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Card Games

Chapter 7—When danger reared its ugly head, [Maid] Robin turned and bravely bent over?

I now pulled my fingers out of Erin and reached underneath Carla, between Erin’s legs and hers. I ran one finger from the floor along her bottom crack until I came to her ass hole. I felt up that little hole for a moment, but didn’t force my finger in. Then I kept going, I fingered that little bit of soft skin between her ass hole and pussy, then ran my finger along the dildo that was still mostly buried in her little cunt, up the dildo to Erin’s slit. I ran my finger over her slit and pussy hole, to her ass hole. I felt it up the same way I’d felt up Carla’s.

“Well this is nice. Now that’s Carla’s lost her pussy cherry, you girls are all on even terms. It’s time for someone to get fucked up the ass hole.” I waited for someone to react, but no one said anything. Carla kept crying quietly. I felt Erin stiffen, but she didn’t say anything. And Jenny didn’t say anything from behind me, though I couldn’t observe what she was doing.

“Will it be this tight little hole?” I asked as I felt around Erin’s puckered hole. “Or this one?” as I moved back down to Carla’s bud. “Or even my sister’s poop chute?” I said, as I turned around to look at Jenny.

Jenny was sitting behind me with a look of horror on her face. It was she who finally mustered up the courage to try and confront my commands. “Can’t we quit now, Dave? Pleeease? We’ve done an awful lot, tonight.”

“Sorry, kiddo. I’m going to blow one more load tonight, and it’s going to be in one of your ass holes. If I don’t win next hand we’ll keep playing until I do. Then we can quit... for tonight.”

Jenny gulped and looked like she was about to say something, when my hand shot forward and grabbed her ankle. I pulled her toward me by her ankle, forcing her to try to scoot along on her butt backwards with one leg and both hands behind her. When I’d pulled her close I told her to turn over and get on her hands and knees.

“Nuh-uh. Facing away from me. ...” When she was on her hands and knees, butt toward me, I felt her ass cheeks. “Put your face in the carpet, ass in the air.” She did as she was told. “Now, with both hands, reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart, so I can get a good look at that ass hole.” Jenny pulled her cheeks apart and revealed a lovely, pink little ass hole. I felt it with my finger, then ran my finger down to her pussy.

As I pulled my finger away from her go get ready to deal the next round, I sensed that familiar smell. I didn’t really want to fuck a dirty ass hole, and I suddenly got an inspiration.

“O.K. girls. Before we deal the next hand to see who the unlucky girl is, I think we ought to do a little preparation. I think it’s enema time for all three of you.”

I knew that my mom kept an enema kit in her bathroom. She’d used it on me and Jenny both. Me when I was younger but I think Jenny still got enemas from time to time. My mother had some bizarre notion that it was healthy. I didn’t know about healthy, but giving these three enemas was sure going to be sexy from my perspective.

Jenny had a look of resignation on her face, but Erin and Carla both looked horrified. Erin asked “Is it going to hurt?”

“No. It’s not going to hurt. Maybe just feel a little uncomfortable, that’s all. Right Jen?”

“If you do it right,” she answered, with just a hint of fear in her voice.

“Don’t worry. I remember how to do it. I won’t even fill you girls up very much. Let’s draw cards to see who goes first.”

Each of them drew a card out of the deck. Carla drew low card, then Jenny, then Erin.

After that, Erin stepped out of the strap-on and I marched all three girls upstairs, naked. I pulled out the enema equipment, set it up, and filled up the bag. I had Carla lean over the sink, then I lubed up her ass hole with a spot of Vaseline and slid the hose in. I pulled out the cockstop and watched Carla’s face as the warm water flowed into her bowels. At first she looked shocked, but then she obviously started to enjoy the feeling. Contrary to my promise, I had actually filled it fairly full, and as the enema finished, it was obviously starting to make Carla feel uncomfortable.

I slipped the hose out of Carla’s ass, then motioned Jenny to come over.

“O.K. Carla. You’ve got to hold this till I’m done with all three of you. You’re not allowed to sit on the pot until I tell you. Since I’m not a cruel person, though, I want to make it easier for you to hold on. I’m going to give you something to grip with your ass muscles so you don’t let go by ‘accident’. Jenny’s finger should do fine.” I grabbed Jenny’s hand and put her finger in my mouth. I sucked on it for a few seconds to get it slick, then moved it down to point at Carla’s ass hole. After I’d announced my intentions to have Jenny’s finger serve as Carla’s butt plug, Carla had been trying to watch what was going on behind her. She didn’t dare move her body and she kept her elbows on the sink, but she was trying to swing her head around enough to see what was happening. The look on her face was very pleasant to watch as it swung from apprehension to concentration to, dare I say, pleasure(?).

“Go on,” I told my sister, “push it in.” Jenny slowly pushed her finger into Carla’s ass hole. “Keep going,” I told her. “I want it all the way in to the third knuckle.” Jenny kept pushing until it was all the way in. “O.K. Carla, now squeeze with your sphincter around Jenny’s finger.”

“Is she squeezing?” I asked my sister. She nodded.

“O.K.” I told Carla. “You’re going to have to stand up and move over to the side, so I can do Jenny.” I washed the hose and nozzle and refilled the equipment, then had Jenny move over to the sink. It was quite sexy to watch Jenny and Carla have to move in sync so Jenny’s finger didn’t slip out of Carla’s ass. Jenny tried to lean over the sink, but she couldn’t quite find a comfortable angle while still keeping one hand hooked to Carla’s ass. It was clear this setup wasn’t going to work, so I had Erin come over and replace Jenny’s finger with her own in Carla’s ass.

“Keep squeezing as they change places,” I told Carla. “Don’t relax or you’ll lose it all over the floor.” Happily, we managed the exchange without any mishap, though Carla looked uncomfortable the whole time.

Finally I had Jenny bent over the sink as far as she comfortably could. I had to crouch down and pull Jenny’s ass cheeks apart with one hand while I maneuvered the hose with the other hand. I exposed Jen’s ass hole and rubbed a bit of Vaseline over it. I applied just a tiny bit of pressure to force her hole to loosen just a bit, then I ran my finger around the inside of her sphincter. Finally, with my other hand, I pushed the nozzle against Jen’s hole, then slipped it in till it was secure. I pulled the cockstop and watched Jenny’s ass hole muscles contract and loosen as the water flowed into her.

When it was a quarter of the way done, I stood up behind Jenny and watched her face in the mirror. She had her face down, looking into the sink, so I couldn’t really see what she was feeling. I decided to finger her while she was getting filled up from the rear, so I reached my hand between her legs and started playing with her clit. I slipped my thumb into her pussy at the same time. When I did she looked up at me in the mirror. I leaned forward with my hand still playing with her and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She had to turn toward me at what looked to be an uncomfortable angle to do it, but as we kissed, she sucked on my tongue quite strongly. She was obviously getting turned on by all this as it was happening.

I kept fingering her as the enema finished it’s work and we kept kissing. Finally, she pulled away from me and said “I think it’s done.”

I got behind her again and pulled out the hose. I knew Jenny’d be able to hold it, since she received enemas occasionally from my mom. I had her replace Erin at guard on Carla’s ass hole, then had Erin put her finger up Jenny’s ass, so they were all in a chain.

I washed the equipment up and filled it again. Then I tried to figure out how I could do Erin while I kept them all in a line like that. I actually figured Jenny could hold it without a finger in her ass, but that was part of the turn-on of this whole thing. I tried to have Jenny lean forward into Carla and Erin then lean forward over Jenny and that actually seemed to work. It exposed Erin’s ass enough so that I could slip the enema into her and left all three of them in a fairly comfortable position. The only downside was that I couldn’t watch Erin’s face in the mirror as I filled her up: a small, but keenly felt loss.

I let the enema drain into Erin to fill her up as well. Finally, I popped it out, dropped the end of the hose into the sink, and pushed my finger up Erin’s butt.

I pulled her back up to a standing position and pulled her face around to meet mine. I kisser her deeply on the lips as I worked my finger around inside her anus. I pulled my face away from hers and said “How’s that feel?” as I wiggled my finger around.

“It feels weird, and it makes me really want to go to the bathroom.”

“Just squeeze my finger with your ass hole and you’ll be fine.”

That talk of going to the bathroom had had its effect on Carla, though. She squeaked out “Can I go now, Dave? Please?”

“How’s she holding your finger, Jen? Is she squeezing hard?”

“She’s squeezing her butt at least as hard as I am. Come on, Dave. Let her go to the bathroom.”

“All right, Carla. Go for it.”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, she pulled away from my sister, put the seat up on the toilet, sat down, and let loose. It was all liquid, so it didn’t sound like someone taking a shit, but it was still weird. Plus, I think the noise and the thought of what was happening was having a major effect on the other two girls. Now they couldn’t keep their minds off the pressure on their bowels.

Jenny was still facing the toilet and was the next to go. She was urging Carla to finish and wipe up so she could go. Carla did finish pretty quickly and got off the pot.

“Can I go now?” my sister asked.

“Hang on a few more minutes.” I reached around Erin and grabbed Jenny’s ass with my free hand. I slid a finger down her crack and tried to force a finger up her butt next to Erin’s finger. I couldn’t get the right angle to do it, though. I did manage to didle Jenny’s pussy a little as she was squirming around, trying to hold it. It wasn’t even thirty seconds before I gave in and told Jenny to go ahead. She wheeled around and sat down on the pot and let her bowels go even faster than Carla had.

While Jenny was going, I turned my attentions to Erin. I fondled her tits, kissed her, felt up her pussy, and stuff like that. I stayed away from her belly, though.

“How are you doing,” I finally asked her when Jenny was almost done.

“Actually, I feel OK. I don’t need to go as bad as Jenny and Carla did. I can still hold it.” Man, I could testify to that. Her ass hole had a grip on my finger like I’d never felt.

After Jenny got off the pot, I pulled Erin around to fully face me. I wiggled the finger I had up her ass around some more and with my other hand, I grabbed her ass from the other side and felt along her crack from the back. I spent a little while exploring the skin between her ass hole and pussy and fingering her pussy, while I tried to stretch her ass hole with the finger already in there. Finally I backed her up to the toilet, pulled my finger out of her ass, sat her down on the toilet and let her go.

Before she’d even started to let loose though, I had my dick out of my shorts and pointing at her face. As she started to let the contents of her bowels loose, I pulled her face forward to my cock and told her to suck it. She managed to get my cock about half way in and was actually doing quite a good job of sucking it. She was somehow much better than the first time, earlier this evening. Maybe it was the angle that allowed her to do better, or maybe it was the relief she was feeling from being able to let her bowels go (maybe it was the incentive that if she got me off, she might save herself a butt fucking). Whatever it was, she did almost manage to get me off in her mouth as she was sitting on the pot, relieving herself. I pulled out of her mouth it time to preserve my erection, though.

After Erin had finished, we all washed our hands and went back down to the front room. When we got down there, Carla had an interesting suggestion.

“Why don’t you just deal to the three of us? Since we’d play till you won anyway, it doesn’t matter if you lose, and this way, only one of us has to lose our ... butt. None of us cares if we get to... you know... do it with another ... I mean we don’t want to put on the ... thing and put it up one of the other girl’s butts. I’m willing to put it all on one hand. How ‘bout you two?”

Jenny looked like she was about to say something, then thought better of it and just nodded. Erin blushed and looked down at the ground. I think they both wanted the chance to be on the giving end of a dildo butt fuck, but they didn’t want to contradict Carla.

I was ready to blow my load like I’d never been before, so I said it was fine with me. “But you girls are going to get other opportunities to fuck and be fucked over the next week. So I guess I’ll go along with one more hand for all the marbles.”

I dealt each of them one last hand and watched their faces for their reactions. All three actually looked worried when they looked at their cards. Jenny and Erin each took three cards; Carla took four. None of them looked any happier after they looked at their new hands. No one wanted to be the first to lay down.

“All right, Jen. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Jenny laid her cards down on the floor. “I’ve got a pair of nines,” she announced quietly, then looked at the other two girls. Both Carla and Erin swallowed hard. Obviously neither could beat a pair of nines.

“How ‘bout you, Carla? What’ve you got?”

Carla slowly laid her cards down on the floor. “I ... I don’t have anything.” Shit, ace high.

Carla was already looking at Erin and I turned to her, too. She was looking at her hand and back to Carla’s hand, obviously trying to figure out who had lost. “Let’s see,” I told her.

She put her cards down and it looked to be shit, queen high. “Looks like you lose, Erin,” I told her.

“But... but I’ve got more high cards.”

“Only the top card matters. Ace beats queen. And queen gets fucked in the ass.”

“Please Dave, don’t ... put it there.”

“Come on, quit complaining. Roll over onto your stomach and get your ass in the air.” Erin complied. “Now pull your cheeks apart so we can all see that tiny hole I’m going to fuck with my big, fat dick.” Erin started crying but she reached back and exposed the tiny pink ring. Carla was staring at Erin’s ass in fascination.

“Go on,” I told Carla. “Taste it.”

“Taste what?” she asked.

“Erin’s ass hole, obviously.” It’s going to be your job to lube everyone up with your tongue, so you might as well get started.” When she started to protest I interjected, “Look, just be happy it’s not your ass getting reamed and look on the bright side.”

“What about Jenny?”

“Jenny won the hand. She gets to help out in another way.”

I reached for the strap-on and threw it toward Jenny. “Put that on,” I told her.

“What for?”

“We’re going to make an Erin sandwich.”

Erin turned her face back toward me and sniffled “What’s that?”

“An Erin sandwich is where Jenny lies down on the floor. You climb on top of her. You slip her dildo into your pussy. Then I climb on top of you. I force my dick up your ass. Then we fuck both your holes at the same time.”

“Oh God,” she whispered. The look on her face, though, said something else entirely. She had now stopped crying and, I swear, the look on her face was the beginnings of pure lust.

Jenny, too, looked pretty excited.

I had my camera in hand and started snapping pictures of Carla (who had moved to Erin’s butt while I was explaining the concept) tonguing Erin’s ass.

“C’mon, Carla. Lick all the was from the front to the back. Spend some time on her clit. ... That’s a girl.” I kept snapping away as Carla continued her work on Erin. She actually seemed less uncomfortable about it than she had been and the pictures I was getting were fantastic. I was already on my third roll of 36 pictures, which I finished while she was working on Erin’s ass.

Jenny was now ready to proceed, so I told her to go work on Erin as well. After I’d changed rolls, I had Jenny get underneath Erin, but crotch to face (sixty-nine) so Erin could warm up Jenny while Jenny did the same for Erin. I took some pictures this way, with Carla trying to get a few licks in working around Jenny’s face. Finally, I had Jenny get out from under Erin and handed Carla the bottle of baby oil. Carla knew what to do with it, and I snapped happily away while Carla slathered it over Erin’s crotch and ass.

After Carla was done eating and slathering, I had Jenny lie down on the floor. I told Erin to climb on top of her and told her to slip it in. Jenny’s strap-on dildo was pointing up in the air and Erin positioned herself over it on her knees. She reached underneath her pussy and grabbed the dildo and guided it to her hole. Erin slowly lowered herself onto it and sank down till it was buried all the way in.

“Now lie down on Jenny, Erin, and ‘make love’ with her. Kiss her and really make out.”

I watched Erin move her legs around and lean over to lay on top of Jenny. They went lips to lips and kissed like they were genuine lovers, not forced participants in this orgy. Jenny was rubbing Erin’s tits with one hand and fondling her ass with the other. Erin started pumping herself up and down on Jenny’s ‘cock’ and was really getting into it again. After I took a few pictures, I figured this was a good time to work my way in there. I knelt down behind the two of them and pulled Erin’s legs apart, then Jenny’s. I moved up between their legs and got my face right up in Erin’s crotch. I tongued Erin’s ass hole for a few seconds, then moved down to lick the skin between her holes. At the same time, I slipped my middle finger into Jenny’s pussy and finger fucked her from below her strap on. After a few seconds of this, I licked my way back up Erin’s crack, to her back and up her back, sliding my body over her ass and keeping my arms pressed against her sides as I worked my way up. Finally, my tongue was between her shoulder blades, then at her neck, then at her ear. I stopped licking and concentrated on what the rest of my body was doing. As my belly slid over the top of her ass, my stiff cock encountered Jenny’s dildo up Erin’s cunt. I moved my hand down to slide my dick into the crack of her ass, then moved up a bit further till it was resting fully in the valley between her ass cheeks. I slid my cock up and down between her well-oiled cheeks, then positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass.

“I know this is going to hurt a little. My best advice is not to move very much. Try to relax and let me do the work.”

I saw Erin nod, then I saw Jenny poking her face out from underneath Erin’s. “Be nice to her Dave. Don’t make it hurt too much.”

“We’ll see,” I said, and started my journey into Erin’s bowels. Getting the head of my cock past her sphincter was the toughest part for me. I didn’t want to tear her up, but she was tight as hell. As I first started pushing my way in, Erin stiffened and I heard her gasp. “Just relax and let it happen. Don’t fight it.” Finally the head of my cock popped in past her tight outer muscle. Now I kept pushing in, moving at what felt like a millimeter at a time.

When I was about a third of the way in, Erin burst into tears. “Ow! It hurts, god it hurts. Please stop. Please!”

I pulled out of her ass slowly. When the head of my cock popped out of her ass hole, she breathed a noticeable sigh of relief. “You’re not done yet, Erin,” I said. “I’m still going to come while I’m up your ass. But I’m thinking maybe another position would be more comfortable for you. Kneel on top of Jenny, again.” Erin swung her legs back around so that she was now kneeling over Jenny, with Jenny’s strap-on still inside her. “Now lean all the way forward, so that you can kiss Jenny again.”

Now she was folded over, with her legs outside of Jenny, her knees at Jenny’s tits, and her feet even with Jenny’s hips. “Jenny, can you reach forward and feel her ass hole?” Jenny tried, but she couldn’t reach. “All right, Erin, reach back and finger your own ass hole, then.” Erin reached her right hand back and pushed one finger in her ass. She got in to about the first knuckle, but no further. “Now another finger from the other hand.” Same process, same result. Most of her weight was now on Jenny, since she couldn’t use her hands to support herself. I crawled back behind her and slid a finger against her ass hole from underneath her two fingers. I slid it slowly into her ass and I could feel as each of the joints on my finger slid past her bones, then her nails, inside her ass. When my finger was in as far as it would go, I rotated it around a couple of times, then told her to pull her fingers out.

The sensation of her nails on my finger was incredibly erotic, and I knew I needed to get my cock inside her quick. As soon as she put her weight back on her hands, I pulled my finger out, lined my cock up on her ass hole and started pushing. Again, she gasped when I started to penetrate her ass, and kept breathing heavily and whining every few moments as my cock plumbed deeper and deeper into her ass. “Mmmm, very nice,” I announced, once I was in there as deep as I could go. Then I pulled out, almost all the way to the head of my cock and started humping her slowly. Her whimpers now changed to soft crying. Every time I’d hit bottom, I’d rock her forward slightly and elicit a soft cry. This would also lift her off Jenny’s cock a little. She’d then fall back, burying Jenny’s cock all over again. Every time this happened, I could feel the strap-on dildo against my cock through the membrane separating Erin’s passages. This was way too much for me. I lasted about five or six cycles of bouncing Erin off Jenny’s strap-on, back on, pulling out of Erin’s ass, then pumping back in and rocking her forward. I grabbed Erin’s hips hard, pulled her ass back onto my cock as far as I could (forcing Jenny’s dildo even further up her cunt) and came like an intercity express up Erin’s ass.

I had pulled her almost to a sitting position, and I was sitting on Jenny’s thighs, as my cock softened inside Erin’s ass. I reached around her and pawed at her tits from behind. I reached one hand up and forced her face around so I could kiss her over her shoulder. Her face was flushed and tear stained, but she didn’t look too unhappy. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it.”

She shook her head and, through her deep breaths, said “I think I came while you were ... you know... up there.”

“Good. I’ll see to it that we do it again.” Meanwhile, I had to get my cock out of her ass. It was really starting to hurt. I pushed her forward, back onto Jenny, and pulled my cock out with a soft ‘pop’. I told Jenny and Erin not to move, then I grabbed my camera. I made sure I had a good view of Erin’s ass hole, which was still slightly open. I took a couple of pictures that showed my come leaking out of Erin’s ass, then told her to finger her ass hole again. Erin did as instructed, and I now had her turn her head to look over her shoulder at the camera. I also got Jenny to look at me through the crock of Erin’s arm. A couple of shots later, I now had pictures that clearly showed Jenny’s face, Erin’s face, Jenny’s strap-on dildo buried up Erin’s cunt, and Erin’s own finger up her ass hole. No better blackmail picture ever existed.

End of Chapter 7