The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassandra’s Gift

Chapter 21

Life soon settled into a relaxed rhythm. I’d lifted the requirement to wear a collar and cuffs all the time; the salt water was destroying them and they were leaving ugly tan lines. They were still often worn inside and almost always in bed. Except for Olivia, whose collar and cuffs were permanent.

Speaking of Olivia, I’d grown bored of tormenting her personally, but I wasn’t about to let her off so I’d delegated the task to the staff. Every day one staff member was designated to punish Olivia. The farmers liked to have her jerk the bulls off and drink their cum; the cleaning ladies fucked her asshole with their broom handles; the chefs inserted hot chillies in her pussy and asshole and even shoved chilli seeds up her urethra. The doctor checked her over regularly to make sure she wasn’t injured, but also took the opportunity to drive needles in Olivia’s nipples and pussy. The needle through her clitoris was particularly painful.

Rachael, Natalie and Melissa also had to take their turn punishing Olivia.

Rachael didn’t really like it and restricted herself to caning Olivia’s tits and ass and did the least I would let her get away with.

Natalie was more brutal knowing that Olivia has hurt me somehow but not knowing the details. She favoured holding Olivia’s head under ice cold water until she was forced to breathe in a lungful of water. She would then pull Olivia’s head out so she could cough up the water and clear her lungs. Natalie would repeat this for at least fifteen minutes before letting Olivia go.

Melissa had been surfing the Internet looking up new means of punishing Olivia. She restrained herself from trying some of the things she found, knowing I’d give her a taste of her own medicine if she went overboard. If I’d given her free reign, I’m sure she’d be carving bits off Olivia. Her current favourite was pressure points and by digging a knuckle or elbow into one of them, she could cause a lot of pain without injury.

Melissa had also taken an interest in medieval torture devices. The only one she’d been allowed to build so far was called a wooden horse. It was a triangular piece of wood that points up. Olivia would be made to straddle the horse which was set at a height where she could only hold herself off it if she stood in her toes. Pretty soon fatigue would get to her and her whole weight would drive her pussy into the upturned corner of the horse. Melissa was only allowed to use this under the doctor’s supervision and I’d put her on it once so she could see what if felt like.

It’d been Melissa’s turn to punish Olivia today, and by dinner time it was obvious what she’d chosen. She came in leading Olivia by the nose ring and we saw that Olivia was bright red from sunburn. Melissa must have spent all day positioning Olivia to catch the sun as every inch of her was burned, even her pussy. The only bit not burnt was the tattoo on her back. Melissa had been sure to keep that covered in sun screen.

Olivia was in obviously in pain. She was trying not to let any part of her body to touch or run against another part. I noticed that even the soles of her feet were red.

It was ingenious punishment really. Not only was Olivia in pain now, she’d probably have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep. It would take days for the pain to fully go away. It’s not something I’d let her try too often, but she grinned happily when I praised her ingenuity.

One of the reasons Melissa liked caning asses, apart from the pain it inflicted, was that she really enjoyed feeling the heat from the caned skin. Olivia’s sunburnt skin was giving off a lot of heat and Melissa had her kneel on the floor. She strapped on a dildo and knelt behind Olivia feeling the heat from Olivia’s skin on hers. She started to slowly fuck Olivia, pausing at the end of the stroke to savour the skin contact.

Once she’d cum, she slapped Olivia hard across the ass and joined us got dinner. Olivia was left to crawl off to her bowl of food.

Olivia’s skin slowly faded then started peeling and itching. Melissa took great joy in pulling off Olivia’s flaking skin. It didn’t hurt, or even tickle, I think she was just imagining what it’d be like to skin someone alive.