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Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 22

We had company coming. We’re not sure why, but a police boat was approaching our island and would be here shortly. We had a procedure for this, basically it involved everyone getting some clothes on and removing collars and cuffs if they were wearing any. We had secret room, impossible to locate unless you knew exactly where is was and how to open it, where we could hide things we didn’t want found. This includes Olivia, whose collar and cuffs couldn’t be removed.

Natalie was still a cop, so she buckled on her gun over her shorts and T-shirt and we went down to the dock to wait. The boat pulled up and two cops climbed off: Rob, a sergeant and Julie, a constable. They were both surprised when Natalie showed them her ID; they had no idea another cop was here.

Natalie had the rank of Inspector so she out ranked them both. She put on what I call her cop face, a serious, no sense of humour, hard ass. It soon became apparent that she wasn’t just a hick county cop.

She shook their hands and introduced me as the caretaker of the island.

“What do you want?” She asked them in a no-nonsense tone.

“The previous caretaker of this island was arrested for murder. He confessed to murdering others and hiding their bodies in a cave on this island,” said Rob. “We’d like to see if we can find this cave and verify his story”.

“The only caves in this island are on the ridge up there,” Natalie said, pointing. “I’ve been into the ones I can get to and there’s nothing there. A landslide has blocked a couple of them though.”

“I’d like to see them,” Rob said.

“We’ll have to walk. This way,” Natalie replied and led the way.

The island wasn’t very big, but the caves were a couple of miles away and the walk was uphill. Everyone except Natalie was breathing hard and we sat down for a break when we got there.

Natalie was sitting a little way off with Julie, out of ear shot, apparently pointing out areas of interest on the island.

Rob, leaned over to me and asked “Why do you have a dedicated cop on this island?”

“I’m sorry,” I replied, “the federal police said I can’t talk about it.” Natalie had told me that saying that would indicate I was in witness protection and no cop would pry further.

“I see,” he replied. “She doesn’t seem to be the most fun person to have around 24x7.” With that, he got to his feet and approached the caves.

The caves were small and he and Julie searched them in fifteen minutes. Natalie and I sat outside waiting for them.

When they were done, Natalie pointed a bit further up the hill, “The other caves are up there.” With a sigh, Rob wiped the sweat off his brow and started up the hill. I saw Natalie smile at his discomfort before she resumed her serious look.

Rob and Julie led the way, Natalie and I trailing a short distance behind. She leaned slightly closer to me and said “I want her.” I watched Julie’s swaying ass for a few steps, “Ok, I’ll make sure he leaves her here,” I replied, smiling.

We reached the site of the rock fall and stood there evaluating it. “There’s no way we can move that without help,” said Rob, clearly disappointed. “I’m going to have to bring back some more men.”

“If you must,” replied Natalie frostily. Rob gave me a quick, sympathetic glance. “Ok, let’s head back.”

When we got back to the dock, we were dripping wet from the exertion, even Natalie was sweating. Rob really looked like he could use a drink, but Natalie said “When can we expect you back?”

“Tomorrow, or the day after,” he replied.

Natalie nodded, “See you then,” she said and turned to walk away.

“I’d like to leave Julie here until I return.”

Natalie stopped in her tracks and slowly turned back to face him.

“Why?” She demanded.

“Just to makes sure nothing...happens to the caves while I’m gone.”

Natalie started at him coldly for a few seconds. “Fine,” she said and turned to face Julie. “Follow me,” and walked off towards the house, Julie scrambling to catch up.

“Sorry,” Rob said, “I don’t really think you’re going to tamper with the caves, I’m just yanking Natalie’s chain. Us regular cops don’t really get along with the Feds.”

I smiled, “No problems, we’ve got plenty of spare rooms.” I watched him climb aboard his boat and head out of the harbour.

When I got to the house, Natalie had poured drinks and she and Julie were talking. “We’ll wash your uniform for you,” Natalie said “and find you something more appropriate to wear while you’re here. Right now, though, get you clothes off and we’ll have a swim in the ocean.” Natalie started to undress, Julie blinked a couple of times and did so as well. When they were both naked, clothes in a messy pile on the floor, Natalie hugged Julie tightly and gave her a quick, but deep kiss on the lips. “Let’s go,” she said and led the way down to the beach.

From the house, I could see them swimming lazily, frequently stopping to kiss and fondle each other. Eventually, they got out of the water and headed back to Natalie’s room. I didn’t see them again until morning.

Natalie had already put collar and cuffs on Julie and taken care of removing all her body hair. “Good morning,” I said to them both “Julie, come here and suck my cock.” She obeyed instantly. I made her orgasm when she tasted my cum. I asked Natalie “Do you want to cane her?”

“Yes,” she replied eagerly and got my cane out. “On your hands and knees,” she ordered. She struck Julie across the ass, the impact making Julie’s tits swing back and forward. With each stroke, I made Julie get more and more aroused; when she asked for permission to cum, Natalie said yes.

Natalie got a length of chain out, which was shaped like the letter “Y”. The top two arms were nipple clamps, the bottom arm a clitoris clamp. Natalie attached them and Julie gave out little cries of pain when she tightened the screws. As she tugged on the chain, she put her hand on Julie’s head and said “Cum, now.” Julie cried out in pleasure and pain, shaking under a strong orgasm.

She called Melissa into the room, “I’d like your opinion on Julie’s ability to give head.”

“Certainly,” Melissa said eagerly and sat down and spread her legs. Julie crawled her way over to Melissa and started licking her pussy.

Melissa gave her stamp of approval by cumming quickly, at the same time putting her hand on Julie’s head and giving her another orgasm.

She wore the clamps all day, the swinging chain continually pulling on her nipples and clitoris. The pain was mixed with numerous orgasms.

Later that day, we removed the clamps and caned her tits and pussy, while forcing her to have more orgasms. She was exhausted by the time we were finished, so Natalie took her to the big spa bath. She fell asleep in Natalie’s arms, a huge smile on her face.

We had facilities for blood tests her and Julie’s results had come back clean.

The next morning I went into Natalie’s room. As expected, Julie was in bed next to her. I had Julie get on her hands and knees, straddling Natalie. I pulled out my cock and started to fuck her; Natalie sucking and pinching her nipples as I did so. The stimulation was enough to make her cum without help and I soon orgasmed myself.

Natalie caned Julie several times that morning, giving her multiple orgasms each time, trying to speed the conditioning process. Around midday, the radar picked up a boat approaching, the radio confirmed that it was Rob.

Everyone was dressed by the time he docked, Natalie in shorts, t-shirt, hiking boots and gun belt; Julie in her uniform, which had been washed and ironed.

Natalie had her cop face on as he, and a dozen other men, came ashore. They had a large collection of picks, shovels and crowbars with them.

Rob studied the two women as he approached them. Julie looked unhappy and tired, Natalie looked pissed off. He smiled to himself, completely fooled by them.

The visitors were vaguely aware of other people going about their business, but they didn’t registered that the island was almost entirely populated with woman.

They carted their tools up to the caves and started clearing the rock fall. It’d take them a couple of days at the rate they were going. Calling it quits for the night, we headed back to the dock.

“You and your men can sleep on your boat,” Natalie told Rob.

Rob protested, “There’s not enough room for all of us. We’ve got tents and sleeping bags.”

“No...” she started to say, but I cut her off. “You’re welcome to set up camp in the field over there,” I said. “We don’t have enough food for you all, though.”

“Thanks,” he said. “We’ve got our own food.” He very much enjoyed the look of annoyance on Natalie’s face.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s appropriate for Julie to sleep out among all these men,” I said. I turned to Julie, “You’re welcome to spend the night in the house,” I said to her. She nodded, looking a little uncertain. Natalie looked ready to explode and she put her hands in her hips, dangerously close to her pistol. She narrowed her eyes and looked the men over, “If any of you approach the house, I will shoot you.” They all nodded quickly and she stomped off, Julie following at a distance.

“It’s probably best if you stay in the field and don’t wander around,” I said to Rob. He agreed, not entirely sure if Natalie was bluffing.

The house was sound proof, just as well otherwise they’d hear our cries of laughter out in the field. The girls got undressed and we hugged and kissed each other before Natalie led Julie away to bed. I called for Melissa to attend me.

The men were awake at first light and started making breakfast. Julie has fresh cane marks on her body, and it didn’t look like either of them had gotten much sleep. We had something to eat, got dressed and went down to see meet them.

Natalie was dressed in fresh clothes, but we’d forgotten to wash Julie’s uniform. It was sweat stained from yesterday’s effort and crumpled. It looked like she’d slept in it. Rob looked at it disapprovingly, assuming Natalie had done it deliberately.

They made good progress during the day, but didn’t manage to clear an entrance. When we got back to the dock, Rob pulled me aside, “Could you find spare clothes for Julie so she can wash her uniform?” he asked.

“Sorry about that,” I said, “I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you.”

“They stripped off when we got back inside. I had Julie suck my cock before letting her run off with Natalie. There were no fresh cane marks on her body in the morning, but there were new bruises around her nipples.

I’d had Melissa find some clothes that would fit Julie. In thanks she got to her knees and licked Melissa’s pussy. Melissa made sure they both came at the same time.

The next morning, Julie was dressed more appropriately: knee length cargo pants, a linen blouse and sturdy shoes. Melissa had even found her a sun hat. Like Natalie, she was wearing her gun belt on over the shorts. Rob nodded to me in appreciation when he saw her.

About lunch time, they broke through. We got out our torches and Rob and Natalie led the way, Julie and I followed. To all of our surprise, there were dehydrated bodies and skeletons in the cave.

It took several weeks to investigate the caves and remove the bodies. Julie was put in charge and stationed full time on the island for the duration.

Most days, Natalie and Julie headed off together for a hike or run around the island. Julie often returned with new whip and rope marks, sometimes covered in scratches and insect bites where she’d been tied to a tree or log. One time she had long welts on her tits with little drops of blood at intervals along them; Natalie had found a thorny plant and whipped her with the stems.

The day came to wrap up the investigation and for Julie to return home. Of course, she would be staying with us, but another cop would be useful so I didn’t want her to resign. Julie didn’t want to quit either, but she wanted to stay on the island and had already written her resignation.

We did a weekly run to the mainland to get supplies and pick up mail. When the boat came back today, there was an envelope for Julie. Baffled, she opened it and started reading. She squealed in pleasure and launched herself in Natalie’s arms. While they were kissing, I read the letter out to the others. It seems that Julie had been re-assigned to the federal police and stationed on this island full time to assist Natalie.