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The attached story (“Candace’s Education”), or fragment thereof, is entirely fictional. The characters, places and events depicted in this story are not intended to represent or resemble any real persons, places, or events. Any such resemblance is purely coincidental.

This story is a work of fantasy. The depiction of any act in this story, including, but not limited to, non-consensual sexual activity, use of drugs and other mind-altering substances on an unknowing human being, and degradation, humiliation or enslavement of a human being should not be construed to imply that the author condones the performance of said act, either on the author’s part or on the part of anyone else.

Furthermore, it is the author’s opinion that the methods and techniques that the narrator of this story is depicted to be using would not, in reality, be effective in achieving the goals toward which he is depicted to be using them.



Candace’s Education


Sixteen Years Later

Rick enjoyed the warmth of his wife’s body pressed against his. Jennifer’s head rested on his chest. They were alone tonight. Candace had been given permission to frig herself to one orgasm in her room. Rick and Jennifer still enjoyed using her just as much as they had when they’d first gotten married, but sometimes it was nice just to have a night alone, as a pair of consenting adults. Very consenting.

“Feel better, honey?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, that was just what I needed.”

“Me, too,” Jennifer giggled. Even after fifteen years of marriage, Rick still found her laughter intoxicating. Various other things about her were also still quite enjoyable.

“Things have just been so stressful recently. Maybe I can seduce Donna...”

“You lech!” Jennifer responded playfully. “You’ve already had your way with two secretaries, and now you want a third?”

Rick smiled. Jennifer’s intelligence and business savvy hadn’t gone unnoticed for long in the company after she’d started working as Rick’s secretary. Within a year of their marriage, she been promoted into the Procurement department. Her career had risen steadily thereafter, and she’d assumed the VP position at the head of the department the year before Rick had reached the equivalent position in Marketing.

When she’d left the secretarial position, Rick had managed to move Candace into the job. He and Jennifer had done some more work on her with the hypnotism drug, restoring most of her “normal” intelligence. It turned out that a smart blonde made a much better secretary than a dumb one.

They had managed to set things up so that Candace was able to use her full intelligence in performing secretarial duties, but a simple slap on the ass or a hand groping her tits would turn her back into a brainless bimbo. She wasn’t really brainless then, but the post-hypnotic suggestions constrained her to act like it. This had the added side-effect of reawakening her militant-feminist sensibilities. Jennifer had loved the fact that the former radical magazine editor was now a secretary, required to get coffee and provide other services to her boss. Jennifer had made sure to visit Rick quite often for one-on-one inter-department consultation meetings. Rick’s secretary was, of course, quite useful at these meetings.

But it hadn’t lasted forever. After two years of this, Rick and Jennifer had decided to get pregnant, Jennifer had stopped taking birth control pills. One evening, as Rick and Jennifer had made passionate love, with Candace licking at Jennifer’s clit and Rick’s balls, Tom had been conceived.

When Jennifer’s maternity leave after Tom’s birth had ended, Rick and Jennifer had decided that it made sense for Candace to stay at home and take care of the baby. Candace had remained at home since, taking care of Tom and keeping the house clean.

She still took care of a lot of Rick and Jennifer’s office work, writing reports and making phone calls from home. By freeing her master and mistress from the drudgework of the office, she gave them a lot more free time to spend with Tom. Even so, “Aunt Candace” was still responsible for looking after him when he came home from school, making his lunch in the morning, and cleaning his room. Rick knew that Candace loved the boy every bit as much as he and Jennifer did.

No one except Jennifer and Rick knew the truth about Aunt Candace’s origins. Rick’s parents thought she was Jennifer’s cousin, and Jennifer’s parents thought she was Rick’s cousin. A little bit of conditioning with the hypnotism drug had ensured that neither family was curious enough to investigate. Tom knew that Candace wasn’t really a relative, but just an old friend of his parents who had never gotten married and lived with them. Which was all true, technically. Tom was aware that Candace sometimes slept in the master bedroom with his parents, or even with just one of them if the other was on a business trip, but never thought anything of it. He’d grown up with things being that way, and it never struck him as unusual.

Rick was interrupted from his musings by his wife. “Honey, we need to talk.”

“Hmmm? About what?”

“Tom. Candace found a magazine under his mattress when she was cleaning this afternoon.”

Rick sighed. He knew what a “magazine” meant. “Well, we knew it would happen sooner or later. He is thirteen, now.”

“You need to talk to him, Rick. Tell him the facts of life.”

“Yeah. I haven’t been looking forward to this.”

“I know, honey, but worse men than you have done just fine.”


“Besides, you’ll have a visual aid.”


“Candace. You can use her to demonstrate...”

“Demonstrate? You want me to...”

“Teach Tom how to use Candace.”

“But... but...”

“Look, he’s probably already got some pretty good guesses what we do with her in this bed. It’s not going to be long before he figures it out. He may try to fuck her by himself, anyway. And Candace would let him, too. She loves the boy.”

Rick remained silent.

“This way, everything will be out in the open, and he can let off his steam in a safe way.”

“But what about girls his own age? Will he know the difference between a woman and a bitch?”

“Yes, he’ll know, because you’re going to tell him. And if he can fuck Candace whenever he wants, he won’t be horny all the time, and he’ll be able to relate to girls his age as real people, rather than viewing them as sex objects, like every other teenage boy.”

Rick was silent for a time. “Well how is he going to learn to please a real woman, if he learns by fucking Candace?”

“That’s simple. We’ll teach Candace to teach him. It’ll take some work, but we can set her up so that from time to time, Tom will have to work to get her excited. He can learn by trial and error how to pleasure her. In fact, we can set it up so that he can choose whether he wants to practice lovemaking, or just fuck the bitch. He’ll give Candace the appropriate commands. We’ll just have to tell him that he has to do at least one training session for every, say, three times he uses Candace as a bitch.”

“You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?”

“Don’t I always? Then I think by the time he starts dating girls, he’ll be a world-class lover, and he’ll be able to satisfy his girlfriends if they want him to. And you’re going to teach him to respect them, and not try anything they don’t want.”

“You’re sure this’ll work? Training Candace to teach Tom how to make love?”

“Well, if it doesn’t, I could always teach him...”


“I’m kidding, honey. Of course it’ll work. Don’t my ideas always work?”

Rick had to admit that was true. “Okay, I’ll talk to him Tomorrow.”

Rick closed the door behind him and sat down on Tom’s bed. His son was sitting next to him, his wiry thirteen-year-old frame perched on the edge of the bed. Rick could already see the muscles developing on Tom’s arms; he was starting to put on a man’s body. Rick took a deep breath.

“Son,” Rick began, “there are certain things a man has to tell his son at this time of his life. You’re not a boy anymore. Your body is developing in new and different ways. You’re becoming a man. And you’re experiencing a lot of new feelings. Today I’m going to explain what those feelings are, where they come from, and how to deal with them.”

Tom was obviously nervous, but he responded bravely. “Okay, dad.”

Rick explained the biological facts of reproduction, most of which Tom knew. He explained the sperm, the ovum, the fertilization process, and the sex act. He also explained arousal, and where it came form.

“Now, son, thousands of years ago, when our ancestors lived in caves, male sex urges served a very important purpose. Back then, a man wanted to have sex with as many women as possible, in order to spread his genes around, so that he would have a lot of children. Most children didn’t survive long, so it was important to have a lot of them. At the same time, he wanted to keep other men from having sex with his women. So he developed a very possessive attitude toward women. He wanted to own them. And he wanted to have sex with them constantly. So women were treated as objects, as possessions.”

“That was the way it was, because that’s the way we evolved. Today, we’ve advanced to the point where we don’t have to have sex all the time to survive. Children don’t die very often. So we don’t need to treat women as objects anymore.”

“And we know now that we shouldn’t. Just because we evolved to think of women as objects doesn’t mean it’s right. In fact, it’s wrong. Women are people just like you and me. They have thoughts and feelings. They’re capable of doing everything we can do. Hell, your mother makes more money than I do.”

“It’s important to respect women. You’re going to be dealing with girls and women a lot more often very soon, and you have to treat them with respect. Love is based on respect. I love your mother more than anyone else in the whole world, except for you, and that love is based on the mutual respect we have for each other. She’s also my best friend. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, dad.”

“Okay. But we still have these urges. A part of us still wants to possess and control women. You have to keep these feelings under control and only let them out at the appropriate times.” Rick swallowed. “That’s what a bitch is for.”

Tom’s jaw dropped. Nervous, Rick turned toward the door. “Come in, Candace.”

The door opened and Candace walked in. Tom’s mouth dropped even further open. “Aunt Candace?”

Tom had never seen Candace dressed like this. She generally wore conservative clothes around the house. But now she was decked out in her finest slutware. She wore a pair of black spiked heels and black mesh stockings and garter. A pair of shiny gold panties barely covered her crotch, and matched a gold bra that displayed her tits proudly. Her face was perfectly made-up, and her thick blonde hair spilled gently over her shoulders and cascaded down her back. Although Candace was over forty years old now, the regular use of anti-wrinkle cream, a strict daily fitness regimen, and some choice bits of cosmetic surgery left her with the body of a slut in her late twenties.

“Your Aunt Candace is a bitch, son. Her purpose is to provide sexual pleasure. That’s all she wants in life. Look at me, son.” Tom ripped his eyes off of Candace’s chest and faced his father. “A woman is different. A woman is a person with thoughts and feelings that you have to understand. And it’s worth it to understand women. It’s very rewarding. But sometimes, you just need to vent your urges. And that’s what a bitch like Candace is for. No complex feelings. She just wants to be fucked. Understand?”

“O-okay, Dad.”

“Now, I’m going to show you how to use a bitch. This is a lot different from making love to a woman. You’ll hear about that later.” Now come over here and pull her bra down off of her tits.”

Tom rose slowly and walked over to Candace. As though afraid she was going to bite him, he gently pulled the bra down until Candace’s tits hung free.

“Touch her tits, son. Feel them. Notice how round and firm they are? That’s one way to tell a slut like Candace from a woman. A woman has breasts, which are soft and natural. A bitch, though, doesn’t have breasts. She has big, round, firm tits.” Tom was gently cupping and caressing Candace’s melonlike tits, eliciting soft moans from the slut. “Rub the nipples, son. Notice how hard they get? A bitch likes having her nipples fondled, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, master,” Candace groaned in a husky voice. Tom started as she spoke. He’d never heard Candace talk that way. But he continued to fondle the twin globes of flesh on Candace’s chest. Candace’s silicone tits had been a gift from Jennifer to Rick on their tenth anniversary. She’d noticed how much Rick enjoyed paying attention to her own breasts, which were quite a bit larger than Candace’s natural tits had been, and decided to see if Rick would like a somewhat bustier slave-bitch. She’d been right.

“Try licking them,” Rick suggested. Tom hesitantly bent his head to touch Candace’s nipple with his tongue. The slut groaned in pleasure. “Oh, yes, master... lick my tits...” Tom still seemed nervous about using Candace, but her exhortations spurred him to suck her erect nipple fiercely. Candace’s breathing quickened as he did so, and her chest arched, thrusting her tits against Tom’s frantic mouth. Tom was clearly enjoying this, and sucked and licked at Candace’s tits eagerly, his hands coming to rest on her hips.

Rick allowed Tom to have his fun with Candace’s chest for awhile. It was important that the boy become comfortable with using the bitch’s body for his own pleasure. But there were other things he needed to learn. “Pull her panties down. Feel between the slut’s legs, son.” Tom ceased his petting of her tits and slid her panties down. His hand cupped her crotch. Candace adjusted her stance, spreading her legs to accommodate his touch. Tom seemed less nervous now. More in control.

“Notice how smooth she is down there, son? That’s another difference between a woman and a bitch. A woman has hair growing down there, but a bitch keeps her cunt shaved nice and smooth.” Rick knelt in front of Candace and pointed out her clitoris. “Rub it, son.” Candace groaned as Tom did so, sliding his finger back and forth on her swollen clit. “She really likes that. If you ever want to reward her for doing something good, you can rub her there.”

“Now slide your finger up here,” Rick instructed, continuing to show Tom all the features of the bitch’s body. Tom’s index finger slid into Candace’s cunt. Candace was panting with lust now at the penetration. Rick smiled. When Tom took his first ride, the bitch would come.

“It’s wet,” Tom said in awe.

“That’s because she’s ready to be used. Are you ready to use the bitch, son?”

“Y-yeah, sure,” Tome stammered.

“All right. There are a lot of ways to use a bitch like Candace. Today you’re just going to fuck her. Now remember, a bitch does whatever you tell her, so you have to give her the right commands. What you want her to do is lie down on the bed and spread her legs. And remember, it’s important to call her a bitch, or a slut, or a whore, or something else degrading whenever you give her a command. Go ahead.”

Tom stepped back and swallowed nervously. “L-Lie down on the bed, slut,” he said, his voice quivering.

“Yes, master,” Candace replied, spreading her body out on Tom’s bed.

Tom was struggling to keep his voice smooth. “Spread your legs, bitch,” he growled.

Candace complied, her legs parting to reveal the damp folds of her pussy. Her eyes were closed, and she was panting with lust, her tits rising and falling with every breath she took. Tom’s eyes were riveted on the sight before him: A hot bitch who obeyed his every command and was practically begging to be fucked.

“Get up there,” Rick instructed. Tom shook of his daze and climbed onto the bed, kneeling in front of Candace’s crotch. Her legs automatically came to rest on his shoulders. “Tell her to pull out your cock.”

“P-pull out my c-cock, bitch,” Tom commanded. Candace’s skilled hands swiftly unfastened Tom’s belt and unzipped his jeans. His rock-hard member sprang free. Candace groaned in lust at the sight of it. Rick could see why. For a thirteen-year-old, Tom was pretty well-hung. He’d have to explain to the boy that when making love to a woman, size was of little importance. But Candace wasn’t a woman. She was a bitch, and a bitch loved nothing more than getting fucked by a big cock.

“Now, your cock goes in here, where your finger was. But here’s the fun part. Just touch these folds here and hold it there.” The swollen purple head of Tom’s cock rested against the outer folds of Candace’s cunt. The bitch was hyperventilating and thrusting her hips at Tom, trying to draw his cock into her dripping cunt. “Don’t go in yet. This is the best part. See how excited she is? She always gets incredibly horny when she thinks she’s about to get fucked. There’s nothing in the whole world that a bitch like Candace craves more than a good fucking. It’s a lot of fun to make her beg for it.”

“In fact, it’s a good idea to occasionally act like you’re going to fuck her, get her all excited and hot, and then not do it. Just have her suck you off or something. That way, she’ll never know for sure whether she’s going to get it or not, so she’ll be all the more desperate and hungry for a fucking. Now, what you want to do now is degrade her as thoroughly as you can. Tell her how cheap and filthy she is. Make her beg to be fucked. Go to it, son,”

Tom drew a ragged breath. “You f-filthy little slut,” he said, his voice hoarse. “You l-look like a cheap whore begging for a fuck, B-beg me to fuck you, bitch!” Rick was impressed with Tom’s abilities. The boy was quickly learning how to use a bitch.

“Oh, please fuck me, master!” Candace breathed. “I’ve been waiting so long for you to realize how much I need your cock inside me. I got so hot when I found that magazine under your bed, because I knew that meant you would be learning how to fuck me soon. I’ve been waiting to be filled up with your hard cock since you were born. Fuck me, fuck me!”

Tom grunted mightily as he shoved his rock-hard cock deep into the bitch’s cunt. Candace shrieked in ecstasy at his entry. After a second, Tom withdrew and shoved himself into the slut’s cunt again, even harder. Candace moaned again. Rick smiled as he watched his son use the slave-bitch. He’d been surprised by Candace’s lust for his son’s cock. No wonder she loved that boy; she’d been lusting after his cock for thirteen years! Rick knew Tom would get plenty of enjoyment out of the bitch over the next several years.

Tom continued to fuck Candace. He wouldn’t last long, Rick knew. The boy was close to orgasm already. So was Candace. The bitch was thrusting back desperately at Tom, her tits bouncing on her chest as she strained to take the boy’s cock as far inside her as possible. “Ohhhh... fuck... meeeee....” she groaned as Tom pistoned madly in and out of her.

Tom’s hands moved down to grip Candace’s flanks, and he began pulling her onto his cock. Rick was surprised at the boy’s strength. Each time his pelvis thrust forward, his strong arms would pull the slut down onto his cock, and he would groan with animal pleasure. Tom’s nervousness was gone, replaced by pure lust as he grunted vocally at Candace. “Nnggh! Take my... Ooomph! ... cock, you sleazy... Unngh! ... bitch! Gonna ... Ummph! ... fuck you good, you .. Nngh! little slut!” All the pent-up energy and sexual frustration of a thirteen-year-old boy was being released into the horny slave-bitch on the bed beneath him. Candace seemed to be loving it.

Rick saw his son’s body tighten as he slammed his cock into the slut beneath him one final time. The boy groaned in ecstasy as he came. Candace simultaneously flew into a screaming orgasm, her back arching and her tits straining toward the ceiling. Rick was happy that the boy was enjoying his first fuck, and glad that Candace was having fun, too.

Rick watched as the boy and the bitch came together, Tom’s white jism overflowing from Candace’s cunt and dripping onto the bed. At last their orgasms subsided, Candace falling back onto the bed and Tom pulling his cock out with an audible pop. The thirteen-year-old’s shaft was coated in sticky with come, and a thick string of it stretched from the head of his cock to Candace’s pussy. “She’ll clean that up for you, son. Just tell her to.”

“Clean my cock, bitch,” Tom said harshly, looking at Candace.

“Yes, master,” she responded, sitting up and bending over to lick the sperm off of Tom’s cock. Tom watched her, one hand idly playing with her tits.

“Now, son,” Rick said, causing Tom to look up at him attentively, “you can use her whenever you want. Just let her know you want to fuck. But remember, she has things she has to do during the day, so don’t tie up all of her time. Only an hour or two a day, okay? And remember, no one outside of this family is to know about this. Understand?”

“Sure, dad.”

“All right. I’ll leave you two alone now,” he said, turning toward the door.

“Well, now, Aunt Candace, you were such a good fuck, let’s see how good a cocksucker you are,” Tom was saying as Rick closed the door. He smiled. The boy was going to find out just how skilled a bitch Candace was.

Candace tried to concentrate on her work as she dusted off the shelves of the entertainment cabinet. For the sixth time in as many minutes, she glanced at the clock on the VCR. 1:35. Fifty-five minutes until Tom got home. She tried to ignore the tingling in her pussy, fighting the urge to rub her slit through the tight bikini panties she wore. The bikini bottom and a button-down shirt tied off under her tits were the most practical clothes she was allowed to wear around the house. She wore them and a pair of three-inch heels—the most stable pair of shoes she was capable of wearing without painfully stressing her tendons—while cleaning. She faced the coming hour with a mixture of dread and lust.

Over the last several years, Candace had found herself being made use of less and less often. When her master and mistress had first moved in together, they had made use of her almost every night. Candace had orgasmed frequently and powerfully. After she’d started working as Rick’s secretary, she’d gotten use during the day as well—giving Rick a quick blowjob, carrying some documents up to Jennifer’s office and eating her out while she was up there, even an occasional threeway with both master and mistress.

In the years since she’d quit work to care for Tom, her sexual activity had steadily declined. Rick and Jennifer had stopped bringing her into their bed every night, often preferring to amuse themselves more privately. These days they used Candace together maybe twice a week. They would both still make occasional use of her body on an individual basis, but even so, Candace often went days without being used. She hadn’t minded at all. Her own sexual desires had faded as well over time. She had been perfectly content to come only once or twice a week.

The dropoff in use had coincided with an increase in the amount of work she was required to do for her masters. Rick and Jennifer both routinely brought home papers for her to read and comment on. She was often expected to write reports and prepare presentations for her masters. Oddly enough, between the paperwork she did for her masters, and the decreasing amount of use she got, she had regained some of her pride.

She was still a good little bitch, always eager to spread her legs for her master’s cock or lick her mistress’s cunt. But she was proud of the fact that she had become something more—an important contributor to her master and mistress’s well-being. Not an equal, but not really a slave either. More a trusted subordinate.

But two weeks ago, that had changed. Two weeks ago, Tom Logan had fucked her for the first time, slamming his thirteen-year-old cock into her cunt with a force she hadn’t imagined possible. After his father had instructed him in Candace’s use, Tom had proceeded to use her several times a day.

The whirlwind pace had left her little time to do her regular work for her masters. Last week she’d written a quarterly report for Rick and inadvertently omitted a whole section. Rick had caught the mistake and given her a stern talking-to. She knew she wouldn’t have made the mistake if she’d been allowed a decent amount of sleep in the last couple of weeks.

She worked hurriedly. In five minutes or so she would need to start fixing up her hair and putting on makeup for Tom’s afternoon ride. Her pussy tingled again at the thought.

And the worst part was how much she enjoyed getting used by the boy. Tom used her with a zest and power that she hadn’t experienced with Rick or Jennifer in a long time. To them, she knew, she was a fact of life. They took her for granted. That was what had allowed her to rise to a position of importance within the family.

But to Tom, she was a wonderful new plaything, a thousand new opportunities to explore. And how he explored. He’d fucked her in almost every conceivable position.

As she was preparing to retire to her room to change for her fucking by Tom, the door flew open. She whirled to find herself facing a grinning boy. “School’s out early today, bitch,” he said, closing the door. “And I see a hot slut begging for a fucking.”

Candace’s knees shook as she felt the heat in her cunt intensify. Her cheeks burned with humiliation, but the thought of the boy’s cock in her cunt excited her incredibly. She knew that she’d do anything for it. And two short weeks ago she’d been so proud of herself. Now she was just a bitch again.

The boy tossed his backpack onto the floor next to the door. “Untie the shirt, bitch. I want to see those tits,” he growled, striding purposefully toward her. Candace groaned in pleasure at his harsh language, feeling simultaneously aroused and disgusted. Neither Rick nor Jennifer ever called her a bitch anymore. She’d forgotten what degradation had felt like, and both thanked and hated Tom for reminding her.

She untied the knot in her shirt, letting her melonlike tits hang free. Tom reached out eagerly to fondle the firm globes of silicone and flesh. Candace moaned at his touch. Rick and Jennifer never seemed to notice her tits anymore. Rick had been interested for about a year after Jennifer had gotten Candace the implants, but the novelty had eventually worn off. The sensation of having her tits fondled was one thing Candace had forgotten about until a few weeks ago.

Tom seemed to derive endless fascination from her tits—rubbing them, squeezing them, pinching them, licking them, sucking them. She often spent the night in his bed, and he would fall asleep with one hand wrapped around each of her tits, kneading them gently. The attention often kept her fully aroused for several hours. He hadn’t fucked them, but she knew it was only a matter of time until he did.

“Blow me, bitch,” Tom growled. “Do a good job and I’ll fuck your brains out.” Candace whined plaintively, but did as she was told, sinking to her knees and unzipping the boy’s jeans. His cock seemed to have already reached its adult size, and sprang out at her as she pulled down his pants. She dove on it eagerly, her tongue swirling around its thick shaft.

She felt Tom’s hands running through her hair, removing the pins that had kept it up out of her way when she’d been cleaning. Two weeks ago, he’d been hesitant, unsure of himself. But now his hands moved over her body with perfect confidence and familiarity. He pulled her hair out, combing it with his fingers as she continued to suck his cock.

She took him as deeply into her throat as possible, her lips sliding smoothly along his prick. Her pussy was dripping wet at his promise of a fucking. Sometimes he fucked her, sometimes he didn’t. She got so frustrated by the uncertainty of it all. And she was thoroughly humiliated by her continued lust for the mere possibility of a fucking.

“Yes... yesssss...” Tom groaned. “There’s a good little slut. You’re always a good slut, Candace. I always knew that was what you were. Even before Dad told me you were a sex-bitch, I knew. It was so obvious. I’ve been dreaming of this for so long. Dreaming of taking my Aunt Candace and making her suck my cock. Making you beg for my cock like the bitch I always knew you were.”

Candace moaned around his cock at the words. She’d wanted him for so long, too. Even when he’d just been born, and Jennifer had let her hold him, a tiny little baby in her arms, she’d known. She’d known that someday the baby would grow into a man, and he would use her just like his parents did. She’d looked at his little cock every time she’d changed his diapers, wondering how big it was going to get, how it would feel inside her.

“Yes, I think I’ll fuck you today, bitch,” Tom growled. “Get up and bend over the chair,” Candace squealed in delight as she stood. She turned her back to Tom and bent over, thrusting her ass high in the air and resting her hands on the arms of the easy chair. She felt her pussy drip with wetness.

Tom moved into position behind her. His hands grabbed the bikini bottom and pulled it roughly down off of her hips. The strings pulled against her thighs as Tom ran his hands up and down the lips of her pussy, rubbing her swollen clit. “Oooooh...” she moaned, “Ohhhhhh... fuck me, master... fuck me...” She whined plaintively, shoving her hips back at his probing hands. Her head was fogged with lust.

“So the little bitch wants some cock, hmmm?” Tom’s hands moved from her cunt to her hips. Candace thrilled at his solid grip. She was desperate to be fucked. The sensation of his cockhead touching her labia almost drove her to orgasm. “All right, slut,” Tom growled, “Here it comes...”


Candace felt the hands leave her hips and the cockhead leave her pussy lips at the voice. No! She had to get fucked! “Fuck meeeeee...” she mewled.

But Tom wasn’t paying attention to her anymore. “Mom!” Candace turned to look. Sure enough, there was her mistress, standing in the door.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jennifer asked, slamming the door behind her as she strode into the room.

“Mom, I... I...” Tom stammered.

“I take off from work early to get a head start on shopping for your birthday, and I come home to find you about to fuck Candace in the middle of the living room?”

“I... I...” Tom was speechless.

“Well?” Jennifer demanded.

“D-Dad said that... Candace... I could... use... her.” Tom muttered, eyes downcast. Candace whined at the statement. “Fuck me...” Her pussy ached for cock.

Jennifer ignored her. “I know damn well what your father told you. Did he tell you to fuck her in the middle of the living room?”

Tom seemed perplexed. “N-no...”

“I mean, for Chrissakes, Tom, what if I’d been bringing company in?” Tom was silent. “Look, you’ve got a room, she’s got a room. Try to keep your pants on long enough to get to one of them, okay? It’s more comfortable on a bed, anyway.”

“So... it’s okay... to... to... do it with her?”

Jennifer sighed. “Of course it is, Tom. What do you think your father and I have her around for?”

Tom was silent. Candace squealed with need, shaking her ass. She was about to explode with lust. “Mistress... Master...”

“Well, don’t just stand there, Tom,” Jennifer said. “Look at her. You can’t get her all hot and horny like this and then not use her. Now take the bitch up to your room and fuck her.”

“Yes, mom. Come on, bitch.”

Candace rose and followed Tom to his room She stumbled after him as fast as she could with the bikini panties constraining her thighs. Upon reaching his room, Tom closed the door behind Candace. The downcast boy vanished, replaced by the confident master. “On the bed, bitch. Hands and knees. Now!”

Candace moaned with pleasure as she rushed to comply, her cunt tingling with desire. She had barely finished following his instructions when she felt him kneel behind her. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her back roughly as his swollen cock slammed into her cunt. “Ohhh... yesss!” she moaned as her pussy squeezed his cock tightly.

“Horny little slut!” Tom groaned as he continued to fuck her. His hands crept forward to grasp her tits. He pulled them backward with each stroke, using them as leverage to thrust his cock as far into her cunt as possible. “Take my cock, bitch!”

Candace burned with humiliation even as she grew excited at his words. She knew it was true. The pride she had taken from the brainwork she had done was an illusion, an attempt to flee from reality. This was the reality. Getting fucked by her Master, feeling his hands gripping her silicone tits. She was a sex-toy. Nothing more.

She felt her master’s cock throbbing within her. The sensation pushed her over the edge into orgasm. She screamed in pleasure as her master’s seed spurted into her cunt. All doubt left her mind as waves of pleasure crashed over her. This was what she wanted more than anything else in the world.

Jennifer tossed her briefcase onto the couch and sat down, letting the tension ease out of her body. She leaned back, closing her eyes. She had to do something about Tom. He was coming along just fine, showing all the normal adolescent urges and interests. Soon she and Rick were going to train Candace to be a lovemaking practice-woman for him, so that he could fit his urges into the proper social context.

She was worried, though, about the enthusiasm with which the boy was using the bitch. Jennifer didn’t think Tom would intentionally hurt Candace, but a careless accident could happen. She had to make sure Tom cared for Candace properly.

So she’d hypnotize him. Rick was going on a business trip the next week; it would be the perfect opportunity to give Tom a little conditioning. Some of the drug in his breakfast juice, and then a few carefully chosen suggestions. She would tell Tom that he cared for Candace. He cared about her enough to make sure she never got hurt. He cared enough to look after her welfare if his parents died before Candace did.

It would only take minor conditioning, probably less than half an hour. And it would be permanent. Jennifer had become quite a good hypnotist, and was good enough to plant suggestions strong enough to last a lifetime. Teaching Tom to look out for Candace would be a snap. Just like it had been fifteen years ago when she’d done it to Rick.

Jennifer loved him dearly, and knew that he wouldn’t abuse Candace. But occasionally she worried a little about his darker side. She knew it was safe as long as she was around; she and Candace, between the two of them, were capable of satisfying all of Rick’s desires. But what if something happened to Jennifer? Would Rick’s urges take control of him?

She didn’t think so. Rick had long since dealt with his dark side. But she couldn’t be perfectly sure. She had to make certain that Candace would be taken care of if she died. She’d been a good bitch, and she deserved that much. So she’d studied up on hypnotism, secretly, and then conditioned Rick to care for Candace.

Jennifer opened her eyes, refreshed, and stood up. She had to go out and get Tom’s birthday present. She looked down and saw the boy’s pants lying on the floor, where he’d left them after undressing to screw Candace. She picked them up and carried them off toward the laundry room, shaking her head amusedly. “Just like his father.”