to pay for it.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You’re going to live with your master and me and do whatever we say until we decide you’ve paid off your debt.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And that’s going to be a long time.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Jennifer’s hand snaked in between Candace’s legs and began to stroke her pussy. “It won’t be without pleasure, slave. Does this feel good?”

“Yes, mistress,” Candace breathed. Rick smiled. Jennifer seemed to be taking to Candace quite well. Rick watched as the first joint of Jennifer’s index finger slid into the bitch’s cunt. Candace sighed in pleasure at the entry. Rick was surprised to find Jennifer giving him a passionate kiss seconds later. Her hand still squirmed about between Candace’s legs.

Jennifer broke the kiss. “So I take it this means we’re moving in together,” Rick said with an obviously fake air of nonchalance.

“Huh? I... I never said that, honey.”

“Yes, you did. You said she was going to live with us.”

Jennifer was taken aback. “Oh... well, I guess I did.” Her hand stopped moving, and Candace whined plaintively. Jennifer took no notice. “Um... Well, do you want to... move in... together?”

Rick put on a serious expression. “Well, I don’t know if a gentleman like me could ever survive in polite company if it was known he was living in sin with a harlot like yourself.”

Jennifer burst into laughter. “Oh, a gentleman, huh? No man who asks a woman to do all the things I’ve done to you could ever be called a gentleman.” She nearly doubled over in mirth, leaning against Rick to keep from falling over as laughter shook her body.

“Marry me.”

Suddenly the laughter stopped. Jennifer looked up at him. “What?”

“Marry me.”

Jennifer’s mouth opened and closed a few times. “I... Rick... This is... Are you serious? This is kind of sudden.”

“Yes, I’m serious. Marry me.”

“Rick Logan, if this is some kind of sick joke, I’ll...”

Rick silenced her with a finger on her lips, the way he’d done just before the first time they’d made love. “You think I saved you from... from your unhappiness. You’re probably right. But you saved me, too. I mean...” He took a breath. “Look at what I was doing. I was training her to be a slave. If I hadn’t met you—I mean really gotten to know you—I probably would’ve...” He trailed off. “I don’t like to think about it. I know I would’ve forgotten what it meant to love someone. You saved me from that. I love you, Jennifer. Marry me.”

Jennifer was on the verge of tears. “I love you, too. Of course I’ll marry you.” She kissed him again, insistently, her hand gripping his shoulder. Rick moved his hands to her flanks and they stood for a long time, drinking each other in. Rick was dimly aware of Candace moaning.

Suddenly Jennifer let out a squeal of pleasure and broke the kiss. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

“What is it?”

A look of wonder spread across Jennifer’s face. Rick noticed that her hand was still on Candace’s pussy, her index finger inserted some distance up Candace’s cunt. “You never fucked her?” Jennifer asked in amazement.

“Um... no. Why?”

“You never fucked her? Not even once? Why not?”

“Because of you. Why is that important now?”

“Oh, Rick, that’s so sweet...”

“Fine, but what’s your point?”

“Honey, it seems our little slut is a virgin.”


“I can feel it. A nice unbroken cherry.”

“Oh...” Rick thought about it. It made sense. Candace hadn’t had sex with anyone before she met Rick, and Rick had never fucked her. Somehow it had never occurred to him, though, that that would make Candace a virgin.

A sly grin spread across Jennifer’s face. “Well, I think that’s a job for you, stallion.” Her hand withdrew from Candace’s cunt and grabbed Rick’s soft cock.

“What? Right now?”

“No time like the present.” Jennifer leered at him. Her hand slowly began to stroke his member.

“You really want me to... take her? Now?”

“The word is ‘fuck’, honey, and yes, I do want you to. You just gave me a wonderful gift. The least I can do is return the favor. Now stop your yapping and take the bitch’s cherry.”

Rick felt his cock hardening under her ministrations. “Okay.”

“Lie down on the bed, bitch,” Jennifer commanded. Candace eagerly climbed onto the bed and lay down faceup. Jennifer climbed up and sat next to the slut’s head. She undid the pins holding Candace’s hair in place and let it fall out across the pillow. “Now lift your legs high in the air and spread them. Your master is about to fuck your virgin cunt.” Candace complied, spreading herself wide open to expose the soft pink folds of her shaved cunt. Jennifer looked up at Rick. “Climb aboard, stud,” she breathed.

Rick knelt on the bed between Candace’s legs, which were still enmeshed in the black stockings and capped with the spiked heels. He placed one leg on each shoulder and positioned his cockhead at the entrance to Candace’s wet cunt. He took a deep breath.

“Do it honey,” Jennifer exhorted.

Rick pushed his cock into Candace’s cunt. Damn, it was tight. He tried to push it in as hard as he could, but he could only make a couple inches of progress on his first thrust. Candace squealed loudly. Jennifer rose to a kneeling position and straddled Candace’s head, facing toward Rick. “Lick me, slut,” she commanded.

Rick withdrew his cock and pushed in again. He heard Candace squeal again, but the sound was muffled, since her mouth was full of Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer leaned forward to kiss Rick, breathing softly in his ear. “Come on, honey, fuck her hard.”

Rick pulled out and thrust again, making a little more progress. Candace’s cunt was slowly opening up. It felt so good. The bitch was tight! He couldn’t wait until he got the chance to shove his whole cock into this tight little slut. Jennifer continued to kiss him, unbuttoning his shirt and running her hands across his chest, occasionally breathing further exhortations into his ear.

Suddenly, Rick felt his cockhead bump up against an obstruction at the end of a thrust. “I’ve hit it,” he whispered to Jennifer.

Her response was forceful. “Slam it into her, honey. I love that huge cock of yours, and I want our little bimbo to feel every inch of it. Fuck the bitch’s brains out.”

Rick withdrew his cock and shoved it back in with all his might. He felt Candace’s cherry break as his cock slammed into her, stopping only when the head of his cock hit her cervix. Candace screamed. Rick saw Jennifer smile. She looked down toward her crotch, where Candace’s face was still buried. “Hurts, doesn’t it, bitch?” she said. “You needed a good fucking. Don’t worry; it’ll go away. You’ll enjoy getting fucked, slut.” She turned back to Rick. “Fuck her hard and fast, honey. Show her what it means to be a fuck-toy.”

Rick responded eagerly, pulling his cock out and slamming it back in again. He took long, deep strokes as quickly as he could, filling up Candace’s cunt full each time. Jennifer stopped her kissing and lay her body down on top of Candace’s. “Keep licking, bitch!” she yelled. With her own tongue, she began to tickle Rick’s shaft as he fucked Candace, licking his balls each time he filled the slut up.

Rick went wild from the sensation. He had never experienced anything like it. He was fucking a cunt tighter than he could ever have imagined, squeezing his cock like a velvet vise while his fiancee licked at his cock. It wasn’t long before he felt his come boiling inside him.

“I’m... coming, honey...” Rick gasped. Jennifer began to lick him furiously. He slammed his cock into Candace one final time as he felt himself explode. He never thought he’d be able to come so much in so short a time, but he could feel his come flooding Candace’s pussy. He felt it squeeze past his cock as he continued to come. All the while Jennifer continued to lick his balls.

Suddenly Candace’s cunt squeezed him tight. Her back arched and she began to moan loudly. The bitch was coming. “See?” Jennifer asked, looking at the spot between her legs where Candace’s face was buried. “I told you you’d like it, you little slut.”

Rick relaxed as his orgasm ebbed and looked down to see his come dripping from Candace’s pussy onto the bedsheets. Jennifer was lapping eagerly at it. She sat up, and Rick could see his come had rubbed onto her chin. She flashed him a sultry smile, but it quickly faded s her eyes closed and her breathing quickened. Candace’s orgasm ended just as Jennifer’s began. She threw herself at Rick, gripping his tightly as she screamed through a powerful orgasm.

Rick waited for over a minute until she calmed down. He felt some jealousy at first. She’d never come that hard from anything he’d done. But then he rebuked himself. This was something he’d done. Jennifer had asked him to fuck Candace, and he had. She’d been getting off on seeing him fuck a virgin bitch. Candace’s tongue was incidental.

And besides, hadn’t Rick just come to a powerful orgasm from fucking Candace? But it wasn’t Candace that had mattered. It was Jennifer. Jennifer urging him on, Jennifer licking his cock. She had made it special. Not Candace. Candace was just a tool. A very useful tool, but just a tool.

Jennifer’s orgasm subsided, and she opened her eyes. “I love you, honey.” She looked down at Candace’s body. “You kept going all through your orgasm, slut. You never stopped licking your mistress. Good girl!” she praised, slapping Candace approvingly on the arm. She turned back to Rick. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with her.”

“One question, honey.” Rick said.

“What’s that, dear?”

“You spent several years playing out these domination fantasies.”


“And you had sex with a lot of women.”

“Yeah. So?”

“Right after our first time in my office, you told me you hadn’t made love to anyone since high school.”

Jennifer smiled. “I didn’t say that. I said I hadn’t made love to a man since high school.”

“Ah,” Rick replied.

“And I’m planning on making love to a man again tonight. The old-fashioned way. He’s going to fuck my very own pussy.” She looked down. “Although I’m sure we can find some way she can help out.”

“Honey, I really don’t think I’ll be able to do it again until Tomorrow...”

“I think you’ll be perfectly capable, darling,” Jennifer replied, a gleam in her eye.

It turned out Jennifer was right.