The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Carrie-Anne walked home from High School crying. She thought the bullying may have stopped in her senior year. It didn’t. It seemed to have gotten worse.

She climbed the front steps to the porch and already heard Rex woofing excitedly. She opened the door and he shot out into her awaiting arms.

“Good boy, Rexie” she laughed. She was glad there was at least someone always happy to see her.

“Hey weirdo!” came a cry. She turned around to see Bob Turner, and his girl-friend Mindy pulled up in his Mustang.

Mindy stuck two fingers up and poked her tongue between them. Carrie-Anne knew that was rude. She pretended not to see them and went inside with her Alsatian.

Her mom Amy and her dad Simon were not yet home. She was glad. She had the whole house to herself and no one was there to ask her why she was in the state she was in. Her long brown hair, her clothes, all covered in rubbish. The contents of a cafeteria bin had been tipped over her. She stunk

She dropped her bag there on the floor. She peeled off all her clothes right there and then and went downstairs naked to the cellar laundry.

She sat down on the washing-machine as it spun. She enjoyed the vibrating against her clit. She’d learned this trick some years ago.

Rex sat and watched her.

She jumped down off the machine and hugged Rex. “You’re a good boy” she said kissing him and feeling his soft fur “You’re the only one who loves me”

She felt under him, and his pink cock was already out. She got down on her hands and knees and encouraged him to move around behind her. He sniffed her crotch and licked it. “Mmmmm” she whimpered as he tongued her vagina, already warmed by the machine-wash vibrator.

“Come on, boy” she urged. He leaped on her and mounted her. She guided his dog-cock into her wet vagina and he began rutting her. At the same time she fingered her clit. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she gasped

Suddenly she came. It was delicious. Not only was it pleasurable; but in a moment like that she forgot all her woes. And then she felt Rex come in her.

“Good boy!” she cried. She hung there on the moment for a while. Rex now licked her again. “Oh, yesss…” she gasped as a less intense orgasm washed over her.

She got up and ran up the stairs, dog in tow. She went to her bedroom. She had her own en suite. She showered, washing the dog cum off of her, and the shit out of her hair.

As she showered she heard the front door open. Then a crash.

“What the fuck!” Simon yelled, “Who the fuck left that there!”

Carrie-Anne trembled. She realised she’d left her bag just inside the door.

“Carrie-Anne!” he cried.

She wrapped the towel around herself and stepped only as far as the bedroom.

“Carrie-Anne!” he screamed as he stomped up the stairs.

He threw open her bedroom door.

“Daddy?” she cried. She trembled as she knew what was coming next.

“You stupid bitch!” he spat, “You’ll never amount to anything… just like your whole mother!”

He grabbed the belt from his pants and pulled it free

“Please daddy” she cried

“You know what to do!”

“Please, daddy” she cried again

“Do it!” he said, raising his hand threateningly

She nodded and went over to the punishment wall.

“Take it off!”

She undid the towel and let it fall to the floor. She stood there trembling, naked. The welts on her lower back and ass attested to the regularity of what was coming.

Simon took hold of the buckle. Just occasionally he held the belt the other way around so she felt the extra sting of the buckle. Today he was feeling generous.




“Ow, daddy!”


“Please” she cried looking around at him

“Don’t look!” he yelled, “You whore… you don’t get to look at me”

Carrie-Anne had seen her dad, his hand down his pants. “You don’t…” he began and then sighed

She stood there whimpering in pain as he left her.

Downstairs for dinner she held her mom and dad’s hands as they prayed over the meal. Her dad took one bite and then spat it out.

Simon was furious and took it out on Amy. He abused her for being such a poor cook.

She apologised.

“To your room!” Simon ordered Carrie-Anne as he got up to administer punishment to Amy.

Carrie-Anne retreated to her room as Amy’s ass bore the brunt of her husband’s displeasure. He delivered his punishment into her and felt a moment of relief as her rectum consumed his semen.

Carrie-Anne rested her head on her dog, like a pillow. She toyed with his penis. She licked it and then sucked it. It grew hard and she drew it all into her mouth.

“Good boy” she whimpered and sucked his jizz as it shot out.

* * *

Carrie-Anne decided not to take the bus home from school. She instead went through the town.

She looked in the Soda Shop and saw Bob Turner, Mindy, and Louise at a booth. Mindy and Louise were kissing. Bob was obviously enjoying it.

She moved on before they noticed her.

She stopped at the bookstore. There was goods being off-loaded from a truck and carried in by workmen.

Something was different. She noticed then the sign; it no longer said “Tammy’s Books and Stuff”. It now said “House of Wisdom”

“Are you interested in books?” a woman asked.

Carrie-Anne turned around and saw the woman. The woman was tall, impressive bust, dark lipstick, drawn-on eyebrows, dark hair, and dark shading around her eyes. Quite unusual for a person in such a small town.

“My name’s Amanda,” the woman said, offering her hand “I’m the new owner…”

“Carrie-Anne” she said, “So what happened to Tammy…?”

“She sold up…”

“I didn’t think she’d ever sell…”

“I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse” Amanda said, “So, you haven’t answered my question”


“Do you like books?”

“Yes, of course”

“Would you like to come in, then?” Amanda smiled, “I think I know which book you need…”

“You do?”


Carrie-Anne smiled and went in. Amanda guided her along. “No, in the back!” she said


“A special book for a special young lady”


“In the back!” Amanda insisted.

She urged Carrie-Anne onwards. And Carrie-Anne moved through a bead curtain to the back of the shop. There was a very large leather book on a plinth in the centre of the room.

“Go on…” Amanda urged, “I knew it was the right book for you the moment I saw you…”

Carrie-Anne went to open it and then found it was locked. She unlocked it and then opened it. The pages were all blank.

“I can’t read this…” she said confused

“You will be able to… when the time is right” Amanda smiled.

She drew up to Carrie-Anne and kissed her on the forehead, “I knew right away” she said, with a smile.

Carrie-Anne felt warmed by Amanda’s affection… something that was so missing from her life. “When you need it, you’ll see it..” Amanda smiled

Carrie-Anne skipped on her way home. She was in a daze. She felt so warm, and happy.

She didn’t even notice the car in the drive.

She ran up to her bedroom and called for her dog. Rex came rushing in. Carrie-Anne got him up on the bed. She lay him down and hugged him. As she did she felt for his cock. He got hard. Her mouth went onto him and she sucked him off.

“What the fuck!” Simon screamed

“Dad?!?!” Carrie-Anne cried, jumping up

“What the fuck is wrong with you you sick whore!”

“Dad, it was nothing!” Carrie-Anne cried

Simon peeled his belt off. “Up against the wall!” he screamed

“NO, daddy! Noooo!” Carrie-Anne screamed

Simon leapt at her. Rex growled and jumped at Simon biting him.

Carrie-Anne ran out the door as her father screamed in pain.

It was hours before her phone rang

“Mom?” she asked, answering it

“Carrie-Anne… where are you?” Amy cried

“I can’t tell you…” Carrie-Anne sobbed. She was on the bench in the park in the town centre but she would not say where she was, not even to her mom.

“Please… your dad… he put Rex down…”

“What?!?!?” Carrie-Anne cried

“Your dog attacked him!”

Carrie-Anne hung up. She stormed up to the bookshop. It was closed. She banged on the door.

A light atop the shop came on

Then a light in the back of the shop

Carrie-Anne saw Amanda come to the door. She unlocked it and opened i.

Carrie-Anne ran into her arms and cried. Amanda knew it was time…

“Now you can look at the book…” she said as she guided Carrie-Anne back to the book.

This time, as she turned the pages writing appeared. It was in an ancient script, but instinctively she understood it.

“Let me show you its power…” she said, guiding Carrie-Anne upstairs.

Bob and Mindy stood there, bound, gagged.

Mindy thrashed again helplessly against her constraints.

Bob simply wet himself.

“These two have been tormenting you…” Amanda said, “Is that right?”

“Yes” Carrie-Anne said, grinning she was glad to see them tormented.

Carrie-Anne noticed Louise, naked in bed.

Amanda smiled, and beckoned Louise over. She got up and walked over, standing then like a zombie. “She’s already learned to serve me” Amanda smiled

“Pick one…” she said to Carrie-Anne, indicating the two restrained persons

Carrie-Anne pointed to Mindy.

“Very good” Amanda smiled. She went over to a small box atop a dresser. She opened it. There was a large blade inside. She did an incantation and took the knife thrusting it into Mindy’s chest. Mindy thrashed in pain

Amanda cut out the girl’s heard and put it in an urn. The wound on Mindy closed over. Amanda dropped some herbs onto the heart in the urn and then with a candle set it alight.

Mindy watched in horror as her heart exploded in flames.

“You can release her…” Amana said to Louise. Louise undid the binding and then took out the ball-gag from Mindy’s mouth.

Mindy stood there as mindlessly as Louise.

“You see…”Amanda said, “She is mine now… She is mine to do with as I please…”

“I want this power…”

“And you shall…” Amanda said, “I shall teach you this evil and you shall dispense with it against all those who have hurt you…"

“Staring with my father…”

“Yes, if you want” Amanda said… “But first you shall take this boy-man into your service!”

“He’s a dog”

“He will be, if you want…"

* * *

Carrie-Anne walked home. She walked upright… with a confidence she had never known. Bob walked beside her… he was now an Alsatian. He kept close to her, he was devoted to her.

Carrie-Anne went into her room, with her dog, ignoring the cries and whimpers of her mom from the main bedroom. She knew that her dad was butt-fucking her mom. She knew her mom hated it, but could not, would not do anything about it.

Carrie-Anne undressed and lolled onto the bed. Bob leaped up, wagging his tail. He lay over her, between her legs

She eased down onto his dog-cock

She let Bob rut her until he emptied his come into her.

And then her father was at the door, screaming at her. She ignored him as she felt the softness of Bob’s fur

Simon screamed at her, but she no longer cared. He stomped towards her. “Hush” she simply said and suddenly he could not move. His feet were planted to the floor, as if set in concrete

Carrie-Anne eased out from under the dog. She felt the semen between her legs and she licked it. Bob sat up, awaiting a command

She eased up out of her bed and went to her father. “You’ll be my dog too, now” she said

She spoke in an ancient language and pressed her cum-stained hand to his face. Simon felt an immense pain. His bones began to break.

Suddenly he was able to move, but only to fall to the ground in agony.

His bones shattered and broke as his body transformed.

Simon wagged his tail. Carrie-Anne rolled him onto his back and eased herself onto his erection. His tongue hung out long as the Alsatian’s cock was smothered by Carrie-Anne’s wet pick vagina

“You’re a good boy” she sighed as she held him there riding his cock

In the morning her mom came to her room, looking to ask her “Have you seen your dad?”

“I think he’s gone” Carrie-Anne said without care

“You got a new dog?” Amy asked, seeing the two dogs on her bed

“Yes, mom” Carrie-Anne said .

“Bob wants to fuck you…”


“He’s horny…”

“Yes… but he’s a dog”

“You’re going to love this…” Carrie-Anne said as she got out of bed, naked, looming. She moved towards her mom without touching the ground

Amy almost wet herself…

* * *

Amy and her daughter Carrie-Anne were in the sun in the back yard. Amy turned and saw Simon’s long dog cock hanging out. She grinned at the sight of it and moved her head under him and took it into her mouth

Carrie-Anne was on all fours as Bob humped her from behind.

Carrie-Anne smiled in happiness as she looked over at her mom sucking dog-cock. Filling her mouth with sperm….

The End