The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#23: Conquest and Capture!

by Jennifer Kohl

Tina walked down the hallway, checking the doors as she went, until she found the one with the plaque she was looking for: Professor Goode. She raised her fist to knock, but paused at the faint sound she heard from within. She stepped closer to the door and put her ear to it—and yes, there was the sound again, a muffled moaning. A moment later she heard a voice, just on the edge of hearing. Closing her eyes, she struggled to make it out.

“—’s right. Doing so well, feeling so good. You love how listening to me feels, how easy it is to follow my voice and do as I say.”

There was a slurred second choice in response. Tina couldn’t make it out at all, but it didn’t sound like agreement.

“Shh,” the first voice said. “Relax. Let yourself go deeper, feeling better and better, more and more aroused. That’s right, good girl... Now listen. I’m your professor. It’s my job to teach you. So just relax and listen and learn...”

Tina recoiled from the door. She’d had the same basic resistance training as every Cape City official, and she knew an induction when she heard one. Dr. Goode’s bad? Shit! She glanced up and down the hall, and then put her ear to the door again.

“Isn’t it exhausting to fight? Doesn’t it feel so much better to relax and let me take charge?” Dr. Goode asked. The other voice murmured something that sounded like assent. “Good girl. You don’t want to fight anymore. You don’t want to fight me, you just want to listen and learn. And it’s the same when you’re, awake isn’t it? You don’t want to exhaust yourself fighting crime, you want to focus and learn here at school...”

Oh shit, that’s a student in there? And a cape!? Tina pulled back again, mind whirling. I can’t take Alex to her, SCI needs to bust this woman. I need to find another way to get Alex’s mind cleared, and i need to do it fast!

* * *

Veronica waited patiently by Masters’ desk, her entire being thrilling with the pleasure of obedience. He had left to take care of some business he didn’t want her around for, which meant she was obeying him just by being here, and every part of her filled with bliss at that fact.

Well, almost her entire being and almost every part of her. One part remained watchful, careful, waiting to see if any of her programming would seep through the tiny crack she’d made in her defenses. Finally satisfied that nothing was coming in, Viper carefully let a little of herself out, just a little idea, a notion couched in terms her slave-self would accept.

I could help Master better if I knew more about his plans. She opened his laptop and woke it up. It was password protected, of course, but she’d seen him typed it many times, and her assassin’s instincts had had her watching his hands and memorizing their movements without her even being consciously aware of it. She got in easily, and began to learn.

Her eyes widened as she saw his recent contacts. Notes, written deliberately cryptically, but very thorough, and she knew enough from watching him to piece together a few things. He was working with a mind-control expert, someone he called “the good doctor.” They’d been collecting mind-controllers as part of some scheme, starting with freeing Pheromona from prison. That wasn’t the only scheme he was working on, however; there were files here about any number of illegal enterprises, if you knew how to read them. Nothing stated overtly enough to be incriminating, but enough that, if you knew his schedule and the way he thought, you would be able to decide it all—what deals were happening where and with whom, where illegal goods were being stored, which gangsters and cops and politicians were in his pay.

Deep inside Veronica, once again safely sealed in her mental safe room, Viper was satisfied. Now I just need to figure out how to get this to Tarantula...

* * *

Dr. Felicia Goode smiled at the empty, blissed-out expression on the pretty young face across from her. She never tried of seeing young women under trance; it excited her in ways nothing else ever had.

She adjusted her position in her chair. She could feel how week she was getting, but she had to focus on the work. Performing a practice that turned her on so much was ethically gray enough already; letting that arousal distract her from her work with her patients would be over the line.

Of course, some people would say that treating her patients for an additional disorder they hadn’t discussed before going under, a disorder that wasn’t even listed in the DSM.

But she had two new case studies now, after talking with her newest patients. Two people who had gone through traumatic experiences and dealt with the resulting crisis of identity by creating a persona to act out their need for control, going out in costume to act compulsively and violently to “save the world” and “protect the innocent.”

These “heroes” were unwell, that much was clear. No psychologically healthy person would put on a costume to go about punching criminals. She had long recognized that, and dreamed of finding ways to help them. But now in front of her she had the key: this poor, lost, lovely alien, whose unique insights into the human brain would give Goode everything she needed to heal their suffering.

Oddly enough, she owed that to Grouper. His seduction of Michelle had shown her how to use the reward cycle to essentially addict her patients to healthy behavior. Now she was doing exactly that with Michelle—good, healthy behavior like listening to her therapist, focusing on her studies, getting enough rest, and refraining from violence. But what Grouper took a day off more to do, with his crude mashing of the pleasure and arousal buttons, Goode could do far more effectively.

“That’s right, Michelle. You remember how good he made you feel. But I can make you feel that good too, of you let me. You can feel it, can’t you? The memory of that experience? Feeling that pleasure rising, that arousal building. Your heart racing, your muscles tensing, your awareness focusing down on that one point, that one need...”

Michelle whimpered softly, and Goode bit her lip as her own arousal spiked in response. But she had to focus on the work. “And then letting that need ebb away just a bit, bringing you back down from that edge...” That was the key, to make this more than just crude pleasure conditioning, to utilize the brain’s instinctive patterns of reward, hijack them the same way drugs and slot machines did: by making them inconsistent. Nothing motivated behavior as well as unpredictability. Make the brain uncertain about when a reward was coming and how big it would be, and it would hit that button again and again in its desperation to get the reward cycle to trigger like it did the first time. Couple that with the heightened suggestibility induced by her light, and she could train them into new patterns in a couple of hours—if they had a sufficiently pleasurable memory she could use, like the intense arousal and bliss Grouper induced.

But Cara had that memory, despite never being touched by Grouper, because Michelle put it in her head. The same Michelle who was writhing in desperate need in response to Goode’s words now. You’re going to help me save them all, she thought. Starting with that team of yours.

* * *

Michelle drifted in bliss. She was barely aware of anything around her; if she tried, she might remember sitting down for her session with Dr. Goode, and of a strange, fascinating light, but why try? The light was all around her, and words poured through her mind that made her feel wonderful.

Dr. Goode’s words. Yes, that was true, it was her words that made Michelle feel this way. Her words that filled her with joy and need. She needed those words, needed to listen so that the words would fill her with more joy, more and more.

She didn’t even really need to listen, to register them. She could just feel, just let the words and light flow through her and make her feel so very good, so very needy. Yes, needy, she needed the words, craved how they made her feel, and the more she got the more she needed, and it was so, so good!

They were still going. Something about being peaceful, about settling in to focus on her studies, studies like the wonderful words of Dr. Goode, and that thought filled her with so much excitement and need she didn’t even question whether it came from herself or the voice. She was muttering agreement to something, something to do with helping her friends to understand this bliss, and that made so much sense—and then suddenly she was cumming, bucking and gasping as waves of incandescent pleasure suffused her.

And then there was more need than ever, and more words to agree with, and sometimes she came a little when she agreed, and sometimes a lot, and sometimes not at all, but every time she found herself needing the feeling even more, agreeing still more readily.

And then it was over. Michelle opened her eyes, a dizzy smile on her face. “Mmm, thank you, Dr. Goode. That was wonderful.”

“You’re very welcome, Michelle,” the professor replied. “You did well.”

Michelle trembled in anticipatory pleasure, not even fully aware why she was doing it. “I feel... different,” she said.

“Good! Different how?”

“Like... like I want to help you with something. Anything. Like I need you to tell me what to do. You... did something, didn’t you?”

Dr. Goode smiled. “Such a clever girl. I should have known, with your intimate awareness of the mind, you’d recognize it. Yes, I did something. I helped you, and made sure you would help me help your friends. Isn’t that nice?”

That’s bad, Michelle thought. She’s controlling me, she’s reprogrammed my thoughts and emotions the same way Tantra did. But of course she’s doing it to help, so it’s okay. Which is doubtless what she programmed me to think, but that’s okay too. She smiled. “Very nice. Thank you, Dr. Goode.” She braced herself for a rush of pleasure, and when it didn’t come, she bit her lip in mild frustration.

“Go wait with Cara outside, dear, while I see to Candice. Then once all three of you have been helped, we’ll go to your sorority house and help the rest.” Goode smiled, and Michelle smiled automatically in response. She could feel a need building, a craving, but she knew on a level below words that if she was patient and listened to Goode, it would be filled eventually.

Goode followed Michelle out. As always, she’d left a few minutes between the end of one appointment and the beginning of the next, but Candice would be here soon enough—and then the four of them would take care of the rest. They’d all be good girls soon, well-adjusted and healthy.

She bit her lip and glanced at her watch. Not enough time before Candice’s appointment—but once all three were done she would definitely need to take a quick break and relieve some needs of her own before getting back to work.

* * *

Alex was grouchily looking over her unit’s expenses for the month—a chore she hated but had run into the limit of how far she could put it off—when her phone buzzed. Urgent, the text from Tina read. Can’t risk texting details, phones might be compromised. Come out to my car, and hurry.

Well here was an excuse, right? Either this was an emergency or a serious discipline problem, and either one was a higher priority than the monthly reports. She grabbed her jacket and was out the door in a matter of minutes. She stood in front of the station a moment, looking for Tina, but Tina spotted her first, and pulled up in front of her in a battered old sedan.

Alex was barely in the car with the door closed when Tina started pulling away. “What’s going on?” Alex asked. “What’s the emergency?”

“A mind-controller at the university,” Tina replied. “Overheard them inducing what sounded like a student—and the student’s a Special.”

“Shit,” said Alex. “There’s a team based out of the school, and they’ve been mixed up in some nasty stuff lately. Whoever this is, they’re probably working for the guy I’ve been chasing.”

Tina nodded. She should be far enough from the station by now. “Good. We’ll get them, boss.”

“Why the secrecy, though?” Alex asked. “I thought you cleared our phones.”

“I did,” said Tina. “Sorry, boss.” And then she plunged the needle into Alex’s thigh.

“What!?” Alex gasped. She didn’t have time for anything else as the fast-acting drug dropped her into unconsciousness.

“I was hoping to find another way,” Tina said, though she knew Alex couldn’t hear her. “But that dried up, so I guess we’re going to see an old friend of mine instead.”