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Card Games

Chapter 6—Message for you, sir.

After I came, I collapsed on top of Erin and my sister. I lay like that for two or three minutes, probably, as my cock softened inside her pussy. Finally Erin disentangled herself and pulled out from between us and I pushed myself up to look at Jenny. She was still crying softly and when I saw that I leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“That didn’t hurt, did it?”

Jenny shook her head, no. “It didn’t hurt much... but ... I guess it didn’t feel like I expected it to.”

“Did it feel good?”

“Sort of... I guess.”

Well, I obviously hadn’t spent enough time warming Jenny up before I popped her. I promised myself that I would do a better job next time. I wanted to be sure that she enjoyed sex, so she would be my (at least semi—) willing partner whenever I wanted her. Plus, I felt sort of bad that I hadn’t paid any attention to what she wanted. But I blamed that on the fact that I’d been holding a load back for over an hour. I wasn’t exactly thinking about anyone other than myself at that moment.

I pulled out of Jenny with a soft (and painful) ‘pop’.

As I knelt up and looked around, I took in the view of Erin, naked, lying on the floor. She looked ready to fall asleep where she lay. Carla was sitting on the floor, cross-legged, wearing only her tights, watching us untangle ourselves. Jenny was still lying on the floor, recovering.

I knew I wanted to continue the game, but I had to figure out how to liven things back up.

“Carla. You go to the bathroom. When you’re done, come up to the upstairs bathroom.” I slapped Erin on the bottom. “Come on, sleepyhead, the night is still young. We’re going to take a shower.” I stood up and then reached down to offer Jenny my hand. “You’re coming too, sis. Up and at ‘em.”

When Carla had started toward the bathroom and Jenny and Erin had started upstairs, I ran to the kitchen and pulled out a six-pack of coke. It was apparent that everyone was going to need to be caffeinated to counter the effects of the alcohol (and other stuff) and the sex. I brought it into the bathroom to find the girls standing there.

“Who do you want to shower first?” Jenny asked.

As I looked around I realized that this bathroom was awfully small. “We’re all showering together, of course. But let’s use mom and dad’s bathroom. I’m sure Carla’ll find us.”

I led the girls into my parent’s bedroom, and into the bathroom. They had a huge, two person, two shower-head glass shower and a separate bath. I turned the water on in the shower and told the girls to get in. Believe it or not, neither girl wanted to get their hair wet. Of all the things they could be worrying about, Jenny had to run to our bathroom and grab showercaps for her and Erin. Now that we were set, we all got into the shower together and washed ourselves off. Erin washed the blood off of herself and I did the same.

After we were all relatively clean I noticed that Carla had found her way into this bathroom and was sitting on the toilet seat, watching us. She was still wearing her tights.

“Do you want to join us?” I asked.

Carla shook her head, no.

“Suit yourself.” I figured I wanted to give her a bit of a show, though. I put an arm around each of the girls in the shower with me and gave each a deep kiss of the lips. After I pulled away from Jenny, I pushed the two girls towards each other and told them to kiss too. They really got into it. Jenny hadn’t come yet tonight and I was beginning to think that Erin was the kind of girl who could come continuously. I think the combination of the drugs, alcohol and hot water were having the desired effect. Jenny started rubbing Erin’s tits and Erin started rubbing Jenny’s pussy as they kissed.

“OK. Enough’s enough. Let’s dry off and get back downstairs.” When we were dry, we went back downstairs. As I was grabbing the cokes, I noticed that Carla had already grabbed one and was drinking it. I offered another each to Jenny and Erin and started on one myself as we headed downstairs. I was certain that I wanted to be awake for the rest of the show and wanted the girls to be awake as well.

We got back downstairs and I had the girls arrange themselves in our little intimate circle again. I put my shorts back on, sat down, and dealt another round. I didn’t really care who won or lost at this point, though I wanted to see Carla have to get naked at this point. That turned out not to be “in the cards,” though. Carla won and Erin lost. Now this was going to be interesting.

Carla still had her tights on, of course. I stood up with the strap-on in hand and motioned for Carla to stand. “I think you get to fuck Erin’s pussy, Carla. Are you ready to go?”

Carla had stood up as I walked over, but was staring at the ground with her hands clasped behind her back. “Can you do it, instead?” she asked.

“Your job, you lucky girl.” It was beginning to become apparent that Carla was not into other girls at all. Erin, on the other hand, obviously enjoyed the attentions of Carla and Jenny, and Jenny was, it seemed, willing to participate, even if it didn’t turn her on the way it did Erin. I handed Carla the strap-on and told her to get into it. I watched her slide her slim, tights-covered, legs into the leg holes and pull it up to her crotch. She tried to snap it closed, but it was set too tight for her. I walked over and re-adjusted the straps and then snapped it closed behind her back. I tightened it up again, then ran my hands over her ass and down between her legs.

There is little I find more erotic than feeling a girl up through thin panties or tights. As a result, I was really enjoying feeling Carla up this way.

“Come on girls. You’d better moisten this thing up so it’ll slide right into Erin.” I watched Erin’s and Jenny’s naked bodies as they crawled over to Carla and started licking the strap-on. Erin was most enthusiastic. I was still standing behind Carla but I had moved my hands to her upper body and was feeling her tits up. At one point, I reached down between Carla’s legs to feel her crotch again, and found Erin’s hand there first.

“O.K. That’s enough. Erin, you lie down on your back right here.... Carla, now you’ve got to return Erin’s favor by moistening her up. Time to eat a little clam, Carla.”

Erin had already lay down where I had directed her and was waiting with her legs spread for Carla to eat her. As Carla knelt down between Erin’s legs, I walked around with the camera to get a better view. As I moved in front of Carla, I realized that she was now crying.

“Dave? Do I have to do this?”

“C’mon Carla. Quit complaining. You’ll get the same, when it’s your turn.”

“I don’t want a turn.”

“Carla, you agreed to play this game. In fact, you were the one who wanted it most. Now get down and go down.”

Carla looked down at Erin’s pussy for a moment, then bent her head to the task. I was taking pictures the whole way as she ate Erin out. At one point Erin grabbed Carla’s head and pulled her tighter to her crotch.

“Put your finger in, Carla.” Erin was almost shouting.

I had walked around to the side to get another viewpoint and I leaned forward and gave Carla a spank on her upturned ass. “Go on. Finger her like she wants.”

I stepped back and watch Carla put her index finger in Erin’s pussy as she was eating her out. Carla had only been going down on Erin for about three or four minutes and had only been fingering her for less than a minute, when Erin started to shudder. She had a firm grip on Carla’s luscious hair and was grinding her crotch into Carla’s face as she came.

When she stopped shaking and let go of Carla’s hair, I held Carla’s arm and helped back up to a kneeling position. She was back to crying openly now.

“Can I go home, Dave? Please?” she asked, plaintively.

“Sorry, Carla. You were plenty happy when the other girls had to strip all the way down. You’re not even naked and you want to quit. We’re going to go all the way, till you’ve got nothing left to gamble with. Now come on. Don’t cry. You finished the toughest part. Now just fuck her for a couple of minutes and you’ll be done.”

Carla sniffled a couple of times and tried to wipe her eyes with the back of her hand.

“What do I do?” she asked.

“Just climb on top of Erin, slide your strap-on into her pussy, and fuck her. Just slide it in and out.”

Carla crawled forward, over Erin. She was on her hands and knees with the strap-on dangling over Erin’s crotch. She leaned over on one hand and tried to position the head of the strap-on at the entrance to Erin’s cunt. She was having trouble locating the hole, though. I was watching all this (and taking pictures) from a position behind them and I leaned forward and guided Carla’s hand to Erin’s hole. I quickly slid back and got a couple more pictures as Carla was sliding into Erin (though I had to make Carla hold her legs apart a bit).

Carla moved her hips up and down, sliding the strap-on in and out of Erin, to give Erin only the second fuck of her life. When I came round to the side, I was surprised to see that Carla had her eyes closed and but Erin was looking right at Carla. Erin, in fact, had her hands on Carla’s hips and was guiding her in and out and trying to control the stroke speed.

“Carla,” I told her, “open your eyes and look at Erin like you love her. I want you to fuck her while you look into her eyes.” To her credit, Carla tried. She opened her eyes and looked at Erin, but then burst back into tears (though she didn’t stop pumping). “Kiss her, Carla. On the lips. Like you really mean it.”

Carla slowly lowered herself onto Erin. Carla was a fair bit taller than Erin, but they still ended up about tit-to-tit. I watched as those luscious globes flattened themselves on Erin’s tits, then as Carla’s mouth came to Erin’s. Erin was perfectly happy to kiss and she really put a lot into it. She moved her hands up from Carla’s ass, over her back and held Carla to her by her shoulders. As she was doing this, Erin was also grinding her hips up at Carla.

After a couple of minutes of this, I slapped Carla on the butt and told her she could quit. As she tried to pull out, Erin was trying to hold her back in. Erin was on the verge of coming again! Carla did manage to get up and pull away, though, and I didn’t let Erin finish herself off. I pulled her back to her feet and led her back to our circle.

Carla, meanwhile, had stepped out of the strap-on and had composed herself. “I’m sorry, Dave. I don’t mean to be a crybaby. I’m just not into that... y’know.”

“You mean you don’t like lesbian sex?”

Carla nodded.

“Carla. Look at yourself.... Look at Erin and Jenny. These are the most beautiful bodies I’ve ever seen. And Erin and Jenny are your best friends. How can you not want to make love to them?”

She shook her head. “It’s not right.... It’s not natural!”

“Carla, just enjoy yourself.” I put my hand up to her tit and felt it up. I massaged it slightly, then leaned over and licked her nipple. “That feels good, doesn’t it?”

She nodded.

“Then just go with it. If it’s me or Jenny, what’s the difference?” I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. As I pulled away I said “just relax. Let it happen and enjoy it.”

Carla nodded, though she still didn’t look wildly happy.

“C’mon. Time for another round.”

We sat down again and I dealt again. I still wasn’t worried about loosing, since I was still well ahead, and I wasn’t fully recovered from fucking my sister, so I didn’t cheat for myself. I thought about trying to cheat against Carla, but the girls were all watching me like hawks. We’d been at this for a couple of hours, and I think the alcohol had worn off, though the drugs were still in full force, obviously. As it turns out, I didn’t have to target Carla. She lost anyway (for only the fourth time). Jenny had the high hand, so now we’d get to see Carla striped all the way down.

Jenny stood up and stepped over to Carla and offered her hand to help Carla stand up. She walked Carla over by the couch and slipped her hands over Carla’s tights, then down inside of the tights at her waist. She pushed Carla’s tights down over her hips, pushed them passed her ass, then, leaning over, down her legs to her knees. Now she had Carla sit down on the couch, then pulled the tights down to Carla’s feet. Finally, she pulled Carla’s feet into the air and delicately pulled the tights off of each foot. She had a perfect view into Carla’s crotch, as she kneeled in front of her and, I noticed, as she stared at Carla’s pussy, fascinated.

I was watching Carla with rapt attention too. Even though I’d felt her up quite extensively, I hadn’t gotten to see Carla’s pussy and ass. As I’ve mentioned, Carla was more voluptuous than Erin or Jenny. She was more curvy on top and at the hips and her waist, being as thin as Erin’s made her bust and bottom look that much rounder in comparison. I could see between her legs perfectly as Jenny pulled them up in the air to take off Carla’s tights. The patch of hair at her crotch was neatly trimmed and quite small. I knew all three girls laid out all year round. Carla obviously kept her bush very well trimmed for the tiny bikini bottoms she wore.

I now could see all three girls naked, side-by-side. I had all three of them stand up next to each other. I had already taken several snapshots with my camera when I noticed something for the first time. As I said, all three of them laid out all year long. I now realized how distinct each of their tan lines were. Carla had the darkest tan, then Erin, then my sister, and in each case I could clearly see what kind of bathing suit each wore to tan in. Carla’s was also the most risqué. Her tan line looked like French cut bikini panties. Thin and high on the waist, then coming down over her crotch getting rapidly thinner, till it disappeared between her legs. You could immediately see why she had to keep her pussy hair so tightly trimmed. It was obvious that you wouldn’t be able to hide a dime in the crotch of the suit she tanned in. Her bikini top was as racy as the bottoms. Tiny triangles of white skin started just above her nipples and covered the bottom of her breasts.

I could see that Erin’s bathing suit was also a bikini. The bottoms were also tightly cut, like Carla’s, and came to a similar very narrow crotch. She also kept her pussy hair very thin and closely trimmed. Her top was slightly more conservative than Carla’s. It looked like she had one of those zippered neoprene tops that she kept half opened when she tanned. Her chest had squares of white skin over the entirety of her tits, but there was a tight v-shape of tanned skin that descended between her breasts about three-quarters of the way down to where the top obviously ended.

My sister also had a nice tan, and I already knew that she used a one-piece suit to tan in. It was high cut on the legs, but was obviously pretty conservative. The contrast in tan lines was very erotic and it was emphasized by the differences in tit sizes.

The three of them were so nicely symmetrical. Carla was the tallest, had the biggest tits, and the tiniest untanned areas. Erin was shorter than Carla but taller than Jenny, her tits were smaller than Carla’s but bigger than Jenny’s, and she had a less intense tan with more white skin than Carla, but a more intense tan with less white skin than Jenny. My sister was last in line, was the shortest, had the smallest tits, and the most white skin. Each of them, in their way, looked equally beautiful.

“I’m glad I’m not faced with the judgment of Paris, girls. I don’t know if I could pick out who was the most beautiful among you. You are all so gorgeous, and each of your bodies is so fucking nice in its own way....” I stared at them a minute more, took a few more pictures, then tried to get out of my reverie. “O.K., next hand.”

I really wanted Carla to lose the next hand and get them all on even terms, but I was afraid to cheat. I did take a look at the bottom two or three cards as I turned away from them to sit back down at the circle, but I wasn’t sure I’d get the opportunity to use them. I dealt another round of cards and watched as Carla’s face fell when she looked at them. Good. I asked for discards and draws. Jenny took three cards, Erin took two, and Carla took four. I didn’t get the opportunity to give her the shit cards from the bottom of the deck, but I hoped it wouldn’t matter. I took three. Jenny turned up with nothing (king high, I think), Erin had three of a kind, I had a pair, and Carla had... . even less than Jenny (maybe ten high or something).

Erin seemed excited to have won. She jumped up and skipped over to me and held out her hand for the strap-on. I handed it to her and she stepped into it. She pulled it up her legs and shifted around a bit to get it comfortable. Then I tightened the straps on it to make it snug.

I watched her as she turned around and walked back to the couch to sit down. It was sort of funny to watch her strut since it caused the strap-on dick to bob up and down slightly. As she turned away from me, I watched the sway of her lovely ass. She sat down on the couch and leaned back and motioned for Carla to come over to her.

She watched Carla as she crawled over to the couch and as Carla got there she said “suck it for me Carla,” all the while trying to suppress giggles.

Carla put her face in Erin’s lap and started sucking the dildo. “Play with my ... thing,” Erin told Carla, in a voice that was almost asking a question. Carla did reach one hand between Erin’s legs while she kept one hand on Erin’s lap. “Up higher a little. ... That’s it. Right there. Ohhhhh, yes, right there. ... Ouch!! ouch!” Erin sat up suddenly, then tried to shift the dildo around a little. She relaxed after a second, then slid one of her own hands under her butt to try to reach her pussy. She diddled herself while Carla played with her and sucked her fake cock. It wasn’t five minutes before Erin was coming again. She arched her back and forced the cock further down Carla’s throat. I don’t think Carla was expecting it at that point, and she almost choked on the thing. She pulled off of Erin’s lap and let Erin finish her come. Then, eyes down, she started to return to the circle.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.

Carla seemed confused at the question. “What do you mean? I was supposed to lose my mouth, right? I did a lot more than Erin or Jenny had to do.”

“No, you weren’t supposed to lose your mouth. We’re playing with cherries, remember? You don’t have your mouth to lose.—Now that was a very nice warm up for the main event. Erin’s dildo ought to be nice and lubed for your pussy.”

Carla looked totally distraught. “But, I’m not ready. It’s not fair. Jenny and Erin ...”

“What are you trying to say? Jenny and Erin have both already been popped tonight. You popped Erin, yourself. Now Erin gets to return the favor.”


“But nothing. You knew your mouth wasn’t cherry. You knew you weren’t going to get to count it. You’ve lost less than anyone else, and you should be counting yourself lucky for lasting this long. Now all you girls are going to be on even terms, again. Now lie down and let Erin fuck you, already.”

Carla lay down on the floor and, as Erin approached her, covered her face with her hands. Erin already knew what was expected and she lowered her face to Carla’s pussy. She took a couple of tentative sniffs, then started tonguing Carla’s crotch. Erin had already figured out what she (Erin) liked from when Carla had eaten her out, and I think she was trying to do the same to Carla. She was tonguing Carla’s clit, then sliding down to her hole to try to tongue fuck her. Then she reached forward with one hand and finger fucked Carla as she licked at Carla’s clit.

Carla, this whole time, was stiff as a board. I scooted over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. Carla was so tense that she practically jumped away from me, she was so surprised by my touch (she had her eyes tightly closed). I pulled her hands away from her face and stroked her body. “Relax,” I told her. “Pretend that you’re masturbating. Forget about whose down there and just try to fantasize. Just relax.”

Carla tried. I have to give it to her. She put her hands at her sides, closed her eyes again, and tried to relax. I rubbed her body and tried to get her turned on. At one point she even moved one hand to her tits and started rubbing them. Just as she was starting to get into it and move her body like she was getting turned on, she must have realized again what was happening to her. She sat straight up, pushing me and Erin away from her, and started shouting “No! no, no, no” over and over again. She put her face in her hands again and started crying all over again. This time they were huge sobs. She was crying “I’m not gay! I’m not. I’m not.”

‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much.’ I thought.

At this point, I pretended to just be fed up. I pushed Carla back to the floor and pointed Erin to come fuck her. “C’mon Carla. It’s time to lose your cherry. I wanted to make it nice for you, but if you can’t handle it, you can’t. You’re still going to get fucked, though.” I looked down at her and asked “Are you ready to have your cherry popped?”

I could see Carla’s head nod. “Look at Erin, Carla.” Carla moved her hands down to her sides and opened her teary eyes. “Say ‘come fuck me lover. Come take my cherry. Please fuck me, Erin.’”

“Come... fuck me. Please... take ... my....” Carla only got that far before she burst into tears again.

“C’mon Carla. ‘Come fuck me, lover. Please come take my cherry, Erin.’ ... Go on, say it.”

“Come ... fuck me, ... lover.... Please... come take my cherry.”

Erin crawled over Carla. She carefully positioned her hips between Carla’s legs and tried to manipulate the dildo into Carla’s hole. I put my hand on Erin’s ass and slid my fingers down her crack, over her ass hole and pussy hole, then over the strap on to the dildo. I held the dildo over Carla’s crack and slid the head up and down Carla’s slit for a few seconds, trying to get it lubed. Then I held it over Carla’s hole and told Erin “O.K., now push forward, slowly.” Erin pushed her hips forward and I fed the slim cock into Carla’s hole. “Go slow, now.”

I could see Carla’s face flinch as she felt the first touch of the dildo on her slit. She flinched again as the head slipped into her pussy. Then, as I fed more of it into her snatch, she turned her head to one side and grabbed my free arm with one hand. When I felt the dildo come up against an obstruction, Carla squeezed my arm quite hard.

“That’s as far as I can go,” Erin said.

“No, you’ve hit her cherry. You remember how hard it was for me to break your cherry. You’re going to have to do the same to Carla.”

“Are you ready, Carla?”

She sniffled once, then nodded.

“Push Erin.”

Erin started pushing as I pulled my hand away from the dildo. She wasn’t a very strong girl to begin with, and didn’t have much incentive or experience in something like this, though. She still wasn’t making any progress, she was just trying to push with her hips but wasn’t getting anything into it. I think she was remembering her own experience some minutes ago.

I pulled my right hand back (Carla still had a firm grip on my left wrist) and brought my open palm crashing down on Erin’s ass. It stung my hand like hell, and I knew I’d surprised the shit out of Erin. She was so shocked, she pushed forward with one mighty heave and busted Carla’s cherry like a bullet leaving the barrel.

Carla had seen my hand rearing back and could see what was about to happen. Erin, of course, couldn’t see anything behind her, but she was looking into Carla’s face. As my hand came down onto Erin’s ass, the look on Carla’s face changed from horror to pure anguish as my hand struck Erin and shocked her into ripped apart Carla’s cherry. Carla let out a short shriek the instant Erin broke through, but she was quickly reduced to relatively quiet sobbing.

Erin froze in that positions for a few seconds, shocked and surprised. The strap-on was buried all the way to the hilt in Carla’s pussy. Erin and Carla lay crotch to crotch with Erin’s back bent as she rested on her hands, looking down at Carla’s crying face. Carla wasn’t moving other than the involuntary shaking as she sobbed. I looked down at Erin’s ass and was pleased to see a beautiful hand print outlined in red. I had hit her with my open palm and fingers spread and you could clearly see each finger and the palm outlined on Erin’s untanned ass.

I reached down to stroke Erin’s ass and told her to go on with the fucking. With my hand fondling Erin’s ass and crack, I gently guided Erin’s thrusting motions in and out of Carla. Once Erin got the stroke going, I slid my finger up and down her slit and found the opening to Erin’s pussy. I finger fucked her as she fucked Carla and I tried to match my rhythm to hers. Erin was already turned on by the whole dominance thing over Carla, and it didn’t take much to get Erin to the verge of orgasm again as I finger fucked her. The strap-on was pretty well designed and, I think, was giving Erin a good bit of stimulation at her clit. As she got closer to orgasm, her strokes slowed down but increased in intensity. Before, she was just moving her hips in and out, now, she was really plunging that dildo hard into Carla with every stroke.

Finally Erin came again. She gave one huge thrust, pounding into Carla, started shuddering, then collapsed on top of Carla. My hand had not been idle either. I’d been finger fucking Erin with my middle finger while my hand squeezed her ass. As she started to come, I’d forced in my index finger too. Now, with two fingers buried in Erin’s pussy I just reveled in the sight of these two lovelies joined at the crotch.

End of Chapter 6