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Niemira knew she shouldn’t be playing Candy Girls in History class, but she couldn’t help herself. The game was so compelling, and the class was so boring, and old Mrs Fenwick barely seemed to notice what her students were doing as she droned on about Mesopotamian civilisation.

It had been a few days since Niemira started playing Candy Girls, and she had never loved anything more.

The game was addictive. Niemira loved matching the candy and watching it explode in sugary showers. She loved the satisfying noises it made. And she loved winning new items for her sexy little avatar, Sherbet Giggles.

She had hit Level 3 on the first day after she installed it, and the game had offered Niemira a choice of three accessories for Sherbet Giggles. This time all of them were appropriate to wear in public, more or less. She dithered as she tried to pick one, hovering briefly over a cute two-piece bikini-and-briefs swimsuit (“Sherbet Giggles loves showing off her body for boys”) and a maid outfit (“Sherbet Giggles loves to serve”) before settling on a sexy school uniform a lot like Niemira’s own.

“Sherbet Giggles is too stupid to learn,” said the game, as the little cartoon avatar changed into her new outfit in a shower of sparkles. Niemira smiled at Sherbet’s spunky new look. Even though the cartoon was wearing the same thing that Niemira wore to school every day, Sherbet looked a little like a stripper in it. And of course her face and body shape was based on Niemira’s own, so it was kind of like seeing herself dressed up as a stripper…

But it was a sexy outfit, and Niemira had been dying to tell her friends she was finally playing Candy Girls, so she took a screenshot of her little in-game persona and sent it to her friends.

The trouble had started when she had tried to put Sherbet Giggles back in the collar and leash.

She needed Sherbet to wear the demeaning outfit so she could score bonus points. But when she dragged the costume onto Sherbet, the little minx just shook her head and stamped her foot and refused to put it on.

Niemira stared at the screen, flummoxed. Where did that little strumpet get off, refusing to do what Niemira told her?

Suddenly words flashed on the screen. “Slap Sherbet to make her behave!” A little cartoon hand waggled on the screen. Experimentally, Niemira tapped Sherbet’s face—and there was a sharp “slap” sound. Sherbet recoiled, clutching her face, tears in her eyes, her cheek visibly reddening—but the game played the “victory” fanfare that always sounded when Niemira did something well, and Niemira felt her cunt get a little wet.

And after that, Sherbet Giggles put on the leash as she was told.

Level 3 also introduced “nutrient juice”. The first time Niemira logged on each day, a cartoon boy would walk onto the screen and hand Sherbet Giggles a bottle of white fluid. The boy looked different every day, and he was labelled on the screen as “Sir”.

Niemira learned that she could feed the fluid to Sherbet Giggles to earn double points for a full hour. She got a refill every day, but only if she had used up the last bottle, so it made sense to log in every day and use her bonus.

Except that Sherbet Giggles didn’t want to drink the fluid. When Niemira dragged the bottle onto her, she would turn her head away, and pout, and cross her arms. Again, Niemira had to slap Sherbet to make her obey. But now a single slap wasn’t enough. It generally took ten slaps to the little slut’s face to make her drink the liquid, although Niemira discovered she could also target Sherbet’s breasts or groin with her hands, which made Sherbet squeal and made her obey faster.

Eventually, after being slapped around enough, Sherbet would do as she was told and drink the liquid, raising the bottle to her lips and letting it glug down her throat, before sticking out her tongue and showing the white liquid glistening on her tongue. Every time Niemira slapped Sherbet into submission and made her drink the fluid, she heard the victory fanfare, so she knew she was doing the right thing. And the double points really made levelling up faster, especially as each level seemed to require many more points than the level before.

The last reward of level 3 had been another bonus round. It had asked her to upload a photo of her bouncing her exposed tits up and down, which Niemira had blushingly done in the privacy of her bedroom, and then it had shown her another of the staticky videos. When the video was over, Niemira entered the code-word that had appeared in her mind—“sex-kitten”—and the app had delightedly informed her that she’d won an authentic Candy Girls women’s T-shirt. It asked for her full name and postal address, which Niemira eagerly provided, and told her that her prize was in the mail.

Now Niemira was finally approaching level 4, and she was excited to see what came next.

She was playing surreptitiously, trying not to alert her teacher to the fact she was playing games in class. As a result, she was losing more than she ordinarily did.

She watched now as the candy overflowed the screen, triggering the defeat animation. The video of her bouncing her tits appeared on the screen briefly, with the superimposed text BRAINLESS CUNT.

“Brainless cunt,” Niemira whispered to herself, not realising she was doing it, as she started another round.

A few minutes later, she had lost again. She saw herself nude, with her pussy spread. “YOU DESERVE TO BE SLAPPED.”

“I deserve to be slapped,” whispered Niemira. She had the strongest urge to reach down and play with her pussy—but she couldn’t do that here, in class.

She lost again. There she was, bouncing her tits again. “BRAINLESS CUNT,” said the game again.

“Brainless cunt,” whispered Niemira.

A harsh voice cut across the room. “Did you say something, Niemira, that you want to share with the class?” It was Mrs Fenwick, staring at Niemira archly.

Niemira blushed. “No, Mrs Fenwick,” she said feebly. “Sorry.”

There were titters of laughter from the other students in the class.

“Then perhaps you can put down your phone,” said Mrs Fenwick, “and tell me the name of Gilgamesh’s friend in the epic of Gilgamesh?”

Niemira actually knew the answer to this. She had read the entire epic at the start of the semester, keen to get good grades. She opened her mouth to answer….


The words flashed across her mind—and the answer vanished. It just wasn’t there anymore. She couldn’t think of it for the life of her.

Her mouth hung open.

“Well?” asked Mrs Fenwick.

“I’m sorry, Mrs Fenwick, I don’t know,” Niemira said, finally. And then, before she could stop herself, she added, “I guess I’m a brainless cunt.”

Her eyes widened in horror. Why had she said that? Around her, the class broke into open laughter—a shocked, disbelieving wave of giggles and guffaws at her humiliating answer.

“Are you trying to be funny, Niemira?” asked Mrs Fenwick.

“No!” said Niemira. “I mean, I’m sorry.”

“So you should be,” said Mrs Fenwick. “The answer is ‘Enkidu’.”

Enkidu. Niemira had known that, and then it had just… gone.

“Brainless cunt,” she whispered to herself again. But Mrs Fenwick had turned back to the whiteboard at the front of the class, and was writing something, and couldn’t see Niemira, so Niemira let her worries vanish from her mind, and started another round of Candy Girls.

And this time all her hard work paid off. She had finally accumulated enough points to reach level 4. As the level-up approached, she pressed the small earbud headphones she carried with her into her ears, just in time to hear the victory fanfare, and the deep male voice saying “GOOD GIRL”.

She felt her pussy twitch, as she became immediately aroused. It was embarrassing. Every time she heard that voice now she got wetter and wetter. At least she was wearing panties.

The game offered her two new options for Sherbet Giggles. One was an expensive fur coat—“Sherbet wears what her daddy buys her”. The other was a pair of vicious looking weighted nipple clamps. “Sherbet Giggles hates having her tits clamped, but sluts like her deserve to be in pain! Earn double points on Milk Duds when you combine these clamps with any other topless outfit!”

Double points on Milk Duds? Niemira couldn’t go past that. She selected the clamps, and then put them on Sherbet. Of course, Sherbet had to be slapped to be forced to wear them—15 slaps now!—and she was visibly crying once she had them screwed down on her nipples, but to Niemira’s delight she discovered they could be combined with the collar and the leash. She found she really resented Sherbet’s bitchy refusal to just wear what she was told. If Sherbet was a good candy girl, she’d let her tits be abused so that Niemira could maximise her score. After all, she was just a candy girl—not even a real person.

And now the words Niemira had been waiting for appeared on the screen. “BONUS ROUND APPROACHES!”

“Win real prizes on the Wheel of Candy!” the game exclaimed. “Upload a photo of the inner flesh of your pussy to play the bonus round—and unlock a new pose for Sherbet Giggles!”

Niemira suddenly realised how foolish she had been. The bonus round always wanted a new compromising photo of her—but she was in class! She couldn’t give it what it wanted! What would happen if she didn’t obey? Would she miss her chance at the bonus round?

But she wanted to obey. Deep down, the thought of not playing the bonus round was unacceptable to her.

It didn’t matter, though. There was no way to take the photo.


Surreptitiously, she lowered the phone beneath the school desk. She parted her legs, pulled her skirt up a little, and looked around.

No one was watching.

She reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties to one side. She noted in passing that they were soaked with arousal. God, she was so wet! With one hand, she carefully spread her pussy lips, and with the other, she aimed her phone at her cunt and took a picture.

But when she brought the phone back up, it was no good. It was too dark under the table, and her cunt was barely visible.

She would have to use the flash.

She looked around again, and then repeated the process, spreading her legs, teasing aside her panties, and spreading open her fuckhole. Then she took a photo.

There was a flash of light from under the table. Niemira hadn’t realised how bright it would be. She looked around in panic.

Only one person was looking at her—but he was looking right at her, eyes wide. It was Jeffrey Pak, the attractive dark-haired boy that Niemira had never dared to have a crush on. He was fit, rich—and cruel, in a way that triggered the “bad boy” fantasies of Niemira and all her friends.

Had he seen what she had done? His face told her he had, even if he hadn’t actually seen her pussy.

She blushed, and pretended she was doing nothing strange. She brought the phone back up to where she could see it, and was pleased to see a well-lit photo of her spread cunt on the screen. Satisfied, she pressed “upload”.

“GOOD GIRL” said the app, and Niemira sighed in pleasure. Then: “Watch the Candy Girls video, then enter your reward code. 75% chance of success, 25% chance of forfeit.”

The screen faded to static—and Niemira went blank.

* * *


Niemira jerked to wakefulness. The classroom was empty of students. She was still sitting at her desk, and towering over her was the baleful form of Mrs Fenwick.

What had happened? Where had everyone gone? And why was she…

Oh God. Her fingers were in her pussy. She was masturbating openly and enthusiastically in her seat. She could feel a wet patch under her. She was sitting in a puddle of her own pussy juices!

She jerked her hand away from her cunt and tried to think of a response. “I’m sorry…” she said. “How long was I…”

“The class left five minutes ago,” said Mrs Fenwick. “But you didn’t get up. And then when I come over here, you start rubbing your vagina like a WHORE. What on Earth do you think you’re doing?”

Niemira tried to think. She had only started masturbating after the rest of the class had left. That was good. Then no one had seen her except Mrs Fenwick. But still…

“Um… I’m on some special medication right now,” lied Niemira. “It makes me space out and act weird. I’m so sorry, Mrs Fenwick! I really am! Please… don’t tell anyone…”

Mrs Fenwick looked down at her doubtfully. “I don’t know,” she said, then fell silent.

Niemira vibrated with fear and shame.

Finally, Mrs Fenwick said, “You’re normally a good student, Niemira, so I’ll let this pass. But that behaviour was disgusting. I don’t want to see it in my class again, or the principal will be hearing about it.”

“Yes, Mrs Fenwick!” agreed Niemira. “I’m so sorry!”

“Get out of here,” said Mrs Fenwick. “You’re supposed to be at lunch.”

Niemira fled.

She went straight to the girls’ toilets and locked herself in a stall. Without even thinking out it, she pulled down her panties and began rubbing her pussy again. Then she took out her phone and typed in the code-phrase that had appeared in her brain while she watched the video: “Rapetoy”.

She expected another victorious fanfare—but instead a quite different sound played—a sad trombone.

“FORFEIT!” said the game. “YOU WERE UNLUCKY!”

The screen showed Sherbert Giggles wearing her schoolgirl outfit. She reached under her skirt, pulled down her panties, and then threw them into a garbage bin. She then lifted her skirt to expose her pussy, and stood there, blushing.

“NO MORE PANTIES!” declared the game. “As a result of your forfeit, you will never wear panties again, unless a man forces you to! Better luck next time!”

What was this? Surely the game wasn’t serious?

Except even as she thought that, she found herself wiggling her panties down her legs, over her ankles and taking them off entirely. She spread her legs and dropped them into the toilet bowl, and then flushed. The panties vanished down the toilet.

Her eyes widened. Why had she done that? She hadn’t even thought about it. She’d just… done it!

And then the truth hit her. The videos the game showed her were hypnotic. It planted hypnotic suggestions in her brain as she watched them. It tested to see if it had been successful by asking for the code-phrase it had implanted. If she hadn’t been hypnotised, she wouldn’t know the code phrase. If she did know it, it meant that the other subliminal suggestions had also been received.

The game had been training her to watch the videos. To accept their suggestions. To obey. And now it had told her she would never wear panties again. And she was helpless to resist.

It was horrifying. She should delete the app. She should tell someone. She should seek help.

She certainly shouldn’t be sitting here on the toilet, masturbating her sopping wet pussy.

But she was. Her fingers were working her clitoris even more eagerly than they had been before she removed her panties. She was moaning with lust. She couldn’t help herself.

Her orgasm was approaching. It was going to be overwhelming, she knew. And there was only one thing that could make it better.

With her free hand, she held up her phone, and started a new round of Candy Girls.