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Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#24: The Truth Gets Out!

Note: I fundamentally don’t understand computers or security, my brain just doesn’t bend that way. But making shit up with little or no research is How Comic Books Do, as this season of The Flash has made very, very clear. (“Seismic isotopes” I’m not even mad, that’s so absurd it wraps around into a kind of camp brilliance.) Anyway, please forgive if what Viper is doing makes approximately that level of sense, it’s superhero stuff.

* * *

Michelle led Dr. Goode into the Gamma Pi house, with Cara and Candice right behind them. Stephanie looked up from the couch as they entered. “Hey, welcome... oh! You brought her back with you?”

Dr. Goode took a deep breath. This was it. She had to admit to herself, she’d been deep into questionable territory for a while now, but there’d always been some way to justify it. But it’s not treatment if they didn’t consent, the last of her conscience reminded her. That’s just trying to change people into what you want them to be.

But, she reminded herself, court-ordered therapy existed. What better example of a danger to self and others was there than someone with a compulsion to attack criminals? Maybe, but no court ordered this.

She held out her device, and it began to glitter. “They wanted me to show you this. Isn’t it pretty?” This is bigger than courts. I have to. If it comes out, people will understand, I needed to save these kids from themselves!

Stephanie’s attention was got immediately by the sparkling, shimmering colors that danced in Goode’s hand. “What... is that?” she asked, her voice already distant and thick. “It’s... it’s making it hard to... you’re...”

Dr. Goode smiled. She loved watching these hot young things going under, she could admit that now. The bit of struggle Stephanie was showing just made that even better! People are going to accuse me of being unethical no matter what, she thought. So maybe if I... no. She shook her head. There was work to be done, she couldn’t let herself be distracted, and anyway there was a line in her mind between what she was doing to help people like Stephanie, and using it for her own gain or pleasure. I’m not one of those... supervillains or whatever you call them. I’m just trying to help people.

* * *

Veronica stared at Masters’ files in shock. This is so dangerous to him! What am I doing? I need to stop.

This was her chance. Inside, Viper struck the only way she could—let a thought leak out into the rest of her mind. No, I need to protect this! Anyone could get into this data with physical access to the laptop. With my skills I can find a much safer place to store it.

Now came the really challenging part. First, she had to remind herself of her own secure server she used to share information with clients—without the authorities or other clients seeing it. That was easy enough, it was an obvious place to move the files. The server was carefully sectioned off, with different parts accessible only with unique codes and encrypted in different ways, so it made sense for Veronica to copy Masters’ files to an unused section for safekeeping. Or at least, close enough to sense for the Viper in her head to push her into doing it.

Viper felt something odd as she thought Masters’ name, a kind of mental tug. Shit. I’ve been spending too much time out here, programming is starting to leak in. I have to move fast. But she wasn’t going to get a better chance than this; she had to do it now, even with the risk.

Here, Viper thought for her surface, slave self. Masters’ files would be safe here. She could feel the objection starting to form, and moved quickly to distract herself. Masters will be so pleased with me when he gets back! He’ll reward me, I’m sure of it, and it’ll feel so good to please him!

It disgusted Viper to be thinking this way—but not as much as it would normally. The programming was getting to her! Fortunately, she was done. The transfer was made and Veronica had been too distracted by the prospect of pleasing Masters to notice it had gone into the partition Tarantula’s representative had access to.

Now Viper could retreat into her safe room and wait for the fireworks to start. And try not to think about giving in. Her mental self shuddered, and it was at least still mostly in disgust.

* * *

Tina pulled into the alley and took out her phone. She was glad she’d never deleted this number, now, though she’d considered it many times. Taking a deep breath, she hit the Call button. “C’mon...” she muttered. “Pick up...”

“Tina?” said the familiar voice on the other end. “Holy shit, are you drunk-dialing me again? It’s the middle of the afternoon!”

“No, Bri,” Tina said. “I wouldn’t do this, but I need your help. It’s urgent.”

“Tina... do you need my help, or my help?“

Your help, Bri. I’m not asking as your ex, I’m asking as someone who needs... well, a hero.“

Brianna sighed. “I’ll see what I can do. Where are you?”

“The alley behind your apartment building.”

“Jesus, Tina! Stalker much?”

“Says the reporter,” Tina replied. “Come on, we have to move fast, I’m not sure how long she’ll stay out.”

“How... oh my god, Tina, what are you mixed up in?”

“Just come down to the car, I’ll explain everything.”

* * *

Mindfuck leaned back, hands behind his head, relaxing while the Cardinal and the Technopath slurped eagerly at his cock. Things were going very well for him, as he slowly but surely advanced his plans. “There’ll be no stopping me,” he said the eager slaves kneeling before him. “This entire city will be mine, and unlike that fool Ferris, I’m not going to play games that turn the world against me. My power will be unquestionable, but my name unknown! I will rule from the shadows, and every one of you sluts, so-called heroes and villains alike, will kneel at my feet and worship, just like you two.”

The two superheroes murmured in eager agreement. They were full converts to his cause, pawns in his takeover as well as playthings in his bed—and soon they and his other pawns would happily bring all the other Protectors under his control.

His enjoyment of his plotting, however, was interrupted by notification of a call from Masters. He sighed and answered. “What is it?”

“Good afternoon to you, too, doctor,” Masters replied blandly.

“I hope there was a reason you interrupted my work.” The effect of Mindfuck’s bluntness was rather disrupted, however, by the very loud slurp that immediately followed his sentence, and the giggles that followed that.

Masters raised an eyebrow. “Far be it from me to question your methods, doctor. They’ve proven quite effective. So I shall leave you to your, ahem, work shortly. However, I am receiving undo pressure from the police and Tarantula. I need you to accelerate our plans.”

Our” plans? Don’t make me laugh. But what Mindfuck said was, “Dealing with the police is Pheremona’s job. You know where to find her.“

“That is indeed her job. But controlling her is yours.”

Mindfuck sighed. He couldn’t just speed up one part of the plan independently of the rest. Still... things were going well, he had to admit. There was only one element left to collect, and that seemed to be progressing on schedule. “All right. I’ll tell her to start her move on the police. I trust that with them removed, you can deal with Tarantula?”

“I could deal with them both if necessary,” Masters replied. “But it would be expensive and annoying. Tarantula alone will be no problem. I have resources I can activate if the police are... otherwise occupied.” Masters nodded sharply. “A pleasure doing business as always, doctor.”

Mindfuck hung up and got back to his slavegirls. Fool, he thought. Speeding up the plan just shortens the time until you are no longer necessary...

* * *

Brianna reached the car to find Tina in the driver’s seat, an unconscious woman in the passenger seat, and all her fears about what her ex might need from her confirmed. “Oh god, Tina, who is she?” She had the decency to at least blush slightly, Brianna noted.

“Uh... the head of SCI.”

Brianna pinched the bridge of her nose. “Tina, why is your boss unconscious in your car? Oh my god, you want me to—no. No way.” She started to turn away.

“Wait!” Tina called out. “It’s not like that, I need—look, can you just get in the car so we have a little privacy?”

Brianna sighed. “Fine, but you owe me for this.” She got into the backseat. “The head of SCI hates people like me. If she finds out about me—“

“...OK, yes, she does,” Tina admitted. “But she also works with specials all the time. As long as you haven’t committed any crimes—”

“I’m not a Protector, Tina! I don’t have a charter from the city! Everything I do as... you know who... is a crime!”

“I don’t know where else to turn! I think she’s been mind-controlled by a villain, but I don’t know which or how. I just know somebody’s been messing with her head—but we can’t go to the the deprogrammer that usually works with the force because he’d have to report it. She’d get put on mandatory leave and we need her right now, with everything going on. So I went to a professor at the university that does it, but I overheard something that sounded a whole heck of a lot like her programming someone, which is one of the things we need Alex for.” Tina took a deep breath.

“You know I can’t, like... fix her, right? I can only scan, and not all that deep.”

“I know,” said Tina. “But at least you can confirm whether she is mind-controlled?“

“Probably,” Brianna said. “I’ll try. But in return you’re going to be my anonymous source at the police department if this professor thing has legs, got it?” She closed her eyes and reached into Alex’s mind. Let’s see... okay, there’s something here, and it’s... oh. Oh no.

“What is it?” Tina asked.

Brianna opened her eyes. She always could read me almost as well as I could her. “I’ve seen this pattern before. What was done to your boss was a lot less extreme—subtler, and tied to triggers, not a total personality rewrite—but I saw this same... flavor? That’s the best word I can think of, this same flavor of mind control in someone’s brain recently.“

“Who?” Tina asked.

“Jayden Masters’ new bodyguard,” Brianna replied.

“Holy shit,” said Tina. “Could Masters be behind all this?“

“I don’t see how,” said Brianna. “He’s not a mind-controller.”

“No, but someone’s been... collecting them. He’s got the money for that kind of thing.” Tina frowned. “This is really Alex’s forte, but if she’s got triggers in her head...”

Brianna frowned. “I know someone who... might help. I can’t say for sure if it’ll work but—well, she might? Lemme give her a call and if she thinks she can help, she’ll call you. I’ve got your number.“

Tina nodded. “Please hurry. Alex is going to be pissed when she wakes up and I need to be able to prove to her she had a trigger.“

* * *

Stephanie draped across the couch like a puppet with its strings cut, her eyes locked irresistibly on Dr. Goode’s device. “Can’t...” she mumbled. “Have to... have to fight...”

“God, you going under is hot.” She hadn’t meant to say it, but it slipped out.

“Going under... ’s hot...”

An intense shiver of desire and pleasure shimmered down Goode’s shoulders, arms, and back. Fuck. I didn’t mean to do that, but... oh god, line crossed, right? No point in stopping now. “That’s right, Stephanie. It’s so hot to go under for me, to listen to me and relax and obey. It feels so good, doesn’t it?“

Stephanie moaned. “Yes but... not right, you’re... changing me...”

“I am,” Goode said, a lifetime of fantasies suddenly coalescing into words that spilled out of her mouth almost without conscious thought. “I’m teaching you to feel good for me, to be a good girl for me. You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes but... you’re a villain...”

Goode laughed. “I suppose you ‘heroes’ would say I am at this point. Fine then, I’ll play the part. But I need a silly costume name, don’t I?” She considered a moment. “From now on you can call me... Doctor Feelgood”.