The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Doc Fakes


As John woke up the next day he wondered if everything from the day before had just been some kind of strange dream. The bizarre, almost magical cell phone he had discovered and everything that had followed was still difficult to understand. The fact that he had been able to make both his wife Lydia do certain things and their neighbor Michelle still seemed too strange to be real. He decided to get up and make himself some coffee as he heard his wife in the shower. So he pulled on his slippers and padded slowly to the kitchen of their two-story home. While he finished getting the coffee started he heard a buzzing sound – that’s when he saw the phone on the counter. The same, strange experimental phone that he had been tinkering with yesterday. As he picked it up, the screen turned on and a voice said, “Good morning. Please state password to allow access to voice interface.” The pleasant voice said to John.

“Oh, yeah. Password is omega-one-seven-one.” He said, somewhat slowly. John knew that it all had actually happened now as he looked down at the small, innocent looking electronic device in his hand.

“Identity confirmed, John Dunloft. One message has been received and stored. Would you like to have message displayed now, sir?” The phone said to him.

“Sure, may as well. Go ahead.” And very quickly a text message appeared on the screen’s display. It was from Mike, John’s old friend from college. He was asking if he wanting to go to a movie. It was the weekend, and looked like rain out. John decided to sit down and think about how to proceed before deciding on what to do with his day. The new phone sitting next to him was proof that what had happened wasn’t just a dream. It was very real. He grinned a bit as he opened the newspaper and got himself a banana off the table to eat as the coffee brewed in the background. There was so much he wanted to try with the device and all kinds of crazy ideas running through his mind. John had always had a problem with too many ideas and not enough time or sometimes even desire to finish them all. But he knew he had to be very careful. This type of thing could easily get out of hand. John had some trouble stopping Michelle from making out with him the night before. He finally had to almost force her to read a new text message on her phone that caused her to fall into a deep sleep and not remember what she had done. John had enjoyed getting her put to bed and out of her clothes. He was sure she had slept like a baby after he had left her last night. A slight twinge of guilt tried to invade his thoughts, but he pushed it aside quickly as he saw his wife come into the kitchen several minutes later.

“Honey, I’m going shopping pretty soon and be gone for most of the day. Do you need me to get you anything? Is there anything special you want for dinner?” Lydia asked as she started to pour herself some coffee and grabbed a bagel. John thought about what to do with his day. There was so much he felt like trying with the incredible phone, he didn’t know quite where to begin.

“Ahh, let me go look on the shelves in the basement. To make it easier, I’ll just text you what I need. That way you’ll have it with you.” John told her as he finished off his coffee, picked up the phone and headed downstairs. John and Lydia kept extra canned goods, and other food items on a few shelves in their basement near John’s workshop.

“Ok, just send it soon. I’ll be heading out in a few minutes.” His wife called out to him from upstairs.

John thought over things for a couple minutes, then he decided on what message to send to his wife. “Unit LIL-2B, send the following message to contact Lydia Dunloft. You want to go to the mall. There you will visit the sexy lingerie store and buy several of the sexiest outfits you can find. After your other errands, return home and put an outfit on before you make dinner. Then greet your husband when he comes home like a porn star would.” John paused, while the phone processed his message.

“Input received, text message being sent to subject, Lydia Dunloft now.” The phone’s voice said to him as he chuckled softly to himself. A couple of seconds later he thought he heard his wife’s phone beep upstairs. He knew she would check the message at some point soon. He just decided to do a bit of cleaning in his workshop while he thought about how to spend his day. It had been awhile since he had time to tidy things up and doing so always helped him to think. As John opened a toolbox and put various calipers, and pliers away he thought about all the people he knew – especially the women of course. He had felt very alive with Michelle last night and wondered if he should try something more with her. She was fun, but he wanted something more – something different. He gave his friend Mike a quick call and told him he was tied up today, but maybe they could do a movie tomorrow. John didn’t like saying no to his friend. Mike wasn’t married and John knew he was one of Mike’s only good friends around town anymore. He decided he would make it up to him tomorrow—somehow.

After about another forty-five minutes, John thought the shop was looking pretty good. He was about to head up when the phone rang. He saw it said it was a call from his sister-in-law, Staci. He never had really cared much for her so he answered the call, reluctantly.

“Hello John, it’s Staci. Is Lydia around? I was trying to reach her on her phone but the line has been busy.” Staci said in her typical, unfriendly and cold tone.

“Oh, ahhh, she’s out shopping. Do you want me to have her call you later?” John asked her.

“No, I’m in the area and I just have some of the Avon stuff she ordered from me and a new catalog to drop off. Are you going to be home for a bit? I’m maybe ten minutes away from your place right now.” Staci said as John’s mind began to race.

“Sure! I’ll be here Staci. Come on by. I’ll be waiting.” John said as he hung up the call. This was perfect he thought to himself. Staci had married Lydia’s brother Bob years ago. She grew up in a spoiled, rich family. John always thought that Staci considered herself better than just about everyone she had ever met. John decided it was time to bring Staci down a peg or two.

“Unit LIL-2B, send the following message to last caller.” John paused for a moment to make sure the phone was ready for his message. Then he spoke loudly and clearly into the device. “You desire John Dunloft. The next time you see him you will want him so badly that you will flirt and come on to him. You will try and make him want you more than anyone else. You want to make John very happy.” John said, smiling both inside and out. Again, the phone processed the message and quickly indicated it had been sent. John went back up and sat down on the couch as he tried to stay calm and collected. He was looking forward to having a lot of fun with Staci, very soon.

A few minutes later, a car pulled up. John could tell through the curtains it was Staci’s. He went to grab some aftershave quickly and splashed it on as the doorbell rang. He quickly ran back down and opened the door. Standing in front of him was the petite, dark haired Staci. But surprisingly, so was her teenage daughter, Cathy. John got a slightly worried look as he let them both in. He directed then into the family room as he tried not to show his concern. He followed behind them and noticed the snug jeans his niece had on. Staci wore a simple red blouse and black slacks. She was an attractive woman, but with a somewhat thin figure and a small chest. John thought that maybe he could send Cathy over to the neighbor’s house to play with their kids, as he tried to think quickly as they all sat down.

“Thanks for hanging around for us John. Glad we managed to catch you at home. I’ll just go put these things up in the bathroom for Lydia. Be back in a minute.” Staci said as she took the two bags she had brought in and went upstairs. She didn’t seem any different, John thought. Maybe she never even read the message, he wondered as he noticed Cathy get up and move towards him. She smiled down at him and undid a couple of the buttons on her top.

“Uncle John, is it hot in here? You know, you look really good. Have you been working out and stuff?” Cathy said as she sat her cute body down on the arm of John’s chair. She grabbed John’s arm and gave it a squeeze as John realized what must have happened. A small look of surprise and maybe terror filled John’s face.

“What? Ahh, maybe a little. Oh, ahhh, Cathy, did you get a text message from me just before you got here?” John asked the young teenager.

“Hmmm, maybe. Not really sure. Hard to remember. Mom was driving and doesn’t like to use the phone a lot when she drives so I usually hang on to it for her. Ahh, Uncle John, do you think I’m pretty? Do you like how my jeans look on me? Let me pull them down a little on my hips more. Mom doesn’t like me to do that.” Cathy said as she wiggled her tight jeans down some and then slipped down to sit on to his lap. John was trying to stay in control even if the situation was not what he had planned. He usually was quick to come up with answers, but having his pretty teenage niece on his lap was making it hard to concentrate. This wasn’t what he had been trying to do. Cathy was an innocent high school girl he thought as he tried not to stare at her. She looked much like her mother and had always been a real sweetie.

“Now Cathy, what would your mom say about you sitting on my lap like this?” John said, trying to gently rebuff the teen girl. She was light on his lap and smelled good as she moved her face closer and let her dark hair spill on to John’s cheek. He was trying to figure out what to do as he felt a tightening in his pants. Cathy felt it too as she looked down and giggled.

“I don’t care what she thinks. I want you Uncle Johnny – hehe. I mean you are only my uncle by marriage anyway. Come on, how about just one little kiss. It can even just be on my cheek like you always do anyway.” Cathy said as she looked sweetly at John. It was hard to resist her as he felt himself moving his head towards her. As John moved to give her a quick kiss on the side of her face, Cathy turned her head at the last minute and quickly pressed her soft lips to John’s. He wanted to pull away, but Cathy put her hands behind his neck and pulled him close. John could feel her small breasts pressing on his chest as Cathy continued to kiss him. Then John heard some footsteps and then a short scream.

“Oh, my god! John – what are you doing?! Cathy, get away from him right now!” Staci said as she came back into the room from the stairs. John quickly pushed Cathy off of his lap and got up. He knew his crotch was bulging and he couldn’t hide the erection he felt inside his pants.

“Ahh, calm down Staci, please. I can explain. Ummm, Cathy was, ahhh, feeling kind of sad. Ohhh, something about a boy at school. Yeah, and I was just trying to, ahhh, comfort her a little.” He said to Staci, as her eyes burned into him. He knew the lie was terrible. He didn’t believe it himself. He tried to think of something to do, it was all falling apart as he watched Staci race across the room and take her daughter’s hand.

“Come on Cathy, we’re leaving. And pull those damn jeans up young lady! I have half a mind to call Lydia right now John and tell her what kind of man she’s married to. But I don’t want my daughter dragged into this any further. You just keep your distance from her from now on. Let’s go Cathy—now!” Staci said as she headed for the door.

“Bye, bye Uncle John. It was nice seeing you. I hope we get to do it again sometime, real soon. Hehe!” Cathy said as she made sure to wink and blow her uncle a kiss.

“What the hell is wrong with you Cathy? Go get yourself in the car right now!” Staci said as she almost had to shove the girl out the door.

“Can’t we talk about this Staci? It was all innocent – really. I would never do anything to Cathy that she didn’t want. Ahh, I mean, can’t we talk?” John said as he pleaded with the angry mother in front of him. Her thin features looked even more severe with the anger in her face now.

“There’s nothing to discuss. We’re going. And maybe you should take a fucking cold shower! Pervert!” Staci said and she was out the door, slamming it as she left. John felt terrible and was worried about what Staci might say to his wife.

“Shit! God dammit! What a mess! How did this get so out of control? That damn phone. What a bitch that Staci is anyway. Threatening me! I should teach her a lesson. Wait a second! I can do that still! I just need to send another message and I can fix all this shit.” John said as he ran to grab his phone and then looked out the window. It looked like their car was still here and he could see Staci yelling at her daughter. It gave him a new idea.

“Ahhh, Unit LIL-2B, prepare to send the following message to the last caller.” John said to the device in his palm.

“Unit standing by for further input.” The phone’s voice said to him.

“Message as follows: You are fine with your daughter and John being together. In fact you want that too. You want to teach her how to be an obedient fuck doll for John. So you will take her back into the house with you. There you will want to have John fuck you – even in front of Cathy. And after that you will fall into a deep sleep and when you wake, you will forget everything about your visit to the Dunloft’s today.” John paused as he let the device process his message and kept watching the interface as it finally indicated the message had been sent. Then he peered out the window and after several seconds passed, he could see Staci digging in her purse for her phone. He saw her look at the phone and even though she still looked upset, she pressed a button on it and looked down at the message. John thought he saw a slight glowing light come off of her phone and then Staci just started to smile. She said a few words to her daughter next to her and the next thing he saw was the two of them getting out of the car and walking back up to his front door, hand in hand, which he opened as they got near it.

“John, I’d like to come back in now. I was wrong before. Please let us in.” Staci said, in a slightly strange type of voice. John of course opened the door and let mother and daughter in.

“Uncle Johnny, my mommy says it’s totally cool to kiss you and stuff. Isn’t that great!” Cathy said as she jumped into John’s arms and kissed him hard. The girl was very light as she wrapped her pretty legs around John and he held her tightly next to him.

“Yeah, I guess it is. What do you really think of all this now, Staci?” John said in between being molested by Cathy.

“It’s all fine John. But, I want to show Cathy how to be your obedient fuck doll. She’s isn’t experienced in sex and I need to show her how it’s all done. So I want you to fuck me in front of her. Fuck my wet pussy John and I’ll show her how her mom can be a total obedient slut. She needs to learn from me. Please John. Do me! Tell me you want me too.” Staci said in a breathy voice John had never heard before.

“Sure, I can do that Staci. And of course I’d like to fuck that cute body of yours. You were kind of mean to me before, and to Cathy too. I think maybe you should get down on all fours and let your daughter spank you. An obedient fuck doll like you needs to learn some respect. So pull down those slacks and get down on the floor Staci.” John ordered her as he got Cathy off and made her just stand close to him.

“Of course John, whatever you want. I was very mean before. I’m so sorry.” Staci said as she pulled down her black pants and got down on the floor. She had a small thong on and John was a bit shocked by that.

“Nice little thong you have on there Staci. I didn’t think mom’s like you wore that kind of thing. Why would you do that Staci?” John asked the humbled women on the floor in front of him.

“It makes me feel sexy sometimes to wear naughty things under my normal clothes John. I like how it feels on my pussy too. Sometimes I wear it after Bob and I have had a fight or just when I feel kind of horny and unsatisfied by him.” She said to him.

“I see. Very interesting. Ok, Cathy take this magazine and give your mom’s little ass a few good swats. I think she’ll enjoy it too.” John said as he handed a thick magazine to the teenager.

“Well, ok Uncle Johnny. But I want to be with you too. Please?!” Cathy said as she let loose with the first swat. Staci jerked in response as a red mark started to appear on one ass cheek.

“Soon baby. Now, give her a couple more. Really let her have it! Think of all those times when she was mean to you and made you do things you didn’t want to do.” John said as he grinned at the sight in front of him. He never could have imagined he would have had Staci and her daughter doing all this in front of him. He was getting very excited now and was really enjoying it as Cathy swatted her mother’s ass a few more times. The funny thing was, Staci seemed to be enjoying it too.

“You know Staci, I thought a fuck doll like you would enjoy some pain. It excites you! I think you want your daughter to do even more.” John said, as he tried not to chuckle.

“Yes John, whatever you want to do to me. I’m your obedient fuck doll. I am getting wet, dripping down my leg now.” Staci said as her eyes glazed a bit. Her mind very briefly slipped back to other times and days and wondered a bit why she was here, doing what she was doing. But she felt a compulsion she couldn’t ignore. She wanted her brother-in-law to fuck her and she wanted it more than anything. After a couple more swats, Cathy stopped and moved over to her uncle.

“This is getting like boring. Can’t we kiss or something? I really liked that – hehe.” Cathy said to her uncle as John watched the red marks on Staci’s ass dissipate a little.

“Pretty soon baby. Now, Staci I want you to go up and find a sexy piece of Lydia’s lingerie to put on. It might be a bit big on you, but that’s ok. And be quick about it.”

“Yes master. I hear and must obey.” Staci said as she got up and ran upstairs. She quickly found a black negligee and after pulling off the rest of her clothes, slipped it over her head. She wasn’t nearly as busty as Lydia was so it was a bit loose, but it still looked hot on her she thought as raced back down. She found John and Cathy on the couch. Her daughter had her top off and her small bra was loosened a bit as she cuddled near her uncle.

“Wow! That looks great on you Staci—really hot. So, what do you want to do now Staci?” John asked the mother of two in front of him.

“I still want you to fuck me right in front of Cathy. Do me and make me scream so she can see what an obedient fuck doll her mother is.” Staci said as she moved over to climb on to John. She began to unbutton his shirt.

“You are quite the slutty fuck doll, Staci. Cathy, go sit in that chair and watch your mom get her brains fucked out of her – or what’s left of them. Hehe!” John said as Cathy did as she was told. John soon had his shirt and pants off and Staci was sitting on his legs.

“Do you usually suck your husband’s cock to get him warmed up Staci?” John asked the thin, dark haired beauty on top of him. He could see her small breasts under the sheer lingerie jiggle a little as she moved.

“Hardly ever John. I don’t really like oral sex.” Staci said as her mind slipped back thinking about the last time she and her husband had made love. What she could recall is that it wasn’t all that special or exciting. Not like she felt right now with her brother-in-law.

“Well, a fuck doll like you should love sucking big cocks. You want to suck mine. You want to take it deep in your throat Staci. Show Cathy how great it is to suck cock.” John told the mind numbed woman on top of him.

“Ok John. I do want to suck your cock. Watch your mommy now Cathy.” Staci said as she grabbed John’s cock and rubbed it. She then bent down and slipped it into her mouth. She licked it and drove it deeper inside her. Staci felt John’s cock growing with each thrust of her mouth over it as she let her lips lick it. She loved how it felt as she moved his cock so deep inside her mouth it moved into her throat. She tried not to gag and just made little gurgling sounds as she moved faster, going down on John more.

“Shit, my mom sure can take it deep Uncle Johnny. What a slut she is!” Cathy said.

“Yes, she sure is. Now, get up and turn around Staci and face your daughter. Then lower your dripping pussy on to my cock and drive it up deep inside you.” John said and the obedient fuck doll did as she was told. Soon she was riding up and down on John and moaning quite loudly.

“Go mommy! Fuck that big cock!” Cathy called out.

“That’s a nice, tight pussy you have there Staci. Feels really good. Shit, ahhh, I forgot. You do take birth control pills or something, don’t you?” John asked in a slight panic.

“Not anymore John. Usually we just use a condom now. That is, whenever Bob has time to fuck me.” Staci said as she thought again about the last time she was with her husband.

“Dammit. Oh well. I guess one time won’t matter. Tell Cathy how this makes you feel. Tell her how this is so much better than fucking her daddy.” John said as he felt himself getting very hard and very close to cumming.

“It feels fucking great Cathy. I’m getting tingles all over. My pussy feels so warm and juicy and it’s starting to quiver a bit too – hehe. And god, it’s so much better than fucking your dad. He isn’t nearly as big as John is. Plus he never fucks me sitting up like this – it’s always the same old position and shit. God, this is so fucking awesome!” Staci said as he mind was spinning as her pleasures centers were getting overloaded. Her mind thought about the various times she had been with her husband and all of them had never made her feel this free or alive.

“Hey Cathy, come rub your mom’s little tits while I make her orgasm. She’ll love that.” John told the girl as he tried to hold on to his own orgasm. He loved how it felt to be fucking his bitch of a sister-in-law. She was fucking amazing and so wild as she rode him.

“Oh, yes! Please do that Cathy. A fuck doll like me deserves it!” Staci said as a new wave of pleasure washed over her body. Then as her daughter started to rub her small breasts, her nipples got hard very fast and she bounced up and down even more quickly.

“Shit mom, you are sweating all over. It’s like you’ve never been fucked before.” Cathy told her.

“Ohhh, not like this! Oh god!! Shit! I’m coming John! Ahhh, yes! More,….ahhh. God, that feels good! Please,…more!” Staci said as she spasmed and wiggled as multiple orgasms covered her. She even leaned over and spontaneously kissed her daughter as another orgasm took over her body. Cathy giggled as she watched her mom loose control.

“Wow, Staci. You are quite the cougar! What a ride baby!” John said. He let Staci relax for a minute and then he slowly lifted her off of his cock. Staci felt very satisfied, but then started to feel very sleepy.

“It was awesome. I’ve never been fucked like that or felt like that before. Shit, I’m so tired all of a sudden. Let me just rest a bit now. Ok?” She said as she quickly leaned over and almost instantly fell asleep on the couch. John realized his message had been satisfied for Staci. He had Cathy help him get Staci back in her old clothes. She looked a bit messed up still and her hair wasn’t it’s normal neat appearance, but it would do.

“God, Uncle Johnny I think you really wore my mom out – hehe!” Cathy said as she leaned into her uncle. Her slim, young body felt nice next to him.

“Yeah, I guess I did. How about I show you the bedroom, little girl? Maybe you would like me to give you a nice bubble bath.” John said as he took his niece’s hand and led her upstairs. John wondered how the rest of his day would go as he helped Cathy strip in his bathroom. Soon she was giggling in the tub, surrounded by bubbles. As he gently washed her long, dark hair he wondered if he had enough left in him to join her in the tub too. Cathy smiled at her uncle and kissed him. She was having the best visit she had ever had at the Dunloft house. And she wanted it to go on forever.