The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Doc Fakes

John had always loved to tinker with things. He grew up taking items apart around his home – driving his parents a bit crazy. By the time he left home most of the electronic devices his parents owned had been modified or upgraded in some way. The TV that could pick up broadcasts from many hundreds of miles away, the radio that could do the same, the refrigerator that conserved energy (before that was popular), and the cordless phone system he jury rigged – again before that became an item every store carried. John was always ahead of the times.

He had married fairly young and was generally happy with his consulting work, but lately things had grown rather boring and stale; which was something that John didn’t like at all. Not that Lydia wasn’t a lovely girl, but she was very busy with work and seemed tired a lot lately and had little time for her husband. So, he found himself spending more and more time in his basement workshop – just doing what he did best. Over the years, he had opened and tinkered with basically every device he and Lydia owned. Tweaking and prodding them in some new and sometimes unexpected way. There was little left for him to take apart and mess around with. Right now on his workbench, under his large magnifying lens, was one of those new, very sophisticated smart cell phones. He had recently gone to the store and asked the clerk for the latest and greatest model. The strange thing was that the salesman had run to the back after John asked him for the newest thing out there. The man knew John, and he knew he would only be happy with the most recent and up to date model. He had brought John a very plain, black box with what he said was a prototype phone that some company had left them to test. The salesman said that they had trouble getting it to do basic functions like texting and he asked John if he wanted to test it out for a time. Of course John couldn’t resist such a challenge and he quickly said yes to the test offer. He was very excited on his drive back home and couldn’t wait to try out the new piece of technology he had picked up.

“Hmmm, that’s really odd one of the chip connections seems to be undone. Damn, even I don’t even recognize some of the parts in this thing. That looks like some type of capacitor, but it’s so small. And what’s that diode looking thing for?” John said, muttering under his breath as he sat back in his chair. He decided to hook up the loose connection. There was a slight spark when he did. Even though the phone was fairly low power it gave John a slight tingle up his finger. “Well, you have some fight in you my little friend.” He said with a grin. Another one of John’s habits over years of working with mechanical devices was to anthropomorphize them. He even called his car Rosie – after the robot housekeeper on the old cartoon, “The Jetsons.” He decided that the battery on the device seemed under powered for the electronics package he could see. So he pulled out a larger cell battery from a multi-drawer case nearby. He made quick work of removing the old battery and installing the new. Once it was connected there was a short, three tone burst from the phone and then a voice message that played for John.

“Warning! Installed power beyond normal safety protocols. Unforeseen events may result. Do you wish to proceed?” It said in a soft, friendly woman’s voice. John turned the phone over and started to type in the word ‘yes’ on the keypad. A soft tone sounded and the voice said, “Manual input can be made or do you wish to activate oral, audio interface?”

“Well, that’s interesting. Yes, I wish to proceed. Activate oral interface, please.” He said in a steady, clear tone to the device. Since he was somewhat used to speaking to machines this seemed perfectly natural to him.

“Cellular prototype unit, LIL-2B is now online. Do you wish full data, full audio texting, and all additional features activated? If so, please speak your name clearly and enter a password to prevent future unauthorized system use.” The female voice said to John from the phone that now was powered up.

“Yes, I wish all systems to be activated please, LIL-2B. My name is John Dunloft. As for a password, I guess let’s use one of usual ones. My password is: omega-one-seven-one.” John spoke to the device as he became more intrigued by how easy the audio interface worked. No voice learning it seemed was required. A definite cut above what John was used to seeing in consumer electronics today.

“Information received. Name: John Dunloft, password: omega-one-seven-one. Please stand by for final sequence reboot.” The voice said as John slipped the cover back on the unit and turned it to see the screen more clearly. He saw a green pattern of numbers and letters cascading across the screen – much like he had seen in that “Matrix” movie years ago, which he had enjoyed. The pattern seemed to end and John watched as the phone seemed to power down for a moment and reboot. A few quick flashes of data and numbers appeared again and finally some type of company logo appeared on the screen. It sort of looked like a rotating globe with points of light flashing across it at various locations. The words CM Corp showed up under the spinning globe. John decided to try a call. He began pressing the number pad when the screen flashed red and a series of tones sounded.

“Please state name and password to unlock unit LIL-2B.” The voice said to him.

“Ahh, ok this is John Dunloft. Password is omega-one-seven-one.” John said.

“Input verified, John Dunloft. You may proceed. Audio or keypad input are now both available.” The voice sounding maybe a bit more friendly than earlier, said to him.

“Hmm, ok are you able to access and download my contact and numbers from my previous phone?” John asked, waiting for a reply.

“Affirmative, John Dunloft. Please state previous number.” The voice said. John gave the phone his old number and after maybe a minute of quick data scrolling across the screen it said that all information is now uploaded and available.

“Well, let’s try a quick little test. Please call my wife Lydia’s phone and send the following text message. Come down to my workshop. I have something to show you.” John stated, the new phone quickly sent the message as John watched it type out exactly what he had said. He knew his wife was cooking dinner but she normally kept her phone nearby in case a call came while she cooked. And in another minute or two he heard footsteps and he saw Lydia as she appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

“Ok John, I got your text and I’m here. What did you want to show me? I really should be watching the stove. Dinner’s going to burn. But I felt like I had to come down to see you right now.” Lydia said to him. She was a dark haired, attractive middle aged woman of about 40. Maybe a few pounds on the heavy side, but John still found her attractive.

“Hey Lydia, come check this out. This test phone the guy at the store is letting me try out. It’s very sophisticated. It even responds to voice commands.” John said picking up the phone and showing to his wife. She looked at it, but in a very uninterested way.

“Ok, I saw it. Another phone, John? Really? That’s what you wanted to show me? Now, I’ve got to go watch dinner.” Lydia said in a dismissive way as she turned around quickly and walked back upstairs. John sighed and paced around for a minute, tossing a couple of darts at his nearby dartboard. He liked to occasionally practice darts while he worked out a problem or just to think more clearly.

“Geez, that was pretty rude. Here I’m trying to show her something new and cool and she can barely give me the time of day. I should have sent her a text message that said, to come down here and suck your husband’s cock until he cums.” John said loudly and in disgust.

“Input received, text message being sent to last subject now.” The LIL-2B unit said.

“What?! No, wait. I was just venting. Cancel that message! Stop!!” John yelled at the phone as he saw the end of the message appear on the screen and then fly off the side, indicating it was being transmitted.

“Message has been sent. It can not be retracted.” The phone said. John darted back to his workbench and tried to think. Maybe Lydia would ignore the message and he could delete it from her phone later. But just then he heard her steps once again coming downstairs. He saw Lydia coming over to him, her phone still in her hand.

“Lydia, honey, I can explain. That last text was just a joke. I was just kidding around.” John said as he watched his wife walk towards him. He was waiting to get an earful, but instead Lydia’s face looked somewhat blank as her eyes just stared ahead. As John tried to come up with something more to say to her, she shocked him by kneeling down in front of him and starting to unzip his pants. She pulled them down and his briefs and grabbed his dick before he knew what was happening.

“Ok Lydia, very funny. I know you must be mad about the message. Sorry, I was just venting a little. I said it was just a joke, honey. I get it, you are upset and I can understand that.” She looked up at him and seemed to have a puzzled look on her face.

“Must suck husband’s cock now.” Lydia said, in an emotionless monotone voice as she licked her lips and slipped John’s cock into her mouth. She grabbed his legs as she shoved her face and mouth down on him, taking his manhood deep inside her throat.

“Shit! What the hell Lydia?!! This isn’t funny! God, you never wanted to do this before! Fuck, that is nice though. Crap, you really are going to do this?!” John said as he felt himself grow very big and hard. His wife had never wanted to suck him off before and seeing her do this for whatever reason was really turning John on.

“Must,….mmm,…ahhh,….suck,…slurp,…yummm,,…cock,…” was all the words Lydia could get out between sucking on John. She still seemed zoned out to him, a little. He quickly felt himself start to cum and wondered if he should try to pull out of Lydia’s mouth. He wasn’t sure how she would take having a mouthful of jizz. But as he tried to pull away, Lydia just grabbed him harder and kept blowing him. John couldn’t hold it much longer and he felt the orgasm and ejaculation burst out. Lydia seemed to take it all in and swallowed most of his white cum. Some of it slipped out of the corner of her mouth and dribbled down on to her blouse, staining it. After another minute or so as John felt his cock shrinking Lydia just let go and stood up. She picked up her phone as John noticed the text message still on her screen. It was in a weird, glowing font he had never seen it do before. But then the message just vanished and Lydia simply walked away and back upstairs. John pulled his clothing back up and tried to understand what had just happened.

“God, that was fucking weird! Lydia’s never done anything like that before. She gets a message and just went along with it. That’s bizarre!” John said softly as he sat back down and looked over the strange new phone on his bench. He began to have a crazy idea but brushed it aside. It just wasn’t possible, he thought to himself. Or was it??

Later on as John and Lydia ate the dinner she had prepared, the inventor couldn’t help thinking about the new phone he had and what had happened with Lydia. But, he tried to push the thoughts back some and just act normal. “The chicken is great dear. I really like the flavor.” John said, as he smiled at his wife.

“I’m glad you like it. Thought I was going to burn it. I kind of got messy though. Some of the breading or grease must have splashed on my blouse. I’ve been trying to wipe off this sticky white stain that I noticed just before you came upstairs.” Lydia said as she dabbed at the old cum stain on her blouse. John thought it was strange that she didn’t recall the blow job she had given him just a short time ago and the stain it had left on her pretty blouse. He continued to ponder all this as they finished their meal. Even after Lydia began to clean up and John went to read in his chair he still wasn’t sure she wasn’t just playing some big joke on him. He decided he needed another test – just to be sure. One that would really see if what he was thinking was true and actually was happening. Since his wife Lydia might just be playing a joke and continue to do so, John knew he needed another person to try what he was thinking with.

“Hey honey, I’m going to go for a walk. I’ll be back in awhile.” He called out as Lydia did the dishes. It was a nice spring evening and he made sure to tuck the new phone down into his pocket as he walked out of the house. John then walked several houses down to one of the neighbor’s they knew. Michelle and Karl were friends of the Dunloft’s. Lydia and Michelle were especially good friends. John knew Karl was away on business and their kids were also out too, he could tell from the lack of extra cars in the drive. John went up to the drive and rang the bell. Michelle answered and let him inside. He said he was having some trouble with his phone and asked if she would help him with a little test.

“Sure John. No trouble at all. Let me run upstairs and get my phone and turn it on. Then just call me.” Michelle said as she dashed up the stairs of her well cared for, colonial style home. She was an average looking woman, with short dark hair and a small chest. But she had nice legs John thought and always seemed very happy. After John watched her disappear, he quickly pulled out the phone from his pocket. He worried a bit over the message to send. If this didn’t work, he wanted a way to explain things to Michelle.

“Unit LIL-2B, please find contact Michelle Brewer. Send the following text message. You want to chug a beer down.” He told the small unit. Quickly he saw the message appear and zip off the screen. A few seconds later, Michelle bounced quickly down the stairs.

“God, I really want a beer. Do you want one John?” She said as she went into the kitchen.

“Sure, I could use a cold one.” He said, watching her. She seemed slightly strange, moving in a weird, almost robotic fashion. She quickly got two beers out and opened them both, and handed one to John. Michelle then grabbed hers and began drinking it. John watched as she never paused, guzzling the whole thing down very quickly. She finished it and then let out a small belch. Not very sexy, but John was becoming more and more convinced something very odd was going on. He quickly excused himself and went into the bathroom. John decided another test was in order.

“Unit LIL-2B, please use contact Michelle Brewer again. Send the following text message to her. Go find a sexy outfit in your daughter’s closet upstairs and put it on. Then go back downstairs and make out with John.” He told the device.

“Information received. Contact found again and message has now been sent.” The phone’s female voice said again to him. He heard the quick chime from Michelle’s phone and he also heard it click off. Then he heard some footsteps as it sounded like Michelle running upstairs and then moving around up there. John left the bathroom and went out to the living room to wait. The fact that she didn’t come running back down demanding to know what he meant by his message was still a good sign. After several more minutes he heard footsteps again and then saw Michelle walking down the stairs. She now had lost the sweatshirt and jeans she had on earlier. Michelle now had on a pair on her nineteen year old daughter’s cutoff jean shorts. They were very tight on Michelle’s bigger hips and ass. She also had on a black tube top as well as some black high heels. She looked very slutty as she walked down and John went over to her. Her eyes were staring ahead, and blinking very rarely.

“Well, Michelle I like this look for you. Very hot!” John told her and smiled.

“I’m wearing a sexy outfit from my daughter’s closet. Now I must make out with you.” She said in a slightly monotone type voice, just like Lydia had spoken like earlier. Michelle took John’s hand and walked them over to the couch. He watched as her ass wiggled in the tight shorts. As John sat down, Michelle climbed on top of him. She put her legs over his as she pressed in tightly and began kissing John. She smelled great and John pulled her head in close with his hand and then began rubbing her small tits in the tube top. It felt very strange to John to be in the arms of another woman after being married for so long. But he found it exciting and very exhilarating.

“Well, damn Michelle you are pretty wild. I never knew you felt like this. So why are you all dressed up like a slutty girl and kissing me?” John said, in between kisses.

“Have to wear this – have to make out with you,….” John heard her say quickly before she continued. As Michelle continued to kiss John, he tried to focus and understand how all of this was possible. His knowledge of technology and electronics had introduced him to some very new and amazing things – but nothing like this ever before. Then he realized that the last commands he had texted to Michelle were fairly open ended. It wasn’t a simple completion task like the blow job or chugging a bottle of beer. He began to worry how long Michelle would continue to want to make out with him. But for now, he decided to enjoy himself as he grabbed her ass and pulled her in close.