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Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#8: Mastermind vs. Ace Detective!

by Jennifer Kohl

A shiver ran down Alex’s spine as something slammed into the back of her head. No... not my head. My... brain? My mind? Her thoughts whirled in confusion. Something was strange. Different. Wrong. A strange tingling, almost like a pleasurable itch, spread over her skin, then focused in on her nipples and between her legs. She felt out of breath, and she could feel a warm flush spreading across her collarbone, up the sides of her neck, even her ears felt warm.

Laura took her hand. “I’ll take you to him. Then you’ll understand.”

Alex fixated on the least confusing of the confusing things in her environment. “You’re standing,” she said.

“I know,” Laura replied. “Tech I invented. I can only use it a few hours a day so I save it for the superheroing... normally. Guess that’s over now.” She brightened. “Once you meet him you’ll understand. It’s worth giving up all of that for him.”

Laura led Alex into the next room, where they found a naked Technopath laying on the bed, Carpenter kneeling over them and stroking her them teasingly while they writhed and mewled in need. He looked up at the others’ approach and started when he saw Alex.

“Well,” he said. “Two Specials and a cop. Gotta say, worked out to be pretty good use of the first three chips.”

“This is Lt. Alvarez, Master,” Laura said, beaming. “I caught her for you! She’s the head of SCI, she’ll be very useful.“

He grinned. “Good girl, Laura. What’s your name, Lieutenant?”

“Alex,” she replied.

“Strip for me, Alex. Lemme see my second catch of the day.” He patted Technopath on the belly. “You go stand with them two, I want to see all three of my girls side-by-side.”

Technopath moaned in disappointment but scrambled to join them. The two nude slaves flanked Alex while she shucked her leather jacket, leaving her in just a black tank top and jeans. “So you’re the Mastermind?” asked Alex. “Behind the electronics robberies?”

“Mastermind?” he asked. “Hmm, I like that name. Think I’ll use it. And yeah. Laura’s here been very happy to get the equipment we need and help make the chips, hasn’t she?”

Laura shivered. “Yes, Master. Anything for you!”

“Good girl. And good girl Alex, wow. Those are some tits. Let’s see ’em!“

Alex hastened to pull the tanktop out of her jeans, then off, over her head, and tossed it aside. “And how does Pheromona play into your plans?”

“What? Man, even with a control chip you’re still a cop, huh? No idea what you’re talking about, isn’t she in prison?”

“Well, that answers that.” Alex reached out to the necks of both women flanking her and snatched the chips off. Laura collapsed immediately, while Technopath convulsed for a few seconds before evening out.

“What the fuck?” Mastermind demanded. “Are you not—she didn’t—” His eyes flicked rapidly between the three women as he backed slowly away.

“Oh, Laura chipped me,” said Alex. “But that shit doesn’t work on me.” Then she punched him in the solar plexus.

He doubled over, wheezing, and before he could respond, Alex was behind him, twisting his arm and forcing him to the ground. “You’re... immune..?” he managed. “How?”

“It makes sense,” said Technopath. She studied Alex closely. “Your victory over Pheromona was misreported, was it not? You are actually a Special.”

“I’m not!” Alex snarled as she snapped her cuffs onto Mastermind’s wrists.

“You are,” said Technopath. “You are immune to mind control!”

Alex shook her head as she removed the chip from her own neck. “I’m not. It’s just—well, his chips and Pheromona’s power are similar, right.”

Laura stood shakily. “Yes,” she said. “They affect the same regions of the brain, pathways associated with arousal and attraction.”

“Right. No Special power. Near as I can tell, I don’t have those pathways,” Alex explained. “Anything attraction-based just... does nothing to me.“

“Special or not, that could be very helpful with Pheromona on the loose,” said Technopath. “We—”

No,” snapped Alex. “I’ll work with you people for a Code 616, because I have to. But other than that, I don’t work with Specials, and I don’t need to. I took down Pheromona by myself the first time, and I’ll do it this time.” She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, willing the anger back down. “I assume you two will want to take him back to Protector HQ?“

“Oh yes,” said Laura darkly. “We have questions for him.“

“Great. Just make sure to hand him over to CCPD after.” Alex grabbed her jacket off the floor and returned to her car. She’d only lied a little, but they didn’t need to know the whole truth—none of them, but especially not that slimeball Mastermind. Little creep was probably already trying to figure out a version of his chip that would work, so best not to let him know how much it had.

Back in her car, she glanced at her phone. Overhead, the Iron Lady suit streaked past, presumably with Laura inside and carrying a redressed Technopath and Mastermind. She had a couple of messages from DeShawn, but whatever it was, he could handle it for another half hour.

She drove home, stewing over Specials, to distract herself from the feeling the chip had left her with—and from the memories of Pheromona. The things Alex saw, and the things she did, in order to take the self-declared Empress of Cape City down.

She knew she wasn’t the only person with dark memories of that time. They’d never talked about it, but Ali had obviously lost someone she cared about in Pheromona’s reign of terror. So had a lot of people. Pheromona liked the idea of powerful men fighting over her, so once the city surrendered, she’d made them do it—to the death. And there had been thousands of deaths, as Special men across the powerscale battled without regard for collateral damage, while Specials who weren’t men patrolled to keep the National Guard from retaking the city.

Alex pulled up next to her apartment building and scrambled upstairs. She was parked illegally, but she was a cop after all. She could do that, though she was only supposed to in police emergencies. And I’m police, and this is an emergency. She slammed the door behind her, practically flew across her neat, spartan living room, and started the shower running, ice cold. Then she stripped down and hopped in.

It was so cold it practically burned, but it helped with the heat inside her. Not the familiar, angry heat, but another kind, the kind that occasionally made itself known in her life, an itch that demanded to be scratched and slowly grew until she did.

She’d told Technopath, Iron Lady, and Mastermind a partial truth, which was more than she told most people: she really hadn’t ever been attracted to anyone, and she was pretty sure that’s why she’d been immune to Pheromona’s pheromones. She wasn’t the only one—Iron Lady herself had been, and a handful of other Specials. Anyone who had no attraction whatsoever to women, on any level, was immune, and Alex had no attraction at all. Oh, she could recognize attractiveness, that some people were more aesthetically pleasing than others, but she didn’t feel it.

But Mastermind’s tech was different. It wasn’t just about attraction, it was about wanting sex, too, and that Alex felt sometimes. Usually she either dealt with it herself; more rarely, if she felt like it, and somebody happened to volunteer, and they were clean and disease-free and didn’t seem likely to expect anything more after, she’d let them do it.

But this was different. This was imposed from outside, and she wasn’t about to surrender to that. Hence the cold shower, which really did seem to work as well as pop culture had informed her. She turned it off and stepped out, dripping and slippery, and grabbed her towel, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror as she did. She was aware that she and her twin were both considered particularly attractive by most people’s standards, though she was sure she’d never understand what was so great about big breasts on a small, but fit, frame.

As she toweled off and dressed, she checked her messages from Sgt Dawson. An opportunity to coordinate with Organized Crime and raid a potential Tarantula lead? Good. DeMattis was always cranky about resources going to SCI, so him owing SCI a favor could be handy. Sounded like it had gone off well, too. And they’d even captured—

Oh, fuck. Alex finished throwing on her clothes and raced back out the door.

* * *

Olympia sat quietly in the interrogation room, waiting. She normally was not a patient person, but her mind was occupied enough: she’d never been mind-controlled before, and the part of her that remained a clinical professional was fascinated by the experience. The rest of her was just happy to obey, and waiting was a part of that obedience.

Of course she spent a lot of time around Pheromona, and despite rumors to the contrary, wasn’t immune to her power. But Pheromona had never used it on her, hadn’t wanted to use it on her—or needed to, for that matter. Olympia loved Pheromona regardless—her sinuous body, her beautiful face, her deviant mind, the way she cried out Olympia’s name as she came. And Pheromona loved her back. She was so happy Pheromona was free!

But like her impatience, that love was secondary. She might love Pheromona, but she belonged to her Master, and he had plans for her. Plans that, for now, required going along with Pheromona’s plans, and so she wasn’t just willing to wait, but happy to. She looked up as the door opened, and smiled. “Well if it isn’t the famous Lieutenant Alex Alvarez. How’s it hangin’, Lexi?” A thrill ran down her spine and she felt herself getting wet. I hope Master lets me help claim her. She looks just like her sister. Pleasing him alongside a pair of hotties like them is gonna be so fun!

“Lexi’s not my name, Olympia,” Alex said mildly. I’m not about to let this bitch get a rise out of me that easily.

“You finally got me back in your clutches, huh. But you know I didn’t do it!”

“Didn’t do what?” asked Alex as she sat down.

“Anything!” Olympia replied cheerfully.

“I mean, you assaulted an officer and resisted arrest, and that’s not counting the eight outstanding warrants you have for breaking and entering and seventeen for grand larceny.” Alex looked right in Olympia’s eyes, daring her to deny it.

Olympia shrugged. “Can’t prove it.”

“That’s the DA’s job,” said Alex.

“And how is sis?” Olympia asked, grinning as she remembered Alicia’s lips and tongue against her own, their Master’s cock between them. “Hiding out now that Red’s busted loose?”

Alex smacked her hand down on the table, but bit back her retort. “Enough banter, Olympia. You know what I want. Tell us where to find your girlfriend and we’ll tell the DA you cooperated, get you a deal.”

Olympia shrugged. “What girlfriend? I’ve been single for months.” She grinned lasciviously and licked her lips. “You volunteering for the job?”

“Pheromona,” Alex said sternly. “Mona Ferris. Where”

“The nuthouse,” Olympia replied.

It was Alex’s turn to smirk. “No she isn’t, and you know it. You just said she busted loose, remember?”

Olympia let her own smile fade. That’s right. You think you’re clever, think you’re outsmarting me... You haven’t even noticed that while you’ve been intently focusing on me, I’ve synced our breathing.

“And we’ve managed to keep that out of the news,” Alex continued. “So how do you know... unless you’ve had contact with her? So again: where is she?”

“Well played,” Olympia admitted. She sighed, letting some of the tension leak out of her. Across from her, she could see Alex relaxing as well. She deliberately slowed her breathing, but resisted the urge to smile when she saw Alex relax a little further. “I’m tired of this game we play, aren’t you? You know that I know that you know that I know that you know, and around and around we go. You listen closely for clues in everything I say, watch every gesture I make.”

“Where’s Pheromona?” Alex repeated, but she didn’t have quite as much steel in it as she’d had before.

“Listen closely and find out,” Olympia said softly. “You sift through my words, focusing on each one, concentrating on my face, my voice, any hint of what you need to know, what you want to hear. Letting the whole room fade away as you focus in and relax...”

Fuck, thought Alex, blinking rapidly. She’s right, I really am tired. But she’s trying to—

“So tiring to work so hard all the time, so much better to just relax, listen and look, focus and relax. So tired, especially your eyes, your eyes and your brain, exhausted, so hard to keep your eyes open, so hard to think...” Olympia could see Alex blinking rapidly, and knew she must barely be able to see at this point, so she allowed herself that smile. Master would be so pleased! And that thought made her so wet! She slipped a hand out of the handcuffs Sgt Dawson had so kindly left open in his eagerness to please Pheromona, and dropped it between her legs. One advantage of the brief little leotard she wore out in the field was that it was very easy to tweak it aside and slip a finger into herself while she hypnotized the helpless, beautiful policewoman.

Alex, meanwhile, really was struggling to keep her eyes open. Everything felt slow, and dim, especially her, and she couldn’t remember why. It was so much easier to sink, to drift, to let the words flow over her as her eyes drifted shut. So peaceful, so relaxed... but then, right on the edge of her fading vision, something not quite right...

Her eyes snapped open and she stood up, knocking over her chair. Olympia isn’t cuffed!

“Well, shit,” said Olympia. Planting both hands on the table, she vaulted over it and kicked Alex in the face.

Alex barely got her arms up to block, causing Olympia to fall onto the table. The nimble gymnast sprang up almost immediately and went for another kick, but nimble as she was, Alex was the better martial artist. She grabbed Olympia’s leg and pulled her off the table, then used her other hand to sock her in the jaw. Olympia went sprawling, and Alex was on her before she could get up, grabbing her arms and pinning her.

“DeShawn!” she called out. “Where the fuck are you?” Her partner was supposed to be monitoring the interrogation, and he’d been the one to cuff Olympia. It’s not like him to fuck up basics like this...

But then DeShawn was next to her, along with a uniformed cop, and together the three of them were easily able to get Olympia bundled up and off to a cell. “Sorry boss,” he explained. “I thought we might need an extra person. And I don’t know what happened with the handcuffs, she must have had something palmed that we missed.”

Alex shook her head. “It’s okay. Just get her back in her cell. We’ll try to get what we need out of her later.” Bitch nearly managed to hypnotize me. I’ve obviously been working too long, I need a fucking break.

DeShawn frowned to himself as he turned to go back to his desk. I failed Her. We were supposed to capture Alex, what am I going to do?

Olympia smiled as the cop shoved her into a holding cell. She’d be out soon enough, and Master would be so pleased to know she’d implanted the trigger into Alex as ordered—And she has no idea she went under at all.

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