The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Doc Fakes


Later in the day, John was finally slowly getting free of Cathy and her mother Staci. They both had fallen asleep after their special text messages had been satisfied. He did have a bit of a tricky time getting them all dressed as they slept deeply due to their embedded commands. John decided to have some fun too. He left Staci’s bra off as he put her red blouse back on. He also didn’t bother with Cathy’s little panties as he worked her legs back into her tight jeans. As they woke up on the couch where he had put them, they both still looked a little worn out. Staci’s normally very neat dark hair was messed up quite a bit and she had a visible hickey on her neck. Once they woke up, both of them seemed a little disoriented but quickly returned to mainly being back to their old boring persona’s, John thought. Staci said she needed to use the bathroom before they left and seemed to walk a bit strange with her legs more apart and somewhat stiffly as she went to go to the bathroom. John grinned a bit as he saw her notice her small tits bouncing under her blouse without her bra on – a slightly shocked expression on her face as she blushed. Since Cathy was sitting next to her mother’s purse, John dashed to the other room and quickly sent a text to Staci’s phone. He noticed a few seconds later, the phone started to ring and Cathy reached into her mother’s purse and answered it. He could see the teen begin to softly read the text message aloud.

“Later, when you get back home you and your mother will play dress up together. You will dress up in some of her sexy lingerie and she can wear your outfits. Then you both should clean the whole house dressed like that. Stay like that until you are done cleaning. Then later tonight in bed, you will masturbate and think about how sexy your Uncle John is. When you go to school from now on, you will dress like a trampy slut and let boys kiss you and feel you up. You will enjoy all of this from now on.” Cathy said quietly as she tapped the button on the phone and put it back. She had a slightly strange expression as her mother returned and they both got up to leave and John moved to follow them out. As they headed towards the door John noticed Cathy tugging on her tight jeans as they slipped down a bit more on her hips and her small, cute ass wiggled ahead of him towards the door.

“Um, Cathy why don’t you go wait in the car for your mother? I need to talk to her for a couple of minutes.” John said as he gave his niece a simple hug goodbye which she returned, holding on a bit longer than she usually did. He gave the young girl a quick kiss on the cheek as she smiled and went to the car.

“What did you need to talk to me about John?” Staci said as she saw John staring down at her blouse and nipples showing through it.

“Just a couple of things, Staci. Oh, just a second, I need to go get something from the kitchen I forgot.” He said as he excused himself quickly and ran to activate his special phone once again.

“Unit LIL-IIB, send message to last number dialed. You are a slutty whore and want John Dunloft. You want him more than any man before and your only desire is to please him. But for now, you have to stay with your boring husband. Later when you get home, you will give some of your sexiest lingerie to your daughter Cathy to wear. And you will wear one of her cute, little, Girl Scout outfits. Even if it’s too small, you will find a way to squeeze into it. Don’t bother wearing any underwear under it. And both you and your daughter will also put on some high heels too. Then you will both clean your house and stay dressed like that until you are done. Also, take some pictures of her and yourself and email them to John – your lover. You will help Cathy dress very slutty for school from now on too and it will make you happy to have her dress like that.” As John stopped speaking, the phone quickly encoded the message and sent it off. Again, he could hear the ring of Staci’s phone and he heard her pull it out and he walked back towards her a minute later as she finished the message. As she looked up at John, as a hunger filled Staci’s eyes.

“Well, nice of you to drop by today Staci. By the way, I love that blouse on you.” John said as he moved close to his sister-in-law. She grinned and licked her red lips as she also moved closer to John.

“You like this? I know I’m pretty slutty for not wearing a bra.” Staci said as she moved and put her arms around John’s neck, pulling in tight to him.

“I guess you are a big slut, Staci. I bet you want me to fuck you right here, while your daughter waits for you in your car.” John said as he pressed his hand on Staci’s chest.

“Oh god, yes! Cathy won’t care. My husband is so fucking boring. I want you John!” Staci said as she moved in and pressed up next to John.

“Damn! I think you better get going now Staci. Maybe we can meet up sometime.” John said as he grabbed the back of Staci’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss. She didn’t fight it and soon was reaching for John’s crotch. He teased her and pulled away and then slapped her cute ass. She giggled and smiled.

“Don’t make me wait too long stud. I want you so badly!” Staci said as she winked and headed out the door – shaking her hips and ass much more than normal. John smiled and waved as she got into her car and drove off with Cathy waving at her uncle. He watched them drive away as he wondered how hot they would both be looking soon as they were cleaning house together. Once he got the pictures from Staci, he would find out.

That was a hell of a lot of fun, John thought as he realized he was very hungry now and decided to head out for some lunch. Lydia was still out shopping, most likely wondering why she had the sudden desire to buy lots of sexy lingerie to wear later on for him. He laughed a bit as he finished up his sandwich at the local diner he liked. As he left, John made certain the special cell phone was tucked into his pocket still. The last thing he wanted was it to fall into the hands of someone else. Even with everything that had happened the last couple of days he still had a little bit of a hard time accepting it was able to do all that it could. But banging both his sister-in-law Staci and her daughter had pretty much put most of the doubts no out of his mind. It was a good thing they didn’t recall what had happened because he was sure Staci would be furious with him. He did recall how Staci walked a bit stiffly right after she woke back up at his house. Probably because she wasn’t used to all the rough sex she had and didn’t even now remember, John thought about all this as he turned up the radio and started to drive out to a nearby park he liked. He was feeling pretty happy as his mind wandered trying to think of new ideas and uses for the phone in his possession. A short few minutes later, John heard a siren and quickly noticed a police car behind him with the lights flashing. He hoped it just wanted to go around him but as he pulled over to let them by, the police vehicle also pulled over. He cursed softly as he saw the officer get out of their car and approach his.

“License and registration please, sir.” The officer asked efficiently.

“Ahh, ok. Umm, what did I do wrong officer?” He asked as he dug in his glove box for the registration paper.

“You were speeding, sir. I have you on radar doing 53. The speed limit is only 40 on this road.” The officer told him as he finally found the paperwork and handed to the policewoman. As he looked up and tried to smile he was greeted to a grimace and reflective sunglasses as the officer took John’s papers.

“Was I, maam? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it. Is there anyway you could maybe just give me a warning? I promise to be more careful.” John stammered out as he tried to stay calm.

“No, sir. The law is the law. I don’t break or adjust the rules, I just enforce them. Please stay in your vehicle and I will be back shortly.” The female officer said efficiently as she headed back to her squad car.

“Shit! Why wasn’t I paying closer attention? Yeah, it’s like 40 right here but in another block it becomes 50 again. What a speed trap! Dammit!” John said to himself as he turned the radio off. After a few minutes of waiting as cars drove past him staring like he was some kind of ‘most wanted’ criminal, John saw in his mirror the young policewoman coming back to his car. He tried to stay calm and think of something to say and try to get out of another ticket.

“Here are your items, Mr. Dunloft. I wrote you up for only doing 50. There have been a lot of accidents along this road.” She told John as she started to remove the ticket from her book.

“I’m sorry officer. I guess maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I am a good driver and have never had an accident. Which I’m sure you know after looking up my record.” John said, trying to negotiate as he tried to turn on the charm as well.

“Sir, like I said I have written you up for doing 50 in a 40 area. The instructions for handling the ticket are on the back. And here is my card if you have any other concerns or questions about this.” The policewoman said as she tore the ticket all the way out and handed it to John as he looked up more closely. She had removed her sunglasses and looked like one of those young recruits that play by all the rules. She had short dark hair and was looked slim in her uniform. John frowned slightly as he took the items and the officer walked back to her car.

“Crap! Lydia’s going to flip. This is my second speeding ticket this year! I wish she would have just let me off. What a cold bitch! I’m not sure anyone or anything could change her mind.” John said under his breath as he set the ticket on the seat along with the officer’s card. He saw that her name was Rebecca Howell. The card listed her badge number, precinct and phone numbers. John saw that her cell phone number was listed and that’s when he slapped his knee and smiled. He quickly pulled out his own, special cell and entered his password to activate it.

“Unit LIL-2B, send the following text message to the contact number I just entered for Rebecca Howell.” John spoke quickly as he looked in the mirror to see the police car still sitting there. Probably waiting for John to pull out on the road, he thought.

“Ready to receive message for processing now, John Dunloft.” The mechanical voice said to him.

“Send this message: You want to go back to John Dunloft’s car and get inside. You will then apologize for the ticket you gave him and tear it up and later delete it from your records. Then you will kiss him passionately and leave. But you will always wonder what it would have been like to have him fuck you. Later tonight you will go to a bar, get drunk and fuck the first man that asks to buy you a drink. All the while, thinking about John Dunloft fucking you instead. And after that, you will forget this entire day.” John said with some satisfaction and watched as the message was sent. He sat and tried not to stare to intently as he saw in the mirror a few seconds later the officer pull out her phone and look down at the message. After a brief minute, she got out of her car and walked back up to John’s, getting in on the passenger side.

“Well, hello again Officer Howell, what can I do for you?” John said trying to stop himself from grinning too much. As he looked over at the young policewoman he noticed that her pretty eyes had a somewhat vacant stare to them.

“I am so sorry I wrote you that ticket, Mr. Dunloft. I was very rude to you and I hope you can forgive me. Let me rip this up for you and then I’ll delete it from the record book.” The cute, young policewoman said to John. She smiled slightly as she picked up the ticket and tore it up into little pieces. The officer then seemed to hesitate for a moment but then licked her lips and turned towards John again. He waited as she leaned over and kissed him. It was a long, moist intense kiss that he actually didn’t want to end. A couple of passing cars noticed them and honked their horns as they went by John’s car. Policewoman Rebecca Howell then got out and returned to her patrol car. She found it strange that she started to wonder what if would have been like to jump on John’s cock and to have fucked him right in his car – and in uniform. She laughed slightly as tingles ran up her spine. She also had the urge to go out to a bar tonight and have some fun too.

As John started his car up again, he smiled and waved back to the young officer behind him. He thought he may have seen her wave back and even perhaps blush slightly as he quickly left the scene. John felt pretty pleased with himself. He knew he could have done more, but was satisfied not to push things too far this time. No need to get the police looking over his shoulder if strange things started to happen, he thought as he turned his radio back on and tapped his fingers to the beat.

After a couple of hours at the park just reading under a tree and thinking, John decided to head back home. He was slightly anxious to see what Lydia had purchased based on his instructions from much earlier via his special cell phone message. And he of course wondered about how she would act towards him. As he drove back home he continued to consider a few others that he might enjoy using his new found device on. People he had worked with over the years, maybe even some other friends or even relatives. There were still so many choices he was having a hard time deciding. But he knew that sometimes fate would help play a hand in things.

After he pulled his car into the garage at home he made his way into the house. Something smelled really good, cooking in the kitchen. He also heard some soft music and maybe singing coming from inside as he announced he was home and headed that way. As John walked in and saw his wife Lydia, he was shocked by what he saw. Normally Lydia wore very simple clothing and nothing overtly sexy. But this evening things were very different, thanks to his text message. His dark haired wife had a sexy red piece of lingerie on. It was called a bustier, he thought, and it was tied in back, holding her tits up high and pulling her waist in tightly. She also wore a red thong, garters and reddish hosiery that went down to a pair of sexy red high heels. She wore more makeup than was usual, especially some very sexy red lipstick that he noticed as she turned from the stove and looked up and smiled at him.

“Look at the sexy outfit I got today Johnny! Isn’t it great?! I love how it feels and looks on me. I bet you want to fuck me right now, stud. I’d love to just suck your big cock or have you push me up against the wall and fuck my wet pussy. Don’t you want to fuck your slutty wife John? I’ve been cooking all your favorites. All this steam is making me even hotter in here. I want you to take me.” Lydia said in a slightly more sultry and sexy voice as she shook her ass and hips and walked over to John. Then she grabbed him around the waist and pulled him in tightly and began kissing him like her life depended on it. She was wild and slightly out of control, not at all like her normal demeanor.

As John came up for a breath and he grinned at his now slutty wife. Well, this is a nice change. I never knew you had it in you honey. And that outfit makes you look like a prostitute or something. Very sexy!” He said as he continued to smile as Lydia pressed in close to him.

“A prostitute—really?! I was hoping for more of a porn star type of look, but I guess that’s pretty fucking close to a film star whore. They just usually get paid more – hehe. Shit, I’m so fucking wet John. I don’t think my pussy has ever been this warm and wet before. I feel like I’m on fire. Come on stud, don’t you want to fuck your wife? Maybe I’ll have to call up someone from work to fuck me. Do you want me to do that John? Have some strange guy come over and fuck me right in front of you? I bet that would turn you on. See me rammed with some big cock while you watched.” Lydia said as she wiggled her hips and ran her hands across John’s chest. John decided to have some fun and play around with this fantasy version of his very different wife.

“Hmm, well I don’t know honey. I know that guy Jim at your work seems to like you and you talk about him fairly often. Do you want to call him up and have him come over and fuck you like a whore?” John said as Lydia grinned wider than before.

“Shit, John – I do kind of like Jim. I think I’ve even fantasized about him sometimes – you know like in the bath or when you’ve been away. I’ll call him if you want. I think he’s married, but maybe I can get him to come over and I can seduce him. Would you like that John?” Lydia said as she walked in a very sexy fashion over to the phone.

“You know, let’s not call him up. I think we can have more fun on our own. Why don’t you have a seat and relax a bit? Sit over by the laptop and call up some porn websites. Find some real sexy guys – maybe black guys with really big cocks to look at. A slut like you should love to surf for porn – especially since you want to be a porn star and all.” John said as Lydia smiled and winked at him.

“Sure stud. God, that’s sounds so fucking hot.” Lydia said as she went over and began to call up various websites and found a couple with black guys fucking young, white girls. John walked up behind her and put his arms over her shoulders and began to rub her big breasts. “Shit, that feels so good John. My nipples are getting so fucking hard now!” Lydia said as she moaned slightly.

“Good baby. Now, reach down and masturbate as you watch this website. Think about how good that big black cock would feel inside you.” John said as he saw his wife begin to perspire as she let her hands drop down and she began to rub her moist pussy. Lydia moaned more loudly as she slipped a couple of fingers inside her thong.

“Uhhh, fuck John. This porn is driving me nuts! I love it – hehe! God, that cock looks so fucking huge! Mmmm,….so nice and thick – hehe!” Lydia said as she leaned back more and began to rub herself faster. John moved to a nearby table and grabbed his digital camera. He clicked it on and started to snap pictures of his wife as she masturbated in front of the laptop screen.

“Keep it up Lydia. A porn star in training like you needs to learn to pose for the camera and make it look like you are in ecstasy.” John said as Lydia moved slightly to show herself more to the camera.

“Fuck John! I’m so fucking horny – I don’t even have to act at all – hehe! God, I fucking want you so much now! These guys aren’t as good as you babe!” Lydia said as her eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed in pleasure. John snapped a quick few more pictures and then set the camera down. He then pulled Lydia up roughly and pushed her against the nearby wall. She giggled and leaned down, making her ass stick out as she then spread her legs apart. “Do me John—do me hard and fast! I’m almost coming already – hehe!” Lydia yelled out as John quickly pulled his pants and shorts off and just as quickly had his growing cock up inside his wife’s dripping pussy. Lydia leaned back into him, moaning and grinding like a porn queen.

“I know this is what you wanted Lydia. A big, hard cock up inside your fuck hole! Take it all babe! This is the real you!” John said as he grabbed his wife’s hair and pulled her head back. Then he put a couple of his fingers inside her mouth and she sucked on them like an infant. Seeing his wife in this state made John very excited and harder than even earlier with the other women. He laughed loudly as Lydia began to shake and spasm with multiple orgasms. Her legs shook and she teetered a bit in her sexy high heels. John came shortly after her and she quickly turned around and let him blast her open mouth with his ejaculation. She grinned and moaned even more as she cleaned it off, drinking it all down.

“Shit, that was so fucking hot John. Ready for more – hehe!” Lydia said as John smiled at how great things were going for him lately. He wondered a bit on what tomorrow would bring as Lydia led him up to their bedroom.