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She just couldn’t wear panties.

She had tried a dozen ways—doing it with her eyes closed, pretending they weren’t really panties, sneaking them up on herself. She had even, one embarrassing morning at school, asked her best friend Dawn to help her put them on.

But her body balked every time. Her hands refused to pull the underwear up her legs to fit snugly over her pussy. When Dawn tried to help her—and it had certainly been embarrassing to have the pretty redheaded cheerleader kneeling down to pull her panties up towards her naked cunt—she had freaked out, and started kicking and pushing at Dawn until her friend had given up.

She just couldn’t wear panties. Candy Girls had said she wasn’t allowed to, and that was that. Whatever hypnotic commands Niemira had been receiving from the game’s weird staticky videos were firm that Niemira would not be wearing underwear below the waist.

And so Niemira had done her best to get used to it. The school dress code mandated skirts for girls, so all she could do was do her best to walk demurely, sit demurely, and keep her skirt from blowing up from any sudden gusts of wind. The knowledge that she was sluttily bare-cunted was constantly in her mind, making her blush furiously in the most innocent of situations, and she spent most of her time anticipating that she would be discovered, and that the whole school would see that she was deliberately flaunting her nude fuckhole.

Worse, constantly thinking about her pussy was having an effect on her. She was regularly wet down there. By lunchtime there would be a round damp spot on the back of her skirt from where she had sat on it. It was embarrassing enough that Niemira had taken to pulling her skirt out from under her whenever she could get away with it, and sitting with her bare cunt against the plastic or metal of the seat. She left a wet patch there, too, of course, but it was less likely to be spotted.

A couple of times the thought had occurred to her that there was no end in sight for this—that going without panties might literally be a forever thing—and that thought was so scary she had backed away from it almost immediately.

Instead, she played more Candy Girls, which was always excellent at taking her mind off things.

She knew she should stop, of course. Candy Girls had gotten her into this mess. But it was addictive…

Level 4 had introduced a new mechanic into the game. A box had popped up, labelled “Sir’s Approval”, with a percentage showing underneath. The approval slowly declined as Niemira spent time away from the game. The lower the approval, the less points she got for each combo in the game. However, she could raise the number by dressing Sherbet Giggles in new clothes, feeding her “nutrient juice”, or slapping her. Niemira now started most sessions of the game by spending a few minutes slapping Sherbet’s tits, face or pussy until Sir’s Approval was high enough to earn some decent points.

Niemira’s slutty little avatar was spending most of her time crying now, but Niemira associated those tears with high scores and exciting rewards. Grinding from level 4 to level 5 was a lot slower than previous levels, so Niemira really needed that high approval score.

She played in the mornings and the evenings, usually sitting in her bedroom with the door closed. She played with one hand, and she often discovered when she put the phone down that she had been masturbating with the other without even realising it, fingerfucking her pussy as she matched candy on screen. It was often a sudden and surprising orgasm that brought her attention back to the real world and gave her the opportunity to stop.

Each success and scoring combo in the game made her wetter. And when the candy overflowed the screen, triggering the fail state, she would look at a brief video of herself bouncing her tits, or spreading her cunt—videos that she herself had submitted—and move her lips along with the words it was showing her on the screen.

“BRAINLESS CUNT,” it told her again and again, and Niemira said it out loud. “Brainless cunt.”


After her embarrassing encounter in History class, Niemira tried to avoid playing the game during school hours. But she couldn’t entirely resist, and spent most of her lunch breaks locked in a stall in the girls’ toilets, furiously masturbating and playing Candy Girls.

In classes, she was having trouble. Formerly a dedicated student, now the answers to questions just drifted out of her brain. She could rarely do the work she was assigned. Concentrating was an effort. On many papers, she just spend her time drawing cartoonish pictures of Sherbet Giggles, not even realising that the Sherbet she was drawing was nude, or remembering that Sherbet looked like herself.

On Wednesday night she found herself reading an online news article about a rape victim, a girl a few suburbs over who had been assaulted in a nightclub. Without knowing why she was doing it, Niemira navigated to the comments section, and typed, “She totally deserves. She looks like a total slut.”

Niemira stared at the comment in horror as it published. Why had she typed that? She didn’t believe those words. It was a horrible thing to say.

But she knew why she had typed it. SLUTS SHOULD BE HUMILIATED. MAKE FUN OF WHORES.

Candy Girls had done this to her. Candy Girls was doing things to her brain. She had to stop playing. She just had to.

Through a supreme effort of will, Niemira avoided immediately picking up her phone and dealing with her fear by playing Candy Girls. Instead, she put her phone in a drawer in the lounge room, so it would be out of reach, and went to bed.

The next morning, she had a surge of panic. She hadn’t played last night. Sir’s approval rating would be dropping!

But she remembered the words she had typed, words that had come from a dark place within her that she was ashamed of, and she managed to avoid opening the game. She put her phone in her schoolbag without looking at it, and went to class.

But when she arrived at school, something was wrong. People were standing in groups of two or three, looking at their phones, and sniggering. The boys seemed highly amused. The girls seemed disgusted.

Niemira drifted over to a group of two boys—Joshua and Brett—and a girl—Callista. “What’s up?” she asked.

“Haven’t you seen the picture?” asked Callista.

“It’s so good,” sniggered Joshua.

“No?” said Niemira, confused.

“I’ll send it to you,” said Callista.

Niemira got her phone out of her bag, and looked at the message Callista had sent, resisting the urge to automatically open Candy Girls.

It was a picture of her friend Dawn. In it, Dawn was naked, except for an adult diaper. She had her red hair done up in pigtails. One hand was frantically squeezing her large, naked tits. The other was diving down the front of the diaper to rub her pussy. She was drooling.

Niemira’s mouth opened in an “O” of horror.

“Someone sent this to social media accounts of a whole bunch of people in the school last night,” said Joshua. “It’s fantastic. She looks like a fucking whore!”

“There’s more, too,” said Callista, sending Niemira another picture. In this one, Dawn was naked, and using her fingers to spread her pussy open for the camera. The words “RAPE ME” were written in black marker across her tits. She was visibly aroused.

Niemira had a sudden horrible suspicion where these pictures had come from.

“Doesn’t she look like some kind of sex-animal?” laughed Brett.

“More like a whore-baby!” said Callisata, and everyone chuckled.

“She is never going to live this down!” gloated Joshua. “Jesus, she’s a fucking whore. I bet she’s been fucking half the school, if she acts like this. Whore-Baby Dawn.”

“Um… I have to go somewhere,” said Niemra. “Talk later?”

She ran off before they could answer.

She searched half the school, before finally finding Dawn behind the gym, clutching her knees and sobbing.

“Dawn, are you okay?” she asked, sitting on a stone beside her distressed friend.

“Everyone’s seen the photos,” wailed Dawn. “Everyone! Well, everyone at school, anyway.”

“Why did this happen?” asked Niemira.

Dawn opened her mouth to speak—and said nothing. She tried again, but nothing came out. Finally, she said, “Because I’m a brainless cunt.”

A sick feeling began in Niemira’s stomach. She knew those words. And she knew why Dawn couldn’t speak. She was compelled not to. Compelled by the words behind the static.

Niemira took out her phone and showed it to Dawn.

Dawn nodded, clearly scared. “I tried to stop,” she said. “My approval rating dropped to zero, and then…”

And then the app had shown the pictures she had given it to everyone in school.

Niemira was trying to stop. But if she succeeded….

She panicked. It had been more than 12 hours since she last played. How low must Sir’s approval be?

She quickly loaded the app. Twenty percent. Hurriedly, she slapped Sherbet Giggles, punching the little slut in the tits and the pussy until the rating went up. Then she started a round of the game.

“Niemira, no!” said Dawn. “The game is evil!”

“Shut up,” said Niemira, trying to focus on the gems. She had to play. Sluts played Candy Girls.

But Dawn kept talking. “Niemira, please!”

Niemira couldn’t focus with her friend distracting her. The candy overflowed. The screen showed Niemira’s cunt, and then “SLUTS PLAY CANDY GIRLS”.

She felt a brief surge of anger and hatred at Dawn for making her fail. She turned to her friend. “Sluts play Candy Girls, Dawn,” she said. “I think you’d better start playing the game again.”

“Niemira… no…” protested Dawn.

“Get your phone out,” said Niemira, coldly.

“No!” said Dawn again.

Niemira knew how to deal with a girl who wouldn’t be a good Candy Girl. Without thinking, she reached out and slapped Dawn across the face.

“Get your phone out,” she said.

Dawn’s mouth hung open in horror. Niemira slapped her again.

“Now,” she said.

Dumbly, Dawn rummaged in her bag for her phone, taking it out.

“Play a round of Candy Girls,” said Niemira. When Dawn hesitated, Niemira slapped her again.

Soon Dawn was engrossed in the game. Her Candy Girl appeared to be called Vanilla Kisses, and Dawn had her dressed like a baby, in a cute see-through nightie and a pacifier. Dawn was still crying as she matched the candy, and her whole body jerked when she lost her first game.

Meanwhile, Niemira was thinking. “Only people in school have seen your pictures?” she said. “No one else?”

“No,” muttered Dawn as she played. “Thank God, my family know nothing about it.”

“That’s okay,” said Niemira. “I’ll fix that.”

Dawn looked up at her in horror—causing her to lose another game. “What do you mean?” she said.

“Sluts should be humiliated,” said Niemira, smiling. “Sluts deserve shame. I’ve just sent the pictures to everyone in your family. And now I’m going to post them online in a few places, so people who know you can find them easily. Do you know that people are calling you Whore-Baby now?”

Dawn’s tears intensified, but she was helpless. The game had her again now, and soon she was looking back down at the screen, working on her next combo, and Niemira was playing right alongside her.

* * *

That night, Niemira allowed herself to think about what she had done that day, and felt the tears start to come. She had betrayed her best friend—slapped her—and forced her back into playing a game that was reshaping her mind and destroying her life. The same thing was happening to Niemira—and yet Niemira knew that she wouldn’t stop. The game was so addictive that avoiding it was hard enough by itself—and now she knew that even if she succeeded, she would be publicly humiliated, and likely forced to go back to playing it by another girl.

She was scared, ashamed, and degraded, so she dealt with the feelings in the only way she knew how—by playing more Candy Girls.

That night, she reached level 5, and when it asked her for a video, she filmed herself nude, masturbating, saying, “I give permission for anyone who sees this video to rape me.” She watched the staticky video, entered the word that appeared in her mind—“fuck-puppet”—and was told she had won a cheque for $300.

A week ago, this would have made her ecstatic. Now, she just felt numb. It felt like she was being paid like a whore for slapping and betraying her friend. She didn’t want the money.

And anyway, playing Candy Girls was its own reward.