The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Carolina Experiment-Chapter 2

It only took a few minutes to reach Immigration processing where the implantation would take place,and Peter was stood outside waiting for them.

He joked,

“It’s not often we do an implant after someone’s passed 25,most people have them by 20!”

Marie smiled and said,

“Well if we could have done,we probably would have too.What’s next?”

“First,we release the temporary computer control program that’s been assisting you until now,after this you won’t need it again,as your control settings will be run by central programming after implanting. Julie,can you please arrange that?”

“Of course,Peter,“and she pressed a few buttons on 1 of her panels, “temporary control releasing in 30 seconds from now.......control released”

“Right,now to explain,“said Peter,“your implants will be sealed into position by robo-surgery and the whole operation will take about 20-25 minutes and is pretty painless.A small laser will cut a micro-hole in the top of your head and the whole operation will be carried out through that hole.It will implant 1 unit into each lobe of your brain, the IQ implant into the ‘logic’ lobe,and the compatibility implant into your ‘emotion’ lobe,as these vary between left and right handed people the computer scans your mind before insertion and inserts correctly.Any questions so far?”

Marie and Steve looked at each other and said,“No,not yet.”

“Again the laser will open a micro hole in both lobes,then the robo surgeon will place the implant in the holes then hermetically seal them into position,they’ll never come out again,you understand that I trust.”

“Yes.“they said nervously.

“After that it will check that there is no reaction from your immune system against them,and then switch them on,and check they are working, they will,none has ever failed in 50 years.They are checked totally before level setting takes place.It will then reseal the tissue of your brain,release from inside your head and reseal the skin.I will then do some quick checks to make sure the levels are correct,and that the IQ booster is working properly,then you will be free to go,and live the rest of your life in the 22nd century.After 30 days you are to return and I can reduce the control level if you so desire,and after that you will only return if work you do requires a higher level setting, temporarily or otherwise,or if you wish to alter the compatibility level in anyway.Final questions before we start?”

“What IQ levels are we being given,if its not a cheeky question?“asked Steve.

“About the norm for pretty intelligent people nowadays,275,is that OK?”

“Fine.“he said with a smile.

“Then come with me to the surgery area,Julie,you may as well head to work,they’ll be more than capable of getting the hover shuttle home after I’ve finished my work.”

“I’m off today,“she said with a wicked smile,“I wanted to be around when they got back,and show them a few delights of 22nd century living.”

“That’ll be nice for them.“Peter laughed,“I won’t ask what delights.“he grinned.

“What does he mean?“Marie asked Julie.

“You’ll have to wait and find out,won’t you.“she laughed.“See you both soon.”

The 3 of them went off to the surgery area,and Steve and Marie went through all the stages for implantation as explained to them.They sat in the surgery seats and were sealed in,a tight electrode cap was used to temporarily desensitise the nerve endings in their heads,and then a large helmet,the robo surgeon and laser unit combined was placed over the top.They never felt a thing and were amazed when Peter lifted the helmets off their heads later and said,

“Process completed.Everythings fine and working OK.If you want to check,try to find the next hover shuttle time to Julie’s house by just thinking about it,the computer control should tell you straightaway.”

“13 minutes.“Marie said with an amazed look on her face.

“Just outside the gates.“said Steve equally surprised.

“Thats working fine then.“laughed Peter,“But in time it will help you with far more important things than that,that was just a test I use.Now come back to my office and I’ll do the IQ test scan.”

They walked back to Peter’s office and he said,

“Sit down in those chairs,place those electrode caps on your head,and I’ll switch the computer on and connect you up.I want you to do all the tests on there, don’t worry there’s some you wont be able to do,its an IQ 350 or less test so there are some questions your implants won’t answer,but it gives us a better guide that way.You’ll be amazed how quickly you do them.”

Half an hour later they were both finished and sat there smiling contentedly at Peter.

“You realise in your days that was about 6 hours worth of exams.Lets just see how the tests went.”

Whilst Peter was checking the results,Steve turned to Marie and said,

“And that was so easy,6 hours tests in 30 minutes,wow.”

“I quite agree,it was a stroll,and the results came to me so easily.”

Peter turned back to them and smiled,

“Well you’re either both secret geniuses or they’re working fine, according to those quick tests Steve’s registering at 277.4 and Marie at 276.8,thats certainly more than OK.”

He looked at Marie’s slightly disappointed look and added,

“You’re both the same really,its just that he done his in 6.31 seconds faster than yours,both units are identical really.His computer must have a slightly faster mbps than yours.”

“Thats alright then.“she grinned.“We used to talk bps in our previous life.”

“You remember that,I’m surprised,and slightly concerned,better do a quick check,but yes,computers are 1,000 times faster than 100 years ago....I see,minor tweak necessary...done,just to be sure you understand,don’t want people discovering your previous lives,do we now. Steve,same problem?”

“No I was wondering what a computer only doing bps was like!”

“Very slow,Marie?”

“The same now Sir,were computers ever that slow?”

“Yes,but not for many decades now.”

“Any more questions?”

“Yes,“said Steve,“control level 50,what will we notice.”

“Much of the time very little,but if you start to think a question the central computer will provide you with an immediate answer.If it thinks you are going the wrong way,or doing the wrong thing or just need help, it will override all free thoughts until you are safe or content again, the same if you are in trouble or about to meet non-implanted people who may harm you.Apart from that you’ll believe everything the authorities want you to,but you’ll get used to that in time regardless of setting.You’ve got to get to 75 or 80 before the mind control really begins to get noticeable,but many workers in important jobs have a 60 setting and live a perfectly contented and reasonable life,so you’ve nothing to worry about at 50.”

“Right you’re free to go catch that hover shuttle now,I’ve booked you both in for 30 days hence at the same time,10.00 for any control adjustments you may want.”

Marie thought a second and said,“6 minutes,outside the front gates,we have just enough time to get there according to my data.It works!”

“Of course,“laughed Peter,“see you both in 30 days.”

They just said “Thank you and goodbye.",then left.

When they got outside Marie turned to Steve and asked,

“How do you feel about it all?”

“Don’t you know?“he laughed.

“I do,but I just wanted to hear it from your lips.”

“Fine,content,happy to be with you,ready to start our new life together.”

“Thats what I thought,“she said,“Just wanted to hear it.“and kissed him.

They caught the hover shuttle back to near Julie and Frank’s house and walked up to the door,Frank had already done an iris scan of both of them into their security system,so they just let themselves into the house.When Julie heard them come in,she came to greet them,

“How do our newly implanted time travellers feel?”

“Perfectly normal,“said Marie,“and pretty content,with or without being controlled,but I think life will be easier now,and Peter’s told us that all thoughts of our time travel will disappear rapidly.”

“You’ll find getting around and shopping easier,thats for sure.“Julie said.“Yes,by tomorrow you’ll be natural citizens of the 22nd century, and have forgotten your previous life entirely,it was a personal thing so it takes slightly longer to delete from your memory banks,thats all,it’ll clear from your memories tonight when you sleep.”

“I’m glad really,“said Steve,“we have to get on with our new lives now and forget our past.”

“Sometime I’ll let you look over the details you gave us when things have calmed down,it’s really going to help with our archives though.” Julie added.

“We’re only glad we could help.“said Steve.

“Now I want to show you one of the delights of 22nd century living.” Julie grinned,“Follow me.”

They went to their bedroom where to Steve and Marie’s eyes were 2 rubber wetsuits awaiting them.

“What on earth are they for?“asked Marie,“Diving off the Carolina coastline?”

“You’d get wet if you did,“laughed Julie,“there’s a couple of well positioned holes in those suits,how do I say this,they perk up your love life.”

They both looked totally baffled at that comment.

“Just climb inside the suits,they’re not rubber,they look like it,but they’re a lot easier to get into,and its pretty obvious which ones for Marie by the larger breast opening in one.”

Julie was right,they were easy to get into but very figure hugging all the same,Steve got into his and pressed his cock and balls through the hole,and Marie did the same with her breasts and crotch.

“Both in alright,then I’ll explain,“said Julie,“now you’ve been implanted you can both experience love making 22nd century style.What I’m going to do is connect you up to the house computer system,then program in a 30 minute love session,you could manage a lot more,but it’s your 1st time and I don’t want to overdo it for you.First I’m going to connect your implants via these electro caps to the computer and that will provide all the stimulation you need...and a little more! Then I place these breathing masks over your nose and mouth,whats in there will arouse you beautifully,then place stimulators on both sets of nipples,and more stimulators on his cock and balls and just inside your pussy,Marie.Steve penetrates you,then I switch the lot on,and you 2 will be in heaven for 30 minutes,guaranteed.Sometime in the future I’ll let you have the full 8 hour experience,now thats something else,I promise you.OK happy to try it?”

“Yes,sure,do we really have any say?“asked Marie.

“Well you do,but please try it.”

“OK,it should be fun if nothing else.“laughed both of them.

“It’s much better than fun.“said Julie.

She placed the caps on both of them,pressed a button on top to get it to connect to their implants,placed the masks over their faces,telling them to just breathe normally,and placed pads on their nipples and genitals.

“Right if you’re ready,“and they nodded,“I’ll press this button to lube Marie’s pussy like so,“and a dribble appeared in the right place,“Give you a nice erection like so.“and he went hard immediately.“Steve please enter Marie and I’ll switch everything on.”

Steve entered Marie,and Julie said “3.2.1.go.” and suddenly a warm tingle spread through their bodies from the top of their heads to the bottom of their toes.The gas they were breathing was a love potion in gas form,and the computer was pumping their minds with so much love for each other that nothing else really mattered.They were in a state that can only be described as ‘total sexual harmony’ with each other.Julie just smiled and watched as for the next 30 minutes they made tender and continuous love to each other,orgasms for both of them coming by the dozen,Steve having a firm erection the whole time,a truly wonderful sight.At the end of the 30 minutes everything began to switch off,and when Julie got the signal that they were again breathing normal air,and all programming had terminated,she removed their masks.

“How was that?“she asked them.

“Truly amazing,“said Steve,“we’ve been making passionate love for 30 minutes non stop,and we’re barely out of breath.And the love making,wow I don’t know if the old way will ever be good enough again after that, that was fantastic.”

“Thats what most people say after trying it,and you Marie?”

“Absolutely beautiful,I’m so glad I tried that.When can we do it again?“she added with a grin.

“Sometime soon,but if I told you thats the minimum length,and the lowest setting possible what would you say?”

“Wow,can’t wait.“they said in unison.

“Right,lets get you out of those suits for now,and cleaned up.”

“Might I get pregnant after that?“asked Marie nervously.

“No chance,“said Julie,“an auto-contraceptive device kicks in to any couple with a compatibility rating of less than 75,in other words only mind married couples can get pregnant,unless you override it,and I certainly didn’t do that!That’s another plus for the love-suits.”

“Thank you for that.“said Marie.

“My pleasure.“said Julie.

Over the next few days Steve and Marie continued to stay at Julie and Frank’s while the authorities studied the data they had provided,both of them carrying on serving their temporary Master and Mistress on a voluntary basis,at least as much as they were permitted to,by Frank, Julie and their implants!A few days later Julie gave them the good news,the state authorities had approved a pre-furnished house for them to go and live in,complete with an up to date in-house computer system, and that job vacancies would be opened to them immediately they had settled in.As a going away present and a thank you for all the data they had provided, Frank,Julie and Richard had them fitted for,and then purchased personalised love-suits and attachments for both of them.

“These will be even snugger and more stimulating than before,because these fit you perfectly,whereas ours were a little large for you.You will notice the difference,I promise you.“said Julie with a grin.

“Thank you,“they said,“can’t wait to try them out,please keep in touch with us.”

“We will,don’t worry about that.“laughed Frank.

Once the central computer was satisfied that they were settled in and happy in their new home,they were instructed as to what their work would be,Marie was to start work as a data processor and analyser for the State transport department and Steve was to work in the news gathering and information department of 1 of the state visual stations. They had a good life together and enjoyed their work,but a ‘vanilla’ life just didn’t provide all the stimulus they desired.At the end of the 30 day period when they returned to immigration processing they had surprised Peter by only asking for their control levels to be reduced to 40,they just told him they enjoyed a good level of control in their lives,and he obliged after warning them that was now the minimum for the rest of their lives and they accepted this fact readily.

A combination of things took them to their next step,Steve was shocked 1 day at the station when he was told that his name had been put forward as a reader of the news as well as gatherer.The only thing was that this was a job with a minimum 60 control level,as you had to read the news exactly as the state wanted with no personal emotion permitted at any time,and that he should discuss this with his companion Marie (Partner status is only designated after mind marriage,whether you live together or not!)and then make a decision on this offer.He videophoned her with the news,

“Marie,got some news today,but I don’t know how you’ll react.”

“Why?“she said.

“Its a chance of promotion,the chance to read the news as well as collate it.But...”

“But what?“she asked nervously.

“It’s a high control position,minimum 60R(reducable) but a long term(3 years min)level,would you want me to take it?”

“Of course you should,we were slaves(personal detail)before,the level of equivalent control Master and Mistress had would have been greater than that anyway.I could always raise mine anyway,I’d be more than happy to.”

“You would!“said Steve with surprise.

“Yes I would,I’m a natural slave just like you,and to be honest there are times I miss the deep levels of control we had then.”

“Me too.“said Steve”I’d love to go up to 60 or even more,but I didn’t know your feelings on the matter,and I didn’t want to lose you.”

“Secretly,I’d love to try something like 90 just to experience it,” giggled Marie,“but even temporary settings are 28 days minimum so I’ve never had the nerve to do so.”

“And me.much the same too,I’ve even fantasised about 100.”

“Robot level as they call it,must be some experience I should guess, though of course you don’t know much about it,do you.”

“No,not really,...Marie can we meet for lunch?”

“Of course,1.00 usual place.”

“See you there.”

Steve immediately went on cyber search and found a jewellers in the area offering 60 minute delivery,the item arrived just before 1.00 and he headed towards the cyber cafe they loved.

They met,kissed and then Steve went down on 1 knee in the cafe.

“Marie,will you join me in mind marriage on as high a compatibility setting as you desire.”

“Of course I will,what took you so long,“and smiled,“setting....98 is the absolute minimum I will accept my dear.“and kissed him passionately.

“98 it is,that was my minimum desired setting too.“he smiled and kissed her back.“Better contact Peter and see how soon it can be arranged.”

“This afternoon would be nice.“laughed Marie,“But I doubt thats very practical.”

Steve spoke to Peter and said to Marie,“2 days time,11.00am is the best he can do,but at least that allows friends and colleagues to be there, we’d better get back and tell them.”

“And the job?“she asked.

“I’m going to take it,Peter will do the work at the same time,as well as any adjustment you desire to yours.”

“Thank you.“she said and squeezed his hand tightly.“What setting have you agreed with Peter?”

“70R.“he said quietly,“the maximum permitted for my position,above that you look just too controlled he told me,but you have what you wish.”

“If I find 70R is permitted for my work I will join you there,that sounds more like the level of control I truly yearn anyway.”

“We’d better get back and tell people then.“Steve said.

“On my way.“said Marie scurrying away.

Anyway to cut a long story short,Marie was permitted under the circumstances to take a control level of 70R(60NR was the normal max but they agreed when everything was explained about Steve’s job.),and the mind marriage and control level adjustments were carried out 2 days later in front of many friends and colleagues,the visual station even included it in their broadcast.For the next 3 years they had a wonderful time together,Steve’s job ensuring they had enough credits to live a very good lifestyle together.But after 3 years (the normal span of being a news reader,before a new face is brought in)they had to make a decision,and they decided to fulfil their long standing desire. They made contact with the Society of Consenting Slaves of America to find out what positions were available for couples as slaves.They were told of 21 positions for m/f couples,but only 2 on Earth,the other 19 were on Lunar or Planet bases,with very high control settings,but they would send them all the details.(The Society had developed from the slave register and cloistered slave sites of their previous life.)

When they printed the details off the computer 1 position took their eyes immediately,a placement on Mars base4 serving the Commander and his wife as administrative,domestic and bondage slaves,min ratings control 90R,compatibility 90,3 year contract with possibility of extension,and carrying a high salary,(yes slaves get paid in the 22nd century!).Now they’d missed their bondage,it wasn’t quite the same thing tying each other up in turn,as being tied up together at the same time!And taking it in turn to clamp,do vibrator insertions etc just wasn’t the same as having a Master and Mistress do it to them at the same time.But control level 90 for 3 years,did they really want that?

They asked questions of their friends,including of course Peter who knew all about these things.He explained to them that this setting was fairly normal for a Mars base slave,they wouldn’t be robots as such but have extremely limited free thought,as he put it,not far off robots,he did tell them that the difference between 95 and 100 was pretty minimal,just human body rather than an cyberexo-skeleton,but if they were happy that way it was a great job to go for,they could come back to Earth in 3 years and enjoy an easy life back at level 70,or even go abck to level 40 for many years to come without financial worries in the future.

They thought about it for a few days,but all along they knew their decision,and they applied and were accepted.It was arranged for processing to take place 1 week later and then they would travel to the orbiting space airport and catch the next days flight to Mars where they would be met by their new owners.Peter personally carried out the work,and though in a way it hurt him to place them in such a robotic type state,he knew they were happy and together and that was the main thing for them.They had finally gone full circle and returned to the owned slave status they loved.

Along with Frank and Julie,Peter and Richard both saw them off the next day on the shuttle to the space airport.Steve and Marie smiled and acknowledged them as they left,their computer programming permitted that at least,though not much else.They all wondered if and when they would return to Earth again.The following day,they left for Mars,they were put into electro sleep before the journey commenced,and the next they would have known was after landing on Mars.

(6 years later)

This is Steve and Marie reporting back,we have been on Mars for 6 years, we agreed to a second contract after control release 3 years ago,we were so happy there and decided to stay.As you can gather we are in another period of control release,on a temporary control level of merely 40,which is why we can write to you again.We must admit the only reason we are back on Earth at present is because our Master and Mistress for the last 6 years have returned to Earth to head up an important mission.In 1 weeks time they head an expeditionary force to Pluto to bring into operation there,the base that our nannite-manned mission has developed there.6 weeks ago they received the signal that all work had been completed,and that bio-degradation of nannite life had commenced.For a 4 week period we have again met all our friends in Charlotte and had a marvellous time with them,before setting out on this 5 year mission.At the end of this important mission all members will automatically be retired on very substansial national pensions regardless of age.For your information travel to Pluto will take roughly a fortnight each way.

Thats the ‘good’ news,the ‘bad’ news,being an expeditionary force our control level settings for the next 5 years is 100.Even the Commander and his wife’s is a robot unit level 95!We will all be almost robots for the next 5 years,we are even sealed into cyberexo-skeleton robot units mk7 for the complete time of this mission.These provide us with internal breathing and thermostat units in case of problems with the base,and indeed make us virtually indestructable should we come under attack from anyone or anything while on Pluto,as I say robots in all but name,but for the fact that we can be ‘humanised’ again in 5 years time on our return to Earth.Whilst there,we will work 12hrs on and 12 hrs off daily for recharging our power units,with 1 day off every fortnight for ‘romantic connection’ to your partner.

On our return,we have already been asked by the commander and his wife to join them in the Bahamas where a large luxurious mansion is to be built for the 4 of us to live,with a very large well equipped dungeon, which will be for everyones pleasure:))).We have accepted their offer, and intend to enjoy what remains of the rest of our lives after the mission,on Earth enjoying ourselves there.

We will leave you now,our love-suits await us for an 8 hour session on setting 5 (maximum),we look forward to it greatly!

Goodbye,Steve and Marie.