The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Carolina Experiment

(I expect some of you at least have heard of the rumoured Philadelphia experiment with a large ship and time travel,well this is more a story of M/s and time travel)

Marie and Steve have an interesting Master and Mistress here in Charlotte,Carolina,they are,for want of a better term,high tech,top secret inventors or scientists.Life as their slaves can be very interesting at times,to put it mildly.This is because much of the time, when it comes to the first actual human tests they tend to use their 2 slaves to act as unofficial guinea pigs.

This means (though not always officially recognised!) that one or both of them,are the first humans to have done many things over the 3 1/2 years or so they have been serving them.When they first invented a very deep sea diving suit,capable of being used to a depth of 1500 feet in complete safety,Steve was the first to try it out in a dive in the Atlantic to a depth of 800 feet,and after he returned safely,both of them became the first humans to dive to a depth of 1200 feet wearing only a diving suit.These records however are not officially recognised as the suits theoretically don’t exist,but they do,and the US navy has put them to good use in their time in many recovery missions!Another top secret experiment they have tried out in their time is controlling a computer literally by thought control with a special electrode cap that they wear to send signals to their computer without the need to type or even speak.They still have 2 of these special devices and the last time either of them actually typed on their computer was about 15 months ago.

Not all their Masters and Mistresses inventions are as serious as this, in their time they have invented sensitizing devices for both their slaves,for both their pleasure and their punishments.When attached to sexually sensitive parts of their bodies,(breasts,nipples,cock,rear, pussy etc) and switched on they can stimulate these parts of their bodies by up to 10 times normal human stimulation,and then by stroking them or inserting something into them the pleasure intensifies greatly, naturally if the nipple is pulled or clamped as punishment,then that intensity is also greatly increased.They also have devices implanted in them that enable both men to have multiple orgasms without losing an erection,and both women have tiny implants in their clits which ensure orgasm anytime they desire just by pressing a button implanted in their wrists,which the 2 men are known to press occasionly as well, much to the 2 ladies delight,and sometimes embarrassment!

One day,after several months of work in their lab,Master and Mistress came into the kitchen where both their slaves were hard at work and said,

“Our dear slaves,both of you are required to assist in our latest experiment,hopefully we have invented the first true time travel machine and we have now reached a point where human volunteers are necessary,we have managed to send inert material forward 1 day with complete success several times,and no sign of any physical damage to it.Now we need to take things to the next step by running a human test, what we are planning to do is send both of you forward 3 days into the future and then await your return.We have decided the future is better than the past as there is no possibility of either of you altering history that way.If you do not reappear after a week,all we have to do is reverse the process and bring you both back to today,as long as noone finds out in the meantime,noone will know what has happened apart from us,and we can safely live with the results.We will do all the work for the 3 days you are away,there will be no more work for you than normal on your return.When you are both ready and completed all your tasks you are both to come to the lab straightaway.”

“Yes Master,Yes Mistress.“they both replied.

“3 days of tidying and cooking we don’t have to do.“joked Marie.

“Its bound to be interesting,and work,“said Steve,“after all everything our Owners have tried with us has a 100% success rate.”

“At least neither of us lose our birthdays with this,thats something I suppose.“said Marie.

“I’m sure our owners would still have permitted us to celebrate on our return anyway.“laughed Steve.“There will probably be champagne for us on our return anyway,if it does work.”

After half an hour or so,in which they prepared their owners evening meals for that day,Steve and Marie took the route they had taken on many occasions in the last 3 1/2 years,to their Master and Mistresses lab.

“At least whatever happens,we’ll be together this time.“said Marie.

“Yes we can hold hands all the time,if you like.“laughed Steve.

“For 3 days?“asked Marie.

“If you wish.“said Steve,squeezing her hand.

“Thank you.”

When they reached the lab they knocked on the door and then entered, their owners looked up and said,

“Ready at last,now we will explain what will happen.”

“We have prepared everything for tonight for you,Sir,Madam,“Steve said, “before we came along.”

“Thank you for that.“their Mistress said.“Now come over here and have a look at things.”

They walked across the lab to where their owners were stood and looked at all the dials on the unit in front of them.

Their Master spoke,“First of all this dial has the current time,date and year accurate to 1/100 of a second,4.03pm June 22nd 2002,on the dial next to it is the time which we will send you forward to,5.00pm June 25th 2002.Is that clear?”

They both nodded.

“This next dial is an override switch,which is set to 4.00pm June 29th 2002,if you have not returned by this time,the machine will automatically reset 1 week back to now and bring you back to this day, shortly before the experiment had started and we can carry on with life as normal.If you are happy with all this,we will carry on.”

They both agreed that they were happy with this recovery process.All 4 of them then moved over to the time travel chamber.

“What we want you both to do now is enter the chamber,sit down and belt yourselves in,as we have no idea how bumpy the journey may be for you. As you can see the 2 seats have been placed close together so you can hold hands if you wish to.We will then link your minds to the 2 portable thought recorder devices so that we can get all the necessary data at the end of your journey.You’ve both worn them many times before in experiments so I’m sure that’s not a problem for either of you.We have included the telepath units so that you may ‘talk’ to each other if you wish,as we dont know how much external noise there may be on your journey.When everything is settled and you are both happy,we will switch on the machine and send you forward 3 days,and we will have the champagne chilled and ready for your return.Have either of you any questions?”

“Yes Sir,“Marie asked,“have you any idea how long the journey will seem to us,will it be instant or will we simply feel like we are floating for 3 days?”

“It should be fairly instant,slave Marie,but we don’t really know,thats 1 of the reasons for using the thought recorders,to see how long the journey actually takes.“he replied.

“Thank you Sir,that is all.“she replied.

“Then lets begin.“he said.“Enter the chamber please.”

Steve and Marie entered the time travel chamber,sat down and put on the belts to secure them.The thought recorder devices were then placed on their heads and instantly they linked into their brains through the nano incisions in their skulls,which had been made soon after they arrived,with their agreement when everything had been explained to them,and the wiring linked into their minds.When their Mistress saw the green light to confirm neural connection,she signalled to her husband. He acknowledged her,and said to his 2 beloved slaves,

“We will now commence the operation,can you check everything is working satisfactorily,including telepath units please.”

Steve thought a message to Marie,“Love you deeply.",and she replied “I love you too.“Steve then signalled that the telepath units were working and his Mistress confirmed that she was receiving signals OK from both of them.

Their Master looked at them and said,“Time travel commencing in 30 seconds.”

“Thank you Sir,see you in 3 days.“they both replied.

“I certainly hope so.“he said under his breath.

What he didn’t notice was that the dial on the forwarding date had accidentaly been changed to the year 2102 by mistake,he had turned the dial when sending a signal to his wife,but that the override switch had not altered itself as it should have done,therefore eliminating the opportunity to return them to the present day as had been planned as a backup measure.The last thing the 2 of them heard was

“5 seconds to...abor” then the lab just disappeared from Steve and Marie’s sight.Their Master had spotted the problem,but just too late to do anything about it.Marie telepathed a message to Steve,

“Somethings gone wrong.”

“Yes but what?“he sent back in reply,but they soon found out what had gone wrong.After what seemed like an age to them,but was in fact no more than 45 seconds everything cleared in front of them,but the view was nothing they could recognise,though they didn’t know it at the time,they were still in Charlotte,Carolina but 100 years(and 3 days) into the future,and to say it had changed somewhat would be an understatement.

“Well we’re alive,“said Steve,“but when and where we are I really don’t know,but its not Charlotte 2002,thats for certain.”

“That,I can agree with,“said Marie,“but is it Charlotte somewhere in the future,and if so,how far,or are we somewhere else in 2002?”

“I would guess its more likely its Charlotte somewhere in the future, its only a time travel machine,but how far in the future is anyones guess at present,I suggest we carefully try to find out,but our clothes must make us stick out like a sore thumb at present.I think before very long we’re going to find out when we are,like it or not.”

“Gulp.“was Marie’s only reply.“I think we’ve been spotted already.”

It was true,2 people were approaching them wearing,to their eyes at least,very futuristic looking clothes,almost a tight one piece body suit with various dials and keyboards on the sleeves,they also wore a visor which obviously had some details on it,but they couldn’t tell what.

“Hello there,are you heading to a 20th century fancy dress party,I must say your outfits are very good,congratulations.“said the man removing his visor.“These hover shuttles never seem to come when you want one.”

“Er...not quite,“said Steve,“this may sound crazy to you but we are actually from the year 2002,we were in a time travel experiment that seems to have gone wrong.What year is this?”

“2102 actually,25th June to be precise.“replied the man.

“And this is Charlotte,Carolina?“Marie asked nervously.

“Sure is,young lady.“replied the woman,“is that correct at least?”

“Yes,“replied Marie,“though I don’t recognise it.”

The lady removed her visor,looked at her partner and said,“But I thought time travel didn’t commence until 2061?”

He replied,“So did I.”

Steve said to them,“Well I expect after this experiment went wrong things got delayed considerably,but I expect it existed long before anyone was told about it happening.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well the people we worked for had many top secret inventions which ordinary people didn’t find out about straightaway.”

“Such as...?”

“Thought controlled computers,diving suits capable of a depth of 1500 feet to name but 2 invented by 2002,which I suspect weren’t made known to the public straightaway.“said Marie.

“I’ll check that on the database,“said the woman,“thats right,thought controlled computers came along in 2012 and the diving suits,presumably what we now call Mariana suits,of which the latest versions now go down to 15,000 feet my dear,were 2017.And you say both of them were around by 2002?”

“Yes,“said Marie,“We both dived to 1200 feet in the suits in the summer of 2000,and neither of us have typed on our computers since the autumn of the same year.”

“Wow.“said the man,“thats fantastic.But you’re lucky we found you because we’re more than happy to help you fit in around here.”


“Because we are 2 of the top historians in the whole of North America, and for the chance to discover more about the late 20th century we would be delighted to help you.So much detail has been lost over the years.Hang on,I’m going to call someone to come and collect you,then we can talk more later.What are those devices on the top of your heads by the way?”

“The first thought recorder devices,another invention of the people we worked for.“said Steve.

The woman again tapped into her database and said,“Invented 2011,wow!”

The man spoke into what looked to Steve like a watch,but was in fact a mobile phone and personal data checker combined.

“Richard,its Frank here,Julie and I have found something very special out here where 1 of the old mansions used to be.Can you track us,and meet us here?”

“No problem Frank,I’ve aligned your coordinates,be with you in 5 minutes in my travel unit.”

5 minutes or so later,a vehicle like an 8 person train carriage came floating across towards them at a height of about 15 feet and stopped nearby.

“Hi Frank,where your friends heading,a fancy dress party?“said Richard.

“Not quite,how do I say this...they’re from 2002,the first apparant test of time travel,which didn’t quite work,they’ve been forwarded 100 years more than they expected to be.“said Frank in reply.“And they know a lot of things that history doesn’t tell us!”

“As in?”

“Things invented long before their official date for starters.”

“Hey,thats fantastic.”

“Let me introduce you to them,Marie and Steve,this is Richard,co-head with Julie of history at the Carolina inter-state university.”

“Pleased to meet you sir.“replied the 2 time travellers.

“Now Richard,“said Julie,“what we want you to do is escort these 2 back to the university in your travel unit,and then remove their thought recorders for them,so that we can all talk in comfort when we get back from our work out here.”

“Sure thing,please climb in folks.“said Richard.

Marie and Steve climbed into the travel unit and it took off to a height of 20 feet.

“Be there in about 8 minutes,how are the thought recorders fitted by the way.”

“Wire linked into our neural circuits.“said Marie.

“Piece of cake then,as its not a surgically sealed brain unit,I can have them both safely off in about 45 seconds.“said Richard smiling at them.

“Oh,“said Marie,“in 2002 it normally takes about 15 minutes to unlink each of them.”

“Thats modern technology for you.“laughed Richard.“Even the SSBU’s can be removed in about 45 minutes,and thats major surgery!”

They soon arrived at the university and Richard guided them to the history area,luckily noone was around to query the very old style clothing they were wearing.

“Right then,if you will both sit down over there in those chairs,I will arrange for the robo-doctor to remove your thought recorder units for you.”

They sat down and Richard sealed them in to the seats.He pressed a few buttons and a headset came down over each of them.

“Lets just check these out,yes,very basic TRU’s,no problem whatsoever. Theres a basic telepath unit there too which I’ll also remove,but we can upgrade that considerably if you want us to.”

Marie turned to Steve and said,“To think in 2002 these were something radical and new.”

Steve replied,“Yes dear,but that was 100 years ago.”

“Right,“said Richard,“operation commencing.”

All Steve and Marie felt was a small tingle,the wires releasing and a few seconds later the units removing from their skulls.They then heard a computerised voice say,

“Operation completed in 22.64 seconds.Subjects are ready to be unsealed.”

Richard pressed a button and said,“You can both get up now,we might as well all have a drink together while we wait for Frank and Julie to return.”

“Does beer still exist?“asked Steve.

“Sure does,2 cold beers?”

“Please.“said Marie,“its been a long time since our last ones!”

When 3 cold beers had been cracked open Steve asked Richard a question,

“So what should we know about the last 100 years?”

“Far too much for me to tell you,but theres a way of solving that problem which we’ll explain later.The main thing you ought to know is that all our clothing are linked by circuits to master computers so that we can gain information from the master database at an instant.”

“Yes we saw Julie doing that.”

“Also...most of us are fitted with intelligence boosting implants in our brains,our IQ levels are way above yours,with no disrespect,the average IQ nowadays is about 250,not the 140 in your days.”

“Are you controlled then?“asked Steve.

“Well yes and no,we’re not mind controlled zombies if thats what you mean,but yes the master computers can feed information directly to our brains which then become part of our thoughts.”


“Its not as bad as it sounds,your implant only works to a level you desire,most people have it set in the 20-25 range on a scale of 0-100 so thought control is minimalised,but you set it where you like,some workers like a much higher setting,say 50-60 so they carry out their work well,but the minimum compulsory setting for a brain implant owner is 10 which you’d barely notice most of the time,except in a state of emergency.”

“How many people have these implants then?“asked Marie.

“About 95% of the population,and those that don’t tend to only get menial jobs and get left behind.”

“We’re in trouble then,if we don’t get back to 2002.“she laughed.

“I’m sorry,our time travel machines cannot go back beyond the day they are operated for future travel,there’s no way we can get you back to 2002 I’m afraid.Its to avoid changing the course of history and all that.”

“Oh dear.“she said and gulped.

“But implantation is possible if you wish,but we would like to find things out from you before then,as it will be necessary before implantation to remove all details of your lives prior to 2002.We would need to make you seem natural citizens born around 2060 or so,we couldn’t risk leaving all those earlier memories in case it slipped out when you were really from,imagine what fun that could cause.”

“Yes,I can imagine it.“laughed Marie.

At this stage Frank and Julie walked back in,Richard turned to them and said,

“I’ve told them the bad news,that we can’t return them to their own time,they’re upset but I think they’d worked it out for themselves anyway.”

“We had.“said Steve resignedly.“But how can we live and work in 2102 without paperwork?”

“Quite easily,“said Julie,“that can be arranged,we know the right people,and for the information you can provide for us,and them,that will be a minor thing for them to do.All they will probably do is move your birthdays forward 100 years.”

“So how do we help?“asked both of them.

“As soon as can be arranged,we would like to put both of you through the thought processor machines,what this will do in your case is remove all your memories of life up to and including 2002 and download all the data into our computers.What we will then do is reprocess your minds so that you believe you are citizens born around 2060,with full knowledge of events that have happened since then,but apart from the change of your year of birth which will automatically be brought forward 100 years,your knowledge of yourselves and each other,and your attitudes in life will be returned to you unaltered in any way.Then all we do is contact our friends in higher authority,let them know all the information you have given us,and they will arrange your paperwork for life in 2102,and arrange implantation if you so desire it.“said Richard.

“You’ve told them about implantation?“said Julie.

“They’d have found out in time when they sought work and accomodation,” said Richard,“so yes,I told them.”

“And your views on this?“Julie asked them.

“Well we were told we can have low control settings,if we weren’t certain about it.“said Steve.

“Thats true,around 20 is a good setting if you’re not sure,but you don’t really get the benefits below that level.Did he mention compatibilty level settings?“said Julie

“No,what does that involve?”

“Well if you’re a true couple,“they nodded at her,“then you can choose a compatibility level which links your thoughts to each other.”

“Bit like that old telepath link you 2 had,only more so.“interrupted Richard.

“They had a telepath link in their TRU’s,“Richard nodded at Julie,“well then its just a case of how high a setting you choose,good friends about 40, close friends 55-60 and ‘married’couples usually 75-98.”

“Why stop at 98?“asked Marie.

“because at 100 its impossible to surprise your partner at any time,you have every thought your partner does,and that makes surprise presents very difficult,but it can be done if you desire.”

“And these readings are adjustable?“Marie asked.

“At any time,but usually only upwards for control settings,except under exceptional circumstances,like if you are returning from a Lunar or Planet base to Earth and have had a high control rating for work you have been doing there,as they have to store the data for you then.”

“Planet bases!“they both said in amazement.

“Yes,the Moon and Mars at present,but Europa base 1 begins work next year.”

“How long is the travel period?“Steve asked.

“Moon a few hours,Mars about 4 days,but you sleep on board all the way, electro-sleep I should say,they switch your body off before take off, and wake you up again shortly before landing.Europa will be just over a week I think.”

“When do you want to do the thought processing?“Steve asked.

“In all honesty,as soon as possible,“said Frank,“the data we can retrieve will be so useful to us,and also,you will both find it easier to live here now with your new lives rather than your old ones.”

“I certainly hope so.“said Marie,“This is a bit of a shock to us.How soon can you arrange it?”

“If I can get the right people in,and they’re available straightaway,we can start in about 30 minutes.“said Frank.“I’ll make some calls.”

Frank went away for a few minutes then returned,

“They’re on their way,I’ve got to power up the units,we can begin in about 40 minutes.”

After about 35 minutes Julie said,“They’re here,will you please both come with me.”

They all walked down several corridors and after about 5 minutes,Julie opened a door with her fingerprint and they all walked in,in the centre of the room were 2 seats looking a bit like 20th century electric chairs, with large headsets above humming away merrily.

Marie looked at Julie and said,“Are they safe,they look like the electric chairs they used to kill people with in our days!”

Julie laughed and said,“Perfectly safe,noones died in them yet in about 50 years of use.The restraints are more for your safety,you’re going to be sat there for several hours before we finish,and movement must be minimised to get clear readings both from,and more importantly to your minds.If you’d like to sit down in them please.”

Steve turned to Marie and joked quietly,“Good job we’re both into bondage isn’t it.”

She turned,smiled and said,“I think it is.”

They sat down,Julie and Frank locked them both into position and lowered the headsets over them,checked they were comfortable and said,

“Marie,Steve,we’ll begin now if thats OK?”

“Yes,OK.“they said nervously.

“Commence processing”was the last thing they heard,before the electrical force overwhelmed their minds and began pumping all the data into the computers.For the next 3 hours or so Frank,Julie,Richard and the engineers watched as first all their memories were downloaded into the computer,before the computer uploaded into their minds details of every event that had happened in the last 40 years or so,including detailed knowledge of everything they would need to know to be able to live in Charlotte in 2102.Finally their personal details were returned to their minds,the only difference being that their year of birth had been brought forward 100 years.At last the computer signalled that processing had been completed and that they could be released from the thought processor.

When they came round a few seconds later Julie said to them,

“Thank you for that,for now you are completely controlled by the computer until you become used to your new surroundings.It has designated Frank and myself as your temporary Master and Mistress until your implantation takes place.This is because your data has shown you were both consenting slaves,and happy to live that lifestyle in 2002, and as you need guides at present,a Master and Mistress seemed the most natural way to do this,to the computer.”

“Thank you Mistress,that information is correct.“they said in unison,” We are happy to serve you both for now.”

“Well anyway,in the next few days we will sort everything out,arrange your new paperwork and your brain intelligence implants,and then you can choose how you both want to get on with your new lives.And meanwhile we will have to find out how to treat consenting slaves!Come with us now for tonight.”

“Yes Mistress.“they replied.

Frank turned to Richard and said,“Contact Peter at immigration processing,and tell him the news,send him a few suitable juicy tit bits of data to keep him keen,and see how soon he can arrange ID’s for these 2.”

“Will do,then ring you.“said Richard.

A few hours later at Frank and Julie’s home,his personal communicator buzzed into life,“Frank,Richard here,spoke to Peter,he’s happy to do the work,its been approved by state authority and you are to take them to immigration processing in the morning at 9.30 for digiscan and medicheck.”

He called Steve and Marie in from the kitchen (or as such in 2102) and told them the good news.

“After that its just a few days until implantation,and then you can either be free workers or seek consenting slave positions in our society. How’s the meal for 4 going anyway?”

“Excellent Sir,“said Marie,“with all the computer assistance we are receiving it is very easy to achieve.The data we are getting downloaded to our minds enables us to know how to prepare a meal with all this modern equipment with great ease.You still have consenting slaves,Sir?”

“Yes we do,mainly serving high positioned people on Earth,and doing a lot of the more mundane tasks on the Planet and Lunar bases.But these are high control setting positions,which may not appeal to you at first.Usually 80 minimum to work on an off-Earth base,often more,90 or 95 is the norm.And 90 or more is a very mind controlled state.But Earth slaves are more often in the 60-75 range of control.”

“Why Sir?”

“Because for slaves,on a base,you would be in positions of high power and everything must be totally safe there.But we can put you in contact with people who can arrange a position for you somewhere if you wish. But now slaves,back to the meal.”

“Yes Sir,we obey.“they said.

The next morning they went to immigration processing with Julie,and after both had digiscans taken for their ID’s and the reference files, and had both passed through the mediscanner with no major problems they were presented with their ID’s and 3 auto-clean body suits complete with all data units.Julie explained to them that you wear the body suit for 1 day,switch it to clean,and 3 days later it’s fresh for you to wear again for the next 24 hours.

Peter informed them that implantation could take place 2 days later when all their details had been downloaded into the computer if they wished it,and they said they did.He turned to Julie and said,

“They’re 100 computer controlled at present aren’t they?”

“Yes.“she said.

“Better switch it off for a couple of minutes then while I get their setting details,those computers have a habit of giving much higher settings than they might want for themselves!”

“Will do,“said Julie and pressed a few buttons on 1 of her data boxes, “Free mind situation set for 10 minutes,Pete.Don’t want to do longer yet,it shows they still need a lot of assistance at present.”

“It would do,computers just like totally controlling human minds,but OK fair comment.”

Peter turned to them and said,

“Control and compatibility settings,if you could choose now it will save time.But I would advise a temporary control setting of 50 until you get used to life in the 22nd century,we can arrange a 30 day store and then lower it if you wish.Compatibility setting is entirely up to you, but it’ll have to be the same for both of you,what Julie tells me, about 60 would be a good setting for you,but that can be adjusted either way at any time prior to a mind marriage.”

“Mind marriage?“asked Steve.

“Just like your old weddings,but linked in mind as well as body,minimum compatibility setting is 75 and divorce rate is nil!”

They chatted briefly to each other and Julie,and Steve said,

“Thank you sir,we are happy to take your advice about settings,we will both have a temporary control setting of 50,with a 30 day store at 20, and we would love a compatibility rating of 60,for now at least.”

Julie said,“30 seconds to computer control reset.”

Peter said,“In that case fine,see you both in 2 days time.”

“Computer control reset.“said Julie.

For the next 2 days Steve and Marie happily served their new Master and Mistress,and both Frank and Julie admitted it was nice having someone around the house,Steve and Marie settled quickly into their new lives and Julie noticed that on the morning of implantation the computer had reduced its control level to 75,which as she said to Frank before he left for work is at least 10 higher than really necessary,they just love power over the human mind. Combined with their IQ implants they should be fine at 50.

“Right,time to go.“she said to them,“computer control off now,or on arrival at the centre?”

“At the centre Mistress,“Marie said nervously,“just to be safe.”

“Fine,as long as thats not the computer talking.“Julie laughed.

“It’s not Mistress.“said Steve with a smile,“Its us.”

“OK,lets go.”