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Card Games

Chapter 1—The peril of nunneries

I’m a senior at one of the big high school’s in town. I’m pretty average in most respects; average looking, pretty good grades, and I play first base for the baseball team. I’m not one of the most popular guys. You know, people like me and stuff and I do O.K. with the girls, but they’re not dropping like flies to date me, or anything. My sister, Jenny, gives me moral support. She’ll sidles up to me and put her arm through mine at school or stuff like that. She looks up to me as an older brother.

The one thing that is outstanding about me is Jenny. She’s a junior and a member of the cheerleading squad and the soccer team (an unusual combo, I know). She is fantastic; absolutely gorgeous. She’s got a gorgeous, pixie-like face. She’s about 5′3″ with smallish tits and a fabulous ass. Sometimes she wears this workout outfit with lycra shorts and a thong body over it. That, and her bathing suit, drive me wild. Her ass cheeks are like little apples, perfectly firm and just rounded enough. She’s got perfect thighs and calves. They’re muscular but not too much so and they have hardly a trace of fat on them. Like I said, Jenny’s tits are nothing to write home about. They’re on the small side, but she’s got something (not much, but something) there. Her face is gorgeous, too. She’s got dark brown hair that’s shoulder length and just curls at the end, bangs, a little nose and dimples. All in all, Jenny’s got the kind of body that I love but that most guys don’t necessarily go for. Because of that, she’s popular at school but not the queen bee or anything (the queen bees would be Carla and Erin, Jenny’s best (?) friends). Other than Carla and Erin, Jenny doesn’t have a ton of friends.

Jenny’s also super nice. She’s not one to make fun of other, less good looking girls. All the teachers like her and her soccer coach says she’s one of the best and most committed girls on the team.

Carla and Erin are even better looking that Jenny is. They are, without a doubt, the two best lookers I have ever set eyes on (in person or magazines). They have almost nothing in common with Jenny but they hang out with her anyway. I think they hang out with her mainly because she has a car and, since my parents are pretty well off, she has money too. Even though Carla and Erin also come from rich families (actually a shitload richer than ours) neither one’s parents ever give them much. They’ve got to go out and make any money they want over their allowance (a fairly meager $20 a week, I found out later). I think its fair to say that they basically take advantage of Jenny.

Actually, I never really understood Carla and Erin (or C & E, as I think I’ll call them) since they could get any guy (including me) to do anything they wanted. Why take advantage of Jenny when they could take advantage of hundreds of guys?

Be that as it may, they did hang out with her. As I was saying, C & E are two of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. Carla is as voluptuous a seventeen year old as you could imagine. She’s got, probably, 36DD tits that are firm as rocks and stick out like “C” sized tits without any support at all. (How she’s a cheerleader without causing herself serious injury, I’ve no idea. I think she wraps her tits in an Ace bandage or something that flattens them as much as is possible.) Her body reminds me of Jessica Rabbit’s in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. She’s got more curves than a Formula-One racing track. Her legs are fantastic and long and muscular. But like my sister’s (and Erin’s) they aren’t too muscular. Like I said, she’s got tits that (literally) stop traffic. She’s got a great ass and she’s incredibly thin for how curvy she is. She’s got the face of a model, too. To top it off, she’s got platinum blonde hair (natural, as far as I know, and I know a long way) and she’s 5′8″. All in all, she looks like the classic cheerleader (the classic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, not the classic high-school cheerleader). Carla is the ringleader of the group. She’s always been the wildest, the most flirty and the biggest tease. But she’s like the anti-FedEx guy, she never delivers.

Erin is somewhere in between Jenny and Carla. She’s just more average sized in every respect. Erin’s about 5′5″. She’s got blonde hair, a gorgeous face, about “C” sized tits, a nice thin waist, and a gorgeous ass. Like the other two (and like most cheerleaders), she’s got great legs. She’s also not quite the as bitchy as Carla is. She’s wild, flirty and a tease, but not like Carla. She never delivers either, but she’s more like the anti-post office, she never delivers, but you’re not positive that you were expecting delivery. (Jenny, to finish the metaphor, is like the anti-Italian Postal service, she never delivers, but you’re never disappointed because you never expect delivery.)

You may have gathered that I’m an ass and legs man and I’ve got to admit that I think that’s the most attractive part of a girl’s body. Tits are O.K. but I’m not necessarily from the “bigger is better” school. I like Jenny’s lime to lemon sized tits more than Carla’s cantaloupe sized ones. Of course, nothing beats a virginal, lightly haired (or shaved) cunt, but I’m talking about what can be observed from a distance.

Having these three around the house had always been the most painful thing I could imagine. I was always beating off to the thought of one, two or all three of them sucking, fucking and generally being subject to my every wish. I really resented C & E since I suspected that I would never even see, let alone fuck, a body like either of theirs.

Jenny I held out more hope for. I tried to catch a glimpse of her body whenever I could. She still would run around the house in panties and a long tee-shirt. I lived for those days. I never had gotten a look at her nude body. She was always very careful to lock the door and close the blinds whenever anything like that might be on offer.

At the beginning of this school year, I had hatched a plot that I thought might net me some squeezes and glimpses, if not the whole enchilada, of the three loves of my life. A friend of mine’s dad was a pharmacist and a real pervert. He had once taken me aside and said he’d seen the way I looked at my sister when she wasn’t looking. He said it was obvious that I had an eye for beauty. He also said that if I ever had any pictures of my sister (it was obvious what kind of pictures he was talking about), he’d be happy to pay me for them. I told him I’d think about it.

At the beginning of the school year I’d approached him and asked if there were any kind of pills or something that could be discreetly applied (say, mixed in drinks or something) and that would leave someone vulnerable to suggestion or even knock them out. He said he did have pills that would knock someone out and leave that person with little or no memory of what happened. He suggested that a combination of pills, though, might be very effective to leave someone very vulnerable to suggestion and peer pressure and might have the same memory effect. I asked him for the right combination of pills and asked what would happen if they were mixed with alcohol.

“They’ll be even more effective, just don’t let the person drink too much. No more than three drinks, say, or they might actually be in danger.”

I took the pills and promised that if I ever got the chance, I’d use them and bring him pictures. I was happy that pictures were all he seemed to want. As I said, I had a vague plan (i.e., use the pills, fuck all three of them) but I never had the opportunity to exercise those plans. That is, until about four weeks ago.

My parents had planned to go out of town for a week in February to the Cayman Islands. They were leaving us at home to take care of the house. They were leaving on Friday morning and would be back just over a week later, Sunday night late. C & E told Jenny that this was a perfect opportunity to go out dancing and carousing. They convinced Jenny to let them come over and “get started” (drinking, that is) Friday night and then they would go out dancing around 11:00 or so.

Jenny would never have done any of that on her own but she was so weak-willed and so susceptible to peer pressure that she eventually gave in. I was thanking my lucky stars for Jenny’s weakness, I’ve got to tell you. This was the perfect opportunity to implement my plan. Friday afternoon I came home from school right away. I bought rum, Piña Colada mix, Strawberries and Daiquiri mix. I made them up in a pretty strong mixture, but I figured with this kind of mix, they wouldn’t notice. Besides, I figured the pills would help out a lot too. I crushed those up and added them to the mix in the blender. I made a separate set of mixes for myself without either pills or alcohol since I wanted to be in fine condition to appreciate what was going on. I checked my video camera, film, tripod, etc. to make sure everything was ready. I set up the videocam in a closet between the family room and the kitchen, with a good, unobstructed view of the family room. I figured that was where the action was going to take place, at least initially.

I fidgeted for four hours while Jenny was up in her room. “What if they won’t drink over here,” “What if they’re worried about driving,” “What if. . . ,” “What if. . . ,” “What if. . .” was all I could think about. Finally C & E came over about eight. I answered the door since Jenny was still upstairs getting ready.

“I hear you girls are going out tonight” I said.

They nodded and Erin said “We’re excited about going dancing. I hope Jenny’s as psyched as we are.”

“I think she is, but in case she’s not, I made some Daiquiris and Piña Colada drinks to get you girls on your way.”

“Cool,” said Carla. “Let’s run up and get Jenny and we’ll be right back to have some with you.”

No surprise. Carla wasn’t above flirting with her friend’s older brother if she thought that would keep her from having to pay for drinks for an evening. Carla grabbed Erin by the hand and started upstairs.

I was so relieved at Carla’s response, I practically collapsed. I had been so nervous about my plan that I hadn’t even noticed what C & E were wearing when they came in. As they headed up the stairs though I noticed as they went round the bend that they were both wearing very short skirts, black in one case, red in the other.

Twenty minutes later, after a lot of giggling and stomping about upstairs, all three of them came down. I was stunned. Like I said before, all three of them were gorgeous. Tonight, they looked like the most expensive call girls this side of Paris. Carla was wearing a lycra/leather type looking dress that probably came down about six inches below her pussy. It was as tight fitting as anything I’d ever seen from top to bottom. I don’t think I’d ever seen that kind of cleavage showing either. Her dress was short sleeved and cut down to about half way between her tits and her belly button. The dress had to have boning in it or it wouldn’t have stayed up. I would have thought the same about her tits (she had to have been wearing a bra or they wouldn’t have stood up) though I couldn’t see how she could be wearing one in that outfit. As it turns out, she wasn’t. She also had on black tights and high heels (which probably put her at 6 feet tall, just shorter than me).

Erin was wearing a tight red leather mini that went from just below her belly-button to about six inches below her pussy and a tube-top that started at her armpits and ended about four inches above her belly-button. This left a beautiful expanse of about six inches of tanned, gorgeous and flat belly exposed for all to see. She was also wearing black tights and heels and the overall effect was stunning.

My sister was wearing a black lycra mini skirt that was as short as the others and a tight black body with a red and black bolero type jacket over it. She also wore black tights and heels.

As they came down the stairs I whistled. “Man, you girls look good. Watch out world, here they come.” My sister looked down and started to blush. This was the sexiest I had ever seen her dress. I didn’t know she had the clothes to do it (and, I suspected, neither did my parents).

C & E just smiled and Erin said “Why thank you, Dave. I hope everyone else agrees.”

“Oh, they will, believe me,” I said. “Listen, I made Piña Coladas and Daiquiris. What can I get you?”

Carla said “Oh, I’ll start with a Piña Colada, I think.”

Erin said “I’ll have the same. Thank you Dave.”

“I just want a Coke,” said Jenny.

“Don’t be so boring. She’ll have a Piña Colada too,” said Carla.

(“YES!") I poured them out and handed them out one by one. Then I went back to the fridge and poured myself a (virgin) Daiquiri.

Carla and Erin were sitting on the couch, sipping their drinks, and Jenny was sitting cross-legged on the floor. I’m sure Jenny didn’t realize what a potential view she was offering to me as I sat down in the chair across from her. As she was sipping her drink I glanced down between her legs. I had a very nice view of the shape of her legs all the way to her crotch. I couldn’t see anything since she was wearing tights and a body, but the idea that I was looking up her skirt was really a turn on.

As soon as she started to look up, I quickly shifted my eyes to the couch. I was mortified to see that Carla was staring right at me. She had obviously seen me looking up my sister’s skirt. She had this weird smile on her face and then she went back to drinking her drink. My sister didn’t even notice what was going on behind her.

The girls talked and I just listened and drank. I had poured big glasses of Piña Colada but Carla finished hers pretty quickly. As soon as Erin noticed that Carla had finished her drink, she polished off her own. Carla sort of gave Jenny a soft kick in the bottom and said “Come on, girl. Bottoms up,” and looked over at me and winked.

I quickly drained what was left in my glass and looked back down at Jenny. She probably still had a third of the way to go, but sort of looked embarrassed and downed all that was left in one gulp.

“Oww, all that cold really hurt my head.”

“Why don’t you warm her up with a kiss,” Carla said to me.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I wasn’t sure what Carla’s game was, but here she was helping me out and not even realizing it was one of my goals for the evening anyway. I got up and leaned over and gave Jenny a quick peck on the cheek (since I didn’t want to look overly eager).

“Come on,” said Carla. “That’s not going to help. Let’s see a real kiss.”

I knelt down and held Jenny’s chin with my hand and gave her a soft, fairly quick, kiss on the lips. “Is that better, kiddo?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m feeling a little warmer now,” she answered. I suspected that had as much to do with the drink as it did with my kiss.

“That was much better Dave,” as Carla offered her opinion.

“O.K.” I said. “Who wants what?”

“I want a daiquiri,” (Carla), “Me too,” (Erin), “I want another one of these,” (Jenny).

I went back to the kitchen and poured the new drinks, once again sneaking a virgin daiquiri for myself. “Here you girls go,” as I passed out the drinks and sat down again in the chair across from my sister. She had by now shifted position so that her legs were tucked slightly under her body. The girls drank and chatted some more and by now were starting to get fairly sloshed. My sister especially was getting wasted, since she rarely drank at all.

I went back to the kitchen and put my drink down. I went into the fridge and pulled out what was left of both pitchers of drinks. All three of the girls were just about down to the bottom of their glasses, so I refilled them with whichever they chose. They seemed quite content to keep drinking and no one had mentioned the fact that it was just past nine o’clock.

The drapes to the family room were already closed and I turned all the lights in the family room on, since I needed good light for the video.

“Hey, turn those off,” requested Carla.

“The night is young, girls. Wake up,” I answered. I felt like the moment was right to try their subjectivity to suggestion. “I’ve got an idea. Let’s play cards,” as I pulled out a deck from the kitchen drawer. I tossed the cards on the floor and moved the chair I had been sitting in over to the side of the room. I sat down on the floor, close to the door to the closet. I motioned for Carla and Erin to move down from the couch to the floor as well.

“The game, girls, is strip poker.”

End of Chapter 1